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Steve: Sweetness, I'm home.

Kayla: How's the car?

Steve: It's all right. I told them to tune it up, put some snow tires on after they fix it. I passed on the bulletproof glass, though, since it's pretty clear it wasn't the DiMeras who cut the brake line. They were gonna start working on it today. Should be ready sometime tomorrow.

Kayla: Well, I, um -- I have a little work around here that you can do today.

Steve: You call that work, baby?

Kayla: What do you call it?

Steve: Well, let me whisper it to you. I call it...

Kayla: Why do you need to whisper? There's nobody here but us. You know, I was thinking. I know that we said that we were gonna go to the movies, but, uh, maybe we should just stay in. You know, get a little room service and... maybe entertain each other.

Steve: Okay.

Kayla: [Laughs]

Sami: Please, Johnny, quit crying. Look at the pretty stockings we have. [Doorbell rings] Oh, come on, honey. You've got to stop. [Johnny crying] Shh. Shh. Oh. Hi, Mom.

Marlena: Oh, my goodness. Somebody's not very happy.

Sami: I know. He's normally so quiet and so good, and he just hasn't been able to stop crying. And I don't know what's wrong.

Marlena: Maybe it's colic.

Sami: Then what do I do?

Marlena: What you're doing. Do your best to ride it out.

Sami: I'm just worried that maybe he's reacting to how upset I am, and I can't help him.

Marlena: Upset? Why? What's happened?

Sami: I found out that Lucas lied to me and that he was at the church the night that I married E.J. and he had a gun.

Marlena: Do you think that --

Sami: No. No. He told me that he didn't shoot E.J.

Marlena: And you believe him, don't you?

Sami: Sweetie, shh. You have to calm down. Mom, let me just try one more time to put him with his sister, okay?

Marlena: I'm right here.

Carmen: You just caught me on my way up to the shower.

Nick: Glad you guys are keeping the door locked with Ford Decker out on the loose.

Max: Um, is, uh, Steph around?

Carmen: No, she's out looking for Cordy.

Max: Oh. Is Cordy okay?

Carmen: She's not too good.

Nick: Is Chelsea looking for her, too?

Carmen: No, she's upstairs. I'll go get her.

Nick: Thank you, Carmen.

Max: Thanks, Carmen. Okay, now, be cool, all right? If it looks like Chelsea's got a lot on her mind, don't push it. She'll come around.

Nick: Okay.

Max: Okay.

Nick: Okay.

Max: All right. But if you want to get lucky tonight, all I'm saying is you need to listen to my advice.

Nick: I got lucky the night I met Chelsea.

Max: That's good. Where'd you get that? Was that on a Valentine's Day card or something? Look, more walk and less talk. That's what Chelsea's looking for. And whatever you do, don't beg and don't whine.

Nick: I'm not begging or whining. I'm just honest with her about how I feel.

Max: Okay, well, do a little less of that, then.

Nick: Max, I thought that we were done playing games.

Max: Yeah, I thought we were done with you and your puppy love.

Nick: I never said anything about puppy love.

Max: Yes, you did.

Nick: That was your phrase.

Chelsea: Nick, you are here.

Nick: What happened to the, uh, big emergency meeting?

Chelsea: We had it, and it's over. Did I forget something at the restaurant?

Nick: Yeah, uh, this.

Stephanie: Hi. Excuse me. I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for Cordelia Han.

Waitress: Did Miss Han have a table reserved?

Stephanie: I don't think so, but I saw her bike out front.

Waitress: A young lady did come in saying she wasn't feeling very well. She asked if she could use our restroom.

Stephanie: Thank you. Cordy? It's me, Steph. Are you in here? Cordy? Oh. Thank goodness I found you. Listen, everything's going to be okay. I promise it will be. Listen to me. Cordy. What's in your -- oh, no. Cordy, please tell me you didn't. How many did you take? Answer me. How many? [Sleigh bells ringing]

Chelsea: Are you crazy? You came all the way down here to do that?

Nick: No. I came to tell you, Chelsea, that it's not dinner and it's not the champagne and it's not the chocolate-covered strawberries that I was excited for. I was excited to see you, to spend time with you. But you know what? It's -- it's fine. I understand that you have finals and studying to do, so I'll just go. I'll leave.

Chelsea: Nick, wait. Can I talk to you... in private?

Nick: Now?

Chelsea: Yeah, in the bedroom.

Nick: Okay.

Morgan: Max Brady. You're not leaving.

Max: Oh.

Morgan: Chelsea told me you were here. I've got a present for you, something that I have wanted to give you for a long, long time.

Chelsea: So, I felt like I owed you an apology for running out on you at Chez Rouge.

Nick: Look, Chelsea, everybody feels what they feel.

Chelsea: What is that supposed to mean?

Nick: I heard you say you couldn't stop thinking about him.

Chelsea: Who?

Nick: I don't know who you were talking to, but...

Chelsea: I was talking to Morgan.

Nick: But who were you talking about?

Chelsea: I was talking about Ford Decker. He's missing.

Stephanie: How many pills?

Cordy: I don't care.

Stephanie: I do. I care. I'm calling 911.

Cordy: No, this has to stop.

Stephanie: Not like this.

Cordy: You don't understand. I close my eyes every night, and he's there. I can't sleep. I can't dream without him.

Stephanie: I know the nightmares are awful.

Cordy: I can't stop thinking about him.

Stephanie: I understand.

Cordy: No, you don't. You have no idea how I feel. No one does. You can't.

Stephanie: I know exactly --

Cordy: No, you don't!

Stephanie: Yes, I do! Because I've been there. Ford raped me, too.

Cordy: You're lying.

Stephanie: Now's not the time for this. We have to call 911.

Cordy: I didn't take any. I didn't have the time. You came in before I had the chance.

Stephanie: You swear? You really scared me.

Cordy: I don't even know how I got here. I just remember Chelsea's mom came over and talked about Ford, and my heart just started beating so fast and so loud.

Stephanie: Mine, too.

Cordy: And then I grabbed these things. They haven't helped me sleep. And then I jumped on my bike and took off.

Stephanie: Were you really gonna kill yourself?

Cordy: I just wanted it to stop -- these feelings, these memories. And then... I came here. I just started feeling really sick. Then I looked in the mirror. God, how could a 4.0 be so stupid? How could this happen to me if I didn't let it?

Stephanie: It's not your fault. You won a date at a charity auction. You didn't know who Ford really was. None of us did. We just saw that he was good-looking, rich, and part of an important family.

Cordy: He seemed so sure of himself. I just wanted him to like me.

Stephanie: You have to stop blaming yourself. You were totally innocent. If anyone deserves to blame herself, it's me.

Cordy: Why?

Stephanie: Because I went after him. I wanted to make Max jealous, so I went to a party. Ford was there, and... I thought I had everything under control. [Voice breaking] And I did until... he mixed me a drink. And then the room started spinning, and... [Crying]

Cordy: Oh, my God, Steph. I'm so sorry this happened to you, too.

Stephanie: I wanted to tell you. I wanted to tell you so much.

Morgan: You'll be glad you waited, Max.

Max: Any word from Cordy?

Morgan: No, but Steph said she'd call the minute she found her.

Max: Good.

Morgan: Okay, come on.

Max: Okay, okay.

Morgan: I know it's early.

Max: Morgan, you shouldn't have done this.

Morgan: Why, have you been a bad boy?

Max: I have my moments.

Morgan: Well, I'm sorry I missed them, but I promise I won't tell Santa. Okay, open it!

Max: Okay, okay. [Laughs] "Sorry we never raced against each other, Max. You were one of the best." He signed it. How did you --

Morgan: Get him to sign it?

Max: Yeah.

Morgan: I have my ways.

Max: Yeah, you do. Oh, man. You're really something. You know that?

Morgan: I'm glad you noticed.

Nick: What do you mean Ford is missing?

Chelsea: That's what the meeting was about. My mom came over to tell us that he's been gone for a couple days, and nobody's seen him.

Nick: So, what, you think he skipped town?

Chelsea: Well, his dad doesn't even know where he is.

Nick: Chelsea, is something else going on here?

Chelsea: No, it's just weird. Don't you think? I mean, the last time anybody saw him was when he was leaving here.

Nick: Here?

Chelsea: Yeah. He came over last week late at night. He kept pounding on the door.

Nick: And you let him in?

Chelsea: Well, he wouldn't stop. He was waking everybody up. He kept saying that he wanted to apologize, so, yeah, we finally let him in.

Nick: And Ford apologized?

Chelsea: Kind of. He was really drunk. He wasn't really making a lot of sense. He pretty much passed out after he got here, so we let him sleep it off on the sofa.

Nick: Are you guys crazy? Chelsea

Chelsea: We all took turns keeping an eye on him. And he couldn't even do anything if he wanted to in the condition that he was in. He left first thing in the morning. [Carmen screams] What was that?

Kayla: Come on.

Steve: Oh. You got it all set up. You don't waste any time, do you, baby?

Kayla: Well, here we are at home. I bet our bed is a lot more comfortable than the backseat of our car, even though that was awfully fun.

Steve: Yes, it was. We sure steamed up those windows, didn't we?

Kayla: Till Hope surprised us.

Steve: I think we surprised her more.

Kayla: So... here we are.

Steve: Remember, there's always adoption.

Kayla: I'm not forgetting. I picked up all the forms. You wouldn't believe all the paperwork there is. But we did toast on having a baby, no matter how it comes.

Steve: I think we should fill out the forms.

Kayla: What is wrong with you?

Steve: Nothing.

Kayla: Are you sure? Come on.

Steve: I just... pregnancy can be risky.

Kayla: But it's not for so many women. Now, don't worry.

Sami: Mom?

Marlena: Hmm. Without him here, it won't seem like Christmas. Are you sure Will can't come?

Sami: It's not that he can't come. It's that he doesn't want to. He wants to stay with Carrie and Austin. And when I call him, he won't even talk to me.

Marlena: He's still angry.

Sami: He has a reason to be.

Marlena: He doesn't understand.

Sami: Nobody does -- Lucas, Will.

Marlena: Me too?

Sami: I married E.J. to stop the killing, and it worked. But if I had known that it was gonna drive everyone I love to show up at the wedding with a gun --

Marlena: You would have, what, come to your senses?

Sami: No. I would have eloped because I did what I had to do.

Marlena: Maybe Lucas did, too. Do you think he shot E.J.? You didn't answer me before.

Sami: I don't know, Mom. If somebody told me a couple months ago that my mom would show up at my wedding prepared to shoot the groom, I would have said they were crazy.

Marlena: Love makes people do crazy things.

Sami: So does hate. And I can't think of anyone who hates E.J. more than Lucas. Can you?

Sami: Lucas told me he was home all night with the twins. But then Uncle Bo finds out that he hired an agency to come in and watch them so that he could go to the church.

Marlena: He swore to you he didn't do it.

Sami: He's not the first one.

Marlena: There were two other shots fired, Sami, one of them by Kate.

Sami: Which means the other one had to be Lucas.

Marlena: All you know is that he was there.

Sami: He had a gun, Mom, and now the police have that gun. And if they prove that the bullet that hit E.J. came from that gun, then Lucas is gonna go to jail. And it's my fault because I drove him to it. I mean, if I hadn't --

Marlena: If you hadn't what?

Sami: Betrayed him. 'Cause that's what I did.

Marlena: You mean, betrayed him by thinking that he was capable of shooting E.J.?

Sami: No. By leading E.J. to believe that I'm falling in love with him.

Carmen: All right, who did it? Who used all the hot water? I'll kill them.

Chelsea: Carmen, we thought someone was killing you.

Carmen: My shower went ice-cold.

Morgan: Nobody's using the hot water.

Nick: It's probably just the water heater.

Chelsea: Our what?

Nick: The water heater in the basement.

Chelsea: Right. That hot-water heater.

Nick: I can go check it out.

Chelsea: No. No, don't.

Nick: Why not?

Chelsea: Because, uh, Max will do it.

Max: Yeah, I'll take a look at it.

Nick: You guys, I think I know my way around a water heater.

Stephanie: I saw Max was falling for Morgan, so I thought, "I'll show him." And Ford was cute. So when he asked me to go back to his room, I said to myself, "no big deal."

Cordy: Then he spiked your drink.

Stephanie: [Sniffles] [Crying] Next thing I knew I was feeling like I was sick... like a part of me was gone. I couldn't focus. I couldn't stop him. And then I realized he's the one who spiked it. It's Ford. This time it's me. All the warnings on campus, the other girls, and now it's me. I tried. I swear I did. I said "no." I said "stop." But he wouldn't. I couldn't speak. I saw his face. [Sobbing]

I felt -- oh, God! [Sobbing]

Cordy: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. You must have passed out that night, right?

Stephanie: I wish I had. I wish I couldn't see all of it happening. And I still do, just like you said how it felt, how it still feels. The look on his face when he did it -- he never once took his eyes off of me. He just stared and stared.

Cordy: That smirk on his face.

Stephanie: I'll never be able to forget it. Never.

Cordy: Why didn't you tell me? After all these weeks, you were saying, "Cordy, be strong." Why?

Stephanie: Because I was scared, that's why. Everything -- Cordy, my whole life is a fake. I'm a total imposter and hypocrite! [Crying]

Stephanie: What was I thinking? How could I go home alone with a guy I didn't even know?

Cordy: Steph, everyone knew who Ford Decker was. It wasn't like he was some random guy you picked up at a bar.

Stephanie: I told my dad once if I was a daredevil, it was because of him. And I loved it -- taking chances, pushing the limits whenever I could. "Safe is boring," I told him.

Cordy: I've always played it safe.

Stephanie: Not me. I wanted to live right on the edge. Danger made me feel alive. But you know what? That's not who I am anymore. Now I'm always scared.

Cordy: Ford did that. He did that to both of us.

Stephanie: I keep thinking if I was so strong and so brave, I would have backed you up. I would have stepped up and pressed charges.

Cordy: No one believes you, Steph.

Stephanie: I do. After telling you that you had to step up, I turned my back. I'm so sorry, Cordy, you had to face this all alone.

Cordy: You had to face this alone, too.

Stephanie: Don't make excuses for me, and don't forgive me. I don't deserve to be forgiven.

Cordy: I'm so glad you told me. I don't feel so desperate now. I finally have a friend who understands.

Stephanie: You have a friend who's a coward.

Cordy: No. Steph, I forgive you. You have to do something for me. You have to forgive yourself.

Nick: I'll go check it out.

Max: I got it. I got it.

Nick: You guys, seriously, what is the deal?

Max: It's that time of year, Nick -- season for hidden surprises and boxes with big bows.

Chelsea: Yeah, so don't go down there, okay?

Nick: Are you telling me my Christmas present is in the basement?

Chelsea: Yes. And don't ask me what it is because I'm not gonna tell you. Besides, we have other things to do that don't involve peeking.

Max: All right, I'll check out the basement. Don't worry.

Nick: I'm glad you told me about Ford being missing.

Chelsea: It's weird, huh?

Nick: He's probably kicking back somewhere. I'll bet he'll pop up when you least expect it. Wow.

Chelsea: Yeah. I'm sorry again that I ruined our night at Chez Rouge.

Nick: It's all right. We'll, uh, do it again some other time.

Chelsea: How about now?

Nick: Now. You mean, like...

Chelsea: I mean like right now right here right now.

Marlena: You told E.J. that you love him?

Sami: No, no, I didn't say that. I didn't go that far. I just let him think that I have feelings for him. And he assumed the rest.

Marlena: Why?

Sami: Because he was giving up on life. And if he died, everything would have started up again.

Marlena: Let me guess. Stefano threatened you.

Sami: Same threats. He threatened all of us.

Marlena: So you told E.J. that you love him, and he believes you.

Sami: It's what he wants to believe.

Marlena: I can see why Lucas is concerned about your feelings for E.J.

Sami: He knows in his heart that I love him, that it's just an act with E.J.

Marlena: You told two men you love them both and told both men you don't love the other one. How are they meant to trust your feelings at all?

Sami: Lucas should trust me because he knows me and he's known me for years. And he knows that I really love him.

Marlena: Sami, I'm sorry, but you know what? After all the time you've been with Lucas and all you have put him through, I can see why he doubts you.

Sami: Well, I guess that's fair. So what do I do?

Marlena: You fight back.

Sami: I don't have a choice.

Marlena: You don't play the game with them, Sami, because if you do, you will lose.

Sami: They murdered John.

Marlena: I get that. It's time they got it now and to make sure that my husband, my darling, did not die in vain.

Kayla: And then you have another baby to love and raise. Ha ha!

Steve: Okay, I get it. You're telling me that most women end up being fine.

Kayla: And so do their babies. I was worried, too. That's why I did all this research.

Steve: Things could still go wrong.

Kayla: I was without you for 16 years. I'm not going anywhere.

Steve: You better not.

Kayla: If I thought there was a serious risk, I wouldn't do it.

Steve: But you still could be at risk.

Kayla: Well, every woman who has a baby could be because a baby is complicated. Things can go wrong. Look, if it's not safe, I won't do it, all right?

Steve: Who's gonna give you that guarantee?

Kayla: Listen, I will have a physical. I will have every test in the book. I will see an internist and an ob-gyn. And if they all say I'm fine, will you stop worrying?

Steve: Okay, but if one of those doctors drags their feet, you'll let it go?

Kayla: It's a deal. Shake?

Steve: I don't want to shake on it, baby.

Kayla: Come on.

Steve: Let's kiss on it instead.

Kayla: [Laughs] I love you.

Max: [Exhales] [Clears throat] So, that water heater's on its last leg. You guys might want to think about getting another one. But for now, it's an easy fix. It was just the pilot light.

Morgan: Wonderful. And guess what? There's more, Max.

Max: More? Like more to fix or more wonderful?

Morgan: Carmen went next door to finish her shower.

Max: Did she? That's a fraternity, isn't it?

Morgan: Yeah, I don't think the boys are gonna mind.

Max: I think you're probably right about that.

Morgan: So, our hot water will be back on soon?

Max: Yeah, it shouldn't be too long.

Morgan: Good, 'cause we're gonna need it.

Max: We?

Morgan: Mm-hmm. We are gonna take a nice, hot bubble bath.

Max: Bubble?

Morgan: Mm-hmm. Bubble bath. Just you and me and some nice, warm, soapy fun.

Max: Mmm. I--

Stephanie: Chelsea's not answering. Neither is Morgan. I tried calling Carmen, but no luck. But I left voice mails saying that I found you and everything's okay. You are okay, aren't you?

Cordy: Yeah.

Stephanie: What?

Cordy: I just never thought I'd be the victim of a rapist. It's not what I want to be -- a victim.

Stephanie: At least you had the guts to say something.

Cordy: I had to. I couldn't hide it. And when Ford fell down the stairs, I started feeling like it would never end.

Stephanie: It helps, you know, talking to you about this.

Cordy: You're wrong, you know. You're incredibly brave. You took Ford's body, put it in the basement, got rid of it somehow. I could never have done that.

Stephanie: It was horrible, wasn't it? You ran right up to Ford and spit in his face. I call that being brave.

Cordy: I hope it stays with me. There's something I need to do, and I'm scared.

Stephanie: I'll help. Whatever it is.

Cordy: Really?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Cordy: Will you go to therapy with me?

Sami: You can't take on the DiMeras, Mom. That is crazy.

Marlena: Then I'm crazy. I can live with that. But it's either fight or fold. And I am tired of folding. And if you really love Lucas, you need to get this marriage annulled right now.

Sami: Mom, I can't just walk away now. I'm putting a huge target on my back if I do, and the backs of my children. I'm not trying to be a hero here, but, Mom, I don't have a choice.

Marlena: Okay. You've done what you can. Now move on. If you don't, you'll be sacrificing your life. Sami, you take care of your husband. You take care of your children and your family. We'll take care of the rest.

Max: [Exhales] Morgan, um... you're beautiful, you're smart, and you're amazing.

Morgan: Amazing.

Max: Yeah.

Morgan: I know what that means.

Morgan: We're not going anywhere, are we, Max?

Max: I really like you.

Morgan: I just thought we'd have some holiday fun. That's all.

Max: I'm so gonna regret this.

Morgan: Darling, you are definitely gonna regret this.

Max: So...

Morgan: So... Merry Christmas, Max.

Max: Yeah. Merry Christmas. Oh, hey.

Carmen: Hi.

Max: So, how was your shower?

Carmen: Long and hot. Got a voice message from Steph. She found Cordy at Chez Rouge.

Max: Chez Rouge? Okay, thank you.

Kayla: I wonder how Stephanie will react when she finds out about my pregnancy.

Steve: Oh, now, wait a minute.

Kayla: I'm just imagining.

Steve: Yeah, but if you tell Stephanie that we're trying to get pregnant, she'll be imagining you and'll gross her out.

Kayla: Well, it's Christmastime. Maybe we'll just tell her it's a miracle.

Steve: Remember when we had the Pocket Man here and Stephanie walked in, and she found out that he would be staying and how she wasn't happy about that?

Kayla: She was a little jealous at first.

Steve: A little? [Sighs] The two of us missed out on so much.

Kayla: She knows you love her.

Steve: Have you noticed lately that something's bugging her, something she won't talk about? At least not with me, anyway.

Kayla: She didn't say anything to me.

Steve: Well, what do you think it could be? Because I'm telling you there's definitely something bothering her.

Stephanie: Therapy? I don't think so. It's not for me, Cordy.

Cordy: That's what I thought. Then look at me. I fell apart. I know I have to tell somebody, somebody who will keep it confidential.

Stephanie: Talking about it with you really helps.

Cordy: I'm no therapist.

Stephanie: I just can't.

Cordy: Okay, what about your parents?

Stephanie: Please, if my dad ever found out -- I cannot tell him.

Cordy: What about your mom?

Stephanie: I told you. She's been through this herself. It's her worst nightmare. I can't tell her. I can't do that to her.

Cordy: I still think you should. My parents have been great, except they seem to think it's their fault somehow. That's hard to take.

Stephanie: And you want me to tell mine?

Cordy: Because if you don't, it just gets bigger and bigger. And then you break. You saved my life tonight. Let me save yours.

Marlena: Think about what I said.

Sami: Ending my marriage to E.J. is all I think about.

Marlena: Do more than think. It's time to act. Either we fight back and end this thing now or it never ends. You know I'm right.

Sami: You always are.

Marlena: I'll see you later.

Sami: Hey, Mom, you're gonna be at Mrs. Horton's for Christmas, right?

Marlena: I haven't decided, sweetie.

Sami: John wouldn't want you to be alone. It's still Christmas, and you need your family. And we need you.

Marlena: I'll let you know.

[Door opens]

Nick: Oh, hey. Morgan, is, uh, is Max here?

Morgan: Sorry, no.

Nick: Did Stephanie call?

Morgan: She might have. Why does that matter?

Nick: I don't really know what they were talking about.

Morgan: Is Max looking to get back together with Stephanie?

Nick: I...

Chelsea: Nick, where are you? What's taking so long?

Nick: Um, I should probably go back. Do you, um...

Morgan: Merry Christmas.

Nick: Thank you. Um, Merry Christmas. Sorry.

Morgan: Here's to love.

Nick: Sorry I took so long.

Chelsea: Where were you?

Nick: I was talking to Morgan. She gave us some wine. I think she might have gotten dumped, though.

Chelsea: Hit-and-run Max strikes again.

Nick: Yeah. I think he may have gone to chase after Stephanie. I don't know. You okay?

Chelsea: Yeah. My feet are just cold. Get in here and warm me up.

Nick: You, uh, you want some wine?

Chelsea: No. I don't need wine. I need you.

Nick: Mmm. Okay. I, uh -- I don't know what you got hiding in that basement for me, but whatever it is, I doubt it could top this.

Kayla: She'll come to us if she needs us. When she thought she was pregnant, she came right here.

Steve: She did. That's why I think she'll be okay if I talk to her. I'm gonna call her and see if she wants to have lunch.

Kayla: Steve, I-I --

Steve: Listen. I'll be cool. I'll just talk to her. I'll just feel her up.

Kayla: Well, don't push so hard. She doesn't need us like she used to.

Steve: Baby, she needs us more than she thinks she does. I'm gonna be there for her.

Cordy: I'll never forget this, Steph. I owe you my life.

Stephanie: Right now, I'm not sure who saved who, but I do feel a whole lot better.

Cordy: Me too. Hey, promise me something.

Stephanie: If I can.

Cordy: Promise you'll tell someone close to you what happened. It's too big. Believe me. You have to tell someone you can trust.

Marlena: When I left Belle's wedding, I went straight to Stefano. I told him one day I was gonna kill him.

Philip: What if Ms. Roberts could offer something in return for the D.A.'s leniency?

Man: Such as?

Philip: Stefano DiMera.

Stefano: I want you and your army to make sure this enemy disappears.

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