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Cordy: I'm sorry, you guys. I can't do it. I can't testify.

Chelsea: No.

Morgan: Of course not, honey.

Stephanie: Cordy, we just want what's best for you. That's all.

Cordy: I thought I could do it, then I came here and I -- I can't -- I can't face him. I don't ever want to see Ford Decker again.

Randall: Miss Han, if you're ready, let's get on with it.

Billie: Just a few more minutes, please.

Randall: Miss Han, you've already kept us waiting long enough.

Billie: Dean Lochlan, according to rule 16 section "C" of the student's Bill of Rights, we have every right to keep --

Randall: We've all made sacrifices to be here this morning. I have. Mr. Decker has. It would not be in your best interest to keep us waiting.

Billie: Five more minutes.

Carmen: Oh, good. You haven't started yet.

Sloan: Sorry we're late.

Carmen: What's going on?

Chelsea: Um, Cordy doesn't think that she can go through with it.

Cordy: I'm sorry. I know I let you guys down.

Chelsea: Cordy. Look, the fact that you even came here today, that already took a lot of courage.

Morgan: She's absolutely right, hon.

Stephanie: We're proud of you, right, guys?

Chelsea: You just can't let Ford intimidate you, okay? You just got to be strong.

Cordy: This didn't happen to you!

Stephanie: It's all right.

Chelsea: You're right. Cordy, it didn't happen to me, but I understand a little bit -- just a little. Earlier this year, I got a job at the hospital. And there was this doctor there. And he was young and kind of cute. But, um, we started to get to know one another. And we were in his car, and he started kissing me. And I tried to push him off. And he kept going at me, and I kept fighting him.

Cordy: So it happened to you, too.

Chelsea: No. I-I was lucky 'cause my boyfriend, Nick, he, uh, he got there just in time before, you know. But what I'm trying to tell you is that it was really, really hard for me for a while. I couldn't sleep. I had a lot of problems trusting people. But it helped a lot when I reported it. I went straight to the hospital administrators and told them exactly what happened.

Cordy: Did they believe you?

Chelsea: Yeah. Of course they believed me. They fired him right away. That's what I'm trying to tell you, Cordy. You just have to believe, too. I know that it feels like the odds are stacked against you, but you just, at least, have to try, okay? Please.

Sami: Leave me alone.

Colleen: I'm here to help.

Sami: You are not helping me. You're annoying me. Go bother someone else.

Colleen: I'm not leaving, not until you prove to me that you're being true to yourself.

Sami: What is that supposed to mean?

Colleen: I think you know very well.

Sami: Great. I have my dead aunt back from the grave talking in riddles.

Colleen: You're the only one who can get through to him, the only one who will make him listen.

Sami: I tried. I tried everything to give him a reason to live, and he wouldn't listen to me. What else am I supposed to do?

Colleen: Then you're doing exactly what you blame him for doing. You're giving up.

Sami: [Scoffs] Why is he even my responsibility, all right? He doesn't want me around.

Colleen: How can you be so certain?

Sami: Because he told me so. All right? He told me to go back to Lucas. He practically ordered me out of the room.

Colleen: That's a load of rubbish, and you know it. It's you he wants.

Stefano: Elvis, please. Elvis, please. Wait, wait, wait.

Dr. Berman: Would you escort Mr. DiMera out of here?

Stefano: What are you doing?

Dr. Berman: Mr. DiMera, you do not want to be here.

Stefano: Elvis.

Dr. Berman: Give me some answers right now, please. Infection at this stage of the game is gonna be very dangerous for him.

Stefano: I beg of you, dear Lord, save my son.

Tony: What makes you think he's going to listen to you?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Tony: This is a surprise. I didn't realize you'd become such a spiritual person.

Stefano: He's not well, Tony. He needs our prayers.

Tony: What he needs is a father. Unfortunately, he's stuck with you. [Door opens]

Stefano: Okay, so, what's happening? How is he?

Dr. Berman: Right now, we're trying to bring his fever down and treat his infection. We're giving him massive doses of antibiotics.

Stefano: All right. Will he make it?

Dr. Berman: If we can stabilize him, he's got a very good chance.

Stefano: And if you can't?

Dr. Berman: Mr. DiMera, we're doing all we can for your son.

Stefano: All right, do every damn thing that you can for my son, every damn thing. Why? Why? Why, Elvis? Why are you surrendering to this?

Tony: It seems very dire.

Stefano: He's given up hope. And it's the reason why I called you.

Tony: How on earth can I help?

Stefano: You can help him restore his will to live.

Tony: But the problem seems to be physical rather than psychological.

Stefano: Yes, but, you see, it is his will that is failing.

Tony: Then you should be the one trying to save his life. After all, you almost destroyed it. You gave him everything he ever wanted -- Italian sports cars, hotels on the Côte d’Azur. You think those are the things that really matter to him?

Stefano: He's got to live to take over this empire.

Tony: What, to carry on the vendetta?

Stefano: To hell with the vendetta.

Tony: You should have come to that conclusion years ago. Look where it's gotten you! Your son may die. He may spend the rest of his life as an invalid.

Stefano: Are you saying that this is my fault?

Tony: Well, what do you think?

Kate: How's E.J. doing?

Stefano: Oh, Kate, Kate. Oh, so good to see you. Look, time is running out, and I need your help. Please. I tried to get through to him, but he will not listen to me. So, please, Kate, try to convince him that I cannot lose another child.

Kate: He's not gonna listen to me. Get Sami. Let her work her magic.

Stefano: Don't even mention her to me.

Kate: Have I missed something here?

Stefano: Elvis is her husband, and she walked away.

Kate: Stefano, I am the last person that E.J. wants to see right now.

Stefano: Look, you are friends, all right, old friends. You are business partners, and he respects you.

Kate: Has the setback affected his memory? Because the last time he saw me, I had a gun pointing at him.

Stefano: This is a way for you to redeem yourself.

Kate: All right, I'll do it. But if he doesn't make it, you don't blame me.

Tony: So, how does it feel to be in the twilight of your life and finally realize what a complete and utter fiasco it is?

Stefano: [Sighs]

Sami: E.J. obviously doesn't want me. If he did, he wouldn't send me back home to Lucas, all right? It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. I am finally through with E.J., and that is exactly what we both want.

Colleen: You're fooling yourself. You're taking the easy way out. Could it be that you're afraid?

Sami: Of what? Of E.J.?

Colleen: Of what you feel right here.

Sami: You don't know me.

Colleen: I beg to differ. We're the same, two peas in a pod.

Sami: What, just because we look alike?

Colleen: That's just the surface. It goes deeper. The strength, the passion.

Sami: Ugh! Go away. [Loud music plays]

Colleen: I am the one who can show you the way.

Sami: Sorry, I can't hear you.

Colleen: Play the music as loud as you like. I'm not leaving.

Lucas: Hey, turn it down. As much as I love it, you're gonna have to dial that down. You're gonna wake up the kids.

Sami: Sorry. Sorry.

Lucas: Is something wrong? [Knock on door]

Philip: Hey.

Lucas: Thanks for stopping by.

Philip: No problem. Hey, Sami.

Sami: Hey.

Philip: So, what's up?

Lucas: We're gonna go outside and talk.

Colleen: So, I'm asking you. If he dies, would you be able to live with yourself?

Philip: So, what's this about mom?

Lucas: She told me that she gave you a gun.

Philip: Yeah.

Lucas: Well, I need it.

Philip: How come?

Lucas: Doesn't matter how come. Do you have it?

Philip: I'm not giving you anything until you tell me why you want it.

Morgan: We'll be with you the whole time.

Carmen: You can't let Ford get away with this.

Billie: Hey, guys, let Cordy make this decision on her own.

Cordy: But you want me to do this.

Billie: I think you'd be doing all the women on this campus a real service. We have reason to believe that Ford has done this before, more than once, and he'll keep doing it until somebody comes forward.

Cordy: This is not fair! Why do I have to be the one to come forward? If there's other girls, why can't they do something?

Chelsea: Because, Cordy, we don't know who else Ford attacked. But, trust me, if somebody like you with a great reputation, one of the top students at this school, if you went in there and told the dean exactly what happened, he'd have no choice but to take you seriously.

Cordy: Did you see how tight he was with Ford's dad? There is no way he's gonna take my word over Ford's.

Morgan: We don't know that.

Cordy: Do you even know how hard it was, the sacrifices my parents had to make to send me here? My father had to work three jobs. I never saw him at dinner. I barely saw him on weekends. And my mom -- she didn't exactly get rich cleaning houses. That's for sure. And I know that's hard for some of you guys to understand. But at least try. I can't do this to them. They don't have the money to fight it.

Chelsea: So we can throw another fund-raiser.

Morgan: Yeah, we could all pitch in. Steph, isn't your uncle a lawyer?

Stephanie: Frankie, yeah. I know he'd take your case, maybe even pro bono.

Cordy: So I would be on the cover of the school newspaper. I walk through the union and have people point and whisper.

Chelsea: Cordy, they'd be pointing at Ford.

Morgan: Yeah, you're not the one that did something wrong.

Cordy: I can't even look at myself in the mirror anymore! I hate who I see. All I see is this scared little girl who's afraid of her own shadow. What if that never goes away?

Billie: It will.

Cordy: I don't even know why I'm telling you guys this. You guys have no idea what I'm going through right now.

Stephanie: Actually, Cordy, I do.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. Stephanie.

Stephanie: No, no. Not me. My mom. It happened a long time ago, before I was even born. She didn't even tell me about it until I moved out on my own for the first time. She said she felt ashamed, like it was her fault.

Cordy: Exactly.

Stephanie: And she didn't want people to know because she was afraid that they would look at her differently.

Cordy: So, how did she handle it? Did she press charges?

Stephanie: Yeah, she did.

Billie: Your mom once told me that it was one of the hardest things she ever did. But if she stayed silent, she would still be a victim to this day. And by coming forward, it was like this huge weight was just lifted off of her shoulders.

Carmen: Don't be a victim, Cordy.

Sloan: Yeah. Take a stand. Take him down.

Billie: Okay, let's not pressure her anymore. Cordy, listen. You just got to take care of yourself. Don't worry about us. Don't worry about your parents. You just take care of you.

Cordy: I can do it.

Chelsea: So you'll testify?

Billie: It was Ford, wasn't it?

Cordy: I have to go. I can’t.

Sami: Didn't I tell you to leave?

Colleen: The man is dying.

Sami: She's not here. She's just a figment of my imagination.

Colleen: Part of you wants me to be here, or I wouldn't be. Part of you wants to help E.J.

Sami: I don't care about E.J. I want you to leave me alone.

Colleen: Blarney. Now is not the time to be deceiving yourself.

Lucas: It's my gun. I gave it to mom for protection, and now I need it back.

Philip: This wouldn't have anything to do with the shooting at Sami's wedding.

Lucas: You think she really did that?

Philip: Maybe she's protecting someone.

Lucas: I was here the whole time with the twins while Sami was walking down the aisle. Look, man, I don't care if you don't believe me. Just give me back the gun so we can move on.

Philip: You still haven't told me why you want it.

Lucas: I can't tell you, all right? It's just gonna complicate things. Trust me. It'll be easier if I get rid of it.

Philip: Well, I guess I did you a favor, then, bro. The gun is gone.

Kate: E.J. you gave your father quite a scare. I suppose I should apologize for my behavior yesterday -- waving that gun around and threatening both of you. The truth is I was upset, and I was feeling emotional. But I would never have fired the gun at either of you. I hope you know that. 'Cause I would not want you to think that I was the one who put you here. I wish there was something that I could do for you.

E.J.: Actually, there's -- there's something I'd like you to, uh, bring for me.

Kate: What? What is it?

All: Cordy.

Randall: We've been more than accommodating with the time. Miss Han? Miss Han. I'll have to assume you've decided not to follow through with this. Very well.

Billie: Wait, wait, wait. She was fine until a few minutes ago when Ford intimidated her.

CrawFord: What is this, more accusations against my son?

Billie: He is a very threatening presence.

CrawFord: I think that all depends on your point of view.

Billie: He stood in the doorway and stared her down.

Randall: If he stepped into the doorway, I was certainly unaware of it.

Billie: Well, sounds to me like you've already made up your mind.

Randall: I'd be careful what you say, Ms. Reed.

CrawFord: You know, I've wasted an entire morning with this nonsense. We can't very well have a hearing without a witness, now, can we?

Morgan: We do have a witness. I'd be more than happy to testify against your son.

Sami: I do not have feelings for E.J.

Colleen: I see you're still wearing his ring.

Sami: I forgot, all right? It's stuck. It is. [Grunts] Why do I even care what you think?

Colleen: You care very much, as I would have disappeared long ago. You don't want him to die, do you?

Sami: What do you think I'm supposed to do? You act like I have some sort of control over him. I don’t.

Colleen: It's very simple. You go to him, and you tell him you love him.

Sami: Tell him I love him?

Colleen.: Samantha.

Sami: Are you crazy? I am not gonna tell E.J. that I love him.

Colleen: But if you do and if he lives, Stefano would be grateful to you for the rest of his days. Come now, isn't that worth three little words?

Kate: If you want Sami, I can get her on the phone.

E.J.: No. My father always said if you want something, take it. So I did. I took Samantha. And look what happened.

Kate: E.J., is there something I can do for you?

E.J.: I can't -- I can't force her to love me, you know.

Kate: No, you can’t.

E.J.: I know. I know that now.

Kate: Well, I can try to at least get her down here.

E.J.: No. I want my father. He's -- he's the only one.

Kate: He's the only one you want to see?

E.J.: No. He's the only one that I can count on. . .

CrawFord: Could someone please explain to me what's going on? Who -- who are you?

Morgan: Morgan Hollingsworth. Cordelia's not the only one your son attacked, sir.

Ford: She's lying, Dad.

Morgan: Dean Lochlan, I'd like to testify, if that's all right.

CrawFord: This is highly unusual, Randall.

Billie: But well within the rules.

Randall: Step into my office.

Chelsea: You're gonna pay, Ford.

Billie: Chelsea. Are you sure you want to do this, Morgan? I just want you to know that they are gonna ask you some questions that might make you uncomfortable.

Morgan: I'll be fine.

Chelsea: She's gonna be great.

Cordy: Morgan. Thank you.

Morgan: Us sorority sisters have to stick together, right?

Cordy: Good luck.

Randall: Miss Hollingsworth.

Person: Okay, ladies. Front row seats to see Ford get fried.

Randall: Miss Hollingsworth, you may bring in four of your friends. That's all.

Morgan: Sloan, Carmen, Stephanie, Chelsea. Everybody else, you all just wait here, and we'll go out when I'm done, okay?

Chelsea: Stephanie, aren't you coming?

Stephanie: Go ahead. I'm gonna stay with Cordy.

Chelsea: Okay.

Stephanie: Hey, Chelse. Don't let him walk.

Sami: I am not going to lie to E.J.

Colleen: I thought you wanted to protect your family. Isn't that what this marriage to E.J. is all about?

Sami: Of course I want to protect my family. I'm not gonna tell E.J. I love him when I don’t.

Colleen: You married him, for pity's sake.

Sami: Well, that was an act, and we both knew it. Look, even if I did tell E.J. that I love him, he wouldn't believe me. He knows I love Lucas.

Colleen: Stop making excuses and go to him.

Sami: I can’t.

Colleen: Telling him you love him won't change how you feel about Lucas... unless it's true. Is that what you're afeard of?

Lucas: What do you mean you got rid of it?

Philip: I tossed it in the lake.

Lucas: Damn it, Philip!

Philip: What is your deal? You probably would have done the same thing, right?

Lucas: Yeah, maybe. I don't know.

Philip: You were gonna see if the gun had been fired. That's why you wanted it.

Lucas: Listen to me. Sami had a bullet hole in her dress, which means she may have been a target.

Philip: And you think dear old mom did it.

Lucas: I don't know what to think, but this is killing me. I need to know if somebody fired that gun.

Stephanie: The truth. Do you think we have a chance?

Billie: It's hard to tell.

Stephanie: This is so unfair. Why is it that guys always seem to get away with this stuff?

Billie: I know. I know, Stephanie. And date rape is really tough to prove. And in circumstances like this when you've got this prestigious university involved, they tend to want to sweep things under the rug. And, no, it's not fair. But I'm just being realistic.

Stephanie: They're gonna rip her apart in there, huh? No wonder Cordy didn't want to do it.

Billie: Stephanie, you stay here, and you be strong for Cordy, okay? I have to go check on Jett. See you.

Stephanie: It's okay.

Morgan: I thought that he was drunk, so I offered to give him a ride. I was drinking soda.

CrawFord: So, there was alcohol at this party at Alpha Chi Theta house.

Morgan: Yes.

CrawFord: Drinking?

Morgan: Sodas, if they were under 21.

CrawFord: Not one single underage man or woman touched alcohol that night at Alpha Chi Theta.

Morgan: Not that I'm aware of.

CrawFord: Simple yes or no.

Morgan: No.

CrawFord: Must have been a very unusual sorority party, then, Miss Hollingsworth. You said you gave my son a ride home from this party.

Morgan: That's right. Your son was so wasted that I -- your son was so inebriated that I was worried he might harm himself or an innocent bystander.

CrawFord: Very considerate of you. Now, did you offer to give him a ride, or was it his idea?

Morgan: He said either let him go or drive him myself.

CrawFord: You chose to drive him.

Morgan: Like I said, I was worried he might harm himself or someone else.

CrawFord: Because he was wasted, and you had, had no alcohol whatsoever. Is that your testimony?

Morgan: I was drinking soda, and your son put a drug in it.

CrawFord: Can you prove that?

Morgan: It's the truth.

CrawFord: Isn't it possible someone else might have done it?

Morgan: No.

CrawFord: So, your drink never left your sight, so how could my son put a drug in it without your noticing?

Morgan: I guess it wasn't in my sight the entire time.

CrawFord: So you really have no idea who spiked it. You just think my son did. Knowing how you feel about my son, if you were indeed sober, how did you end up in his dorm room?

Morgan: I was trying to make sure that your son got home safely, and the drug that he put in my drink didn't take effect immediately.

CrawFord: Let me get this straight. You're asking us to believe that once you arrived at my son's door, that you suddenly became drunk, and he sobered up enough to impose himself on you?

Morgan: I was not drunk. And it turns out neither was your son. It was all a ploy just to get me in his bed. And you know what? Everyone at the party saw it, because it was all over his webcam.

CrawFord: Was Peter Hancock at this party?

Morgan: I'm sure he was there at some point, yes.

CrawFord: His name is on a deposition stating that he saw everything on my son's website, and he saw nothing that he didn't consider completely consensual. It's a far cry from attempting rape, Miss Hollingsworth.

Chelsea: Well, that's a lie.

CrawFord: Well, if there's anyone here who can testify under oath whether he or she saw my son raping Miss Hollingsworth or attempting to, please come forward. Of course no one can 'cause no attempted rape took place.

Tony: Think about it, Stefano. If you hadn't been so blinded by revenge, Elvis wouldn't be in that hospital room, and you wouldn't be standing here so full of self-pity.

Stefano: I'm doing no such thing. I knew it was a mistake asking you for help. You're not even a DiMera.

Tony: And I thank my lucky stars every day for that.

Kate: [Sighs] He wants to see you.

Stefano: Ah. What is it, my boy? What can I do for you?

E.J.: I love you.

Stefano: I love you, too.

E.J.: But I can't live like this. You know? I want you to help me. Okay?

Stefano: Yes.

E.J.: I want you to get me a gun.

Lucas: Was mom's gun fired?

Philip: Neither one of us wants to see her behind bars.

Lucas: It had been fired.

Philip: I'm not saying that. But this could get complicated. If the DiMeras consider her a suspect, we have to make sure she's protected. And, to be honest, I'm not sure you can do that, bro.

Sami: Saying "I love you" is not some miracle cure that can save a man who's dying. Just ask my mother.

Colleen: But it can save a man who is willing himself into the grave. [Telephone rings] He needs you. You're his only hope. [Ringing continues]

Sami: Hello.

Kate: Hello. Sami, it's Kate.

Sami: Um, what do you want?

Kate: You need to come over to the hospital.

Sami: Yeah, why?

Kate: It's E.J. he's dying.

Stephanie: What happened?

CrawFord: Come on, son. Let's get a meal at the club.

Ford: See you ladies at the next mixer.

Stephanie: They let him go?

Sloan: Everything Morgan said, Ford's dad totally twisted it.

Carmen: Made Ford look like the victim, just like we were afraid he would.

Morgan: Yeah. Apparently, I was the one that was drunk and chasing Ford.

Stephanie: So, that's it. It's over.

Sloan: Dean Lochlan said the charges were without merit.

Stephanie: So Ford just gets away with it?

Carmen: There's not much else we can do.

Chelsea: Yes, there is. This is far from being over, you guys.

Morgan: What do you mean?

Chelsea: What I mean is we're gonna make sure every person on this campus knows exactly what Ford Decker did. It's time for retaliation.

Philip: I'm not saying anything unless you promise me you'll stick up for her.

Lucas: This was mom's idea, wasn't it? Did you guys talk before you came over here?

Philip: She doesn't even know I'm here.

Lucas: I'm not making any promises.

Philip: Then I'm not giving any answers. I guess you'll never know if that gun was fired.

Lucas: I think I have a pretty good idea. Thanks, Philip.

Philip: Hey, look. I know you and mom had a falling out.

Lucas: Yeah, that's putting it mildly.

Philip: And, yeah, most of the time, she deserves what she gets, but not this time. Don't sell her out, Lucas.

Lucas: I won’t. But I'm not gonna lie for her, either.

Sami: Hey, can you watch the twins? They're sleeping.

Lucas: Yeah. Where are you going?

Sami: I just have some errands to run.

Lucas: How long are you gonna be?

Sloan: We couldn't even convince the dean that Ford's a rapist. How are we supposed to convince the entire school?

Chelsea: Does anybody have a picture of Ford?

Morgan: Believe it or not, I think I got a shot of him on my camera from Halloween. I should have taken a shot at him.

Chelsea: Carmen, you can still work up posters on your computer, right?

Carmen: What are we doing here?

Chelsea: And we can borrow your laser printer if we need to print some stuff out.

Morgan: Yeah, sure.

Chelsea: Great. Then all we're gonna need to do is buy some paper.

Carmen: For what?

Morgan: Am I gonna like what you're doing, Chelsea?

Chelsea: Oh, yes, Morgan. You're going to love it. We are going to cover this entire campus from the bell tower to the biology building with flyers. If people don't know the truth about Ford Decker, well, they will soon enough.

Carmen: Couldn't we get in major trouble for that?

Sloan: My parents will kill me if I get kicked out of school.

Carmen: Sorry, Chelse.

Chelsea: Come on, you guys. This is a chance to actually do something good. What about our mission statement? "Integrity, honesty, sisterhood." If we all stick together and make some noise, people have to hear us. They'll be forced to. I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna let Ford treat us like this, or anybody else on campus, for that matter. Come on. Do it for Cordy. Steph.

Morgan: All right. Here we go. Let's get him.

Lucas: I got to get back inside and check on the babies.

Philip: Hey, Lucas, are we cool?

Lucas: Listen, man, I wouldn't do anything to deliberately hurt our mother. But if she put a bullet in E.J., there is nothing either one of us can do for her.

Stefano: He asked me for a gun. He wants to end his life. To see him in such despair is -- he's so young. I-I-it's not right. I will not rest until I find out who has done this. And when I do, God help them.

Tony: Do me a favor. Next time you decide to go after anyone else, take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

Stefano: Get the hell out of my sight. I just as soon he dies out of spite for me.

Tony: Yeah, of course. It's all my fault. Give my best to Elvis. Kate.

Sami: What? What is going on? How is he?

Stefano: What are you doing here?

Sami: Is it true? Is he dying?

Kate: He has a very serious infection with a high fever. It's touch and go.

Stefano: The infection is nothing. He has lost his will to live.

Sami: Can I see him?

Kate: Go on in.

Stefano: Samantha, do not upset my son.

[Door opens]

Sami: E.J. it's me. I'm sorry that we fought. I just want to help.

E.J.: Go away, please.

Sami: I'm not gonna do that.

E.J.: Go and be with Lucas. He's the one you love.

Sami: What if he's not?

Bo: I want the truth this time. Where the hell is the gun?

Shawn D.: Hey, Steve.

Steve: [Coughs]

Shawn D.: What's, uh, what's going on?

Lucas: Give me the name and the number of a good lawyer you know.

Billie: Why do you need a lawyer?

Lucas: Just trust me.

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