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[Door opens]

Sami: [Squeals]

E.J.: [Laughs] You better move faster than that next time, or I'll get you. [Laughs]

Sami: E.J.! What was that? What happened to you?

E.J.: What happened? You happened, darling. I think you're about the best medicine -- I caught it, at least -- that a man can get, at least this man, anyway.

Bo: What the hell you doing here?

Stefano: Detective Brady. And a cheery hello to you, too. You're just the man I want to see.

Bo: I got nothing to say to you.

Stefano: Well, I have a lot to say. Why isn't anyone being arrested for shooting my son? Perhaps if you spent a little more time --

Bo: The investigation is ongoing. Now get out.

Stefano: Ongoing. Ah. You're not even trying to find the shooter -- you and your brother and the rest of that pathetic joke of a police force. You couldn't care less if someone tried to kill my son, eh?

Bo: [Chuckles] You're correct there. No tears have been shed. But the department is doing its job.

Stefano: I trust that you're following up on the lead I gave you about Kate Roberts.

Bo: Yeah, I followed up.

Stefano: You know, she came to my home. She threatened Elvis with a gun hours before the wedding. She threatened both of us, so I think I have a right to know whether she's still a suspect.

Bo: She hasn't been eliminated.

Stefano: Oh, my God. She had motive. She had means. She had opportunity. What more do you need? Ah. [Clears throat] Are you looking at anyone else?

Bo: More than one shot was fired. And, as you know, more than one person had motive.

Stefano: Yes. I am aware of that.

Bo: Every suspect is being thoroughly checked out. That I can assure you, no matter who they are.

Stefano: Mm-hmm. Well, I'm sure that should give me some comfort, except for the fact that there is one who's being overlooked entirely.

Hope: Here you go.

Marlena: Hey, thank you.

Hope: Shawn and Belle's wedding must have been very difficult for you yesterday without John. I'm so sorry.

Marlena: Thanks.

Hope: You know, I couldn't help noticing that you disappeared right after the ceremony.

Marlena: I, uh, yeah, I had an urgent meeting that I had to go to.

Hope: A patient?

Marlena: Yeah. A very disturbed man. And the meeting took longer than I really anticipated.

Hope: Hmm. Well, I'm sorry you missed Thanksgiving dinner and the reception.

Marlena: I know. I was sorry to miss it, too. But you know what? Max was good enough to e-mail me some photographs. And, in fact -- [Sighs] I love this so much. This is the picture of Belle and Shawn at the first dance. I just -- they look so happy together, don't you think?

Hope: They do -- mm-hmm -- look happy.

Marlena: In fact, I suspect that Belle sees a lot of her dad in Shawn. He's kind and gentle, and he's strong and very protective of his family, his friends. I think she made a very good choice.

Hope: Except I'm not sure she has.

Marlena: You're not sure she has what?

Hope: I'm not sure Belle has made a choice. This is why I asked you over. I really need to talk to you about Belle.

Marlena: Okay, great. We'll talk about Belle.

Hope: She didn't end things with Philip.

Marlena: End things with Philip? She just helped him find his son.

Hope: No, Marlena, it's more than that. The fact is, is that she and Philip are still seeing each other. They're still in a relationship.

Belle: [Moans pleasurably]

Shawn D.: [Moans pleasurably] Hey, you. You look a lot like my wife.

Belle: [Chuckles] I can't believe we did it. We're actually married.

Shawn D.: It went just the way we planned it. [Both laugh] Not exactly. Not even close. But it was close enough.

Belle: I love you. And I never want to lose you.

Shawn D.: That's one thing you don't have to worry about.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Marlena: Of course there's a relationship. They were married. He's still very concerned about Claire.

Hope: If that's all it was, there wouldn't be a problem.

Marlena: I don't know what you mean by a problem, Hope. I mean, if you mean that Shawn was uncomfortable with their friendship, I think they've gotten past all that.

Hope: Belle and Philip are more than friends -- much more.

Marlena: I don't believe that. I don't believe that you are involved in some vicious, nasty gossip.

Hope: This is not vicious, nasty gossip. She told me herself. She admitted it.

Marlena: She admitted what?

Hope: That she slept with Philip.

Marlena: When? I know there was a period where they had a little bumpy place in the road. When was it?

Hope: Right before Shawn and Belle set their wedding date. Marlena, if I had walked into that apartment just a few moments earlier, I would have caught them in the act.

Marlena: What did Bel-- forget what Belle said. What did Philip say?

Hope: Philip had just left.

Marlena: Oh, I see.

Hope: Belle promised me it would never happen again. She swore to me that she would cut Philip out of her life forever.

Marlena: All right. Then it's over. It's all -- it's all done now. Maybe Belle made a mistake and -- and, um, now she's married to Shawn. I mean, I know how much she loves Shawn.

Hope: If that really were the case... then we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. It's not over. It's not over by any means. She lied.

Sami: E.J., I'm in shock.

E.J.: Well, maybe it wasn't all you. I had a sponge bath -- it's quite an experience -- this morning from a nurse Bertha, who, um, is certainly quite a hardy girl. Anyway, she made me feel a lot better.

Sami: Last time I saw you, you were...I don't know, um, weak. And you talked about how you didn't want to fight to live.

E.J.: I know. But that was, um -- that was before I knew that you cared about me.

Sami: Well, that couldn't have made this big a difference.

E.J.: It made all the difference. Look at me. I'm living proof of that.

Sami: Look at this. Did, um, nurse Bertha get you to eat, too?

E.J.: Uh... [Clears throat] No. You did. Samantha... you're the reason I'm not dead, darling.

Bo: Okay, old man, I'll bite. Who is this suspect?

Stefano: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Bo: Try me.

Stefano: It's someone right under your nose.

Bo: I got an idea. Why don't you tell me a name?

Stefano: You mean the way I gave you Kate Roberts' name? No, this is one you have to figure out all by yourself, detective. And, believe me, I will not hold my breath.

Bo: You do want to find the person you attacked your son, don't you?

Stefano: Of course I do. But do I think that the Brady Police Force will accomplish it? [Laughs] I doubt it.

Bo: I'm not gonna find a shooter just for you to put out a hit.

Stefano: I do not put out hits.

Bo: Well, I'm tired of playing these little games with you.

Stefano: [Sighs] I wish I could be of more help.

Bo: You want to help? Tell me why you put out a hit on John Black.

Stefano: I've told you repeatedly. I know nothing about that.

Bo: Yeah, more of your truth.

Stefano: As it is, John Black and my nephew are dead. It is the innocent who need justice here.

Bo: I don't know about justice there, old man, but I will find the shooter, whoever he is.

Stefano: Or she.

Bo: [Laughs] What is it, DiMera? What is it that you're dying to tell me but won't or can't?

Stefano: [Sighs] I have no information, but perhaps I could provide you with a clue. Now, the church was practically empty, so, of course, she stood out.

Bo: Who stood out?

Stefano: A woman wearing a veil, dressed entirely in black.

Belle: [Smooches, moans pleasurably] What's on your mind?

Shawn D.: You really want to know?

Belle: Of course I do.

Shawn D.: Pancakes, maple syrup, and some sausage -- lots of it.

Belle: Wow. You are really romantic.

Shawn D.: This is your fault. You're the one that made me work up an appetite.

Belle: Yeah. Well, I'm pretty hungry, too, so...

Shawn D.: Say no more, Mrs. Brady. Your wish is my command. I am gonna cook us a breakfast feast for our wedding.

Belle: Wow. You know, you are shaping up to be an excellent husband.

Shawn D.: You ain't seen nothing yet.

Belle: Right. Well, why you're doing that, I'm gonna call Doug and Julie and check on Claire.

Shawn D.: Tell her daddy loves her.

Belle: I will if I can find my phone. Have you seen it?

Shawn D.: No. Did you leave it somewhere?

Hope: This... this is how I know your daughter lied.

Marlena: What are you doing with my daughter's cellphone?

Hope: She left it here after the wedding. I wish she hadn't because it's made everything so much more complicated.

Marlena: I think you should start at the beginning. Tell me what Belle said when you confronted her about Philip.

Hope: I was horrified and angry, all at the same time. I love Belle. You know I do. I always have. I've always trusted her completely. Honestly... I can't believe that she did something like that.

Marlena: I don't believe it.

Hope: I was fully prepared to go to Shawn and tell him everything.

Marlena: Did you?

Hope: No, I didnít. She begged me not to. So I finally agreed not to say anything to Shawn as long as she promised me never to see Philip again Ė not alone, not for Claire, not for any reason at all.

Marlena: And did she promise?

Hope: She did promise. She said she wanted nothing more to do with him.

Marlena: And I'm sure she meant that.

Hope: I thought she meant it, too, at the time. Still, I was so worried about Shawn, that keeping a secret like this from him would do more harm than good -- not be in his best interest.

Marlena: But did you keep the secret?

Hope: I did. I kept the secret. I'm terrified that I've done the wrong thing. I didn't know who to talk to. I needed to talk to someone.

Marlena: I'm glad you came to me first.

Marlena: You did, didn't you?

Bo: A woman in black. That's your clue.

Stefano: Well, I would be only too happy to give you more details, if I had them.

Bo: Details would be good.

Stefano: As it is, I'm not too sure when she got to the church. She was standing in the back, and Elvis was the first one to spot her. And he got concerned. But I brushed his concern aside, much to my sorrow.

Bo: Hmm. So, after the bullet was fired into his spine, was she still there?

Stefano: I don't know how long she was there. I was naturally involved, and all my attention was on my son.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Do you have any idea who she was?

Stefano: I would not want to make a mistake, all right, detective? I don't want the wrong person punished.

Bo: Right. Because we all know how you feel about hurting the innocent.

Stefano: You know... [Clears throat] ...whoever shot my son is going to pay, and they are going to pay dearly.

Bo: Yeah, well, don't have a hell of a lot to go on here. Can't exactly put out an APB on a woman in black.

Stefano: Hmm. Think about it, detective. How many women in black, women in mourning... ask yourself, who would be in mourning for the bride?

Bo: Anyone who cares about her. That would include my family and hers.

Stefano: Exactly.

Hope: I did. I confided, finally, in Bo and Kayla.

Marlena: What did they have to say?

Hope: They agreed that telling Shawn would do more harm than good.

Marlena: What happened next?

Hope: I listened and consciously decided to put it behind me. But that's when I discovered that she lied to me, and she did not keep her promise.

Marlena: Because she left her cellphone?

Hope: I did something I'm not proud of.

Marlena: You listened to her messages.

Hope: I couldn't help it.

Marlena: You couldn't help it?

Hope: Do you remember her phone rang right before the ceremony, and she hung up?

Marlena: Vaguely.

Hope: And then the phone rang again -- do you recall that -- and she said that it was Mimi?

Marlena: Yes. Gee, a dear, close friend.

Hope: No. It wasn't Mimi. It was Philip. He called back later, and he left a message. And in the message, he clearly stated that he and Belle were still seeing each other.

Marlena: Oh, dear.

Hope: Yeah. I know. Shocking. I agonized over whether or not I should tell you.

Marlena: But you didn't think twice about violating my daughter's privacy. That isn't right, Hope. That just isn't right.

E.J.: What's wrong? What happened?

Sami: It's okay, E.J. Listen, you've got a lot going on. I can deal with my problems by myself.

E.J.: You're my wife. We deal with our problems together, okay? Now talk to me. Tell me what's going on.

Sami: It's Lucas. He sent will to Switzerland without even checking with me, without even telling me. And, um -- and then I just found out that he named our daughter without telling me, too.

E.J.: [Inhales deeply] I'm sorry. That's, uh, yeah. He's obviously being very manipulative and very cold. I hope he's not playing games.

Sami: Lucas is a wonderful man and a good father. And you have some nerve saying anything bad about anyone else. So, I never want to hear you do it again. You hear me?

E.J.: I'm sorry. Did he at least, um, pick a good name for his daughter?

Sami: E.J., she's my daughter, too.

E.J.: I'm sorry.

Sami: Her name is Alice Caroline Horton. [Voice breaking] It's a perfect name. We're gonna call her Allie for short. I mean, it's not about that. He did it without me. He sent will away without me. I just feel like I'm being pushed out of my children's lives. [Sobs]

E.J.: Hey. Samantha. It'll be okay. I promise.

Marlena: You should leave Shawn and Belle alone and let them work out their own problems. I don't think they need you or me interfering.

Hope: I think you should probably tell Philip that.

Marlena: I think I will tell Belle that in my own way, and I will do it without judgment or criticism.

Hope: Of course. We wouldn't want belle to think that she's done anything wrong.

Marlena: I'm not defending what happened. She's young. She's been through so much.

Hope: We've all been through so much -- all of us, including myself. And that is no excuse to betray my son or lie to him and make him look like a fool. And if she thinks that it is, she's sadly mistaken.

Belle: Well, it has to be here somewhere.

Shawn D.: I don't know. We looked everywhere.

Belle: Where could it be?

Shawn D.: Think back to the last time you used it. Where were you?

Belle: Oh, no.

Shawn D.: What?

Belle: Um, it was at your parents' house. I was talking to Mimi before the ceremony.

Shawn D.: Okay, well, then, mystery solved. It's at my parents' house. My mom probably found it. And if I know her well enough, I think I can talk her into bringing it over here.

Belle: [Laughs uneasily]

Belle: I have to get my phone.

Shawn D.: We'll just stop by my parents' house after breakfast and pick it up.

Belle: I can't wait. I need it now.

Shawn D.: Why? What's so important?

Belle: I have to call Doug and Julie and check in on Claire.

Shawn D.: You know what? You need to relax and just enjoy our time alone together. It's bad enough that we had to postpone the honeymoon. I'm gonna make it up to you as soon as we have the money. But for now, it's gonna be breakfast with Shawn the chef.

Belle: Hey. Hey. I love you. And I'm so happy that I married you, and I never want you to forget that.

Shawn D.: I wonít. Is everything all right?

Belle: It's perfect. I just wish we could stay like this forever.

Shawn D.: Mmm. Well, if we did, I would end up dying of starvation. So, get back in bed, and let me spoil my bride. She deserves it.

Marlena: I think you're overreacting. I think... Belle is not, by nature, someone who lies or sneaks around.

Hope: I wish I was overreacting, but I'm not. I know what I heard in that phone message. It's so obvious. Belle is still involved with Philip.

Marlena: Maybe you misunderstood something in the voicemail. Maybe it was completely innocent.

Hope: No, it was very clear. I did not misunderstand. Philip said that he knew they belonged together when he held her in his arms the night before the wedding.

Marlena: He said that?

Hope: Yes, he said that.

Marlena: Wow. Belle must be very confused. She's been through so much. She's been pulled between these two men for so long. She married Shawn. He's the one she wants.

Hope: Then she needs to say goodbye to Philip.

Marlena: Well, she's been through a lot. She's lost her father. Maybe she just canít. Maybe she can't say one more goodbye.

Sami: I, uh, don't know when you became so understanding.

E.J.: You only have yourself to blame, I'm afraid. Well, you and Johnny. It seems you've managed to turn me from a, uh, selfish, dashing rake into a dull, albeit hopelessly devoted family man. I hope you don't prefer the former.

Sami: I don't know what I want. I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't know what I like anymore. I don't know why my life is such a mess.

E.J.: Okay, just stop for a second, okay, and let's just take things one step at a time. The first thing is you're exhausted. You need to get some rest. Go home, okay? Just take care of Johnny, take care of Allie, and get some sleep.

Sami: E.J., you need me here.

E.J.: I'm fine, all right? I got Bertha to take care of me.

Sami: But...

E.J.: But zip. No. No "buts." Go home, please. You and I have all the time in the world to figure things out. Go and get some rest. Go.

Hope: Marlena, I'm so sorry. I know that you and belle are grieving, and my timing really is awful. And I apologize. I never should have brought this up. Not now.

Marlena: I'm glad you did. It just has to stop. It has to stop. We've got to find a way to help them, Shawn and Belle.

Hope: I can't tell you how happy I am to hear you say that. Honestly, I didn't know what to do. I didn't know where to turn. I-I didn't know.

Marlena: I don't even know what she's thinking.

Hope: Maybe she's having some kind of an emotional crisis.

Marlena: Well, this is not like her.

Hope: I know it's not. On a better note, let's put our heads together and figure out a way to help these kids through this in one piece.

Marlena: I'll talk to Belle first, get some straight answers, and I will not tell her that you listened to her messages.

Hope: Thank you. But if you have to, if it comes up, it's okay. I take responsibility. Please tell her that I went to you instead of Bo and Shawn. I want things to work out for them. Please tell her that, as well.

Marlena: I'll tell her we all feel that way.

Hope: Are you okay?

Marlena: I was thinking about John.

Hope: Of course you are.

Marlena: He'd know. He would know how to reach her, what to say to her, how to make this better for her.

Hope: You will, too. You do.

Marlena: I don't know. I don't know. I feel like -- I feel like my life is just spinning out of control.

Sami: Okay, E.J. What's the catch?

E.J.: There is no catch.

Sami: You have spent the last year trying to control me, trying to keep me close, trying to take charge of my life, and now, all of a sudden, you think I look tired so I can go home? Come on.

E.J.: I-it's not some kind of trick, Samantha. Being a father has given me a sense of purpose, and now I feel this weight of responsibility, and that's really all there is to it.

Sami: I think there's more.

E.J.: There's nothing more. I just... I know to trust how you feel in your heart. When you held me and you kissed me... when you finally released all those feelings that... you hadn't even admitted, not to yourself... it changed me.

Bo: Sami, I need to talk to you.

E.J.: We're in the middle of something.

Bo: This will just take a second. Sami.

Sami: I'll come back and say goodbye before I leave, okay?

E.J.: Okay.

[Door opens]

Sami: What's up?

Bo: This is about the shooting.

Sami: Do you know who did it?

Bo: Do you remember seeing a woman at the wedding? She was in the back, dressed in black, she had a veil over her face.

Sami: Yeah, I do remember seeing someone like that. It looked like she was more appropriately dressed for a funeral than a wedding.

Bo: Think back. Try really hard. Was there anything about her that looked at all familiar?

Sami: No. I just remember thinking how sad it was that she seemed like a widow, I-- oh, my God. Mom.

Shawn D.: Breakfast is served. [Drawer opens, closes] Ah-ha. Wasn't that fast? I hope you're hungry.

Belle: It looks and smells delicious.

Shawn D.: I can't take all the credit because grandma had the batter already made.

Belle: Well, you flipped them, right?

Shawn D.: With my own two hands.

Belle: Good.

Shawn d.: First wait. I almost forgot. I want to give you something.

Belle: Give me something? Shawn, you've done enough already.

Shawn D.: Not nearly.

Belle: You said no gifts. We can't afFord it.

Shawn D.: Just open it.

Belle: Okay. Oh, Shawn. It's beautiful. We'll put all our wedding photos in it.

Shawn D.: Well, you could, but I should warn you that it's already been started. I want to take lots of pictures. I want to have memories of everything that we do, all of our kids and everywhere we go. Everything, even the tough times. Come here. We've been down a long, hard road, and we got through it. We survived every obstacle and everything that was thrown at us. We got our dream come true -- you, me, and Claire.

Belle: Aw. Aw, Christmas.

Shawn D.: Our little elf.

Belle: She was great, great as an elf. I can't tell you what this means to me.

Shawn D.: Nothing can stop us now, Belle. Just remember that, always.

E.J.: Father.

Stefano: Well, well, well. Look at you. You are getting stronger by the minute.

E.J.: Well, you can thank Samantha for that. You just missed her. I think she's outside.

Stefano: I saw her. She was in the corridor with Bo.

E.J.: I wonder what they're talking about.

Stefano: Well, one can only imagine.

E.J.: I'm not too bothered, to be honest with you. Samantha and I are stronger than ever. She's still a little bit closer to Lucas than I'd like, but, um, well, that will pass in time.

Stefano: Well, maybe you have the patience to wait, but I donít.

E.J.: Excuse me?

Stefano: Why have I not met my grandson?

E.J.: Look, Father, relax. He's just been born.

Stefano: I'm not going to relax. He should be here bonding, at the very least, with his father.

E.J.: You're not allowed to take infants into the ICU.

Stefano: For God's sake, you have a bullet wound. You don't have the plague.

E.J.: Father, Samantha's never going to agree. She's very protective of him, as she should be.

Stefano: [Sighs] You should nip this in the bud right now.

E.J.: I should nip what in the bud?

Stefano: This business of Samantha calling the shots. It's not up to her to make these kinds of decision, especially where it concerns your son. You tell her to bring your child to you right away.

E.J.: Okay. I'll tell her, father, but I don't think she's gonna listen.

Stefano: Well, damn it, makes ten. You're the boy's father. You're the man in the family. Don't take no for an answer.

E.J.: Samantha.

Stefano: Samantha.

Shawn D.: I guess you weren't so crazy about your pancakes. You barely touched them.

Belle: No, I'm just too excited to eat. I can't believe that I'm actually Mrs. Shawn Brady.

Shawn D.: It does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Belle: It does, doesn't it?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Mmm. Mmm. Hey, do you know what happened to my watch that Victor gave me? I put it over here on the night stand.

Belle: No, honey, I don't know where it is.

Hope: Just when we think our job is done and our children don't need us anymore...

Marlena: Turns out they certainly do, especially when you're the only parent they have. They need you all that much more.

Hope: Hey, anything I can do to help, okay?

Marlena: Thanks.

Hope: Hey, there's my sexy husband.

Bo: Hey, hey.

Hope: Look who's here.

Bo: Good to see you, Marlena, out and about.

Marlena: I am, but, hello, goodbye. Sorry, Bo. I got to go.

Bo: Hold on a second. I'd like to talk to you for a minute, if I could.

Marlena: So would I, but I've got an errand to run.

Bo: All right, um, it'll just take a minute.

Marlena: All right, sure. What do you want to talk about?

Bo: Well, I know you were at Sami and Junior's wedding. What I don't know is if you put a bullet in his spine.

Stefano: I think I will leave you two alone. Get my grandson. No more excuses. Samantha.

E.J.: I'm sorry about that. You okay?

Sami: Uh, I'm just tired. That's all.

E.J.: Okay. Come here for a minute, all right? Samantha, it's time... for us to introduce our son to his grandfather. He wants to be a part of his life. I want you to take our baby to see Stefano, please, and the sooner the better.

Sami: No. Absolutely not.

Philip: As an officer and a gentleman, I'm backing off. Put her there, pal.

Bo: I have a witness who said there was a woman at the church.

Marlena: And you assume that was me because...

Bo: Was it?

Sami: If Stefano wants an audience with my son, he can get in line.

E.J.: That's not acceptable.

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