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E.J.: Are you sleeping? You're so pretty. I shouldn't say that. I should say you're handsome, aren't you? You're a handsome boy. You're a very handsome boy. We're gonna make the most beautiful family -- you, me, and your mother. Hmm? She just needs to make a clean break from her past. Yes, she does, and with Lucas. Is that an itch? It's okay. If I'm not mistaken, she's doing that right now. Right now.

Lucas: I want you to go. Go. I don't want to hear any more of this.

Sami: Lucas, I told him that I had feelings for him so that he would live.

Lucas: You told him because you love him. He admitted that. He said it.

Sami: I hate him just as much as ever.

Lucas: Then why are you trying to keep him alive?

Sami: Because Stefano threatened to start up the venĖ

Lucas: The vendetta again, right? I don't want to hear that word ever again. I don't want to hear it come out of your mouth.

Sami: You think that I do?

Lucas: I don't know what to think anymore. I mean, you tell me that you're lying to the guy. How do I know you're not lying to me?

Sami: Why would I do that?

Lucas: I don't know. Maybe because that's what you've done in the past. You've lied to so many people so many times, you don't even know when you're telling the truth.

Sami: I know that I love you.

Lucas: Listen, I want a normal life. I want a normal relationship.

Sami: Lucas, I swear to you, you have to believe me.

Lucas: That you're telling the truth, right? You swear to me?

Sami: I'm pr-- I'm protecting my family, okay? I have a plan.

Lucas: You are destroying our family. You're not protecting anybody. How could you let Johnny go over there like that, their hands all over him? What are you thinking?

Sami: Look, E.J. is his father, okay? I can't let him suspect that --

Lucas: What, you're just gonna give up? You're not gonna try to fight for him or protect him or anything?

Sami: I am fighting for him.

Lucas: Are you really? You're sacrificing him just like you're sacrificing us, this family. You're putting us behind everybody else.

Sami: No, that is not true. This is not about me choosing one family over the other.

Lucas: You already made your choice long before we got the divorce. You made your choice. You made it pretty clear to me I'd never be anything better than second best for you.

Sami: What? How can you even say that?

Lucas: This is the truth. Are we husband and wife anymore? No, we're nothing. You got your new marriage bed. You made it, sleep in it.

Ford: What are you gonna do now, Chelsea, huh? There's no one else here except you and me.

Stephanie: Get off her, you son of a bitch! Get off!

Morgan: Back off, Ford!

Ford: What? Or you're gonna what, huh? Come here.

[Opera music plays]

Stefano: [Sighs]

Dr. Rolf: Another threat I presume?

Stefano: Every day. Day after day after day. Rolf, I don't even know why I bother to open it. The message is the same all the time.

Dr. Rolf: Hmm. They are always the same. Um, maybe it's just a crank.

Stefano: No, Rolf. My old nemesis is alive and returning to exact vengeance, but this time it's not gonna end. It cannot...until one of is dead.

E.J.: Hey, look. It's Uncle Tony. Come in, come in.

Anna: Oh, what an angel face. May I?

E.J.: Sure, of course.

Tony: You know, we stopped by the hospital. I was surprised to see that you were already gone.

E.J.: Well, I thought I'd recover a bit faster here. Why don't you take a seat, both of you, please?

Anna: Sorry, we can't stay. We're on our way to the airport.

Tony: Yes, we're going abroad.

Anna: For an extended stay.

Tony: And I wanted to meet a DiMera whose conscience was spotless while I had the chance.

Anna: And so here we are.

Tony: Oh, Elvis, he's beautiful.

E.J.: Thank you. I couldn't agree more.

Anna: Why don't I go change him and let you two talk?

E.J.: Oh. Something we need to talk about?

Anna: Uh, Tony, don't take too long. Don't want to be late. You know how long it takes to get through security these days. And, you, you come with Auntie Anna, and we will change that diaper.

E.J.: have something to say to me?

Tony: Yes, I thought I'd share one piece of fraternal advice with you.

E.J.: Advice about what?

Tony: Protecting your son.

Sami: I am not going anywhere.

Lucas: Fine. Have it your way. You always do anyway. I'm not gonna argue anymore. I'm not gonna yell. Show yourself out when you get bored, all right? Just close the door behind you. Better check on Allie.

Sami: No, no. We are not gonna stop talking about this. Our entire future is at stake here.

Lucas: Our future? We don't have a future anymore. You're Mrs. DiMera, remember?

Sami: Don't say that.

Lucas: Why? It's the truth. That's why I want you out of here right now. You're E.J.'s wife. And as long as you are, just don't come back.

Ford: Not enjoying our little game, are you? [Indistinct shouting]

Morgan: Ford. Ford, are you okay?

Cordy: No, donít.

Carmen: Leave him.

Morgan: Answer me. Can you hear me?

Carmen: What is it? What's wrong?

Morgan: He's not breathing.

E.J.: Are you serious, Tony?

Tony: Very.

E.J.: Look, my son is a DiMera. I can't think what more protection he needs.

Tony: He needs protection because he's a DiMera. He needs protection from his grandfather most of all.

E.J.: I think I can handle my father, thanks.

Tony: You try exile for 20 years, then we'll talk about it.

E.J.: You know, we don't know each other very well, do we, Tony?

Tony: You know, that's exactly my point. Stefano took care of that. And he'll take care of your son in the best way that serves him, believe me.

E.J.: You know, I, um, I don't know the precise reasons why you and my father fell out. I don't know his reasons for sending you away, but I do know that it has nothing to do with me and it has even less to do with my son.

Tony: Huh. You hold on to that very misguided thought, and one day you will suffer for it as will your beautiful, little, innocent son.

E.J.: Father would never hurt him.

Tony: "Never hurt him"? We're talking about you putting your faith in a man who abandons his own. He left me to die all alone far away from family and friends. Imagine -- you try doing that to your own son.

E.J.: And you did nothing to make him angry. Nothing. Now, his reaction may have been extreme, Tony, but I'm sure he had his reasons.

Tony: Oh, Stefano always has his reason, his rationale for his violent and unforgivable behavior. But it boils down to this -- Stefano gets what he wants and nobody stands in his way. Brother... please, if you really love your son, if you know what's best for him, I'm begging you, get Johnny as far away from Stefano as you possibly can.

Sami: This is my home, too. My name is on that lease just like yours.

Lucas: I don't know about that. No DiMeras on our lease.

Sami: And that is my daughter in the bedroom.

Lucas: Oh, now you remember. Oh, good.

Sami: You can't make me go.

Lucas: If you won't go, Sami, I will.

Sami: No, no, you are not going anywhere. Look, Lucas, you have made your point. I understand how you feel.

Lucas: You don't understand anything or anybody. You don't even understand how you feel.

Sami: I understand that you love me.

Lucas: Yeah, I do love you. I still do, but it's not gonna last for long.

Sami: Nothing can ever change that. Nothing.

Lucas: You're so wrong about that, and I'll prove it to you. I will prove that I can get you out of my life.

Sami: Nope, that is not possible...for either of us.

Lucas: It is possible if I have to make it possible for our kid's sake.

Sami: Lucas.

Lucas: What? Donít. Don't do that to me. I mean it. Stop it. If you care about me, you'll leave right now. Stop it. Go! Finally.

Sami: No.

Lucas: What are you doing? Sami, stop. Damn it.

Slone: This is not funny.

Morgan: Does anyone know CPR?

Slone: I do. Back up, give us some room. You start counting. I'll do the chest compressions.

Morgan: 1, 2, 3.

Carmen: Should somebody try mouth to mouth?

Morgan: Be my guest. Breathe. Come on, Ford, breathe.

Stephanie: Chelse, are you okay?

Chelsea: I don't feel so good.

Slone: Morgan, anything?

Morgan: Still not breathing.

Carmen: Call 911. They'll be able to give him oxygen or shock him or something.

Slone: It's too late.

Carmen: No, it can't be. He canít.

Morgan: Slone's right. He's dead.

E.J.: Look, I know father can be a little overbearing at times, Tony.

Tony: And don't forget cruel and heartless.

E.J.: He's cold, okay? But despite all of his many miserable little traits, the fact of the matter is that you love this man.

Tony: I think you're quite wrong about that, Elvis.

E.J.: Please, you can deny it to me all you want. You can even deny it to yourself, Tony, but the truth of the matter is you love this man. You love him because you know that what he does, he does for blood. He does for family.

Tony: And what? I am the gardener's bastard, therefore I'm not actually related because of the blood? Is that what you're saying?

E.J.: No, I'm not saying anything. I'm telling you that my father is never gonna harm Johnny.

Tony: I never naive you really are.

Dr. Rolf: Your nemesis, Stefano?

Stefano: Yes. My nemesis has found the worst of all possible times to come crawling out from under a rock. And my new grandson's future is still far from secure.

Dr. Rolf: But securing his future is merely a matter of will, which you have in abundance.

Stefano: Yeah, but sooner or later, the mantle has to be passed down to the next generation. And I don't know. I -- I'm concerned about Elvis. I mean, he's stronger than Tony ever was, but he still shares the same weakness that Tony does.

Dr. Rolf: He wants to be loved.

Stefano: A trap that most men succumb to. And it has infected Elvis' heart. It has weakened him. And he can't seem to -- I don't know -- pull himself away. Samantha Brady's going to be the poison that saps his strength.

Dr. Rolf: He can still be taught.

Stefano: No. No. I'm afraid not. You were not there to see Samantha sweep in and take my grandson right out of my arms while my son sat there silent and docile.

Dr. Rolf: He did nothing?

Stefano: Nothing! I was disgusted, ashamed.

Dr. Rolf: No, he should be ashamed to show you such disrespect.

Stefano: I'm not sure any longer how long that the future of this family can be left in Elvis' hands. And the boy's future. I mean, it can't be left up to chance.

Dr. Rolf: No, it is unthinkable.

Stefano: His training is far too important. All my attention should be on this boy right now exclusively, and it would be if it wasn't for that!

Dr. Rolf: Well, then, that must be dealt with. Now tell me, what am I to do?

Stefano: Continue as instructed.

Dr. Rolf: Of course.

Stefano: And have no fear. I've already sent word out to our most trusted soldiers. [Sighs] I should have gotten rid of my nemesis when last I had the chance, but this time, Rolf, I will not make the same mistake. Never again.

Lucas: Stop it.

Sami: You're mine.

Lucas: Stop it. Donít. Stop.

Sami: You'll always be mine.

Lucas: Sami...stop it. Stop, all right? Go to hell.

Sami: Come with me.

Lucas: What are you doing to me?

Sami: What we always do to each other.

Cordy: Oh, my God.

Chelsea: No, breathe. Breathe.

Morgan: No, stop it!

Stephanie: Help me, help me. She's okay. I think it's the drug Ford put in her drink. She'll be fine.

Morgan: But Ford won't be.

Stephanie: It's okay. None of us meant for this to happen.

Carmen: We'll explain. Get campus security over here.

Stephanie: Are you crazy? We'll be arrested for murder. Is that what you want?

Tony: You know, as much as Stefano may love you and Johnny, there is no one that Stefano loves more than himself. And the sooner you grab on to that conclusion, the better off you'll be while you still have control, because if Stefano needs something from you and you don't give it to him, he'll cut you down without even shedding a single tear.

E.J.: Look, I understand why you feel that way, Tony. But you seem to be forgetting that I gave him a grandson.

Tony: Fulfilling your function, serving him with something he desires. But ask yourself this -- what purpose is it now that you serve, and what have you done for him lately?

E.J.: Look, we both want what is best for my son.

Tony: And what if you agree what's not best for your son? Look what happened to his children -- to Benjy, to Renee, all of them -- do you think Johnny's an exception?

E.J.: Look, even if I accept your premise, father's -- he's not gonna live that much longer. If he wants Johnny raised as a DiMera, he's gonna have to do it through me.

Tony: You know another way that you were raised -- respect, loyal to the family name, traditions.

E.J.: Sure, as were you.

Tony: Exactly. And you know what? There's not a single moment that's gone by that I regret it, rejecting that lifestyle of brutality and hatred and death.

E.J.: There's a lot more to our lifestyle than brutality and hatred and death. You know, we've got things like honor, pride in achievement.

Tony: But the DiMera legacy, it's cursed. You have an opportunity now to stop that curse from going forward to the next generation.

E.J.: Please, you make it sound like some kind of genetic disorder, Tony.

Tony: Why don't you just be a better man than Stefano could ever be? Ah, little brother... do what you know is right... for yourself, for your future, and for your sons.

Sami: Look, Lucas, please believe me. I told E.J. I have feelings for him, but that is all he is ever gonna get from me, is lies.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I still hate it.

Sami: I hate it, too. But for all the pain he has caused, he's gotten it back a thousand times over.

Lucas: He deserves a lot worse.

Sami: Look, I told him I have feelings for him to get him to fight to live. As long as he is alive and he trusts me, I can use that, and Stefano will stay away from us and our family.

Lucas: It almost sounds reasonable when you say it like that.

Sami: I'm doing this for us. I'm doing this for us and our children -- for will and the twins -- and for our future.

Lucas: That's where you lose me. 'Cause we don't have a future. You're married to E.J.

Sami: That is only temporary. You know that. We do have a future. Lucas, I will never stop fighting for us... because there's nothing for me without you.

Carmen: What are you talking about "murder"? We didn't kill Decker.

Morgan: Carmen's right. It was an accident. We didn't mean to kill him. He just -- he fell down the stairs.

Stephanie: Why did he fall down the stairs? Because we drugged him. We called him up and lured him over here deliberately. Wake up. That's premeditation.

Morgan: We just wanted to scare him. We didn't want to kill him.

Stephanie: It doesn't matter. We are still responsible.

Morgan: No, it's not murder if it was an accident.

Stephanie: Don't you get it? Ford wouldn't have been here if we hadn't called him. He wouldn't have fallen down the stairs if we hadn't drugged him. That makes us responsible.

Carmen: It was still an accident. It wasn't murder. We didn't plan to kill him.

Stephanie: Okay. Suppose we tell them exactly what happened and they believe us. You think that will keep us out of jail?

Carmen: Why not?

Morgan: Because they now know exactly what we know. If it wasn't for us bringing Ford over here and drugging him, he wouldn't have died.

Stephanie: They'll find us guilty of manslaughter or negligent homicide at the very least, and that still means prison.

Morgan: And that's only if they believe us.

Slone: Why wouldn't they?

Morgan: Because, you guys, face it. We're the ones that accused him of raping Cordy and attempting to rape me.

Stephanie: We went to the dean. He did nothing.

Morgan: So we made flyers and we put them all over campus, denouncing Ford as the campus rapist. We put them everywhere.

Stephanie: We were determined to punish him, except he wasn't getting punished, so we "tricked" him into coming over to our sorority house and we murdered him.

Slone: But we didn't and that's why we have to call the police. It was an accident. Nobody intended him to fall down the stairs.

Carmen: No, we didn't, but who's gonna believe us?

Slone: You too?

Carmen: They're right, Slone. If they do believe us, we're looking at jail time and our lives are over, and if they don't believe us, we're looking at murder charges.

Stephanie: And murder doesn't just mean jail time. It could mean the death penalty.

Slone: But he was a rapist.

Stephanie: We don't have any proof. And worse, we went to the dean's office and he threw out all the charges.

Morgan: I've already faced his father. He would crucify us in the courtroom. He made me look like a lying slut in the dean's office. Imagine what he'll do to you if he gets the chance.

Stephanie: Are you ready to spend the rest of your life in jail for a rapist or worse?

Slone: He was still a human being.

Cordy: No, he wasn't!

Lucas: You know, E.J. is pretty smart.

Sami: Um, what? You mean you don't think I'll be able to convince him that I'm in love with him?

Lucas: He knows how you really feel.

Sami: Well, I can be pretty convincing.

Lucas: Yeah, you're one hell of a liar when you need to be.

Sami: Is that a compliment?

Lucas: It's just a statement of fact. He's a world-class liar, too, so it's gonna be hard to fool him.

Sami: I don't think so. I mean, look what I've done already. He was willing himself to die. I convinced him that I cared about him, and now look at him. He's home from the hospital already.

Lucas: You won't be able to keep it up that long. He's gonna find out sooner or later.

Sami: E.J.'s gonna believe what he wants to believe and then I'll be in control.

Lucas: I just don't know how long I'm willing to wait for that.

Sami: Well, maybe I can convince you that it's worth it again.

Lucas: Come on. [Knock on door] Take any bets on who that is?

Sami: Come on, it could be anybody.

Lucas: Yeah, right. It could be anybody. I think we both know who it is, though. Let's just see if I'm right. Yep, it's E.J.

E.J.: Quiet, please. Johnny's asleep. Am I interrupting something?

Dr. Rolf: If there is nothing else for me to do, I'll change.

Stefano: The surgery was a success, Rolf?

Dr. Rolf: Of course. The patient is downstairs recovering.

Stefano: Will it be long?

Dr. Rolf: No, no, no. He will be at your disposal very soon.

Stefano: Excellent. Excellent. He will be needed at his fighting strength.

Dr. Rolf: I will do everything in my power.

Stefano: I have every confidence in you and in him, Rolf. [Chuckles] And when he is ready, I will make sure that he takes care of this...chronic nuisance... ...once and for all.

Cordy: I don't know how you define being a human being, but that isn't it. To be human, you need to be worthy of respect. This guy used drugs to attack women. There's not one human bone in his body.

Stephanie: I agree.

Morgan: We know what he was. He's still dead because of us.

Cordy: He's dead because of what he did. And I don't feel bad about it. I'm just glad he can't rape or drug any more women.

Morgan: Whatever y'all feel about him or about us being responsible for his death, we still have to deal with it.

Cordy: I'm not going to jail for him.

Stephanie: Neither am I.. Is anyone here ready to throw away the rest of their life in jail for Ford Decker?

Morgan: Okay, we are all in this together.

Chelsea: Together.

Stephanie: Chelse, stay down.

Chelsea: No. No. We all agreed.

Carmen: She's right. We all added drugs to his drink.

Stephanie: Which makes us all equally guilty, and you're crazy if you think we won't wind up in jail.

Carmen: I'm not going to jail, not for him.

Morgan: Okay, so we all agree we are not calling the police. Anyone not agree? Okay, so, we still got to deal with this. What are we gonna do about him?

Carmen: We have to move the body.

Stephanie: How? Chelsea's mom set up security cameras all around the house.

Slone: She's right. If we try to carry Ford out, we're gonna be seen.

Stephanie: There is the basement.

Slone: What? You mean you want to keep a dead body right here in our house where we live?

Morgan: I have to agree with Slone. That's a horrible idea.

Stephanie: It's just for now until we figure out what else we can do.

Carmen: I'm with Steph.

Stephanie: Any other ideas?

[Opera music plays]

Tony: Father. Father. [Music turns off] Hello.

Stefano: Well, well. You're still here. I thought you had already gone. I've already wiped you completely out of my mind.

Tony: As you have so effortlessly in the past, but don't fret. We'll be leaving soon.

Stefano: What can I do for you?

Tony: I'd like to ask you to do me one favor. It's the least you can do for me for the way you've treated me in the past and my people that I love.

Stefano: Well, this favor, what could it be, Tony?

Tony: Leave Elvis' baby boy alone.

Stefano: This is not your concern.

Anna: But he's just a baby, Stefano.

Stefano: Hardly. He is the heir to the DiMera name.

Tony: And I'm sure you have plans to shower him with every possible luxury.

Stefano: That also is not of your concern, all right? But to tell you the truth, of course I will give him everything that he needs.

Tony: But you're forgetting something.

Stefano: Hmm. Tony, for goodness' sake, spit it out, all right? I'm tired of this verbal dance. It's boring.

Tony: It's Elvis. You underestimate him, and he has my support.

Stefano: Thank the good Lord.

Tony: Oh. Bully him, they'll fight you with every little trick you've ever taught him and even more than that. You want your last days here on earth to be peaceful? Leave them alone. You try to take that son away from Elvis, and I'm telling you, you'll have a war on your hands, and a war you could possibly lose.

Stefano: How little you know.

Tony: You want your little grandson to be heir and to inherit your whole empire? Take a little advice from me, Stefano -- go home. Go back to Tuscany and leave your son raise his own son as his own in his own way as he himself.

Lucas: Interrupting, E.J.? Sami's your wife. What could you possibly be interrupting?

Sami: Lucas, stop it.

E.J.: I think you're right. Johnny needs to be with his sister.

Lucas: You are crazy if you think we're gonna let you take Allie out of here.

E.J.: Would you keep your voice down, please? I've already asked you once. Johnny is sleeping. Now, look, I said Johnny needs to be with his sister. The twins should sleep together, but I brought him here, okay, if that's okay with you, if that's okay with both of you.

Lucas: Sure, what's the catch?

E.J.: There's no catch.

Sami: What made you change your mind?

E.J.: The twins come first. It's that simple.

Lucas: "Simple"?

E.J.: Yes. They need each other. And as much as I might not want to admit it, you're probably... better at looking after them than I am, Sami. What they don't need is raised voices and all this anxiety that's going on between us. They need a strong, supportive, quiet environment.

Lucas: Do you really expect us to believe you?

E.J.: Lucas, if me doing this brings us one step closer to getting rid of this anger and animosity that exists between us, then I'm doing the right thing. Sami. Good night. Good night.

[Dance music plays]

Ford: Happy Halloween.

Morgan: [Groans] Can we go now?

Ford: Let's go. Hey, where you going?

Morgan: Back to the party.

Ford: Aren't you at least gonna tuck me in?

Morgan: Yeah, right. Drink plenty of water. I'll see you tomorrow.

Ford: Wow. Are you okay?

Morgan: Yeah, I feel kind of dizzy. Can I use your bathroom?

Ford: Yeah, sure. You're looking hot. You want it. Oh, yeah.

Morgan: Oh. What's going on?

Ford: You had a little too much to drink, baby. Go back to sleep.

Morgan: I got -- I got to get out of here.

Ford: That's my girl.

Ford: I said open up, damn it! If you don't, I'll break this door down!

Stephanie: Go ahead, Ford! I'm calling security! They'll be up in less than a minute.

Ford: Don't worry. I'm going. But you just know that if you keep posting those flyers or dare open your mouth about our night together, you'll be sorry. I'll make sure this whole town knows what a lying whore you really are.

Cordy: Is he gone?


Stephanie: Help. Stop. No.

Sami: He's beautiful.

Lucas: You think E.J. meant any of that?

Sami: I think he did.

Lucas: I think he's gonna want something in return. I can't wait to find out what that is. Come on. Let's go, big guy.

Sami: Um, hey, Lucas, is there anything I can do to help?

Lucas: You mean with the twins?

Sami: With anything.

Lucas: If we put him down now, Allie's gonna wake up. If she wakes up, she's gonna be hungry. She's always hungry.

Sami: So you want me to stay?

Lucas: It's up to you. Do what you want.

Sami: Then I'll hang around.

Lucas: All right, do that.

Sami: I will.

Tony: Why don't you just be a better man than Stefano could ever be? Ah, little brother... do what you know is right... for yourself, for your future, and for your son.

Tony: Did you hear me, Stefano? I'm not going to leave unless you agree with me.

Stefano: Then stay. But this conversation is over.

Tony: Oh, Stefano!

Anna: Save it. You're wasting your breath, honey.

Tony: Stefano and E.J. -- they're the same -- stubborn, self-centered.

Anna: And dangerous.

Tony: Oh, yeah.

Anna: Look, you tried, but Stefano is never gonna change.

Tony: But Elvis, do you think it's a lost cause?

Anna: No, not completely. Not yet anyway. I mean...who knows? He might have heard you.

Tony: I hope so.

Anna: But as for Stefano, the only thing that's gonna get through to him is when he meets someone who is willing to be as ruthless as he is.

Tony: Hmm.

Stephanie: All right, the basement it is. We'll figure out what to do with him after that. But for now, we just need to get his body out of sight.

Carmen: Let's just do it before I lose my nerve.

Stephanie: Hold on. First we have to all swear to never say a word about this, not to your boyfriends, your priest, your shrink, and especially not your parents. Got it? Everyone agree?

Morgan: Stephanie's right. This has to be our secret. Well, come on, everybody. Swear.

Stephanie: Swear.

Carmen: I swear.

Stephanie: Chelse?

Chelsea: I swear.

Stephanie: Okay, well, it's getting late, so we'll just figure out what to do in the morning.

Slone: Cordy, why don't you help me get Chelsea to you guys' bedroom?

Chelsea: Steph.

Stephanie: It's okay. Everything's taken care of.

Chelsea: Is it?

Stephanie: It will be. Well, are you ready?

Carmen: No.

Stephanie: Well, neither am I, but let's just get this over with.

Carmen: "Over with"? It's just beginning.

Stephanie: Carmen, come on. The sooner we do it, the better.

Caroline: There must be somebody special you got your eye on.

Stephanie: I'm in big trouble. I need your help right now.

Sami: What if you are the one who shot him?

Marlena: Well, then, I will go to prison for that for attempted murder.

Sami: You'll never make it to prison. Stefano will see to that.

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