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Max: Hey, let me help you with that. It's okay. I'll take it. All right? So, you're really leaving, huh? Well, Morgan's gonna miss you. Everyone's gonna miss you.

Cordy: I guess. [Laughter]

Ford: Wake up, losers! It's party time.

Amy: Shh! They're all sleeping.

Ford: Scotch rocks.

Max: You know, somehow I think you've had enough.

Ford: Then Dom! Where's the Dom? There's got to be a bottle somewhere.

Max: Doesn't look like you went back to bed, did you?

Ford: And champagne for her. She could use a few bubbles.

Max: Let's leave her alone, all right?

Ford: Sorry, Cordelia.

Amy: [Laughs]

Kayla: Can't sleep?

Steve: [Sighs] No. I'm just thinking.

Kayla: About what?

Steve: Life, I guess.

Kayla: It's a big subject.

Steve: I'm thinking about why things happen or don't happen.

Kayla: You lost a lot lately. John and...

Steve: Benjy. We lost Benjy. And now our little Pocket man. And that little guy sure took up a lot of space, didn't he?

Kayla: In here or in your heart?

Steve: I've just had it with people being taken away from me.

Kayla: Well, you're not gonna lose me.

Steve: Well, that's a good thing 'cause that really would kill me. [Thud]

Kayla: What is that?

Steve: I don't know. You stay here. I'll check it out.

Nick: Leave my kids alone! Leave them alone!

Chelsea: Nick.

Nick: Chelsea! Thank God.

Chelsea: No, donít. Donít. It's a bomb. And if I move, it's gonna go off.

Nick: Okay. Okay. Okay. Just don't move. Don't panic. We'll think of something.

Chelsea: What about the kids?

Nick: I save you first, then I deal with the kids. There's got to be a way. Um... uh... okay, um, speed times mass.

Chelsea: What are you talking about?

Nick: There's a formula. I'm trying to figure out a way to outsmart the bomb. You've got to stop shaking.

Chelsea: I canít.

Nick: Okay. All right. Okay, I've read about these things.

Chelsea: What things?

Nick: They're land mines. They're used in warfare. They're triggered when the weight is removed. This one looks like an s4-250.

Chelsea: A what?

Nick: They're all a little bit different.

Chelsea: They all go off, right?

Nick: No, only if they're triggered.

Chelsea: Keep thinking, Nick.

Nick: What if I'm wrong?

Chelsea: Nick, you have to help me. I don't want to die.

Steve: Get on the phone. Tee up 911 just in case.

Kayla: Be careful!

Steve: What are you doing here? Hey, Kayla, hold off on the cops. I nabbed our thief.

Kayla: Stephanie. What are you doing here this time of night?

Stephanie: I'm sorry. I knew you guys were asleep. I was just heading to my old room. When did you move that side table?

Kayla: Are you okay?

Steve: What is it, babe?

Stephanie: It's me. Whenever something good happens to me, it's my job to ruin it. I don't know a lie from the truth. I'm a mess. My life is a mess. And I came home tonight because I had nowhere else to go.

Kayla: Baby, come here. Come on. Come here. It's okay.

Ford: What's the matter, Cordy? Not in the party mood? There's a shocker.

Max: Leave her alone.

Ford: I know. Mimomas.

Amy: It's "sas." Mimosas.

Ford: Whatever. Let's mix it up.

Max: Why don't you head up to your room and get some sleep, Amy?

Ford: Hey, Ames, looks like your sorority's got a new house mom.

Max: Funny.

Ford: You get the booze. I'll find the -- no, no, no. I'll get the booze. You get the tunes.

Amy: Tunes are in my room.

Ford: You need any company?

Amy: You canít. Barb will wake up.

Ford: Threesome's cool with me. Can't blame a guy for trying. Where's the champagne?

Amy: In the kitchen.

Cordy: Is he gone?

Max: Yeah, he's in the kitchen. You got a sec? We need to talk.

Nick: Okay. [Breathing heavily] Ah! This TV can work. [Grunts] Okay. The trick is to replace you with an object of equal weight, but I think this is gonna work.

Chelsea: Nick, if I step off this thing --

Nick: It doesn't matter. It won't trigger it.

Chelsea: What if it doesn't work?

Nick: It's gonna work. I'm not cheating Salem out of the prettiest girl in town. On the count of three, you're gonna step off, and I'm gonna slide the TV over, okay?

Chelsea: If you say so.

Nick: I say so. Ready? One... two...

Kayla: You know what? I'm not trying to grill you, but if something happened tonight, you can tell us.

Steve: Oh, I get it. It's girl talk, right?

Stephanie: Sorry.

Steve: No, it's all right, baby. I'm just happy you came to us.

Stephanie: Thanks, Papa.

Steve: Okay, I'll be out here.

Kayla: So why wouldn't you want your dad to hear?

Stephanie: Because I don't want him to think his daughter's a tramp.

Kayla: Why would he ever think that?

Stephanie: [Exhales sharply] 'Cause I went to a party tonight and made out with a complete stranger. And he had his hands all over me, and I was cool with it.

Kayla: I don't think that you were really cool with it because you'd be in his bed right now and not here talking to me. So, why don't you stop beating yourself up... and tell me what you got yourself into.

Max: All I'm saying is it's kind of sudden.

Cordy: It's none of your business.

Max: Right. It's none of my business.

Cordy: Pass me those books.

Max: I just want to say something.

Cordy: Say what?

Max: Do you want these binders, too?

Cordy: Please. Thanks.

Max: I don't think this has to do with school. I think this has to do with your date with Ford Decker.

Cordy: That box is ready to go.

Max: Am I right? Look, if you ever want to talk, I'm a pretty good listener.

Cordy: There's nothing to talk about.

Max: Well, I'm just gonna go put these with the others, then.

Cordy: Thanks.

Amy: Oh.

Ford: What's your problem, man?

Max: What's up with Cordy?

Ford: What, you're not getting any from Morgan, so you got to take it out on me? It's a shame, Max.

Max: You know what? You really are drunk, huh? Do yourself a favor and stay down.

Chelsea: [Sniffles] Nick, wait.

Nick: What?!

Chelsea: I just -- I just want to tell you that in case we both, you know, um...

Nick: What?

Chelsea: I'm really glad that you were in my life.

Nick: You are?

Chelsea: Yeah. And I'm sorry that I dragged you into this.

Nick: We're gonna make it through this, Chelsea. I promise.

Chelsea: Okay. I'm ready.

Nick: Ready? On three. One... two... three. It worked.

Chelsea: [Crying] Oh, God. I think I'm gonna be sick.

Nick: It's okay. Deep breaths. Come on. Deep breaths. [Pounding on door]

Chelsea: God, they're here. What are we gonna do?

Stephanie: I did it to get back at Max. I ran out of the sorority house and into the first good time I could find.

Kayla: What did Max do?

Stephanie: Nothing. Forget it.

Kayla: Weren't you supposed to move in that sorority house tonight?

Stephanie: I was until the Max and Morgan show started.

Kayla: That's your sorority sister.

Stephanie: The queen of sorority sisters.

Kayla: Oh.

Stephanie: She'll end up hurting him.

Kayla: That's Max's problem.

Stephanie: You want his heart to get broken?

Kayla: Of course I don't, but you can't really fix things with him if he doesn't want to fix them.

Stephanie: Or with him and Morgan in front of my face.

Kayla: It's true.

[Pounding on door] [Beeping]

Chelsea: Nick.

Umar: Hurry, both of you. Through the door! Go! Get down! Stay down!

[Beeping stops]

Nick: What the hell?!

Umar: Stay. I'll check it out.

Nick: [Breathing heavily]

Chelsea: Why didn't it go off?

Nick: I have no idea.

Umar: It was never on. There are no explosives.

Nick: Who would do something that sick?

Umar: Someone who wanted to scare you very badly, Mr. Fallon.

Nick: What's going on? Where are the boys?

Umar: The boys are fine.

Nick: I want to see them now.

Umar: All in due --

Nick: I want to see them now!

Umar: All in due time, Mr. Fallon!

Nick: I told you. I'm fine. Where are Artemis and DeMarquette? I have a right to know.

Umar: When you're fully checked out, sir.

Chelsea: Well, are they hurt? Did somebody take them?

Nick: I can't get any answers. Nobody's talking.

Billie: Oh, Chelsea, thank God you're okay. Thank God.

Chelsea: I'm fine, Mom.

Jett: Are you sure?

Chelsea: Yeah, we're both okay.

Nick: Somebody used Chelsea to get me here so they could grab the boys, and now nobody will tell me where they are.

Jett: They're being debriefed.

Nick: They're kids!

Jett: The feds were called. Let me find out what I can.

Billie: Hey, tell me what happened.

Jett: Meanwhile, there's someone who wants to talk to you.

Nick: Where are the boys?

Umar: As I told you in your apartment, I'm not a threat to the children.

Nick: You're one of the good guys. Now get me my kids.

Umar: That's exactly what I have done.

DeMarquette: Daddy!

Artemis: Dad!

Nick: Oh, my God. I'm so glad to see you guys. Are you okay? Nobody hurt you?

Artemis: No.

Nick: I am not too happy with you guys for following me here.

Umar: If they hadn't, they would have been taken from your apartment.

Nick: What do you mean? What is going on?

Umar: Artemis, DeMarquette, why don't you go back to the police car for now?

Nick: Go ahead. You said their father was dead.

Umar: He was to the outside world. It was the only way we could get him to safety. He and his wife have now been granted political asylum, and it's safe for the children to be returned to them.

Nick: So last night was some type of political power play for the kids?

Umar: You could call it that.

[Approaching footsteps]

Billie: Who kidnapped my daughter?

Umar: The boys' father has many followers but also many enemies. It was his enemies that kidnapped your daughter.

Chelsea: What did they want to do with Artemis and DeMarquette?

Umar: Use them for leverage, extortion, if you will, to achieve their ends. However, those who are responsible have been apprehended.

Chelsea: Well, thank God.

Umar: The danger's over, Mr. Fallon. Artemis and DeMarquette's parents are greatly in your debt.

Nick: So they're gonna be returned to their parents?

Umar: Immediately.

Nick: Can I, um -- can I talk to them?

Umar: Of course.

Nick: Do you want to come with?

Chelsea: No, I think that they should be with their dad.

Nick: You guys want to hop out of there? Hey, unlock it. You two sure know how to shake up a guy's life, don't you? It's okay. It's okay. Nothing's gonna hurt you anymore. Everything's fine. This Mr. Abboud is a pretty cool dude.

Artemis: That rhymes.

Nick: It does rhyme. You guys are amazing. You taught me a lot.

Artemis: You know everything.

Nick: I don't know everything. Stick with the books, guys, and the learning. Never let anyone stop you from asking questions and tearing things apart to figure out how they work, okay? Mr. Abboud also tells me that your parents are waiting for you. How great is that? You don't have to stay at my crummy apartment anymore. You'll have a real home, make new friends and start at a new school.

DeMarquette: What about you?

Artemis: Yeah. Are you coming, too?

Nick: No. And, um... I'm gonna miss you a lot. But there's no law against visiting, right? Maybe not right away, but one of these days. I guarantee it. The best part is, you're gonna be with your parents. They went to an awful lot of trouble to keep you guys safe. They love you a lot. I, uh... I never thought that much about having kids, but, um... if I do... I want them to be just like you, smart and funny, all around great guys.

Umar: Mr. Fallon.

Nick: Just, um, give me a sec, okay? You know where I am. You know where to find me. If there's every anything... come here. It's time for you guys to go. [Sniffles] I hate it, too, but you guys got to go. What are you doing?

Artemis: We're taking a picture with our minds.

DeMarquette: So we never forget you.

Nick: I'll miss you guys, both of you. Come on. Let's hop in the car. High fives. High fives, guys. Yeah. [Birds chirping in distance]

Max: Hey.

Morgan: Hey yourself.

Max: What time is it?

Morgan: Early.

Max: Where were you when I got back?

Morgan: I'm not one to sit around when a sister's in trouble, so I grabbed Ashley, and we went looking for Chelsea.

Max: You should have woken me.

Morgan: I tried. Two kisses didn't work.

Max: You should have tried harder.

Morgan: I'm not done trying.

Max: Chelsea! I got to call Ė

Morgan: It's okay. I got a text from her.

Max: What happened?

Morgan: She was light on details, but she said she's okay. She's with her mom and Nick and the cops. She wasn't hurt.

Max: That's a relief. What time is it, anyway? Wow, you're up early.

Morgan: Why did you crash on the sofa?

Max: Well, Decker came in with some girl last night, both drunk. They came in really late and Cordy got all freaked out, so I thought I'd stick around. He didn't stay long, but I thought I'd just make sure he didn't come back, you know?

Morgan: Yeah. He's a pain, but he's a harmless pain.

Max: I'm not so sure. I talked to Cordy. If you ask me, I think Ford's the reason why she's dropping out and heading home.

Kayla: Here you go, baby. This will make you feel better.

Stephanie: Thanks.

Kayla: You know, you don't have to move back into that sorority.

Stephanie: And let them know they're getting to me?

Kayla: Are they?

Stephanie: I'll handle it.

Kayla: How?

Stephanie: Not by making out with a different guy every night.

Kayla: Oh, well, that's a good idea. And, you know, not to sound too much like a mother... there's a chance you might meet another guy.

Stephanie: No, there's not.

Kayla: You feel like that now.

Stephanie: I don't want another guy. Listen, you mind if I shower and change before I head back? I have clothes here, right?

Kayla: Yeah.

Stephanie: [Sniffles] Next time I drop in, in the middle of the night, I'll call first.

Steve: Paging Dr. Johnson.

Kayla: Ah. Better check in. All right, I won't be long. Thank you.

Steve: So, what's the word?

Stephanie: Ask mom.

Steve: Okay.

Stephanie: Papa... I'm sorry I'm not a better daughter.

Steve: Oh, baby. Perfect daughter.

Stephanie: I'm so far from perfect it's scary.

Steve: Not to me. Listen, I don't know what you and your mama were talking about, and I don't want to know unless you want to tell me. But if it had something to do with a dude named Maxwell... I think I might be able to help.

Steve: Just sit down. Hear me out. Let me tell you what I have in mind.

Stephanie: I don't want you fixing my guy problems.

Steve: Relax, baby. I'm not talking about a sit-down with Maxwell.

Stephanie: Good. 'Cause your little sit-downs can be a little scary.

Steve: I know. Now, for most guys, it's all about geography. When I was your age --

Stephanie: Here we go.

Steve: When I was your age, it was all about where's she gonna be and how often can I see her?

Stephanie: It's actually not that much different now.

Steve: You see? Now, Aunt Adrienne told me that ever since that auction, the heart has been pretty busy. She's shorthanded. She could use some help.

Stephanie: You talked to Aunt Adrienne.

Steve: I sent her a text. Hey, I'm with it, baby. I got thumbs.

Stephanie: Oh, God.

Steve: So, now, just tell me. If you don't want to work side by side with little Maxwell, you let me know and I'll shut up.

Morgan: Cordy's taking 18 credit hours, she works 30 hours a week, she volunteers on the weekends, and she's practically living in the library.

Max: But did you ask her about her date with Ford?

Morgan: I tried to.

Max: All I'm saying is she's been acting completely different since she's been on that date.

Morgan: Maybe.

Max: No maybe about it. She practically ran into your room when he showed up last night.

Morgan: Well, maybe she's embarrassed because the date was such a bust.

Max: I don't think so. I'm telling you.

Morgan: I think it's really sweet that you're so worried about Cordy.

Max: I'm not trying to be sweet. But if Ford Decker did something to Cordy and gets away with it, what's to stop him from doing it to another girl?

Billie: I'm gonna call your dad and Roman and give them an update on what's going on. I'll be right back. Okay?

Chelsea: Thanks.

Jett: Hey.

Chelsea: Hi.

Jett: This is a rotten way to end up seeing each other, huh?

Chelsea: Yeah, I'll say.

Jett: I missed you, Chelse.

Chelsea: You know, school's been really busy.

Jett: Hmm. But you're enjoying it?

Chelsea: Yeah. When I'm not being kidnapped, I'm enjoying it a lot, actually. How's the job?

Jett: It's pretty good. Your mom's a great boss. But I was kind of hoping to run into you on campus a little more.

Chelsea: You know, it's a big campus.

Jett: Right. Hey, maybe I imagined it, but I kind of thought we started something. I mean, the way you were with me after I got shot, it meant a lot to me.

Chelsea: Seems like it was so long ago.

Jett: Did I do or say something to hurt you?

Chelsea: No, no. It's just your schedule and my schedule, it's crazy.

Jett: Well, why don't we slow it down a little bit, go out to dinner? There's this great Thai. place Ė

Chelsea: I'm really sorry, Jett. Can I just have one second?

Jett: Sure.

Chelsea: Thanks. I'm sorry about the boys.

Nick: It's better for them... and me.

Chelsea: Can I help?

Nick: No, I'm good. It's gonna be hard going back to that empty apartment. It's hard saying goodbye.

Nick: I can't believe they never told me about what they'd been through.

Chelsea: Maybe they didn't tell you because they were scared to.

Nick: Or they were ordered not to. It takes a special kid to not crack under the pressure.

Chelsea: They didn't crack because you made them feel loved and safe.

Nick: I tried.

Chelsea: You think that you'd be cool, I don't know, taking me back to the sorority house?

Jett: I'm heading back to the campus. I don't mind giving you a ride.

Nick: I'll do it. It'll keep my mind off things.

Jett: Sure. Whatever.

Nick: I'll go get the car.

Jett: So, you and Nick are...

Chelsea: It's actually been on and off for a while.

Jett: Looks pretty on right now.

Chelsea: Well, last night, Nick showed me the type of guy that he is.

Jett: Yeah. Nick's a righteous guy.

Chelsea: He is.

Jett: Yeah. So, does that mean dinner's out? [Approaching footsteps]

Billie: This is from your father. And he says that if you ever go anywhere again alone, especially with the campus rapist on the loose, he will put a detail on you.

Chelsea: I wonít. I promise.

Jett: Make sure to remind everyone at the sorority to keep alert.

Chelsea: I will.

Billie: Or you could... come home with me... or Bo and Hope, whatever.

Chelsea: Actually, um, Nick's gonna take me back to campus. And don't worry. He's not gonna go anywhere unless he knows that I'm safe.

Billie: Okay. Good. Good. All right. Well, then, I'm gonna tie up some loose ends with the police. I will call you later, or you call me. And you know what? Don't ever, ever scare me like that again, okay?

Chelsea: I love you, too, Mom.

Billie: I love you.

Chelsea: Well, I guess I should probably go.

Jett: So, is that a "no" to dinner?

Chelsea: It's an "I'll call you," okay?

Stephanie: Your plan is for me to work with Max at the Cheatin' Heart.

Steve: Who knew your papa was so smart?

Stephanie: Where I get to watch him flirt with more girls than just Morgan.

Steve: Or maybe he'll realize that the one standing right next to him, the beautiful girl -- meaning you -- slinging the beer is the one he wants.

Stephanie: He'll know it's a setup.

Steve: What's the matter?

Stephanie: It matters if he quits.

Steve: He's not gonna quit. He needs the money. Besides, we can make it seem like it was Aunt Adrienne's idea. You're her niece. It makes sense that you would work there.

Stephanie: Papa, I'm sorry for how I handled the Jeremy thing.

Steve: Baby. Come on. Live and learn, right?

Stephanie: I just feel bad for the way I treated you and mom.

Steve: I know you do. But we're still here, aren't we?

Stephanie: And now I have you imposing on Aunt Adrienne.

Steve: Don't worry about Aunt Adrienne. She'll be happy to have the help. Look at me. Hey, you just forget about it and move on.

Stephanie: I just want to be more like her.

Steve: Like your mama?

Stephanie: She wouldn't get herself into stupid situations or let people push her around or make her feel -- I don't know.

Steve: Oh, baby. What's wrong? Come on. Tell me. What's wrong?

Stephanie: Nothing.

Steve: Okay. Let me tell you something about your mama. It took her years to become the woman she is, but she got there. Making mistakes, that's part of being human.

Stephanie: And I'm definitely human.

[Knock on door]

Kayla: Everything okay in here?

Steve: Yeah, it's good. You have to go to the hospital?

Kayla: No, I found somebody to cover me.

Steve: Oh, I better check my text messages.

Kayla: Your what?

Steve: Just never mind.

Kayla: I could use a cup of coffee, please.

Steve: I'll get you one. Hey, can you stay around for breakfast?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.

Steve: Okay.

Kayla: Thank you. So, how was your talk with your dad?

Stephanie: It was good.

Kayla: Can I put my two cents in?

Stephanie: Can I stop you?

Kayla: Listen, what I was gonna say is maybe instead of hoping that Max is going to change, you just take a leap of faith and you let him go and you start over with somebody new.

Chelsea: Did you ever think that we'd end up like this?

Nick: In one piece?

Chelsea: No, I mean alone, together.

Nick: Without the boys?

Chelsea: You know, China Lee was a lot smarter than I gave her credit for. She knew you'd take really good care of them.

Nick: I tried.

Chelsea: You succeeded.

Nick: You were pretty quiet on the way home.

Chelsea: I was thinking.

Nick: About... last night?

Chelsea: And all the other times that you've tried to protect me or save me or make me feel special.

Nick: You are special.

Chelsea: I'm trying to tell you that you're a hero, Nick Fallon. And I love you for that.

Jett: So, are we done here?

Billie: Yeah, we're done. Let's get back to campus.

Jett: Any chance for a little sleep before tonight's fun starts?

Billie: Are you kidding me? It's our first Halloween. Nobody's going to be sleeping.

Jett: Oh.

Billie: Oh. What, do you have a hot Halloween party to go to?

Jett: No. No. I'm just -- work is my life.

Billie: Really? What's up with that?

Jett: I don't know. Has Chelsea mentioned me at all?

Billie: Mentioned you how?

Jett: I don't know. I just feel like I've said or done something to tick her off without knowing it.

Billie: Well, you should talk to her.

Jett: I tried.

Billie: Try again. After breakfast. I'm starved. Come on, let's go. My treat.

Max: [Clears throat] You might want to come up for air, you two.

Nick: Funny, Max.

Chelsea: Don't you have something better to do?

Max: Well, as a matter of fact, I do.

Chelsea: Why don't you, um, stay here?

Nick: I, um... I got to face the apartment sooner or later.

Chelsea: Do you want me to come with you?

Nick: No.

Chelsea: Okay. Uh, well, call me, I guess, then.

Nick: I will.

Chelsea: I know this probably isn't the, um, best time to ask you, but, uh, we're kind of having a Halloween party tonight. And if you wanted to come, I want you to come. So, I mean, if your red cape's not, like, at the cleaner's or anything.

Nick: Tights are optional?

Chelsea: Definitely.

Nick: What are you gonna be?

Chelsea: The devil.

Nick: [Laughs] Well, maybe I'll wear my collar, and we can break a few commandments.

Chelsea: Nick.

Kayla: You know, this might actually be a good time for you. You could concentrate on your studies, and then maybe someday...

Stephanie: I'll meet somebody new?

Kayla: Could happen. Uh-oh.

Steve: Hey, family bed. Hey, let's see. Oh, just like when you were a baby.

Stephanie: I think we're too big for this.

Steve: Hey, listen, Aunt Adrienne just called. She said she might need some help at the Cheatin' Heart. She didn't have your school e-mail, but she wonders if you might be interested. Couldn't hurt to give her a call, see what it's about.

Kayla: You got a message from her this morning?

Steve: It's weird, huh?

Stephanie: I have gone through a ton of my savings.

Steve: I bet the tips are good down there.

Stephanie: I'll think about it.

Steve: Ready for breakfast?

Stephanie: Mm-hmm. Just after I shower.

Steve: Okay. [Groans] Let her up. You have to get up.

Stephanie: All right.

Steve: Take a long one.

Kayla: Imagine that. There just happens to be a job opening where Max Brady already works.

Steve: Hmm. Yeah, he does work there, doesn't he?

Kayla: You are a hopeless romantic, aren't you?

Steve: I just want our daughter to be happy.

Kayla: You think that Max can make her happy?

Steve: I don't know. At least we know he's a good kid. So, did she tell you what she was crying about?

Kayla: It wasn't anything awful. You know how kids are -- girls, especially. They blow everything out of proportion.

Steve: That's all I get?

Kayla: Yeah, well, you know, kids make mistakes, just like we did.

Steve: Well, I'm still racking them up, aren't I?

Kayla: I can tell you one thing that wasn't a mistake.

Steve: What?

Kayla: Us. And this. Mmm. [Laughs]

Steve: We got to hide.

Stephanie: You'll never forgive me, Max... not after last night.

Marlena: I could use some help with something.

Bo: Anything. You know that.

Marlena: I'd like you to stop this wedding from happening.

Sami: How are the wedding plans coming?

Belle: It's actually why I came to talk to you.

Sami: It's that bad.

Belle: I slept with Philip.

Kate: If Lucas finds out about this...

E.J.: Kate, Lucas is not going to find out about this.

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