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Adriana: What are you reading?

Rex: Another stupid article. They all make Morasco sound like this high school dropout hick that's so brain-dead, she -- don't get me started. How was your meeting?

Adriana: Oh, it was hard to talk about lingerie when all I could think about was Marcie and Tommy.

Rex: Yeah, I know -- I was supposed to audition new D.J.s for U.V., but it didn't happen.

Adriana: You're worried about her, aren't you?

Rex: They're not releasing a lot of info, but it doesn't sound like she had family in Paris. Who's going to help her?

Adriana: Well, for what it's worth, from the news reports, your ex seems like she can take care of herself -- she doesn't let anyone push her around.

Rex: Yeah, but sometimes that's just an act. She could be falling completely apart.

Waitress: You alone today, handsome?

Jared: No, I'm waiting for someone.

Waitress: Yeah, the good ones usually are. I'll get you another menu.

Jared: Ah, thank you.

Dorian: Hurry up and get in! Close the door quickly! Thank you.

Charlie: I'm sorry, I wanted to walk the boundary and see what the property h to say to me.

Dorian: And what did it have to say?

Charlie: It said, "Look at me, I am gorgeous, and please build a beautiful cabin with a spectacular view."

Dorian: It said all that?

Charlie: Well, it's a very talkative piece of property.

Dorian: What else did it say?

Charlie: You know something? I'm going to tell you on the ride back, because I told you, I've got that lunch that I don't want to be late for. And if you don't mind, I'm going to tell the driver to step on it.

Dorian: Charlie.

Charlie: What?

Dorian: We're not going anywhere.

Natalie: So is he tall, short, cute?

Moe: What has she told you about this boyfriend?

Natalie: Just that he exists -- and that was like pulling teeth.

Jessica: Uh -- as you can see, we are kind of overprotective and we don't want our mother to get hurt, so anything that you could tell us would just be wonderful.

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

Moe: I can tell you -- that once you've tasted my nesselrode, you will fall to your knees.

Natalie: His what?

Jessica: It's a kind of pie.

Natalie: How'd you know that -- and why won't he tell us about her boyfriend? I mean, you think there's something wrong with the boyfriend?

Noelle: You girls got questions about your mom's fella? I got answers.

Marcie: Viki, why are you here?

Viki: I -- I want you to know that I'm fine, okay?

Marcie: How can you be fine? I -- I made you miss your medication, Viki.

Michael: Viki was thoroughly checked out, Marcie, there were no adverse effects on her heart.

Marcie: Just stop, okay? Just please stop taking care of me, Michael. Viki almost died because of me. I don't need you to take care of me.

Michael: Well, she didn’t. She's right here, she's fine -- you can see that.

Viki: You know what? I'm sorry. I'm upsetting you, I'm going to leave.

Marcie: No. Please, I -- I need you to know that what I did to you -- holding you hostage, pointing the gun at you -- I will never forgive myself for that.

Gigi: "Help you"? Do you see where I am?

John: Yeah, I see. But Marcie needs your help.

Gigi: Well, I already tried to help Marcie, and she still lost her son. You know, she is looking at life, and I could do 10 to 20 for aiding and abetting.

John: Not necessarily. If manning kidnapped your son and held you at gunpoint, those could be mitigating circumstances for both of you, and it could be the legal leverage Marcie needs to fight back against Manning.

Gigi: I don't have a clue what you're talking about. Todd never held Shane and me hostage.

Todd: Welcome home! What the hell? Starr! Jack! I thought you called from the airport.

Blair: Well, I did -- and they said that they were thrilled. I don't know where they are. Hey –

Starr and Jack: Welcome home!

Todd: Ah --

Blair: Ah!

Starr: Hi

Todd: Look at this, look at this.

Starr: Come in, come in, come in!

Blair: Okay!

Todd: Huh? Believe it?

Starr: Oh, my gosh, do you like it?

Todd: Whoa!

Blair: This is fantastic!

Todd: Excellent.

Blair: Wonderful. You guys are incredible.

Starr: Oh, my gosh, Dad, he looks so much older!

Todd: I know.

[Starr gasps]

Todd: All right, put that down for a second. Sam, I'd like you to meet your sister, Starr --

Starr: Hi!

[Blair chuckles]

Todd: And your brother, Jack.

Starr: Hi! Do you remember me?

Todd: Jack, you're a big brother now. What do you think of that?

Jack: Hear that, Starr? Now it's two against one. Right, Sam?

Starr: Oh, my gosh, I'm going to have to get used to that, aren't I?

Blair: I think we're all going to have to make some adjustments. He keeps crying for his m-o-m-m-Y.

Todd: Oh, he's fine now that he's with his family.

Starr: Yeah.

Jack: I'm hungry. Think Sam's ready for his cake now?

Starr: No, no, no, let's do presents and then the cake. Come on. Okay, which one first?

Blair: You got presents? Lookee here, Sam, got a bunch of presents for you!

Starr: All right, all right, all right!

Blair: Lookee!

Starr: We're doing the best one first.

Blair: What is it?

Starr: Sam, Sam --

Blair: Look! Lookee!

Starr: This is Freddy the magic frog, and Daddy gave this to me. And then I gave it to Jack, so --

Jack: And now I'm giving it to you. Whenever Dad was gone, all I had to do is talk to Fred, and Daddy could hear me.

Todd: No, no, no, no, don't worry about that anymore.

Blair: Oh!

Todd: Listen, nobody here is talking to no frogs no more. I'm not going anywhere ever again.

[Starr chuckles]

Todd: Ah.

John: You know, you told me that Manning and Ramsey threatened your son to make you lure Marcie out of hiding.

Gigi: I was a mess when I said that.

John: No. I think you know exactly what you were saying.

Gigi: Okay, okay, you're right, I did know.

John: Go on.

Gigi: Because I made the whole thing up. All of it, the whole story.

John: Your son told me they pointed guns at you.

Gigi: I told him to say that.

John: So you're both lying?

Gigi: I -- I felt really guilty about giving up all that information about Marcie, so I made up the story about Mr. Manning threatening us -- to -- to get them in trouble so it would make Marcie look not so bad. Look, I'm sorry I lied to you, but m telling you the truth now. I have no beef with Mr. Manning or that Ramsey guy.

John: Manning threatened you, didn't he?

Viki: Marcie, sit down for a second, can you? Is it all right? Look, you have to realize it's over now, okay?

Marcie: No. Not anymore, not for me, Viki.

Viki: Honey, you were desperate. Frankly, you were not in your right mind.

Marcie: Don't make excuses for me, because there aren't any excuses, Viki. There's nothing that you can say that is going to make it any less than what it is. I mean, to point a gun at you -- someone good and kind, to threaten your life.

Viki: Honey, I've known you for a very long time, and I knew perfectly well you were not going to pull the trigger.

Marcie: How did you know that? I mean, why would you even trust me?

Viki: Because you're still the same person that you always were.

Marcie: No. Viki, she's gone, she doesn't exist anymore.

Michael: Marcie --

Marcie: No, please, Michael. All that time I was pretending to be someone else, pretending that it was all going to be okay. And then at the end, being holed up in that cafe, and -- and having to walk Tommy to Todd.

Viki: Giving up a child is -- there are no words sufficient for that.

Marcie: Look, please, just stop it, okay? Just stop being good and stop being kind to me, because I don't want that! I don't want it, I don't deserve it!

Viki: Marcie, I knew you were never going to hurt me.

Marcie: No, you didn't know. I don't know!

Viki: You have to stop doing this to yourself, okay? You've been punished enough.

Officer: Ma'am, we're ready to process you now.

Michael: Honey, I'm going to be right here.

Viki: Oh, Marcie? Shane asked me to tell you something. He -- he read a book that you talked to him about -- something about pirates?

Marcie: Yeah.

Viki: And he said that he loved it.

Marcie: Thank you.

Charlie: Well, I -- I told you I can't be late for this lunch.

Dorian: I -- I know, but, unfortunately, my chauffeur did not check the gas gauge, and now we're out.

Charlie: Well, I mean, there must be a station around here somewhere?

Dorian: I'm sure. Just -- let me take care of it.

[Charlie sighs]

Dorian: Ooh. I'm -- I'm sorry, you're new, right? What's your name?

Driver: It's Richard, ma'am.

Dorian: Richard, Richard, yes.

Richard: But great news -- there's plenty of gas in here to fill up the tank.

Dorian: Ju-- ju-- just keep that to yourself, all right? I -- besides, I don't want to head back to Llanview and then run out of gas again. So, uh, find the nearest gas station and -- I tell you what, Richard -- take all the time you need, okay? Not a big hurry, no matter what I say, all right?

Richard: Sure thing, Dr. Lord.

Dorian: Yes, yes, yes, bye-bye. And -- uh -- hurry up, Richard! Ooh! I'm so sorry.

Charlie: Well, this lunch is very important to me. Jared will not understand if I am late.

Dorian: Yes, but unexpected things happen, and I'm sure he'll understand.

Charlie: Yeah -- no, I've asked him to understand too much already.

Dorian: What do you mean?

Charlie: Look, Dorian, I used to have a drinking problem, and I let him down pretty badly in the past.

Dorian: How?

Charlie: Well -- well, we're old friends, and he really counted on me.

Dorian: I'm sorry, Charlie. Maybe I'm overstepping my bounds, but I -- I just can't keep pretending that I don't know.

Charlie: What -- don't know what?

Dorian: Jared is not your old friend -- Jared's your son.

Rex: Does it bother you that my ex is all over this case?

Adriana: Should it?

Rex: No.

Adriana: Look, Gigi put herself on the line for Marcie and your godson. I would've done the same. And besides, you guys dated, like, a million years ago -- it's not like she's having your baby.

Rex: Yeah, I -- I thought we ixnayed the baby talk -- at least, for another few years.

Adriana: All right. How about wedding talk?

Rex: Ooh, I like it. What are you thinking? Mountaintop panorama, or some destination niceness -- preferably involving a villa?

Adriana: I'm thinking anything that doesn't allow my mother to hijack the wedding and turn it into some gross society-page thingy -- you know that's what she wants.

Rex: Nasty.

Adriana: I know. So if we don't start planning soon, we can kiss our free will goodbye.

Waitress: You want to order something while you wait?

Jared: No, thank you. My fa-- um -- my friend's going to be a couple minutes late.

Charlie: You look all grown up in that suit.

Young Jared: You don't look so bad yourself.

Charlie: Yeah, you know what they say -- "You never get a second chance --"

Young Jared: "To make a first impression."

Charlie: That's right, and I want to look my best for your class.

Young Jared: Oh, and when it's your turn to talk, tell them how you build things -- that you built the bank downtown.

Charlie: That I will. You know something? We've got time. How would you like to have a quick hand of gin rummy before we go?

Young Jared: I've still got the quarter I won off you last time.

Charlie: Well, I don't know where you got that, but Jared is not my son.

Dorian: Charlie, I was there -- outside the Buchanan mansion when you caught up with Jared. I heard the two of you arguing. I heard how he treated you like a stray dog, and I heard how he sent you away.

Charlie: It's my own fault. Okay, yes. Jared is my son, but no one can ever know.

Jessica: So, what's his name?

Natalie: And how'd they meet?

Jessica: Is he from Paris?

Noelle: Your mother's boyfriend comes in out of the blue one day -- tall, big, blue eyes, dreamy smile. We all thought he was just going to be here --

Moe: Ortiz, your order's up!

Noelle: No, it's not.

Moe: Well, it's coming up!

Noelle: So, this gentleman -- who is far better-looking than your average Parisian hombre -- strolls in through that door --

Moe: Ready for that pie, ladies?

[Noelle sighs]

Noelle: For heaven's sake, Moe, for once, this is not about pie! It's about something much, much sweeter.

Moe: Yes -- Viki telling her own news when she's ready to tell it. You might want to respect that.

Noelle: Fine, Moe! I'll keep mum -- happy now?

Moe: Tables two and four need a wipe-down, pronto.

Noelle: Your mother's boyfriend's a catch.

Moe: I heard that!

Michael: So much of this is my fault.

Viki: No, Michael. No, you cannot blame yourself. Marcie made her own choice.

Michael: I knew that Todd was Tommy’s biological father; I knew it for a long time. I didn't tell anybody, I didn't tell Marcie. Viki, I -- I know that Marcie's not asking for your forgiveness, but I am. Is there any way, any way that you could find it in your heart to forgive my wife?

[Music plays]

Singer: Step out the door and it feels like rain that's the sound that's the sound on your windowpane take to the streets but you can't ignore that's the sound that's the sound you're waiting for you feel that your will starts crashing down whenever your will starts crashing down whenever your will starts crashing down that's when you find me yeah, God love your soul and your aching bones take a breath, take a step maybe down below everyone's the same our fingers to our toes we just can't get a ride but we're on the road

Singers: If ever your will starts crashing down whenever your will starts crashing down whenever your will starts crashing down that's when you find find me lost till you're found swim till you drown know that we all fall down love till you hate jump till you break know that we all fall down

Singer: All fall down we all fall down all fall down all fall down we all fall down all fall down fall down

Todd: You think this shindig was wild, wait till your birthday, my friend. We're going to have us some --

Blair: Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle.

Todd: Pony rides, merry-go-rounds, clowns -- as long as they're not too scary.

Blair: Oh, my God!

Todd: What?

Starr: Mom, what's wrong?

Todd: What?

Blair: We forgot your birthday, Starr.

Starr: No, no, no, don't worry about it. I mean, you guys were busy getting Sam, so it's fine.

Blair: No, it's not fine! You turned 16 and we forgot!

Jack: I was here and I forgot!

Blair: We'll -- we'll fix this. We can fix it.

Marcie: They took it, Mike. They took everything.

Michael: Yeah.

Man: Mrs. Davidson?

Viki: Yes?

Man: I'm A.D.A. Jenkins.

Viki: How do you do?

Jenkins: How about we go to my office?

Viki: Actually, I can say what I have to say right here.

Jenkins: I'm sorry, but not in front of the defendant.

Viki: I don't mind.

Jenkins: No, it could be misconstrued. We are seeking the maximum penalty.

Viki: I don't want that.

Marcie: Viki --

Viki: I have to tell you right now, I have no intention of pressing charges against Marcie McBain, nor will I testify against her at any trial, and that decision is final.

Jenkins: I'll take that into consideration.

Dorian: Jared's passed himself off as Asa Buchanan’s long-lost son. If it were ever found out that he was really your son, he'd be in a lot of trouble.

Charlie: Look, I am not proud of what Jared is doing, but who am I to judge? I -- I failed him as a father, but I am not going to be the guy who gets him sent to prison for fraud.

Dorian: Hmm. It could be a lot worse, you know? The Buchanans like to personally exact revenge.

Charlie: Well, they can’t. No one can ever know about this.

Dorian: Which is why you said your name was "Balsom" and not "Banks."

Charlie: I feel like a fool. I saw that Balsom name on the business card for that Angel Square hotel. How was I to know that your -- your daughter's fiancé’s last name was the same name?

Dorian: Hmm. An unfortunate coincidence.

Charlie: Yeah.

Dorian: An unfortunate name -- "Balsom." I'm really hoping that my daughter keeps her maiden name after she marries.

Charlie: Please, Dorian, I'm begging you not to breathe a word of this to anyone. Look, I was a lousy father and I blew it with my son, but he's finally got a chance at something much better and I want him to have that.

Dorian: The Buchanans be damned.

Charlie: You know, if you're so concerned about the Buchanans, why didn't you already tell them that Jared was conning them?

[Charlie laughs]

Charlie: You're killing me, kid. Deal again. Young

Jared: No, Dad, we're going to be late. We should go now.

Charlie: No, no, no, no, no. One more hand -- I -- I still got a couple more quarters to lose. Mmm.

Adriana: Stop!

Rex: What -- it's my wedding, too. What are you doing?

Adriana: The guest list, family first. Okay, done. Now you.

Rex: Well, I hope you have a lot of ink left, it's quite a crowd -- Roxy, Natalie, Aunt Corinne --

Adriana: Don't tell me, write it down.

Rex: That's it. That's my whole family -- as far as I know.

Jessica: Your mom hasn't gone to court yet.

Shane: So she's still in jail?

Jessica: Afraid so. She's going to have to stay put until the arraignment.

Shane: What's that?

Natalie: Well, that's actually where she says if she's guilty or not guilty, and then the judge sets bail.

Jessica: Oh -- and bail is a sum of money that she has to give the court to prove that she's not going to skip town.

Shane: But we don't have very much money

Moe: Why don't you have a seat, buddy? I'm going to get you some French fries. Go ahead, sit down right there.

Natalie: And you know what? In the meantime, could you show me how to play these games on here? I really don't understand this phone.

Shane: Which one do you want to play?

Natalie: I don't care -- whatever looks good.

Shane: Thanks for trying to keep me busy. It's okay -- it sure beats thinking about my mom in jail.

John: Just trying to get this clear in my head -- you gave up Marcie, someone that you've been protecting for months and her son, to two guys you barely knew for no apparent reason?

Gigi: Just leave me alone, okay?

John: Your son said they had guns, I don't think he was lying.

Gigi: Todd did not have a gun.

John: And Manning didn't threaten you? So Ramsey did? He did, didn't he?

Gigi: I never said that.

John: Look, I can protect you and your son, but you got to tell me the truth about what they did to you. You do that, and maybe Marcie gets some breathing room.

Blair: There you go. I know this isn't much and it's kind of all messed up here, but it is your birthday and we're just beginning. So you make a lot of wishes, and you better start blowing. Go, go, go!

Starr: Okay.

Blair: I'll hold your hair. Whoo!

Viki: I will be eternally grateful to both of you for adopting my nephew. You loved him and you sheltered him when he really needed it. And I sincerely hope that my not pressing charges is going to make a difference.

Marcie: What happens to me, Viki, doesn't matter. What matters is my baby.

Michael: Could you please tell him, when you see him, that all we want is for him to be happy? And -- and we don't want him to miss us. And we don't want him to cry for his mommy.

Viki: Yeah, I will tell him that. When I see him, I will tell -- I will tell him that you love him, and that you want him to be happy.

Gigi: I don't need protection from Mr. Manning or Ramsey.

John: That's not true and you know it. Look, I understand that you're scared.

Gigi: I'm bored.

Officer: Time for your arraignment, Ms. Morasco.

Gigi: Viki -- you came.

Viki: Well, I'm not about to let you sit here all by yourself.

Gigi: They're shipping me off to court now -- change of scenery, I guess.

Viki: Okay, well, I'm going to come with you, if that's all right. You need a lift?

Gigi: I think the city has it covered.

Viki: Okay.

John: That's my cell. Call me if you change your mind. Ready?

Charlie: Just -- oh, no -- no signal. God, I don't believe this! Oh, you have no idea how important this lunch date is to me. I promised Jared that I would be there, and I can't let him down again.

[Charlie sighs]

Rex: Well -- there's my grandma, Stella -- Roxy's mom.

Adriana: You never told me you had a grandma.

Rex: I don't like to think about her that much. She's kind of like Roxy on steroids -- you do not want her at the wedding, trust me.

Adriana: Okay, scratch Stella.

Rex: At least with a small family, I can't really be the black sheep.

Adriana: Yeah, and you miss out on the whole guerilla warfare thing Blair and I have got going over Todd being Tommy’s father.

Rex: You know, if Blair rats us out, our guest list is going to be a couple of prison guards and the Statesville barbershop quartet.

Adriana: Okay, no more coffee for you.

Rex: Maybe we can invite your -- your mom's new friend, seeing as how we have the same last name.

Adriana: Yeah, how weird is that?

Rex: How weird is it that I looked him up online?

Adriana: Ah, who is he? What's the dirt?

Rex: Seems he's a 22-year-old surfing god from down under.

Adriana: Not the same guy.

Rex: Probably not.

Adriana: Well, did you find any other Balsoms that you might be related to?

Shane: What if my mom can't afford to pay the bail? Will they take her back to jail?

Moe: Shane, look.

Shane: Mom! I didn't think they'd let you out!

Gigi: I'm so sorry I scared you, baby.

Shane: You're back -- that's all I care about.

Gigi: I wouldn't be standing here if it weren't for Viki -- she paid my bail.

Shane: Oh, man, you're the bomb.


Viki: I'm the bomb? Boy, I've been called a lot of things in my life, but never that. Thank you, I think.

Gigi: We'll find a way to pay you back, Viki, I promise.

Viki: No. No, no, no. No, you took care of Marcie and my nephew when they really needed it. I am just paying you back.

Jessica: Did you get to see Marcie?

Viki: Yeah. I'll tell you all about it on the plane, okay?

Noelle: You're leaving already?

Moe: So soon?

Viki: Yeah, I -- uh -- I have to go back, you know, and I'm afraid this time it's for good.

Michael: Hey. Where you been?

John: Just trying to catch a break.

Michael: What does that mean?

Officer: Time to go back to your cell now, Mrs. McBain.

Michael: Can you give us just one second? I love you. You try to be strong, okay? There's hope. You got to believe it.

Michael: Tell me something good.

Todd: See that?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Tell me that is not a dream.

Blair: That is not a dream. Your little boy is really here.

Todd: We did it.

Blair: Yes, we did. It just breaks my heart that he keeps crying for his mommy, though.

Todd: Oh, he'll be all right. He'll be all right, he will. Hey, thanks for everything, for all your help --

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: Especially marrying me.

Blair: Well, you know, you made me an offer I couldn't refuse. But now that your son is here with you, we don't have to stay married, you know.

Todd: What if I want to?

Blair: Is that what you really want -- for us to stay married, I mean, for real?

Starr: Mom, Dad, look, I found the cutest baby clothes online!

[Blair squeals]

Starr: How adorable are they, Mom? What?

Todd: No, you're not going shopping for anyone but yourself.

Starr: But, Dad, I --

Todd: No, no, no. No "but, Dads." Get your coat; you and me are going to spend some money.

Starr: Dad, you really don't have to do that. I mean, you don't want to leave Sam, you just got him.

Todd: No, nah. His mom wants to spend some time with him, let's go.

Blair: Sure, yeah -- yeah.

Todd: Say goodbye.

Starr: Bye.

Todd: See you, kid.

Starr: Bye, Sam.

Rex: There's a lot of Balsoms out there, I'm just not sure that I'm related to any of them. Roxy's not going to help, seeing as she freaked when you mentioned I might like to see if we had any other family.

Adriana: Do you really want this wedding to be wall-to-wall Cramers?

Rex: God, no. I don't care if they're 15 times removed. If I've got any family out there, I'm going to dig them up and drag them to our wedding.

Young Jared: We're late now, Dad, we have to go!

Charlie: Hmm. Whoa -- Daddy's out of medicine. You -- wait here, and I'll be right back. Oh.

Young Jared: Dad --

Waitress: So, still waiting for your friend?

Jared: Uh -- he's not my friend. He's nothing to me.

Charlie: Damn it! Where is that driver?

Dorian: Oh, maybe the gas station is further away than we thought. I'm so sorry.

Charlie: Oh, I should never have come out to look at this property today, not when I knew I had this lunch.

Dorian: And I probably shouldn't have forced the issue.

[Charlie sighs]

Dorian: But since we're stuck out here, I might as well show you this. Here.

Noelle: I hope you see Charlie again real soon.

Viki: Me, too. I'm going to miss you so much.

Noelle: Oh --

Gigi: I don't know how I can ever repay you for paying my bail and everything else.

Viki: Oh, Gigi. You know what? Come here, you. You get through this, and you raise this terrific boy to be a fine young man, okay? If any of you ever need anything, please, you know where I am, all right?

Moe: This is not going to be one of those big, teary goodbyes.

Viki: Oh, Moe --

Moe: I guess you never really were ours.

Viki: No -- I was. And you -- all of you and this place -- you were mine. Listen -- uh -- here. This is clean and ready for whoever takes my place.

[Moe chuckles]

Moe: No one could ever take your place, Viki. You hang that in the closet where you can see it -- maybe you'll get the urge to come back.

Viki: I'm going to do that.

Moe: Okay.

Viki: Oh.

Shane: Noelle and I baked this for you.

Viki: Oh, sweetheart! Thank you.

Jessica: Um -- here. Everybody, turn around.

Viki: Ooh, okay.

Jessica: Okay -- um -- well, hang on.


Jessica: Smile.

[Shutter clicks]

Jessica: Perfect.

Viki: Okay.

Jessica: Well, let's go.

Gigi: Thanks.

Viki: Bye.

John: No good news yet, but I'm going to keep trying.

Michael: What are you trying?

John: Involves the -- the waitress, Gigi. I'm going to back off for now and give her some time.

Michael: We don't have time, John. Marcie's got nothing. She has no son, no hope. I'm really afraid of what this is doing to her.

Blair: I think I'm as close to a mommy as you have.

Margaret: You are not his mother. I am.

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Dorian: She's one of my oldest and dearest friends.

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