Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 11/12/07 - Canada; Tuesday 11/13/07 - U.S.A.


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Hope: Night.

Bo: Sorry I didn't make it home.

Hope: Did you get any sleep at all?

Bo: Unh-unh. How did you know I was here?

Hope: Abe.

Bo: Oh.

Hope: Any leads?

Bo: [Exhales deeply] Clues, I got. Suspects, I got. Leads, not so much.

Hope: It's still early in the case.

Bo: Yeah. I got a list of people as long as my arm that want Junior dead.

Hope: Yeah, but who would actually have the guts to do it?

Bo: It's tempting.

Hope: What's tempting?

Bo: To turn this into a cold case -- make every clue I had disappear.

Hope: You bend the rules. You don't break them, Brady.

Bo: You think you know me, huh?

Hope: Better than you know yourself.

Bo: Okay. Three shooters. What do you think the chances are they got their shots off all at the same time?

Hope: Pretty slim, but it sounds like that's what happened.

Bo: Yeah. Maybe they were working together, had some kind of a signal.

Hope: Signal?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: You mean like a Brady conspiracy?

Bo: Hey, I'm really trying hard not to go down that road.

Hope: There is not a member in this family who has murder in their hearts.

Bo: You heard Roman make those threats.

Hope: We were all frustrated and angry.

Bo: After all these years going after the DiMeras, it would not be right if the family I bring down is my own.

Stefano: Just be careful. Very careful. Go easy, please. [Sighs] What are you doing here?

Roman: I'm sorry about your son.

Stefano: Don't be a hypocrite.

Roman: Okay. I'm not sorry.

Stefano: Leave us in peace.

Roman: I can’t. I'm here on official business.

Stefano: You have no business --

Roman: I got to talk to E.J.'s doctor.

Stefano: About what?

Roman: I can't discuss an open investigation.

Stefano: You don't want justice for my son.

Roman: I've got a job to do, Stefano. I'll do it.

Stefano: Huh. Even the Brady’s are not above murder in a house of God, huh?

Roman: You got proof to back that up?

Stefano: [Sighs] Let me tell you something, Roman. If my son dies, I swear to you... there's not a Brady on this earth that will have a moment of peace.

Lucas: I'm just so glad your dad talked you into coming home.

Sami: Did will leave?

Lucas: Yes, he did.

Sami: Did you remember to sign his permission slip?

Lucas: Yes, I did. I'm really sorry about everything you're going through, everything that's happened. I-I wish I could have been there for you.

Sami: It's okay. It was awful. I mean, the gunshots and then E.J. falling into my arms. I mean, the look on his face. Lucas, listen to me. If E.J. dies, Stefano is gonna come after us.

Lucas: Well, they've done it before. We'll just deal with it.

Sami: How?

Lucas: By being a family and by being happy and by being together. That's how. I was tucking in the twins last night, and I made them a little promise.

Sami: What did you promise them?

Lucas: I promised I'd do whatever it takes to make sure their mother came home. The next thing I know -- bingo -- you walked right through that door. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is.

Sami: [Exhales deeply]

Lucas: I'm never gonna let anybody take you away from us again. Believe that, Sami.

Philip: You're late.

Kate: [Sighs] God, Philip, why did you want to see me? I have so much to do today.

Philip: I want to talk about this.

Kate: You brought it?

Philip: I still haven't figured out a safe place to get rid of it yet.

Kate: Just throw it in a river -- why don't you? -- Or bury it or have it flown out of the country on a Kiriakis plane. What is the problem?

Philip: The problem is this favor could land me in big trouble.

Kate: The gun has nothing to do with E.J.'s shooting, okay?

Philip: It's a pretty big coincidence -- you wanting to get rid of a gun the night he was shot.

Kate: I got it for protection, not to hurt anyone, okay? But if the -- if the police find out about it, they could jump to conclusions, Philip.

Philip: Only if it matches up to the slug in E.J.'s back. Does it?

Hope: You don't really think there's some kind of conspiracy?

Bo: At this point, I can't rule it out.

Hope: I think we would have heard something.

Bo: Sami was standing right next to Junior. She didn't get hurt. So at least one of our shooters was a good shot.

Hope: Maybe a cop.

Bo: Like Roman? He was very high on Abe's list of suspects until he found out that I took Roman's service weapon, but we all know Roman has other guns.

Hope: So, what are you thinking, Brady, hmm? Where does Roman sit on your list of suspects?

Stefano: I want you removed from this case.

Roman: I offered. Got turned down. Seems they trust me to be objective.

Stefano: [Chuckles] They would, wouldn't they? But I know different, and I'm gonna find out if you're the one who shot my son, no matter what your police force does to cover it up.

Roman: Did I want to? Oh, yeah. Did I? No. I'm here to get the bullet they take out of E.J. to see if we can match ballistics to the gun.

Stefano: Do you have the weapon?

Roman: That's privileged information, Stefano.

Stefano: Oh, I see. So the father of the victim is not among the privileged. I see. I need to be with my son.

Roman: I'll be out here waiting.

Dr. Berman: Commissioner Brady?

Roman: Doctor, how's the patient?

Dr. Berman: He's still critical, I'm afraid.

Roman: Did you get that bullet?

Dr. Berman: It was a long and risky procedure, and I'm afraid there were complications along the way. Look, the bottom line here is I'm afraid I've made your job much more difficult.

Sami: I couldn't get through this without you.

Lucas: Why did you come home?

Sami: Because I need you. Because I love you so much and I need your love and your arms around me. Lucas, I couldn't stand it for one more second.

Lucas: Shh! You're safe. You don't have to be scared -- not anymore.

Sami: Lucas, Stefano wants me to go back to the hospital, you know, to be there for E.J.

Lucas: To hell with what he wants.

Sami: Come on. If E.J. dies --

Lucas: Then that's one less psycho in this world we got to worry about.

Sami: Then we're all gonna die, because Stefano will make sure of it.

Lucas: E.J. blackmailed you into this wedding. He threatened to take our son. I think he got exactly what he deserved. Listen to me. Whoever shot E.J. sent a serious message -- we're not victims anymore. And if Stefano tries to come after us, he'll get exactly what his son got.

Kate: This gun had nothing to do with E.J.'s shooting.

Philip: You only wanted to get rid of it 'cause it might make the cops suspicious. I want the truth, Mom.

Kate: Can't we do this without questions, please?

Philip: And I owe you because...

Kate: Oh, you know, you are reminding me every day more and more of your father.

Philip: He's not the one asking me to ditch a weapon.

Kate: Not this week.

Philip: All right. If you weren't at the church and didn't shoot E.J., why are you so jumpy?

Kate: Oh, my God. I formed kind of an alliance, for lack of a better word, with Stefano when Mythic was going under.

Philip: So?

Kate: So now I'm caught between two armed camps. It's E.J. and Stefano who want Sami to go ahead with the wedding, to end the vendetta, and Lucas, who is dead set against it. [Sighs]

Philip: Who are you so afraid of you bought a black-market gun?

Kate: Philip, the DiMeras shot at me in my car, okay? I bought the gun for protection, so I could fight back.

Philip: Did you?

Kate: No.

Philip: You never fired it?

Kate: No.

Philip: Then who did?

Kate: [Sighs]

Philip: There was powder residue on the handle, so start telling me the truth or I walk out of here and hand that thing over to the first cop I see.

[Monitor beeping]

Stefano: Has he regained consciousness at all?

Dr. Berman: Briefly. Mr. DiMera, the bullet did a lot of damage. I did some cursory tests on his reflexes after the procedure, and it only confirmed what I found during surgery. The bullet is lodged in his spine. I'm sorry, but your son is paralyzed from the waste down.

Stefano: Oh, I want another opinion immediately.

Dr. Berman: Of course. I understand. In the meantime, you might suggest that he find someone to talk to about coping with his physical limitations.

Stefano: You mean like a psychiatrist?

Dr. Berman: I mean that your son is facing a very challenging future, and the will to live makes all the difference in his recovery.

Stefano: If you don't mind, I'd like to spend some time alone with him.

Dr. Berman: Fine. If you need me, just page me.

Stefano: Thank you.

E.J.: Samantha.

Stefano: No. No, no, no. It's me, son. I'm here. I won't -- I won't leave you.

E.J.: What happened?

Stefano: [Exhales deeply]

Hope: I don't care how many times he said it. Roman would never murder anyone -- not even E.J.

Bo: Let's hope not.

Hope: Where is he now?

Bo: At the hospital, working the case.

Hope: Abe trusts him.

Bo: Yeah. Besides, I have enough suspects to keep me busy.

Hope: Like who?

Bo: Lucas.

Hope: Lucas? Wasn't he in the house with the twins?

Bo: Yeah, but they can't confirm his whereabouts. Besides, when I was questioning him, he was jumpy and nervous.

Hope: Brady, think about it. Sami was in the middle of a shooting. Of course he was jumpy and nervous. Why wouldn't he be?

Bo: There's more to it than that. He acted like someone who was hiding something.

Lucas: Are you all right?

Sami: I just can't get it out of my mind. When E.J. fell into me, I mean, I couldn't hold him. I really thought he was dead.

Lucas: I'm sorry that you had to go through that.

Sami: He was just trying to help me end the violence.

Lucas: Wait a minute. Don't you turn him into a saint just because he got shot. He forced you into that wedding, Sami. "Marry me or my father will kill everybody you love."

Sami: No. Listen. If E.J. doesn't pull through, that is exactly what's going to happen.

Lucas: Fine. Then we'll be free. One clean shot, and this whole thing would have been over.

Sami: Lucas, you can't keep talking like that.

Lucas: Stefano's still trying to come after us. I hope he dies. I hope he keels right next to E.J.

Sami: I'm serious. If people hear you saying stuff like that, they'll --

Lucas: They're gonna what, think that I hate the guy?

Sami: Think that you were involved.

Lucas: We both wanted him out of our lives, Sami.

Sami: But not that way.

Lucas: I'm sorry. That's the only way. It's the only way to get rid of a guy named E.J. Wells.

Sami: Come on, Lucas. I'm asking you not to talk like that. The cops already suspect you. They're gonna think that you had something to do with it.

Lucas: I told you Bo already questioned me.

Sami: Right. But you told him that you were here all night with the twins, right?

Lucas: Mm-hmm. Yeah, that's what I told him.

Sami: Right, 'cause it's the truth, and he knows that you're not a killer.

Lucas: It's okay, Sami. You can ask me.

Sami: I don't have to, because I know you love me.

Hope: Lucas wouldn't throw away the family he's trying to save.

Bo: Probably counting on not getting caught.

Hope: Does he even have a gun in the house?

Bo: I don't know, but I'd like to search the place.

Hope: Can you?

Bo: Not without probable cause, and right now I've got more theories than facts.

Hope: You know what, Brady? You're one of the greats.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: What do your instincts tell you?

Bo: Right now I'm a little shaky on the motive, but there was someone who threatened the DiMeras with a gun earlier in the day.

Hope: Who was that?

Bo: Kate Roberts.

Kate: I didn't shoot E.J.

Philip: Somebody fired the gun.

Kate: I took some practice shots, all right?

Philip: You said you never fired it.

Kate: At E.J. I never fired it at E.J.

Philip: Okay. Where did you go practice shooting?

Kate: [Sighs] In the woods.

Philip: What woods?

Kate: The woods out by 136. I don't know, Philip. I can't remember exactly where I was.

Philip: Who gave you the gun, Mom?

Kate: An old business associate of mine, and I promised that I would keep him out of it.

Philip: You're protecting him?

Kate: Yes. He did me a favor.

Philip: I don't believe one word of this.

Kate: [Sighs]

Philip: Call your business associate. See if he's got a 30-day money-back guarantee. You're gonna need it.

Stefano: We'll talk when you are stronger, hmm?

E.J.: Now.

Stefano: [Sighs] You were shot... and we don't know who did it, but I will find out. And when I do, I promise you they will suffer in ways they never even dreamed of.

E.J.: Was Samantha hurt?

Stefano: No, no, no. She's fine.

E.J.: And we're married?

Stefano: Yes. In the church, before God. Samantha is your wife.

E.J.: Where is she?

Lucas: I'll go ahead and get rid of this.

Sami: When I woke up this morning, I thought the whole thing was a nightmare.

Lucas: Don't worry about it. It's all over now.

Sami: We can't pretend like this wedding didn't happen.

Lucas: Yes, we can.

Sami: [Sighs] I better call the hospital.

Lucas: You're still wearing his ring. Want to do me a favor and take that off?

Sami: Lucas, if I show up at the hospital without wearing the ring, Stefano will think that I'm backing out.

Lucas: I don't care what he thinks.

Sami: Lucas, he threatened me and you and our children and our whole family. I just don't even want to think about what will happen if E.J. dies.

Lucas: We'll deal with it as a family.

Sami: I have to finish what I started.

Lucas: No, you don’t. You can undo this. You never consummated your marriage. We'll find a way to get a legal annulment. We'll get the kids together, and we'll get married again.

Sami: Not until this is over.

Lucas: What does that mean? Till E.J. dies or Stefano dies?

Sami: Until the violence ends.

Lucas: He's already threatening us again. It's not gonna stop. If E.J. makes a full recovery, nothing's gonna change. I've been telling you that all along.

Sami: This isn't just about us versus them anymore. Something else happened in that church.

Lucas: What? What are you talking about?

Sami: E.J. wasn't the only target. One of those bullets was meant for me.

Hope: Kate? That doesn't make any sense. Why would she stop a wedding that would finally separate Sami and Lucas?

Bo: My thoughts exactly, until I heard that she threatened the DiMeras with a gun right before the wedding.

Hope: What was that all about?

Bo: She claimed it was a personal matter. Wouldn't elaborate.

Hope: Really? Hmm.

Bo: Stefano left her to answer my questions. He didn't support her, and he didn't insist that she was the one who shot his son.

Hope: So, in other words, he suspects someone else.

Bo: Looks that way.

Hope: Think she did it?

Bo: I'll hold off on that conclusion till I get my hands on that gun.

Hope: Where is that gun?

Bo: [Chuckles] She claims she threw it in a dumpster. Doesn't remember where.

Hope: Really? Hmm. Threw it in a dumpster. Went to all that trouble, but she can't remember. Very interesting.

Bo: More like she doesn't want to remember.

Hope: Or she still has it.

Bo: My thoughts exactly.

Hope: Yeah. You know, Stefano must have gotten a pretty good look at that gun -- enough to know if it was a Smith & Wesson or a Glock.

Bo: So if the bullet they pull out of E.J. matches the type of gun that Stefano saw, I should be able to get the judge to issue a search warrant.

Hope: If you find it, run ballistics, and it's a match -- bingo -- you got her.

Bo: That's why I love you so much. You're a perfect partner -- in and out of bed.

Hope: Hmm. And which is your preference?

Bo: Duh.

Kate: Philip, the more you know, the more involved you're going to be.

Philip: Give me a time line of where you were last night or I walk.

Kate: [Sighs] You know I did not want to be shut out of Lucas' life again, and we were working things out. But E.J. said something to Lucas that made him angrier -- angrier than he had ever been at me before -- and I was furious with E.J., so I took the gun and I went to the DiMeras intending to shoot him, but I-I didn't go through with it.

Philip: What did E.J. tell Lucas?

Kate: That doesn't really matter now, does it?

Philip: Okay. So you didn't shoot E.J. at the mansion. Did you go to the church?

Kate: Yes. I did. I did, and I slipped into the church unnoticed, and I hid until the ceremony began. And when Sami and E.J. were at the altar saying their vows, I took out the gun. But then I realized that I didn't really know which one I hated more. So I closed my eyes to regain my strength. Then the gun went off accidentally. But I heard two other shots, and E.J. was hit. So I put the gun into my pocket, and I got out of the church as fast as I possibly could. And that's why there's powder residual on the gun.

Philip: Did you shoot E.J.?

Kate: No.

Philip: How can you be sure?

Kate: Because the last person I was aiming for was Sami.

Sami: One of those shooters was aiming at me.

Lucas: That's just crazy. You were giving Stefano exactly what he wants. Nobody in your own family would ever hurt you.

Sami: Well, I don't know. Maybe one of the bullets missed its mark, then.

Lucas: Well, that's more like it, but stay away from the hospital, because whoever took a shot at E.J. will probably go back to finish the job.

Sami: If I don't go to the hospital and act like E.J.'s little wife, Stefano will make good on his threats. [Telephone ringing]

Lucas: Don't get it. Let it ring.

Sami: What if it's the hospital? What if it's Will?

Lucas: Fine.

Sami: Hello?

Stefano: Well, why am I not surprised to find you there?

Sami: How's E.J.?

Stefano: He just woke up and he's asking for you. For your family's sake, I hope you will do the right thing. [Beep]

Sami: Well, E.J.'s awake.

Lucas: Any threats?

Sami: No. He just said, for my sake, I should do the right thing.

Lucas: That's a threat, except for he left out the "or else" part.

Sami: E.J. is asking for me. Stefano expects me to be there.

Lucas: Listen, I know you're terrified... and I know you've done a lot up to this point and you don't want to turn your back on your family, but nothing is gonna change. Stefano is gonna keep making threats to you, and if you do this, that means the threats are working. He's gonna keep doing it. Now it's time for you to put your foot down.

Sami: I can’t.

Lucas: What kind of life do you want? Do you want a life with me and the kids...or the one waiting for you with E.J.?

Bo: I don't want to think of Roman as a suspect. It makes me feel alone on this case.

Hope: I have an idea. It's a brilliant idea. I think you should bring Shawn in on the case. Technically, he's working for the department.

Bo: I did bring him in. I brought him here to the church with me. I took him over to Lucas' for that questioning. Then I sent him back to the station to write up a report.

Hope: How did it go?

Bo: He did a good job on the report -- better than some of the officers who write them for years. The thing is, he suddenly disappeared without telling anyone.

Hope: What happened?

Bo: Claire apparently had a minor accident. She got burned.

Hope: Oh, my God. Is she all right?

Bo: I think so. Yeah. But Belle took her to the emergency room. Shawn found out about it and -- bam -- he was gone. All he had to do was find a superior, get permission, tell him that he had some kind of emergency...

Hope: It was his daughter. If it was Ciara, you'd be gone like that.

Bo: If he wants to be on the police force, he's got to follow rules.

Hope: You are tough.

Roman: Hey.

Bo: Hey, man.

Hope: Hey, Roman.

Roman: Anything new turn up here?

Bo: No. Nothing. How about anything on the slug?

Roman: No. The surgeon couldn't get to the bullet. It's still in E.J., and, from the sound of things, that's where it's gonna stay.

Philip: You tried to murder Sami?

Kate: No. I mean, I was aiming at both of them -- first E.J., then Sami. But when the gun went off, it was pointed in the air, so there's no way that bullet hit E.J.

Philip: If the cops find the bullet... they can match it to the gun. You'll be charged with attempted murder.

Kate: It was an accident.

Philip: I don't get it. E.J. marrying Sami -- that was a favor to you.

Kate: I know it sounds twisted, doesn't it? But I was furious at E.J., and I was thinking if I got rid of E.J., then Lucas could marry Sami. Then he'd be happy, and he'd forgive me.

Philip: Murder -- that's a pretty extreme way to get your son's attention.

Kate: I didn't go through with it, did I? I couldn't go through with it, not even for Lucas. What I'm guilty of is loving my children too much, and what do I get for it in return? Not a hell of a lot.

Sami: Mommy loves you very much. You know, I'd do anything for you. I'll be back as soon as I can. [Exhales deeply]

Lucas: Will you?

Sami: Yes. I'll always come back to you.

Lucas: All right, but, uh, do something for me.

Sami: [Inhales, exhales deeply]

Lucas: I want you to keep this with you.

Sami: Always. Well, will you please tell the twins for me that I love them when they wake up?

Lucas: Yeah. They really need you them to tell them that. Sami, we're not a family without you.

Sami: I am doing this to save our family.

Bo: Roman, hold on. Are the surgeons going in again?

Roman: Well, the surgeon said the slug did damage to his spine. But it didn't completely sever it, so another operation is too risky.

Bo: Ah, great. So we'll never get a ballistics match.

Roman: It doesn't sound like it, no.

Hope: What about the other bullets?

Bo: I'd like to get my hands on Kate's gun.

Roman: Well, I wouldn't waste a whole lot of time on Kate. I mean, she's not a killer.

Bo: She doesn't have an alibi.

Roman: Neither do I.

Bo: She threatened Junior, and then she dumps a gun and conveniently forgets where.

Roman: She hates Sami, not E.J.

Bo: I think she hates them both. I'd like to take a look in her place.

Roman: Did you call a judge for a warrant?

Bo: Yeah, first thing this morning, and he says I need more, but if an old friend of hers happens to offer to take her home and gets invited inside, takes a look around, sees what he sees...

Roman: Are you asking me to spy on Kate?

Bo: Did I say that?

Hope: I didn't hear you.

Roman: Yeah, you kind of did. Bo, if you think she's a killer, then you find a way to get in her place, because, no, I'm not gonna spy on Kate.

Philip: Mom, your kids do love you, even though you don't make it easy.

Kate: Lucas covers it well.

Philip: I know how much it hurts when a person you love doesn't love you back.

Kate: Now I think we're talking about Belle.

Philip: Give me the gun. I'll take care of it. But we never had this conversation.

Kate: How do I know that you won't turn against me, like your brother?

E.J.: Samantha left?

Stefano: No. She just went to change. I mean, she came to the hospital right after the shooting. As a matter of fact, she was by your side when they took you to surgery.

E.J.: I don't remember. Why don't I remember?

Stefano: Well, it's the medicine.

E.J.: When's she coming back?

Stefano: Oh, she's on her way.

E.J.: Good. I knew she wouldn't let me down. You know, after the... surgery, I heard one of the... surgeons, uh, saying something about my legs.

Stefano: Oh, look. You just rest, okay? We'll talk about it later.

E.J.: I can't feel my legs, Father. I can't -- I can't feel my legs.

Stefano: Look. The bullet... is your spine, and [Clears throat] it hit your spinal cord.

E.J.: So...I'm -- I'm paralyzed? Is that what you're saying?

Stefano: No. Look, don't worry about anything -- okay? -- Because we are not gonna give up.

E.J.: Am I gonna be able to walk again?

Stefano: Well...the doctors are not Gods, Elvis.

E.J.: Does Samantha know?

Stefano: No.

E.J.: I think I'd like you to leave, please.

Stefano: Elvis --

E.J.: I think I'd like you to leave.

Stefano: [Inhales, exhales deeply]

Roman: Look, Kate is no angel, but I do care about her.

Bo: Well, maybe you better park those feelings for a while.

Roman: You got a problem with the way I'm doing my job?

Bo: I didn't say that.

Hope: Hey, guys, guys, we're all on edge here, okay?

Roman: I'm not gonna take advantage of my relationship with Kate.

Bo: She put a gun in Junior's face the day of the wedding.

Roman: Bo, the minute a judge signs off on your warrant, believe me, I'll be the first one at the door, but I won't go through her stuff behind her back.

Bo: I don't get this. She treats Sami like dirt, and now you're turning the other way?

Roman: You tell me something, Bo. How does tramping all over Kate's rights help Sami?

Hope: Uh-oh. Why don't we just get a little air? What do you say, guys?

Roman: Listen to your wife, Bo.

Bo: I'll let you know when that warrant comes through.

Roman: You do that. Bo... am I still on your suspect list?

Bo: [Sighs] Abe knows I took your service weapon, and he asked about your other guns. He's giving you a long rope, man.

Roman: I didn't ask about Abe. I asked about you.

Bo: Did you hear him jump to Kate's defense?

Hope: Old feelings run deep.

Bo: The woman's pointing a gun at people, and he's got a problem trying to figure out if she shot at his kid?

Hope: Just give him a little time, okay?

Bo: Yeah, fine. I'll give him all the time he needs.

Hope: If it turns out that she's the shooter, he'll have to let the chips fall where they may.

Bo: Yeah. She'll have to do exactly that.

Philip: I'm your son. You really think I'd turn against you?

Kate: Lucas did.

Philip: [Sighs] Good luck with your alibi.

Kate: Wait. Lucas hates me. I made an enemy out of Stefano. And if the police link me to that crime, he's going to kill me.

Philip: Come clean to Bo.

Kate: Police custody is not a solution for me.

Philip: Mom, I don't want you going to jail --

Kate: Then don't use what I've told you against me.

Philip: You're asking me to destroy evidence.

Kate: I am asking you to be the one man left that I can count on.

Philip: All right.

Kate: What are you gonna do with it?

Philip: I'll take care of it. That's all you need to know.

Kate: Good. Thank you.

Sami: [Clears throat]

Stefano: Oh. Elvis was wondering where you were.

Sami: How is he?

Stefano: [Exhales deeply] He needs his wife by his side...

Sami: Well, that's why I'm here.

Stefano: ...For the rest of your life.

Fr. Kelly: Lucas, repeat after me. I, Lucas, take you, Samantha, to be my wife.

Lucas: Uh, actually, Father, I know this part by heart. Um, I've been waiting an awful long time for this, so if you don't mind... I, Lucas, take you, Samantha, to be my wife. I promise to be true to you... in good times and in bad... in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of our lives.

Stefano: I will expect your complete devotion.

Sami: And I expect you to end the violence.

Stefano: After your family gunned down my son?

Sami: That's what you promised, and I'm holding you to it. I did my part. I married him.

Stefano: It's not over. He's paralyzed. They say that he may never walk again... so our truce is as fragile as your infant children, Samantha. [Monitor beeping]

Morgan: So Cordy's the only way to prove that Ford's the campus rapist.

Ford: What's up, ladies?

Sami: The pain that you must be in -- I feel for you. That's all.

E.J.: Coming from somebody who promised to make my life miserable.

Kayla: Where were you when E.J. was shot?

Jack: It's a little late to start asking questions.

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