Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 10/22/07 - Canada; Tuesday 10/23/07 - U.S.A.


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Belle: We can't do this.

Philip: We can't not do it.

Belle: It's wrong.

Shawn D.: What's going on?

Abe: It shouldn't have happened.

Bo: No. What do you got?

Abe: Well, we ran the serial number of that broken headlight.

Bo: ID the dealer?

Abe: It's a silver Sedan. It's been sold a few times. We traced to a used-car lot in Chicago. It was sold to that guy.

Bo: Harry Jenkins. He check out?

Abe: Ran his name. He's clean.

Bo: Really? Well, Andre's dead. Maybe the DiMeras hired someone without a record and this was his first hit. Or this could have been a random hit-and-run.

Abe: You backing odds that Stefano or Elvis didn't fix this?

Bo: No. But it would take the pressure off of Sami to marry that freak and end this vendetta.

E.J.: First of all, I appreciate you meeting me here under the circumstances.

Lucas: All right, what do you want?

E.J.: Look, you probably don't recall, but we had a conversation a few months ago. It was about the misconception that I was the father of these twins.

Lucas: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I recall. What about it?

E.J.: Look, you promised to raise those kids and love those kids as if they were your own and not to prejudice them against me. Looking at what an amazing job you did raising Will, I mean, I was obviously reassured.

Lucas: It turns out the twins are mine. So what the hell are you talking about?

E.J.: Well, I think that it is only fair that I honor the same commitment you were gonna make. So, when Samantha is my wife, while we're living under the same roof, I want us all to raise these children together -- you know, as a team.

Lucas: Cold day in hell.

E.J.: Lucas, look -- I was willing to allow you to raise my children because it was in their best interests. Don't tell me that you're not about to do the same thing.

Sami: It's too soon. Mom -- Mom

Marlena: Come on. Come on. Not unusual with twins. Here we go.

Sami: Okay.

Marlena: What we know is the last ultrasound showed their lungs are completely developed, so they are ready to join the world.

Sami: But I'm not ready. Mom, I haven't decorated the nursery. Lucas didn't put together the second crib yet. And we haven't baby-proofed the apartment.

Marlena: Honey -- honey -- honey, these are all just nesting instincts, okay?

Sami: No. No, this is the vendetta and E.J. and having to marry him. The whole stupid thing has taken over my whole life.

Marlena: Listen to me. I want you focused on the twins right now. That's your job. I'll go call your doctor and have him meet us at the hospital.

Sami: Aah! Mom! Mom -- Mom, I don't think there's time. I can't -- they're coming now.

Bo: Do you have an address on this Jenkins guy?

Abe: Just a P.O. Box.

Bo: I'll have the place staked out. If he shows up, we'll bring him in for questioning.

[Cellphone rings]

Bo: Excuse me. Hey, it's old iron pants. He welcomed Shawn into the academy this morning. Commander. Yeah, he's pretty excited about starting training. What kind of problem? All right, I'll find him and bring him into the station. Do you mind if I -- yeah. Okay. I understand. See you as soon as I can.

Abe: Problem?

Bo: Sounds that way. Commander Flynn wants to meet Shawn and me at the station as soon as possible. I don't like the way he sounded.

Belle: Shawn. I was just lighting a candle and saying a prayer for my father.

Shawn D.: With Philip?

Belle: He's here for his own reasons. He's decided to give up his son for adoption, so I guess he's just praying he's making the right decision. How'd you find me?

Shawn D.: I was just driving by, and I saw your car parked out front.

Belle: Well, I'm really glad you're here. I was feeling like nothing's the way it's supposed to be.

Shawn D.: How could it be? You were always John's princess.

Belle: Take me home. I need to be with you and our daughter, where I belong.

Shawn D.: Okay. Come on.

E.J.: I don't imagine you fighting for custody.

Lucas: To keep my children from being raised by a DiMera?

E.J.: Lucas, Samantha would never forgive you for putting two innocent children through a court battle to take them away from her.

Lucas: She's gonna be your bride in name only, that's it. And when your dad dies and goes to hell, Sami will come home to me and Will, with the twins.

E.J.: In a perfect world, maybe. But, Lucas, we live in a far from perfect world.

Lucas: Yeah, well, as soon as things end between the families, Sami and I won't have a care in the world, will we?

E.J.: I see. We're back to that in-name-only thing, are we?

Lucas: What do you think's gonna happen? You think she's gonna get the Stockholm Syndrome and fall in love with the man who's keeping her prisoner? Come on.

E.J.: Oh, like "Beauty and the Beast," eh?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, Sami is beautiful. And beast -- well, that kind of sums you up, doesn't it?

E.J.: You seem very sure of yourself, Lucas.

Lucas: Unlike you. Call me down here for this little fishing expedition, huh?

E.J.: No. I called you down here to reassure you --

Lucas: No, no, no, no. You called me down here to stick it to me, but you picked the wrong day.

Sami: Mom, I'm really scared.

Marlena: It's okay. The paramedics are on the way.

Sami: [Inhales sharply] Mom, they're not gonna make it in time.

Marlena: Honey, they're on the way. They know it's urgent. They know that it's twins. And if they don't get here in time, I'll deliver the babies myself.

Sami: Mom, you're a shrink. You're not an obstetrician.

Marlena: I'm also an M.D. I did my rotation in O.B., so I am prepared.

Sami: Any twins?

Marlena: No, no, no twins, but I did manage to give birth to my own quite safely.

Sami: It's not that I don't trust you.

Marlena: I understand. It's okay. I understand. Honey, keep doing your breathing. You're doing fine. I'm gonna get a few things ready, okay? Breathing.

E.J.: Lucas, you're misconstruing my offer.

Lucas: Your offer? That's an interesting spin on things, isn't it?

E.J.: Okay, look, I want you to know that I will raise these children as if they were my own.

Lucas: What is that, one of the lines you're famous for? Boy, man, you must be slipping. I'm not mad at all right now. I'm not even making a fist to go a few rounds.

E.J.: Well, you must forgive me for trying to make the situation bearable.

Lucas: There would be no situation if your family didn't make a living out of killing people.

E.J.: Look, Lucas --

Lucas: You know what, E.J.? Just save it. Your phony sympathy for John's murder just makes me sick.

E.J.: It gives you great pleasure, doesn't it, vilifying me?

Lucas: Vilifying you? You shot the man. You put him in a coma for six months.

E.J.: Why don't we just put an end to that rumor, shall we?

Lucas: Rumor? No, no, it wasn't a rumor.

E.J.: Really?

Lucas: Yeah.

E.J.: There's no evidence. No charges were ever brought against me.

Lucas: It must have driven you crazy when he didn't die the first time, right?

E.J.: See, Lucas, this is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about -- you and your ludicrous conspiracy theories. Now, it doesn't particularly bother me. I just walk on, take it all in my stride. But these things could really begin to cause you quite a lot of suffering.

Lucas: What, are you threatening me?

E.J.: No, not at all. I'm just saying, you know, sometimes your perfect world isn't going to meet all of your expectations.

Lucas: I don't know about you, but it kind of sounds like a threat to me.

E.J.: Well, you would be the expert on all things DiMera, wouldn't you?

Lucas: What's your M.O.? What are you gonna do? Are you gonna shoot me? Is that what you're gonna do? Or is it gonna be a hit-and-run? Or maybe -- maybe you'll throw me in another freezer truck, right? [Cellphone rings] Hey, Sami. How's my girl?

Sami: Lucas, it's the twins.

Lucas: What's wrong?

Sami: I'm at my mom's in labor.

Lucas: All right, I'll call the doctor, and I'll meet you at the hospital.

Sami: Lucas, there's no time. You have to come here now.

Lucas: Just let me talk to your mom, all right?

Sami: She's boiling water or something. Please, Lucas. You just have to get here as soon as you can.

Lucas: All right, all right, I'm on my way.

E.J.: What's going on with Samantha, Lucas? Lucas.

Shawn D.: You okay? What's wrong?

Belle: I just haven't been able to get warm since my dad died.

Shawn D.: Well, here. Take this. Here. Is that better? Look, I know it must seem like some big, horrible dream. I can't imagine what you're feeling, losing your dad after you just got him back.

Belle: It's just I keep thinking he's gonna call or show up. It just doesn't seem real.

Shawn D.: I just wish there was something more I could do.

Belle: I just miss him so much.

Abe: Look, Bo, don't get yourself all worked up about this.

Bo: Lucas! Sorry, Abe. Where are you headed?

Lucas: Hey, Sami's at her mom's house. She's in labor.

Bo: Congratulations. Hold on. I'll grab a couple cigars.

Lucas: Later. Later. Could you do me a major favor?

Sami: [Crying]

Marlena: Sweetheart, how are you doing?

Sami: Oh, it hurts.

Marlena: I know. I know.

Sami: You know, I really was counting on that epidural. I really did not want to repeat the experience.

Marlena: Best laid plans, hmm?

Sami: Aah! Uh!  

Marlena: Focus on your breathing. Slow, deep. Find a focal point.

Sami: I can't!

Marlena: You can do it. Come on.

Bo: Happy to help.

Abe: Congratulations, Lucas.

Lucas: Thank you, sir. Well, I guess you overhead, huh?

E.J.: Yes, I did. Samantha's in labor. What are you doing talking to Bo?

Lucas: Don't worry about that. It's my business. You know, I was thinking, maybe we should call a truce. Now that the babies are on their way, let's put the kids first. What do you say?

E.J.: I think that sounds like an excellent idea -- an excellent idea.

Lucas: Good. Good.

E.J.: Hey, get that -- ow. Hey! Oh, very funny. Very funny. Get this off.

Lucas: I'll be back with a key around the kids' 18th birthday. [ Chuckles]

E.J.: Get this thing off me! Oh, ha ha, boys. Ugh!

Marlena: Okay, thatagirl. You did great.

Sami: The paramedics?

Marlena: They're on the way. I know that every minute seems like an hour when you're giving birth. But, honey, I'm timing your contractions.

Sami: They can't get born until Lucas gets here. I called him, and he said he's coming.

Marlena: Okay, well, we'll see what happens. We'll see how you're progressing. Let me see. You're about seven centimeters dilated. Okay, this is moving right along.

Sami: [Groans]

Marlena: Okay. Okay, in a couple more contractions, we're gonna have a baby's head crowning right here.

Sami: No, I need Lucas. I need Lucas! Lucas!

Shawn D.: Did you find some comfort in there, saying a prayer and lighting a candle for your dad? Belle. Hey, what is it?

Belle: Um, I was thinking about how bad I feel for Philip since he decided to give up his son.

Shawn D.: Well, then why did he?

Belle: Philip's not ready to raise a baby on his own.

Shawn D.: So he ended up here with you.

Belle: Shawn, it was a total coincidence. It was two people grieving over very different things. Come on. Let's go home. [Cellphone rings]

Shawn D.: Dad, what's up?

Bo: Can you meet me at the station?

Shawn D.: I was just about to take Belle home.

Bo: Sorry about the timing, but this can't wait.

Shawn D.: Okay, I'll be there after I drop her off.

Belle: No, it's okay. I have my car.

Shawn D.: Are you sure?

Belle: Yeah. Go. I'll see you at home.

Shawn D.: Okay, cool. I'll see you in 10. You're the best. By the way, I got some good news.

Belle: Tell me.

Shawn D.: Nope. Promise I'll tell you when I get home.

Belle: Is it really good news?

Shawn D.: It is the best. Come on. I'll walk you to your car.

E.J.: Okay, boys. You had your fun. Now give me the key, please.

Bo: Someone should be along shortly to take your order.

E.J.: Oh, I see. A comedian. Look, I'm being held against my will. That's a criminal offense, is it not?

Bo: Lighten up, Elvis. Where's your sense of humor?

E.J.: It left the building. Abe -- you like that? You're the police commissioner. Would you please do something about this?

Abe: There's no law against a practical joke.

E.J.: Oh. Oh. This isn't a practical joke, okay? Samantha's in labor. For God's sake, get this thing off me.

Bo: Well, Samantha being in labor has got nothing to do with you.

E.J.: You might not like to think so, but we're getting married.

Bo: Yeah, right. You're getting married to Samantha. That's... all right, we'll help you out. Abe, you want to give me the key?

Abe: I thought you had it.

Bo: You thought I had it, and I thought you had it. Who was the last -- Lucas. He's got the key. Well, looks like you're just gonna have to tough it out, which shouldn't be difficult for a tough guy like you.

E.J.: Why don't you both run along, do me a favor and get me some bolt cutters, all right?

Bo: Run along and get bolt -- does this look like a hardware store to you?

E.J.: This is outrageous.

Bo: No. What is outrageous is John Black being taken out by a DiMera hit.

E.J.: I told you, my family had nothing to do with that.

Bo: I've heard that somewhere before. Where was that? From a DiMera. Right. You know, you should get used to handcuffs and shackles because they're in your near future.

Sami: Where's Lucas?

Marlena: Okay, honey. I've called him, and I've called the doctor, too.

Sami: I don't want the doctor. I want my husband. Ow! Mom, I want to push! I want to push! I got -- oh, Lucas!

Lucas: Hey, how are you doing? Are you all right?

Sami: Yeah, I feel great. I feel like I'm gonna split from the inside out.

Lucas: All right, all right. Just calm down, all right? Where are the paramedics?

Sami: Calm down?

Marlena: They're in a 5-car pileup on the 70, okay?

Sami: [Whimpers]

Lucas: Honey, you're supposed to wait for me to do this.

Sami: Tell -- tell that to the twins.

Lucas: I will. As soon as they come out, I'll tell them. There you go.

Sami: Lucas, I'm so glad you're here.

Marlena: Okay, Sami -- Sami, the baby's head is crowning. I want you to take it easy right now. Be ready to push as hard as you can with the next contraction, but wait for the contraction and let the contraction do the work. Okay?

Lucas: Got that?

Marlena: And take a deep, cleansing breath -- a deep breath. Okay, and let's go. Lucas, give her a 10 count.

Lucas: Push. One, two, three...

Marlena: Keep going.

Lucas: ...Four, five, six, seven.

Marlena: Okay, we're good. We're good. Stop pushing. Stop pushing. Stop pushing. Keep on breathing. Okay, the head is out. We're gonna deliver the shoulders. Okay, no pushing. No pushing. Just keep on breathing. Give me a second.

Lucas: I know, baby. Try.

Marlena: Okay. The shoulders are out. The shoulders are out.

Lucas: Great job, honey. Great job. You're doing great. You're doing great. I know. I know. I know.

Marlena: Let me get the clamp. We'll cut it. And then you'll be holding your baby.

Lucas: You see that? You did it. That's right. It's okay. I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud of you.

Sami: [Whimpers] Oh, my God.

Marlena: Say hello to your baby boy.

Lucas: You did it. Say hi to mommy. Say hi to mommy.

Sami: I'm so happy to meet you.

Marlena: You're not quite done yet with that little girl that's waiting to be born, join her family.

Lucas: You can do it. You're doing a great job, baby. Just keep it up, okay?

Philip: Dear God... you've answered more of my prayers than I have any right to expect. You kept me alive on the battlefield when there didn't seem much hope. And I am truly grateful. I have to believe there's a reason for that. And that reason is Belle. I'm right, aren't I? I mean, it's obvious she hasn't fully committed herself to Shawn. They haven't even set a wedding date. Maybe Belle's not ready to take that step or she's worried about taking it with the wrong guy or maybe I'm seeing what I want to see -- a chance. That first year we were together, Belle, Claire, and me, it was everything I ever wanted. You know how much I love her and that I never stopped loving her. I swear it's not about beating Shawn. I want Belle back in my life. Okay? I need her there. And if there's anything you can do to help me, I'd be really grateful.

Belle: Sorry to interrupt. My car won't start. Could you look at it and see if you can figure out what's wrong?

Bo: Hey, son.

Shawn D.: Hey, Dad. What's up?

Bo: Commander Flynn said he wanted to see us.

Shawn D.: Did he say why?

Bo: No, but whatever it is, I'm sure we can get it taken care of.

Flynn: Gentlemen.

Bo: Commander.

Flynn: Thanks for meeting me on such short notice.

Bo: What's up? You said there was a problem.

Flynn: Shawn, your enrollment in the police academy has been postponed pending further review.

Bo: What?

Shawn D.: Why?

Flynn: It's been brought to my attention that earlier this year, you defied a court order. As I understand it, Philip Kiriakis was awarded temporary custody of his daughter, Claire.

Shawn D.: No, she's my daughter.

Bo: I can vouch for that.

Shawn D.: Yeah, he was gonna try to sneak her out of the country.

Flynn: So you fled to Canada with his ex-wife and the minor.

Shawn D.: It was the only way that I would ever see my daughter again.

Flynn: Did you defy a court order to do that?

Shawn D.: Yes, I did, but there's more to it than that.

Flynn: Sorry, son, but I don't think you're what we're looking for at the Salem Police Department.

Philip: Yeah, the guys at Smokey's know what they're doing. They'll tie down what's going on with your car. But I still think it's the alternator.

Belle: Thanks for driving me home.

Philip: Anytime. Could I get a drink of water or something?

Belle: Yeah.

Philip: Thanks.

Belle: I, uh, would have had the car towed to Max's garage, and then I realized there wasn't Max's garage. And Shawn's just too busy with the police academy.

Philip: I'm telling you, the guys at Smokey's are great. I use them all the time.

Belle: Sorry the place is such a mess. I wasn't expecting company.

Philip: Since when am I company?

Belle: This will just take a minute.

Bo: Who brought this court-order business to your attention?

Flynn: I'm not at liberty to say.

Shawn D.: How am I supposed to fight this if I don't know who I'm fighting?

Flynn: There's nothing to fight, son. If the allegations are correct -- and you tell me they are --

Shawn D.: Will you just let me explain the circumstances here?

Flynn: It would have come up during the background check.

Shawn D.: With all due respect, Commander Flynn, I don't believe this. Some anonymous informant gives you some very one-sided information without all the facts and the extenuating circumstances and now all of a sudden I'm not what the academy's looking for.

Flynn: Your case will come up for review before the trustees. But ignoring a court order is a serious crime.

Bo: Bottom line -- no charges were ever filed. His record's clean.

Flynn: That will be for the board to decide.

Shawn D.: Sounds to me like they already have. They're treating me like a criminal.

Bo: I have a right to know who eight-balled my boy.

Flynn: I understand your concern, Bo, but you know how these things work. Once the board has met and rendered a decision --

Bo: If that decision goes against us, an appeal will be made.

Flynn: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Your son's rejection by the academy is far from a done deal.

Shawn D.: It sure doesn't sound that way to me.

Flynn: I'll call you once a decision's been made. Good day, gentlemen.

Bo: Commander.

Shawn D.: That's why they call him old iron pants.

Bo: He's just doing his job.

Shawn D.: You know what? Can't I ever catch a break?

Bo: Don't worry about it. We'll fight this.

Shawn D.: No, Dad. I am gonna fight this. And I'm gonna do exactly what I should have done a long time ago.

Philip: You're still hopeless. If you're gonna be a nurse, you got to learn to make hospital corners. Watch and learn. All right. You got to...fold this under like that. And like that. Tuck that under. Pull that down. Like that. See?

Belle: Just like old times.

Philip: And good times. Sorry. Old habit. And here I am turning your place into a barracks. No wonder you left me.

Belle: Philip, I've always been proud of your service to our country. I still am.

Philip: Yeah, but for you it was always about Shawn.

Belle: We've all moved on.

Philip: I haven't. I'm still in love with you.

Belle: I think you better leave.

Philip: Why, because you think if I stay, I might kiss you again and you might like it? I want you back, Belle.

E.J.: Kate!

Kate: E.J. looks like you've gotten yourself into a bit of a fix there.

E.J.: No, I did this for laughs, don't you know?

Kate: I'm really not in the mood for your humor.

E.J.: I'm not exactly having a lot of fun either, to be honest, okay? Your grandchildren are being born as we speak.

Kate: What? Right now?

E.J.: Yes, you don't happen to have any bolt cutters, do you, darling?

Kate: Oh, gee, no, I must have left them in my other purse. Sorry. How did this happen?

E.J.: Oh, your son Lucas borrowed Bo's handcuffs and clamped me to this thing when my guard was down.

Kate: Your guard down? Your guard hasn't been down since you were 3 years old. I doubt it was down then.

E.J.: Do you want to trade quips, or do you want to get me out of here?

Kate: No, I think you're gonna have to call a locksmith. I'm off to see my grandchildren.

Lucas: I love you. I love you so much. I'm so proud of you.

Sami: I love you, too. And I love our little baby boy.

Lucas: That's right. Little Roman Thomas.

Sami: Lucas?

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: What if we named him John instead? Would that be okay?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, I think that's a great idea. Good call.

Sami: [Laughs] Mom? We would like to introduce you to our son John.

Marlena: Thank you.

Sami: John Roman Roberts. That is a very big name he's gonna have to live up to, but I think he can do it.

Lucas: I think he can do it, too.

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: He agrees. He just moved his head. Did you see that?

Marlena: Okay.

Lucas: What? What? What?

Sami: Another --

Lucas: Just relax.

Sami: Lucas, take the baby.

Lucas: Breathe. Breathe. I got him. I got him. I got him.

E.J.: Kate, you do understand I have a right to be there when these babies are born.

Kate: E.J., they're not your children.

E.J.: Maybe, but I'm gonna be raising them with Samantha when we're married, so I have a right to be there from the start.

Kate: [Scoffs]

E.J.: Okay, fine. I don't want Lucas and Samantha to bond with those babies.

Kate: Well, you're too late, because they bonded a long time ago. I'm off to the hospital.

E.J.: Really? Well, that's not where the babies are being born.

Kate: E.J., Where are they?

E.J.: You know what, darling? You help me, and I will help you. Never mind. Let's go there together, eh?

Sami: Aah!

Marlena: Sami, let the contraction do the work. Let it do the work for you.

Lucas: Six, seven.

Marlena: Okay. Okay, okay. Good, good, good. Okay, the head is out. Sami -- Sami, no more pushing. No more pushing, sweetie.

Sami: What?

Marlena: Breathe for me now.

Sami: Why? What do you mean?

Marlena: Breathe, honey.

Sami: Mom, what's wrong? You got to tell me what's wrong before I freak out. What is it?

Marlena: It's okay. The cord is wrapped around her neck.

Lucas: What?

Marlena: Just breathe, Sami. Just breathe for me. No pushing. . It's coverage you won't see anywhere else.

Bo: What are you gonna do?

Shawn D.: I know exactly who narked on me. I walked in on Belle and Philip at the church.

Bo: And?

Shawn D.: And let's just say they were doing a lot more than praying.

Bo: Oh, come on, man. I don't believe that.

Shawn D.: No, Dad. Belle was walking down the aisle when I came in. She looked guilty, and Philip was just standing there.

Bo: She just lost her dad. He was probably offering a shoulder.

Shawn D.: Belle said Philip's all torn up about having to give his kid up for adoption.

Bo: That's what he's gonna do?

Shawn D.: I guess.

Bo: That's got to be tough.

Shawn D.: I'm not happy about it. I figure if Philip got his kid back, it would give him less time to obsess about Belle.

Bo: You and Belle -- you're engaged. I thought this whole mess was behind you.

Shawn D.: No, Dad. It's never stopped. Philip wants Belle, and he's gonna do everything he can to get her back.

Bo: And you're afraid she's gonna give in.

Philip: I take the bullet for our marriage falling apart.

Belle: It's never just one person.

Philip: It was three. You, me, and Shawn.

Belle: You know, Philip, I loved you when I married you, and even through all of the scary stuff with Claire getting sick, we were good together.

Philip: Yeah, but it was no secret Shawn was always in your thoughts. Any time the two of you were together, you'd have to be blind not to see it.

Belle: I was fooling myself.

Philip: So was I. It was easier to me to block Shawn out. What I should have done was call you on it... make you admit how you really felt.

Belle: And then our marriage would have ended that much sooner.

Philip: If we'd have both been honest, we might have worked things out.

Belle: I had a child with Shawn. And you know, as much as you love Claire, I can't believe you can even look at me.

Philip: I can't stop looking at you.

Belle: I was pregnant when I married you. I had slept with Shawn.

Philip: It's an old story, okay? And we know -- we know how it ended. I walked away. Biggest mistake of my life. It cost me everything I love.

Belle: And I'm sorry.

Philip: Hey, it's not your fault. And it's not too late to put us back together.

Belle: I'm with Shawn now, okay? We're engaged.

Philip: Yeah, but in the church, when I told you I loved you and I kissed you, you kissed me back.

Belle: I want you to leave now.

Philip: Listen to me. Listen to me. I've spent most of the past year acting like a jerk, telling you what you want, but this time I know I'm right. You want me as much as I want you. So why are you fighting it?

Sami: Mom, what's happening?

Marlena: I'm trying to get the cord from around her neck, sweetie.

Sami: Oh, God, she could suffocate, Lucas. Lucas.

Lucas: She's gonna be okay, all right? Just relax.

Sami: Mom, you do what you have to do. If you have to cut me open or whatever, you save her, okay? You save my baby.

Lucas: She's not cutting you open. No way.

Marlena: You two just stay calm. I'm not gonna be doing any cutting. Sami -- Sami, keep your breathing. Do not push for me. Don't push.

Lucas: Squeeze my hand. Squeeze.

Sami: I'm scared.

Lucas: Focus. Focus, honey. Come on.

Marlena: Okay, we're good. One deep breath and then give me a good push.

Sami: [Grunting]

Marlena: Yes! Yes. Okay, okay. That's good. No more pushing.

Lucas: That's perfect. You're doing great, honey. You're doing great. I'm so proud of you. Hang on. Hang on.

Sami: How is she? Is she okay? Is she okay?

Marlena: Give me a second. [Baby cries] Okay. She's pinking up just fine. She's gonna be perfect.

Lucas: You hear that, honey? She's gonna be okay. She's gonna be fine. You did a great job.

Belle: Philip, this is wrong.

Philip: I'm not talking about sneaking around behind Shawn's back, having an affair. I love you. And if you'll stop denying it, you know you love me.

Belle: Of course I love you. We shared a life. We raised a child together.

Philip: Yeah, but it ended the wrong way. We never gave ourselves a second chance.

Belle: I can't do this right now.

Philip: I know my timing's lousy with you because of your dad, but --

Belle: You're just confusing me. I kissed you back because --

Philip: You love me?

Belle: No. Because you make me feel safe.

Philip: Don't forget about loved.

Belle: Shawn loves me, too, and I feel the same way.

Philip: But you don't feel the same with him as you do with me. I mean, come on. If Shawn was all you needed, you would have slapped me instead of kissing me.

Belle: Philip, I just -- I can't do this. It's not fair to Shawn.

Philip: And it's no good living a lie. I love you more than my life. I want to make love to you.

Belle: I want you to go.

Philip: Do you want me to walk out of your life? I've done it before. You're the only one that can stop me.

Sami: They're so perfect, so tiny.

Lucas: Aren't they? I can't believe they're finally here.

Sami: I know. Mom. Thank you so much. Thank you.

Lucas: You saved the day.

Sami: Yeah, you did.

Lucas: I can't believe this. We did it. These are our babies. I can't wait for Will to see them.

Sami: I can't wait for us to be home together, with our family.

Lucas: We will soon.

[Knock on door]

Lucas: What the hell?

Marlena: How the hell did you get in here?

Sami: Lucas, please don't.

E.J.: Samantha, I can assure you, we're not here to cause any trouble, okay?

Kate: We're here to see the babies. A boy and a girl?

Marlena: Please have the good manners to get out of here.

Bo: Shawn, slow down.

Shawn D.: The thing is, Belle is really fragile right now, and Philip knows that. That's what he's using to get close to her.

Bo: That doesn't answer my question.

Shawn D.: Belle knows that Philip wants her back. We've talked about it. She's not feeling sorry for him. She's feeling guilty.

Bo: Because of the way she left things?

Shawn D.: No. He walked out on her.

Bo: I'm not defending him, believe me.

Shawn D.: It's like Belle can't stop. She think he's this poor little rich kid that nobody understands but her.

Bo: I bet he's getting a lot of mileage out of that.

Shawn D.: Oh, yeah, he is, again and again. But now it's gonna stop. No more of me standing by watching him play on her sympathies. This academy thing -- that's the last straw.

Bo: What do you plan on doing?

Shawn D.: I think it's time that Belle sees what Philip's really about. I'm gonna find him, and I'm gonna force the truth out of him.

Philip: Say the word, Belle, and you have my promise. I'll stay out of your life for good.

Belle: I don't want you to leave. I couldn't bear it if I never saw you again.

Marlena: I don't understand why you're still standing there.

E.J.: Oh, I'm leaving. It's odd, isn't it, though? You got a brother and sister. They don't look a bit alike. I mean, I can see Samantha in both of them, but, uh, it looks to me like they have different fathers.

Lucas: Get out of here right now.

Kate: Lucas, I know that you're still angry with me. But I am so happy for you.

Shawn D.: I broke the law, and someone tipped them off.

Hope: Shawn, who would do that?

E.J.: There is, nonetheless, a possibility that I fathered one of those babies.

Marlena: I wouldn't buy any birth announcements quite yet.

Lucas: What if he's right? What if they have different fathers?

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