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Philip: Hey, Belle.

Belle: Oh, God. What are you doing here?

Philip: We need to talk.

Belle: Get out of my car.

Philip: Relax. I just want to talk to you.

Belle: Then call me.

Philip: I have. You don't answer your phone and you don't return my calls.

Belle: No, I don't, and you know why?

Philip: You're afraid of what will happen if we're alone together.

Belle: No, I'm not.

Philip: You still care about me.

Belle: I'm marrying Shawn tomorrow.

Philip: I won't stop fighting for you. You belong with me. We belong together.

Belle: We do not belong together. Philip, you have to let this go.

Philip: Don't you understand? I canít. I love you. And I know you love me, too.

Belle: I love Shawn.

Philip: If you really love Shawn, you never would have slept with me.

Belle: Well, it will never happen again.

Philip: You're confused about us, Belle. And you can't marry Shawn while you're confused.

Belle: I am not confused. Philip is everything -- I mean Shawn. Oh, stop. Stop smiling. You know very well I meant to saw Shawn.

Philip: What I know is that's the most honest thing you've said in weeks.

Roman: Kate...does this gun look familiar?

Kate: Where'd you get that?

Roman: You know where.

Kate: I got rid of my gun. I told you that.

Roman: Yes, you did tell me, but then this turned up.

Kate: Where?

Roman: You tell me.

Kate: Well, I'm guessing if you think that's my gun, that you must have found it in some dumpster.

Roman: You know exactly where we found that gun.

Kate: Are we playing some kind of game here?

Roman: No, we're not playing a game here, Kate. I'm giving you one last chance to change your statement.

Kate: That is not my gun.

Roman: Your fingerprints are all over it.

Kate: You're lying, Roman.

Roman: And it was fired very recently.

Kate: Well, then, I guess someone's trying to set me up. I think I need to call my lawyer.

Roman: Kate, damn it. I'm trying to help you out here. So make it easy on yourself and just tell me the truth.

Kate: Roman, why would I shoot E.J.? He's doing the one thing that I couldn't do. He's getting your daughter out of my son's life.

Roman: You have a right to remain silent.

Kate: You're arresting me?

Roman: Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Bo: Hey, man. What you got there?

Steve: Hey, Bo. [Chuckles] What will you have -- draft, Irish Whiskey? What will it be?

Bo: Come on, hand it over.

Steve: What do you want?

Bo: Steve, come on.

Steve: [Sighs] I guess there's no putting one over on your ma, huh?

Shawn D.: Don't blame my Gram. I'm the one that found it.

Steve: Well, good for you. I see you got another detective in the family, huh?

Bo: Yeah, looks that way.

Shawn D.: I'm sorry, man.

Steve: Oh, don't be. You did the right thing.

Bo: Heard you showed up here right after the shooting, knew a lot about what happened.

Steve: I guess I haven't told you about my psychic powers, huh?

Bo: Did you shoot Junior?

Sami: What are you thinking?

E.J.: That you're awfully hard to get rid of.

Sami: But you still don't believe that I really care about you and that I want more than anything for you to get better. Well...E.J... if you still don't believe me... maybe I just have to prove it to you.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Roman: Do you understand your rights, as I have just explained them to you?

Kate: I'm not playing this game, Roman.

Roman: I'll take that as a yes. [Door opens] Henderson?

Henderson: Yes, sir.

Roman: Process Ms. Roberts on a charge of attempted murder.

Henderson: Ma'am, please follow me.

Kate: Roman, you know you can't arrest me.

Roman: I just did, Kate.

Kate: That's not my gun and you know it.

Roman: You tell that to a judge. Book her.

Kate: Touch me and you'll regret it. You want to arrest me and throw me in jail under false charges? Be prepared to lose everything.

Roman: Kate, you want to sue me, be my guest.

Kate: You and the city of Salem, and when I'm done, I'll own everything. Roman, where are you going? What the hell do you want from me?

Roman: Give us a minute, will you? Kate, damn it, listen to me, all right? I am trying to help you, so please tell me the truth. What the hell did you do with your gun?

Kate: So you were lying about the prints on the gun.

Roman: Just like you're lying about not knowing where you threw your gun.

Kate: Roman, I did not shoot E.J.

Roman: Well, then, prove it to me, Kate. Damn it, prove it to me. Turn over your weapon.

Steve: Did I shoot E.J.? Come on, Bo. You know me better than that. Sure, the guy tortured me and turned me into a psycho, tried to kill my wife. That's no reason to shoot the dude, is it?

Bo: Answer the question.

Steve: That gun hasn't even been fired.

Bo: We'll let ballistics decide that. Besides, it could have been cleaned.

Steve: When? You obviously spoke to your mom. You knew I was here right after the shooting. Now, if I went to the church to take E.J. out -- I'm not saying I did -- but if I was at the church when E.J. was shot, when would I have had the time --

Bo: Doesn't take that long to clean a weapon. You know that. Besides, if you didn't, why would you be hiding a gun that hasn't been fired? Maybe you did take this gun to the church and you were gonna shoot E.J., but changed your mind.

Steve: I was at an auto-parts store when E.J. was shot.

Bo: Oh, yeah? Buy anything?

Steve: Nope.

Bo: Anybody see you when you were there?

Steve: I imagine somebody did.

Bo: What's the name of the place?

Steve: Hays auto parts over on 5th and Western.

Bo: Oh, yeah, I know it.

Steve: Yeah?

Bo: Yeah. Um, as a matter of fact, I helped the owner pick out a new security system last year when the place was robbed. I've been intending to go over there and visit bob. Why don't we go for a little ride, huh? I'm sure he wouldn't mind showing us the surveillance tapes.

Steve: All right. I wasn't at the auto-parts store when E.J. was shot. That was the day before.

[Sighs] I was at the church.

Bo: Why?

Steve: "Why?" The DiMeras stole years of my life. I missed my daughter's entire childhood, years with the woman I love.

Bo: So you did go there intending to shoot Junior.

Steve: Yeah. As a matter of fact, I did.

E.J.: Hey. Hey. Are you okay? Tell me. Are you okay?

Sami: Yeah. It's just that I'm -- I'm so scared of losing you. Your son and I, we both need you.

E.J.: I know. Look, I love you. And if...if you love me...

Sami: Well, I didn't say that.

E.J.: Oh. But, I mean, you have some feelings for me?

Sami: Shh. E.J., you are the father of my son.

E.J.: Yes, I am.

Sami: And he needs you. And I need you. What's wrong?

E.J.: I'm sorry. [Sighs] I just -- I really did not believe... you know, after...after what happened the night of Lucas' accident...I really thought that you would never forgive me. You do forgive me, don't you?

Belle: You have to stop doing this. I'm marrying Shawn. Why can't you just respect my decision?

Philip: Because I can't stand by and watch you make a huge mistake.

Belle: What we had is over. It ended the minute you walked out on Claire and me.

Philip: I thought we already dealt with that issue and moved on.

Belle: Yeah, well, so did I, but you seem to think that we can just go back and pick up where we left off, and we canít. Shawn is who I want to be with. He's who I am with. He is who I will always be with. Accept that.

Philip: How can I when you haven't? Belle, you were in that bed with me. I didn't make that up.

Belle: It was one time, and I was completely --

Philip: Vulnerable and upset because your father had just died. Yes, you've told me that.

Belle: Well, it's true.

Philip: Maybe part of it was true, but it was more than that. You have feelings for me. And you need to deal with them.

Belle: It was sex. That's it, and I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Philip: I want you to look me in my eyes and tell me you don't fantasize about that day. Tell me right to my face I mean nothing to you. If you can do that, I'll get out of this car and never bother you again.

Steve: [Sighs] Okay, so, now you know. I went to the wedding to shoot E.J.

Shawn D.: But you didnít.

Steve: No.

Bo: All right, let's start from the beginning. Tell me everything that happened when you got to the church.

Steve: Okay. I, um, I entered the church vestibule. There was no one around. And I could hear that the ceremony had already started. I was about to slip into the sanctuary, when I started to think about Kayla and Stephanie. I decided it wasn't worth the risk to shoot E.J. so I left and came back here.

Bo: Ma said you knew who had been shot when you got here. That was before that information was out.

Steve: Well, I heard shots.

Bo: How many?

Steve: Three. Then I doubled back, took a peek inside, saw E.J. was down.

Bo: Did you see any of the shooters?

Steve: No, not while I was there, but I didn't hang around long.

Bo: All right, let's review. You went to the church to shoot E.J., but you didnít.

Steve: Like I said, change of heart.

Bo: I hope ballistics can confirm this gun wasn't fired recently.

Steve: You and me both.

Bo: You do know that Junior's in the hospital paralyzed.

Steve: Well, that proves I didn't do it. I'm a better shot than that.

Bo: Anything else you want to tell me?

Steve: Nope. That's everything.

Roman: Katie, damn it, I am trying to help you here, so please listen to me. This shouldn't be that difficult. If you didn't shoot E.J., it shouldn't be a problem giving me the gun. If you did shoot E.J., you know damn well I will do every single thing in my power to help you.

Kate: The way you've always looked after me?

Roman: I even let you stay at my house when you thought Andre was after you.

Kate: Yes, you did.

Roman: And I never ask anything in return.

Kate: Not till now.

Roman: You owe me the truth, Kate. The truth, Katie.

Kate: I gave the gun to Philip, and I asked him to get rid of it for me.

Roman: Do you know if he did?

Kate: As of yesterday, he hadnít.

Roman: All right. Call him, tell him to get over here.

Sami: E.J., we have done... some hurtful things to each other. But that is all in the past.

E.J.: Samantha, please. You have to know that if I had to do it over again --

Sami: Stop it. Stop. I know you're a different man now.

E.J.: I am different... because of you, you know. And our son. You changed everything for me.

Sami: Well, I think we've changed each other. Now, E.J., listen to me. I want you to promise me that you're gonna fight to get better. E.J.? Think about your son, E.J. come on, you got to fight. You have to fight to live.

Bo: Serial number's been filed off. Did you do that?

Steve: [Clears throat] That's the way I found it.

Bo: Where'd you get it?

Steve: I borrowed it from the DiMera mansion.

Bo: So you stole it.

Steve: Your words, not mine.

Bo: And I'm sure you don't have a license for it.

Steve: What do you think?

Bo: Come on, let's go.

Steve: Cuffs or no cuffs?

Bo: If you want them, I got them. This gun is going to ballistics so we can compare it to the shell casings and slugs found at the scene.

Steve: Well, you don't believe me. What about you, Shawny? You've been kind of quiet. You think I'm lying?

Shawn D.: I hope not, for Aunt Kayla's sake.

Steve: Ooh, you sound more like a politician than a cop to be. Maybe you should run for office.

Bo: Let's get out of here.

Steve: See you later, Mayor Brady.

Bo: Good work, man.

Philip: Well? You can't do it.

Belle: You want me to look you in the eye and tell you that I don't care about you? I canít. Of course I care about you. We've been friends since we were kids. We were married. But Shawn means more to me. He always has, and he always will.

Philip: What, because he's Claire's father?

Belle: Because he's the man that I love. You said it yourself, Philip. You've always known that it was Shawn. [Cellphone ringing] I need to go.

Philip: You know, it's only a matter of time before Hope tells Bo we slept together.

Belle: She already has.

Philip: And Bo hasn't told Shawn?

Belle: It would only hurt him.

Philip: So everyone's protecting Shawn.

Belle: Shawn doesn't need to be protected.

Philip: No? Then why not tell him?

Belle: Because why would you want to hurt him with something that meant nothing to me?

Philip: Bo and Hope are going to be watching your every step. Can you live with that?

Belle: Yes, I can because I know it won't happen again.

Philip: It's only a matter of time.

Belle: Get out.

Philip: When you're ready to talk, call me on my private number.

Belle: I threw it away.

Philip: I don't think you did.

Belle: Get out.

Philip: One more thing -- if you can lie next to him at night and not think of me, then go ahead, marry him. But if you caní me.

E.J.: Well, I can't promise you I'm gonna live forever, but I wish I could.

Sami: I am not asking you to promise me that. But I know how badly hurt you are. And I know that you had a really dangerous infection. And it's just so important to me that you fight for this, that you don't give up.

E.J.: You've given me something to hope for, something to live for. You know, I'm gonna hold my son in my arms.

Sami: I think that's worth fighting for.

E.J.: The fact that you came down here today to tell me this, it means everything to me.

Sami: Look, E.J... realistically, you have a long, difficult recovery ahead of you. But I'm telling you that with a lot of hard work, I really believe that you can make a miracle happen.

E.J.: Well, the fact that you're here and that we're married...and you're eventually starting about me, that's a miracle. I don't think I deserve another one. I am a DiMera after all.

Sami: You are the strongest man I know. I know you can beat this.

E.J.: We can beat this. We can beat this. We can. Where are you going?

Sami: Well, I have to get back to my twins. They need me.

E.J.: Are you gonna bring my son in here next time?

Sami: Oh, I canít. I can't bring him into the ICU. But you know what? That's just one more reason for you to get out of here, okay? One of many.

E.J.: Samantha. I-I do believe...thanks to you. I really, um -- I believe I can get better.

Stefano: [Sighs] Is everything all right?

Sami: I think I'm gonna be sick.

Bo: Hey. Kate tell you where she hid the gun?

Roman: She said she gave it to Philip to get rid of.

Bo: And did he?

Roman: I'm waiting to hear on that.

Bo: I'm thinking she's one of our shooters.

Roman: Well, that would definitely explain why she got rid of the gun.

Bo: Yeah. I'd love to hear Philip's story.

Roman: Yeah. So, uh...where did you go earlier?

Bo: Following up on a lead that led to Steve.

Roman: Steve? What lead?

Bo: He hid a gun at the pub. Shawn found it.

Roman: So you think Steve's involved?

Bo: Hiding a gun right after the shooting? Yeah, I'd say he's involved.

Roman: No, he's not.

Bo: Roman, he admitted the weapon was his. He said he was at the church just before the shooting.

Roman: Bo.

Bo: What?

Roman: It's my gun. It's my gun. Steve was lying to protect me.

Philip: What's going on in there?

Kate: Good. You got my message?

Philip: Did the police search your place?

Kate: Yes. They were looking for my gun.

Philip: I spoke with my lawyer. The police won't make an arrest until they find a weapon, and since --

Kate: Actually, I told Roman that I gave you my gun.

Philip: What? Are you out of your mind?

Kate: He promised he's gonna help me get out of this mess.

Philip: And you believed him? Mom, he's a cop.

Kate: He's my ex-husband, Philip.

Philip: If you did shoot E.J., you just told them I'm a accessory after the fact.

Kate: Well, I told you I didnít.

Philip: You told me that the gun accidentally went off after you changed your mind. Do you realize how lame that sounds?

Kate: It's the truth. You don't believe me, do you? You think that I shot E.J.

Stefano: Samantha... come, sit. [Clears throat] What happened?

Sami: I did what you asked. I gave your son a reason to live.

Stefano: I will not forget it.

Sami: You stay away from my family.

Stefano: As long as my son is alive and happy, you and your family have nothing to fear.

Belle: Hi, honey.

Shawn D.: Hey. Where you been?

Belle: I went to buy a dress for Claire for the wedding. I told you.

Shawn D.: Oh, yeah, yeah. I forgot.

Belle: You want to see it?

Shawn D.: Definitely.

Belle: Oh. I think you're really gonna love this.

Shawn D.: [Chuckling] Oh.

Belle: [Laughs] Isn't it cute?

Shawn D.: Oh, she's gonna love that.

Belle: I hope so. I want everything to be perfect.

Shawn D.: Oh, it will be.

Belle: How was your day?

Shawn D.: It was great. I got my dad his first lead on E.J.'s shooting.

Belle: Oh, my gosh. That's wonderful, honey.

Shawn D.: Except it involves somebody that we know.

Belle: Oh, my God. Who?

Shawn D.: Steve. He came by earlier and was acting kind of weird.

Belle: Please tell me he didn't have anything to do with this.

Shawn D.: We don't know for sure, but it doesn't look good.

Belle: Poor Kayla. Stephanie.

Shawn D.: Do you want to hear the rest of the story? I came back, found him behind the bar, said he was just getting himself a drink.

Belle: Not true?

Shawn D.: He might have been, but there was something about him that was just off. So I checked around after he left and I found a gun.

Belle: He did it.

Shawn D.: No, he may have fired one of the three shots. That's for sure. I called my dad and we set up a trap and caught him trying to move it.

Belle: What did he say?

Shawn D.: He said he was there to kill E.J.

Steve: When I heard the gunshots, Roman came out, said E.J. had been shot, but that he didn't do it.

Roman: I wanted to report the shooting myself, but since you took my gun, I knew that I would have to explain why I was back at the church with another gun.

Steve: So I made an anonymous call, hid the gun at the pub.

Roman: Bo, I didn't shoot E.J.

Bo: But you went to the church with the intention to murder a man. What the hell were you thinking?

Roman: Stopping my daughter from marrying the DiMera who raped her.

Philip: Sorry to interrupt. My mother said you wanted to speak with me.

Roman: Yeah. Where's Kate's gun?

Philip: I'm gonna have to plead the fifth on that.

Bo: Give me a break.

Philip: Question me again and I'll give you the same response. If you want to search my home, you better have a search warrant. And if there's anything else you need from either me or my mother, contact my lawyer. Are we clear? Good. My lawyer's number. My mother and I are leaving.

Bo: I'm gonna have to bitch slap that brat one of these days.

Belle: Did Steve shoot E.J.?

Shawn D.: He said the gun has never even been fired.

Belle: Well, your dad's still gonna have to take him in for questioning, though, right?

Shawn D.: You're starting to sound like a cop's wife already.

Belle: Well, that is what I'm about to be.

Shawn D.: Yeah, if all goes well and I get into the academy in January.

Belle: Oh, baby, you will. You're gonna be a great cop.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I hope so. More importantly, I'm gonna be a great husband...and a great father.

Belle: You're already a great father. And as for a husband, I think you'll do okay.

Shawn D.: Oh. You know, I feel like things are finally going our way. Tomorrow we're gonna get married. In a couple of months, I'm gonna be in the academy, training. In about a year or two, we're gonna have a nice down payment on a house. Belle, we're this close to finally having everything we've always wanted. Hey, what's wrong?

Belle: Um, nothing. I have a lot to do. I told your mom I'd come over and help decorate for the wedding, and I have to take Claire to that doctor's appointment.

Shawn D.: I can fix that. I'll take her to the appointment, I'll call my mom on the way, and I'll let her --

Belle: Shawn, I want to marry you.

Shawn D.: I never said you didnít. Is somebody telling you that we shouldn't get married?

Nurse: Here you go, Mr. DiMera. I hope you have more of an appetite now.

E.J.: Well, it certainly seems to be coming back... even for hospital food.

Stefano: Ah, you look better.

E.J.: I'm actually -- I'm feeling better. Nicole was just saying that the antibiotics are really kicking that fever, so...

Nurse: His fever has broken.

Stefano: Ah, that's wonderful news.

Nurse: I'll let Dr. Berman know.

Stefano: Yes. I, uh, just saw Samantha before she left. She was acting like a blushing bride. What did you two talk about?

E.J.: She, um...she admitted to having some feelings for me.

Stefano: Well, I knew that it was only a matter of time, but you seem, I don't know, strangely subdued.

E.J.: No, I mean, I think I'm kind of in a state of shock. I mean, she said the only reason that she would marry me would be to end the vendetta. And now it just seems that, you know, I take one little bullet in the back and suddenly all of these deep feelings that she has are coming to the surface.

Stefano: Ah, I suspected as much.

E.J.: It's incredible. I mean, I'm really -- I'm really allowing myself to believe that we might be a husband and a wife in a very real sense of the word.

Stefano: Ah, good. See, Elvis, you have -- you have so much to live for. You have a wife who is learning to cherish you, a son, and a growing empire that is going to be yours one day.

E.J.: She makes me very happy, father, you know that? I want to do the same for her. You know, I want us to raise our son together. And...I don't ever want her to be separated from him.

Stefano: Well, no. I mean, we will rear Gianni. After all, he is a DiMera and he is a part of us.

Shawn D.: You must have run into Philip, 'cause he's the only one in Salem who doesn't want you to marry me.

Belle: Shawn, stop, okay? I'm just having a bad case of prewedding jitters. Don't worry about it.

Shawn D.: Are you having second thoughts?

Belle: Never. No. It's like stage fright, okay? I'm just obsessing about all the details -- my dress, my hair, my makeup, how Claire's gonna look.

Shawn D.: Hey, we can always elope.

Belle: No. I want to get married in front of our families. Don't worry about me. It's totally normal for a bride to be stressed out the day before her wedding. But why are you so calm?

Shawn D.: I have an idea. Don't move.

Belle: Where are you going?

Shawn D.: I'm gonna have Grandma put this dress on Claire so you can see how beautiful she's gonna look on our wedding day. It'll give you one less thing to worry about.

Philip: When you're ready to talk, call me on my private number.

Philip: Don't worry. I took care of everything.

Kate: What did you say?

Philip: Absolutely nothing. I referred Bo and roman to my lawyer, which is exactly what you should have done.

Kate: Oh, now you're angry at me.

Philip: You took a shot at E.J., maybe even hit him, asked me to get rid of a gun, then gave me up to the police.

Kate: Look, I did not shoot E.J., and I confided in roman because I thought it was the right thing to do. Sorry.

Philip: You know, if I never heard another woman say "I'm sorry," I'd be a very happy man.

Shawn D.: Mommy, what do you think?

Belle: You look beautiful. You are gonna be the prettiest flower girl ever. My God, Shawn, I can't believe our daughter's gonna be in our wedding.

Shawn D.: I know. After everything we've been through together with her, it's amazing, isn't it?

Belle: I can't wait to marry you.

Shawn D.: You know, tomorrow, when you say "I do," my life will be complete. You and Claire mean the world to me and there's nothing that I wouldn't do to make you two happy. So stop worrying, Mrs. Brady to be, 'cause as long as we show up, everything's gonna be perfect.

[Cellphone rings]

Belle: Oh. It's your mom. Hi, Hope. Yeah, I'm on my way. I'll see you soon. Okay. I have to go.

Shawn D.: Yeah, and I got to get Claire to her appointment. What do you say we go up and we change you into something that will -- you can go to the doctor in, huh?

Belle: Yeah, I bet you get a lollipop and some candy. [Laughs]

Shawn D.: Do you realize the next time we see each other we're gonna be exchanging vows?

Belle: Really?

Shawn D.: Yeah. You're spending the night at my parents' tonight, remember?

Belle: Oh, right. See, I wouldn't be able to remember anything if it wasn't for you.

Shawn D.: All right, come on. You ready? Take a deep breath.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn D.: Everything's gonna be perfect.

Belle: I know. You should go.

Shawn D.: Say, "bye-bye, mama."

Claire: Bye.

Belle: Bye-bye. Bye-bye, honey. Okay.

Roman: Bo, look, I know lying to you put you in a bad position, but don't worry about it. I'm gonna clear it up with Abe.

Bo: No. Steve's the only one who knows you were at St. Luke's. As far as I'm concerned, it didn't happen.

Roman: You got to be kidding me. Bo, I'm not gonna let you put your career on the line for me.

Bo: You made a bad decision. You know it was wrong. You didn't follow through. End of story.

Roman: No, Bo, come on.

Bo: I need you working on this case with me.

Steve: What about Shawn? He knows about the gun.

Bo: Don't worry about him. I'll take care of it.

Roman: Are you sure about this?

Bo: Yes, Roman, I'm sure.

Roman: Well, all right. Thanks, little brother.

Bo: Yeah, okay, fine. Let's review what we've got.

Roman: All right, I think we're looking at three shooters. One's probably Kate.

Bo: And another could be her son Lucas.

Roman: That's right. I mean, you questioned him. We weren't real satisfied with the answers.

Bo: No.

Steve: What about Marlena? If anyone has a motive...

Roman: Doc was babysitting Claire that night.

Bo: Whatever. We got to find these shooters before Stefano does.

E.J.: Okay. I'm well aware of your feelings on Samantha's role in raising our child.

Stefano: Elvis, this is not up for discussion, huh? I am absolutely thrilled that you got married for love, but I did not have you conceive a child so that he would be brought up a Brady for God sake.

E.J.: I fulfilled your father's wishes. I gave you an heir.

Stefano: Ah, and we will raise him as an heir our way. Can you imagine what would have happened if I left you to be brought up by your colorful mother, huh? You would be absolutely useless. Probably running around banging on a guitar. No. You see, I kept you close so you turned into the man that you are today.

E.J.: Well, perhaps if you hadn't kept me so close, then maybe I would be a little bit more, you know --

Stefano: What? Sympathetic? Empathetic? Weak?

E.J.: Maybe I'd have been a little bit more human.

Stefano: No. Being human is highly overrated. No. Your son, my grandson, is one of us. Never forget who you are.

Buy me a beer and I'll make you forget all about Miss what's her name.

Hope: I know that Shawn wants to spend the rest of his life with you. I need to know for sure it's what you want as well.

Kayla: Baby, what is it?

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