Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/29/07 - Canada; Friday 11/30/07 - U.S.A.


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Nick: Hey, you got them?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Nick: Ooh, let me see.

Chelsea: Everything.

Nick: Oh, my God. These are great. You can see every detail.

Chelsea: I know. It's 'cause I had this really, really sexy, really talented photographer.

Nick: Oh. You think they're good enough to arrest Ford?

Chelsea: I think they're good enough to get my dad to want to arrest him for sure.

Nick: All right, well, let's go inside.

Chelsea: I kind of wanted to wait for Cordy and Stephanie.

Nick: Why don't we meet them inside?

Chelsea: Because I kind of want to wait for them out here. Come on, it'll just take a couple of seconds.

Nick: [Chuckles] God, it's like you can read the journal entries.

Chelsea: I know. The guy at the photo lab was really, really good.

Nick: Yeah, Steve's a good guy. He ask you any questions?

Chelsea: No, not one.

Nick: Can't wait to see Bo march Ford out of his dorm room and into a jail cell.

Chelsea: Yeah. We should really think about taking a picture, you know, to capture the moment.

Nick: Mm-hmm. Um...Stephanie and Cordy clearly aren't here yet. You want to go inside?

Chelsea: No. I want them to be here before it gets really official, you know? Ford really freaked them both out, and I want Cordy to feel like she's finally got power over him.

Steve: Where's my wife anyway?

Shawn D.: Well, I hope you're off duty, Detective Brady.

Bo: Are you challenging me, young man?

Shawn D.: We just want all of our cops to be good role models.

Steve: Oh, looky, looky. It's already gone to his head.

Bo: How about that?

Steve: Bust the case wide open and all of a sudden you're supercop?

Shawn D.: You heard about the gun?

Steve: Oh, yeah.

Shawn D.: Was there any word on it?

Bo: Matter of fact, there is. Got a match for the bullet and the fingerprints -- Kate Roberts.

Shawn D.: I busted Philip's mom?

Bo: Boy, yes, you did. Well, actually, technically, your Uncle Roman did.

Steve: Hey, stay here. I'll be right back.

Shawn D.: So, you think Kate shot E.J.?

Bo: She tried.

Shawn D.: Does Philip know about this?

Bo: I'm guessing that he was her first phone call. Good work, son. Your application for the academy was just fast-tracked.

Shawn D.: Nice. I can't wait to tell Belle this news.

Bo: She worked pretty hard to keep you out of the academy. Are you sure she's gonna be happy that you're a shoo-in?

Chloe: Listen, I know the last thing you and Shawn need is a honeymoon crasher.

Belle: I just didn't know you were in town. Where's Brady?

Chloe: He couldn't make it, but I wanted to surprise the gang for the reunion.

Belle: Oh, the reunion. Right. I forgot about that.

Chloe: You didn't get the 300 reminders in the mail?

Belle: We just -- we've been busy.

Chloe: Yeah, I know. Hey, I'm really sorry we missed the wedding.

Belle: That's okay. We understand.

Chloe: So, whose lame idea was it to honeymoon at the airport?

Belle: Uh, you know what, Chloe, I actually have to go. Claire's with Shawn's grandmother, and I have to pick her up.

Chloe: Uh, wait. He's spending the night here by himself?

Belle: It was really great to see you.

Chloe: Really? Doesn't seem like it. You're practically jumping out of your skin. Is Shawn in there, or should I knock and find out who's behind door number 1026?

Roman: You're turning down a lawyer.

Kate: No, I just want to talk to my son first.

Roman: Why?

Kate: That's confidential, Roman.

Roman: Kate, why don't you just lay it out for me?

Kate: After I talk to Philip, then he can tell you about the gun because he's the last one who saw it.

Roman: I'd rather hear the story from you.

Kate: I never said the gun was mine.

Roman: Your fingerprints are all over it.

Kate: So you say. But you also claimed once before that you had a gun with my fingerprints all over that you found outside my building, and that turned out to be a lie.

Roman: This isn’t. Those fingerprints are real.

Kate: Then I plead the fifth.

Roman: Well, it's a little early for that. We're not in court yet. All right, Kate, call Philip. Tell him to get over here. I want to know how this gun ended up on the streets of Salem.

Kate: So do I.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Bo: That letter Belle sent to the academy set you back.

Shawn D.: Look, Dad, we dealt with it.

Bo: Being a cop is tough. You need support from your family.

Shawn D.: And I have it. Belle's behind me 100%. You should have seen the look on her face when I took the gun off that guy. She's behind me completely.

Steve: Hey, hey. Go find that gorgeous wife of yours and celebrate.

Shawn D.: Whoa, whoa. Steve, this is from grandpa's private stock.

Steve: That's all right. I put money in the till. He'll never miss it.

Bo: You better hope not.

Steve: Go on. Take off, get out of here. We'll cover the place.

Shawn D.: All right, thanks. I'm gonna see if Belle's done with study group.

Steve: Hey, don't -- don't go see. Give her a reason to be done, man. Any idiot can open a bottle of champagne. Don't let the fun stop there.

Bo: Listen to cupid.

Steve: Go on, get out of here. Call her.

Shawn D.: I'm gone.

Steve: It's good to see him so happy, huh?

Bo: Yeah.

Steve: What's up with you?

Bo: Nothing.

Steve: Dude, it looks like your boy is on top of his game. Why aren't you happy about it?

Belle: I'm sorry. I wish I had more time to visit.

Chloe: Is something wrong?

Belle: No. No. Well, life's a little crazy right now. I'm back in school and just got married and raising a daughter, so things are crazy. [Cellphone ringing] I better get that. It might be about Claire. Hi.

Shawn D.: Hey, is study group wrapping up?

Belle: Yeah, just finishing. I'm on my way home.

Chloe: Is that Shawn?

Belle: Everything okay?

Shawn D.: Everything's great. I miss you.

Belle: I miss you, too.

Chloe: Hey, let me say hi.

Shawn D.: I got a surprise for you.

Belle: Really? What is it?

Shawn D.: Come home and you'll find out. I love you.

Belle: I love you, too. Sorry, he's busy. The pub's packed. He's busing tables and tending bar, but the three of us should get together for dinner before the reunion.

Chloe: Yeah. Hey, why not the four of us? You know, I've really been dying to see Philip again. He's one of the main reasons I came back.

Roman: So, did you reach Philip?

Kate: No. No, I left a message on his cell, at the office, and at the house.

Roman: All right, let's hope he checks it out.

Kate: Roman, I didn't try to kill anyone.

Roman: Kate, I got a gun, a slug, and a hole in my daughter's wedding dress that says otherwise.

Kate: I'm not going to jail.

Roman: The way your luck's running, don't rule that out.

Chelsea: Hey, where's Cordy?

Stephanie: I'm here. Um, I couldn't get her to come with me.

Chelsea: Oh, that's too bad. She really should have been here.

Stephanie: What's going on?

Nick: Tell her.

Chelsea: I think I'm gonna show her. Come on.

Nick: After you.

Chelsea: [Laughs]

Stephanie: Chelse, just tell me.

Chelsea: Nick, tell her that it's worth the wait.

Nick: It's worth the wait.

Chelsea: See? Hi, guys.

Bo: Hey, how are you? Whoa.

Steve: Hello, there. What brings Salem's most beautiful co-eds out tonight, huh?

Stephanie: Wish I knew.

Bo: Did you guys make the dean's list?

Chelsea: Uh, yeah. Whatever.

Steve: I guess that's a no. So, what's up?

Chelsea: Well, what's up is that we found some evidence on Ford Decker, and we took a lot of pictures, and I'm pretty sure that everything you need to arrest him is right here.

Stephanie: Are you crazy? Why would you do that?

Chelsea: Stephanie, what are you talking about? We got him.

Steve: Let me see some of those, Bo.

Chelsea: Check out his stash. He's got pills, something to grind them up with, a journal.

Nick: Yeah, and the pills are illegal. You can see the scrip.

Bo: Are you sure?

Nick: Yeah, right there on the bottom.

Bo: Oh, yeah.

Chelsea: It's what he's doing with the pills that's illegal. He grinds them up with that.

Bo: So, how did you get these?

Chelsea: We stopped by his room.

Steve: He invited you in?

Nick: Um...he wasn't there.

Bo: Yeah, so he left the key under the mat, the door wide open, what?

Chelsea: A window was broken.

Bo: How'd it get broken?

Chelsea: I don't know.

Bo: So you busted in and got these pictures from him?

Chelsea: Come on. Look at his journal pictures, okay? He's got some kind of list going, and I think it's a list of girls he's raped.

Stephanie: Who made you two FBI?

Bo: Look, I can see Chelsea pulling a stunt like this, but, Nick --

Chelsea: Oh, come on. Don't give him the guilt trip. He just wants to catch a rapist, which is more than I can say for the Salem P.D., Dad.

Nick: She's right. We have to do something about this, Bo.

Chelsea: Just look at the pictures.

Stephanie: It won't help.

Bo: She's right. They were taken illegally.

Steve: Hey, wait a minute. Maybe these girls didn't walk in here with these pictures.

Stephanie: Papa.

Steve: No, wait a minute. Maybe somebody just dropped them off at the Salem P.D. You don't know who.

Chelsea: You're so cool, Uncle Steve.

Steve: Be cool, Bo.

Chelsea: Look, he's also got some kind of rating system, I think. He's got all these symbols, and I think he rates the girls he rapes, which is just disgusting.

Steve: Let me see that one.

Stephanie: No!

[Cellphone ringing]

Philip: Hello?

Kate: Hello. Finally you pick up.

Philip: Hey, you're lucky. I don't usually answer blocked calls. Where are you calling from?

Kate: The police station.

Philip: What are you doing there?

Kate: Being charged with attempted murder.

Philip: Why?

Kate: "Why?" Do you remember a certain gun, a gun that I asked you to get rid of, a gun that ended up disappearing from your car?

Roman: Do you really want me to hear this?

Kate: I'm not going down alone.

Philip: Is somebody there with you?

Kate: Yeah. Roman.

Philip: Don't say another word. I'll send one of titan's lawyers right over.

Kate: I don't need stock options. I need bail, Philip.

Philip: I'm on my way. Just keep your mouth shut, okay?

Chloe: The four of us should grab a bite to eat or something.

Belle: Shawn and Philip aren't friends anymore.

Chloe: Why not?

Belle: It's a really long story, and we'll catch up, I promise, but right now, I really have to go.

Chloe: Hey, wait, wait. Do you have Philip's number?

Belle: Uh, not on me, but you know what? He's staying at his dad's house. You should try him there.

Chloe: I will. Thanks. How does he look?

Philip: Chloe?

Chloe: This is weird. I was just asking Belle where I could find you. And speak of the devil.

Bo: So, you can definitely I.D. this drug?

Chelsea: It's called somulax.

Nick: Yeah, it's prescribed for insomniacs.

Chelsea: Nick says that it's strong enough to knock you out.

Nick: Yeah, and it's actually even stronger when it's broken up into powder.

Steve: Did you see this? He's got dates, sorority houses, stars, check marks.

Bo: All right. No names.

Nick: No, not even initials.

Steve: He's definitely got some kind of system going, though.

Stephanie: Why are we looking at pictures that are illegal? It's just a waste of time.

Bo: She's right. A legit prescription, some paraphernalia.

Steve: What about a warrant? How about we give these to a judge?

Bo: Nah, we'd have to get very, very lucky.

Stephanie: Why don't we just let her break in again?

Nick: Don't give her any ideas.

Chelsea: You know what, Stephanie? It was a good thing that I did break in because he brought another girl to his place.

Bo: When you were there?

Chelsea: Yes.

Nick: Well, we were in the closet.

Chelsea: He was all about playing her music and fixing her a drink.

Bo: That's not illegal.

Chelsea: He was gonna drug her and rape her.

Stephanie: You don't know that.

Chelsea: Really, Stephanie? Why don't you ask Morgan and Cordy?

Bo: All right, you two. Hold on. What happened?

Chelsea: Ford saw the broken window. We forgot to put the journal away, so he saw that, too, and he got the girl out as soon as he could.

Bo: Okay. I can look past some of this stuff, but this journal makes me want to hurt someone.

Chelsea: Well, here's the weird thing about it, is there's two Theta sisters. They're both on different dates. The first one we know for sure is Cordy. The second one we don't know. For whatever reason, maybe she's embarrassed or ashamed, she hasn't come forward.

Steve: Do you have any idea who she is?

Chelsea: Mnh-mnh.

Bo: Okay, maybe I can use these.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Bo: On one condition -- you stay away from this guy. No more breaking and entering.

Nick: I'll make sure of it.

Bo: Thanks.

Chelsea: Thank you, Dad.

Bo: Yeah. Once we get that warrant, I'll go in here and get this solid evidence.

Nick: Oh, um...Ford actually took it with him.

Bo: What?

Chelsea: After he left, we went to look for it and he had taken everything. It's all gone.

Stephanie: So you risked your necks for nothing.

Chelsea: It wasn't for nothing, Stephanie. We got pictures.

Bo: These pictures mean nothing. Without solid evidence, any case against's no good.

Shawn D.: I think it's time to slip into something a little more fun.

Philip: Chloe, how are you?

Chloe: Do you know how many prayers I've sent your way?

Philip: I appreciate it.

Chloe: Well, they've obviously helped because you are more handsome than ever.

Philip: Just missing a spare part or two. [Laughs]

Chloe: So, Belle tells me that you're living at your dad's?

Philip: I am. I'm flying out on business first thing in the morning, and it's just easy to stay at the airport. I got to run, but, uh...I'll call you?

Chloe: Yeah, see you soon. Hey, let me give you my number. And, Belle, where can I find you?

Belle: The pub. Shawn and I just moved in.

Chloe: Okay. There you go.

Philip: Thanks.

Chloe: All right, well, it was great seeing you guys. I've got to get to my room, but I'll see you later.

Belle: Bye. I think she saw me come out of your room.

Philip: Don't worry. I'll explain it to her.

Belle: What, that I'm in love with two men?

Philip: That you needed to speak with me about Claire.

Belle: And what if she doesn't believe you?

Philip: I won't let anyone hurt you, Belle. I mean that. Everything's gonna be all right.

Roman: Tell me something -- did ballistics come in on Marlena Evans' gun?

Officer: Not yet.

Roman: All right. Bring them to me when they do.

Officer: Got it.

Philip: Keep your voice down.

Kate: Why should I protect you?

Philip: Because I'm your ticket out of here. Look, I was on the phone with my lawyers on the way over. They don't have enough to hold you.

Kate: Tell that to Roman.

Philip: I've got people that do that for me. We'll push for an early arraignment. You'll be out on bail soon.

Kate: Am I supposed to thank you for this?

Philip: What exactly do you want from me, Mom?

Kate: Loyalty, Philip.

Philip: I'm doing everything I can.

Kate: Oh, now, where have I heard that before?

Philip: I'm sorry about the gun.

Kate: Really? And do you actually believe that I think it was a coincidence that Shawn Brady found that gun?

Philip: I don't know how he found it.

Kate: Or do you just not want to tell me the truth of how he found that gun?

Philip: Just be careful what you say in front of Roman.

Kate: You know, if you had gotten rid of this gun when I asked you to, we wouldn't be in this mess right now.

Philip: Don't worry. I'm gonna get you out.

Kate: Good. You have connections. Find the gun and make sure it disappears for real this time.

Philip: It's locked in an evidence room.

Kate: Well, you're always bragging about your power and your money. Use it. Make it happen. Because if I go down, you're going down, too.

Philip: You're not going down.

Kate: I'm your mother. You should have protected me. But instead I think that this has something to do with your lust for Belle. Her husband has the gun. Now, what does that do for you? You just can't get over your ex. So I'm hoping that whatever she gave you in exchange, well, I hope it was worth it for selling me out.

Belle: Shawn?

Shawn D.: I hear you're looking for Officer Shawn.

Belle: What are you doing?

Shawn D.: Why don't you step away from the door? I need you to stay right where you are. You wouldn't want to interfere with an officer doing his duty, would you?

Belle: Never. What exactly are the charges?

Shawn D.: I hear you've been stealing hearts, Miss. Miss...

Belle: It's missus.

Shawn D.: Well, I've got orders to search your person.

Belle: Do you have a warrant?

Shawn D.: I'll show you my warrant.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: Well, we were there. We saw everything.

Nick: Bo, he's raping girls and getting away with it.

Bo: And I would love to put him away, preferably in a deep, dark hole, but I can't do that without evidence. And don't you think about going over there to try to get something.

Chelsea: This isn't fair.

Bo: No, kid, it's not.

Steve: Look at it from the other side.

Chelsea: What other side?

Steve: For all the judge knows, you got a grudge against this guy and you're trying to put him away by giving him photos of a fake journal and pills.

Stephanie: Exactly. Chelsea, we just have to forget about him.

Chelsea: We can't, Stephanie. He's just gonna keep doing this to everybody else, to one girl, then another girl, and it's gonna be our fault because we didn't do anything to stop it.

Steve: Can't Billie help?

Chelsea: No, the dean shut her down.

Nick: Yeah, and he's tight with Decker's family.

Chelsea: Not to mention the D.A.

Bo: You know what? I'll give these to some guys I know. They'll do a sweep of the general area.

Stephanie: You don't think that Ford dumped that stuff on campus.

Steve: Well, if he's arrogant, feels above the law, it's possible.

Stephanie: Guys like that don't get caught.

Bo: Yeah, they do. They end up making mistakes.

Chelsea: So we're just supposed to sit around and wait for him to make a mistake, and in the meantime, he just keeps raping countless other women, huh?

Steve: What do you say we pay him a little visit?

Stephanie: No.

Bo: An official visit?

Steve: No. As a couple of dads who want to knock him down a couple of pegs.

Stephanie: Stop this, okay? You're just gonna make things worse. Forget you ever saw those pictures.

Steve: You should have let me take care of that punk after what he did to you on Thanksgiving.

Stephanie: Stay away from him.

Chelsea: Stephanie, we're all scared.

Stephanie: Did he come after you, bang on your door, threaten to hurt you?

Chelsea: Look, any one of us could be his next victim.

Bo: Why do you want us to stay away from him?

Stephanie: Because he doesn't just get mad. He gets even.

Steve: I won't let him hurt you.

Stephanie: You can't be everywhere.

Bo: Hey, once he knows we're keeping an eye on him, he won't cross the street without looking over his shoulder.

Steve: You call a bully out, he backs down, guaranteed.

Nick: Like he did earlier.

Stephanie: He was here?

Chelsea: Yeah, Nick got in his face.

Steve: Did he?

Bo: Listen, we can't arrest him for rape. We don't have the evidence. Campus security can't do much. His old man is chummy with the dean. That only leaves the personal touch.

Stephanie: Great, Chelsea. We get to hide behind our dads.

Bo: No, you don't have to hide.

Steve: No more hiding, baby. We'll take care of Decker.

Stephanie: Do you ever think of anyone but yourself?

Chelsea: Excuse me?

Stephanie: You always have to be the big hero no matter who gets hurt.

Chelsea: How am I hurting you?

Stephanie: I meant Cordy. She doesn't want to relive what happened to her, Chelsea. No one does.

Roman: Can I get you anything?

Kate: Is this the return of the good cop?

Roman: Well, I was just thinking I could call over to the pub, have something sent in for you.

Kate: No, thank you.

Roman: Kate, I'm trying here.

Kate: Yeah, the way Philip tried? He couldn't even take time out of his busy schedule to get rid of the damn gun.

Roman: How many times have you implicated him tonight? I've lost count.

Kate: Well, it won't be the last.

Roman: Okay. When your lawyer gets here, I got some questions I need to ask you.

Kate: Roman. How much trouble am I really in?

Roman: Well, Kate, that depends. I tell you what, why don't I get us some more coffee, huh?

Kate: Yeah, yeah, 'cause that's the thing I really need right now -- more caffeine. I didn't pull the trigger.

Roman: Guns don't go off by themselves.

Kate: Mine did. I barely touched it.

Roman: There's a slug from the altar that says you did.

Kate: Because that's where I was aiming when the gun went off. I'm scared, Roman.

Roman: Yeah. Yeah. I know you are.

Belle: [Sighs]

Shawn D.: So, how do you plead, ma'am?

Belle: What's the charge again?

Shawn D.: Concealing information from your husband.

Belle: What kind of information?

Shawn D.: How you make so many great things happen in his life. What's your secret? Come on. Is there anything you want to confess to Officer Shawn?

Philip: Chloe. It's Philip. Bad time? Good. And you got settled in okay. Hey, you up for a drink? We were so rushed before I didn't have a chance to fill you in on everything that's been happening around here while you were off in Europe.

Roman: All right. Decaf. The good stuff, not our swill.

Kate: Thank you.

Roman: Well, looks like Philip's lawyer wasn't in a big rush to get down here, was he?

Kate: If he even called him.

Roman: You want me to check?

Kate: No. No, I think I'm going to close my eyes and pretend that we're sipping cappuccino at the Java Café.

Roman: You'll make bail, Kate. Don't worry about that.

Kate: Everyone knows that I hate Sami.

Roman: You know what? Why don't we change the subject there, okay?

Kate: But I would never have tried to kill her.

Roman: But you wanted to.

Kate: A million times. And she probably wanted to kill me at least as many times. But, you know, there is one good thing that we have in common and that's the way we feel about you and Lucas.

Roman: Her being with your son is the problem.

Kate: Exactly. That's why I would never have shot E.J. He was doing me a favor. He was prying her off my son.

Roman: Drink the decaf, Kate.

Kate: Thank you...for not treating me like a criminal.

Roman: If you had come to me before Shawn found that damn gun, maybe I could have helped you.

Kate: Come on. Let's be honest. We both know that I wasn't the only one in that church with a gun.

Roman: No. No, you weren’t.

Kate: Then why am I in the hot seat?

Roman: Because attempted murder is a felony.

Kate: I don't think I need a lawyer. I think what I need is a tried and true friend.

Roman: What are you saying, Kate?

Kate: I need someone who will go into that evidence room and make sure that, that gun is never seen again. Are you that kind of friend?

Philip: Why didn't Brady make the trip?

Chloe: You want the cliffs notes version or the whole novel?

Philip: That's up to you.

Chloe: We got divorced.

Philip: No kidding. When?

Chloe: It was final around the time that John died. We just didn't want to dump that on Marlena, too.

Philip: What went wrong?

Chloe: Pretty much everything.

Philip: Huh. And your career?

Chloe: I guess I was a fifth-tier opera singer in a town of divas. The auditions didn't pan out and soon neither did my marriage.

Philip: Well, I'm sorry your world adventure came up short.

Chloe: Yeah, me too. But I really missed the world I left behind.

Philip: You said something about a reunion?

Chloe: Okay, I get the info an ocean away, but you and Belle are totally in the dark about our high-school reunion?

Philip: We've had a lot going on.

Chloe: Yeah. I hear that you and Shawn are on the outs.

Philip: Even though Claire is Shawn's biological child...I still spend as much time with her as I can. Things are tense.

Chloe: I'll bet.

Philip: Chloe, don't get the wrong idea about me and Belle.

Chloe: Why? Because she was coming out of your hotel room and lied to me about it?

Philip: Yeah. That kind of wrong idea.

Chloe: Relax, Philip. I may not have cut it as an opera singer, but I've made a pretty good career in keeping secrets.

Nick: You guys, it's time for a truce.

Chelsea: I'm willing.

Stephanie: You just get so amped about this stuff.

Chelsea: Stephanie, this -- this stuff is rape.

Nick: We're not trying to hurt anyone.

Stephanie: Well, that's exactly what's gonna happen.

Chelsea: So, what do we do? Just wait for him to rape more girls, write it in his book?

Stephanie: Girls know about him now. They're gonna stay away.

Nick: Tell that to the one he just brought back to his room.

Chelsea: Look, if the sororities shut him down, he's just gonna go off campus. Then what?

Stephanie: Then he'll take it out on some other woman, thanks to you making him angrier than he already is.

Nick: Whoa.

[Pounding on door]

Ford: Go away, I'm busy. [Pounding continues] Get lost!

Bo: Salem P.D. open up.

Ford: What do you want?

Bo: Mind if we come in?

Ford: Yeah, I mind.

Steve: That's too bad. Are you studying hard?

Ford: What do you want, huh? Show me a warrant or I'm calling my old man.

Steve: Oh, he thinks we're here as cops.

Bo: I guess I shouldn't have led with the badge.

Ford: You have no right being here.

Bo: I'm sorry. I'm being rude. I'm Detective Bo Brady, Chelsea's dad. This is Steve Johnson.

Steve: Yeah, you know my daughter, too. Stephanie Johnson? You scared the hell out of her on Thanksgiving? You remember that?

Ford: I don't know what you're talking about.

Steve: He doesn't remember.

Bo: He doesn't remember.

Steve: Maybe we're gonna have to help him remember. You just stay right here. We're gonna have a little chat about our daughters and the girls at Alpha Chi Theta. Now, sit down.

Ford: [Grunts]

Bo: It wasn't a request.

Philip: Refill?

Chloe: Sure. Why not?

Philip: It's easier for Belle to give me updates on Claire if we do it on neutral ground.

Chloe: Like an airport hotel room?

Philip: I told you, I'm flying out in the morning.

Chloe: Yeah, you told me that.

Philip: Claire's bonded with me. She sees me as more of a father than she does Shawn. He's unhappy about it. This makes it easier on everybody.

Chloe: Why wouldn't Belle just tell me that?

Philip: Maybe because she didn't want to go over her life story the first five minutes you were back? She was uncomfortable. She knew how it looked.

Chloe: If it's totally innocent, what's the problem?

Philip: It's not a problem. Unless someone decides to make it one. How long are you back for?

Chloe: I'm moving back.

Philip: How long?

Chloe: Hmm, a few weeks... a few of my life. I don't know. Things sound a heck of a lot more interesting this side of the ocean.

Shawn D.: Honey, I was kidding. You know that Officer Shawn would never doubt his number-one suspect.

Belle: Well, I don't want secrets between us.

Shawn D.: Neither do I. So I'm gonna start with mine. The gun that I took off that guy behind the pub? It belonged to Kate Roberts. Yeah, the cops have been looking for it in the DiMera shooting.

Belle: So Kate tried to kill E.J.?

Shawn D.: It looks that way. My dad said it busted the case wide open, and that means that I'm a shoo-in for the academy in January.

Belle: Oh, honey, I am so proud of you.

Shawn D.: God, that feels good to hear you say that. I love you, Belle. I sentence a lifetime... of this... and this... and...much more...of this.

Chloe: Thanks for the drink. It was nice not being alone my first night back.

Philip: Thank you for not asking too many questions.

Chloe: Are you serious?

Philip: I mean about the war, the leg, that stuff.

Chloe: Yeah, I'm sorry that we lost touch.

Philip: We won't let it happen again.

Chloe: The four of us should get together soon.

Philip: Eh, Shawn doesn't get that...I'm not trying to take anything that's his. I'm just trying to hold on to the little that I have left. should go let Shawn know you're back. I bet he'll be as glad to see you as I am.

Chloe: Who knows? With a little push, we could all get some of that old magic back.

Philip: I'm counting on it.

Chloe: Thank you.

Philip: Yes. Have a good night.

Chloe: Good night.

Ford: I don't even know a Chelsea Brady.

Bo: That's funny. She knows you pretty well.

Steve: So does her friend Cordy, the girl you raped.

Ford: I wasn't charged.

Steve: That doesn't make you innocent.

Ford: This is harassment.

Bo: Report me. Did I say you could stand up? You even look at our daughters, step foot in that sorority house, go near them on or off the campus, I swear to you, you will lose a very valuable body part, and it will be very, very painful. I don't give a damn who your daddy is. He will not recognize this pretty face when I'm through with you.

Ford: [Grunts]

Steve: Hey, hey, hey. Look at me. Now, feel free to report us to the dean. We got some nice photographs of your drug stash and pages from your journal. Okay?

Chelsea: Why is she mad at me and not Ford?

Nick: Because you're not a threat.

Chelsea: I should call her.

Nick: You know what? Um...give her a little time.

Chelsea: She's my best friend. I have to do it now.

Nick: Trust me, if I was Stephanie, I'd want a little time.

Chelsea: How much time?

Nick: I know for a fact it's impossible to stay mad at you.

Chelsea: So you'll help me stay on Ford?

Nick: I'll do whatever you need.

Chelsea: Even after what my dad said?

Nick: Dads are dads. They say dad stuff. I'm your boyfriend. I'm supposed to protect you.

Chelsea: Even if I come up with some outrageous plan?

Nick: I wouldn't expect anything else.

Chelsea: You wouldn't say no?

Nick: Let me know what your plan is and I'm there.

Chelsea: You don't even know what it is yet. It could be some really crazy idea.

Nick: Doesn't matter. I can't say no to you.

Chelsea: Good.

Roman: Kate, I'm sorry.

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