Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 11/1/07 - Canada; Friday 11/2/07 - U.S.A.


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Cordy: [Sobs] Ford raped me.

Chelsea: Cordy... I'm so sorry.

Stephanie: Did it happen the night you guys went out?

Cordy: [Sniffles] Yes. In his dorm room, I think.

Chelsea: You don't remember?

Cordy: I'm pretty sure -- I'm pretty sure he drugged me.

Morgan: All right, hon. Here you go. Home sweet home.

Ford: Where are you going?

Morgan: Back to the party.

Ford: Well, aren't you at least gonna tuck me in?

Morgan: Yeah, right. Drink plenty of water. I'll see you tomorrow. Oh.

Ford: Wow. Are you okay?

Morgan: Yeah. I feel kind of dizzy. Um, can I use your bathroom?

Ford: Yeah, sure.

Morgan: [Groans]

Ford: You know, the flu's going around campus. You think you caught it?

Morgan: Yeah, maybe. I don't know.

[Door closes]

Ford: Or maybe not. [Upbeat music plays]

Morgan: Coffee. Drink up.

Ford: Wow. Spoken like a true stewardess. Can I get some beer nuts with that, too?

Morgan: I think you've had enough beer for one night.

Ford: There's no beer in beer nuts.

Max: Maybe we should get him out of here before he...

[Glass shatters]

Max: ...Breaks something.

Ford: My bad. That's my cue to leave. It was a great party, guys. Awesome.

Morgan: No, no, no. You are not getting behind the wheel.

Ford: I'll wear my seat belt. I promise.

Morgan: I'm not letting you drive. You have way too much of a buzz going on.

Max: She's right.

Ford: I live six blocks from here.

Morgan: Then you can walk.

Ford: Just give me back my keys, please.

Chelsea: Or we could just call my mom, head of campus security.

Ford: That's your mom, the hot chick with the brown hair, looks like she's young enough to be a student? Yeah, let's call her.

Chelsea: You really are sick. Do you mind if I talk to you for a second?

Max: Yeah. You gonna be okay?

Morgan: Yeah.

Max: Yeah.

Ford: All right, how many fingers am I holding up? Three. No, wait, no, no, no. Four.

Nick: Max.

Ford: Who invited the professor?

Nick: Terri's car needs a jump. Can you help me out?

Ford: I can do it. I'll give her a jump.

Max: Shut it. Are you gonna be okay?

Morgan: I'll be fine.

Nick: Morgan's still not picking up?

Max: No.

Nick: She was just dropping Ford off at his dorm, right?

Max: I should have gone with them. This is driving me crazy.

Nick: Ooh, somebody's had a rough night.

Max: She was hanging out with Ford. Ash. Hey, Ashley. What happened to your lip?

Kate: E.J., wait. You can't just show up at Steve and Kayla's and demand to see Sami's child.

E.J.: He is my child, too. I don't want someone like Steve Johnson looking after him.

Kate: So, what are you gonna do?

E.J.: It's none of your concern.

Kate: E.J., wait.

Stefano: Kate, leave him. My son has every right to see his child.

Steve: Here we go. Oh, look at you. Yeah. You don't know how important you are, do you? All you want's a warm bottle and a little blanky. That's all. You don't know anything about vendettas and all that garbage.

Kayla: No, listen, thanks. Steve's got little Johnny, and his sister is sound asleep, so everything's okay.

Bo: Are you sure? Hope and I can pitch in and give you guys a break.

Kayla: Listen, weren't you guys gonna jump the gun tonight and celebrate your birthday?

Bo: Yeah, we are.

Kayla: Okay, then. Leave the little bugs with us. Everything's fine. Enjoy yourself.

Bo: If you say so. Later. Oh, hey.

Hope: Hey. Happy birthday, Daddy.

Bo: [Laughs]

Marlena: I don't understand why you're still standing there.

E.J.: I'm leaving. It's odd, isn't it, though? You got a brother and sister that don't look a bit alike. I mean, I can see Samantha in both of them, but it looks to me like they have different fathers.

Sami: Come on, Lucas. Since when do you care what E.J. thinks? These babies, both of them, are yours. We had the DNA test.

Lucas: Yeah, well, Nick screwed that up the first time, didn't he?

Sami: I think your mom had something to do with that.

Lucas: The point is, hospitals make mistakes.

Sami: E.J.'s just trying to spoil our baby's birthday, and we can't let him.

Lucas: He's already got you agreeing to marry him.

Sami: I just don't want to talk about it right now, okay? Just enjoy our twins. You have nothing to worry about.

Lucas: I guess they don't look that different.

Sami: E.J. doesn't know what he's talking about. He's just trying to stir the pot.

Lucas: Well, he's gonna keep pushing. You know that.

Sami: Then we'll just push back.

Sami: That was wonderful.

Lucas: When were you gonna tell me that E.J. is Johnny's father?

Kate: Let go of me.

Stefano: Stay out of matters that do not concern you. Go to your son, Elvis. But tread lightly. There's time.

E.J.: I understand.

Kate: You should really keep E.J. on a shorter leash. He's gonna end up arrested before he has a chance to marry Sami.

Stefano: Elvis knows what to do.

Kate: Really? Because you trained him so well?

Stefano: [Laughs] I think that this calls for a drink. I have a grandson, and the DiMeras live on.

Steve: It just kills me. There's still a possibility E.J. could be the father of one or both of these babies.

Kayla: That's not gonna happen. They had the DNA test already. I don't know why they agreed to another one.

Steve: They must be worried about something.

Kayla: Hi, little buggy. Yes.

Steve: Come here, baby.

Kayla: What was that for?

Steve: For saving me from myself.

Kayla: Which time was that?

Steve: You know, after Benjy was murdered, all I could see was red. I was dreaming of ways to make the DiMeras suffer. I was so close to taking them all out one by one. And here today, with the twins, I was thinking how easy it would be to just charter a plane and fly them to Santo Domingo with Lucas and Sami and tell them never to come back. But then I see you here with these babies, the way you love and care for them. It made me realize that they're what's important in all this. They need all the Brady family loving they can get.

Bo: Okay, I'll save you a brownie. They are not gonna make it. Apparently, Claire's got a little sniffle.

Hope: I hope she feels better.

Bo: Me too.

Hope: Well, he and Belle could use some time alone.

Bo: Oh, yeah?

Hope: Sorry about the brownies. I really wanted to do something special for you this year -- throw you a big party. Just everything happened with John.

Bo: Hey, I don't need no stinking party. I have my beautiful wife and daughter. I don't need anything else.

Hope: What is it? Tell mommy. Oh, you want to sing "Happy Birthday" to daddy? Okay. Here you go.

Bo: You're gonna sing "Happy Birthday" to me? Are you? Hey, where are you headed?

Hope: Oh, you'll see.

Bo: What is your mommy up to? What is she doing over there, hmm?

Cordy: [Sniffles] When I woke up, I was almost completely naked in a strange bed. And I knew.

Chelsea: I'm calling the police.

Cordy: No. You can't tell anyone.

Chelsea: Cordy... he drugged you, and then he raped you.

Cordy: Not the police. I canít.

Chelsea: He won't be able to hurt you anymore. He'll be in jail.

Cordy: And who's gonna believe me? Ford could have any girl he wanted.

Chelsea: Hey... we believe you. The police are gonna believe you.

Cordy: It is all my fault.

Chelsea: No, Cordy, it is not your fault at all.

Cordy: I just want to go home.

Stephanie: What about all the other women? Do you think you're the first girl that Ford has raped?

Chelsea: Yeah, Cordy. You can stop him from doing this to somebody else.

Cordy: I can't go to the police. I wonít.

Chelsea: Where are you going?

Stephanie: Where do you think? Where did Ford go?

Nick: Morgan drove him home.

Stephanie: What?!

Nick: What's wrong?

Stephanie: Ford raped Cordy. Morgan's in big trouble.

Ford: Looking hot, baby, and you want it. Oh, yeah.

Max: Did Ford do this to you?

Ashley: He got a little physical, but I handled it.

Max: So you called the cops, right?

Ashley: No, I kicked the jerk where it counts.

Max: Ashley, Ford attacked you. You need to report this.

Ashley: I took care of it. It's not that big of a deal.

Max: Ashley. Ashley. There's a rapist on campus. Don't you think there might be a little bit of a connection?

Ashley: I don't know.

Max: Cordy went out with him, and now she freaks every time she sees him. Look what he did to you. Morgan just took him home, and now she's nowhere to be found. She might be his next victim, Ashley.

Nick: I have to report this.

Chelsea: You told him, Stephanie?

Nick: Yeah, she did.

Chelsea: You can't report this, Nick.

Nick: I don't have a choice. I'm on staff here.

Chelsea: Stephanie told you as Nick the friend, not Nick the professor.

Nick: The guy's got to be stopped.

Chelsea: I agree. But we promised Cordy that we wouldn't say anything.

Stephanie: We don't have time for this. We have to find Morgan before Ford rapes her, too.

Chelsea: She's with Ford?

Stephanie: She drove him home.

Nick: And now she's not answering any phone calls.

Chelsea: Okay, well, we have to figure out where he lives. I think I remember him saying something about living in a dorm a while ago. Listen up. Does anybody know where Ford Decker lives?

Nick: I have no idea.

Stephanie: Terrace two? He moved out of the frat house last year.

Chelsea: Ackerd Hall?

Stephanie: I think it's Monroe..

Chelsea: Does anybody know for sure where he lives?

Stephanie: Check his webcam. You might recognize his dorm.

Chelsea: He has a webcam?

Stephanie: Log on to his site. You'll see.

Chelsea: What's his website?

Guy: What's it worth to you?

Chelsea: Look, buddy. I don't have time to screw around here, so, please, give me his address, or I swear I will kick your butt.

All: Ohhh!

Lucas: That was great. That was a nice surprise.

Sami: Lucas, I was going to tell you.

Lucas: When, when he got into college? How long have you known this?

Sami: I just found out. That letter appeared under the door while you were getting massage oil.

Lucas: You should have told me as soon as you got this.

Sami: I just wanted us to have one last night together without the whole horrible mess in our faces.

Lucas: Keeping it from me is the same thing as lying to me, and on our last night as husband and wife.

Sami: Lucas, Lucas, this is a nightmare for me. Finding out that one of my newborn children is E.J.'s, that my baby is a DiMera. [Voice breaking] I mean, I just wanted us to have this one night.

Lucas: You should have told me about this.

Sami: I was going to tell you in the morning.

Lucas: That would have been the mother of all mornings, wouldn't it? Love of my life divorces me, and then I find out that my son isn't even mine. Then I got to sit on a miserable plane back to the States and think about it the whole way.

Sami: This is breaking my heart, too.

Stefano: We must make a toast to my new grandson, Gianni DiMera. No?

Kate: No. No. I don't feel like celebrating.

Stefano: Oh, Kate, Kate. Come on. I am a reasonable man. I am sure that we can work out something mutually beneficial.

Kate: Oh, that's so generous of you.

Stefano: You can visit Gianni any time you want on the family estate any time.

Kate: What, in Tuscany?

Stefano: Yes, because once Elvis and Samantha are married, then I can move back with my family to our ancestral home in Italy. So, you see, you have a reason to celebrate because Samantha's gonna be a continent away. So, join me in a toast.

Steve: Hasn't exactly made it on my top-10 favorite things to do, but...

Kayla: Look at this. Oh. Bo sent me a picture of Ciara in her Halloween costume. Oh.

Steve: Aw. You thinking about the Pocket Man and what kind of costume he might have?

Kayla: Yeah.

Steve: Oh. I'm sure he's fine, baby. He's got a good, new mommy and daddy. I'm sure they dressed him up real cute.

Kayla: You're probably right. Oh! Look at this one. She's just adorable.

Steve: Uh-oh.

Kayla: Aah!

Steve: Powder malfunction!

Kayla: Johnson, put the powder down. Put it down.

Steve: You need a diaper change.

Kayla: Don't you dare. No, don't you dare! [Baby crying] No! No! Back off. No! No! Don't you dare!

E.J.: What are you doing?!

Steve: Whoa!

E.J.: I heard screaming, all right?

Kayla: I'm gonna call security.

E.J.: I want you to read something. Read this, okay? Take this. These are the DNA test results. It shows that I'm the biological father of that boy.

Steve: You cannot break in here. Get out!

E.J.: I know I had no right to break in here, but I hear the baby crying, and I hear her screaming. What am I supposed to think?

Steve: We don't hurt children.

E.J.: I want to see my son.

Steve: He's Sami and Lucas' kid. Now get out.

E.J.: Read the results. They show that I'm that boy's father. I want to see my son.

Kate: So, you want to raise your grandchild in Italy.

Stefano: Yes, why not? It will be good for him, hmm? He can visit this country any time that he wants. We DiMeras have always appreciated the finer aspects of America.

Kate: Have you run any of this by Sami?

Stefano: Samantha will be where she belongs, on Elvis' arm.

Kate: Like an expensive watch.

Stefano: You make a joke, but the raising of a DiMera heir will be strictly up to Elvis and myself.

Kate: Well, good luck, because if you try to tell Sami how to live her life, she could become very dangerous.

Lucas: Well, there's gonna be one hell of a party at the DiMera mansion tonight, isn't there?

Sami: Lucas, there was a time when we thought both of the twins were E.J.'s.

Lucas: That's supposed to make me feel better, right?

Sami: No. But when we thought they were both his, you still wanted to be a father to them. So why can't you be a father to Johnny and treat him just the way you would our little girl or Will?

Lucas: Because this is real. And the reality is E.J.'s gonna want an equal say in how his son is raised.

Sami: He's still my son, too, you know.

Lucas: It doesn't matter. He's gonna teach him all the wrong values. He's gonna teach him that things -- anything -- comes before people. I want our kids to learn side by side. I want them to know that they should be loving and caring and give back to the community. That's the Brady and Horton way.

Sami: We'll teach them that.

Lucas: Don't you understand? Our daughter's gonna be infected by what he has. She's gonna be jealous. She's gonna feel like what she has isn't good enough.

Sami: We'll make sure that she doesnít.

Lucas: It's not us, Sami. It's not us. It's her. She's gonna compare herself to him all the time, and I don't want her to turn out like --

Sami: Like me? You don't want her to turn out like me.

Lucas: No. No, damn it, like me.

Cordy: [Crying]

Stephanie: Cordy, everything's gonna be okay.

Cordy: I'm so scared. I shouldn't have said anything.

Stephanie: You did the right thing, okay? Tell me, do you remember anything about where Ford lives?

Cordy: I'm sorry. I don't remember. I don't know. I don't know. [Crying]

Chelsea: Okay, here we go. Oh, my God. [Crowd murmurs]

Max: He must have drugged her.

Chelsea: Yeah, obviously.

Max: I'm gonna kill him.

Chelsea: Wake up. Wake up!

Max: Where's Ford's dorm? We need to find it now.

Guy: That's Sebastian Hall.

Max: Are you sure?

Guy: I should be. I live there.

Chelsea: I know where that is.

Max: Call security.

Chelsea: God, please let him get there in time.

Hope: Poor little pumpkin. I think Halloween wore her out.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Can I open my present now?

Hope: Oh, I don't know. Rip away.

Bo: [Laughs] A scrapbook?

Hope: I know. Shocking. I'm not crafty. But your mom and Kayla helped me work on it all summer. Take a look.

Bo: Wow.

Hope: You're gonna love this.

Bo: I am. This is like little family histories.

Hope: Look at this one.

Bo: This must have taken you guys forever.

Hope: We have so much to be grateful for.

Bo: Yeah, we do. This is amazing. It's amazing. Thank you. You're amazing.

Sami: Lucas, you can't be serious. I hope she does turn out just like you. If she does, we will be the luckiest parents in the world.

Lucas: I'm serious. Look at all the problems I've had in my life because of my drinking.

Sami: Yeah, and look at you now. Come on, Lucas. She'll be such a lucky little girl because she'll have two parents who help her avoid all the pitfalls in life 'cause we've fallen into almost all of them.

Lucas: Yeah, and then some.

Sami: She is so lucky to have you for a father. And Johnny is lucky to have you as a stepfather and as a role model. You think he is gonna turn out to be some mirror image of E.J.? No way. He is gonna grow up to be a wonderful man, just like you. 'Cause you are gonna be there to teach him how to be a real man.

Lucas: What if E.J. doesn't let me anywhere near him? You ever think about that?

E.J.: Look, Kayla, I understand Samantha entrusted you with my son's care. I respect her wishes. Just give me a moment with him, and then I'll leave.

Steve: The answer's no.

E.J.: He's my son. I have the right to see him.

Steve: Well, we don't agree.

E.J.: I'll get to see him sooner or later, so what's the difference?

Kayla: Well, it's not gonna be tonight. There is no way we're gonna subject this poor, little baby to this nightmare of a father. And I use the term "father" loosely because you have no idea how to care for or love a child. So, why don't you just get out of here?

Steve: You heard her. Get going.

E.J.: I'll be back...with a court order.

Stephanie: I can't watch this.

Guy: I got to tell you guys. All I'm seeing is two people getting it on.

Chelsea: She's drugged!

Guy: You can't tell that by what we're seeing.

Nick: We know what's going on.

Chelsea: If Max doesn't get there soon, we're gonna see a whole lot worse. No.

Nick: Shh! I think we still have audio.

Billie: Is that it?

Chelsea: Yeah, he just threw something over the camera. Max is on his way over there.

Billie: Where is he?

Chelsea: Sebastian Hall.

Jett: All right, I'm on it.

Morgan: [Moans] Oh! What's going on? [Moans]

Ford: You had a little too much to drink, baby. Go back to sleep.

Morgan: No, I got to get out of here. [Moans]

Ford: That's my girl. [Door opens]

Max: Get the hell away from her!

Ford: Get off of me!

Stephanie: That sounds like Max.

Ford: Leave me alone! Get out of my room! Get your hands off of me!

Jett: Do not resist.

Ford: Leave me alone! Leave me alone!

Max: Morgan. Morgan.

Ford: My dad's gonna have your heads.

Chelsea: That's Jett.

Ford: My dad's a lawyer.

Chelsea: What's happening?

Sami: Lucas, E.J. may be Johnny's biological father, but you and I are gonna raise him.

Lucas: It is not gonna happen like that. Don't you understand? The DiMeras have been looking for an heir to the throne. Now they have one. They have one in Johnny. They're gonna be all over that kid.

Sami: Stefano's not gonna want to have a hand in actually raising this child. And, anyway, he's gonna die soon. And for E.J., Johnny is just a trophy. Yeah, he's gonna show him off, but then he'll get sick of it. You, Lucas. You are the one who's gonna teach this kid how to pitch a mean fastball and how to ride a bike and everything else that you want to teach him.

Lucas: You really think E.J.'s just gonna sit back and let me raise his kid? There's no way. I don't think so.

Sami: Even if E.J. does try to raise Johnny himself, what's he gonna do, teach him a mean game of mergers and acquisitions?

Lucas: Give him ballroom lessons or something. And, yeah, I might be able to teach that kid how to throw a curve ball, but it doesn't change the fact that he's a DiMera. And if he tries to escape that, Sami, he's gonna end up like Tony, stranded on some desert island somewhere, or like Lexie, walled up in a tunnel and thrown scraps, or he'll probably end up like Benjy. He'll probably end up dead.

E.J.: They wouldn't even let me look at him.

Kate: And you're surprised by that?

Stefano: Oh, all right. Elvis, let me have your phone. [Sighs] Let me talk to Judge Lowell. About a custody order.

Hope: Okay, uh... now for your last gift.

Bo: There's more?

Hope: There's always more.

Bo: Ooh, nice. Mmm. Mmmm.

[Cellphone ringing]

Hope: Mnh-mnh. No, no, no. We don't hear anything. Close your ears.

Bo: That's Kayla's ring. It's the kids.

[Ringing continues]

Bo: [Clears throat] Kay.

Kayla: Bo, Bo, we need your help. Listen, E.J. was just here, demanding to see his son.

Bo: What?

Kayla: Yeah, apparently it's true. He gave me a copy of the DNA results.

Bo: Elvis is Johnny's father.

Hope: What?

Kayla: Listen, we threw him out, but he swore he's coming back. Maybe we should take the babies and check into a different hotel.

Bo: Uh, no. No. I got a better idea.

Billie: All right, no one talks to him but me. You got it? Good.

Woman: What is going on? We see people running in and running out. Where's our daughter Cordelia?

Billie: You're Cordy's parents.

Chelsea: Did Max get to Morgan in time?

Billie: I don't know yet, honey.

Woman: Please.

Max: Get out of my way!

Billie: Watch out. Watch out.

Chelsea: Is she okay?

Max: She will be.

Ford: It's all a mistake! And if you have me arrested, you will be really sorry.

Billie: Back off. Back off. Jett, why did you bring him here?

Jett: Because we need a statement from Morgan, and she was way too out of it.

Ford: Yeah, 'cause she had a little too much to drink.

Jett: Shut it. How's she doing now?

Billie: I don't know.

Ford: This is so wrong, man.

Billie: You know what? I would keep my mouth shut if I were you.

Chelsea: Bastard.

Ford: Easy, Chelsea. I didn't do anything, all right? This is a mistake.

Stephanie: Does he have to be here?

Jett: Yes, he does. We need somebody to positively I.D. this guy as the campus rapist, or we can't keep him.

Max: How can she? She's drugged!

Ford: When she wakes up, she's gonna be mortified you interrupted us.

Stephanie: Come on, Morgan. Wake up. We need you.

Ford: Take the handcuffs off, man. You don't have any witnesses because nothing happened.

Chelsea: Is there anybody here that's been attacked by Ford Decker and has kept their mouth shut because if you have, now would be a great time to speak up. Please. Isn't there anybody that can I.D. him?

Cordy: I can. He's the campus rapist, and he raped me.

Billie: Oh. Cordelia.

Ford: She's lying! I never touched her!

Billie: Cordy. Cordy, why don't you take your parents back to your room? That's all we need for now. [Spits]

Cordy: I hate you! [Sobs]

Ford: I'm pressing charges! She attacked me!

Chelsea: You deserved it!

Ford: I didn't do anything except get it on with a girl who wanted it as much as I did.

Chelsea: We watched you on your webcam!

Ford: Morgan and I were making out. Since when is that a crime? And if you don't back off, you are really gonna be sorry.

Chelsea: Thanks for helping Max, Jett.

Jett: I'm just glad we got there in time. It's good to win one for once.

Stephanie: We should take her to the campus clinic.

Max: Hey, it's me. It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. It's gonna be fine, all right? She's gonna be okay.

Stephanie: I know.

Sami: Lucas, it's not gonna be like that. I will protect my son from his crazy family. We'll both protect him.

Lucas: It isn't gonna be that easy.

Sami: I'm asking you to have faith in me that I can end this vendetta. And then I will come back to you. I will run back into your arms, and we will get married and live happily ever after. I promise you.

Guy: You must be awfully well-connected to get a court order at this time of night. Sorry, folks, but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. This suite has to be quarantined. Nobody's allowed in or out.

Billie: I'm gonna get statements from everyone here who's dealt with Ford. I'm gonna build a case for his immediate expulsion.

Nick: He's gonna be prosecuted, right?

Billie: Oh, definitely.

Chelsea: I'm gonna try to talk to some of the other girls and see if he's drugged or attacked any of them.

Billie: Let's hope not. I'll see you later.

Chelsea: Are we ever gonna be able to live normally?

Nick: Artemis and Demarquette are safe. And Ford's going to jail. Looks like boring times ahead.

Chelsea: Not too boring, I hope. Come on.

Stephanie: How's Morgan?

Max: She's good. The hospital wants to keep her overnight, so I thought I'd come by and get her stuff. And then I'm gonna stay there with her tonight.

Stephanie: Good.

Max: [Exhales sharply] Are you okay?

Stephanie: Fine, why?

Max: You were upset, and then, you know.

Stephanie: I just found out that two of my sorority sisters were drugged, and then one was raped. Of course I'm upset. Go! Go be with Morgan. I'm fine.

Cordy: Steph.

Stephanie: Is this it?

Cordy: No. I decided to stay.

Stephanie: That's great! What changed your mind?

Cordy: You and Chelsea. You guys are right. I need to stop Ford from hurting someone else.

Stephanie: Everyone in this house will be right there with you, okay?

E.J.: There is no quarantine. I was just here.

Officer: Sir, again, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

E.J.: Would you do something, please? This idiot is trying to keep me from my son.

Officer: I'm sorry, Mr. Wells. There's nothing I can do about it tonight. Call my office when it's safe for us to return.

E.J.: All right.

Officer: Sir, don't make me have to arrest you.

E.J.: I'm gonna see my son. You hear me?! I'm gonna see my son.

Stefano: All right, don't worry. Don't worry, Elvis. You will see your son soon. And you will hold him in your arms.

Steve: Round one to the Bradyís.

[Cellphone ringing]

Bo: [Groans] That's -- that's Kayla again.

Hope: I know. I'll get it. Here.

Bo: Thanks. Hey, how'd it go?

Kayla: Perfect, but E.J.'s not gonna give up, Bo.

Bo: Yeah. One day at a time. Get some sleep.

Kayla: Yeah. With two newborns. I wish. Bo...

Bo: Yeah.

Kayla: Thank you.

Bo: No problem. Good night, sis.

Hope: It worked?

Bo: Yeah. But stirred up the hornet's nest.

Hope: Well, that's a problem we'll deal with tomorrow, Brady.

Bo: [Moans] [Sighs] You know, lately I've been thinking about torching the DiMera mansion with them inside. Then I look at these beautiful green eyes, and I remember what we're fighting for. That revenge... it's not the answer. I don't know how I'd survive without you.

Hope: I don't know how I'll survive if you answer that damn phone again.

Lucas: You know what I'm gonna miss most? Holding you like this... feeling your heart beat next to mine.

Sami: We will always have this.

Lucas: No, we wonít. Not like this.

Bo: You got to know. One more battle with him could cost you the future you want.

Kayla: Lies are what destroy love.

Hope: Sometimes the truth can be just as deadly.

Philip: Look at me, Belle. Tell me to my face the man you want is Shawn.

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