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Chloe: Hey. You're still here?

Philip: Not for long.

Chloe: Long enough to buy a girl a drink, talk about her high-school days?

Philip: I'd just as soon forget about high school.

Chloe: What, no memorable moments of you and me together?

Philip: Not really.

Chloe: Why don't you just buy me a drink?

Kate: My son might go to jail for 99 years or more? What did Philip ever do to deserve that?

Bo: We're talking about Lucas, and you know it.

Kate: No, I don't know that, but I do know I'm expecting an important call about that business deal.

Bo: I thought the SEC had you all tied up in red tape.

Kate: Well, no, it's an agreement to have an agreement, so when Mythic is back in business, I'll be all prepared. [Cellphone ringing]

Hope: I'm gonna check on Ciara. Excuse me. Hello. Have a seat.

Bo: Thank you. Hey, you don't mind, do you? It's been a long day. Here's the thing. Lucas is hiding a gun that was involved in criminal activity.

Kate: Lucas with a gun? No. I don't think so. He's a very responsible parent.

Bo: I'd like to know where it is.

Kate: Why don't you look in the evidence room?

Bo: Interesting how you bring that up 'cause I do have evidence that he bought two guns -- the Walter PPK that you were packing in the church and another. A littler birdie told me it was a Glock.

Kate: Well, you see, I don't have a detective badge, detective, so I guess you're just gonna have to look for it all by yourself.

Bo: But you do have a son who you want to keep out of prison. So why don't you tell me where it is?

Kate: You know, I'm getting kind of sick of the conspiracy theories. I think you need to find a grassy knoll 'cause I don't know anything about a second gun.

Bo: Lucas lied when he said he was at home when Junior was shot. He lied when he said he didn't have a gun. Now he's running around town, chasing down a package. I bet my motorcycle the gun that shot E.J. is inside that package.

Sami: Lucas, I'm telling you that nobody delivered anything.

Lucas: They said it was here. They said they have a signature, so where the hell is it?

Sami: I don't know.

Lucas: The Airmove Express package.

Sami: You went to go pick it up.

Lucas: I know I did. It wasn't there. They said they delivered it here.

Sami: Well, they didn't, not while I was here.

Lucas: You're joking. You're giving me grief. I told you I need that package. Please tell me it's here.

Sami: No one delivered anything. Lucas, you have to calm down.

Lucas: Sami, I need it. I need that package, damn it. Where is it?

Sami: Lucas. [Door slams]

E.J.: Hmm. Two birds. One package. Not bad for a night's work.

Philip: You know what? I'm going home.

Chloe: That big, old, empty mansion? What's there?

Philip: Sleep. I got a big day tomorrow.

Chloe: You're mad at me about tonight.

Philip: High school is over, Chloe. Fun and games have consequences.

Chloe: Says the guy going after his ex-best friend's wife.

Philip: You've been back in Salem for, what, five minutes? You know nothing about me.

Chloe: I know that after all these years, you still have a thing for Belle Black.

Philip: It's Belle Brady now. She's married.

Chloe: So forget her. Maybe you should change your focus.

Kate: I would love to help the Salem P.D. I would. But I don't have a clue about any package.

Bo: Let me remind you. About a half-hour ago, Lucas showed up at an Airmove Express office empty-handed. There to pick up something, I assume. A few minutes later, he came out, also empty-handed.

Kate: Stop the presses. Breaking story. A man exits a shipping office empty-handed.

Bo: He jumped in his car, came here, and met you.

Kate: For your information, Lucas and I ran into each other here.

Bo: You just happened to give him your car keys. He made an exit out the back door, trying to lose the cop that's on his tail.

Kate: Are you having my son followed, Bo?

Bo: Let's not go down that road. You'll just dig yourself a deeper hole.

Kate: Now, if I'm not mistaken, this questioning is informal, right?

Bo: We could always dress it up, take it downtown, if you like. You have already been arrested for attempted murder. You know what? Maybe you can work out a plea bargain with the D.A.

Kate: Oh, and use my son as a bargaining chip? How do you sleep at night?

Bo: Let's get back to the package. Lucas did not run home to change the babies' diapers.

Kate: Is there a question there? 'Cause...

Bo: What's in the package, and why is your son so desperate to get his hands on it?

Kate: [Sighs] Sorry, Bo, can't help you. But what I can do is ask Lucas that question next time I speak to him.

Bo: Now would be good.

Sami: What are you looking for?

Lucas: What have we been talking about?

Sami: Don't snap at me. I'm trying to help you. I'm telling you it's not here.

Lucas: Airmove said they delivered it.

Sami: Well, they didn't. Maybe it's some sort of mix-up. Maybe they delivered it to the wrong address.

Lucas: They said I signed for it.

Sami: Maybe they're just saying that to cover their butts. Maybe it's lost.

Lucas: It is not lost, okay? It's not.

Sami: Look, packages get mixed up all the time. With some luck, we'll find it.

Lucas: I need it now. I need to find it now.

Sami: Lucas. I need you to be honest with me. Tell me what is going on right now because you are making that package seem like it is a matter of life and death.

E.J.: So, sender -- Lucas Horton. Recipient -- Lucas Horton. [Imitating Sean Connery] Good job, 007. No doubt you'll be knighted for this. Now, to get you open. [Normal voice] Scissors.

[Knock on door]

E.J.: Who is it?

Delivery Guy: Airmove.

E.J.: [American accent] Just a minute. Coming. [Grunts] [Straining] Coming. Hey.

Delivery Guy: Excuse me, sir. That package you signed for, it was meant for somebody else.

E.J.: Oh, for my neighbor across the hallway. Don't worry. I gave it to him.

Delivery Guy: You said you were Mr. Horton.

E.J.: I was just trying to save him the trouble of going down to your main office.

Delivery Guy: He was just down there, and he wasn't happy.

E.J.: Yeah, I guess he stopped there on the way back from work, but he was really relieved to see that I had the package. I gave it to him, and it's all fine.

Delivery Guy: I'll check with Mr. Horton.

E.J.: You might not want to do that, honestly. He's a pretty big guy, and he's pretty angry with you for letting me sign for that package, so, you know, I guess that's what you and I get for doing the guy a favor, right? Anyway, I think he went out for dinner with his ex-wife. Wonderful. Have a nice evening. [Grunts] [Laughs] [Normal voice] Oh, you little beauty.


Chloe: Philip, you and I have always shared a special connection.

Philip: That was back in high school.

Chloe: Right. You've moved on.

Philip: As a matter of fact, I have.

Chloe: Maybe it's time to go back to the future.

Philip: With you?

Chloe: Could be fun.

Philip: I'm not really interested in taking a trip down memory lane.

Chloe: Are you saying that tonight's reunion didn't bring back some memories?

Philip: You saw Jason and Cynthia. Would you really want to be stuck in a time warp like them?

Chloe: Even if Belle did leave Shawn, nowhere is it written that she'd go running back to you. Listen, do you mind some advice from an old friend?

Philip: That needs some fortification.

Chloe: Forget the fantasy and see what's in front of you.

Hope: Chloe, hi. I heard you were back in town.

Chloe: Great to see you.

Hope: Good to see you. Is Brady with you?

Chloe: He had some business to take care of in Europe.

Hope: You've got to come over to the house and meet our new daughter. Her name's Ciara.

Chloe: I'd love to.

Hope: Perfect. I'll call you. In the meantime, would you mind excusing Philip and me? I'd like to have a word alone with him.

Chloe: No problem.

Hope: Thank you.

Philip: What can I do for you, Hope?

Hope: You can leave Shawn alone.

Kate: Looks like Lucas isn't available.

Bo: And you look relieved.

Roman: Bo.

Bo: Enjoy it while it lasts. Tell me you got good news.

Roman: We checked back with the delivery company. Their guy says he delivered a package to Lucas Horton. Our guy says no such delivery.

Bo: Well, that's clear as mud. Maybe the delivery guy left it at Lucas' door and took off.

Roman: No, signature's required, otherwise the package goes back to the main office.

Bo: And Lucas already checked the main office. Came up empty. Maybe he picked it up and then turned around and sent it off again.

Roman: I don't think so. Lucas seemed pretty frantic when he left.

Bo: Yeah, he did. What now?

Roman: Well, keep after Kate. She knows plenty, if we can just get her talking. I'll hit Airmove Express, talk with their delivery guy.

Bo: Follow that trail. Get a time, date, and signature. Maybe it'll lead us to our shooter.

E.J.: Look at you, my little beauty. All right.

[Knock on door]

E.J.: I'M...coming. One minute. Yes.

Sandy: Mr. DiMera.

E.J.: Yes.

Sandy: Sandy Colter. Your physical therapist.

E.J.: Oh, right. Sorry. I completely forgot. Look, I'm a little bit tired at the moment.

Sandy: It's the inactivity. I'll get your motor racing.

E.J.: Uh, well...

Sandy: I can't imagine anything beats learning to walk again.

E.J.: You know, I-- it's been a long day. I'm extremely busy.

Sandy: First time, huh? Little nervous? Don't worry. I'm not gonna hurt you. By the time we're finished, you'll feel like a new man. Where do you want me to set up?

E.J.: Anywhere.

Sandy: I took a look at your x-rays. You are a lucky guy.

E.J.: Don't I know it.

Sami: Would you please stop for a second and answer my question?

Lucas: I just need it, okay? I need the package.

Sami: Unless Johnny or Allie signed for it, it's not here.

Lucas: That doesn't make any sense. Who would sign for it?

Sami: Whoever it was will realize their mistake and call the company.

Lucas: Who would make a mistake like that?

Sami: I don't know. People do. Come on, Lucas. You got to be able to get other copies of the papers, right?

Lucas: No, I can't, all right? This is important. I need to close this deal. And if I don't, I'm up a creak.

Sami: What kind of deal are you working on anyway? Are you working with Mythic again?

Lucas: No, I'm not working with Mythic again. This is for us, okay? This is for our future. It's an investment.

Sami: Well, nothing is worth you being this stressed out, honey.

Lucas: Believe me, this is worth it.

Sami: I wish I could help you. I'll keep looking if you want. I'm telling you it's not here. I've got to take this back.

Lucas: The stuff E.J. brought over for the twins?

Sami: Yeah. I'm returning it.

Lucas: Get it out of here. Fine by me.

Sami: Lucas, please, this is not worth you having a meltdown, okay? You got to just relax. Calm down. We'll find the papers or we'll be able to get you copies made, okay?

Lucas: Yeah, you're right. You're right. I'm not gonna worry about it. I'm not gonna stress. I'll stay and read the paper or something. Do what you got to do.

Philip: Does Shawn know you're protecting him from the big, bad bully?

Hope: Philip, you and Shawn used to be as close as brothers.

Philip: Things don't always stay the same. Listen, Hope, I haven't forgotten that you and Bo and Shawn were like my second family -- Shawn and me skateboarding down Middle Avenue, those barbecues in the backyard, shooting hoops in the backyard. Those were good times.

Hope: Don't you miss those times?

Philip: Sure I do, but we were kids then.

Hope: You were best friends. You were inseparable.

Philip: We grew up.

Hope: That doesn't mean that you have to grow apart.

Philip: Did Shawn tell you about the reunion?

Hope: He mentioned it.

Philip: He and Belle were crowned king and queen. I was tagged as a war hero.

Hope: We're all very proud of what you did.

Philip: I am, too. Damn proud. But when I came marching home, I was a changed man.

Hope: Not so different, not really. You and Shawn are still hardheaded, stubborn, still both standing your ground, butting heads. You know why? Because that old connection is still there, and that is why you two were so close for so many years.

Philip: Yeah, and then we fell in love with the same woman.

Hope: She's made her choice. She's committed to Shawn. And you may not like that. But if you truly care about her as much as you say you do, then you will leave them alone.

Roman: You know what? I keep thinking.

Bo: Roman, I'm sorry, but will you do me a favor?

Roman: Sure.

Bo: Keep an eye on Kate for me.

Roman: Oh, come on, Bo. Kate and me?

Bo: What, a little too close for comfort?

Roman: Well, we're not exactly friendly these days, especially since she implicated Marlena in E.J.'s shooting.

Bo: Okay, fine. We'll cut her loose, suspend the investigation until you get straight with your exes.

Roman: All right, wise guy. But if I give you the high sign, you get your butt over there right away and bail me out.

Bo: That's what brothers are for.

Roman: Yeah, well, they better be. Katie, what's new?

Kate: Go to hell, Roman.

Sandy: All right, Mr. DiMera. Once again, I want you to take a deep breath. And on the exhale, resist my hand as hard as you can. And push. Harder.

E.J.: Yep, that's about as much as I got right now. Thank you.

Sandy: Best you can do, huh? Let's make this one count. On a three count. One, two. Push.

E.J.: There we go. Okay, you can hardly call me a slacker, can you?

Sandy: You know, for a man with your kind of spinal injury, your legs are pretty strong.

E.J.: Yeah. Mm-hmm. I'm gonna be up and running in a marathon soon.

Sandy: Have you tried to walk yet?

E.J.: I was just warming up in the living room, doing laps earlier.

Sandy: Come on. Sit up. I'll support you.

E.J.: No, I really don't think this is a good idea.

Sandy: I know. I know. It's scary. I won't let you fall.

Sami: Ugh! What, did you think I wasn't gonna find out that you've been eavesdropping on me?

Chloe: Can I have another, please?

Philip: Let's get one thing straight. I'm not the one making Belle miserable.

Hope: You didn't see Belle the night before her wedding?

Philip: Only to wish her well.

Hope: Hoping to seduce her away from Shawn?

Philip: Shawn is his own worst enemy. His jealousy's out of control.

Hope: You've given him plenty of reason to be jealous.

Philip: Belle and I go way back, too. We were married. We're still bonded over Claire.

Hope: Claire is Shawn's daughter.

Philip: I raised her.

Hope: And you did a great job. Philip, it's time to move on.

Philip: It's not my fault or Belle's that Shawn can't deal with her being close to another man.

Hope: Close? We both know it's more than close. You're too close.

Philip: Not for me.

Hope: Oh, my God. Are you not the least bit ashamed?

Philip: Frankly, no. And I don't care who knows. You want to dump it on Shawn, you have my permission. Full disclosure. You can't do that, can you? Because you know what will happen.

Hope: Don't count on it.

Philip: Too much fallout, right? Trashing your son's marriage, not to mention what it will do to Shawn himself. You had a chance to tell Shawn before the wedding, but you didn't. Why is that? Because he may wind up hating me and divorcing Belle, but you he'll never forgive.

Hope: He's a lot more forgiving than you think. In fact, he may even forgive you, Philip.

Philip: If you say so.

Bo: All right. What did you say? What did he say?

Hope: I was simply trying to remind him of how close he and Shawn used to be.

Bo: I'm sure he wasn't touched.

Hope: I can't get over how cold and cynical he's become. You know what I've come to realize? He's gonna make trouble. And Belle's terrified.

Bo: Secrets and lies -- never a good thing in a marriage.

Roman: Well, I thought that I would brighten up your day, maybe even light up your Christmas tree, let you know that Marlena was charged and arraigned for attempted murder.

Kate: What, is she awaiting trial at Salem Springs Spa?

Roman: She got bail, just like you. And she took a leave of absence from the hospital.

Kate: Oh, hiding from the press.

Roman: No. No. She didn't want her arrest to damage the hospital's reputation.

Kate: I see. So, she has house arrest. That must be nice.

Roman: Katie, what's your problem? I mean, the fact that she might lose her job after losing her husband, isn't that enough for you?

Kate: I hardly need a lecture on loss, Roman.

Roman: You know, um, there was a time that you had a heart. This side of you is not real attractive.

Kate: Maybe it's my exposure to justice Brady-style, where friends and family go once through the revolving door and then they're free.

Roman: Katie, what do you want from me?

Kate: I want you to treat me the same way you treat Marlena.

Sami: You unbelievable bastard.

E.J.: Uh, Sandy, permit me to introduce my wife, Samantha.

Sandy: Newlyweds?

E.J.: Uh, yes. Those terms of endearment have given us away, I think, darling.

Sandy: I'm Mr. DiMera's physical therapist. We were just about to get him on his feet and see if he can manage a few steps.

Sami: What, you can walk?

E.J.: Well, Sandy's a little overenthusiastic. My legs are still useless.

Sandy: Won't know until you try.

E.J.: Okay, but I don't want to overdo it, so let's not start tonight, eh?

Sandy: Don't be a baby. You haven't even popped a sweat.

E.J.: Another night, really. Thank you.

Sandy: Fine. I'll help you into your chair.

E.J.: [Grunts] Thank you.

Sandy: I'll go get a cup of coffee. I'll be back for my table shortly.

E.J.: I can't wait. Hello, darling.

Sami: What's this about you walking?

E.J.: Good news. Sandy thinks there's a small chance I may be able to regain some movement in my legs.

Sami: What do you think?

E.J.: Honestly, I-I almost felt a little something when we were doing the therapy, but part of me thinks I was just feeding off her optimism. By the way, where were you? I thought you were gonna come here and cheer me on.

Sami: I'm not exactly in the mood to be a cheerleader, E.J., especially not after finding this.

E.J.: What are you talking about? Your old one was on the fritz, so I bought you a new set.

Sami: It isn't a set, E.J. It's half of a set. It isn't even in the box still. And I remember seeing you working with the other half and saying it was defective.

E.J.: Sure, I put one of the batteries in the wrong way around, so I switched it.

Sami: Where's the other one?

E.J.: I'm assuming it's in your apartment where I left it.

Sami: It's here, and I'm going to tear this place apart till I find it.

Guy: Here you go.

Philip: It's about time.

Bo: Belle's gonna see that he's only interested in his needs. He doesn't give a damn about her or her family.

Hope: He is so smooth. I wonder if she'll ever see past that.

Bo: Has Marlena got a chance to talk to Belle?

Hope: I haven't been able to reach her since...she got arrested.

Bo: It's been a rough month for her.

Hope: You can say that again. At least we know she didn't shoot Elvis, though.

Bo: Yeah.

Kate: You would use any excuse in the world to protect Marlena, to cover for her, to lie for her.

Roman: She broke the law. I take that seriously.

Kate: Yeah. You also appointed yourself her personal police escort.

Roman: All right. Doc and I have a history. So I do have a soft spot for her. I don't deny that. But I also have a soft spot for you. You know what the difference is?

Kate: Do tell.

Roman: You make it damn near impossible to feel sorry for you.

Kate: That's because I don't let anyone push me around.

Roman: No. Because Kate always puts Kate first. "What's in it for me?" That's your mantra.

Kate: Huh. So, what was in it for me shooting E.J.?

Roman: I don't know, Kate. You tell me. You sure threatened him earlier in the day. Or maybe you just took a pot shot at Sami so you would have Lucas all to yourself.

Kate: I'm very disappointed to hear that you think that.

Roman: Well, unfortunately, I know what you're capable of.

Kate: [Chuckles] Okay. Okay. Same setting. Same church. Marlena is all dressed in black, and she takes a shot. How is that different from me?

Roman: Marlena was lost in grief over John, and she saw her daughter about to marry into the DiMera family, her family's worst enemy.

Kate: [Laughs] I see. So, Marlena is getting revenge for John. She's ridding Salem of vermin while I'm a heartless assassin working my own angle. Is that it?

Roman: You didn't hear me say that.

Kate: You know, there was a time that you were a lot more forgiving of my faults. You softened my sharp edges when we were together. And then after, late at night when you would come knocking at my door... maybe you need to remember just how sweet that was.

E.J.: Samantha, I have no idea where the other monitor is. I thought I put them both in the bag. Are you sure they're not there?

Sami: I checked the bag, E.J.

E.J.: Okay, well, they were both in there when I took it over. Have you spoken to Lucas? Maybe he knows where it is.

Sami: I am not gonna bother Lucas. He has more on his mind than baby monitors.

E.J.: Is everything okay? Hey, you okay?

Sami: I'll be more okay when you tell me where the receiver is. Otherwise, I'm planning on starting to redecorate right now. Well, then, you asked for it.

E.J.: Samantha, would you please stop throwing -- hey, it's gonna take me a long time to put that back.

Sami: I hope so! Now move! Mo-- [Laughs] No, you didn't. [Chuckles] Right where you left it.

E.J.: You found it? Good. Is it turned off? Yes. Thank you.

Sami: Spare me. I know you were listening in.

E.J.: Samantha, I can assure you I was not. Well, I may have lost the battle, darling, but with this little beauty, I'm gonna win the war. Bloody mess! Women! God. [Sighs] Okay. What have you got for me, eh?

Chloe: What did Hope want?

Philip: Oh, to reminisce.

Chloe: Did Shawn and Belle's marriage survive the reunion?

Philip: Hope didn't bring me up to date on Belle's marital status. You'll have to nose that one out for yourself.

Chloe: They did seem pretty happy when they left, but it could have been a cover.

Philip: Shawn has always looked out for you. Why would you want him to be unhappy, or Belle?

Chloe: I don't want Shawn to be unhappy, or Belle, either. I just thought that Shawn should know the truth.

Philip: As you saw it.

Chloe: Can we talk about something else? Great.

Hope: I'm gonna try to reach Marlena again.

Bo: Sounds like she doesn't want to be reached.

Hope: Last thing she needs right now is to be alone.

Bo: Yeah, that's true. Maybe you'll find out if she's talked to Belle. Good luck.

Hope: Oh, thank you. I'll see you later. See you at home. Hey, Roman.

Roman: Hey, Hope. Remind me.

Bo: Of what?

Roman: Why we call them the fair sex.

Bo: She giving you hell?

Roman: Every chance she gets.

Bo: Did you get anything out of her?

Roman: Besides attitude, no.

Bo: Maybe you got to call in the a-team. Later.

Kate: Are we done yet?

Bo: Not quite.

Kate: Well, I've answered your questions, and I really do have a very important meeting.

Bo: With Lucas? Gonna play a rousing game of "who's got the gun"?

Kate: Oh, my God. Now we're really getting ridiculous.

Bo: Yeah. So, what's it gonna be, confessions over cocktails or strong-arm down at the station?

Kate: Neither, if I choose, Bo.

Bo: Obstructing justice can land you back in jail.

Kate: We are done here.

Bo: No, we're not. You've already been arrested. I could bring you in for questioning anytime I want. And if you don't cooperate, you can be there for a day or three or six. So, why don't you save us both a lot of time and energy? Tell me what's in that damn package.

Kate: I don't know. And you were here. And I called Lucas, and his voicemail picked up. And he didn't call me back. And all I can guess is that he and the twins have gone to bed for the night.

[Cellphone rings]

Bo: You might want to answer that. Could be that big business deal you're working on.

Kate: Hello.

Lucas: It's me.

Kate: Uh, well, I'm sitting here at Chez Rouge. I'm still here. And Bo's here with me, and he's wondering what's inside that package that you're waiting for.

Lucas: He knows all about it. What the hell did you tell him, huh?

Kate: What could I say? Because I hadn't heard back from you.

Lucas: I don't have it. The express company said they delivered it and somebody signed for it, but it sure as hell wasn't me.

Kate: Hmm. It's all I needed to know. Lucas says "what package"?

Lucas: I am a pretty patient guy, but this is ridiculous. It's totally unacceptable.

Delivery Guy: We sent our driver back to your building. Your neighbor said he took the delivery and gave it to you.

Lucas: What neighbor?

Delivery Guy: He didn't give his name. According to the driver, he initially said he was you, sir.

Lucas: Why don't you check the I.D. next time? You ever think of that? Moron! Idiot! Hey. Hey, I-I didn't hear you come in.

Sami: You want full disclosure, Lucas? Well, I think that cuts both ways.

Lucas: What, you talking about the call?

Sami: Don't even start with me with that ridiculous, phoney investment-paper story. What is inside that package we're looking for? I want to know right now.

Philip: You're a mystery to me, Chloe. You and Belle have been friends forever. You and Shawn, too.

Chloe: That's true.

Philip: So what do you say we go bust up their marriage?

Chloe: Leave it to a man to get it wrong. I don't want Shawn and Belle to split up. I want them to live happily ever after.

Philip: And once they're snug inside their little fairy tale, I'll turn my attention to you?

Chloe: I've already got your attention, soldier. You just don't know it yet.

Philip: You don't waste time playing games.

Chloe: Jamais de la vie. Never.

Philip: Maybe we should have another round.

Chloe: I'm worth a top-shelf vodka martini, wet and dirty.

Philip: You're worth a lot more than that.

Chloe: Hmm. This night keeps getting better and better.

Philip: I haven't made up my mind about anything yet, but I'm willing to see where this goes.

Chloe: Works for me.

Philip: You seem convinced we have this connection. Now's your chance to prove it.

Chloe: Starting now.

Philip: [Chuckles]

Bo: Do you really want obstruction of justice charges added to your jacket? You're trying to protect Lucas here. You're going about it the wrong way.

Kate: Did you browbeat Marlena this way?

Bo: Didn't have to. She volunteered the information. She's got what we call a conscience. Ever hear of it?

Kate: Oh, yeah, that's that little voice that makes you feel so bad when things are going so well.

Bo: You should listen to it every now and then.

Kate: Such a downer.

Bo: Lucas is family. I'm not gunning for him. But he's in one hell of a lot of trouble.

Kate: Okay. I'll give him the message.

Bo: He's hiding something, and you're protecting him. I'm not talking just the gun. There's something else, and I will find out what it is. So it would be better for both of you if you start answering my questions.

Kate: Look, Bo, I appreciate the concern. I really do. But I don't have anything to say.

[Cellphone rings]

Bo: Brady. That's great. Good work. I'll get back to you. You just lost your chance. I've located the package. You'll never guess who's got it.

E.J.: What have we here? [Laughing] Oh, bang, bang, Lucas. Bang, bang.

Stephanie: Cordy, it's Steph. Open up. She'll snap out of it.

Morgan: If she cracks, it's over for all of us.

Sami: I think you are lying to me, and I want you to tell me the truth.

Lucas: It's my gun.

E.J.: Tell me a little more about it.

Stefano: Read these letters. It will tell you everything you need to know.

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