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Cordy: I mean it, Steph. Tell someone.

Max: Hey, guys.

Stephanie: Max, what are you doing here?

Max: Uh, I was looking for you. Carmen said you were at Chez Rouge.

Stephanie: Yeah. Cordy wasn't feeling so hot.

Max: Are you okay?

Cordy: Yeah. I'm sorry.

Max: For what?

Cordy: Just causing so much trouble for everybody.

Max: Don't even go there. Just tell me you're okay.

Cordy: Yeah, I'm getting better, thanks to Steph.

Stephanie: Come on. What are sisters for?

Cordy: Well, it's been a long night. I'm gonna get back to the house, okay?

Stephanie: I'll -- I'll drive you.

Cordy: No, it's okay. I got my bike. You guys have a lot to talk about.

Stephanie: Are you sure?

Cordy: I'm sure.

Stephanie: Well, get a taxi. We'll get your bike later. Call me as soon as you get back to the house.

Cordy: I will. Thanks, Steph, for everything. Remember what I said.

Max: Well, it sounds like you helped out Cordy a lot.

Stephanie: She helped me, too.

Max: How so?

Stephanie: Well, she was stressed, and she wanted to tell Billie about, you know, Decker.

Max: She didn't though, right?

Stephanie: No, no, but we were pressuring her, and so she got upset, and that's why she ran off.

Max: Well, I'm glad you found her, not because she might have said something, but 'cause the rape's been really hard on her.

Stephanie: Yeah, it's been very hard. Cordy's strong, though. I mean, she'll be okay.

Max: What about you? Are you gonna be okay?

Philip: Donna, send the assistant D.A. in when she gets here, then hold my calls.

Kate: She's late.

Philip: Relax.

Kate: Yeah. Well, that's easy for you to say because you're not facing an attempted-murder charge.

Philip: Neither will you when we're done here.

Kate: Do you think they're going to offer a plea bargain?

Philip: If you don't blow it.

Philip: I was on the phone with my lawyers on the way over. They don't have enough to hold you.

Kate: Tell that to Roman.

Philip: I've got people that do that for me. We'll push for an early arraignment. You'll be out on bail soon.

Kate: Am I supposed to thank you for this?

Philip: What exactly do you want from me, Mom?

Kate: Loyalty, Philip.

Philip: I'm doing everything I can.

Kate: Oh. Now, where have I heard that before?

Philip: [Sighs] I'm sorry about the gun.

Kate: Really? And do you actually believe that I think it was a coincidence that Shawn Brady found that gun?

Philip: I don't know how he found it.

Kate: Or do you just not want to tell me the truth of how he found that gun?

Philip: Just be careful what you say in front of Roman.

Kate: You know, if you had gotten rid of this gun when I asked you to, we wouldn't be in this mess right now.

Philip: Don't worry. I'm gonna get you out.

Kate: Good. You have connections. Find the gun and make sure it disappears for real this time.

Philip: It's locked in an evidence room.

Kate: Well, you're always bragging about your power and your money. Use it. Make it happen. Because if I go down, you're going down, too.

Philip: You're not going down.

Kate: I'm your mother. You should have protected me. But instead I think that this has something to do with your lust for Belle.

Jen: Your secretary said to come right in.

Philip: Absolutely.

Jen: Forgive me for making you wait. I've had a bear of a day.

Philip: I appreciate you making the time. You know my mother, Kate Roberts?

Jen: Yes. We met in court. The D.A. sends his best regards.

Philip: Let's have a seat. Okay, Jen... where do we stand?

Jen: It's pretty straightforward. The D.A. met with the Kiriakis legal team, and the mitigating circumstances they presented were compelling. Since you've agreed to cooperate fully in our investigation, we're prepared to offer you a plea deal that will satisfy both sides.

Marlena: John's old jersey.

Hope: It looks like it got a lot of use.

Marlena: Yeah. I was always after him to get rid of it.

Hope: Bo has one in even worse shape.

Marlena: [Sniffles]

Hope: Are you sure you're up to this?

Marlena: I'm not sure of anything right now, but I've got to do this or I just can't even move on, you know?

Hope: You suffered a huge loss. You do things when you're ready. There's no timetable, you know?

Marlena: You know that I was arrested for attempted murder?

Hope: I know. But you weren't the only one with a gun that day.

Marlena: I fired mine.

Hope: You weren't alone in that, either. All I can say is, "thank God you didn't hit E.J."

Marlena: Stefano needs to be stopped. I keep hoping that he wakes up in a sweat, picturing me pulling that trigger.

Hope: What are you thinking, "has to be stopped"?

Marlena: I'm thinking that my husband was killed by Stefano's hired gun, that my daughter married his son. When I left Belle's wedding, I went straight to Stefano. I told him one day I was going to kill him. And as God is my witness, I will do that.

Dr. Rolf: SeŮor Chavez, you had a good flight?

Alessandro: I traveled thousands of miles at Stefano's insistence, only to be kept waiting.

Stefano: Sit down, Alessandro. You're not leaving yet. I haven't told you why I brought you over here.

Alessandro: You are talking to a president -- a head of state.

Stefano: Here you are my guest. Behave like one.

Alessandro: You think you can treat a man of my stature with such disrespect?

Stefano: 40 years ago, my father, Santo DiMera, made your family wealthy and very powerful.

Alessandro: The copper mines were on our land.

Stefano: We won't even discuss how my father made it possible for you to acquire that land.

Alessandro: Both families benefited.

Stefano: Tell me something, Alessandro, where would you be now without the DiMera family?

[Chuckles] Yes, yes, yes. I, uh, I think that we both know the answer to that.

Alessandro: What does any of this have to do with you?

Stefano: It is payback time, my friend, and time for you to show my family your gratitude.

Alessandro: You can't possibly be talking about money.

Stefano: I'm talking about vengeance. An old enemy of mine has resurfaced, and I want you and your army to make sure that this enemy disappears and never surfaces again.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Max: Let me buy you a beer, and you can tell me what you and Cordy talked about tonight.

Stephanie: It's private -- between her and me.

Max: I heard Cordy advise you to tell someone what happened -- someone you can count on, someone you can trust.

Stephanie: Cordy was freaked. She didn't know what she was talking about.

Max: I'm not talking about Cordy. Why don't we just grab a table, or let's go to the bar?

Stephanie: Really, it's no big deal.

Max: It seemed like a big deal to Cordy.

Stephanie: I just -- I told her some stuff that wouldn't make her feel so alone.

Max: What kind of stuff?

Stephanie: I understand.

Cordy: No, you don't! You have no idea what I feel. No one does. You canít.

Stephanie: But I can.

Cordy: No, you don't!

Stephanie: Yes, I do! Because I've been there. Ford raped me, too.

Stephanie: I want to make sure Cordy got home okay.

Max: Steph, wait. What's going on?

Stephanie: Nothing. I told you.

Max: Right. "Nothing." But you don't trust me or something?

Stephanie: I just went through this big thing with Cordy.

Max: I heard about Cordy, but there's more to it than that.

Stephanie: Think whatever you want.

Max: Who are you, huh? Where's the girl who held my hand in faith and jumped out of an airplane? Where's the girl who trusted me to help her with the Ford Decker situation... the girl I danced with at the Cheatin' Heart? I mean, is it just me, or did we not connect that night?

Stephanie: I'm supposed to just fall into your arms whenever you show up? I'm sorry. I didn't get a copy of your play book.

Max: I'm sorry that I thought that any of those things would add up to something.

Stephanie: Well, they didnít.

Max: Wow. Okay. Let's --

Stephanie: Max, wait. You were right. There is more I have to tell you.

Philip: I hope your office considered my mother's extensive work on behalf of the community. Her seat on the board of University Hospital, her generous support for the arts and numerous charities.

Jen: We're well aware of Miss Roberts' contributions.

Philip: Suppose we go over the terms of the plea bargain.

Jen: It's a one-time offer, nonnegotiable. Take it or leave it. The D.A.'s willing to drop the felony charge of attempted murder.

Kate: And?

Jen: And you'll plead guilty to making terrorist threats. We'll guarantee a maximum prison sentence of 18 months.

Kate: Prison? I'm not going to prison.

Hope: You threatened Stefano?

Marlena: I didn't just threaten him. I put the fear of God into him.

Hope: I hope to God he doesn't come after you first.

Marlena: I hope to God he does. I'll be ready for him. I think we better get this packed up.

Hope: If you're not ready --

Marlena: I am. I am. I am ready. I have to be or I can't move forward. I just can't do this without you.

Hope: Let me help you, then.

Marlena: Okay.

Hope: As long as it's not too private.

Marlena: No, no, no. I'm just so glad you're here.

Hope: Okay, then. Let's get started.

Marlena: Okay.

Stephanie: I'm sorry I've been such a jerk.

Max: Well, we all have our bad days.

Stephanie: Yeah, well, I'm on a streak.

Max: Let's try and end that streak, huh?

Stephanie: I've just been feeling really on the edge, kind of spaced out.

Max: Well, I mean, if there's anything you want to talk about, I'm here.

Stephanie: It's Cordy. She was in a really bad way when I found her. She had a, um, bottle of pills.

Max: She was suicidal?

Stephanie: Definitely.

Max: I had no idea she was so down on herself. Do you think she was really serious about it? I mean --

Stephanie: I think so.

Max: You think she should be alone tonight?

Stephanie: She's okay now. I'm sure of it. She doesn't feel so alone. [Cellphone ringing] It's Cordy. She said she got home safely and she's feeling a lot better.

Max: Well, because of you. I mean, you went after her. Most people wouldn't have done that. You found her. As scary as it was, probably seeing your friend in such bad shape, you pulled her through it.

Stephanie: Give the little lady a hand.

Max: I'm serious. You walked in on a very difficult situation, and, obviously, you handled it just right. I'm proud of you. I think you're an amazing girl -- an amazing woman.

Stephanie: Yeah. I'm wonder woman.

Max: I mean it.

Stephanie: You know what, Max? You're a lot of fun, and I really appreciate being able to count on you for a lot lately. But at the end of the day, you're just another guy looking to get laid.

Kate: You call that a plea bargain? I don't mind spearing trash. I don't mind helping the homeless.

Jen: Given the seriousness of your crime, community service was never an option.

Kate: Protecting my son -- I don't consider that a crime.

Philip: Mom...let me handle this.

Kate: Sorry for the outburst.

Jen: Miss Roberts, the terms of this deal are quite generous. You have a maximum of 18 months, but you could be out in as little as three.

Philip: I admit, it is a generous offer. Thanks for stopping by, Miss Chapman.

Jen: Excuse me?

Philip: I believe we're done here. Oh, we decline your offer.

Jen: Mr. Kiriakis, refusing this deal means a court trial. You have my word that the attempted-murder charge will be pursued with extreme vigor. If Miss Roberts is found guilty, the minimum time served will be seven years.

Philip: Sorry. No deal.

Marlena: You know, most of this is going right to the midnight mission. They have the plaque on the wall still that bears John's name. I went down there, and I looked at it, and I traced the letters of his name with my finger. I'm glad we donate there.

Hope: I'm gonna make sure I stop by there myself before Christmas.

Marlena: Yeah. You know what's kind of funny? When he was alive, I didn't mind the fact that he had no past.

Hope: You were looking forward.

Marlena: Yeah. All the years we had together, it seems like five minutes to me now. I can't even believe it. I can't believe he's gone. I can't believe it's over.

Hope: I wish there was something that I could say or do that would comfort you.

Marlena: You do and you are, just by being here.

Hope: I'm glad.

Marlena: You know... when John was in the coma... he used to come to me in dreams, and he would tell me that he was coming back. He's not in my dreams anymore. I can't even feel him around me anymore.

Stefano: Now you understand? This assassin threatened my life.

Alessandro: So I see.

Stefano: I have good reason to believe that the person who wrote these letters is hiding in your country.

Alessandro: Hmm. So now you need me. What exactly do you expect from me?

Stefano: I expect results. Use whatever means are at your disposal -- military, secret police -- to find this woman, and then lead me to her.

Alessandro: A woman?

Stefano: Yes. A very dangerous woman.

Alessandro: Not to me. I am a head of state, not your personal servant.

Stefano: You are whatever I say you are!

Alessandro: And if I refuse?

Stefano: I will shut down the mines. I will bankrupt your insignificant country, and then I will sit back with pleasure to watch all the people that you have ground under your heel of lies and sweep you away.

Alessandro: [Chuckles] It was only a joke, Stefano. [Laughs] For an old friend like you, I will do anything. Of course.

Stefano: I thought you'd understand, Alessandro.

Alessandro: How is it I can help you, my friend?

Stefano: Compile a complete dossier on that woman -- family, known acquaintances, photographs, background -- and then find her... or be prepared to suffer extreme consequences. You can go now.

Max: Is -- is that the reason you think I come around -- to -- to get you in bed?

Stephanie: I can't think of any other reason.

Max: Since when?

Stephanie: Your timing gives it away. I get zip from you for weeks, and then you show up to hit on me.

Max: Well, it seems since we jumped out of that plane that the hits were kind of mutual.

Stephanie: Until you were attracted to a sweet southern belle from the sorority house.

Max: Morgan?

Stephanie: It's a name for a bank, not a girl.

Max: Steph, she won me at an auction, which was your idea, by the way, and did I try and hook up with you when you had me help me you with that "favor"? I committed a crime for you -- something that we agreed not to tell anyone.

Stephanie: That was Max, the hero, riding to the rescue.

Max: I didn't hear any complaints at the time.

Stephanie: Heroes expect a show of appreciation. You know, a reward for slaying the dragon.

Max: I have never used you that way.

Stephanie: Do you know how to just be friends with a girl?

Max: I thought we were friends.

Stephanie: Yeah, your version. You know what? Nick's the real hero.

Max: [Chuckles]

Stephanie: He may not be able to prove his cool on the racetrack or pump himself up like you do, but he's a straight shooter. No games. He just lets it all out there -- whatever he's feeling -- and girls love him for it, because they know that he really likes them and that he respects them, which makes him a better man than you or Jeremy ever will be.

Max: Don't you ever compare me to Jeremy Horton.

Marlena: Oh, John's warm-up jacket. Do you think Bo would like it?

Hope: He'd cherish it. Yes.

Marlena: I'm so glad you loved him. It makes it easier not to feel so alone in my grief.

Hope: You're not alone. You'll never be alone. John lives forever in your heart. Know that.

Marlena: You really live up to your name, don't you?

Hope: Is there anything else I can do to help?

Marlena: No, I think it's all -- oh, there's something down there. What is that?

Hope: Well, let's take a look. There you go.

Marlena: [Gasps]

Hope: What is it? What's wrong?

Marlena: It's the clothes that John was wearing the night of the accident. The hospital had sent them over, and I didn't know what to do.

Hope: Don't worry. I will take them. Marlena, don't worry. I'll take care of them, okay?

Marlena: Thank you.

Hope: What's this? Look.

Jen: The D.A. will be disappointed you didn't accept our terms. See you in court, Miss Roberts.

Philip: How's the plea bargain going with Marlena Evans Black?

Jen: I'm not at liberty to discuss that.

Philip: I understand. My lawyers, however, are under no such constraint. They've dug up several e-mails exchanged between the D.A. and Deputy Police Commissioner Roman Brady. Here are the transcripts, if you're interested.

Jen: Where did you get these? These mails are protected under privacy laws.

Philip: Not when half the correspondence originates at the Salem Police Department. Then they become public domain. Keep them. I have copies. As you can see, the exchanges make clear that Marlena's ex-husband, Roman Brady, is making a backdoor deal to get the charges dropped.

Kate: Roman's my ex-husband, as well. Two identical crimes. Two completely different outcomes. It looks like someone isn't playing straight with the law.

Philip: It would be a shame if those e-mails should somehow be leaked to the media. One ugly black eye on the D.A.'s otherwise spotless record.

Kate: Oh, come on. Marlena wouldn't even have been charged if I hadn't raised holy hell.

Philip: The police force turned its back while a deputy police commissioner attempted to bury evidence against his ex. Given these facts, your case against Kate would crash and burn and you and the D.A. would be collateral damage. Maybe you want to look at that plea bargain again, see if you can't find some wiggle room.

Max: I know you had a rough night, but comparing me to that dirtbag Jeremy? [Scoffs]

Stephanie: You don't see it?

Max: For one thing, he couldn't tell the truth to save his life. I am nothing like him.

Stephanie: Are you kidding? The way you play girls. I-I am so sick and tired of guys who think they are God's gift and that women are only here to pleasure them. We're supposed to dress up, look hot, and put out.

Max: Where's this even coming from?

Stephanie: You know that night Ford did what he did to Cordy? We did her hair and makeup. We found a hot dress for her. Everything about her screamed "come and get it," and that's exactly what Ford did.

Max: Yeah, but no way is that your fault.

Stephanie: Cordy should have been able to look like herself, date a guy who would treat her with respect -- a guy who would treat her like a human, not an animal.

Max: It stinks, but what happened -- it's not my fault, nor yours. Uh... I'm sorry I got you so upset. And what you said about the friends thing... if that's what you want, then... that's how it'll be.

Philip: Well?

Jen: It's possible the D.A. might be open to an amended plea bargain.

Philip: Now, there's something for everyone -- my mother's freedom, my gratitude and that of my father, and a clean slate for the D.A. to run on in the next election.

Kate: That sounds like a win-win situation.

Jen: All right. If Miss Roberts pleads guilty to felony gun possession, we'll guarantee no more than five years probation.

Kate: No prison time?

Jen: No.

Kate: Good.

Philip: A misdemeanor weapons charge is more what I had in mind.

Jen: Like hell. Miss Roberts opened fire inside a church.

Philip: What if Miss Roberts could offer something in return for the D.A.'s leniency?

Jen: Such as?

Philip: Stefano DiMera.

Dr. Rolf: I have seen you face many adversaries and not break a sweat. This woman, however --

Stefano: A she-devil. That's what she is -- a she-devil. She has made my life a living hell.

Dr. Rolf: Who is she?

Stefano: All these years, being free of her treachery, and now all of a sudden she has resurfaced, and then she has the power to ruin me.

Dr. Rolf: Don't forget, Stefano, your secret.

Stefano: I would like to see our patient.

Dr. Rolf: He's in the laboratory recuperating. It will be a few days yet.

Stefano: Take me there now.

Max: For once, Steph, you're right. I haven't been that kind of friend you're talking about, and I'm not sure if I even know how to go about it. But, look, earlier tonight I gave Nick some advice -- how to succeed with women -- and I told him to play it cool. And he asked me, "how's that working out for you?" I had to admit, "not very good." So maybe I should be taking advice from Nick.

Stephanie: Like what?

Max: Like telling a certain woman how I really feel.

Kate: What are you trying to do?

Philip: Stefano DiMera.

Kate: That's suicide.

Philip: His police jacket must be a foot thick.

Jen: Arrests. Nothing's ever gone to trial. We're long on suspicion, short on hard evidence. He delegates. Keeps his own hands clean.

Philip: Here's where Kate comes in.

Kate: Oh, no. No. Kate would rather serve time than rat out Stefano.

Philip: My mother has known Stefano for years -- in several capacities.

Jen: I'm listening.

Philip: Kate is one of the few with access to Stefano's inner sanctum. Agree to erase the charges against my mother. In return, she'll agree to be a material witness against DiMera, a direct pipeline to all his illegal activities.

Jen: Will Ms. Roberts be willing to wear a wire?

Kate: Ms. Roberts would rather burn in hell. [Liquid bubbling]

Dr. Rolf: It's, um, still too early for you to judge my work.

Stefano: Is it done?

Dr. Rolf: Ja. Ja. It is done.

Marlena: It's addressed to John, but there's no return address.

Hope: It doesn't look very old.

Marlena: It's been opened. John must have read this before the accident.

Hope: Look -- airmail stamps.

Marlena: The postmark is too smudged. The stamps look Spanish. Maybe it's Spanish.

Hope: Who's that?

Marlena: I don't know. "This is a picture of you and me. Mama." "Mama"?

Max: I came here looking for you and Cordy.

Stephanie: You found us.

Max: Yeah, well, I was mainly coming here to look for you. I wanted to tell you what was going on with me, and I don't know why it's so damn hard. I've -- I've been in this place a couple of times with another girl -- you know, kind of open up and stuff.

Stephanie: It must have been pretty serious.

Max: Yeah, I guess, but she moved away.

Stephanie: You didn't try to keep in touch?

Max: I wasn't ready.

Stephanie: Oh.

Max: And then there was Abby, who split, too. I guess I should start out by making sure that the girl or woman I'm interested in isn't on her way someplace else.

Stephanie: No point in putting your heart out there if someone's just gonna stomp on it.

Max: Yeah. So, I was gonna ask you one thing. Um... are you planning on sticking around, or are you on your way someplace else?

Kate: Asking me to wear a wire in the DiMera mansion is like asking me to jump into a shark tank.

Philip: My mother will wear the wire.

Jen: I'd like to hear that from Ms. Roberts herself.

Kate: No. Absolutely no.

Philip: Let me reset the stakes. If you cooperate, you'll pay a fine, do community service, and this will all go away. Take the deal.

Jen: I need an answer, Miss Roberts. I have to get back to the office and clear this with my boss. He will not be a happy man.

Philip: Oh, I think he will.

Jen: We'll see about that.

Philip: I know if he sets a precedent -- making this deal with Kate -- he's free to go ahead and offer Marlena a similar package. Isn't that the point of this game of cat and mouse?

Hope: Is this John -- do you think it is -- sitting next to his mother?

Marlena: I don't know. I don't know, doesn't look like Daphne DiMera to me.

Hope: So maybe it isn't John. But it certainly looks like him.

Marlena: Yeah.

Hope: But if Daphne wasn't his real mother, then --

Marlena: Then his real mother got ahold of him before he died. What was her name? And why didn't he tell me about it?

Hope: Well, you know how skeptical John was. He never took anything at face value. He'd check and he'd recheck before he said anything.

Marlena: If it's his real mother, she's waiting for a reply.

Hope: The question is, where has she been all these years?

Marlena: And how well does she know him? How long were they together? How long did she have him?

Hope: How much does she know about his life before Salem?

Marlena: Exactly. And why doesn't he remember it?

Hope: Okay. So, now what?

Marlena: Oh. Now I find her.

Stefano: Rolf, leave me alone with the patient. Every life has a purpose... and... it is time for you to realize yours, my friend. You know, the DiMera name goes back centuries -- back before the De Medicis. Our ancestors include kings, popes, men of unlimited power and influence... hmm... until our fall from grace. But my father, God rest his soul, Santo DiMera, restored our family to greatness, created a new dynasty to last 1,000 years, and I have no intention to watch it fall. And no one, especially a woman, is going to take it away. Do you understand?

Stephanie: You want to know if I'm sticking around. Why?

Max: Uh --

Stephanie: You're hot for me one minute, and then you're drooling over Morgan the next. You're in and out of my life.

Max: I run hot and cold?

Stephanie: Why do you want me to stick around Salem?

Max: Because I thought you and I had an open discussion about our relationships -- you and Jeremy Ė

Stephanie: Who is out of my life, gone.

Max: And mine with Morgan.

Stephanie: What about Morgan?

Max: Well, it's pretty simple, really. I told her tonight -- I told Morgan that she and I aren't going anywhere.

Stephanie: You broke up with her?

Max: As gently as I could. I like her.

Stephanie: That would interest me why?

Max: God, you're not gonna cut me any slack, are you?

Stephanie: I can't do this.

Jen: Well, do we have a deal or not?

Kate: It doesn't seem like I have a choice.

Jen: Is that a yes?

Kate: That's a yes.

Jen: I'll be in touch with you both first thing in the morning. Good night.

Kate: Do you realize what kind of position you put me in?

Philip: Mom, if they ever ask you to wear a wire, I'll make sure you're not around to cooperate. In the meantime, you're off the hook. Didn't I tell you it would work out?

Kate: You really are your father's son -- Victor to the core.

Philip: A year ago, I would have taken that as an insult.

Kate: And now?

Philip: Now I consider it high praise.

Kate: Hmm. Well, I hope you'll be willing to help your brother when the time comes. You know, he was at the church. He did have a gun.

Philip: Did he discharge the weapon?

Kate: Well, he hasn't confided in me whether he shot E.J. or not. But he's been upset. He's been feeling guilty. So he will probably be needing some help.

Philip: [Sighs] It's never enough, is it, Mother?

Kate: You care about your brother, right?

Philip: Of course I do.

Kate: Then promise me, when and if the time comes, you'll be there to help him.

Philip: [Sighs] I promise.

Kate: Thank you, Philip. [Door closes]

Hope: It's not gonna be easy. The envelope is useless, and the face of the woman next to John -- it's been cut off.

Marlena: It doesn't matter. Up until right now, my life was over. Now I have purpose. Now I get to find out about the John Black I never knew.

Hope: It may lead nowhere.

Marlena: You're wrong. I'm going to find her, and I'll see what she knows about John. It'll be like meeting him for the first time. It'll -- it'll be like falling in love with him all over again.

Stefano: You will be my greatest soldier. And your sole mission will be to save the DiMera empire from ruin. After that, well, who knows? I'll tell you this -- in the name of everything sacred or profane, that I will destroy my enemy, and anybody who tries to stop me will feel the full wrath of the DiMeras!

Roman: I guess she will have to learn from her mistakes just like her mom did.

Marlena: You were not a mistake.

Belle: We tell her every day how much mommy and daddy love her.

Hope: Which daddy might that be?

Philip: You're not going through with your threat.

Shawn D.: My dad's gonna be here any minute.

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