Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 11/20/07 - Canada; Wednesday 11/21/07 - U.S.A.


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Announcer: The part of Cordy is now being played by Christina Stacey.

Cordy: I don't know if we should.

Chelsea: Of course we should.

Morgan: Oh, honey, you're on offense now.


Carmen: What he's done.

Chelsea: Here you guys go.

Morgan: See this face?

Carmen: Keep away from that guy.

Morgan: Hey, warn your girlfriend.

Carmen: He's bad news.

Chelsea: If he's at a party, make sure you kick him out, okay?

Adrienne: Ah, Chelsea. What, is somebody running for mayor?

Chelsea: Uh, no. More like scum of the earth.

Adrienne: Oh, let's have a look. You guys aren't messing around.

Chelsea: No. We're putting Ford Decker on notice.

Carmen: Taking justice into our own hands.

Adrienne: I'll say.

Chelsea: You know, I'm actually thinking that maybe we should start an internet site, you know, just to warn people. Do you mind if we put some of these up in the bar?

Adrienne: Sure, go ahead.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Morgan: Maybe a couple in the bathroom?

Adrienne: In fact, put one up over the jukebox, and I'll spring for a round of sodas.

Carmen: You're the best.

Chelsea: Okay, we can't stay here that long because we have a lot of ground to cover still.

Morgan: I really like your idea of using the internet.

Chelsea: Thanks.

Carmen: And I'll stop by the help desk on campus and see if I can get a site up.

Chelsea: Okay, we already covered the campus, so where should we go next?

Morgan: Why don't we go to the second-most popular hangout for co-eds?

Carmen: The mall.

Morgan: Mm-hmm.

Carmen: Oh, he'll freak.

Chelsea: Well, that's the point. Are you okay?

Morgan: Honey, he's the one that should be scared, not us.

Chelsea: That's right. The big man on campus is now a zero.

Carmen: And we did it.

Morgan: We're putting Ford Decker on notice.

Chelsea: Thanks.

Adrienne: There you go.

Chelsea: Straws.

Adrienne: Oh, thank you, Chelse.

Chelsea: This is to taking our lives back.

Morgan: Mm-hmm.

Cordy: Adrienne, do you think I can put these up in the women's room?

Adrienne: You betcha, sweetheart.

Morgan: You go, girl.

Chelsea: Here's to Ford Decker -- may he go down in flames.

Carmen: Cheers.

Stephanie: Uh...hey. When did you get home, Papa?

Steve: Just a little while ago. Do I get a hug?

Stephanie: Of course. Sorry.

Steve: Hey. Is there something I can help you with?

Stephanie: Uh, it's just bio. I'm cramming for an exam.

Steve: Bio? As in biology? I used to be pretty good at that, when I showed up to class anyway. So, why don't you go get your book? I'll see if I can help you out.

Hope: Hey.

Shawn D.: Uh, hey. Wow.

Hope: What do you think?

Shawn D.: It looks like somebody's getting married here tomorrow.

Hope: I wanted to surprise you and Belle. I think she was happy.

Shawn D.: Oh, I am, too. Thank you, Mom.

Hope: Oh, honey.

Shawn D.: Think about it -- by this time tomorrow, I'm gonna be a married man. We did it. We've finally made it to the finish line.

Philip: It's a little early for an April fool's joke, Carl. That firm isn't worth $6 million, let alone $60 million. Hmm. You do that. Call me when their people are ready to do business with Titan.

Sighs] I didn't realize I had an audience.

Belle: You said to take the private elevator.

Philip: I wasn't sure you'd actually come.

Belle: I'm not so sure it was such a good idea. Um, you know, if this is a bad time --

Philip: No, no, please. What, Donna step away from her desk?

Belle: I -- yeah, I guess, and I didn't want to interrupt. You're busy, so I'm just gonna --

Philip: No, no, no. I'm glad you came. Coffee?

Belle: Chuckles] Telephone rings]

Philip: This will just be a minute. Philip Kiriakis. Absolutely not that project was green-lighted two weeks ago. The cost estimates are frozen. Break even is at $10.5 million. Come in under or don't come in at all.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Stephanie: I don't want to think about exams right now.

Steve: Oh. Okay.

Kayla: Yeah, we could do that later.

Stephanie: I'm in no rush to leave, so...

Steve: Well, that's good.

Stephanie: Uh, Papa, do you mind if I talk to mom for a minute alone?

Steve: Sure, that's all right.

Stephanie: It's just, you know, girl stuff.

Steve: Yeah. I get it.

Kayla: Um...what do you think about maybe going to Blakely's and getting us some hot chocolate?

Steve: I could do that. So, what would you like -- milk chocolate or the bittersweet?

Kayla: Milk with lots of whipped cream.

Steve: Yeah, I know about you and the whipped cream. How about you, little sweetness?

Stephanie: Same.

Steve: Okay. Two hot chocolates coming right up. You know what? I think I'm just gonna sit down there and have myself a hot-fudge sundae. You know, take my time.

Kayla: Thank you.

Steve: Hey, don't go anywhere until I get back, huh?

Stephanie: I wonít.

Steve: Okay.

Kayla: Okay.

Stephanie: He knows something's up, doesn't he?

Kayla: Let's not worry about it right now, okay?

Stephanie: I can't tell papa about this.

Kayla: We don't even know if there's anything to tell him.

Stephanie: I thought I read it right. I don't know. I got confus-- am I pregnant?

Kayla: No. No. It's negative.

Stephanie: Are you sure?

Kayla: Sighs] You are not pregnant.

Stephanie: I was so scared, Mom. I-I was thinking I can't even take care of myself, let alone a baby, and then I got confused with the directions and then papa came in.

Kayla: Just take a breath. Come on. Everything's okay now.

Stephanie: I'm so glad you were here.

Kayla: I'm glad I was here, too, baby.

Stephanie: Sighs] I promise I will be so careful from now on.

Kayla: Don't put yourself in this position again.

Stephanie: I won't, believe me.

Kayla: Baby, I am so happy that you're not pregnant, but there are other things to worry about here.

Stephanie: Mom, I --

Kayla: You need to go have an HIV test.

Billie: Hi. Look what I found on a campus bulletin board.

Chelsea: Yeah, you like it?

Billie: Are they yours?

Morgan: They're all of ours.

Billie: You don't want to back a guy like this into a corner.

Chelsea: Sure you do.

Morgan: Yeah, and if there's not a corner, then we'll find a rooftop.

Chelsea: To push him off of.

Billie: All right, you know what, you guys? This isn't a joke. If you get in trouble for this, he wins again.

Morgan: What kind of trouble?

Billie: If Decker is capable of raping and drugging women, we don't know what else he's capable of doing.

Carmen: We're being careful.

Billie: Are you sticking together?

Morgan: Like glue.

Billie: All right, good. Jett and I have put more security cameras on sorority row.

Carmen: Great, theta's even more wired?

Chelsea: It's a good idea. Thank you, Mom, for watching out for us.

Billie: Hi. How are you doing, Cordy?

Cordy: Okay.

Billie: Okay, good. Sit down. I've also stepped up the foot and bike patrols around campus, and off the record, I've told them to be especially on the lookout for Decker.

Chelsea: Good. So, do you want to help us finish putting up the rest of these?

Billie: Honey, you know I canít.

Cordy: It's okay. It's just better if we do it by ourselves anyway.

Morgan: You know what? I'm gonna go put something on the jukebox to get us pumped up. Want to come with me to pick something? Okay.

Carmen: I'll get us some more drinks. Miss Reed, do you want anything?

Billie: No, thank you. This isn't a game. I hope you girls know that.

Chelsea: Of course we do, Mom. But we're not just gonna be locked up in our bedrooms because of some guy like this.

Billie: That's not what I'm saying. That's not what I'm saying at all. I just don't want you to get hurt.

Chelsea: We're being very careful.

Billie: Would you do something for me?

Chelsea: I know, Mom. Lock all my doors. Call you when I get in. Don't walk the campus alone at night. I got it.

Billie: No. Yes, but no. Move back in with me, okay? Just until Decker is caught and put behind bars where he belongs.

Hope: Here you go, sweetheart. Your favorite -- pretzels.

Shawn D.: Yeah. If I would have known that you'd be waiting on me, I would have moved back in here a long time ago.

Hope: Oh, don't get used to it, wise guy. All right, tonight your mother waits on you, but tomorrow, it's Belle's turn.

Shawn D.: I don't think Belle knows about that whole waiting thing.

Hope: No? Chuckles]

Shawn D.: So, what's for dinner?

Hope: Huh? Oh, I don't know. Whatever you can scrounge up. I'm not a very good cook. You know that. And besides that, you know what? To even think that I should cook -- any woman should cook -- the night before Thanksgiving is cruel and unusual punishment.

Shawn D.: Okay. I'll call out for a pizza.

Hope: That sounds good.

Shawn D.: Do I get to pick the toppings?

Hope: We'll compromise.

Shawn D.: All my favorites?

Hope: How old are you?

Shawn D.: Old enough to get married.

Hope: Are you really ready for that?

Shawn D.: I definitely am.

Hope: You know, marriage isn't always like this. Hard times come.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. They have, and we survived them.

Hope: A good relationship takes a lot of work.

Shawn D.: I know. You and dad taught me that a long time ago.

Hope: Your dad and I just -- you know, we want you to be as happy as we are.

Shawn D.: Mom, don't worry. Have some pretzels.

Hope: Okay.

Shawn D.: Belle Black Brady. It even sounds right, doesn't it?

Hope: No.

Shawn D.: No, it doesnít. It's horrible. No, it's not good. I don't care what she calls herself, as long as she's called my wife.

Philip: Donna, hold my calls. And if Thompson calls on the Philadelphia deal, tell him I stepped out. We'll make him sweat a little. Sorry.

Belle: That's okay. You know what? You're busy, so I'm gonna go.

Philip: No, stay. I just got unbusy.

Belle: Well, I came by to tell you that you were right... about Hope. Not only did she tell Bo, but she told Kayla, who probably told Steve.

Philip: Chuckles]

Belle: What's with the smile?

Philip: It's a little predictable. That's all.

Belle: Or more like you just love being right.

Philip: I wouldn't hurt you.

Belle: Look, I can't get married in front of all those people tomorrow.

Philip: Why not? Who cares what they know? It's over. What happened, happened.

Belle: And how am I supposed to face them?

Philip: Do you still want to marry Shawn?

Belle: Yes.

Philip: Then don't let other people stop you. Do what feels right in your heart. You already know what that is. You don't need me to tell you. Now, I'm sorry. I've got work to do. Donna, get me Cooper in Sydney. I need to go over those import agreements.

Bo: Hey, hey. Did somebody order tuxedos?

Hope: There is a Lord. Thank you. You remembered.

Bo: Of course I reme-- hey, you started the party without me?

Shawn D.: It's just beer and pretzels.

Hope: I ordered pizza as well.

Bo: What more do you need?

Shawn D.: Are you sure you don't mind me staying the night here?

Hope: No, of course we don't mind.

Bo: No, of course we don't mind.

Hope: Well -- I'm so glad the three of us are together.

Bo: Be careful. She'll be pulling out pictures of you in your diapers soon.

Shawn D.: Oh, you don't even know. She already did.

Bo: Oh, man. You did -- oh, yeah, that one's a good one.

Hope: Isn't that a good one? Don't you remember? Look at my boy -- so sweet.

Bo: Hey, where's Belle staying?

Shawn D.: She's staying with her mom.

Hope: Yeah, with Claire.

Bo: Oh. So you're going traditional, huh?

Shawn D.: Sort of. Here, want me to get you a beer?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Oh, wait, sweetie. Before you go, just try on your tuxedo, okay? Honey, we're not gonna have time tomorrow morning to run to the tailor and get it altered.

Bo: Humor her.

Hope: Yeah, humor me.

Shawn D.: All right, I surrender, but what about him?

Bo: I tried mine on at the shop, smart guy. Get out of here.

Shawn D.: Don't eat all the pretzels. I'll be back.

Bo: You better hurry up. This does have him in diapers. He seems pretty happy.

Hope: I hope it lasts.

Bo: Oh, no. Why d-- what did I miss?

Hope: You're gonna be angry with me.

Bo: That's not good. Why am I gonna be angry?

Hope: Because I slipped. I slipped, okay? I slipped. I told Belle that I mentioned something to Kayla about her and Philip.

Bo: How did you slip?

Hope: I don't want -- I don't want Shawn to hear this, okay? I was showing Belle the house, how I had decorated everything, and one thing led to another, and we started talking about Philip, and I just...

Bo: What?

Hope: I wanted to make sure that she was committed to this marriage.

Bo: Hey, this is Shawn and Belle's commitment. We're supposed to just sit back and let them live their lives.

Hope: She slept with another man. What if she hurts --

Bo: Shh!

Hope: What if she hurts our son? What if it happens again?

Bo: Belle has spent most of her life loving our son. She's not gonna break his heart at the altar.

Philip: Yeah, we'll have our lawyers hammer out the details. Hey, that was an important call.

Belle: Don't ignore me.

Philip: I'm not ignoring you. I'm busy.

Belle: You told me to call you if I needed you. I called. You told me to come here.

Philip: Not to fix your problems with Shawn's mother. I'm not your guy friend or your go-to shoulder when things go wrong with the Bradyís.

Belle: Fine. Obviously coming here was a mistake.

Philip: Being together is never a mistake, Belle.

Kayla: I'm gonna write you a prescription for that blood work.

Stephanie: Mom, I took care of it. I went to the campus health center and got a test. Everything's negative.

Kayla: Great. Are they gonna repeat the HIV test?

Stephanie: In six months to be sure. I'm so sorry.

Kayla: Baby, don't be. I understand.

Stephanie: But I know better.

Kayla: We all make mistakes.

Stephanie: Why are you letting me off so easily?

Kayla: Because I was your age once, and I certainly wasn't perfect. And unfortunately this is how we live and learn.

Stephanie: Sighs]

Kayla: Come on now. Take it easy.

Stephanie: Six months feels like forever.

Kayla: It's gonna be okay.

Stephanie: It's a long time to wait.

Kayla: All right. We'll go together when you have the next blood test, okay? All right?

Stephanie: Thanks.

Kayla: No, no "thanks." I adore you. You know that.

Stephanie: What if the first test was wrong and I'm really...

Kayla: Baby, baby, cut it out. Come on now. Really, everything's gonna be fine.

Stephanie: Are you talking as a mom or as a doctor?

Kayla: Both. But so far, everything is fine, so don't borrow trouble, okay?

Stephanie: I'm sorry you had to cover with dad.

Kayla: Well, I wouldn't be so sure he's not gonna find out.

Stephanie: I know. Just not tonight.

Kayla: I'm so proud of you.

Stephanie: How can you say that? I came running home like a scared kid.

Kayla: No. Kids hide their mistakes. Adults face them. And you faced this like a grown woman.

Chelsea: I just don't understand if campus security is so tight now why I would need to move in with you.

Billie: Because of these. Chelsea, what do you expect to accomplish with these?

Chelsea: Well, Mom, if he's not gonna be thrown in jail, I'm kind of hoping that he won't be able to come out of his room like Cordy.

Billie: And then what?

Chelsea: And then pack up and slither away into the night.

Billie: And go where?

Chelsea: Who cares?

Billie: The girls in the next town. The girls at the next college. Chelsea, listen to me -- he hasn't been convicted of anything yet. He can go wherever he wants and do whatever he wants. These flyers are not gonna stop him.

Ford: Did you put these up?

Billie: Calm down, Decker.

Ford: No, they're all over campus.

Billie: Calm down.

Ford: Answer me, bitch! What the hell do you think you're doing?!

Ford: Were these your idea?

Billie: Back off, Decker.

Chelsea: Yeah, Ford, and I've got plenty more to replace them.

Billie: Chelsea.

Ford: Listen to your mommy, Chelsea. She's a lot smarter than you are. Oh, it's a whole coven of witches.

Chelsea: Shut up.

Ford: You're gonna find out real soon that libel suits are expensive. I see you've got Cordy into the act, huh?

Morgan: Leave her alone.

Ford: Like I ever touched her.

Billie: Get out of here, Decker, right now.

Ford: Why? It's a public bar. I'm innocent. Ask the D.A. There was no evidence a crime was ever committed.

Morgan: That doesn't make you innocent.

Adrienne: What's going on here?

Ford: Did you let them put these up in here?

Adrienne: Yes, I did.

Ford: Listen up, people!

Adrienne: Look, I don't want any trouble.

Ford: These chicks are desperate. The only thing I ever did to them was turn them down.

Chelsea: The only reason this guy's not even in jail is because his rich little daddy was able to keep him out.

Billie: Chelsea.

Ford: Call off your dogs or you will be really sorry.

Billie: Decker, get out of here right now before you get yourself into even more trouble.

Ford: I can handle trouble. How about you, Chelsea?

Kayla: You know, your father must be having two hot-fudge sundaes.

Stephanie: Uh, I got a message from Chelsea. They're at the Cheatin' Heart.

Kayla: Why don't you go meet up with them?

Stephanie: You don't mind?

Kayla: Of course not.

Stephanie: Um, tell papa I'll see him soon.

Kayla: You know, baby, if you want to stay here for a few days, that will be okay.

Stephanie: Mom, really, I feel so much better.

Kayla: It's the holiday weekend.

Stephanie: Which is why I'm gonna stay at the sorority house. Cordy can't afFord to go home, so I don't want her to be alone. I'm gonna stay there with her.

Kayla: Why don't you bring her here with you?

Stephanie: Really?

Kayla: Sure. Change of scenery would probably be good for her.

Stephanie: Thanks, Mom.

Kayla: Is that guy still on campus?

Stephanie: Yeah, and telling everyone that he's being victimized by us women.

Door opens]

Steve: And Johnson makes it back with the goods.

Stephanie: Papa, um, can I get a rain check?

Steve: Huh? Where you going?

Stephanie: Cheatin' Heart, but I'm gonna be home all weekend, okay? I love you both.

Steve: Okay. Why did you have to lie to me about that pregnancy test?

Bo: How did you leave things with Belle?

Hope: It was strained.

Bo: But?

Hope: Very strained.

Bo: And?

Hope: Before she left, I welcomed her to the family.

Bo: Good for you. Is she gonna be okay?

Hope: I don't know. I don't care. I do. I don't know. No, I donít. I think she was fine. Sighs]

Bo: She's carrying around an awful lot of baggage for her wedding night.

Hope: I probably shouldn't have said anything.

Bo: Well, prĖ

Hope: I just wanted to give her the opportunity.

Bo: You asked her a legitimate question.

Hope: Yeah, but I just wanted to make sure that she was really doing what she wanted to do, that she really wanted to marry him.

Bo: Tell me something.

Hope: What?

Bo: Are you gonna hold it against her that she...cheated on Shawn?

Hope: Yes. I don't know. Will you? Are you?

Bo: I...don't know. That's a difficult one.

Hope: I think I will. Oh, God.

Philip: Do you feel bad about what you've done or who you are?

Belle: Maybe I should just tell Shawn.

Philip: That's the last thing you should do.

Belle: I don't think I can face him tomorrow.

Philip: Why not?

Belle: Because I'm -- I'm just confused and I'm ashamed all over again.

Philip: Because Hope told Bo and Kayla?

Belle: No, because she brought it up again the night before my wedding, and you're the only one I can talk to about it.

Philip: I'm glad.

Belle: Philip, you're my only friend. But this just isn't right.

Philip: Hey, you're not ashamed of making love with me, Belle. You're ashamed because you can't stop thinking about it the night before you marry Shawn.

Belle: It's not true.

Philip: I can't change who knows or who Hope tells next. Don't insult me by calling us friends.

Belle: Well, I wish we could be.

Philip: Sit down. Please. When you called...I thought you were coming over to tell me the wedding was off...that you and Claire were coming home for good. I gave you that number if you needed to talk about us. Marrying Shawn is a huge mistake.

Belle: Well, thanks for the support. I appreciate it.

Philip: Oh, stop acting like a brat.

Belle: What did you just call me?

Philip: You want Shawn and you want me waiting in the wings, like a kid who can't decide what toy she wants to play with next. I'm not playing safety to Shawn, not even for you. Now, please leave. I've got work to do.

Bo: Hey. Listen to me -- you made the decision to not tell Shawn. I got on board. The only thing we can do now is move on.

Hope: I've moved on. I mean, I can move on.

Bo: Good.

Hope: If she's moved on.

Bo: You don't think she has?

Hope: I think she has.

Bo: Well, good.

Hope: Do you think she has?

Bo: Tomorrow is supposed to be a happy day for this family. This family needs a happy day, so I'll tell you what -- let's be happy.

Hope: I bet you Philip does something to ruin this wedding.

Bo: Hey --

Shawn D.: Relax, Mom. Philip can't ruin anything. He's not gonna hurt Belle and me, not anymore.

Kayla: I wasn't trying to shut you out. It's just Stephanie was embarrassed and she didn't want you to know.

Steve: Is she pregnant?

Kayla: No. The test was negative.

Steve: Sighs] Was it that bum Jeremy?

Kayla: It wasn't Jeremy.

Steve: 'Cause I'd like a reason to wring his neck.

Kayla: Well, it would be the wrong neck.

Steve: Max?

Kayla: No.

Steve: Who was it?

Kayla: I don't know. It was a one-night stand.

Steve: She was with a strange guy without protection?

Kayla: Well, she was tested, and everything is normal. Everything's okay. What are you doing?

Steve: I'm calling her.

Kayla: No, please. Please donít. If you tell her that I told you, she will never trust me with something like this again.

Adrienne: Leave on your own or at the end of my foot.

Ford: I'll leave when they do.

Morgan: Just go. Nobody wants you here. Hey, hey, hey!

Ford: Maybe I'll start some mug shots of my own, starting with her.

Morgan: Leave her alone.

Billie: Okay, that's enough, everyone.

Ford: No, I'd like to say when I've had enough. And they're right, Cordy. All gasp]

Ford: You're gonna regret that.

Billie: Is that a threat?

Ford: A promise.

Adrienne: I told you to leave.

Ford: I was assaulted. You saw her. All of you.

Adrienne: Billie, did you see anything?

Billie: Uh, no, I didnít. Morgan, did you see anything?

Morgan: No. Carmen, did you see anything happen?

Carmen: Not a thing.

Morgan: Wow, Ford, looks like you cut yourself shaving.

Adrienne: How about the rest of you? Anybody see this man assaulted? Indistinct talking] Looks like you have a credibility problem, son. Don't you have someplace else to be?

Ford: This place is a dump anyway. And this isn't over.

Adrienne: It is tonight.

Ford: Well, if it isn't the campus slut. Call me.

Kayla: Are you talking to me yet?

Steve: Who said I wasn't talking?

Kayla: Would you really want Stephanie to come to you with this kind of thing?

Steve: I just want her to know that I can help her when she needs it.

Kayla: Like I told you, she was embarrassed.

Steve: Did she give a name?

Kayla: It doesn't matter who it was. Beating him up isn't gonna help.

Steve: It would help me.

Kayla: You know what? She's got to take responsibility for her actions. And, you know, girls are complicated.

Steve: Sarcastically] No.

Kayla: Yeah, there are some things that you tell your mom, and there are some things you tell your dad, and there are some things that you tell your mom hoping that she'll tell your dad. But you know what the important thing is? The important thing is that she came here when things went wrong because she feels safe here.

Steve: It's because of you, sweetness.

Kayla: No. It's because of us. Chuckles] Oh, stop.

Hope: Honey, look at you. T-t-turn around so I can get a full view.

Shawn D.: Don't change the subject. Why were you guys talking about Philip?

Hope: Is he coming tomorrow?

Shawn D.: I don't know. He was invited, but Belle told him to stay away.

Hope: Well, that's a big signal.

Bo: Do you think he got Belle's message?

Shawn D.: With Philip, it's anyone's guess, but as far as belle and I go, we're through with Philip.

Belle: If I'm such a brat, why even bother with me?

Philip: Because I love you, and you're better than this.

Belle: You're just mad because I chose Shawn.

Philip: You didn't make a decision. You ran.

Belle: Well, I'm sorry I hurt you.

Philip: I'll deal with it.

Belle: Like this?

Philip: You called me.

Belle: For the last time.

Philip: I doubt it.

Belle: Why are you so mean?

Philip: Mean is coming over here like I matter to you.

Belle: You do matter.

Philip: Go ahead and get married, Belle. Leave me out of it.

Belle: Don't worry, I will.

Philip: When Shawn puts that ring on your finger, it's over.

Belle: We've been over.

Philip: You're kidding yourself.

Belle: No, I'm not.

Philip: Then why is your heart racing? You couldn't walk out that door if you wanted to.

Belle: Watch me.

Philip: There's more passion in here, right here, right now, than you've ever had with Shawn.

Belle: That's not true.

Philip: The walls are down. You're so close to kissing me, it scares you to death.

Shawn D.: Look, I don't want you guys worrying about Philip. He's not your problem.

Bo: You invited him. I'll uninvite him.

Shawn D.: Dad, Belle already did that.

Bo: I'll make it clear.

Shawn D.: No, let me do it.

Bo: You got enough on your mind.

Shawn D.: I can handle the guy.

Bo: I'm not saying you canít. Just let me field this one, would you? Consider it one of your...many wedding presents.

Philip: Every night you lie with him and wish it were me.

Belle: No, I wonít.

Philip: You'll see my face when you close your eyes and wish it were my hands against your skin.

Belle: Philip, please stop.

Philip: Don't do that to yourself. Don't do it to Shawn.

Belle: I've loved Shawn for years.

Philip: Not like this.

Shawn D.: Look, it's great that you guys want to help, but I have to do this.

Bo: Philip's my brother. I can lean on him a little.

Hope: The brother that got all the Kiriakis genes.

Bo: And money.

Shawn D.: No, Dad, I appreciate it. I do, but it is my job to draw the line with him.

Bo: Okay. You can draw the line tomorrow when you say your vows.

Shawn D.: But I thought you wanted me to uninvite him.

Bo: Yeah, that would make him too important.

Shawn D.: Okay, and what if he does show up?

Bo: Nothing like a good old Irish brawl at a wedding.

Hope: Not at this wedding.

Bo: Why not? I've been wanting to slap him around for a while.

Hope: This isn't funny. Forget it. I'm calling him. I'll deal with this.

Shawn D.: Mom, I can handle this, okay? You can stop worrying about Philip.

Chelsea: It'll be fine, Mom.

Billie: It's swollen. Does it hurt?

Chelsea: Yeah. I don't know how guys do it.

Billie: Well, no brain, no pain?

Chelsea: Chuckles]

Billie: All right, listen, we need to get you an x-ray.

Chelsea: It's not broken.

Billie: You're not a doctor.

Chelsea: It will be fine.

Morgan: Fresh ice.

Chelsea: Thanks.

Billie: Here.

Chelsea: How's Cordy?

Morgan: Cordy's upset.

Billie: You really have to stop this campaign, Chelse.

Morgan: But we just started.

Billie: It doesn't matter. This isn't the way to go about it.

Chelsea: Mom, if we stop now, Ford is going to win again.

Billie: Maybe I can put someone on him.

Chelsea: What, like somebody undercover?

Billie: I'm not promising anything. I will look into it and see what I can do.

Chelsea: Whatever. Even if you did nab him on something, it's not like it'll do anything 'cause the law's gonna be on his side, so...

Morgan: I mean, how many girls does Ford have to rape before they have enough evidence?

Billie: I will talk to Abe Carver, okay?

Chelsea: Abe Carver can't do anything, Mom. Ford's dad has the D.A. in his pocket. We can't quit now. I'll be right back.

Kayla: You know, this is what I want for Stephanie.

Steve: She still got a lot of growing up to do, doesn't she?

Kayla: Were you telling the truth before?

Steve: About what?

Kayla: When you -- you know, about the pregnancy test. When you thought it was mine.

Steve: If it was yours...and positive, I'd be totally happy about it. I told you that.

Kayla: But -- but if you had the choice, you know, to have a child now or not, what would your answer be?

Steve: To have another child.

Kayla: Really?

Steve: Yeah. If we both went into it knowing we were 100% there, yeah.

Kayla: Well, what are you, like 50/50 or 70/30 or...

Steve: Are we talking about a horse race or having a baby?

Kayla: I'm sorry I lied to you about that pregnancy test.

Steve: Yeah, just don't make it a habit.

Kayla: Well, you didn't answer my question. So, what are the odds on this baby thing?

Steve: 100% sure that we should practice.

Kayla: Chuckles]

Steve: A lot. Just in case.

Kayla: I love you.

Steve: I love you more.

Cordy: How's your hand?

Chelsea: It's fine. How are you?

Cordy: I just wish I could be strong like you guys.

Stephanie: You're strong in a different way.

Cordy: No, I'm not.

Stephanie: Listen, I decided that you're not gonna stay at the sorority house for the holiday weekend. My mom invited you to stay at our place.

Cordy: I couldn't impose.

Stephanie: You wouldn't be imposing. We'd love to have you.

Cordy: Really?

Stephanie: Yeah. Come on, it'll be fun.

Cordy: Okay, thanks, Steph. I really appreciate it.

Morgan: All right, hon, how about we go back to the house and put some stuff in a bag for you?

Chelsea: I can meet you guys there.

Stephanie: Yeah, me, too.

Carmen: Stay together, and be careful.

Stephanie: Don't worry. I'm with rocky.

Morgan: Yeah, nice shot, Chelse.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Stephanie: Sorry I missed it.

Chelsea: So, my mom thinks that we're pushing Ford too far.

Stephanie: If we stop now, he'll hurt someone else. Okay, you saw how crazy he gets.

Stephanie: No. Stop.

Stephanie: The next girl may not be as lucky as Cordy.

Intercom buzzes]

Mr. Kiriakis, Shawn Brady's on line one. He said it's important.

Philip: Shawn, what can I do for you?

Shawn D.: I want to make this quick and simple. I know Belle already mentioned it, but now I'm telling you. Don't come to our wedding. Don't send a gift. Don't send a card. We don't want you there.

Philip: You got it.

Shawn D.: And if you feel like trying something, my family and I will be ready.

Philip: Not a problem, Shawn. I mean it. Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you. Belle.

Doug: Does this little cutie have a name yet?

Lucas: I guess now is as good a time as any to make the announcement.

Shawn D.: This is the one thing that I did get right.

Marlena: This is about the commitment that you and Shawn have in your lives now, which is love and fidelity.

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