One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 2/7/08


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Lindsay: Wow! Look how many people have put papers in there!

[Lindsay gasps]

Lindsay: Hey, girlfriend!

Addie: I'm so glad to see you.

Lindsay: Yeah!

Addie: You look well --

Lindsay: Thank you.

Addie: A little tired, maybe.

Lindsay: Well, you know me. I don't sleep, I don't -- I have too much to do.

[Addie chuckles]

Miles: So is this your doing?

Lindsay: Yep. That's all part of the Campbellís "Go Red" charity ball. See, people are supposed to write their secrets down on a piece of paper and you put them in the box with a dollar.

Miles: Ah.

Lindsay: See -- there.

Miles: Looks like this town is full of secrets.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Addie: Every heart has a secret or two.

Lindsay: I just wonder if it works.

Miles: What do you mean?

Lindsay: Well, I just wonder if writing down something on a piece of paper that no one's eyes are ever supposed to see -- I wonder if that brings them peace.

[Door slams]

Jessica: I am so mad at you!

Nash: Right back at you, Tess.

Jessica: I am not Tess and you know it!

Nash: Really? How do I know that -- because you tell me so, Jess/Tess? Because what about the next time you decide to break the rules, huh? What happens then?

Natalie: Are you following me?

Jared: I am here to see Nash -- are you following me?

Natalie: All right. I was here first -- I'm here to see my sister.

Jared: Are you ever going to forgive me, Natalie?

Natalie: For which thing?

Rex: Gigi's what?

Adriana: Her son?

Rex: She doesn't have a son.

Adriana: Yeah, she does and his name is Shane.

Rex: No! That's her significant other.

Adriana: Well, unless she's dating a 9-year-old who calls her "Mom" --

Rex: She has a kid?

Adriana: And for some reason, she didn't want you to know.

Rex: Why would Morasco not tell me she had a son?

Adriana: I can think of one good reason -- Daddy.

[Rex chuckles]

Rex: What? No! Are you serious?

Adriana: Do I look like I'm joking, Rex?

[Gigi chuckles]

Gigi: Any chance those could be peacemakers, not killers?

Shane: We're at war, Mom, if you haven't noticed.

[Key turns in lock]

[Gigi sighs]

John: It's just me.

Gigi: Yeah.

John: Everything okay?

Gigi: Well, it's a bloodbath over here on the floor.

Shane: They don't have blood -- they're plastic.

Gigi: But otherwise, we're cool.

John: Okay. You know, you really don't have to do that.

Gigi: I'm just tidying up. It's no big deal -- it's the least I can do, John. Um -- any word on Ramsey?

John: He still hasn't surfaced.

Gigi: So, no sign of him here in Llanview?

John: So far, so good.

Ramsey: So we have a problem. Gigi Morasco and her son can testify that we kidnapped them. That's two counts and my bet is they won't let the sentence run concurrently, so your son will be raising his own kids by the time you get out.

Todd: They're not going to testify.

Ramsey: No?

[Ramsey chuckles]

Ramsey: Now, if you know what's good for you, by this time tomorrow, your troubles will be over.

Todd: Ramsey, I don't know why you can't get it through your head -- I'm not going to let you shoot a woman and her child.

Ramsey: Oh, I'm not going to shoot them. You are.

John: I've got a friend in Washington who said he'd let me know if Ramsey makes contact.

Gigi: So Ramsey just left his job?

John: He was suspended after the incident in Ireland.

Shane: Mom?

Gigi: What's up, Captain Danger?

Shane: I'm hungry.

John: You're hungry? You want a burger?

Shane: Again?

Gigi: That would be "Thank you, John."

John: Well, then burgers it is.

Gigi: Could you do me a favor and take your soldiers and weapons of mass destruction over there?

Shane: So you can talk?

Gigi: Yeah, about ways to make your life miserable if you don't move it. Oh. Sorry about that. He needs to hit a playground and run around.

John: I understand -- I was a kid, too.

Gigi: So, you hear from Todd?

John: Yeah, well, he hasn't quite got there yet, but I'm working on him.

Gigi: You know, if he presses charges against Marcie, they'll want me to testify and I can't do that.

John: If Manning doesn't drop the charges against Marcie, he'll be facing charges himself. The last thing he wants is another stint in prison.

Todd: Now, why would I shoot Gigi Morasco and her son? There's no way they're going to testify -- told you.

Ramsey: Oh, I know what you told me. I also know who you are.

Todd: You don't know a thing about me, Lee.

Ramsey: Oh, yes, I do. You're lucky. With your rap sheet, you should be in prison. You've dodged more bullets, caught more breaks. Why should this time be any different?

Todd: No, I'm not shooting anyone.

Ramsey: Oh. Okay, well, then somebody's going to march Gigi and Shane into court and they will make their heartfelt confessions. And you will be convicted, and Marcie, the kidnapper, will get a slap on the wrist and you, the kidnapper, will rot in prison. Now, I am surprised -- I would've thought after your stint on death row you would've done anything to avoid getting back in the cage, but I guess I was wrong.

Todd: Wait.

Rex: Uh, oh -- okay. I ran into Morasco down in Texas. Uh -- she didn't expect to see me, I didn't expect to see her. We talked for a few minutes, I bought the ring, and that was it. She never mentioned that she had a son, and she would have. In fact, now that I remember, she -- she -- she mentioned this Shane and I -- and I flipped because we used to watch that movie together -- "Shane" -- and we talked about it? Anyway, she would've mentioned if she had a kid named after the cowboy in that movie.

Adriana: That you used to watch together?

Rex: Okay, I know where you're going with this and it's just not possible.

Adriana: So, the 9-year-old with blond hair and the cute smile in John's apartment --

Rex: She does not have a 9-year-old.

Adriana: Why, because that means he would've been conceived 10 years ago when you were both dating in high school?

Rex: If Gigi had a son, she would've told me.

Adriana: Unless she didn't want you to know.

Jessica: I have admitted that I was wrong, I've apologized. I stayed at St. Ann's for 48 hours! I was evaluated -- I'm fine!

Nash: Glad to hear it.

Jessica: Nash, why can't we just let this go, okay? You haven't spoken to me since I got home.

Nash: I'm not the only one who's mad here.

Jessica: You? You had me committed! Are you kidding me? I -- I -- I -- you're right. I don't blame you, I don't blame you, but, God!

Nash: But?

Jessica: I hate this!

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: Can't we just be okay?

Nash: Yeah.

Jessica: Thank you. I'm so sorry.

Nash: I love you. The important thing is that it's over, right? No more risky business. Right?

Jared: I am sorry about outing your sister, although I'm really not. She deserved it, but I am sorry I upset the family and upset you.

Natalie: I'll survive.

Jared: As for our bigger problem --

Natalie: What, that you're my uncle?

Jared: Natalie --

Natalie: Please -- don't talk about it. It makes it so much worse. Um -- sorry, I should've knocked first.

Jared: And we ran into each other outside.

Natalie: Yeah -- he's here to see Nash.

Jared: Apparently, Natalie and her sister have plans tonight.

Nash: What plans?

Jessica: Uh -- I would've told you but we weren't exactly speaking.

Nash: Mm-hmm, yeah -- now we are. What plans?

Jessica: Um -- Natalie said something about going to see Mom?

[Phone rings]

Jessica: Oh -- there she -- that must be her. Phone ringing, huh-huh. Yep. Mom?

Allison: It's Allison. Are you going to break me out of this place tonight, or what?

Lindsay: Okay, you guys are making me hungry.

[Addie chuckles]

Miles: Oh, well, that's the best part. The entire class lets me eat everything they cook.

Addie: They made Miles the official taster.

Lindsay: I need to get a picture of the official taster and his chef.

Addie: Oh, and the -- and the heart box.

Lindsay: Oh, yeah.

Addie: I just love the idea of these -- all these secrets.

Lindsay: All right -- ready?

Miles: To parmigiana!

Addie: Parmigiana!

Roxy: Oh, excuse me.

[Shutter clicks]

Miles: Ah --

[Addie chuckles]

Roxy: Oh, great. Is there anyone in this town who isn't after Miles Laurence?

Jessica: Mom! Uh -- Natalie and I are -- are on the way.

Allison: Natalie's coming, too? Excellent!

Jessica: Well, don't start without us.

Allison: No worries, sister.

Jessica: Okay -- see you soon, Mom. Bye. Mom is getting a little impatient.

Natalie: Well, we should go, then.

Jessica: Yes.

Nash: Oh, you're going out for dinner?

Jessica: Uh -- no. We're helping her with her, uh -- uh, Valentine's Day thingy, yeah.

Natalie: Yeah -- the "Go Red" ball. She's hosting -- hostessing -- it.

Jessica: Uh -- uh, yeah. Oh, well, not -- not me. I'm not hostessing it, but -- but Mom is and it's -- it's for the American Heart Association, yeah.

Natalie: Hosted by Campbellís and we're going to throw in a lot of their heart-healthy products in the goody bags.

Jessica: Yes, like Campbellís select soup and Prego spaghetti sauce and V8.

Nash: V8?

Jessica: Yeah.

Natalie: Anyway, so we better get a move on it.

Jared: Jessica? I just wanted to say I'm sorry about busting you.

Jessica: I was playing with fire and I'm not going to do it again. Tess is history.

Jared: So we're good?

Natalie: Okay. Before you guys kiss and make up, can I just say if given the chance, I'm not so sure that Jared wouldn't do it again.

Nash: No, it's all right. Jared and I have come to an agreement. He has agreed to sell us back 1% of our vineyard. We're going to be even -- 50/50.

Natalie: You're kidding!

Nash: No.

Jared: That is why I'm here -- to bring over the paperwork.

Jessica: Let me see those. That -- these are real.

Nash: Yeah. Told you so.

Jessica: Oh, my -- oh, my -- oh, my God. Jared, thank you. I -- I don't deserve this.

Jared: But Nash does.

Jessica: Yeah, you're right. He certainly does. I won't be late, okay?

Nash: All right.

Jessica: Okay. And -- and if Bree wakes up --

Nash: I will pass her right on over to Jared. I'm not kidding -- we'll be fine. Mm-hmm.

Jared: I didn't think I'd ever be saying this given what we've been through, but shall we crack open a bottle and toast to our partnership?

Jessica: I -- I -- I can't believe that Jared sold Nash 1% of the vineyard.

Natalie: He felt guilty.

Jessica: Whew -- whatever. All I care about is the fact that he can't evict us anymore.

Natalie: That was Allison on the phone?

Jessica: Uh, yeah -- huh.

Natalie: Okay, how are we going to pull this off?

Jessica: You're going to love it.

Natalie: Okay, yeah, right. Busting a known psychopath out of a loony bin -- sounds like a barrel of laughs.

Jessica: Natalie, what she has to tell me is really, really important, okay? I -- I feel it in my gut.

Natalie: Okay, all right. So, okay, we get her out, she tells this big secret and -- and then what?

Jessica: We put her back in.

Natalie: Whoa -- we're taking her back?

Jessica: Natalie, we can't keep her. Huh.

Natalie: Right, but the whole point is that she wants out. She doesn't want to go back in.

Jessica: Yeah -- Natalie, if she acts up, I'll call Bo and -- and I'll take the heat, okay? Don't worry about it.

Natalie: They could put you back inside.

Jessica: Natalie, this is big. It's important. She said that she knew something about my father, okay? I have to figure it out.

Natalie: Jessica, honestly, Mitch is dead -- what could possibly be so important? Not to mention, it's going to be hard enough to bust her out of St. Ann's, but to bring her back?

Jessica: Don't forget I swiped the -- the all-access key.

Natalie: Okay. So we get in and how exactly are we going to explain why we're there?

Jessica: Well, the key isn't the only thing I swiped. Come on.

Adriana: So you're saying that you and this Gigi person never had sex?

[Rex sighs]

Rex: Well, I didn't say that.

Adriana: So did you have sex?

Rex: It was 10 years ago!

Adriana: Exactly, when Shane was conceived.

Rex: Okay, uh -- are -- are -- you're -- you're sure he's -- he's 9 and not just a big 6?

Adriana: Or a tiny 12? He's 9, Rex, and he's Gigi's.

Rex: So you talked to her about this?

Adriana: Like "is that my fiancťís son?" Yeah, I did.

Rex: You just came right out and asked her?

Adriana: Mm-hmm.

Rex: What'd she say?

Adriana: No.

Rex: Well, there you go -- case closed.

Adriana: You don't think it's possible that she could be lying?

[Rex sighs]

Rex: Why would she lie?

Adriana: Uh -- I don't know. You tell me, Rex -- son of Charlie.

[Knock on door]

Shane: Is that the food?

Gigi: Shh! Don't wake the neighbors.

John: Who is it?

Markko: Delivery.

John: Hey. Hey, I didn't know you were working at the diner.

Markko: Yeah, a couple of weeks now.

John: All right.

Markko: Hi.

Shane and Gigi: Hi.

Shane: You have our food?

Markko: Right here. I was wondering how you were going to eat all this, Lieutenant.

John: Yeah, well, now you know. Well, that's a little steep.

Markko: Huh.

John: Let's see what you brought.

Markko: Yeah, that's the thing about this job -- you go to a lot of the same places, so when the order changes, you notice.

John: Well, you'd make a good detective.

Markko: You think? Huh. Yeah, like earlier, I had this delivery for Mr. Manning, but I didn't know it was for him at first because he usually orders from Dr. Lordís. And not to mention he always orders the same thing -- steak, and this was for grilled pork and platanos.

John: Yeah, well, Manning must be experimenting.

Markko: No, it wasn't for him. He had a friend there.

John: You sure this was Todd Manning's place?

Markko: Hmm, yeah. It had to be. There were all these pictures of Starr and Jack.

John: This friend have a name?

Ramsey: Ah, you changed your mind.

Todd: Ramsey? Let's use our heads, shall we? Gigi Morasco and her child turn up dead, who are the police going to come looking for? Huh? You and me.

Ramsey: If they --

Todd: Ah. Let's not add to our workload, okay? So, put that way.

Ramsey: Ah. If they testify, you're scrubbing latrines in Statesville.

Todd: No, I'm not going to go to prison.

Ramsey: Well, you'll be needing this.

Todd: If I let Marcie walk, Gigi goes away.

Ramsey: You sure about that?

Todd: It's a risk I'm willing to take.

[Ramsey cocks rifle]

Todd: That's funny.

Ramsey: You think so?

[Trigger clicks]

Todd: What the hell is your problem, Ramsey?

Ramsey: Oh -- guess it's not loaded. Want to try?

Todd: No.

Ramsey: Ah, it's easy. Yeah. Wouldn't want the neighbors to see.

Ramsey: Amazing, isn't it -- power it gives you? You just squeeze the trigger and suddenly, someone halfway across town is no longer with us.

Todd: Yeah, I love it --

Ramsey: Huh.

Todd: But we're not going to do it.

Ramsey: And changing your targets is just as easy as changing your mind.

Todd: No. That's Dorianís. You threatening my family now?

Jared: You're a good man, Nash.

Nash: Yes. It's true. But there's no point looking backwards, I just try to stay in the moment -- to the vineyard.

Jared: Yeah.

Jared: Mmm. That is good.

Nash: Mm-hmm.

Jared: You really do know what you're doing.

Nash: When it comes to wine, yes, I do.

Jared: Believe it or not, I really do know business.

Nash: I'm counting on it.

Jared: It's too bad Natalie and Jessica couldn't stay.

Nash: Yeah. Well, apparently duty calls. Viki can be very persuasive.

Jared: Ah -- so I hear.

Natalie: I can't believe you talked me into this.

Jessica: Shh, shh, shh! We're nuns.

Natalie: Okay, except we're not nuts, and if they catch us dressed like this, they're going to make us join up.

Jessica: Well, they're not going to catch us because Allisonís room is just down the hall, so we're going to grab her and get the hell out of here.

Allison: Watch your mouth, Sister!

Jessica: For God's sake!

Natalie: Oh, my God, you just gave me a heart attack, I think.

Allison: Oh, nuns -- yes, well, a little predictable but it'll do.

[Allison chuckles]

Allison: Long time, no caper, huh, Nattie?

Natalie: I'm doing this for my sister, Allison.

Allison: Yeah, you keep polishing up that halo.

Jessica: Okay, Allison, you could just save us a lot of time and tell us what you know about Mitch Laurence right now.

Allison: No can do. I have to show you.

Natalie: What's that supposed to mean?

Allison: It means we got to jet. Shall we? This way. I left my bag back here.

Jessica: No, no -- no time. Come on.

Natalie: Let's go.

Nun: And just where do you think you're going?

Markko: Well, whoever the guy was, he was a punk. He wanted me out of the apartment real quick.

Gigi: Okay, let's get you washed up and get you set up in front of the TV.

John: Sounds like I might know this guy.

Markko: He didn't give me his name.

John: He pay with a credit card?

Markko: Cash.

John: What'd he look like?

Markko: Tall, um, light brown, blondish hair. He had this bang thing going on. Hmm -- kind of narrow face.

John: Okay. Anything else?

Markko: He stiffed me.

John: Okay, that would be him.

Adriana: Did you not go through your entire childhood never knowing that that lovely man was your real father?

Rex: And your point is --

Adriana: And did Roxy not keep the truth from you for years and years?

Rex: Look, if you're trying to make some bizarre analogy here, I -- I think --

Adriana: Connect the dots, Rex.

Rex: There are no dots

Adriana: But there is a little boy!

Rex: Yeah, could we get off of that?

Adriana: Well, he's not so little.

Rex: Okay, whatever he is, he's got nothing to do with me.

Adriana: So you keep saying.

Rex: Because you won't let it go, even if there is no "it"!

Adriana: All right, you're protesting too much.

Rex: I -- it's just really frustrating, okay? It's like no matter what I say, you've already made up your mind.

Adriana: You haven't said anything! All you keep doing is laughing it off!

Rex: Do you think that I find any of this funny?

Adriana: Well, I'm sure Gigi doesnít.

Rex: Yeah, and she said to you that he's --

Adriana: What she thought I wanted to hear! That's what she told me, Rex.

Rex: So, you -- you just think everybody's lying to you?

Adriana: No, not everybody -- just Gigi.

Rex: We dated in high school -- high school!

Adriana: And you partnered in chemistry class, no doubt.

Rex: Oh! That is so not clever, so beneath you -- how can you say something like that?

Adriana: Oh, no. Don't you dare get mad at me, Rex Balsom.

Rex: Okay -- I'm not getting mad, Adriana. I'm already there. Like life isn't tricky enough without you coming in here out of the damn blue and telling me that the most life-changing thing that could possibly happen to a person has happened to me without me even knowing about it. My God. We're talking about a child, a life, a real person. If I had a child, I would've known about it. She would've told me.

Ramsey: I'm just pointing out the options. With hardware like this, you're in control. You're not depending on Gigi Morasco and her son to do the right thing -- you're calling the shots -- and I made it easy for you. It's so clean. There's an office, empty office, in Angel Square on the fourth floor right across from the hotel. And you just pull the trigger and boom -- problem solved. You get the people who are out to get you, not those you love.

Todd: So let me get this straight. You're going to --

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: Let me borrow your rifle and rent out a space and make it easy for me? Is that some kind of "Scared Straight" scenario you learn from your bureau handbook?

Ramsey: Well, focus allows us to do things we never thought possible.

Todd: Apparently. Like killing a vanload of people? Marty Saybrooke? Taking a potshot at my son, and now, killing Gigi and her son?

Ramsey: All right, well, you just think whatever you like. But you hired me, to protect your interests.

Todd: Lee, if I let Marcie walk, my interests are protected.

Ramsey: You sure?

Todd: Well, let me tell you, the only person I'd use that gun on is you. Jeez. This conversation is over.

Ramsey: Well, you're not the only one with a problem here.

Todd: I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Ramsey: I have. You take out the witnesses, I'm free.

Todd: Now, that's not going to happen.

Ramsey: Then your life will change, Todd.

Todd: Oh, I see. I don't do what you want, you're going to take out my family?

Ramsey: No, I was talking about Gigi and her kid, but things happen.

[Todd chuckles]

Todd: Nothing's going to happen to my family.

Ramsey: Okay. You just keep thinking that way and see what happens.

Markko: Sorry I couldn't be more help.

John: No, no, you -- you did great. Here, keep it.

Markko: Thanks.

John: Sure.

Gigi: So was it Ramsey? What exactly did the kid say? All right, he delivers an order to Toddís penthouse --

John: To a guy that sounds a lot like Ramsey.

Gigi: Mm-hmm, so he's hiding, like us.

John: Yes.

Gigi: Are you going over there?

John: Yeah. Look, stay here. Double lock the door, all right? Just --

Gigi: Well, be careful.

John: I'm always careful. I said "double lock the door."

Rex: You know what? You have blown this way out of proportion. You overreacted about this, then you got me to overreact, too. But we are both going to -- we're both going to chill, and we're going to stop making a big deal out of nothing.

Adriana: "Nothing"? You just said it yourself, Rex. Having a child is the biggest life-changing event that could happen to a person.

Rex: You don't know that I have a kid. You asked Gigi if Shane was mine. She said no. Is that not correct?

Adriana: Yeah, and in the very next breath, she asked me not to tell you about it.

Rex: So? She's private. What? A lot of women do not want their ex-boyfriends to know that they've just had a kid.

Adriana: Okay, women, Rex, don't use their 9-year-old sons to make their ex-boyfriends jealous.

Rex: Why are we even talking about this?

[Adriana sighs]

Rex: You asked her if Shane was mine, she said no, let's move on.

Adriana: Oh, and do what? Talk about the weather, the Phillies? "Hey, do you think that kid that's not yours is a baseball fan?"

Rex: Why does this matter to you so much?

Adriana: Why does it not matter to you? My God, Rex, he could be your son! Don't you care?

Addie: Are you two seeing each other? Because Miles didn't mention it.

Roxy: Well, we're not happening right now, but I dig the guy a lot, and I don't want to see him hurt. I don't know what the future's going to bring, but I certainly wouldn't kick him out of bed.

Addie: Miles is my friend, Roxy. We were both institutionalized for a large part of our lives, and that kind of experience -- it can -- it can crush your spirit. So we understand each other. And -- well, we're just sort of celebrating our freedom, trying to soak up as much joy as possible in life.

Roxy: You see, that's what I'm afraid of -- the soaking-up-the-joy part.

Addie: Miles is much too young for me, Roxy. Does that help?

Roxy: Yeah, a little. Listen, I ain't no spring chicken, but I look young, and I act very immature.

Addie: You got a lot of style, Roxy.

Roxy: Don't forget, I saw him first. And that one over there, she better know he's taken.

Lindsay: You're welcome to put a secret in the box, Miles.

[Miles chuckles]

Miles: No, I -- I don't think I have any secrets left. I'll be happy to make a donation, though.

Addie: I'm going to make a deposit.

Miles: Oh.

Addie: I've left my past behind. And I can think of no better way of finishing the job than by writing something down and dropping it into that gorgeous box.

Miles: Well, is it going to be a secret, a hope, or a dream?

Addie: A little bit of all three.

Miles: Hmm.

Addie: How about it, Roxy? You game?

Rex: Oh, well, it's not very thick, just a piece of paper, so -- treasure map? Why don't you tell me what it really is, Rox? Paternity test results? Something to tell me who my real father is?

Roxy: That's one box that I want to get into.

Nun: Where do you think you're going? It's after lights out.

Allison: I am so sorry, Sister. It is my fault. They're new. They didn't know.

Nun: New? What are you talking about?

Allison: They're the novices. Remember? You -- you know, the transfers from Our Lady of Perpetual Pain? You told us about them at the bingo game when Felix Forsythe turned his bingo card over because he got so excited, and you had to, like, give him a shot to calm him down.

Nun: But they're not due until Sunday. They were planning to join us at the mass.

Natalie: And of course, we will definitely be at the mass. We were just so eager to get here that we came early, and I hope that's all right.

Nun: I should have been informed. I'll see you at Morning Prayer.

Natalie: You got it.

Jessica: Oh, my God. I totally thought she was going to recognize me.

Allison: In that getup? And thanks to me, we had a good cover story.

Natalie: Oh, yeah, yeah, you're a real genius. Now what's going to happen when they find you missing? It's "lights out."

Jessica: Well, we're going to have to make it look like she's still in her bed.

Allison: Oh, yeah. The old -- the old "pillow under the blanket." That's a good idea. Good thinking, Tessica.

Jessica: Don't call me that.

[Music plays]

[Coin drops]

Singer: So you're on my ragged heart for years if I do believe

Singer: I can be released

Singer: From this ain't no doubt if I could believe

Lindsay: May the secrets stay hidden.

Rex: If I thought there was a chance that this kid was mine, yeah, sure, I'd want to know, but he isn't, so that's it.

Adriana: And if he is?

Rex: Huh -- I told you, Morasco wouldn't keep something like this from me. It's not in her.

Adriana: Oh. Well, how well do you know her?

Rex: I know her. She's -- she's just --

Adriana: She's just what?

Rex: Honest. Fair. She wouldn't have my kid and not tell me.

Adriana: You said you left town.

Rex: So did she.

Adriana: And why do you think that was, Rex? Maybe she was pregnant, single, and her boyfriend had just run out on her.

Rex: No, I didn't run out on her. I didn't know that she --

Adriana: And she couldn't reach you. And she was desperate and all alone.

Rex: Okay, if I had known she was pregnant, I would have stood by her.

Adriana: I know you would have. Which is why I can't understand why you're not heading over there right now. You're a P.I., Rex. Add it up.

Rex: Look, I never said it wasn't possible. Okay, I said that. You're right, it's possible. I just don't understand why she'd lie to me about it.

Adriana: Because you told her you were engaged.

Rex: You think he looks like me?

Adriana: He's adorable. Look, we both know what it's like to have questions about our parents. And that's why you owe it to yourself, and to this kid, and to me to find out the truth. We're engaged, Rex. I want to know where I stand.

Rex: Look, is that -- is that what this is about? Adriana, if -- if -- if he does turn out to be my son, it doesn't change anything between us. Yeah, it changes Mondays, Wednesdays, and every other weekend, but -- I mean, we're still us. We're still getting married.

Adriana: I just don't want these questions hanging over our heads.

Rex: Okay. That makes sense. I'll call Gigi and I'll just --

Adriana: I think you should go over there and do it in person.

Rex: Fine. I'll go over there. I'll talk to her, no problem.

Adriana: And whatever happens, it's fine. So, go.

Rex: I am. And I won't be long.

Adriana: However long it takes, Rex. This is as important as it gets.

Rex: Of course it is.

Ramsey: The Morascos are going away, Todd. If you don't do it, I will. And if you try to stop me, I think you have an idea what might happen.

Todd: Hmm. Ramsey, if you go anywhere near my wife or kids, I'll kill you. And it won't be from 500 yards away in some office building. I'll do it with my bare hands.

Jared: I'm glad this worked out.

Nash: Yeah. Note to self -- drinking up the profits is a bad idea.

Jared: Ah, you got to test-drive the product.

Nash: Hmm. I'm afraid I've still got to tell you that I have reservations. Not about you and me and the vineyard.

Jared: No.

Nash: But about you being an asset to my wife's family.

Jared: Ah. I'm sure it was tough on her mother, seeing her daughter in St. Ann's, but the girl was out of control.

Nash: Next time you're thinking of committing my wife --

Jared: I will consult with my partner.

Nash: Cheers.

Jessica: Okay, okay. The coast is clear, but I don't know for how long.

Allison: Well, those sisters are in the dining hall chowing down, and only an act of God could pry them away from their meatloaf.

Natalie: Okay, well, I donít want to run into the one nun who's on a diet. Let's go.

Allison: Come on. Wait. Isn't anyone sensitive to the irony here? The two of you absconding with me in the dark of the night, when it was me absconding with you.

Both: Shut up, Allison.

Allison: Oh!

Shane: He's missing a queen.

Gigi: Sorry?

Shane: John gave me a deck of cards to play with. There's only 51.

[Knock on door]


Rex: Morasco, it's Balsom. Let me in.

Shane: Mom, who's Balsom?

Gigi: Someone I used to know.

Gigi: Adriana told you?

Rex: She mentioned, yeah.

Shane: Mom?

[Todd hums]

John: Oh --

Ramsey: Oops.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Allison: After I tell you what I know, I won't ever mess with you again.

Rex: Is he my son?

Ramsey: Let the games begin.

Todd: Oh, my God, no.

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