Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/27/07 - Canada; Wednesday 11/28/07 - U.S.A.


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Cordy: It was horrible. Ford found that I was at Stephanie's parents' place.

Stephanie: And showed up pounding and kicking on the door. He's just lucky my dad wasn't home.

Cordy: He called me a whore, and he said he'd tell the whole world I was a slut if we kept putting up those flyers. This is just so stupid. I thought it would all end if I didn't testify.

Chelsea: No, it's just gotten worse since he won that hearing.

Stephanie: That's great. We get to walk around looking over our shoulders while Ford doesn't have a care in the world.

Chelsea: He's just gonna keep doing the same thing that he's doing. He's rich. He's connected.

Nick: And really mad about these flyers.

Cordy: Maybe they were a bad idea.

Chelsea: Cordy, we had to warn people. How could you live with yourself if you didn't?

Nick: But you guys got to figure, a creep like this is gonna retaliate.

Cordy: We put flyers up. We warned people. Maybe if we don't do anything else --

Chelsea: These aren't enough. Ford's never gonna stop unless we stop him first. And that's exactly what we've got to do.

Ohanion: You told me to treat him like anybody else, so I did. I just never thought he would cross the tape and not be damn careful.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, I get it. I'll take care of it. Thanks. [Sighs]

Roman: You know what? I'll go check things out, see what the guys came up with.

Bo: Thanks, bro.

Shawn D.: Look, Dad, I know the detective's PO'd, but I did not cross the tape. I stayed outside the line.

Bo: Did you ruin the footprint?

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Bo: Crime scenes are fragile. You got to be careful anywhere in the vicinity. This piece of evidence that you messed up might have been our only piece of evidence. You screwed up, man. And when a cop screws up, he owns up.

Marlena: I was thinking that she wouldn't marry him and we'd all be fine. I thought maybe she would leave him at the altar.

Hope: We all hoped she'd come to her senses.

Marlena: She didn't, did she?

Hope: No.

Marlena: So I shot him.

Belle: Mom? Hello?

Marlena: Belle.

Marlena: I'm not defending what happened. She's young. She's been through so much.

Hope: We've all been through so much -- all of us, including myself. And that is no excuse to betray my son or lie to him and make him look like a fool. And if she thinks that it is, she's sadly mistaken.

Belle: Mom? Are you home?

Marlena: Yes. Yes, sweetie, I'm coming.

Belle: Hi.

Marlena: Oh! Oh. What a really good surprise.

Belle: Are you, uh -- are you okay?

Marlena: Well, um... um...not a good time to ask. What about you?

Belle: Well, I miss Dad.

Marlena: Yeah.

Belle: I'm sorry.

Marlena: We both miss him, that's all. You know what? How is married life? I haven't had a chance to talk to you since you got married. Come sit down.

Belle: I was, um, I was really worried about you when you left the ceremony early and then you didn't come to the reception.

Marlena: No, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm sorry that I worried you. I'm -- I'm sorry, honey.

Belle: Okay.

Marlena: Married life?

Belle: Shawn and I are great. Everything's perfect.

Marlena: Good. It's okay if it isn't perfect. You know that.

Belle: I'm fine. Why are you asking me that?

Marlena: Well, because sometimes husbands and wives think that the problems they had before they got married just disappear afterwards.

Belle: Mom, I've been married before. I know that's not true.

Marlena: Yeah, but it's normal to think that.

Belle: Okay, what are you trying to ask me here?

Marlena: I'm trying to ask you if you're happy, if you're really happy...or if you wish you'd married somebody else.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Belle: Mom, what is this about? I'm in love with Shawn. You know that. Who else would I marry?

Marlena: Philip.

Belle: Been there, done that, remember?

Marlena: I do. That's why I asked.

Belle: We're friends, and I'll probably always care about him as a friend.

Marlena: And you're married now.

Belle: Yeah.

Marlena: And no friendship and no relationship comes before you and your husband.

Belle: Mom, what are you getting at? What -- Hope talked to you, didn't she? [Exhales sharply] Does she not think that you're dealing with enough?

Marlena: She's very worried.

Belle: About nothing.

Marlena: I need to hear it from you. I need to hear what's going on. Is it true? Does she have some reason to be concerned about you and Philip?

Shawn D.: Look, Dad, I know I made a mistake. But I'm telling you, the guy overreacted.

Bo: I don't give a damn if he did or he didn’t. You were wrong. If he wipes up the floor with you, I'll understand. At this point, you're a clerical worker. You know how many strings I had to pull to get you on this scene? When you're here, you do what you're told without question. You take the advice, the abuse if you have to. You suck it up. You learn your lesson. And you move on. You got it?

Shawn D.: Yes, sir.

Bo: Good.

Cordy: I can't do it anymore, Chelsea. I can’t. I can't fight him.

Chelsea: Yes, you can, Cordy. You have to. We all have to.

Cordy: But even when I hear his name or when I see those posters --

Chelsea: Cordy, don't you get it? That's exactly how Ford wants you to feel. And if we don't stop him, he's just gonna keep making other --

Cordy: I can't! I just can’t.

Nick: Chelsea, maybe now is not a good time.

Chelsea: Cordy, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take it out on you. I just want to see him punished.

Cordy: Chelsea, you weren't there. You didn't see the look in his eyes or the things he said. I can't stop thinking about it!

Stephanie: It'll be okay.

Cordy: No, it's not! It's not gonna be okay, not for me. Every time I close my eyes, every time I see those pictures, it all comes back.

Stephanie: I know.

Cordy: And we're making it worse. You don't know what he'll do.

Chelsea: Cordy, he's not -- he's not gonna do anything. Everybody's watching him right now. He'd be stupid to try anything.

Cordy: You don't know that.

Stephanie: You've got us, remember?

Chelsea: Yeah. We're, um, Alpha Chi Theta. We're there for each other.

Stephanie: Let's get back to the house.

Nick: I can give you a ride.

Stephanie: That's okay. I got my car. Everything's gonna be okay, all right? Okay, we'll see you guys later.

Nick: She's in bad shape.

Chelsea: I didn't mean to make things harder for her.

Nick: Not everybody's as strong as you are.

Chelsea: I just wanted to fight back somehow, you know, for everybody on campus.

Nick: [Sighs]'s just the two of us. You, uh, got any plans for tonight?

Chelsea: I don't know. I was actually kind of, uh, thinking about doing something kind of private.

Nick: Private like just you or private like you and me?

Chelsea: You and me.

Nick: I like it so far.

Chelsea: Of course, it might be kind of illegal.

Nick: Okay, um, you lost me. What do you want to do that's illegal?

Chelsea: I want to break in to Ford Decker's room.

Nick: Are you serious?

Chelsea: Nick, if we don't do something, Ford is gonna keep doing the same thing. He's gonna keep drugging girls. He's gonna take them back to his room or wherever.

Nick: I get what you're saying.

Chelsea: We have to stop him. The dean's not gonna do anything. He's too busy playing golf with the guy's dad.

Nick: Ford is gonna mess up, and when he does, the police will take care of it.

Chelsea: When? How many more women have to be raped before that happens?

Nick: I'm really disappointed in Dean Lochlan.

Chelsea: He just wants the whole thing to go away. You saw what happened, the way he treated Morgan after she tried to take a stand at that hearing.

Nick: I wish I'd been there.

Chelsea: Nick, it wouldn't have made a difference, trust me. The same thing's just gonna keep happening to the next girl that tries to file a complaint. They'll call her a slut, and then Ford will walk away free and clear.

Nick: Chelsea --

Chelsea: What if he hurts somebody -- really hurts somebody or worse? He gives them too much of the drug? We've got to get into that room.

Nick: And do what?

Chelsea: Find something, some kind of evidence, something that we can send to my dad, something that will prove that he's a rapist.

Nick: I think that you should talk to your mom first.

Chelsea: I have. She's done everything that she can do, Nick. This is the only way. Please tell me that you'll help me do this.

Nick: I'm sorry. I can't, Chelsea. The answer is no.

Bo: Following rules at a crime scene is crucial. You mess up evidence like you did, that could mean a killer walks.

Shawn D.: I get that.

Bo: We're all working together here.

Shawn D.: Right.

Bo: And whoever's in charge of the scene, they've got the last word always. You understand?

Shawn D.: Yes, sir.

Bo: Good. You know I want this to work, and I think it can because you got great instincts. But you got to be careful where you step in every way with everyone.

Shawn D.: All right, got it.

Bo: Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut. This is the hard part, especially for me. When someone chews you out, right or wrong, you got to suck it up, okay? 'Cause if you don't, you could ruin a good thing.

Shawn D.: Got it.

Bo: Good.

Belle: I can't believe this. I was just there picking up my cellphone, and she didn't say a word.

Marlena: I asked her to wait until we could talk.

Belle: Hope and I have always had a special relationship, and now it's just like she's got it in for me. And I know the old cliché about a mother never thinking a woman's good enough for her son, but come on. This is ridiculous.

Marlena: Has anything happened that would change Hope's feelings about you?

Belle: Yeah. She doesn't think I'm good enough for Shawn.

Marlena: That isn't true. We know better. We know how much she adores you.

Belle: Oh, really? And that's why she's trying to ruin everyone's opinion of me?

Marlena: Belle, does she have any cause?

Belle: Like what?

Marlena: Did you sleep with Philip?

Belle: Is that what she told you?

Marlena: You're not answering me.

Belle: I-I admit that it looked bad, but she just assumed the worst.

Marlena: What did she assume?

Belle: I don't know. She's imagining all kinds of things. Or she's just mad that Philip and I are still friends.

Marlena: So, do you think she's lying?

Belle: I don't know. Maybe.

Marlena: You know, I've known Hope a very long time, and she's not perfect, but I know that she doesn't lie.

Belle: And I do?

Marlena: I've known you a long time, too. And I can tell when there's something you're not saying. And I'm wondering what it is.

Belle: Fine. Hope accused me of sleeping with Philip with no proof at all, and she just wouldn't believe me that she was wrong.

Marlena: Okay.

Belle: But she promised that she wouldn't say anything to anyone if I promised that it wouldn't happen again.

Marlena: Again? Belle -- are you saying that you admitted that it's true?

Belle: Only because I know that Hope wasn't gonna believe the truth.

Marlena: Do you think she's trying to hurt you?

Belle: I don't know what she's trying to do.

Marlena: All right, so, what you're saying is you did not sleep with Philip. You're just friends. You've only been friends. That's all. You're just friends.

Belle: Yes. And if she told you that I admitted to sleeping with Philip –

Marlena: All right, stop. Stop right there. [Sighs] Belle... I really want to help you. I'm just feeling sad and disappointed. And I'm -- I'm so glad you came. And it's just so good to see you.

Belle: Mom.

Marlena: Yeah. Um... I want you to let yourself out. I've got some things I've got to do.

Belle: Mom, wait.

Chelsea: I can't do this without you, Nick.

Nick: Why?

Chelsea: I need you. You know that. Come on. Don't make me do this alone.

Nick: Well, how about you don't do it at all? Even if you do find evidence that proves that Ford Decker is a rapist, it's worthless if you get it breaking and entering. You can't use it in court if it's obtained illegally.

Chelsea: So we'll send it anonymously to my dad. He'll know what to do with it.

Nick: Sorry. No.

Chelsea: I guess this is how you'll always be there for me, huh?

Nick: That's a cheap shot. I lost my last job being there for you. I work for the college. If I'm caught breaking into a student's room, not only will I get fired, I'll get put in jail.

Chelsea: Yeah, you're right. I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry. I apologize.

Nick: Really?

Chelsea: Yeah. Just forget I brought it up.

Nick: It's forgotten.

Chelsea: Thank you, Nick. I'll see you later.

Nick: Whoa, wait. Where -- where are you going?

Chelsea: I'm going to stake out Ford's room. And then once he leaves, I'm going to break in somehow. So, I'll see you.

Nick: Chelsea, wait. Wait up.

Shawn D.: Dad, I appreciate everything you're saying. And I know I got a lot to learn. But believe me, I'm not trying to be a jerk here.

Bo: I know.

Shawn D.: If I had gotten into the academy like I was supposed to, I would have been taught about fieldwork. And I could have made my mistakes in the classroom or in training. But instead I got to make them out here where everybody can judge me.

Bo: All right. Point taken. I know you're doing your best, so let's move on.

Shawn D.: Okay, thank you.

Bo: I'd like you to be in the academy, too, but come January, you will be.

Shawn D.: Yeah, if Belle's letter hadn't messed up my -- I mean if Philip's letter hadn't messed up my chances.

Bo: You said Belle's letter?

Shawn D.: I meant Philip's.

Bo: Shawn, who wrote that letter, Belle or Philip?

Shawn D.: Philip didn't write the letter. Belle did. She's the reason why I didn't get into the academy.

Marlena: Is there something you want to say to me?

Belle: It really hurts that you don't believe me.

Marlena: Honey, Hope is not a person who jumps to conclusions. And you're not normally evasive. You wouldn't be unless you were ashamed of something.

Belle: I'm not.

Marlena: Trust me. Please. I want to help you. You can talk to me. Belle, I am so on your side.

Belle: Really? 'Cause it feels like you're on Hope's side.

Marlena: It's the same side. We are both on your side. Listen to me. She could have gone to her son and told him. She didn’t. She was protecting Shawn. She was giving your marriage a chance. Are you going to throw away that chance?

Belle: How can you say that? And what makes you so sure that Hope's right and I'm lying?

Marlena: You left your cellphone at Hope's house.

Belle: So what? She checked my voice mail?

Marlena: She heard Philip's message.

Belle: I can't believe she did that.

Marlena: So she knows that you were with him the night before you married Shawn, and so do I. So it's time to stop lying. Trust me. Please trust me. Let me help you. Belle, I love you. I love you more than anything in the world. I am here for you. Just -- oh, baby, baby, baby.

Nick: Would you wait?

Chelsea: Why? It's not like you changed your mind.

Nick: You're not breaking into Ford Decker's room by yourself.

Chelsea: Sure, I am.

Nick: No, you're not, because I'm not gonna let you.

Chelsea: Oh, I'm sorry. How do you plan to stop me?

Nick: By...appealing to your sense of reason.

Chelsea: I think that doing whatever I can in order to make sure Ford doesn't rape somebody else is about as reasonable as it gets.

Nick: Chelsea, this guy is dangerous. He's already mad at you for passing out those flyers.

Chelsea: Great. I'm not letting him get away with what he did to Cordy. Look, I get that you're worried about me, but don't be, okay? I'll be careful. I'm gonna find something, some kind of evidence that will make sure that Ford goes to jail.

Nick: What if you get caught?

Chelsea: Then you get all my CDs.

Nick: It's not funny.

Chelsea: Neither is somebody getting away with rape.

Nick: Staking out his room could take all night.

Chelsea: So?

Nick: So, if we're gonna be there that long, we need some sandwiches. Do you like white bread or rye bread?

Bo: Well, hold on. Belle wrote that letter?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Can we just forget about it now?

Bo: No. She undermined your career, man.

Shawn D.: I know that, and so does she. That's why she feels terrible about it, but I understand.

Bo: You underst – you're gonna have to explain that to me.

Shawn D.: Her dad had just died. She was scared. The thought of me going out there every day and risking my life freaked her out. She panicked. She knew she was wrong the second she sent it.

Bo: A little late, don't you think?

Shawn D.: Dad, she told me everything.

Bo: Everything? She blows it, she betrays you, and then she says she's sorry? That's big of her.

Shawn D.: We talked about it over and over again. We're past it.

Bo: So, you forgave her just like that?

Shawn D.: Could I have married her if I didn't?

Bo: Tell me something. Do you trust Belle?

Belle: Oh, Mom.

Marlena: Okay, I've got you. I've got you. Come here. Come here, baby.

Belle: Philip said that this was gonna happen. He said that Hope and Bo would tell everyone, and he was right. And now everyone's gonna be judging me.

Marlena: You did sleep with Philip.

Belle: How could she check my messages? My personal life is my business.

Marlena: I understand. And you went to his office the night before you got married. That's what Hope said.

Belle: I just went there because I was upset when Hope told me that she told Kayla. I just needed someone to talk to.

Marlena: That's it? Someone to talk to? Just a friend, nothing more?

Belle: Mom, I told you. I just needed a friend.

Marlena: Darling, that's what husbands are for.

Belle: I can't tell Shawn.

Marlena: Do you want this marriage? Do you want to save this marriage?

Belle: Yes. When I took those vows, I meant every word.

Marlena: All right, if that's true, you've got a very big decision to make. I know you may be telling yourself that you and Philip can be friends, and that's very noble. But that won't work. That can't happen.

Belle: I know.

Marlena: Belle, if you keep trying, you're going to ruin your marriage. What's clear to me if it isn't clear to you is that you and Philip just can't be together at all. You can't be around each other. You can't be trusted.

Belle: I just made a mistake.

Marlena: Belle, you have to give him up. Long-time friend or not, that's what you have to do. You've got to get him out of your mind and out of your heart, darling. You have to for your own good. And you have to forever.

Chelsea: You ordered a lot of food.

Nick: Well, we don't know how long we're gonna be there. Um...we also got to stop by the drugstore and pick up one of those, you know, throwaway cameras.

Chelsea: Why?

Nick: So that we can take pictures of things that will implicate Ford. Because if we leave what we find there, then none of the evidence has actually been tampered with.

Chelsea: You're so smart.

Nick: If I was smart, I wouldn't be doing this.

Chelsea: We actually won't even need the camera, though, because I have one on my phone.

Nick: Hmm. Better yet. I was also thinking that your dad could talk to a judge, and maybe he could issue a warrant with the photos alone. I mean, it's worth a shot.

Chelsea: Have I ever told you how much I love the way you think?

Nick: Oh, yeah? How much? How did such a good guy like me end up with such a bad, bad girl?

Chelsea: I don't know. You're just lucky, I guess.

Nick: Guess so. Ready?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Shawn D.: I trust Belle completely, all the way. You think I could have married a woman that I don't trust?

Bo: Okay.

Shawn D.: No, not okay. Seriously, what are you not telling me?

Bo: Nothing. Forget it.

Shawn D.: I can't forget it. You love Belle, or at least you used to. Now, you haven't been exactly happy since you found out that we were tying the knot -- you or mom. So, what is going on here?

Bo: I'm just a bit surprised she went behind your back like that. It's a pretty major betrayal.

Shawn D.: Come on. Betrayal's a little over the top, don't you think? She made a lousy decision. We all mess up sometimes.

Bo: This isn't the Belle I know or thought I knew. She's changed, or maybe I never knew her at all.

Shawn D.: How can you say that?

Bo: Shawn, she stabbed you in the back and let somebody else take the blame? That's pretty selfish, don't you think?

Shawn D.: Just stop, all right? I don't know what your problem with belle is all of a sudden, but she is my wife, Dad, and, yes, I do trust her.

Bo: I hope she deserves it.

Shawn D.: Do you?

Bo: I would like my feelings about her to be wrong, yeah.

Belle: You don't understand.

Marlena: What, Belle? What? I do understand. I understand marriage and commitment.

Belle: So do I.

Marlena: To me, it's making a choice and sticking to it.

Belle: I know. And I've made a choice. I choose Shawn. I love Shawn.

Marlena: And?

Belle: And...

Marlena: What else? Just -- just say the words.

Belle: Sometimes I just...

Marlena: Sometimes you just -- you wish he were somebody else?

Belle: No. No. I want him to be Shawn. I just want him to be more confident or something.

Marlena: Yes. You'd like it if Shawn were more confident.

Belle: Yes. I mean, he's sweet, and he is hopeful. And he's always trying to better himself no matter what. And he's always growing, and I love that about him. And I trust him. So I know that we can build something wonderful on that.

Marlena: Then there's Philip.

Belle: No. Well, I don't know.

Marlena: Okay, okay, Belle. How does Philip make you feel?

Belle: He makes me feel different. I don't know. Maybe it's because he's been a soldier or because he runs a company or...

Marlena: Go on.

Belle: He's just -- he's always in control. He can handle things that other men could never handle.

Marlena: Other men like Shawn.

Belle: No. Look, Shawn would do anything for me. He needs me. He loves me. But Philip...

Marlena: Yes?

Belle: He takes care of me. And it feels really good.

Marlena: I understand. You can't have them both, Belle. You can't have two men.

Shawn D.: I guarantee you're wrong about Belle.

Bo: We'll see.

Roman: Still talking, huh? Well, listen, Shawn, I'll let you know something. Your dad wasn't exactly perfect either.

Bo: Ah. He's very well aware of that.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I made a mistake. I'd like to apologize to Detective Ohanion.

Bo: Whoa, no. I don't think that's a good idea. Just don't let it happen again.

Shawn D.: Yes, sir.

Roman: Shawn, listen, I just got a call from your grandmother. Pop's a little under the weather again today, so you mind looking out after the bar?

Shawn D.: No, of course not. I'm on my way if that's all right.

Roman: Yes. Dismissed. And thank you.

Shawn D.: Thank you.

Bo: How long were you listening?

Roman: Long enough. Seemed like the right time to end that round anyway.

Bo: Yeah. If he gets written up, his application for winter term at the academy is gonna be in jeopardy.

Roman: Well, I tell you what -- I will have a word with Dom.

Bo: Appreciate the thought, but no, don't do that. Being written up is -- it's part of the job. He's got to learn to get through it.

Roman: Well, Bo, if he doesn't get accepted to the academy, he's not gonna have a chance to get through it, all right? He's gonna get stopped cold.

Bo: Let's hope that doesn't happen.

Roman: Bo, a quiet word with Dom -- what could it hurt?

Bo: If word gets out at the department that we're protecting him, he'll never have a chance with the guys at the force, even if he does make it into the academy.

Roman: I got your point, okay? I got your point. You don't want me to talk to Dom.

Bo: No. I don't, but I can see that look in your eyes. You're gonna talk to him anyway, aren't you?

Roman: Did I say that?

Bo: Hey, hey. As the younger brother, who was the recipient of a whole lot of tough love from the older brother, it did me a lot of good. It'll do him good.

Roman: Bo, he's a good kid.

Bo: Yeah, I know that.

Roman: And he can handle whatever life throws at him. He's got guts. He's got standards.

Bo: And he's got problems with authority, which he has to learn to deal with.

Roman: Problems with authority? Oh, my God. That's just awful. Now, I wonder where in the hell he got those.

Bo: Not the same -- he trips over his attitude every time he turns around.

Roman: Give him time, will you? Give him time. He'll learn how to tread lightly, stay on his feet just like you did. He'll turn it around. Meanwhile, turning this damn case around is not gonna be so easy.

Ohanion: Gentlemen, we found something you might want to take a look at.

Roman: All right. Shell casings. Might have caught a little break here.

Marlena: Honey, I spent years doing that, caught between two men. I can tell you from experience, it doesn't work. You have to stop because so many people get hurt.

Belle: I know. I'm just confused.

Marlena: Sweetheart, you just lost your father. He was a very strong man. He was a strong force. Baby, baby. We both lost him. I think that makes us both feel even more vulnerable. And when you're mourning, you feel things and you do things you wouldn't normally feel or do. And when a strong man like Philip comes along and he wants you and he wants to take care of you, that is very hard to resist.

Belle: I wish I would have talked to you about this sooner.

Marlena: You mean before you married Shawn?

Belle: Just sooner. I love Shawn, and nothing will ever change that.

Marlena: Then you have to stop and think. Look, honey, you can't think clearly when you're still seeing Philip. You just can't do it. You're married to Shawn. What you have to do is you have to honor that, and you have to honor him.

Belle: I know.

Marlena: And you have to decide soon. Otherwise it just isn't fair to Shawn and not fair to you because you are not a girl who sneaks around or who cheats.

Belle: I know. I understand.

Marlena: It's human, but it's still wrong. And it's my misfortune to know that from experience. So I want you to make up your mind before you start to tear yourself apart.

Belle: Okay. I know I need to do it. But until I do, will you promise not to say anything to Hope? Because clearly I'm not very sure of a lot of things right now, but I am sure that I can't trust her.

Marlena: That doesn't matter. All that's important right now is you make your decision. And make it before you lose everything.

Nick: All right. We'll make our move as soon as he leaves.

Chelsea: The curtains are closed. How do we even know that he's in there?

Nick: I can see his shadow moving. Okay, duck, duck, duck, duck.

Chelsea: What? What did you see? What happened?

Nick: I thought he opened the curtains for a second.

Chelsea: Come on, Ford. It's already late. He's not exactly the stay-in-and-study kind of guy.

Nick: I thought it was a big party night.

Chelsea: It is. There's like three that I know of that he can't resist. Free booze and ladies. Let's hope that they all saw my flyers and take them seriously.

Nick: Oh, wait, wait. He turned the light off.

Chelsea: Yes! I think he's leaving.

Nick: All right, that's our cue.

Chelsea: How are we supposed to get in there? Do you know how to pick a lock?

Nick: Do you know how to climb a tree?

Chelsea: Why?

Nick: See that tree growing up to his window? It's our ticket in.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Roman: Well, somebody was camping out here. That's for sure.

Bo: Yeah, practicing their shooting where no one could hear. Left us plenty of souvenirs. I wish we could compare those casings to the slug inside Junior's spine.

Roman: Yeah, well, we will have to get our answer some other way. Now, who do you think might have known about this camp?

Bo: I can't see Kate knowing about it. Not exactly the outdoorsy type.

Roman: Yeah, look at these wrappings. I mean, this is junk food. This is a kids' hangout, the kind of place where a guy gets a six-pack and hopes he gets lucky. I mean, I'm sure that mattress could tell some stories.

Bo: Wouldn't want to get near it much less be entertained on it.

Roman: Yeah, most girls wouldn't come anywhere near this place on their own.

Bo: Unless they were looking for a secluded place to practice shooting.

Roman: Yeah, whoever that was doesn't know a hell of a lot about guns or they would have cleaned up the spent shells.

Bo: Can't imagine Kate being here.

Roman: Well, like I said before, I can't imagine Kate shooting E.J. either.

Bo: Yeah. So, who was using this place for practice shooting?

Belle: Hi.

Shawn D.: Hey.

Belle: Happy night after wedding day.

Shawn D.: Yeah. You too.

Belle: You okay?

Shawn D.: Yeah. I guess. [Chuckles]

Belle: What happened?

Shawn D.: Well, my dad asked me to come down to the crime scene.

Belle: I know. I got your note. That's good, though, right? It's good to be asked.

Shawn D.: Except I was one of the first there, and when I got there, I got my head bit off by another detective for making a mistake.

Belle: Come on. Nobody's perfect. We all mess up.

Shawn D.: Then my dad got there and read me the riot act.

Belle: I'm sure he's just being hard on you to push you to do your best.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I don't know. It seemed like there was something else, but he wouldn't tell me. It sure feels to me like --

Belle: Like what?

Shawn D.: Like he doesn't have faith in me anymore.

Belle: This is all my fault.

Shawn D.: Belle -- Belle --

Belle: No, it's true. You'd be in the academy right now if it wasn't for me.

Shawn D.: No, baby, it's not you. It's me. Don't worry. I'm gonna fix this somehow. I'll work extra hard, and I'll do whatever it takes.

Belle: It's not fair.

Shawn D.: I know. But we got our whole lives to look forward to. We got the good times and the bad. As far as I'm concerned, it's all good as long as I got you. You and Claire. Speaking of, she's upstairs with grandma right now, so why don't you go up and say hi to her? I got to stay down here and tend bar 'cause Grandpa's not feeling too well.

Belle: Yeah, you know, I will in a second. I forgot I left something in my car, so I'll be right back. Philip, it's me. Look, if you can guarantee me that you can help Shawn's career, then I'll give you what you want -- one night alone with me.

Chelsea: I found something.

Nick: What?

Bo: You know, I promised John I'd protect his family. Looks like I'm gonna have to arrest his widow.

Philip: No matter what we do, someone will get hurt.

Roman: Kate, do not say another word.

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