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Belle: Philip. I finally did it. I left Shawn.

Belle: [Moans pleasurably]

Shawn D.: How's that feel?

Belle: It feels wonderful.

Shawn D.: Good.

Belle: Beyond wonderful. In fact, I think it's better than sex.

Shawn D.: Hey.

Belle: [Laughs] I'm just kidding.

Shawn D.: That's what I thought. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Belle: If I had known it was gonna be this good, I would have married you a long time ago.

Shawn D.: Yeah, it does feel right, doesn't it?

Belle: Mm-hmm.

Shawn D.: I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

Belle: No reason to apologize. Just keep doing what you're doing.

Shawn D.: Your wish is my command.

Bo: Oh, hey.

Hope: That took a pretty long time.

Bo: Uh-huh.

Hope: Did Ciara make her daddy read two books to her tonight?

Bo: We were working on our third.

Hope: How was your day today?

Bo: Not so bad. Guys at the station were pretty impressed with Shawn.

Hope: They should be after finding that gun.

Bo: Yeah, ballistics matched it to a bullet taken out of the altar.

Hope: Ah! Way to go, Shawn!

Bo: Yeah. Kate's fingerprints were on it.

Hope: That's not so good.

Bo: Yeah. That's not the only thing that got the guys talking.

Hope: What else?

Bo: Well, the fact that Shawn had to wrestle that gun out of the guy's hands.

Hope: That part I'm not so crazy about, Brady.

Bo: No, no, no. Are you ever gonna get used to your little baby boy being a cop?

Hope: What choice do I have? I have none. But you know what? After what happened today, he's gonna get into the academy no problem -- that is provided that Philip doesn't try sabotaging him again.

Bo: I guess you haven't heard. Um, Philip didn't write that letter to the academy. Belle did.

Sami: E.J., if you're gonna need help with taking a bath or getting into bed or whatever, you should probably consider hiring a nurse.

E.J.: Why would I need a nurse when I have you?

Sami: E.J.! That's not --

Lucas: Yo! What the hell's going on here, huh?

Sami: No, it's okay.

Lucas: It's not okay. I should kill you right now. I should kill you right now!

Chelsea: Operation make Ford pay is officially under way.

Morgan: Are those the supplies?

Chelsea: Yeah. I think we got everything we need. We got rope, duct tape... baby monitors... and somulax.

Carmen: You found that stuff pretty quick.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, it's mostly my mom's. Don't worry. She doesn't know I took it. We're gonna put it back as soon as we're done.

Morgan: All right, we need to go over this plan one more time.

Chelsea: Good idea.

Morgan: Sloan, as soon as Ford gets here, you're gonna offer him a drink with somulax.

Carmen: Has anyone ever used somulax? Sorry, guys. I meant deliberately.

Sloan: I have. If you can't sleep, it's amazing.

Morgan: It's pretty effective. That's for sure.

Chelsea: So, as soon as he's unconscious, we're gonna tie him up with the rope, and then we're gonna duct-tape his mouth.

Cordy: But we're not gonna hurt him.

Chelsea: No, we're just gonna scare him like we agreed.

Morgan: Okay. Any questions? That's pretty much it.

Chelsea: You ready, Sloan?

Sloan: I don't think I can do this.

Chelsea: What?

Sloan: I don't want to be alone with Ford.

Chelsea: Sloan, you're not gonna be alone with him, okay? We're just gonna be in the other room. That's why I got the baby monitors. I'm gonna hide one in this room.

Stephanie: Ford's a strong guy, and she will be alone with him. How are you gonna protect her?

Chelsea: Okay. So, Ford's a strong guy. But he's not stronger than all of us. Look, I know that you guys are nervous, but if we do this together, I promise you, we can teach Ford Decker a lesson he'll never forget.

Sami: Lucas, get off of him! Lucas, come on! E.J.! E.J.

E.J.: I'm fine. I'm all right.

Sami: No, obviously you're not. Obviously you're in pain. Oh, my God. What were you thinking? He has a bullet in his spine. I mean, he's paralyzed, for God's sake. E.J., listen, maybe we should get you back to the hospital. Maybe Dr. Berman should check you out.

E.J.: That's okay. I feel better already. It's okay.

Sami: I don't believe you.

E.J.: Fine. Would you get me a painkiller, please?

Sami: No, that's not enough. You should go to the hospital.

E.J.: Samantha, please, just get me a painkiller, okay? They're on my night bag over there. Thank you.

Lucas: What's going on here, huh? What, are you helping him? Don't tell me you were okay with his hands all over you like that.

Sami: Lucas.

Lucas: What? You were in his lap, Sami.

Sami: I fell. And he caught me. That's all.

Lucas: What, are you lying for the guy now?

E.J.: No, actually, Lucas. She's lying for you. You might as well tell him. He needs to know the truth.

Lucas: What? What truth? What's going on?

Chelsea: Stephanie, can I talk to you for a second?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Chelsea: What's going on?

Stephanie: Nothing. I'm just worried about Sloan.

Chelsea: I don't get it. First with our dads and now here? It's almost like you don't want to catch Ford, you don't want to stop him.

Stephanie: All I did was ask, how are we gonna protect Sloan?

Chelsea: Yeah, and now she's worried that something is gonna happen to her.

Stephanie: And she should be because Ford is dangerous. It is about time you realized that.

Chelsea: Nothing is going to go wrong. This plan is airtight.

Stephanie: It's not airtight. You're crazy if you think that Ford is even gonna show up here after what we've done to expose him.

Chelsea: Why are you even asking me questions? This is gonna work.

Stephanie: What if it doesn't?

Chelsea: Then we will come up with a new plan.

Stephanie: You know what? He's not even gonna wait for us because he's just gonna attack us. We have to forget about him.

Chelsea: That is not an option.

Stephanie: What we're doing is way too risky. Please just listen to me.

Morgan: You know what? She's right. It's really risky. I mean, let's face it. Ford is on a major power trip right now.

Chelsea: That's why it's gonna work. Ford is on a power trip, and the last thing he'll expect is for a bunch of women to get the best of him. We can do this. It's gonna work. Besides, we can't call Ford. He's already on his way over. He's gonna be here any minute. So, are we in this together?

Morgan: I say it's worth the risk.

Chelsea: So, are there any more questions?

Carmen: What happens after we let Ford go?

Sloan: Seriously. You know he's gonna want revenge. How are we supposed to protect ourselves?

Carmen: We are gonna let him go, right?

Hope: I don't believe it. I honestly cannot believe that Belle wrote the letter that got Shawn thrown out of the academy. Why would she do something like that?

Bo: According to Shawn –

Hope: According to Shawn?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: He knows? Is he okay?

Bo: According to Shawn, she didn't want him to be a cop, you know, have a profession that was so dangerous.

Hope: Well, that I at least understand. We're both cops.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: You've been a cop for God knows how many years, and I still worry every time you walk out that door. But you know what I don't understand, Brady, is why didn't she talk to Shawn about her concerns instead of going behind his back?

Bo: Beats me.

Hope: Beats you? You know, what she did was an awful thing to do.

Bo: Hey. It was right after John's death. Shawn said she regretted it as soon as she sent that letter.

Hope: And he's forgiven her?

Bo: He says he understands.

Hope: You know, this whole thing is really becoming a habit -- going behind Shawn's back. And I'm really starting to believe that maybe you were right. Maybe we should have told Shawn about Belle's affair.

Bo: Because of the letter?

Hope: No, actually there's another reason.

Shawn D.: God, you're beautiful. How did I ever get so lucky? I don't deserve you.

Belle: I don't deserve you.

Shawn D.: Belle, don't say that.

Belle: Shawn, there's something I need to tell you.

Belle: I told Shawn.

Philip: You told him?

Belle: That I was in love with you.

Philip: How did he take it?

Belle: He was devastated.

Philip: He'd have to be.

Belle: But I had to tell him. I can't keep hiding how I feel. I've been in love with you for as long as I can remember. In fact, divorcing you was the biggest mistake I ever made. We're soul mates. We need each other. We belong together.

Lucas: What do I have a right to know, Sami?

E.J.: Samantha's falling in love with me, aren't you, darling? She admitted her feelings while we were in the hospital together.

Sami: E.J., you know that's not what I said.

Lucas: Bullet's affected more than your legs. You're delusional, man. She hates you.

E.J.: She doesn't hate me, and I'm not delusional. If you don't believe me, ask her.

Lucas: I'm not gonna ask her. I know exactly what she's gonna say. What's going on, Sami?

[Cellphone rings]

Sloan: Hello?

Ford: You still alone, baby?

Sloan: Yeah.

Ford: I'll be over in a few minutes.

Sloan: It was Ford. He said he's on his way.

Chelsea: Okay. We'll fix his drink.

Stephanie: Guys, wait. Are you okay?

Sloan: Yeah. I think so.

Stephanie: You're shaking.

Morgan: Are you sure you can really do this?

Sloan: I'll try.

Chelsea: Look, it's just until he drinks the drink.

Sloan: The guy freaks me out.

Chelsea: I know that, but he's not gonna hurt you, I promise. We're just in there. We got your back.

Stephanie: Chelsea, we can't force her. If Ford sees her shaking like this, he's gonna know it's a setup.

Morgan: You know, she's right, Chelse. We may have to call Ford and cancel. Look, sweetie, you don't have to do this if you don't want to.

Sloan: I don't know what's the matter with me. I've stood up to the guy before. I just didn't know then... I'm sorry.

Chelsea: Don't be. Really, it's fine.

Carmen: Do you want me to call?

Chelsea: No. Ford needs to feel what it's like to be helpless and scared. He needs to feel like every single one of his victims felt. Sloan can't do it, so I'm just gonna do it myself.

Bo: I'm not gonna like this, am I?

Hope: We'll start it with a kiss.

Bo: I'm not gonna like this. What?

Hope: On the day of Shawn's wedding, I heard a message Philip left for Belle. They were together the night before the wedding at Titan.

Bo: She cheated on Shawn –

Hope: I don't know for sure. I don’t. But it's a possibility.

Bo: Why didn't you tell me this?

Hope: Because, Bo, with everything that was going on with your dad at the hospital --

Bo: She agreed to cut ties with him. I got to tell Shawn.

Hope: No, no, no, wait. Just let's talk to Marlena first, okay?

Bo: No. Shawn's got to know. We got to tell him right now.

Shawn D.: So, you got something to tell me, huh? Sounds serious.

Belle: I'm not the woman that you think I am.

Shawn D.: I know that. When I brought out the handcuffs, I think you liked it.

Belle: Shawn, I'm serious. I've made a lot of mistakes. And I'm afraid that you still see me as that innocent little girl you grew up with.

Shawn D.: Trust me, Belle. I don't see you that way.

Belle: Shawn --

Shawn D.: No, I see you as the woman that I love, not some innocent girl.

Belle: I'm not perfect.

Shawn D.: Maybe not. But you are perfect for me.

Belle: Philip. I did what you asked. I told Shawn it was over and that I was in love with you.

Philip: Belle, I wish I could take you at your word, but you keep lying to me. This time I'm gonna need proof.

Belle: How's this? Shawn's dead. I killed him, just like you asked.

Philip: I didn't want you to murder him.

Belle: Of course you did. You may not have said it out loud, but you said it in every other way -- the way you treated Shawn, the disrespect, the way you pursued me. Don't you see, Philip? Now we can be together.

Philip: How could you kill Shawn?

Belle: It was easy. I did it for you.

Sloan: I am so sorry I backed out at the last minute.

Stephanie: It's okay. It was a bad idea.

Chelsea: No, it wasn’t. And I'm gonna get him to have that drink.

Stephanie: This is insane. He is not gonna believe you. Ford is not gonna stick around and have a drink with you.

Carmen: Stephanie's right. He knows it was your idea to post the flyers. You're the reason the whole town knows he's a rapist.

Chelsea: So, what? Do you guys have a better idea?

Stephanie: Yes. Have Sloan call and cancel.

Chelsea: No, it's too late. He's gonna be here any minute. [Knock on door]

Morgan: That's him.

Stephanie: Someone tell him she had food poisoning or something.

Chelsea: No. No. I'm gonna do this.

Cordy: Chelsea, are you sure?

Chelsea: Yes, I have to for everyone he's ever hurt. [Knock on door] Hurry. Go. And don't forget to turn on the baby monitor.

Stephanie: Chelsea.

Chelsea: What? [Banging on door]

Ford: What are you doing here?

Chelsea: What do you think?

Bo: What did Philip's message say?

Hope: He said that she absolutely couldn't marry Shawn because she was in love with him and he knew it when he held her in his arms.

Bo: It's kind of hard to believe that she was with him the night before the marriage.

Hope: Whatever the meeting was about, she obviously told him she was marrying Shawn.

Bo: Yeah, while she's in his arms? [Sighs] How did you find out about this?

Hope: Well, um... being the detective that I am, her phone rang right before the wedding, and she claimed that it was Mimi, but my gut told me that it wasn't, that it was Philip. Anyway, um... she left her phone behind, and I found it when I came back to the room later that night. And I made the decision to listen to her messages to see if I was right. And sadly enough, I was. She had lied. So I spoke to Marlena.

Bo: What did she have to say?

Hope: Obviously she didn't want to believe that her daughter had cheated on Shawn. But once I told her about the message, then she finally said okay. She accepted it and said she was gonna talk to Belle.

Bo: You know, I'm really getting tired of lying to Shawn about his wife.

Hope: Yeah, you and me both. But, please, Bo, just, let's -- let's just wait to see what Belle says to Marlena, okay?

Bo: She lies to her husband. Why won't she lie to her mom? Shawn's a grown man. We should tell him. Let him decide what he wants to do.

Sami: Lucas, not now.

Lucas: E.J. telling the truth?

E.J.: Samantha, it's all right, darling. Tell him.

Lucas: You know what? Don't bother. I know the answer.

Sami: Lucas!

Morgan: Carmen, turn it up. I can't hear him.

Chelsea: Aren't you gonna come in?

Ford: What's going on? Where's Sloan?

Chelsea: She's out with all the other sisters. I had her invite you over here 'cause I wanted to talk to you alone.

Ford: Didn't dare call me yourself, huh?

Chelsea: To be honest, I didn't really think you'd want to talk to me after everything I did.

Ford: You're right. I'm out of here.

Chelsea: I wanted to apologize... for posting those flyers. Actually, I wanted to apologize for everything. Cordy told me the truth.

Ford: Meaning what?

Chelsea: That she lied. You didn't rape her.

Stephanie: Cordy, just remember, she's playing him. She doesn't mean it, okay?

Ford: Cordy said she lied?

Chelsea: Yeah. And I feel horrible.

Ford: I told you that chick was lying.

Chelsea: Well, some girls send guys signals, make them think that they like them, and then they end up having sex, and the girl freaks out. Cordy sure did.

Ford: Yeah, she definitely went psycho on me. Oh, and so did you, by the way, at the dean's office.

Chelsea: Yeah. I'm really sorry about that. I believed Cordy.

Ford: And what about Morgan? Is she still going around saying I tried to drug her at the party and tried to rape her in my room? 'Cause that's a lie, too.

Chelsea: Um, Morgan and I aren't really talking right now.

Ford: Why? Did you two get into a fight?

Chelsea: Kind of. You know how she is. She's totally stuck on herself. She's got all this money, and she makes sure that everybody knows it.

Ford: Yeah, her folks are loaded all right.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Ford: So, what's your deal? You still dating that prof?

Chelsea: Oh, no. Turned out to be a little too boring for me. I'm not really interested in the human genome project or anything else he gets "excited" about.

Ford: Yeah, I figured him for a geek.

Chelsea: No, actually, I really like to go to clubs, you know, dancing and drinking, having a good time. That's kind of why I wanted to apologize to you in person. I think that we're a lot alike. What are you doing?

Ford: Checking the place out.

Chelsea: That's just Cordy's room.

Stephanie: Come on.

Ford: You must think I'm really stupid, don't you? I know exactly what's going on.

Sami: Why did you do that?

E.J.: I thought you'd be relieved now that we no longer have to hide how we feel for one another.

Sami: Is that how this so-called marriage is gonna go -- you doing things without even thinking about how it's gonna make me feel?

E.J.: Our so-called marriage now, is it?

Sami: Well, it's hardly a real marriage, is it? Unless you start treating me like an equal.

E.J.: I'm sorry, Samantha, okay? But I thought it was the best thing to do, you know, like ripping a bandage off quickly.

Sami: Did you even consider our children? I mean, Lucas is furious.

E.J.: You can't seriously think that Lucas is gonna prevent you from seeing your children?

Sami: I don't know, but I better go talk to him about it.

E.J.: Samantha, you seem very concerned about Lucas' feelings.

Sami: I am concerned for my children.

E.J.: Why? You know as well as I do that no judge in his right mind is ever going to allow Lucas to prevent you from seeing your kids. One of them isn't even his.

Sami: I don't want to go to court over this if you don't mind.

E.J.: Was Lucas right, Samantha? I mean, should I be suspicious of you?

Chelsea: So, what's going on exactly?

Ford: You're making nice so you don't get sued for defamation of character.

Chelsea: Is that what you think?

Ford: Tell me I'm wrong.

Chelsea: Well, I don't want to be sued, that's for sure.

Ford: Well, here we are. Nice try.

Chelsea: But I wasn't thinking about any kind of suit when I invited you over here.

Ford: No?

Chelsea: No.

Sloan: She's playing him well.

Morgan: Yeah, but is he gonna buy?

Chelsea: To be honest, I didn't think about you suing me at all.

Ford: No, not you. The whole sorority. After I'm through, I'm gonna own the place.

Chelsea: I really was only thinking of apologizing.

Ford: Right. That was your only thought.

Chelsea: Maybe not my only thought. I also thought that we could hang out.

Ford: Oh, yeah?

Chelsea: Oh, don't act so surprised. You know you're hot. You also know that I've really been attracted to you for a while.

Ford: Right, and that's why you trashed me from one end of the campus to the other.

Chelsea: I believed Cordy. But I guess that I was also scared because my feelings for you were so intense.

Ford: Intense, huh? Well, that much I believe.

Chelsea: Well, I guess I blew any chance I ever had with you. I'm sorry that you don't trust me, but I totally get it. Thank you for coming by.

Ford: Who said I was going anywhere?

Chelsea: You're not?

Sloan: He went for it.

Morgan: Chelsea was right. His ego is out of control.

Ford: You know, I might consider not suing if you publicly confess that the flyers were wrong.

Chelsea: Hmm. I guess I had that coming. Okay. I'll do it. I mean, after all, it is the least I could do for you.

Ford: So, we're all alone in the house, huh?

Chelsea: Yeah, everyone's at the Cheatin' Heart.

Ford: Maybe I'll stick around while I decide whether I believe you or not.

Chelsea: Well, in that case, would you like something to drink?

Ford: Only if you're drinking with me.

Chelsea: Of course. What would you like?

Ford: Bourbon on the rocks.

Stephanie: I'll pour.

Chelsea: Two bourbon on the rocks coming right up. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let me do it. We're all in this together, right? All right. Ford -- left hand. Me – right. Ford -- left hand. Me -- right. To new beginnings.

Ford: First we need some music. Put something on.

Chelsea: Why don't you?

Ford: No, no, no, no. You pick. Surprise me.

Chelsea: Okay. Sure. [Jazz music plays] I thought you might like this.

Ford: Are you for real?

Chelsea: 100%.

Ford: So, Cordy really admitted she was lying?

Chelsea: Yeah. She's gonna be kicked out of the sorority. We just have to take a vote.

Ford: Let's make a toast.

Chelsea: Okay.

Ford: Let's toast to a truce. Taste mine first.

Hope: If Shawn finds out that Belle cheated on him, God knows what's gonna happen.

Bo: At least he'll know what's going on in his own life.

Hope: All I'm saying is let's not tell him just yet. Let's just see what happens, okay? See what happens with Belle and Marlena. God, I hate really being in this position.

Bo: So do I.

Hope: But you know what I hate the most?

Bo: What?

Hope: I hate what this is gonna do to our son when he finds out that Belle cheated on him.

Shawn D.: Come back to bed.

Sami: E.J., how can you even ask me that? Of course I care.

E.J.: Okay. Then prove it. Stay here with me tonight. Don't go and be with Lucas.

Sami: You know I can't do that. I have to figure this out with him.

E.J.: Yes, you do, but not tonight.

Sami: I know Lucas. If I wait, it's just gonna get worse. And thinking about Allie and Johnny. I mean, after everything I've been through with Lucas, I have to figure this out. I have to get along with him.

E.J.: Please stay.

Sami: E.J... please don't make me choose between you and my children.

E.J.: I would never do that. Just please stay.

Sami: Okay. What if I did? What if I did stay and deal with this tomorrow? Come on, E.J. You know what a wreck I'll be. I'm not gonna be able to relax or enjoy my time with you. I'm gonna be freaking out, worrying about this whole confrontation now that I have to have with Lucas. Come on. You don't want to put me through that, do you?

E.J.: Okay. All right. You win.

Sami: Thanks. Listen, um, Johnny should be okay. He should sleep. But if he wakes up, you call me and I'll bring you a bottle, all right?

E.J.: Okay. Hey.

Sami: Good night.

E.J.: Good night.

Sami: Sorry.

Chelsea: You want me to taste your drink?

Stephanie: This can't be happening.

Ford: Call me paranoid, but I don't drink anything I don't pour myself.

Chelsea: What, do you think I put rat poison in it or something?

Ford: I don't know. Did you?

Chelsea: No, Ford, I didn’t.

Ford: Then humor me. Have a drink.

Chelsea: Okay.

Morgan: Chelsea, no!

Chelsea: Satisfied?

Ford: Not yet, but I think I'm going to be.

Chelsea: Now it's my turn to make a toast. To getting what we want and what we deserve.

Ford: I'll drink to that.

Sami: Man, that was -- Lucas, don't be angry. I mean, everything E.J. said wasn't true.

Lucas: I always suspected something was going on, but you -- you convinced me I was wrong.

Sami: Lucas, you are wrong. I'm not falling in love with E.J., all right? I love you.

Lucas: You know, I think you should go back to your husband.

Sami: What? Look, you have to listen to me.

Lucas: You know what? I don't want you here. I want you to leave now.

Sami: Lucas, after everything we have been through, all of the ups and downs, after everything that we have meant to each other, you have to know that I love you and that I would never be able to love someone else. Stefano threatened my family if I didn't do everything I could to save E.J.'s life. So I gave him a reason to live. But I was doing it for us. I love you. You have to believe that.

Bo: You know, Shawn's tough. I think he can handle the truth.

Hope: Yeah, but can he handle losing his wife and his daughter?

Bo: Whatever happens, he is not losing Claire. That's his little baby girl. That's why I think we should tell him about his wife.

Hope: Stop right there, Brady. Promise me right now you will wait until we hear from Marlena.

Bo: Okay. But if we catch her in any more lies, I'm telling Shawn what kind of woman he married.

Hope: Brady, I'm with you.

Bo: Okay. Enough about our son's problems. We got our own problems right here.

Hope: What are you talking about? What's going on?

Bo: Too much space between us.

Hope: Is that better?

Bo: That's better.

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