Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/30/07 - Canada; Wednesday 10/31/07 - U.S.A.


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Marlena: Hi.

Hope: Hi.

Bo: We weren't sure you'd make it.

Marlena: Well, I wasn't sure either.

Hope: We're glad you did.

Bo: How about something to drink?

Marlena: Um, sure. Uh, something light.

Bo: Okay. Hope?

Hope: Root-beer float. I'll take some tea.

Bo: Be right back.

Hope: How are you doing?

Marlena: I'm up. I'm breathing. I'm putting one foot in front of the other foot.

Hope: That's all you need to do right now. What'd you buy?

Marlena: I bought a scrapbook. I've got so many wonderful pictures of John with me, with Belle, with the family -- holidays, celebrations, July Fourth. They're scattered all over the house and in boxes everywhere, so I thought I'd just put them in an album so that I'd have them when I wanted to feel close to him.

Hope: Why don't you let me help you with that, okay?

Marlena: I think, um... I think I'll need to do that by myself.

Hope: We're never gonna forget him.

Marlena: I stopped by St. Luke's on the way here, just to say a prayer, and I prayed that nobody we love will ever be taken away before their time.

Lucas: I'll get up with the kids tonight and take care of them in the morning, get you a little breakfast in bed. How does that sound?

Sami: Depends on where. I called the airline while you were out.

Lucas: Why?

Sami: Because we're flying to Santo Domingo tonight to get our divorce.

E.J.: Perfect. You found our little spot.

Kate: Where the hell have you been?

E.J.: I had to get some supplies.

Kate: E.J., if Lucas finds out about this --

E.J.: All right, Kate, Lucas is not going to find out about this, okay? Keep your chin up. For all his ranting and raving, your boy still loves you.

Kate: Yeah, right. That's why he changed his name to Horton.

E.J.: Okay. Look, if this works, your son is going to be back by your side in no time. If it doesn't work, my door is always open. You can come by and visit my son whenever you want to. You could be his devoted, eccentric aunt.

Kate: Oh, gee, thanks.

E.J.: [Chuckles]

Kate: What kind of supplies did you bring?

E.J.: The lethal kind, darling.

E.J.: This little beauty is completely untraceable.

Kate: What are you gonna do with it?

E.J.: Step away from the car and I'll show you. Please. A little further, if you don't mind, darling. There we go. We don't want a stray bullet to upset our plans.

Kate: You're gonna shoot my car?

E.J.: Yeah, Lucas will think we hired an assassin to take you out.

Lucas: We should have discussed this.

Sami: Lucas, we've talked about it and talked it to death.

Lucas: Yeah, you ask me to walk through fire -- no problem. You ask me to let you go -- I don't know, Sami. I have a hard time with that.

Sami: Lucas, we're gonna have to get divorced so that I can marry E.J.

Lucas: I don't want you to marry E.J.

Sami: No matter what happens, you are not gonna lose me. I'll prove it to you.

Lucas: How are you gonna do that?

Belle: What's she proving now?

Sami: Bad timing, sis.

Belle: Nice to see you, too. And by the way, your babies are gorgeous. I just came from the nursery.

Lucas: I'll go check on them.

Sami: We're not finished.

Lucas: I know. Talk about it later.

Belle: What did I interrupt?

Sami: I don't want to talk about it.

Belle: Okay. Well, here. I promise they're not matching.

Sami: [Laughs] Oh, that is so sw-- Belle, you did not have to do this. I know money is tight.

Belle: Oh, come on. I can afFord onesies for my niece and nephew. You know, if you want to talk about what just happened...

Sami: I'm just having a hard time convincing Lucas that I am not leaving him for E.J.

Belle: Aren't you?

Sami: No, I'm not.

Belle: Well, think about it. How would you feel if Lucas was marrying somebody else?

Sami: I'd kill her. But I don't want to talk about the DiMeras, okay? How's mom?

Belle: Well, I think she's as well as could be expected.

Sami: What about you? How are the wedding plans coming?

Belle: That's actually why I came to talk to you.

Sami: Because you need a matron of honor?

Belle: Yeah, more like some good advice.

Sami: Oh. And you came to me for good advice? You must be hard up. It's that bad.

Belle: It's worse. I slept with Philip.

Marlena: I'm not feeling sorry for myself. At least I'm trying not to. Bitter -- yeah. You bet.

Hope: How could you not be?

Marlena: I was, um, in John's closet before I came over. I thought I'd pack a few things, and I ended up just holding his favorite gray flannel sweater for about 20 minutes. I can't do it.

Hope: Of course you can’t. It's too soon.

Marlena: I miss the smallest little things. I miss falling asleep on his shoulder, watching TV with him. I miss the look he would always give me when I would get into his popcorn. I miss the way that our hands laced together as we fell asleep at night.

Hope: We're gonna find his killer.

Marlena: We know who killed him. I'd suggest you take your husband and your children and get as far away from here as possible.

Hope: This is our home.

Marlena: Your home is as far away from Stefano as you can possibly get.

Hope: What about the rest of the family?

Marlena: Well, if I'd gotten John out of here, he'd be alive right now.

Bo: John lived his life on his terms.

Hope: Thank you.

Bo: He was fearless and determined.

Marlena: And where did that get him?

Bo: We can't run. If we do, Stefano wins.

Marlena: You sound like Sami, or maybe she sounds like you.

Bo: How's she doing?

Marlena: I could use some help with Sami.

Bo: Anything. You know that.

Marlena: Well, I'd like you to stop this wedding from happening.

E.J.: Not bad, even if I say so myself.

Kate: You're gonna buy me a new car.

E.J.: That might be a little bit obvious, don't you think? Now, shall we go over our story?

Kate: I know the story.

E.J.: Humor me, please.

Kate: Fine. Fine. I'm driving in my car. Another car drives up next to me.

E.J.: Okay, and it slows down.

Kate: And I look over at them.

E.J.: Okay, you see a gun pointed at you. You panic.

Kate: Yes, I do, but I don't see the face of the driver.

E.J.: You see the gun pointed at you. Then you duck. The shots ring out. The window smashes.

Kate: And the car speeds off.

E.J.: There we go. Excellent.

Kate: No! No! It's not excellent because we haven't talked about the phone call.

E.J.: Call 911.

Kate: No. No. I don't think I should do that. I think I should call Roman, and I should be hysterical. And then he'll call Lucas.

E.J.: Okay, great.

Kate: I'll beg him not to. I'll beg him not to call Lucas. I'll say that I'm fine, but I'll ask him to come over here in case the guys come back.

E.J.: That sounds good because you know that roman's gonna tell Lucas straightaway.

Kate: Oh, God. [Sighs] This will prove it. This will prove if your theory is right.

E.J.: Look, Lucas is gonna come.

Kate: What if he doesn't come?

E.J.: He's your son. He loves you.

Kate: E.J., what if he doesn't come?

E.J.: He'll be here. All right?

Kate: Get some glass.

E.J.: Why?

Kate: Because he's not an idiot. If I haven't hurt myself, he's not gonna believe this. Get some glass.

E.J.: I could shoot you. I could graze you. All right, fine, I'm getting some glass. There we go. This piece all right for you?

Kate: Now cut me on the forehead.

E.J.: Oh, come on. You're not serious.

Kate: What, are you afraid of blood?

E.J.: No, I just don't think it's necessary. All right, fine. I'll do it. Let me find a good spot.

Kate: Just cut me as if the glass flew by when the window shattered.

E.J.: You're sure that you want me to do this?

Kate: Do it.

E.J.: Okay. Hold still.

Kate: [Inhales sharply]

E.J.: All right. Okay, okay. You good?

Kate: How does it look?

E.J.: It looks great. Here, let me just get --

Kate: No. No. No. I want the blood there for shock value. 'Cause if Lucas doesn't believe this, this time I'll lose him for good.

Hope: Marlena, there's absolutely no way Lucas is gonna agree to the divorce.

Marlena: I'm not sure he needs to with a Dominican divorce. And if he doesn't agree, Sami will just wear him down and persuade him that if she marries E.J., the whole family will then be safe.

Hope: Except for Sami.

Marlena: I think John's death is driving all this.

Hope: He wouldn't want her to give up the rest of her life.

Marlena: No, he wouldn’t. And if he were -- if he were here, he would find some way to stop the wedding.

Bo: Well, I'll have to do it for him.

Sami: Oh, my God. You slept with Philip? Where?

Belle: It doesn't matter.

Sami: It all matters.

Belle: Sami.

Sami: Sorry. You already told me the worst part. You might as well tell me.

Belle: It happened in our room over the pub.

Sami: Your room as in the room you share with Shawn, the bed you sleep in with Shawn.

Belle: It sounds even worse when you say it out loud.

Sami: I'm sorry. No, I'm sorry, honey. I thought -- I thought that you were over Philip.

Belle: Well, you know, Philip and I have been close since we got back, and we were all living together for a while.

Sami: Belle, you divorced Philip because you didn't love him.

Belle: He's changed. And he wasn't bullying me or manipulating me.

Sami: Maybe he was and you just didn't see it.

Belle: No, he has feelings for me, Sami.

Sami: What about you?

Belle: I care about Philip, but I love Shawn.

Sami: Are you sure that you still want to marry Shawn?

Belle: Yes.

Sami: Like really sure? Really, really, really sure?

Belle: What happened with Philip was a stupid mistake. It's never gonna happen again.

Sami: Okay. Well, then, you have to make that clear to Philip.

Belle: I know.

Sami: Absolutely clear. And, Belle, listen to me. You can never tell Shawn, no matter how guilty you feel. What?

Belle: Someone else knows.

Sami: You told mom?

Belle: No, it's Hope.

Sami: You told Shawn's mom?

Belle: No, she just figured it out, and there was no way to deny it.

Sami: Belle, there is always a way to deny it. Have I taught you nothing?

Belle: I told her it was never gonna happen again, and I explained to her how much I love Shawn. And she swore she wouldn't say anything.

Sami: Oh, good, well, then, you have nothing to worry about.

Belle: You think Hope will tell Shawn?

Sami: I don't know. What did she say?

Belle: She said she wouldn't if I stay away from Philip. God, Sami. I love Shawn.

Sami: I hear you.

Belle: I want us to be a family.

Sami: What about Philip? What does he want?

Belle: He doesn't want to let me go.

Sami: So, let me ask you, what are you gonna do if, say, you and Philip are stuck together in a hotel room?

Belle: We were. Nothing happened.

Sami: But that was before. Obviously something has changed. So, what happens if you're at his place or he's at your place or you have another fight with Shawn?

Belle: You're supposed to be on my side.

Sami: I am on your side. I just want to make sure that you know what you really want or who you really want.

Belle: Shawn is everything to me.

Sami: Then that's your answer.

Belle: Then what do I do about Philip?

Sami: Nothing. And you stay as far away from him as possible.

Belle: I don't want to lose him as a friend. Claire adores him.

Sami: Claire already has a father. And Philip is not your friend. He is your lover. And if you don't want this one-night stand to turn into a full-blown affair, then you have to lay down the law. Belle, if you don't, you will lose Shawn for good.

Marlena: She loves you. She might just listen to you.

Hope: We'll think of something. Don't worry.

Bo: I just wish we could convince her that she's not alone in this. We stand together.

Marlena: I'm not looking for a miracle.

Bo: Well, if we can't reason with her, we'll come up with an alternative.

Hope: What other alternative is there except to place her under lock and key?

Bo: There is that, but let me see if I can reach her first, okay?

Hope: Okay.

Marlena: Thanks.

Bo: I'll call you as soon as I talk to her. Catch you later, Fancy Face.

Hope: Drive safely.

Bo: Yeah.

Marlena: Don't take that for granted -- the sound of his voice.

Hope: I'm so sorry.

Marlena: You know, if Bo can't reach her and if nobody else can, there is one more way to protect her.

Hope: I don't see any other way except to kidnap her.

Marlena: I do. Kill E.J. Wells.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Roman: All right. I want a tight shot of that entry angle. Ramirez, there's another casing by the rear tire. And call district for a tow truck.

Ramirez: Yes, sir.

Roman: Okay. I'll take you to the hospital.

Kate: No. No. I don't have to go to the hospital.

Roman: Come on. You got some cuts and scratches.

Kate: They're not deep. The paramedics said I was gonna be fine.

Roman: You know what? It's just kind of surprising that the casings are right by your car and not in the shooter's car or further back down the road. I mean, both cars were moving at the time, isn't that right?

Kate: Well, I mean, I ducked and I slammed on my brakes, and that's all that I know.

Roman: Hmm. All right, let me show you something.

Kate: Okay.

Roman: Do you see the entry point right through the driver's seat there? Just how low did you duck?

Kate: I got completely under the dash pretty much.

Roman: What did you do to tick Stefano off?

Kate: Roman, Stefano is not trying to hurt me.

Lucas: Mom.

Kate: What are you doing here?

Lucas: Roman called me. Roman, what's going on?

Roman: Well, I'm not sure yet, but my guys have picked up four casings so far.

Lucas: Are you all right?

Kate: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'm fine. You know, it's just the glass. I got cut, but I'm gonna be fine. I never thought that you'd come.

E.J.: Knock knock. Oh, both of the beautiful sisters. You're lucky, Samantha, to be so close to your siblings.

Sami: Yeah, well, my family's tight like that. And when we get attacked, we get even closer.

E.J.: Oh, how is Marlena doing? Oh, I'm awfully sorry. I was very, very upset to hear about your father's tragic accident.

Sami: Look, would you just beat it, okay? It's not an accident. What are you doing here?

E.J.: Well, it's good form to give chocolates to the nurses. They did such a wonderful job looking after you and the twins.

Sami: Lucas is gonna be right back.

E.J.: You haven't heard?

Sami: Heard what?

E.J.: It's kind of strange that he wouldn't tell you.

Sami: Just spit it out.

E.J.: I only caught half the conversation, but Lucas was on the phone earlier, and there seemed to be some kind of emergency involving Kate.

Sami: Oh, my God. I have to call him. Last time there was an emergency with Kate, he ended up in serious trouble.

E.J.: Well, he seemed to be on the telephone with your father, so I'm sure the whole thing's legitimate.

Sami: So, what kind of emergency was it, then?

E.J.: I have absolutely no idea. I would imagine that he would call you as soon as he knew.

Sami: All right, E.J., you have successfully delivered your bad news for the day, so why don't you just get out of here, okay?

E.J.: You were still planning on going to Santo Domingo, right?

Sami: Lucas won't go.

E.J.: Well, maybe today will be the day that he changes his mind.

Lucas: Are you sure you're okay? You might need some stitches or something.

Kate: The paramedics said it's gonna be okay. It's gonna be fine.

Roman: We're wrapping things up. The tow truck is on its way. I'm gonna go back to the station and file my report.

Lucas: We know who did this, and we know why.

Roman: And I'm gonna make sure that somebody's assigned to watch over your mom.

Kate: No, look, I don't want to be a prisoner, Roman, really.

Roman: I might need you to come down to the station and answer some questions.

Kate: I've told you everything that I know, Roman.

Roman: Well, you'd be surprised what comes back to you, Kate. See you both back in town.

Lucas: What were you doing here? You hate the country.

Kate: I don't know. I was just driving to relax, to think.

Lucas: The guy must have followed you or something.

Kate: Well, you know, actually, I didn't even notice -- it was weird -- until he pulled up next to me. But, truthfully, I don't even know if it was a he.

Lucas: DiMeras are getting very desperate. You're not even connected to the Brady’s.

Kate: No, but you are.

Lucas: Yeah, but he knows that we're not getting along right now.

Kate: Lucas, Stefano has spent half of his life not speaking to his children and still they all love each other. Look, you know, this is silly. You don't have to drive me home. You should go be with Sami. She needs you. I can take care of myself.

Lucas: Yeah, well, there's one way to make sure of that. Take it.

Kate: Lucas.

Lucas: Mom, take this. Take it and use it if you have to. Just take it. . It's coverage you won't see anywhere else.

Hope: It's human nature to want revenge.

Marlena: Ever since John died, I've been fantasizing about ways to kill E.J. – The alibi, the weapon of choice, the way to cover my own tracks. As a doctor, I'm supposed to understand that those feelings are natural. And I tell my patients that. It's normal to feel that way when someone you love has died in a violent way.

Hope: Aren't they?

Marlena: They are natural. Yeah, they are. But these are more than fantasies. Last year, when John was shot, I had these thoughts then, too.

Hope: But you never acted on them.

Marlena: If I had, he'd be alive today.

Hope: You don't know that.

Marlena: E.J. is the heir to Stefano's dynasty. And when he dies, it dies.

Hope: Marlena. You're exhausted. You haven't slept. You haven't eaten.

Marlena: Am I sounding like them to you?

Hope: No. It's completely normal to want to strike back. You need to grieve. You know this is part of it.

Marlena: These thoughts are not going away.

Hope: But you know what? They will.

Marlena: Hope, I'm a psychiatrist. I testify in trials before a judge, before the court. I know exactly how to set up an insanity plea. The grieving widow at the breaking point, sleep-deprived, terrified -- terrified that her children and her grandchildren are in danger. Juries just eat --

Hope: No, just stop it, okay? This isn't you. You're not a violent person, so stop it. If you killed Stefano's favorite child, the only thing it would do is ignite more violence.

Marlena: I don't think so. I think maybe he'll just go back to being a broken man.

Hope: We need to listen to Roman and Bo.

Marlena: No. I don't trust them anymore.

Hope: I'm gonna get you something to eat, okay?

Marlena: No! You're not. The DiMeras understand one kind of justice. I'm hoping for the courage to give it to them.

Belle: I have to go pick up Claire.

Sami: Oh, no. No. We are not done talking.

E.J.: It's fine. We'll be seeing a lot more of each other after the wedding anyway.

Sami: E.J., get out.

E.J.: Quite. Well, I was just dropping these off anyway. On my way to visit the nursery, so enjoy the rest of your visit.

Belle: There's a weird vibe in the room when you two are together.

Sami: You're just imagining it.

Belle: You don't feel anything for E.J.?

Sami: Lots of things -- hate, loathing, disgust.

Belle: Whatever. I won't argue. Look, I'll think about what you said.

Sami: I hope so.

Belle: Oh, and I have a bunch of old infant clothes from Claire. If you want them, I'll bring them by.

Sami: That would be great. Thank you. I'm so excited that our kids are gonna grow up so close.

Belle: That'll be really fun with E.J. in the picture.

Sami: Belle, I am doing this for our families and our kids.

Belle: I love you.

Sami: I love you, too. [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Bo: Hey, you look great. How you doing?

Sami: Thank you. Not great, actually. I could use a hug.

Bo: Oh, sure. Sure. Hey, listen, I just saw your mom at the pub.

Sami: How is she?

Bo: She asked me to do something for her.

Sami: What, like knock sense into me?

Bo: Not that simple. She wants me to keep you from marrying a DiMera.

Lucas: Mom, take it.

Kate: I don't want it.

Lucas: Take it. I'll get another one for myself.

Kate: When did you get this?

Lucas: Don't worry about it, all right?

Kate: Lucas, look -- you're worried about me?

Lucas: Just put it in your purse.

Kate: No.

Lucas: Mom, we need this. This is the only way to protect ourselves right now.

Kate: Lucas, maybe I'll reason with Stefano.

Lucas: Like he just reasoned with you? Stay away from him and E.J. Take it.

Kate: I don't think I can shoot him.

Lucas: I'm not asking you to shoot him. This is for your protection, all right? Keep it hidden, but keep it on you. Put it in your purse or something right now. No arguments. Come on. We don't have a lot of time. Hurry.

Kate: Look, I want you to know that I'm sorry for the things I said to Sami because now I know exactly what she's going through.

Lucas: Well, that's all right. When you forget that this happened, you'll just go back to business as usual, won't you?

Kate: No. Never, ever again. You need to go back to her. I guess she does need you.

Lucas: Let's get moving.

Kate: You sure you don't mind giving me a ride?

Lucas: No, it's fine.

Kate: Look, I screwed a lot of things up, but the one thing I got right is you.

E.J.: Father, I have some very good news.

Stefano: Uh-huh?

E.J.: Lucas is close to agreeing to the divorce.

Stefano: And he's ready to go to Santo Domingo?

E.J.: I am sure of it.

Stefano: Excellent. All right, Rolf, tell them to prepare the villa.

Dr. Rolf: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Stefano: Well, then. [Chuckles] Perhaps you can honeymoon in Italy.

E.J.: Oh, Samantha would love Toscana.

Stefano: See, I cannot tell you how much better I would feel knowing that you are there for whatever time I have left.

E.J.: What are you talking about whatever time you have left, Father? You have years left in you.

Stefano: Yeah, sure. Talk to Rolf, all right? One would never know it.

E.J.: Listen. I have a little bit of good news, and Rolf doesn't know this. They're doing another DNA test. It looks like the boy may be mine.

Stefano: I have a grandson after all.

E.J.: Well, 24 hours. They're gonna get the results back. But, father, you should see this boy. He is a DiMera.

Stefano: Oh, Elvis. This could be a great blessing.

E.J.: A blessing for all of us, Father. His stem cells could save your life.

Stefano: This is the grandson that will save us from extinction.

E.J.: I have so many dreams for my son, Father.

Stefano: Yes. I too. And we will live those dreams because he is going to be every inch a DiMera.

E.J.: Of course.

Stefano: But for now [Chuckles] we keep this to ourselves.

E.J.: No, I completely understand.

Stefano: Okay.

Dr. Rolf: You have a visitor.

Stefano: I didn't hear the door.

Dr. Rolf: She came around the back.

Stefano: Who is it?

Dr. Rolf: The lovely Miss Roberts.

Stefano: Ahh, send her in. Send her in.

E.J.: You know, if you would like me to leave you alone --

Stefano: Of course not. Stay. Stay.

E.J.: Okay.

Stefano: [Chuckles] Kate, Kate, Kate. What a wonderful surprise. So -- oh, my goodness. Let me look at you. What -- what happened to your face?

Kate: Just a minor car accident. It's nothing. I'm fine.

Stefano: Let me have Rolf look at you.

Dr. Rolf: Yes, yes, I would be happy to.

Kate: No, really. It's not worth the bother.

Dr. Rolf: As you wish. Stefano, it's time for your rest.

Stefano: What rest? I have a guest.

Dr. Rolf: Your health is of the utmost concern, and rest is required.

Stefano: He's worse than an old woman.

Dr. Rolf: And you are exhausted.

Stefano: All right, so I'm exhausted a little bit. Okay, fine. I will see you soon?

Kate: Very soon.

Stefano: [Sighs] I'm proud of you, Elvis.

E.J.: I love you. How did you know I'd be here?

Kate: Gee, lucky guess.

E.J.: Ahh. [Clears throat]

Kate: Lucas showed up.

E.J.: Everything went as planned?

Kate: I should never have doubted him. He is a wonderful son.

E.J.: It's funny. My father was just saying the same thing about me.

Kate: You will never be half the man he is, E.J.

E.J.: I would be careful if I was you, young lady. I just brought your son right to you.

Kate: I'm just sorry he's so bitter and angry.

E.J.: Well, we all need to move forward, eh? Now Lucas is going to divorce Samantha, and that will pave the way for my wedding.

Kate: And it's going to hurt him because he loves her very, very much.

E.J.: You know, Kate, in every game of chess, there are winners and there are losers. And unfortunately for dear old Lucas, it's checkmate. Just smile, darling. This is what winning looks like.

Sami: I have heard all the arguments.

Bo: Heard, not listened.

Sami: Look, our family is still in danger. I mean, someone killed John even though Andre's dead. Who knows how many people Stefano has out there working for him?

Bo: For all we know, it's your brand-new fiancé who's behind this.

Sami: I understand that, that's possible.

Bo: And still you go through with this sham of a marriage.

Sami: He loves me, and I hate him. And that gives me the upper hand.

Bo: Not with Stefano.

Sami: Yeah, well, Stefano's not gonna get anywhere near me or my kids.

Bo: [Chuckles] Right. The DiMeras are very used to getting what they want.

Sami: Yeah, well, so am I. Look, once Stefano is dead, I can go back to Lucas.

Bo: No, it won't be that simple.

Sami: I know E.J. will put up a fight, and he'll probably pull some rotten tricks, but he is not like his father.

Bo: Yet.

Sami: You know, there is something you could do for me.

Bo: Besides shut up and get out of here?

Sami: Yeah, besides that. You could support me and understand that I am doing this for our family.

Bo: No, Sami. It is not worth the risk.

Sami: My mind is made up, Uncle Bo.

Bo: So, what would you like me to tell your mom?

Sami: Tell her that I am a grown woman who can make up her own mind.

Lucas: Hey.

Bo: Hey, Lucas.

Lucas: Hey. I'm sorry I took so long. I tried to call you, but I couldn't get through.

Sami: I don't know.

Bo: I heard about your mom. Is she okay?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, she's gonna be fine. Can I get a moment alone with Sami just for a second?

Bo: Sure, you can. I have not given up on you.

Sami: I figured.

Bo: All right.

Lucas: Thanks.

Bo: Later, man.

Lucas: Okay.

Sami: So, how's your mom?

Lucas: Some guy took a shot at her when she was driving out on Route 78. She's got a few scrapes and some bruises, but she should be okay.

Sami: She called you?

Lucas: No, your dad did. Just wanted to make sure she was all right. I had to go and see if she was okay.

Sami: I'm glad that you went.

Lucas: Listen, you were right. You've been right all along. We have no choice. We have to go to Santo Domingo, and we have to get a divorce.

Bo: Hope here gets prettier every day. Where's Marlena?

Hope: She went home. How'd it go with Sami?

Bo: Not well. She thinks she can control Elvis.

Hope: She's dreaming. She is so dreaming.

Bo: Yeah. It didn't go well at all.

Hope: Marlena said you probably wouldn't get through to her, and I guess you didn’t.

Bo: Time to come up with that alternative.

Hope: How did she look to you?

Bo: Sami?

Hope: Marlena.

Bo: Like a woman who just lost her husband.

Hope: She got pretty upset after you left. She started talking about how she'd handle E.J.

Bo: How?

Hope: By murdering him.

Bo: She actually said that?

Hope: Yeah. I know that she was probably just venting. It's just, I've just never heard her like that before.

Bo: She'd no more kill anyone than you would.

Hope: She kept talking about if she and John had left Salem that he'd still be alive.

Bo: I know that feeling. I'm tired of being scared for you and the kids. I want this whole thing over with.

Hope: We all do, but not by murdering again.

Bo: Well, sometimes people feel like the only answer is to take the law into their own hands.

Hope: Marlena wouldn't do that.

Bo: I sure as hell would understand it if she did. Vigilante justice could be the only way out.

Lucas: Listen, when I was driving back here, I was thinking how I was gonna tell will that his grandmother's gone. And I also started thinking about the things you were telling me about how the DiMeras are gonna go after your family and everybody that you love and they're gonna knock them off one by one.

Sami: Together we can fight them.

Lucas: But I don't want to lose you.

Sami: You won’t.

Lucas: All right, if we do this, if I agree, then you got to do me a favor in return.

Sami: Name it.

Lucas: I want E.J. to look like an idiot. I want to be able to take you wherever I want. I want to be able to meet you in the middle of nowhere, in a restaurant. I want to meet you and sit in the back, where it's quiet and it's just us. I want to be able to take drives in the country with you when the snow is falling. I want you in my arms as much as you can. Do you hear me?

Sami: Lucas, we are going to be together forever. I promise.

Lucas: I want every time -- every time you come through that door of his, I want him to get that sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. I want him to know that he's not the right man for you.

Sami: And E.J. is so full of himself that he'll have to suffer in silence because he would never admit defeat.

Lucas: Are you sure you can do this? Are you sure you can fly? Maybe we should talk to your doctor.

Sami: I did already. He said it was okay. And I talked to Aunt Kayla and Uncle Steve, and they said they would watch the twins tonight.

Lucas: It's their first night home, though.

Sami: I know. I know that, but the sooner we do this, the sooner we can start meeting in romantic places.

Lucas: All right. All right, let's get you packed, and we'll just get this over with as soon as possible.

Sami: Lucas, thank you for being the most perfect almost ex-husband a girl could ask for.

Lucas: I love you, Sami.

E.J.: Look, before you know it, Lucas is going to be inviting you out for dinner and calling his little girl Kate.

Kate: I wouldn't go that far. But he did give me a gift.

E.J.: Already? That's excellent.

Kate: If you want to call it that.

E.J.: Well, that is an interesting choice, isn't it?

Kate: Yes.

E.J.: Do you know how to use one of those things?

Kate: Oh, yes. You just aim and shoot.

E.J.: Okay, well, let's just hope for the time being that it remains nothing more than a token of Lucas' affection, eh?

Kate: Oh, well, if Lucas ever learns the truth and I find out that you're responsible, you're going to find out what a good shot I really am.

Kate: The DNA results are in on Sami's twins.

E.J.: Am I the father?

Morgan: I was wondering where y'all ran off to. So, what'd I miss?

Lucas: What if there was a way to make E.J. Wells disappear forever?

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