Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 12/7/07 - Canada; Monday 12/10/07 - U.S.A.


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Kayla: Look at that crazy guy. He's a nut bird. Look at him. Okay, let's put our motorboats away. Come on. [Laughs]

Steve: Can you say "party pooper"?

Kayla: Very funny. It's her dinnertime. And I'm sure my mother has made her something, haven't you?

Caroline: You bet I have. It's macaroni and cheese.

Steve: Oh, yummy! Macaroni and cheese? Can I get in on that?

Caroline: Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry. Just the kid's menu.

Steve: Don't you love me anymore, Mama?

Caroline: Yes, I do, but Grandpa Shawn just made one serving for Ciara. And I think we should go back there and get it before it gets cold.

Kayla: Yeah, we don't want it cold, Grandma! [Ciara cries] Here you go, baby.

Caroline: There you go. See that?

Kayla: You want some help?

Caroline: No, no, no. Got it under control. Got it under control.

Kayla: No. You know, I didn't mean just, you know, now, but with Bo and Hope in Cincinnati and you and pop so busy here at the pub, maybe Steve and I could help out. We'd like to do that, wouldn't we?

Steve: Yeah, anytime.

Caroline: It's not necessary. Actually, Shawn and I are just thrilled to spend all of the time we can with the little angel.

Kayla: I was afraid you'd say that.

Caroline: Okay, come on. Grandpa is waiting.

Kayla: She's adorable, isn't she?

Steve: Yeah, she is.

Kayla: And you have a real way with her, too.

Steve: I think that's because I can relate to her on her level.

Kayla: No, it's because you are a natural-born daddy.

Steve: I don't know about that.

Kayla: Well, it's true.

Steve: Kayla... since we've been talking about it lately, I've been thinking a lot. I'm thinking maybe we shouldn't have a baby.

Hope: Whew. Strange time to be burning something, don't you think?

Bo: Maybe someone was trying to stay warm.

Hope: Are you sure this is the right place?

Bo: Yeah, this is the address Abe gave us for Lee Elroy -- Kate Roberts' foul-mouthed Cincinnati gun runner. Can't wait to meet her. Hello? Anybody here?

Hope: You sure, Brady?

Bo: Yeah. 211 Water Street. This is the place.

Hope: Being that she's such a tough cookie, maybe she's out hunting "wabbits" or something with one of her shotguns.

Bo: That pickup truck we passed had a gun rack in it. Somebody's definitely here. [Banging on door] Hello? Lee Elroy? Looking to do some business!

Hope: Now what?

Bo: We wait.

Hope: Tell you what -- I'm gonna go check out the pickup, okay? I'll be back.

[Woman coughing] [Knock on door]

Lucas: Hey. Come on. We got to make this fast, all right?

Kate: So, Sami's not around, right?

Lucas: No, no. She went to take the twins to see Alice. She'll be gone for a while.

Kate: Good. Let's put our heads together, and let's come up with a plan.

Lucas: Yeah, I've been thinking about this.

Kate: Oh, God! Lucas, no! Don't tell me that you're changing your mind.

Lucas: No, no, no. I think it's good. I think it's a good plan. We fake another attack on the Bradys, and that way everybody, including Sami, thinks that Stefano has gone back on his word and the vendetta hasn't ended at all.

Kate: Exactly. And she realizes there's no reason to stay married to E.J., and she returns promptly to you.

Lucas: Right, but why are you really doing this?

Kate: Oh, Lucas, because I love you and because I want you back in my life.

Lucas: But you hate Sami.

Kate: But I love you more.

Lucas: Come on.

Kate: It's the truth.

Lucas: All right, fine. Time will tell.

Kate: Let's sit down, okay? Tell me what you were thinking.

Lucas: All right. Listen, okay? I don't -- I am not comfortable with people getting hurt, especially Sami's family. They've been very good to me. They've been through a lot, and I just don't want them being terrorized right now.

Kate: Lucas, this whole thing is about being terrorized, okay? You can't have it both ways. You can be Mr. Nice guy and you can get walked all over or you can be not-so Mr. Nice guy and get everything that you want.

Lucas: Yeah. That's the way you live your life.

Kate: Lucas, whatever part I played in you losing Sami was minimal.

Lucas: It's not just that. Mom, I gave you that gun for your protection, not to open fire at a wedding. And then what, the police get their hands on it? You let them do that?

Kate: Lucas, it was not my fault.

Lucas: Do you realize the trouble I could be in if they trace that gun back to me?

Kate: They wonít.

Lucas: They better not. And I'm not totally convinced you were going after E.J. There were three shots fired that day -- three of them. And one of them nearly hit Sami.

Kate: Lucas, I told you I was not trying to kill anyone. Yes, I went to the church. And yes, I wanted to shoot E.J., and I changed my mind. The gun went off accidentally. Now, we're getting off the point. Do you want Sami out of E.J.'s life?

Lucas: Yes, I do, but I don't want anybody hurt in the process.

Kate: Well, look. You're cooking with mama now. You want to bake this cake, then we got to crack some eggs.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Bo: Hey, excuse me. Ms. Elroy?

Lindy: What do you want?

Bo: I'm Detective Bo Brady, Salem P.D. I need to talk to you about a gun.

Lucas: You know, I'm not cracking any eggs if it means somebody in Sami's family's gonna get hurt. If that's the case, I'm out for good.

Kate: I told you no one would get hurt. I'm not a violent person, Lucas.

Lucas: You're not, Mom? You opened fire in a wedding, and you're not a violent person? You almost killed my wife -- my ex-wife.

Kate: I told you I was not trying to kill anyone. And no one can prove that, that bullet that went through her dress was mine.

Lucas: Right. You know what? I don't know what to think of you anymore. I can't believe what you say.

Kate: Then I guess you need to trust me because I know what I'm doing.

Lucas: Ahh, there it is. Famous last words.

Kate: Have you forgotten that I have experience in staging fake attacks?

Lucas: How can I forget that? It's one of the major reasons why I agreed to divorce Sami and let her marry E.J.

Kate: The trick here, Lucas, is to make sure that our target remains safe while convincing them that someone's trying to kill them.

Lucas: It's never gonna work.

Kate: Why not?

Lucas: Because we need someone, anybody, to be the DiMeras. They don't do fake things. That's why it's not gonna work. They don't do fake.

Kate: Well, then, we have to make sure whatever we do doesn't look fake.

Lucas: Well, then, what do you suggest, Mom?

Kate: Let me think about it. It has to have maximum impact and minimal risk.

Lucas: Very minimal risk.

Kate: Oh, I think I've got it. We cut the brakes on Steve and Kayla's car.

Kayla: Why shouldn't we have a baby? You would be a great dad. You are a great dad.

Steve: I'm not sure about that, Kayla.

Kayla: Well, I am. You were great with Pocket.

Steve: Yeah, he was a sweet baby boy.

Kayla: So?

Steve: So, I miss him.

Kayla: Losing him was hard on both of us. But the one thing that pocket proved was that we could do it again, that we could handle being parents again, and that we loved it, even if it was just fostering.

Steve: You're right. I did love it. But that's not the problem.

Kayla: Well, what are you worried about? Look, I know that fostering a child and having one of our own are completely different things.

Steve: Yeah, having one of our own is a lifetime commitment.

Kayla: Yeah, it's a huge responsibility. So, I'm scared, too. What you're feeling is normal.

Steve: Kayla... you know how I grew up, right?

Kayla: You turned into a wonderful, caring man.

Steve: My childhood was a mess. Who knows how that kind of history can affect a person?

Kayla: It doesn't have to if they have acknowledged the abuse and dealt with it.

Steve: If there's even the slightest chance I could be anything like my father...we shouldn't have a baby.

Hope: What happened?

Bo: I, um...came up on Ms. Elroy. She was going through this box. I I.D.'d myself. She threw it at me and disappeared into the warehouse.

Hope: It looks like she's been burning some gun-sale records here.

Bo: Yeah. And something tells me these sales are not legal. I'm betting she sells to anybody, no questions asked. That's kind of hard to believe. Just a kid.

Hope: You know what? I don't think she's the seller. I found registration papers in the pickup truck, and the truck and the hunting rifle that's on the rack are both registered to a man with the name Lee Elroy.

Bo: So, who's this, his daughter?

Hope: I guess we need to find out, don't we?

Bo: Okay, then. Watch my back.

Hope: Always, Brady. Always. Hey. Be careful.

Bo: I will.

Lucas: I can't believe this. I can't believe I'm having this conversation with my mother.

Kate: Lucas, did you come to me for help or not? If you can't turn to your mother, then...

Lucas: Well, when the mother is you, you don't turn to them. You run the other way. I don't know what I was thinking.

Kate: I'll tell you what you were thinking. Number one -- you know that I would do anything for you. And number two -- you know that I'm the only one with the intestinal fortitude to make sure something like this really happens.

Lucas: Intestinal fortitude? Is that what you just called it?

Kate: Do you want Sami out of E.J.'s life or don't you?

Lucas: It's all I ever think about, but when I came to you, I was angry, all right? I let E.J. push my buttons.

Kate: Yeah. As only he can.

Lucas: Right, but now I'm calm. I'm looking at things with a slightly clearer head. And the more I think about this, Mom, the more I think that it's just crazy.

Kate: Oh, come on, Lucas. What's crazy about it?

Lucas: How can you even ask me that? You can't cut the brakes on Steve and Kayla's car. That's attempted murder.

Kate: Honey, it's only attempted murder if you're trying to murder someone. We're just trying to make it look that way.

Lucas: So, then it's an attempted-murder charge.

Kate: Lucas, no one's going to get killed.

Lucas: Mom, how could you cut the brakes on Steve and Kayla's car and not think that someone would be seriously injured? What are you gonna do, line the highway with pillows?

Kate: You know, that's the beauty of this plan. They won't even go two feet because after I cut the brakes, I'm going to drain the gas tank.

Kayla: You listen to me, Steve Johnson, and you listen to me good. There is no way that you could ever do anything like your father did to you and Adrienne.

Steve: How do we know that?

Kayla: I know it. I saw you with Stephanie when she was an infant.

Steve: That was short-term, too, baby. Not my fault, but still.

Kayla: Okay, well, then there was Benjy, and there was Pocket. And there's Ciara.

Steve: None of them were lifetime commitments.

Kayla: I know you, maybe better than you know yourself.

Steve: I'm scared, baby.

Kayla: I would be worried if you werenít. It is a huge responsibility. I'm scared, too.

Steve: You see? And look at the family you grew up in. Couldn't be more different than mine.

Kayla: Look at Adrienne. She came from the same abusive home that you did. She's married. She has four wonderful boys, and she is a great mother.

Steve: She is doing all right, isn't she?

Kayla: She's doing better than all right. I want to ask you something. That night when we committed to have a baby together when you thought that, that pregnancy test was Stephanie's Ė

Steve: Man, I'm glad she dodged that bullet. That was scary.

Kayla: Don't change the subject. When you said that you wanted to have a baby with me, was that only because you thought that I was already pregnant? I mean, is that what this is really all about -- you changed your mind? I mean, put all of that fatherhood concerns aside. Do you want to have a baby with me or not?

Bo: Ms. Elroy? Come on out! I just need to talk to you. Come on. I don't want to bust you. Hell, this isn't even my jurisdiction. I just need to get some information about a gun and the person who bought it, okay? This gun was used in an attempted murder, so you give me that information, I'll be on my way and you can go about your business. But... if you don't help me, you make this difficult, I may have to reconsider. So come on out and talk to me. What do you say, huh? Just give me five minutes of your time, then I'll be on my way.

Lindy: Go away! Get out of here now or I will shoot you dead where you stand.

Bo: You mind putting that gun down? You don't know what you're doing.

Lindy: Says who? I know everything there is to know about guns. Now drop yours or I will shoot. I swear I will.

Bo: Well, that'd be a little difficult to do. The safety's on. Okay, tell me, where's Elroy?

Hope: We don't want to cause you any trouble. We just need some information.

Bo: How'd you get there?

Hope: You told me to watch your back. I take my job very seriously.

Bo: Okay, you're not Elroy. Who are you?

Lindy: His widow, for your information. My husband died and left me with a warehouse full of hot guns.

Bo: You're selling guns that you know are illegal?

Lindy: I was just trying to unload them, make some quick cash so my baby didn't starve.

Lucas: I mean, let me just get this straight. Steve and Kayla, they get into their car. They turn it on. It runs for a little bit, and then it dies, right, because they realize they're out of gas?

Kate: Correct.

Lucas: So, what? What happens then?

Kate: Well, then they call someone -- a garage or a towing company. Someone shows up. They notice the brake line has been cut, and they tell them how lucky they are that they ran out of gas because otherwise they could have been in a horrible accident. They could have been killed. They could have been seriously injured. And Steve and Kayla freak out because they realize the vendetta is back on.

Lucas: Or Steve just puts some more gas in the car, they drive off and run into a tree because they have no brakes.

Kate: You know, fine. Whatever. Maybe this isn't the best idea, but at least I'm trying to think of something.

Lucas: Don't think of anything, all right? Just forget it. Drop it. It's not gonna work. Face it.

Kate: Oh! I've got it. Ha!

Steve: If I thought I wouldn't do any damage to the child...

Kayla: You would want another baby, honestly?

Steve: Yeah. Like I said, I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I just don't know.

Kayla: Listen to me. You are nothing like your father. You are a good man with a good heart.

Steve: But things still go wrong.

Kayla: Sure. Sure, some parents mess up. And some donít.

Steve: How do we know which way it'll go?

Kayla: We donít. Who does? We just jump in, and we do the very best we can.

Steve: Just jump in, huh, just like that?

Kayla: Yeah. Listen, our lives aren't gonna be perfect, but whose is?

Steve: No one's.

Kayla: I mean, look at me. I'm a working woman. I'm not at home baking cookies all day. Does that mean that I'm not gonna be a good mommy?

Steve: Hey, you've already proven yourself. Just look at Stephanie.

Kayla: Any child would be lucky to have you for their father.

Steve: You really think that?

Kayla: Yes. I do. 100% guaranteed.

Steve: Okay, then. Let's do it. Starting now.

Steve: Kayla. Look at me. Kayla. Look. Courage. Yeah? Come on. Come on.

Kayla: [Moans]

Steve: It's me, baby. It's me.

Kayla: You make me so happy.

Steve: You know, when I see that look on your face... I just know that nothing would make me happier than having a baby with you.

Kayla: I don't know what to say.

Steve: Don't say anything. Let's just make a plan -- the how, the when.

Kayla: Well, how about the when -- we start right away. And the how -- I think we know that part already.

Steve: I should hope so.

Kayla: There's just one thing.

Steve: What?

Kate: So, that should work, right? No one gets hurt.

Lucas: Yeah, you hope.

Kate: Do you want me to run through it again?

Lucas: No, I don't want to hear it again. Thank you. I've heard enough. We're not doing it.

Kate: Lucas, I don't understand what the problem is with you.

Lucas: Well, then you haven't been listening, have you?

Kate: Come on. You agreed that this was the way to get Sami out of that marriage and away from E.J.

Lucas: Yeah, I know what I agreed to.

Kate: She has to believe that her family is threatened so that there's no point in her continuing with the terms of the agreement, Lucas.

Lucas: I appreciate it, okay? I appreciate what you're trying to do. But after hearing your ridiculous plan, I just don't see it. I don't think it's a good idea.

Kate: It's a great idea. Steve and Kayla are going to believe that Stefano tried to kill them, and yet they were never in any danger.

Lucas: Too many things could go wrong. I'm telling you.

Kate: Please! When did you become such a boy scout?

Lucas: Hey, I am not a boy scout, all right?

Kate: Then prove it.

Lucas: I have nothing to prove to you. Sami's family has been through enough. That's it.

Kate: Okay. I rest my case.

Lucas: You know, I'm not gonna put them through this. I am not gonna do this, Mom. I am not like you. I can't do that. I don't operate that way.

Kate: What has happened to you? Do you know that it's called survival of the fittest for a reason? And if you think you're above that, it's only because I have always had to do all of the dirty work while you kept your hands clean.

Hope: Are these all your sales records?

Lindy: Pretty much. Except for the ones I burned.

Hope: I need to find the person who bought this gun from you right away.

Lindy: The one used in this attempted murder?

Hope: Mm-hmm. The current owner is Kate Roberts. Ring a bell?

Lindy: No.

Hope: Damn it. I can't find the serial number. Hopefully it's not one of the ones you've already torched.

Lindy: Look, I meant what I said. I don't know nothing about no murder or attempted murder.

Hope: I never said you did.

Lindy: So, what do you think's gonna happen?

Hope: Excuse me?

Lindy: Your partner there. He gonna put me in jail?

Hope: I don't know. That's up to him. It is a good thing, though, you decided to help.

Bo: Hey. Any luck?

Hope: No, not so far.

Bo: Well, Ms. Elroy's story checks out. She's who she says she is. Hope, meet Lindy.

Lindy: You're one hell of a detective.

Bo: Sorry for your loss.

Lindy: Yeah, well, not half as sorry as I am.

Hope: I got it. The serial number's a match.

Bo: Who signed the sales record?

Hope: Let's take a look.

Lindy: Right there.

Hope: Otis Shockley.

Bo: Oh. Good old Otis. Who the hell's that?

Bo: Do you have anything else on this transaction -- notes, cards that your husband might have kept someplace else?

Lindy: No, this is it. This is all the records.

Hope: How about at your house?

Lindy: I went through all that when I got evicted.

Hope: You got evicted from your home?

Lindy: Been camping out here ever since.

Hope: You've been living here in this warehouse?

Lindy: Until I can sell off enough of this stuff to rent a new apartment, yeah.

Hope: What about your child?

Lindy: The social worker says I can have her back as soon as I get a real place. Honest, if there was any other records, I would know.

Bo: It's a long shot, but we can try to lift some prints off this.

Hope: It's been handled an awful lot.

Bo: Yeah, but it's the only thing we have right now. You know what? With all these guns, maybe we should call in the FBI. A little grilling might bring back her memory.

Lindy: Would a picture help?

Bo: Yes, it would. You have pictures?

Lindy: Lee, he put in a cheap camera, and it takes a shot every time the door opens and closes.

Bo: Great. Give me the pictures from this date and this time.

Lindy: I'll try.

Bo: This could be the lead we're looking for.

Hope: What about Lindy? What are you gonna do about her?

Bo: First of all, we confiscate all these guns.

Hope: Yeah. And?

Bo: Peddling illegal guns is a pretty serious offense.

Hope: I know.

Bo: What does that look mean?

Hope: The look? It means you're gonna cut her some slack.

Steve: Go on, then. Sit down there. Tell me what's going on.

Kayla: It's just, there's no guarantees that I'm gonna get pregnant.

Steve: We did it once before. I think I still remember how.

Kayla: What if it doesn't happen?

Steve: Well, then we adopt.

Kayla: You'd be okay with that if it wasn't your biological child?

Steve: I hope you don't think I care.

Kayla: Do you?

Steve: Not in the least. Baby, listen. When I was in the orphanage, the best day was the day Marcus got adopted, when he got a new mommy and daddy. Every kid needs a loving home.

Kayla: I don't care if we adopt either. But that's difficult, too. It could be years.

Steve: So we cover all our bases.

Kayla: We what?

Steve: We talk to a lawyer, all the agencies, get the ball rolling, get on all the lists. And in the meantime -- and here's the good part -- we work on it...a lot.

Kayla: Sounds like a sensible plan.

Steve: Well, you know me. I'm a sensible guy.

Kayla: Right.

Steve: So, here's to a new addition to the Brady-Johnson family.

Kayla: However it happens.

Lucas: Look, I didn't mean to offend you, all right? But I think you'd be surprised at how dirty my hands could get when necessary.

Kate: No need to explain. Clearly you're not up to the task, and that's fine.

Lucas: Come on. Don't act like that. Listen, thanks. I know your heart was in the right spot.

Kate: Don't worry. Everything's gonna be okay.

Kate: Hi, Kayla, it's Kate. It sounds like you're busy right now. You're not at home?

Kayla: I'm not. Steve and I are at the pub having dinner.

Kate: Oh, sorry. I don't want to interrupt you.

Kayla: No. No, it's okay. I have a minute. What's up? What do you need?

Kate: Well, it's no big deal. It's just that I have a couple of gifts for Sami and Lucas, and you know they're not talking to me. And I was wondering if I could drop them off at your house.

Kayla: At our place?

Kate: Yeah, I was thinking that you could deliver them for me -- you and Steve.

Kayla: Um, sure. That's okay. We could do that. Just drop them off.

Kate: Thank you so much. I can't tell you how much that means to me.

Kayla: No, that's okay. I hope you patch things up.

Kate: Yeah, so do I. Thanks again.

Bo: Hope, I cannot leave this girl here with all these illegal firearms.

Hope: Well, who said anything about the guns? It's the woman and the child that I'm worried about. Brady, she's desperate.

Bo: Yeah, I'm sure she is.

Hope: When I was talking to her, I could just see in her eyes she's had a tough life.

Bo: Don't you worry. I'm gonna let her walk.

Hope: Seriously?

Bo: Yeah. As far as I'm concerned, Elroy's the one selling the guns. She was just liquidating the business.

Hope: You really are the best.

Bo: I know.

Hope: Yeah, I know you know.

Bo: She's just a kid with a kid herself. Got enough trouble on her plate without me adding to it.

[Door opens]

Lindy: I think this is Otis Shockley.

Hope: Well, it looks like our cop instincts are still right on the money, Brady.

Bo: Yeah.

Kate: Okay, look, I'm going to take a risk here and bring something up.

Lucas: Well, go ahead. I've seen you at your worst. No sense in backing down now.

Kate: Lucas, I want you back in my life, and I have a plan to help you with Sami.

Lucas: You're gonna offer your services as a babysitter, is that it?

Kate: Look, I know how difficult it is for you having E.J. and Sami living right across the hallway from you.

Lucas: It's nothing I can't handle. I'm fine.

Kate: Come on. Who are you trying to fool? That is a ridiculous situation, and you need to do something about E.J.

Lucas: What am I gonna do, Mom, release the brake on his wheelchair and shove him down some steps?

Kate: No. No. But I have a plan that will end that marriage once and for all.

Lucas: All right, I want to hear it.

Kate: Sami and E.J. are married, right? But what if we make it look like the threat against the Bradys is continuing? I mean, that's the only reason she married him, right?

Lucas: Yeah.

Kate: She married him to protect your family. And if she believes that the DiMeras are not honoring the terms of their agreement, she's gonna get the hell out of that marriage. And she'll be back with you before you know it. What do you think?

Lucas: I think it just might work.

Kate: Ahh. Are you in?

Lucas: Yeah, I'm in.

Kate: Good.

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: You know, suddenly I... [Laughs] I feel so happy.

Kayla: Really?

Steve: Yeah, I haven't been this excited since you told me you were pregnant with Stephanie. Remember that? Remember that day?

Kayla: I do. Yes.

Steve: Oh, boy. What are we getting ourselves into?

Kayla: I don't know. Ooh! Brr! It's cold out here.

Steve: Go back inside, baby. I'll pull the car around.

Kayla: Don't be silly. Let's just hurry. Come on.

Steve: At least let me keep you warm then. Come here. Whoa.

Kayla: What?

Steve: Did you see that?

Kayla: No.

Steve: Some guy just crawled out from under our car and took off.

Kayla: From under our car?

Steve: Wait here.

Kayla: Steve, wait! Steve!

Bo: So, Lucas bought Kate's gun from Elroy. The camera caught him plain as day.

Hope: It also got him leaving.

Bo: Yeah. Wait a minute.

Hope: What?

Bo: Look at this -- the gun he's tucking away.

Hope: What about it?

Bo: It's totally black. The trigger guard is squared off.

Hope: It's a Glock.

Bo: Yeah, I know that, but the gun Kate had was a Walter PPK.

Hope: Exactly. He bought two guns.

Bo: It sure looks that way.

Hope: I wonder where the second one is.

Bo: So do I.. Lindy, uh, thank you so much. You've been a great help.

Lindy: So, am I off the hook or are you still gonna turn me in?

Bo: No, I'm not gonna turn you in, but I am gonna have to take all these guns.

Lindy: I figured as much.

Bo: Yeah. I'm gonna call Abe.

Hope: Okay.

Bo: Hey, Abe, it's me. Yeah, I found out who bought the gun. I did, too. Get this -- Lucas bought two of them while he was here. Well, let's hope he hasn't had time to ditch them. Okay, we're on our way back to Salem. I'll call you as soon as I get there. You ready to go?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah. I am now.

Bo: So, how much did you give her?

Hope: [Stutters] Okay, how did you know?

Bo: Because I know my wife and her big heart. That's part of the reason I love you so much.

Hope: What's next?

Bo: We'll double-time it back to Salem, and hopefully we'll find out who shot Junior.

Hope: I don't think I'm gonna like what we hear.

Bo: I think you're right.

Hope: Yeah.

Kayla: What happened?

Steve: I couldn't find him. He got away.

Kayla: What do you think he was doing under our car?

Steve: I'm gonna find out.

Kayla: Steve, be careful. Oh! Oh!

Steve: What the hell?

Kayla: What did you find? What?

Steve: This.

Kayla: What is that?

Steve: Looks like someone was tampering with our brakes.

[Doorbell rings repeatedly]

Lucas: Keep your shirt on. I got babies sleeping in here. What the heck are you doing?

Kate: Okay, so, I did it. I tampered with Steve and Kayla's car.

Lucas: You did what? Damn it, Mom! I told you no! I told you I changed my mind! What are you doing showing up here looking like that for?

Kate: I don't know. Fashion statement?

Lucas: The grease on your face is a fashion statement, too?

Kate: Oh, God. That's not good.

Lucas: No, no, it's not good. I told you no. I told you no. How could you go through with it?

Kate: No. No. What you told me is that you didn't want to be involved, so I took care of it. And it went really well. I mean, Steve even chased me. He didn't know it was me. Lucas, this can't miss. You're gonna have Sami back before you know it.

Lucas: You did it. You really did it, didn't you? You re-ignited the Brady-DiMera feud. Now somebody's gonna get seriously injured. Somebody's gonna get hurt because of what you did.

Kate: Lucas, no one got hurt. No one will get hurt. [Cellphone rings]

Lucas: Yeah, this is Lucas Roberts -- I mean Horton. Yeah. Uh, yeah, I remember your name. What are you doing calling me? What? What -- what did you say? Wait. No, no, no, no. Don't you hang up. I want answers. You promised me that no one would be able to --

Kate: What's that? What's going on?

Lucas: It all just hit the fan. It all just hit the fan, Mom. That's what happened.

Kate: What are you talking about?

Lucas: The police traced your gun. They traced it. We're in deep trouble now.

Kayla: I thought you decided that you weren't going to say anything as long as Belle stayed away from Philip.

Hope: But she didnít.

Chloe: Belle, what's happened to you? I don't recognize you anymore. I think Shawn deserves a lot better.

Shawn D.: You're sleeping with Philip?

Kate: Get rid of the gun or you're gonna be the next person they arrest.

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