Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 12/6/07 - Canada; Friday 12/7/07 - U.S.A.


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Bo: Okay. We got three guns at the church the night Sami was married. Roman. Kate. Here. Give me that. Last but not least -- Marlena.

Hope: Okay. So three guns, three shots fired. Two slugs landing in the altar and one in E.J.'s back.

Bo: The thing is, Roman never got a shot off, so we're still missing a gun.

Hope: Which means there's still a shooter at large.

Bo: Exactly.

Hope: Any new theories?

Bo: Yeah, and it involves gun number 2.

Hope: Kate's gun?

Bo: Yeah. The serial number was filed off, so I'm pretty sure she didn't get it legally.

Hope: No license or registration?

Bo: None that she gave us.

Hope: Okay. So she's already in trouble for even having it in her possession.

Bo: Mm-hmm. She couldn't tell us where she got it.

Hope: She's hiding something.

Bo: Yeah. Whatever she's hiding could lead us to something or someone that we've overlooked.

Belle: I told Shawn.

Philip: You told him?

Belle: That I was in love with you.

Philip: How did he take it?

Belle: He was devastated.

Philip: He'd have to be.

Belle: But I had to tell him. I can't keep hiding how I feel. I've been in love with you for as long as I can remember. In fact, divorcing you was the biggest mistake I ever made. We're soul mates. We need each other. We belong together.

Kate: I'm so glad you're not letting it worry you that your mother could be rotting away in jail.

Philip: I talked to your lawyers. They said you made bail.

Kate: Yeah. Yeah. I'm free for the moment.

Philip: I'm ordering breakfast. You want anything?

Kate: No. No, thank you. I had breakfast with Lucas. You know, we're patching things up. I'm making amends.

Philip: Since when does Kate Roberts make amends?

Kate: Oh, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to earn his forgiveness. I just hope that you feel the same way.

Philip: Me? I'm not the one who faked an attack on myself to get him to divorce his wife.

Kate: No. You just sold your mother down the river for Belle.

Philip: You're not really bringing that up again?

Kate: Well, I'm hoping that it's not true, but at the very least, your carelessness caused my gun to be put into Shawn's hands and I was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Philip: Mom, I'm sorry you're in trouble. I'm helping you all I can. What more do you want?

Kate: For starters, justice, because I wasn't the only one gunning for E.J., and I'll be damned if I take the fall while she walks.

Marlena: I'm so sorry that it's short notice, but, Marie, I'm gonna ask you to cancel all my appointments for next week. Yeah. All of them. No, something has come up, and I'm -- I'm -- I'm going to be away. [Doorbell rings] Uh, you know what? I've got to go. My ride is here. Thanks

for your help. [Exhales deeply]

Roman: Hi, Doc.

Marlena: Hi. I've been expecting you.

Roman: Well, then I guess you know why I'm here.

Marlena: I do. You're here to arrest me.

Chelsea: I killed him.

Stephanie: No. No. It was an accident. He lost his balance, and he fell.

Chelsea: Nobody's gonna believe that.

Stephanie: No one's gonna know, I promise.

Chelsea: What are we gonna do?

Max: Look, don't worry. I'll get rid of the body, and then I'll come up here, and we'll try and get rid of any trace of evidence, all right? Nobody's gonna know about this except for me, you guys, and your sisters.

Stephanie: We all made a pact to carry this secret to our graves.

Max: Well, let's, uh, dig another one for Ford first.

Chelsea: W-what is he doing here? How does he know, Stephanie? Why does he know?

Stephanie: I had to call him.

Max: And I'm glad she did, because I'm not gonna let you or Stephanie or your sisters go down for Ford Decker.

Stephanie: Max, why don't you go make some coffee? I'm sure Chelsea could use it.

Max: Yeah. I'll make it strong.

Stephanie: Chelsea, I'm --

Chelsea: How could you tell him, Stephanie?

Stephanie: Believe me, I hated getting him involved, but there was no way I can handle this alone.

Chelsea: What do you mean, "alone"?

Stephanie: Well, Carmen and I managed to get Ford's body down to the basement.

Chelsea: Wait a second. He's down in the basement?

Stephanie: For now. Okay? I promised the other girls that I'd get rid of him before they got back.

Chelsea: By yourself?

Stephanie: That's why I had to call Max. But, Chelsea, don't worry. We can trust him. You know that. Everything's gonna be okay. [Indistinct shouting]

Chelsea: No, it's not. Stephanie, nothing is ever gonna be okay again.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Hope: Brady, I'm with you. There is no way that Kate is gonna tell you where she got the gun, because someone close to her is involved.

Bo: Someone she's protecting.

Hope: Lucas.

Bo: He was pretty jumpy when I questioned him, acting like someone with something to hide.

Hope: Oh, God, Brady. I hope that he is not shooter number 3.

Bo: Well, shooter number 3 is the one we want, because Kate and Marlena missed.

Hope: Marlena, too, huh?

Bo: Yeah. We got the ballistics back from that second slug pulled out of the altar. It matched her gun.

Hope: I hope it's not Lucas. Think what that will do to Will...and Sami and those two beautiful new babies.

Bo: Would not be pretty.

Hope: Brady, let me ask you something. What's gonna happen to Marlena? Is she gonna be arrested for attempted murder?

Bo: That's a thorny situation. I don't see that there's a choice, but it's not up to me.

Marlena: Come on in. I'll just -- I'll get my coat.

Roman: Doc --

Marlena: Roman, I've been expecting you ever since I gave John's gun to Hope. I just -- I'm so grateful for the time to get my affairs in order. And don't you be upset about this. I know you're just doing your job, okay? And if you need to handcuff me, I understand. That is proper police procedure.

Roman: Doc, time-out. Time-out. Give me the coat, all right? Let me get a word in here edgewise.

Marlena: You need to read me my rights -- is that it?

Roman: We sent your gun to ballistics. It's not the one that shot E.J.

Marlena: Are you sure?

Roman: There was only one bullet fired. We found that in the altar. You didn't come within 10 feet of E.J.

Marlena: Well, maybe I didn't aim. Maybe when the other gun went off, I was so startled that I just fired mine in --

Roman: I know you didn't aim, unless you were trying to kill the altar.

Marlena: Well, how do you know that I didn't aim? Maybe I'm just a very bad shot.

Roman: Given the position you fired from, based on the shell casing, you couldn't have come within 10 feet of E.J. or Sami.

Marlena: Oh. Roman, I did carry the gun into the church, planning on -- on hurting E.J., and -- and I know that means I'm going to be arrested for attempted murder or attempted manslaughter. I did -- I did fire the gun. I did. Don't look so pained, okay? I know you're doing your job and you've got to arrest me. There's nothing to be done about that.

Roman: Actually, Doc, that's not completely true.

Philip: Marlena -- you're telling me she was out for E.J., too?

Kate: Oh, yes. She was at the church, she had a gun, she used it, but the police aren't touching her, and you know why?

Philip: I can guess.

Kate: They're protecting her, namely Roman Brady. I'm facing jail time, and she hasn't even been charged.

Philip: How do you know all this?

Kate: Because I was there when it happened.

Officer: That report's in from the lab, sir.

Roman: All right. Thanks. I'll be right there. Kate, I am sorry. They double-check everything?

Officer: Ballistics matched the other stray bullet to Marlena Evans --

Roman: I said, "don't use her name."

Officer: Even to you?

Roman: Nobody, all right? Not a word. Okay, I'll take it from here. Thanks. Good job.

Kate: [Scoffs] Yep. I saw and I heard everything, and Roman doesn't have a clue.

Philip: You saw and heard what?

Kate: A cop giving the ballistics report to Roman. There was a bullet found in the church that matched the gun in Marlena's possession, and Mr. Deputy Commissioner Roman Brady -- Mr. By the Book -- told him to bury the evidence.

Philip: You're kidding.

Kate: Yeah, and after I asked him for help and he flatly refused.

Philip: Marlena is his ex-wife.

Kate: So am I, Philip.

Philip: You guys were married all of five minutes.

Kate: [Sighs] He loved me. Believe me, he did.

Philip: Yeah. I think you're taking this way too personally.

Kate: Oh, but that's because it is personal.

Philip: So rat it out to the lawyers. Let them handle it.

Kate: I'm gonna take care of this one. If Roman thinks he can protect little Miss Marlena by selling me to the wolves, oh, he has a another thing coming.

Stephanie: Oh, good.

Max: Yeah, I think it's beyond strong 'cause it kind of looks like 30-weight motor oil.

Stephanie: Sounds good to me. I didn't sleep at all.

Max: One sugar, right?

Stephanie: Better make it two...or three.

Max: Okay. So, how's Chelse doing?

Stephanie: I calmed her down a little. She's taking a shower.

Max: Yeah, well, maybe you should do the same. It'll make you feel better.

Stephanie: I doubt it.

Max: Just give it a shot.

Stephanie: Uh... what will you be doing?

Max: Well, I might as well go downstairs and try and figure out a way to get rid of your guest.

Stephanie: You need my help? You probably can't lift it alone.

Max: No, look, hey. It's fine, okay? You don't have to be brave. I'm here for you, okay? I got this.

Stephanie: I'm so sorry for dragging you into this. This is really serious.

Max: I know.

Stephanie: You can walk out that door.

Max: I'm not going anywhere.

Stephanie: Are you sure?

Max: I haven't been more sure of anything. I'm in this for the long haul. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you. Any of you.

Stephanie: Max, wait. Thank you.

Max: Look, I'm gonna get rid of the body, and once he's gone, this never happened.

Philip: You still here?

Kate: Yep. So, what's with all the clothes? Are you sleeping here at night?

Philip: Sometimes I work late.

Kate: Ah. You know, I called you last night, and I left messages everywhere. Were you here the whole time?

Philip: I just said I was working.

Kate: Maybe if you had someone to come home to at night, you wouldn't have to work so hard.

Philip: Really? I hadn't thought of that.

Kate: Did you also know that Belle Black isn't the only woman in the world? I mean Belle Brady.

Philip: I couldn't agree more. You sure you don't want anything to eat?

Kate: Are you gonna help me or not?

Philip: [Sighs] All right. Fine. What do you want me to do now? And it better not be illegal.

Kate: On the contrary. I want you to be a good Samaritan. I want you to call the D.A.'s office, and I want you to tell them about the cover-up at the Salem P.D.

Philip: That's it?

Kate: Yeah. Yeah. That's it.

Philip: Why don't you do that? You're the one who witnessed the whole thing.

Kate: Because I have what they call an ax to grind. I was charged with attempted murder, remember? They're not going to believe me. It's gonna be my word against Roman's.

Philip: But they'll believe me?

Kate: Philip, make it an anonymous tip. Then they'll investigate. They'll find out it's true. And if Roman doesn't lose his job, he's going to have to arrest Marlena.

Philip: Isn't that a little vindictive?

Kate: No. It's a lot vindictive.

Philip: Consider it done. I'll phone it in now.

Kate: No. Wait. I'll let you know when. There's someone I have to talk to first, so wait for my call.

Philip: Will this get me out of the doghouse?

Kate: Maybe.

Marlena: You're being so mysterious. Are you here to arrest me or not?

Roman: Doc, I've thought about this a lot, all right? I have put pretty much every scenario through my head trying to figure out a way to help you.

Marlena: Oh, Roman!

Roman: Doc, I care about you.

Marlena: I know you do. The same as I care about you. That's why I knew you would come for me -- because you're a man of honor. You're a man of courage. That's why you must do the right thing.

Roman: And I intend to.

Marlena: That's John's gun -- the one that I took to the church and the one that I gave to Hope.

Roman: And the ballistics report -- the original and all the copies.

Marlena: But that's evidence.

Roman: Not if it doesn't exist. No evidence, no gun, no charges.


Stephanie: How are you feeling?

Chelsea: Like I just got hit by a truck. Where is everybody?

Stephanie: We decided it would be best if they all went to their classes. You know, business as usual.

Chelsea: If only. This is horrible.

Stephanie: Max is a better bartender than he is Barista.

Chelsea: Where is he? Did he leave?

Stephanie: No. He's -- he's in the basement.

Chelsea: With the body. How did this even happen?

Stephanie: You don't remember?

Chelsea: It's all kind of foggy still.

Stephanie: It's because you were drugged, too, and even more than Ford, because he made you try his drink first and then he put some in your drink when you weren't looking, like we shouldn't have expected that.

Chelsea: I remember running up the stairs.

Stephanie: He was chasing you. We tried to stop him, but he got away, and he caught you at the top of the stairs, and then he fell.

Chelsea: Yeah, I remember that part.

Stephanie: He never got up.

Chelsea: Because of me and my brilliant plan. This whole mess was my idea.

Stephanie: We all went along with it.

Chelsea: You didn't want to. You told me not to, my mother told me not to, and you both were right. I pushed him too far.

Stephanie: Chelsea, no. I shouldn't have come down on you the way that I did. Ford was dangerous. He would have hurt other girls. You were right to fight back.

Chelsea: And now he's dead, and it's my fault. And it's my fault that all these other girls are involved. We have to figure a way to get them out of this.

Stephanie: There is no way out of this. We're in this together, and we have no choice but to see this through together to the end.

Chelsea: Not if I turn myself in.

Bo: Thanks, Abe. Let me know when you do. Still no word from the FBI.

Hope: FBI?

Bo: Firearms and toolmarks unit -- they're trying to retrieve the missing serial number off that gun.

Hope: That's great. Then you can trace Kate's gun.

Bo: It's the whole idea.

Hope: What about Roman? Any word on the situation with him and Marlena?

Bo: Nothing yet.

Hope: I'm sorry. You should eat this. You didn't even touch your breakfast.

Bo: I'm not hungry. That man's got more integrity than anyone I've ever known. I'm not saying that because he's my brother.

Hope: You and I both know he's never gotten over her.

Bo: She'll always be the love of his life.

Hope: But would he risk everything -- everything he stands for -- and go outside of the law?

Bo: If he did it for anyone, it would be for her.

Marlena: Roman, take it all back to the evidence room, even the ballistics report. Just take it back. You can't do this.

Roman: It's already done.

Marlena: Look, take it back right now. Please, just do it now.

Roman: Doc, listen to me, all right? I told you -- I have looked at this every which way, trying to come up with another solution.

Marlena: That isn't your responsibility.

Roman: Even if your lawyers plead this down to a firearms violation, it's still not good for you. People are gonna find out what you did.

Marlena: I'm guilty as charged.

Roman: You could lose your job, your medical license. God knows what else. You've been through enough, and I understand more than anybody how far people can go when they're pushed up against it.

Marlena: I'm so touched that you want to help me, but you cannot steal evidence.

Roman: You can when you're the deputy commissioner.

Marlena: No. People will find out about this -- Bo, Abe. They'll have to come after you.

Roman: They're not gonna say a word.

Marlena: How can you be so sure?

Roman: Because they know there are extenuating circumstances. The DiMeras have taken so much from you.

Marlena: It doesn't mean that I get to hurt them back.

Roman: The bottom line is, Doc, you fired without intending to and without hitting anyone, unlike Kate, who, unfortunately, I believe might have put a bullet through Sami's dress.

Marlena: Kate tried to shoot our daughter?

Roman: Well, she denies it, of course, but my gut tells me that she deserves whatever is coming to her, unlike you.

Marlena: Roman, do you believe that?

Roman: I believe that nothing should happen to you because of this. So you take that gun, you put it away, I tear up the report, and that is that.

Marlena: Roman

Kate: Well, well. What have we here?

Stephanie: Chelsea, you're not thinking straight. You can't take the blame for this yourself. We were all involved.

Chelsea: I'll say that it was just me and Ford. He came after me, and then he fell. That's basically the truth, right? It's my word against a dead guy's.

Stephanie: Wrong. They'll do an autopsy and find drugs in his system.

Chelsea: So what?

Stephanie: His father's not an idiot. He'll smell a rat and hire experts, private detectives, you name it. He won't stop until he finds out the truth.

Chelsea: How can he?

Stephanie: He'll find a way, so forget it. Your little confession will just bring them back to all of us.

Chelsea: I have to do something. This is all my fault.

Stephanie: Do you think that we're blaming you?

Chelsea: No. I am blaming me. If I had listened to you, none of this would have happened.

Stephanie: I told you that I was the one who should have listened to you, and I'm really sorry for the way I attacked you. It was only because he made me feel scared... and ashamed.

Chelsea: What do mean, "ashamed"?

Stephanie: Because I've been a coward.

Chelsea: Stephanie, he terrorized you and Cordy on Thanksgiving day. I should have known that we were stupid to try to take him on. We were in way over our heads.

Stephanie: But like you said, we had no one else to go to, so we were right to fight back. Who knows how many other people he would have hurt? So stop this. You are not confessing anything.

Max: [Sighs] Ladies, sorry to interrupt.

Chelsea: Max, I'm sorry for the way that I treated you earlier. It's not that I don't trust you.

Max: It's okay. You don't have to explain. Just know that I'm on your side.

Chelsea: I'm grateful for that. [Sniffles] You're really, um, saving our lives.

Max: Yeah, well, don't thank me yet. I've checked out the basement and the whole house. There's no possible way we could move that body.

Chelsea: We can't move the body?

Stephanie: We can't just leave a dead man in the basement forever.

Max: It's not my first choice, either, but then I remembered all the surveillance cameras outside that your mom put up because of Ford.

Stephanie: They're a problem.

Max: Exactly, and they obviously saw him come in last night, and it's not like they can show him going out in a body bag or a rolled-up carpet.

Chelsea: So we're finished.

Stephanie: Isn't there a basement window or door you can sneak him out of?

Max: Chelsea's mom was way too thorough about it. We can't make any move outside the house without them picking it up.

Chelsea: What if one of the tapes were to disappear?

Max: It's quite the coincidence -- the night Ford Decker disappears so does the video footage at the Theta house. It's kind of a red flag.

Stephanie: So, what are we gonna do?

Max: There's only one thing I can think of. Ford Decker has to stay here -- permanently.

Bo: I hope Roman keeps his head.

Hope: What's Abe say about all this, anyway?

Bo: He's more concerned about that third shooter, the one who actually put a bullet in E.J.'s spine.

Hope: Did you tell him your theory about Kate?

Bo: Yeah. He's sure there's more to her story. He knows that tracing down this gun is the only lead we've got.

Abe: Well, you got that right.

Bo: Abe.

Abe: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I knew you were waiting for this. I thought I'd deliver it personally.

Bo: The FBI report? Did they get the serial number off that gun?

Abe: Yep. They did. The results were rather interesting.

Hope: Well, Abe, please, have a seat.

Bo: Sit down. Tell us what you got there.

Abe: Thank you. Here you go. The firearm was traced to a known gun dealer in Cincinnati.

Hope: Cincinnati?

Bo: Lee Elroy. Did you give him a call?

Abe: Yep. First thing.

Hope: And what did he say?

Abe: Well, after I identified myself, I was told where I could put my badge and my questions.

Hope: And that's who Kate's been dealing with?

Abe: You know, I tried to explain the situation -- I just wanted information. But Elroy wasn't gonna have any of it. Hung up on me, again with a few choice words.

Hope: It sounds to me like someone better hightail it to Ohio before he disappears.

Bo: I'll hit the road right away.

Abe: There's something you should know first. Lee Elroy is a woman.

Kate: Roman, what a bonus. I come here to see Marlena, and, yet, of course, you are here spoon-feeding an alibi to your favorite ex-wife... who treats you like dirt, and yet you still keep coming back for more.

Marlena: How dare you come into my home.

Kate: Did you really think I was gonna take this lying down?

Marlena: You'll be lying down in a grave when I'm done with you.

Kate: You really are crazy, aren't you?

Marlena: Get out before I kill you with my bare --

Roman: Marlena!

Marlena: Get out of here!

Roman: Doc!

Marlena: You said she tried to kill our daughter.

Roman: No, I didn't say that.

Marlena: She put a bullet hole in Sami's wedding dress.

Kate: I didn't intend to shoot Sami. I didn't intend to shoot anyone, as a matter of fact. Can you say the same? Oh, that's right. You see, I know all about it. I know that you took your own gun to the church and you used it, and then, of course, you're trying to protect her, right?

Roman: What the hell are you...

Kate: Oh, come on! And don't give me the innocent act, because I overheard you at the station. I heard you tell the cop who brought in the ballistics report to bury the evidence.

Roman: You misunderstood that.

Kate: Hmm. Has she been arrested yet? Has she been charged with attempted murder? No, I didn't think so, because I didn't think you'd send your lost lady love to prison, especially not when there's someone else to take the fall.

Roman: It's not like that, and you know it.

Kate: It's exactly like that.

Roman: I told you -- the evidence against you was already on the record. There was nothing I could do to help you.

Kate: Not that you would have, anyway.

Roman: Why are you here? What do you hope to accomplish?

Kate: I want to set the record straight -- that I wasn't the only one to fire a gun at the church.

Roman: That's been established.

Kate: I want her to turn herself in.

Roman: And if she doesn't?

Kate: Well, actually, I'm glad you asked.

[Cellphone vibrating]

Philip: Kiriakis.

Kate: Philip, go ahead and make that call -- the one to the D.A., telling them about the cover-up at the Salem P.D.

Bo: Okay, I'll go see this foulmouthed woman and bring along a bar of soap.

Abe: What you might want to bring along is Hope.

Bo: Think I'll have better luck with her?

Abe: It's worth a shot. You know, she doesn't seem to be too keen on law enforcement.

Bo: Go figure.

Abe: If her bite is as bad as her bark, then you might want someone to watch your back.

Bo: This could be a good break.

Abe: If she talks. Let me know what happens, huh?

Bo: Yeah, I will. Hey, have you heard from Roman?

Abe: No. Why? Is something wrong?

Bo: No. I was just wondering.

Stephanie: I can't believe I'm actually looking up burial techniques on the internet.

Chelsea: You don't really expect us to live with a dead body in the basement, do you?

Max: I don't see you have any choice.

Chelsea: Don't you think somebody's gonna find out eventually?

Max: No. The floor near the water heater is all dirt. So I kind of figure I can dig a grave there and no one will ever find it.

Chelsea: The sisters are gonna know. Cordy's gonna freak out.

Max: Don't tell them. It's better they don't know. Tell them it's been taken care of.

Stephanie: There is a movement for natural burials.

Max: This is about as natural as it gets.

Stephanie: I can't look at this anymore. If we're gonna do it, let's do it.

Max: Okay. Well, I'm gonna need a shovel.

Chelsea: There's one in the garden shed in the backyard.

Max: Okay, well, I can't get it because the cameras will pick it up.

Chelsea: I'll get it. I'll put it in my coat.

Max: Okay. Thanks. Think she'll be able to handle this?

Stephanie: I hope so.

Max: What about you?

Stephanie: I'm not gonna lie. I wish there was a different way, but I just want to forget that Ford Decker ever existed, and now he's gonna be forever in the basement.

Max: All that's gonna be down there is his bones and a pile of dirt. Ford Decker will rot in hell for all eternity, which is what he deserves.

Stephanie: Maybe I should help you.

Max: Help me bury him? Uh, no. I-I think it's better off you don't.

Chelsea: I got it.

Max: Great. Okay. I'm gonna need some plastic sheeting and some duct tape.

Stephanie: I can get that.

Max: Thank you. Don't open the door for anyone, except for Stephanie, until we're done.

Chelsea: Well, I guess I blew any chance I ever had with you. I'm sorry that you don't trust me, but I totally get it. Thank you for coming by.

Ford: Who said I was going anywhere?

Chelsea: You're not?

Ford: You know, I might consider not suing if you publicly confess that the flyers were wrong.

Chelsea: Hmm. I guess I had that coming. Okay. I'll do it. I mean, after all, it is the least I could do for you.

Ford: So, we're all alone in the house, huh?

Chelsea: Yeah, everyone's at the Cheatin' Heart.

Ford: You know, maybe I'll stick around while I decide whether I believe you or not.

Chelsea: Well, in that case, would you like something to drink?

Ford: Only if you're drinking with me.

Chelsea: Of course. What would you like?

Ford: Bourbon, on the rocks.

Chelsea: Two bourbon on the rocks coming right up. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me do it. We're all in this together, right?

Stephanie: Grilled cheese -- the ultimate comfort food.

Chelsea: No, thanks. I'm not that hungry.

Stephanie: Me either.

Chelsea: I can't believe that Max is downstairs burying a dead body in here.

Stephanie: Only last night I was helping him close up at the bar, and...we were talking and laughing, and... everything was normal. And I thought that...

Chelsea: You thought that what?

Stephanie: It doesn't matter. It feels like a million years ago already.

Chelsea: Do you really think that anything will ever be normal again? [ Thud]

Stephanie: That must be him. He must be finished now. [Sighs] And, yes, things will be normal again. Okay, Ford is dead and buried, and all we have to do is move on with the rest of our lives. Soon we'll forget this whole thing happened. [Door closes]

Both: [Screaming]

Marlena: Kate, put down that phone.

Roman: She's bluffing. She doesn't want her son, who's an accessory, who helped her get rid of the gun, to talk to a D.A.

Kate: They don't have to know it's Philip.

Philip: Hey, Mom, who are you talking to? Do you want me to make this call or not?

Kate: Yeah. Go ahead. Make the call, and tell them that Roman Brady has compromised the investigation to curry favor with his once-again-available ex-wife.

Marlena: Philip, don't do a thing. Your mother will call you right back.

Philip: Hello? [Sighs]

Marlena: I can't let that happen. Roman, you're taking me in.

Roman: I let you stay at my house. I worried about you when I thought the DiMeras were after you. And this is the way you repay me?

Kate: I'm fighting for my life here, Roman, and in the process, I may be saving yours.

Roman: I didn't want this to happen, Doc.

Marlena: I know you didn't. Come on. Take me to the station.

Roman: Let me get your coat. [Exhales deeply] All right. Let's go.

Both: [Screaming]

Max: Guys, calm down. It's me.

Chelsea: Max, why are you wearing Ford's clothes?

Stephanie: Because he has to.

Max: The videotape saw him coming in but not going out. Now they will.

Chelsea: Who's gonna believe that he spent the night here?

Max: Just say that he came over drunk to apologize and you let him crash on the couch and then in the morning he left.

Stephanie: Sounds good, but what about you? They won't see you leaving.

Max: But they won't be looking for me. They'll be looking for Ford. All right? So, how do I look?

Stephanie: Filthy and grimy.

Max: Well, trust me. I'm living for a shower now. All right. Here goes.

Kate: Darling, you... were...wonderful. Consider yourself forgiven.

Philip: I didn't do anything. Whatever your little game was, I was just a pawn.

Kate: No.

Philip: I was the pawn. But those days are over, not only for me, but for you and for Lucas. We're putting an end to this losing streak -- whatever it takes. Just you wait and see.

Hope: [Laughing]

Bo: So you want to ride to Cincinnati with me, do you?

Hope: Oh, and protect you from that big, mean lady.

Bo: She does sound scary. I love it when you're riding shotgun.

Hope: In that case, I will definitely set up a babysitter.

Bo: We better hurry up. We don't want her to get away.

Hope: Gosh, it's cold. Hey, Roman, hi.

Bo: How's it going? Haven't heard from you in a while.

Roman: Marlena was arrested.

Hope: Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry.

Roman: Well, she made bail. Took care of that.

Hope: Still, it can't be easy for you.

Bo: In the end, I-I knew you'd do the right thing.

Roman: Well, in the end, I had no choice.

Bo: Well, you hang in there. We just got a lead that might bust this case wide open. It's not over yet.

Roman: All right.

Slone: What are you guys doing?

Stephanie: Cleaning house.

Chelsea: Trying to make everything as good as new again.

Stephanie: You know, nothing like a clean slate.

Morgan: So, where's you-know-who?

Cordy: Is he still --

Stephanie: No, um, I told you I'd take care of it, and I did. He's gone.

Chelsea: It's finally over, guys -- for good. Come here.

Lucas: Do you realize the trouble I can be in if they trace that gun back to me?

Kate: They won't.

Kayla: Do you want to have a baby with me or not?

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