Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/23/07 - Canada; Wednesday 10/24/07 - U.S.A.


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Philip: Say the word, Belle, and you have my promise. I'll stay out of your life for good.

Belle: I don't want you to leave. I couldn't bear it if I never saw you again. I canít.

Hope: Hey, honey. How are you?

Shawn D.: What are you doing here?

Hope: Happy to see you, too. I wanted Ciara to spend some time with her grandparents. They're at the zoo. Hey, look at this. Caroline found this in the attic. What do you think? I think Claire would love this.

Shawn D.: Yeah, it's great.

Hope: Honey, is something wrong?

Shawn D.: I take it you haven't talked to dad yet, huh?

Hope: Not since this morning. Why?

Shawn D.: Well, I just got back from the police station.

Hope: [Gasps] You getting ready for the big day? So, tell me, what did your dad say? Look awfully sad about it. Was it 0500 hours? Honey, don't worry. It's gonna be fine. You'll get used to the hours.

Shawn D.: I may not have to. My enrollment's been postponed until further review.

Hope: What?

Shawn D.: I don't want to talk about it, okay? I'm just gonna go upstairs. I've wanted this for so long.

Hope: Wait. I want to know what happened. Maybe it's not as bleak as you think.

Shawn D.: I should have known that something was gonna go wrong.

Hope: What's the problem? The station's always looking for recruits like you.

Shawn D.: Not for somebody who defied a court order. My case is being reviewed by the board of trustees.

Hope: What does your dad say? What does Roman say?

Shawn D.: It doesn't matter what dad says. I broke the law. They kind of frown on that.

Hope: You knew they'd do a background check.

Shawn D.: It wasn't a background check. Somebody tipped them off.

Hope: Shawn, who would do that?

Shawn D.: Philip.

Lucas: Hey. How you feeling?

Sami: Worn out, but a good worn out.

Lucas: Look at that, huh? Check that out. Look how tiny they are. They're so cute.

Sami: [Laughs] They're perfect.

Lucas: Yeah. I can't wait. When they grow up, we can tell them how great their grandma was delivering them. It was amazing.

Sami: Yeah. You know, things like that don't happen every day.

Lucas: No, they donít. Your mom, she was pretty terrific.

Sami: So were you.

Lucas: Yeah? What did I do?

Sami: Not much, I'll say that, but you didn't pass out.

Lucas: I counted.

Sami: You were counting.

Lucas: I almost fainted a couple times, just so you know.

Sami: But you didn't and that's what matters, which is more than most guys, right?

Lucas: Yeah, well, I'm not most guys. I wouldn't miss this delivery for anything. I wasn't there when Will was born, so I promise from now on, I'm gonna be there for the next one and the next one and the next one.

Sami: Okay, we are not talking about having more kids right now. You know what would be fun? Let's choose a name for the little girl. You know, now that we've met her, I think we need to re-evaluate.

Lucas: Okay, let's do it. Let's roll up the sleeves and choose a name for this little baby girl, little John's sister. What do you think?

Sami: I don't know. I kind of like the idea of going with the "J" theme.

Lucas: We could do Julia. It's nice.

Sami: Julia Roberts?

Lucas: Julia Roberts. She's famous. Yeah, I guess that's already taken.

Sami: Yeah.

Lucas: Well, what about Jane or something like that?

Sami: Jane. Simple -- Jane. Jane and John. John and Jane. No. No, no, no, wait. That sounds very like 1950's.

Lucas: Yeah. What about Jezebel?

Sami: Jezebel? Dang, that's sexy, huh? We could call her Jez for short. I like that name.

Lucas: Uh, dang, I was kidding. It was a joke.

Sami: What? She was a strong woman, right? She was a queen.

Lucas: Someone didn't pay attention in catechism. She was wicked. Jezebel was wicked. She was a temptress. That's not gonna be this little baby.

Sami: Well, she is my daughter, you know.

Lucas: Yeah, I know. She's mine, too.

Sami: Yeah, she is. And I hope she takes after you. You can't take what E.J. said to heart. Lucas, you can't let it bother you that he said they don't look alike. They're fraternal twins. There's no reason for them to look alike.

Lucas: What if he's right? What if they have different fathers?

E.J.: Okay, so, I'm not playing games, and I'm not imagining things. Those two twins barely resemble each other.

Kate: If those twins belong to you, they would have a horn and a tail.

E.J.: Thank you. I will choose to ignore that.

Kate: But you can't ignore the DNA test, can you? And that proves that Lucas is their father.

E.J.: Then what is Marlena doing with that lab technician, hmm?

Marlena: Are you saying there's been some kind of a problem with the test?

Doctor: I wouldn't worry about it too much, Dr. Evans. It's rare for women to produce multiple eggs at the same time and even more unusual for them to be fertilized by two different men.

Marlena: I realize.

Doctor: Of course you do. I'm sorry. Look, I'd be more than happy to run the test again.

Marlena: I'm not sure that will go over very well with my daughter. Thanks.

Hope: Just a few months ago, Philip was trying to help you find a job. Why would he sabotage your chances of getting into the academy?

Shawn D.: Come on, isn't it obvious? It's the same reason that he insisted on us moving in with him, the same reason he bought Belle all those clothes and he used her to help him find his son, Tyler.

Hope: Because of Belle?

Shawn D.: Mom, I saw Belle's car outside St. Luke's earlier. I stopped by, and guess who else was there.

Hope: Philip?

Shawn D.: You should have seen the look on their faces. It was as if I interrupted something. I tried to give Philip the benefit of the doubt because Belle wants me to. But I can't live my life like that. Every time I see the two of them together --

Hope: Honestly, in all fairness, Belle just lost her father. She has a lot going on right now. And as far as Philip goes, well, okay, I understand your concern. But right you really think that he would take advantage of her at a time like this?

Shawn D.: Come on, are you kidding me? You can count on it.

Hope: Shawn Douglas Brady, it takes two. Remember that. Belle loves you, honey.

Shawn D.: I'm just afraid she still loves Philip, too.

Sami: Come on, Lucas. Since when do you care what E.J. thinks? These babies, both of them, are yours. We had the DNA test.

Lucas: Yeah, well, Nick screwed that up the first time, didn't he?

Sami: I think your mom had something to do with that.

Lucas: The point is, hospitals make mistakes.

Sami: E.J. is just trying to spoil our babies' birthday and we can't let him.

Lucas: He's already got you agreeing to marry him.

Sami: I just don't want to talk about it right now, okay? Just enjoy our twins. We have nothing to worry about.

Lucas: I guess they don't look that different.

Sami: E.J. Doesn't know what he's talking about. He's just trying to stir the pot.

Lucas: He's gonna keep pushing. You know that.

Sami: Then we'll just push back.

E.J.: Hey, this is gonna be even easier than I thought.

Kate: Oh, come on. Do you seriously believe that one of those babies is yours?

E.J.: Yes. Call it a father's instinct. Hey, if I'm right, and I know that I'm right, then Samantha and I are gonna be bonded for life.

Kate: Really? What about the bond between Samantha and Lucas?

E.J.: Oh, pbht!

Kate: What? Do you know something that I don't?

E.J.: I do. We're getting married.

Kate: Oh, God. E.J., you seriously believe that Sami's gonna fall in love with you?

E.J.: Okay, look, I know that I have my work cut out for me, but you know me. I like a challenge, all right? And once Samantha finds out that one of those babies is mine, Lucas is just gonna become a distant memory.

Marlena: You have some nerve. You rape my daughter and you gloat about it?

E.J.: Marlena --

Marlena: Shut up. You have caused my daughter Sami and my entire family unspeakable pain. Damn you. Damn you!

Hope: Honey, if Belle still had feelings for Philip, she never, ever would have agreed to marry you. So stop torturing yourself. If you two are gonna walk down the aisle, you've got to trust her.

Shawn D.: It's Philip I don't trust. He'll do anything he can to get face time with Belle, even bad-mouth me to the commander.

Hope: Did you ask the commander if it was Philip?

Shawn D.: Yeah, I did. He said he couldn't tell me.

Hope: Okay, so you don't know for sure.

Shawn D.: No, Mom, it was him -- trust me. He saw a way to get to Belle and he took it.

Hope: Belle does not care whether you are a garbage man, whether you are a plumber, a mechanic, a cop, a high-powered attorney -- she doesn't care. You know why she doesn't care? Because it doesn't define who you are, honey.

Shawn D.: Well, I'm none of those things. And it makes Philip and all of his money look that much better. In fact, he probably paid off Commander Flynn.

Hope: Never.

Shawn D.: Even if this was serious money we're talking about? Kiriakis money?

Hope: Not a chance. I think you're reaching.

Shawn D.: I answered every question on that application honestly. He said that I was academy material. Now all of a sudden, he's got a problem with me? You don't think that that's a red flag?

Hope: I'll tell you what I think. If you're not careful...and you don't stop with all of these accusations, Belle is gonna see nothing but all your insecurities. And I don't think you want that. You don't want her to see that you're consumed with jealousy, honey.

Marlena: What's the matter? Didn't think I had that in me?

E.J.: Nope. As a matter of fact, I didn't.

Marlena: You're lucky it was only a slap. I would as soon kill you as look at you.

E.J.: Look, Marlena, I understand you're very upset about what happened to John.

Marlena: Do you think I was kidding about that? You stay away from my family -- Sami, Lucas, Will, and those twins.

E.J.: It's interesting, isn't it, that you say "those twins" as opposed to saying "their twins"? It's almost like you have some doubts that Lucas fathered both of those babies.

Marlena: None.

E.J.: Really? So why were you just talking with that lab consultant?

Marlena: None of your business.

E.J.: See, I think it is my business, because while I understand the possibility is very small, there is nonetheless a possibility that I fathered one of those babies.

Marlena: Well, I wouldn't buy any birth announcements quite yet.

E.J.: You know, if I can expedite the process in any way, I would be very happy to give you a DNA sample.

Marlena: Don't waste your time.

E.J.: Oh, I'm sure Sami and Lucas are taking care of it. Are they getting another test organized?

Marlena: I don't know, but I see no need.

E.J.: Look, Dr. Evans, the truth of the matter is, you're dying to know just as much as I.

Marlena: You mean if one of those babies was fathered by a rapist?

E.J.: Let's try to keep this a civil conversation between adults, shall we?

Marlena: I'm not sure we can do that. When I look at you, I see an insecure little boy in a man's body. If you think you can make somebody love you, whether it be Sami or a child, you're in for a very hard landing.

Lucas: Look, we got to know for sure. I really think that we should get another DNA test. I'm gonna love these babies no matter what. I'm not worried about that, but we got to know. We got to know for sure so we can shut E.J. down.

Marlena: Hello.

Sami: Mom, you have to help me. You have to help me convince Lucas not to do another DNA test on the babies.

Marlena: I agree with Lucas.

Shawn D.: I would rather Belle think that I'm jealous than a naive wimp. Philip's been going after her all this time, and I've just stood by and watched it, but not anymore.

Hope: Okay. Okay. So, what are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna beat him up?

Shawn D.: Maybe. If that's what it takes.

Hope: Oh, my God. Seriously. That's definitely gonna impress Belle, and what, the academy. I'm sure they'll love to hear that you've been arrested for assault.

Shawn D.: So Philip can put his hands all over her, but my hands are tied?

Hope: They're not tied. Do a little detective work. See if Philip's been playing fair...or dirty. What? Why are you looking at me like that? It's good experience for when you're on the force.

Shawn D.: If I even make it that far. Belle needs to be proud of me.

Hope: She is proud of you. Honey...she believes in you. Tell her everything from start to finish. Tell her the trustees are reviewing your case. She just might surprise you.

Shawn D.: Yeah. I guess that might work.

Hope: Not might. It will.

Shawn D.: Is she upstairs?

Hope: Uh, honestly, I don't know. I didn't see her car. No, I don't think -- I didn't see her car in the lot.

Shawn D.: That's weird. She told me she was gonna meet me here.

Hope: Oh, um...well, come to think of it, I did see... Philip's car parked in the lot. Maybe he gave her a ride home?

Philip: Belle.

Belle: You have to get out of here. Stop it. This never should have happened.

Philip: Don't say that.

Belle: You have to get out of here.

Philip: You wanted this as much as I did.

Belle: No, it was a mistake, Philip. I'm engaged. Damn it, would you just leave?

Philip: There was nothing wrong with what we did.

Belle: How can you say that?

Philip: Because I know you. You wouldn't have done this if it didn't mean anything.

Belle: It was just sex. That's all it was. And it will never happen again.

Sami: Mom, we had the test, and these babies are Lucas'.

Marlena: Sweetheart.

Sami: I can't believe you're taking E.J.'s side.

Marlena: I'm not taking E.J.'s side. I think we might be willing to erase any shadow of a doubt in this area.

Lucas: I agree.

Sami: Well, I don't. And you are not gonna change my mind about this.

Marlena: Sami, we always knew that E.J. might be the father.

Sami: But he's not. We have a DNA test to prove it. We did it three months ago.

Marlena: Yes, I think it's unlikely there might have been a mistake, however --

Sami: Then what are you saying? What, that the lab screwed up again?

Marlena: No, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that with twins, it can be very complicated.

Sami: Oh, because of twins. So maybe Eric and I should go back and have our DNA retested. Maybe we have different fathers, too. Mom, listen to how crazy that sounds.

Marlena: That's a different situation, Sami. You know that.

Lucas: Just for a little peace of mind, it's worth something.

Sami: No, it's not. These twins, they're hours old, and I don't want them poked with needles already. No.

Marlena: It's simply a swab of the inside of their cheek. You know that, too.

Sami: I said no. And I mean it.

E.J.: Well, thanks for the support, there, Kate. You know, good team player and all that.

Kate: The woman just lost her husband, E.J.

E.J.: I had nothing to do with that. Kate, please. Do not insult me by taking her word over mine.

Kate: If I ever find out that you had anything to do with John's death, I'll kill you myself.

Shawn D.: You're right. It is Philip's car.

Hope: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, take it easy. Don't get all worked up over this. Remember what we talked about?

Shawn D.: Belle said she was gonna drive herself home.

Hope: I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation. But right now, you need to stop and calm down and take a deep breath before you go up there. Otherwise, you're gonna say something that you're gonna regret.

Shawn D.: The only thing that I regret is not taking care of this sooner.

Hope: Shawn, please.

Belle: Please leave.

Philip: We need to talk.

Belle: We can't. If Shawn comes up here and -- he can never find out about this.

Philip: He won't.

Belle: Philip, why are you even doing this? You left us over a year ago, and you didn't even say goodbye.

Philip: It was the biggest mistake of my life. I know that. I just lost Claire. Everything was falling apart.

Belle: You gave up on us.

Philip: Because of Shawn.

Belle: Just go.

Philip: You're not happy, Belle. I can see that.

Belle: Yes, I am. I love Shawn.

Philip: Then why haven't you married him yet?

Belle: Get out.

Philip: I'm not sorry about what we did. I love you. I love you. I will never stop fighting.

Belle: Oh, my God.

Marlena: Sweetheart, I know that you're apprehensive. What if something, heaven forbid, were to happen to one of the babies? Something that turned out to be hereditary, something that was carried on the father's side? For their safety, you have to have all the information humanly possible on them.

Lucas: That is a good point.

Sami: Mom, why are you so determined about this? What aren't you telling me?

Marlena: I spoke to one of the lab technicians. He thinks we should rerun the test.

Sami: What, he admitted that he made a mistake?

Marlena: No, no, not at all. He went over the July test very carefully, and if there hadn't been some discrepancy, he never would have suggested this.

Sami: I don't know. The timing seems awfully convenient.

Lucas: It's a little bit suspicious to me, too.

Sami: Yeah, let's just think about it. E.J. could have cut a check with a lot of zeros at the end to this lab guy.

Marlena: Knowing E.J., that's entirely possible. So, if we do this test again, we'll make sure that it's done under the tightest security. We'll make quite certain of it.

Sami: Here's the thing, Mom. I don't care. I don't care whose DNA they have. These babies are ours. Lucas and I are their parents. And we adore them already. And we love them. We're gonna protect them. E.J. has taken so much from us. Please don't let him take this, too.

Lucas: Listen to me. I got to say I've changed my mind. I got to side with Sami on this.

Sami: Lucas.

Lucas: You're right. Those kids are ours. If you don't want a test, then we won't take another one.

Sami: Thank you.

Lucas: I love you, and if E.J. wants to take us to court, let him. We'll fight him. We'll fight him every step of the way. These are our children, and I am not gonna let anybody break up our beautiful, little family.

Shawn D.: You think something's going on up there?

Hope: No, I don't. You need to calm down.

Shawn D.: I am calm. Or I will be by the time I get up there.

Belle: I'm so sorry.

Sami: They look perfect when they're sleeping, don't they?

Marlena: You are so welcome, you sweet thing.

Sami: You think?

Marlena: Lucas, could I have some time alone with Sami?

Sami: Oh, yeah, I'm okay.

Lucas: She doesn't want the test.

Marlena: I know.

Lucas: All right. I guess I'll go to the cafeteria. You ladies want anything?

Marlena: I'm just fine. Thanks, Lucas.

Lucas: All right, I'll be back.

Kate: Well, get them signed. Um, look, I need to call you back. Thanks. So, how are my grandchildren? Can I pop my head in and take a look at them?

Lucas: Did E.J. go home?

Kate: No, of course not. I mean, he's off getting tea or something.

Lucas: Did he put you up to this?

Kate: What?

Lucas: The comment he made about the twins.

Kate: That they didn't look alike? You think that I put him up to that?

Lucas: Wouldn't be surprised.

Kate: Oh, come on, Lucas. No, he came up with that little gem all by himself.

Lucas: Are you sure about that?

Kate: Where's this coming from?

Lucas: Every time I turn around, you're either with E.J. or Stefano. And I know you said you had nothing to do with this insane idea -- Sami marries E.J. just to end this crazy vendetta -- but you know what? I'm not buying it.

Kate: Lucas, please. I really, really don't want to get into that again.

Lucas: You'd love it if one of those babies, or better yet, both of them turned out to be E.J.'s, wouldn't you?

Kate: Have you lost your mind? Those are my grandchildren, Lucas.

Lucas: That didn't stop you before, did it?

Kate: What the hell are you talking about?

Lucas: When you conned Nick into lying for you.

Kate: Nick said himself that it was his mistake and his mistake only.

Lucas: I can't do it. I can't even look at you right now.

Kate: Lucas, I didn't have anything to do with that comment that E.J. made, okay? I think it's just as ludicrous as you do.

Lucas: There's a part of you that's hoping E.J.'s right.

Kate: No, Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, you'd do anything to break me and Sami up, to keep us apart... even if it means losing your grandchildren.

Marlena: What if we could do the test without E.J. knowing?

Sami: Oh, come on, Mom. That guy knows more about my life than I do.

Marlena: Sami...we need a definitive answer.

Sami: What if it's not the answer that we want it to be? What if I'm stuck to E.J. Wells for the rest of my -- for the rest of my life?

Marlena: Let's be optimistic. Say the tests prove conclusively that Lucas is the father. Then maybe E.J. will lose interest all together.

Sami: We know better than that, Mom. I'm gonna be married to the guy. I'm gonna be stuck with him until Stefano dies, no matter what those DNA tests say.

Marlena: If that's what you truly believe, then you've got nothing to lose. You can go ahead and do the testing.

Philip: Hey, Shawn. What's going on?

Shawn D.: What are you doing here?

Hope: Excuse me. Uh, I hear Ciara is back and the folks I'm sure need some reinforcement.

Philip: I'll give you a hand.

Shawn D.: We need to talk, Philip.

Philip: Is something wrong?

Shawn D.: You haven't answered my question. What are you doing here?

Philip: Belle's car wouldn't start back at the church, so I gave her a lift. If I was good at that stuff like you, I probably could have fixed it. I'm guessing it's the alternator.

Shawn D.: What were you doing upstairs? What were you doing in our room?

Hope: What do you say? Should we go see what Belle's up to? Would you like that? Huh? Belle?

Kate: Look, the bottom line is these are my grandchildren and I want to spend time with them. I want to spend Christmas with them. I want to spend their birthdays with them. I want to take them to the park, Lucas. I want to be able to spoil them.

Lucas: Think it's a little late to play grandmother?

Kate: [Sighs] No, I don't. All right, give me a break. I've been a good grandmother. I've been a good grandmother to both Chelsea and Will.

Lucas: Yeah, I guess. I guess you've had your moments, haven't you?

Kate: Yeah. Look, I got you something. I got them something.

Lucas: What is it?

Kate: Open it. I got them a couple of months ago. There's one for each of them. And you can have it engraved, after you pick out their names of course.

Lucas: I hope you saved your receipts.

Kate: What is wrong with you?

Lucas: Don't buy them anything. Don't buy them toys. Don't buy them clothes. Don't buy them a thing. As far as I'm concerned, they have one grandmother...and that's Marlena.

Kate: That's a hateful thing to say.

Lucas: You know what? That reminds me. How did you know Sami was in labor? Neither of us told you. What happened? Did E.J. tell you?

Kate: Well, at least someone told me.

Lucas: Really? The last time I saw E.J., I handcuffed him in the Brady Pub to a booth, and what'd you do, show up and set him free? Next thing I know, he shows up with you?

Kate: God, Lucas.

Lucas: There he is. You are still here, aren't you?

E.J.: Well, I'

Lucas: You're family. Right. What, did you guys carpool together? Now you can carpool home. Go ahead.

E.J.: Why? There's a celebration to be had, isn't there?

Lucas: Not for you there isn't.

E.J.: Just calm down, all right, Lucas?

Lucas: Those children in there -- those are mine.

E.J.: Well, we're gonna find out soon enough.

Lucas: What, you think Sami's gonna have another DNA test? Man, you are sorely mistaken.

E.J.: Really? You sure about that, are you?

Lucas: Yeah. She said no test, which means you have no reason to hang around here. So, go ahead. Take your coffee or tea or whatever you have and your crumpets and get out of here, man. Why don't you go back to England where you belong?

E.J.: Lucas, you're making a spectacle of yourself.

Lucas: I don't care. I don't care what people think of me. It's time they know. It's time they know what a son of a bitch you really are. You raped my wife, then you think you can take my kids, too?

E.J.: That's enough, don't you think?

Lucas: Is it? You're crazy. You think Sami's gonna marry you and you're gonna raise our children? Don't you know I'll kill you before I'd let that happen?

Shawn D.: So, tell me, what were you doing upstairs?

Philip: Shawn, you need to chill.

Shawn D.: And you need to answer me.

Philip: I'm a gentleman. I walked the lady to her door.

Shawn D.: Gentleman.

Philip: I don't know where you're going with this.

Shawn D.: Sure took an awful long time for you to walk a lady to her door, don't you think?

Philip: I'm leaving.

Shawn D.: Not so fast.

Philip: What's your problem, man?

Shawn D.: Ever since Tinda Lao, you have made a point to spend time with Belle -- Claire's kidnapping and guilting her into helping you find Tyler.

Philip: I didn't guilt her into anything. She's a good person. She wanted to help me.

Shawn D.: You're right. She is a good person. And you took advantage of that.

Philip: Sounds like maybe the two of you have hit a rough patch. Don't take it out on me.

Shawn D.: Belle and I are better than we've ever been.

Philip: That's a joke.

Shawn D.: I'm not asking you, Philip. I'm telling you -- you leave Belle alone. She's off-limits. Do you got it?

Philip: Not for long.

Shawn D.: What the hell is that suppose to mean?

Philip: She's miserable. And maybe if you paid attention, you'd realize that.

Shawn D.: You son of a --

Philip: What, the truth too hard to take?

Shawn D.: Get out.

Philip: We both want to see Belle happy, right? I'm the guy who does that for her. I'm sorry it has to be this way, Shawn, but I'll always love her. And she'll always love me.

Belle: Hey, I didn't know you two were here.

Hope: Ciara and I thought that...Claire might like this.

Belle: Oh, she will. She'll love it. Thank you.

Hope: Looks like we came at a bad time. What happened?

Belle: I-I was doing laundry and I knocked the vase over, but I'll replace it.

Hope: You've been crying.

Belle: Yeah, well, been pretty much that way all week. Just radically bursting into tears, you know. I miss my dad.

Hope: We all miss him, Belle.

Belle: And I missed a lot of classes this week, and...I'm really behind, and I have a final on Friday.

Hope: I love my son. And there is nothing I won't do to protect him.

Belle: Okay.

Hope: I want to know what happened between you and Philip here. And I want the truth and I want it now.

Lucas: You think I'm kidding, don't you? I'll kill you with my bare hands if I have to.

Kate: Oh, Lucas, stop.

Lucas: I warned you over and over to back away, but you didn't listen. So, if you try to marry Sami and if you so much as touch those kids, I swear to God, E.J. -- with my bare hands.

Sami: Yeah, can you believe it? The tradition continues -- another set of twins.

Marlena: Tell my boy I said hello, please.

Sami: Eric, mom says him. He says hi back. Yeah, when are you gonna come here to meet them? Well, maybe we could meet in Colorado, introduce them to grandpa and grandma? Yeah, right. When they're in college.

Doctor: I'll be out of here in just a second. I want to get a quick DNA sample.

Sami: Um, excuse me. Uh, can you just give me a second, please? Eric, I'll call you right back. Did you say something about a DNA sample?

Doctor: I'm sorry, Mrs. Roberts. I was told you asked for another test.

Sami: Uh, I wasn't sure yet. I hadn't decided...for sure.

Marlena: Johanna, could you please give us a minute? Thanks.

Sami: Mom, I-I just am not sure about this, and Lucas isn't even here.

Marlena: Lucas was already on board with this.

Sami: Yeah, and then he changed his mind. We can't make this decision without him.

Marlena: Honey, not taking the test will not make the problem go away. You will still have unanswered questions.

Sami: Maybe it's better that way.

Marlena: It will eat you up inside.

Sami: Mom...Mom, I'm scared.

Marlena: If it turns out that E.J. is the father of one of these babies, we will deal with that.

Sami: What if he's the father of both of them?

Marlena: We thought that in the very beginning, remember? And Lucas was very supportive of it. Everybody was. You and Lucas are in love. You are a family. You will get through this together.

Sami: Will you ask the nurse to come back in?

Marlena: Yes, I will. Johanna? Thank you. I'd like to...have these test results as soon as possible.

Doctor: Well, if the lab's not too backed up, they could probably have the test results in 24 hours.

Marlena: Good. I'd like two technicians on this, please, and no one is to let these samples out of their sight.

Doctor: Whatever you want, Dr. Evans.

Marlena: All righty, I will walk you down to the lab myself with the swabs.

Doctor: Fine. Shall I take the samples now?

Sami: Yeah, thanks. The sooner, the better. I hope we get the answers we're looking for.

Abe: Yeah, send a squad car over to pick up E.J. Wells.

Hope: You didn't just cheat on Shawn? You didn't just have sex here in this room with Philip?

Shawn D.: I'm done with you.

Philip: No, Belle is done with you.

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