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Kayla: Here, let me take a look.

Steve: He's all right.

Philip: I could have you arrested for assault.

Steve: Listen, man, you accused us of poisoning that little baby in there. All I was asking for is an apology for my wife.

Kayla: I'm fine. Listen, I did not take it personally, really.

Philip: Fine. Fine. It's pretty clear I was wrong to accuse you guys, so, yes, I apologize. You satisfied?

Kayla: Listen, we just want the baby to be happy and well.

Philip: Not him. He wants me out of the picture.

Kayla: He's just upset.

Philip: That's crap. I know vets walking around with post-traumatic stress, short fuses, hair-triggers, ready to go off --

Steve: Are you talking about me, because if you are, talk to me.

Philip: I wouldn't place a puppy with you, let alone a baby.

Kayla: Oh, stop it. Both of you, stop it. Listen, this is not helping Pocket.

Philip: For the last time, his name is Tyler. Tyler Kiriakis. And just so we're clear...once the doctor says he's okay, I'm taking my son home.

Shawn D.: Dad, I know you put your reputation on the line for me, getting me into the academy. It means a lot to me.

Bo: I think my reputation's safe.

Shawn D.: I really want this.

Bo: I get that.

Shawn D.: But I don't think you realize how bad.

Bo: I got a rough idea, son.

Shawn D.: Then why are you laying this guilt trip on me?

Bo: What are you talking about?

Shawn D.: You bringing mom up like that. What do you expect me to think?

Bo: John's death -- it's put a whole new perspective on things.

Shawn D.: So what are you saying? Are you saying that you want me to quit before I even begin, or are you saying something else?

Bo: Like what?

Shawn D.: That you don't think I have what it takes to be a cop.

Bo: Shawn, I told you, you got what it takes, and I meant it.

Shawn D.: What if I take a bullet in the line of fire? Mom couldn't live with that, right?

Bo: Shawn, she's as brave and strong as they come. But Zach's death...yeah, it took it out of her. There was a time there I didn't think she'd come out of it.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. I miss him, too. But Zach's death was wrong on every level.

Bo: So you see what I'm talking about.

Shawn D.: Of course I do. I'm a father. If anything happened to Claire, I'd go out of my mind.

Bo: Yeah, what about Claire? What would it be like for her to grow up without a dad?

Shawn D.: It would be terrible...for her and Belle.

Bo: Right.

Shawn D.: But come on, Dad. You can't go around living your life always worrying that something's gonna happen, Dad, because things happen. You can get struck by lightning. You could have a terrible fall. I don't want mom walking the floors at night worrying about me.

Bo: How about Marlena? How well do you think she slept last night after burying her husband?

Shawn D.: Look, she probably didn't sleep at all. But that doesn't mean that she's never gonna sleep again.

Bo: She'll never sleep as well. These last couple of years, I'd wake up in the middle of the night and find your mom walking the floors. She's thinking about Zach. She didn't say it, but that's what she was thinking about.

Shawn D.: But Zach's a kid. He's not a cop. Bad things happen to normal people. Unfortunately, life is a risk.

Bo: But you could limit those risks. You don't have to pick a career where you're wearing a gun every day.

Shawn D.: I don't see you turning your badge in to go sell insurance.

Bo: I'm a little old to be learning new tricks.

Shawn D.: Are you saying that I can't grow up and be like you, then?

Bo: This isn't about me.

Shawn D.: Mom put you up to this, didn't she?

Bo: Being a cop is dangerous.

Shawn D.: Yeah, sometimes it is.

Bo: There's always the potential.

Shawn D.: And I'll be careful.

Bo: You don't think John was careful? He had a family that he loved, he adored. He knew how lucky he was.

Shawn D.: Dad, I don't hear John telling me to quit the academy to go and become a shoe salesman, do you?

Bo: Nah. [Exhales sharply] We stood there at his bedside... watched him die. I'M...just having a hard time wrapping my brain around that.

Shawn D.: So this isn't just about mom, is it?

Bo: No. If something ever happened to you...I couldn't take it.

Steve: Listen, man, you're not taking that baby away. You can throw your daddy's name around all you want. You're not taking our kid.

Philip: Protective Services already took him away. And he's not your kid.

Steve: Well, he's not yours, either. Not till you prove it. What's up with you anyway, dude? Huh? There's not one drop of your blood in Claire's veins, but you chased her halfway around the world, didn't you? Well, you're not gonna do that with the Pocket Man.

Philip: Tyler is my blood, which puts you at the wrong end of a losing argument.

Steve: Well, maybe it does. But isn't it clear that you didn't want that baby to begin with? Didn't you sign off -- you and Mimi -- sign off on the surrogate, ending the pregnancy?

Philip: She didn't end it. She had my kid. She had my son.

Kayla: Come on, the baby is sick, and that is all that's important. Come on.

Philip: And just so we're clear, once he's okay, I'm taking him home.

Steve: Yeah. Another acquisition, Philip? Another trophy for the Kiriakis collection?

Kayla: Steve, stop. Sue.

Philip: How's my son?

Dr. Davidoff: I'm sorry?

Meyers: Doctor, this is the young man claiming to be the child's biological father.

Philip: I am his father.

Dr. Davidoff: Why don't we table this for now and focus on the child and why he's been getting sick?

Shawn D.: Come on, Dad, I know that police work is a lot more dangerous than rebuilding a transmission.

Bo: Yeah, way more dangerous.

Shawn D.: But this is something I can do to give back to the town. It's something that I really want to do. It's something that I need to do.

Bo: Shawn, it's not all car chases and catching bad guys. Not a heck of a lot of success stories.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. I've seen you and Uncle Roman tough out an arrest -- somebody like E.J. Wells who gets away on a technicality. You come home. You're angry. You're frustrated.

Bo: A heck of a lot of days like that.

Shawn D.: But not every day is like that. There's some days where you get the bad guy and that's one more point for the good guys.

Bo: Yeah, well, us good guys, we're way outnumbered.

Shawn D.: All right, well, then, turn in your badge and go teach at the academy.

Bo: Yeah, right.

Shawn D.: Exactly. There's no way you're gonna do it. Why? Because you love the work too much.

Bo: Bottom line -- very difficult to watch someone you love strap on a gun every day.

Shawn D.: All right. Do you remember when you told grandma and grandpa that you wanted to become a cop like your older brother?

Bo: How could I forget? Your grandma, she hit me with this spatula. It must have been as big as a shovel. And, uh, your grandpa...for some reason, he couldn't figure out why I didn't want to smell like fish the rest of my life.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. You told me. But at the end of the day, what did they do? They respected your decision. Why? Because you needed to do this, and they knew that.

Bo: Actually, they really didn't have much choice. I was gonna be a cop whether they liked it or not.

Shawn D.: Dad, I know I've done some stupid things in the past couple of years, things that I wish I could take back, but I canít. But the thing is, is I didn't know who that guy was then, but I know who I am now. I want to do something that matters, something that's gonna make this place safer for Belle and our daughter. And if there's one thing that I've learned from John's death is that the good guys need all the help that they can get.

Bo: Can't argue with you there.

Shawn D.: Okay. So, does this mean you and mom are gonna be okay with it like grandma and grandpa? Because if you're not, then I'm gonna have to just --

Bo: Hold on. We'll -- we'll deal somehow.

Shawn D.: Well, I'll be safe.

Bo: You better be.

Marlena: Do you both know how much -- how much I love you?

Belle: We love you, Mom.

Sami: Mom, that is why we want to stay here with you.

Marlena: No, that isn't going to work.

Sami: Why not?

Marlena: Because I don't need somebody here to babysit for me.

Belle: That's not what we're doing.

Sami: It's called being a family.

Marlena: You have a family. You got these beautiful, beautiful children. You've got this little litter on the way.

Sami: [Laughs] Well,'re not fooling me. You need us, too.

Belle: And we need our mom.

Marlena: I don't need to be taken care of.

Belle: That's not the point, not when you have family surrounding you.

Sami: That's right. We all need each other.

Marlena: I'm not arguing that. What I need is John. And your family needs you right now. And your family -- and your twins are going to need you.

Sami: Well, for right now, anyway, they're still in their original packaging.

Marlena: What would your fellas say if they knew you were choosing me over them?

Belle: They would understand.

Sami: Yeah, Lucas would be thrilled that I was choosing someone besides E.J.

Marlena: Are you still planning to marry that man?

Sami: Yes.

Belle: Sami, come on. There has to be some other way to end this vendetta.

Sami: There isnít.

Belle: So, what, you're just gonna reward the DiMeras for killing my father? Sami, donít. You need to tell E.J. to go to hell.

Sami: And then they'll just kill someone else that we love. And I'll have to live with it. No way, Belle. I am not gonna let them hurt anyone else that we care about. I am going to stop them.

[TV background]

Dr. Davidoff: Because the baby now has a history of these episodes, we decided to rerun the diagnostics and see what showed up.

Steve: Okay, bottom line, doctor. Who's making our little guy sick?

Dr. Davidoff: No one. Pocket wasn't poisoned.

Philip: Then what's wrong with him?

Dr. Davidoff: He has a rare genetic disorder called MMA Ė methylmalonic acidemia.

Kayla: I've heard of that, but I've never seen cases.

Steve: What is it?

Dr. Davidoff: A disorder that causes the body to produce chemicals that interfere with the child's digestion.

Philip: How serious is it?

Dr. Davidoff: It's serious, but it's also very treatable. The symptoms, which mimic poisoning, can be controlled with probiotics and dietary restrictions.

Kayla: Specialized formula, limited proteins.

Philip: So, he's gonna be okay.

Dr. Davidoff: He's gonna be just fine.

Steve: Oh, that's great news. So, this thing with the D.A., are we clear now?

Meyers: The case is officially closed.

Steve: Never should have been opened in the first place.

Meyers: I was just doing my job, Mr. Johnson.

Steve: So am I.

Philip: So, when can I take him home?

Meyers: Your paternity hasn't been established yet, Mr. Kiriakis. I'm working on it in family court.

Wayne: Excuse us.

Meyers: Oh, come in, please.

Wayne: Is there news? We've been in the waiting area all night.

Ruth: Terrified the whole time.

Meyers: Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins, this is Dr. Davidoff. Wayne and Ruth are the child's current foster parents.

Ruth: Is he okay?

Dr. Davidoff: He's going to be fine. He has a rare genetic disorder that's easily treated.

Ruth: Thank God.

Wayne: We want to know everything -- exactly what it is and what we have to do so this never happens to him again.

Dr. Davidoff: I'll go over everything in detail. Don't you worry.

Meyers: And this is Dr. Johnson and her husband, Mr. Johnson.

Kayla: Hello.

Ruth: You were the people who were fostering Pocket before us.

Wayne: I bet you've missed him.

Kayla: Terribly.

Steve: You call him Pocket?

Ruth: That's the name he came with.

Wayne: And it fits him.

Meyers: And this is Philip Kiriakis who might be the child's father.

Philip: I am the child's father.

Wayne: It's okay, honey. Look, we knew this could happen. We just didn't think it'd be so soon.

Ruth: We've fallen so in love with him.

Wayne: Can we see him?

Philip: Yeah, I don't think that's such a good idea.

Meyers: No, it's fine. Go ahead.

Ruth: Hey, sweet pea. Oh. Hey. Look, Wayne, he looks so much better.

Wayne: Yes, he does.

Ruth: Oh, look. He's smiling at me.

Wayne: Sure he is. He knows you'll spoil him.

Ruth: You can't spoil a baby. And you're just as bad.

Wayne: Are you feeling better, guy, huh? You gave your mommy and daddy quite a scare.

Ruth: Yes, you did. [Speaks indistinctly]

Wayne: Is it okay if we give him this?

Dr. Davidoff: Fine.

Ruth: Here you go. Oh, you love your baby-blue blankie. Yes. You do. Yeah.

Marlena: Sami, nobody expects this. Nobody wants you to protect the entire Brady family.

Sami: Mom, the terms for ending this vendetta are very specific.

Belle: They're the dying wish of a man who drove your Great-Aunt Colleen to suicide. That's a wish to be spit on, not honored.

Sami: Yeah, well, tell that to Stefano.

Belle: No, you tell that to Stefano and to E.J. All this craziness about vendettas and blood feuds -- I mean, that's 50 years worth of hate and revenge, and the DiMeras need to know that they won't run your life.

Sami: But they do hurt people that I love -- our kids, Lucas. I mean, they could go after anyone.

Marlena: Including John.

Sami: Exactly. You both have to realize something. Pretending Stefano won't carry this vendetta to its bitter end just means people are gonna get hurt.

Belle: You're assuming that Stefano's just gonna end the attacks when you marry his son, Sami. What if it's a trap? Look at what they just did to my father and to Steve Johnson, to Hope.

Marlena: To me.

Belle: What if they don't let you go?

Sami: I'll find a way to get out, whatever it takes.

Belle: How if they're drugging you or threatening you?

Sami: Look, E.J. loves me, and I don't love him, and that means I have power over him.

Marlena: Do you think that because he loves you that keeps you safe? Stefano said he loved me. He took away one of the most precious people in my life.

Sami: This is gonna be different.

Marlena: Oh. I don't think so. He's Stefano's son. He has a black heart. Do you think that you can control that?

Sami: I have to.

Marlena: You're taking on something incredibly dangerous here. And it could end with your life.

Sami: Thanks to the DiMeras, the body count just keeps rising.

Marlena: And do you think that will change by you becoming a DiMera?

Sami: I am not going to become a DiMera, Mom, not ever. In my heart and in my soul, I will always be a Brady. I will always be your daughter, Belle's sister, and Lucas' wife. And I will never forgive them for what they did to John.

Belle: Do you think my father would want you to take this on, Sami?

Sami: I think he'd be right behind me.

Belle: He doesn't want you marrying E.J. I know that much.

Sami: Well, you don't always get to choose your weapons, Belle.

Marlena: And you think if you marry E.J. that will satisfy Stefano?

Sami: I think it's what he wants. He wants his father's soul at rest. What more could he ask for?

Marlena: A child. E.J.'s child, the next generation, an heir.

Sami: Okay, but Iím not sleeping with E.J.

Marlena: Oh. I think he'll expect you to.

Sami: E.J. promised me that he would lie to Stefano and let him think we're sleeping together, but we won't be.

Marlena: Oh, and are you believing E.J.?

Belle: What if he forces himself on you, Sami? He's already done it once.

Sami: Stefano is not gonna survive for another year. And once he is gone, I am out of there.

Marlena: What are you thinking? When you're ready, E.J. will open the door and let you go freely?

Sami: Why are you ganging up on me? I am just trying to do what is right for this family.

Marlena: No. There are limits.

Sami: Since when? Belle was willing to risk everything for her daughter. You -- you jumped out of a plane because you were trying to save Aunt Kayla's life. You both were willing to risk everything for family. And -- and I can do no less. I will prove to you that I am capable of this.

Marlena: You have nothing to prove.

Sami: Mom, I am done arguing with you, with Lucas, with everyone.

Marlena: Will you talk to her, please? Tell her it's the biggest mistake of her life.

Belle: I'm not sure I can.

Bo: Okay, enough playing. I got to get back to work.

Flynn: Left, left, left, right, left. Left, left, left. Carry on. Brady.

Both: Yes, sir.

Flynn: Sorry, son, but your dad pulls rank. Is this your son -- Shawn?

Bo: Yes, sir. Shawn, meet Commander Flynn.

Shawn D.: Hey. Pleasure to meet you. I'm excited about the academy.

Flynn: Another Brady in police work, huh?

Bo: Yeah, kind of looks that way.

Flynn: So, you think you've got what it takes to join the thin blue line?

Shawn D.: Yes, sir, I do.

Flynn: Those burns you sustained aren't gonna be a problem?

Shawn D.: Not a bit, sir.

Flynn: Good man. He gonna make the class of '08?

Bo: Top marks across the board -- I think he's got what it takes to be a cop.

Flynn: Have you started classes yet?

Shawn D.: I start tomorrow.

Flynn: You have a lot to catch up on.

Shawn D.: I'm excited, sir. I'm ready.

Flynn: I tell you what -- report to the academy at 0500 and join me and a couple of other new recruits for breakfast.

Shawn D.: Yes, sir.

Flynn: Glad to have you on board.

Bo: Take care, sir. [Laughs]

Shawn D.: That's breakfast with old iron pants, huh? Commander Flynn.

Bo: Yeah, you play your cards right, you might get on old iron pants' good side.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Meyers: For the time being, Pocket will remain with Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins.

Philip: That's ridiculous. He has a family -- me.

Meyers: I have to follow proper channels, Mr. Kiriakis, for the child's protection.

Philip: Like he's in any danger from me.

Meyers: I have spoken to family court on your behalf. We hope to have a decision soon.

Philip: I'm counting on it.

Meyers: Well, for now, I hope it's enough for you to know that the baby could not be in better hands.

Steve: Hey, we were no slouches.

Meyers: Not at all, Mr. Johnson, but even you have to admit Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins are born parents. I've never seen a couple bond with a child so quickly.

Philip: They better be just as good at letting go.

Meyers: In fact, Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins have expressed a desire to formally adopt Pocket.

Philip: That's not gonna happen.

Meyers: I've explained how taken you are with the baby and your claim. Pocket seems to have won everyone's heart.

Kayla: Yeah, that's for sure.

Meyers: Excuse me. I have to sign off on the conditions of Pocket's release.

Nurse: I repeat -- Dr. Davidoff, you have a phone call. Please pick up on any house phone. Dr. Davidoff, you have a call. I repeat -- Dr. Davidoff, you have a phone call. Please pick up on any house phone.

Philip: Now, look, I know what you're thinking. I have a lot more than money to offer my son.

Steve: Yeah? What's he got to offer you?

Philip: What do you mean?

Steve: I don't know. Must get kind of lonely rattling around in that big mansion all by yourself. You want company? I think you should get a pet. Yeah. Get a dog would be my advice. I'll be back.

Kayla: He loves that baby like nobody's business. We both do.

Philip: Oh, yeah? You two gonna try to adopt him, too?

Kayla: No. Because I suspect that you really are the father. So you can prove that in court...

Philip: I intend to.

Kayla: ...Or you can dig down in your heart and ask yourself what's right for this baby.

Philip: I was a good father to Claire.

Kayla: I'm sure you were. And I'm sure that her visits with you really helped heal you. But right now Pocket needs healing. He needs to get well. And his needs need to come first. Are you really ready to commit to that?

Philip: He's my son.

Kayla: Sometimes that means doing the right thing... by letting go.

Philip: You don't think I've had enough loss in my life?

Kayla: I know you have a big hole in your heart where Claire and Belle used to be, but I don't think that Pocket can fill that up, do you?

Marlena: Your sister is about to marry into the family that killed your father. Have you lost your marbles? First you fight it. Now, are you for this now?

Belle: Look, she reminded me of when I went on the run with Claire, and I did some crazy things to keep her safe. I did what I had to do.

Marlena: I appreciate the sisterhood here, but she is dealing with the DiMeras.

Belle: Well, so did you, and you're still here, and now it's time for us to stand strong.

Sami: The way you taught us.

Marlena: You're both crazy.

Belle: Look, DiMera can't live forever, right?

Marlena: I'm beginning to wonder about that.

Sami: Mom, just think of me marrying E.J. as this family's insurance policy.

Marlena: For how long? You marry E.J., he falls even more in love with you, Stefano dies, the vendetta's over, and then what happens? What happens then?

Sami: I go back to Lucas. And I don't care what happens to E.J. He could go back to England.

Marlena: Wrong. E.J. would rather see you dead than married to Lucas.

Sami: Mom, I just think we shouldn't talk about this right now.

Marlena: Do you think that you're making this harder for me? It's already unbearable.

Sami: You need to rest.

Marlena: I can't rest. I can only grieve.

Sami: Mom...I would do anything to take your pain away.

Marlena: You canít. Nobody can.

Sami: All right, well, then, I'm gonna leave you guys alone for a little bit. Um, and if you change your mind about wanting us to stay, we will. I promise.

Marlena: Sami. You're not leaving angry, are you?

Sami: I am feeling energized. I'm going to turn this vendetta back on Stefano and make it hurt.

Marlena: She scares me, that girl.

Belle: Look, Sami can take care of herself. Why don't you lay down and try and get some sleep, Mom?

Marlena: Sleep would be such a wonderfully welcome relief.

Belle: Look, I have to go pick up Claire at preschool, but I'm gonna come back later, okay?

Marlena: Okay.

Belle: I love you, Mom.

Marlena: I love you, baby girl.

Shawn D.: Thanks for speaking up for me, Dad.

Bo: Hey, just told the truth. Like your grandpa would say, "you've learned from the school of hard knocks, and it's made a pretty good man out of you."

Shawn D.: Well, that means a lot coming from you.

Bo: Well, you've taken on one hell of a responsibility, and I think you're up to it. And speaking of responsibilities...

Shawn D.: Oh, come on. What? What did I do?

Bo: When are you gonna marry the mother of your daughter?

Shawn D.: See, now, that question is for mom. Belle and I are gonna get married when the time's right. Simple as that.

Bo: Better not be too long or else Claire is gonna end up being her mom's maid of honor.

Shawn D.: Dad, we're doing good right now. We're a family, and that's what matters.

Bo: Okay, as long as it works, but trust me, it's better with a ring.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Well, I'm gonna go tell Belle that I start tomorrow and I'm having breakfast with the old commander.

Bo: Give my love to the girls.

Shawn D.: I will.

Bo: Later. He's gonna be all right. My boy's gonna be all right.

Philip: I'm so sorry, Belle.

Belle: You know, when I was little, my dad used to take us to the carnival, and I was just thinking there was this one time that I got separated, and I was so scared. And I remember looking up and there he was, just smiling, holding my hand. [Sniffles] It's always been like that, you know? Even though I'm a grown-up, I'm still my daddy's little girl. Who's gonna hold my hand now? I'm sorry. How are things going with Tyler? Did you get a chance to see him?

Philip: Yeah, yeah, I did. Just this morning. I met his foster parents.

Belle: That's great. Are they nice?

Philip: They're amazing. Tyler's back in the hospital, though.

Belle: Oh, my God. Why?

Philip: He's got some kind of congenital disorder, but it's okay. It's completely treatable. You should have seen his foster parents. They totally took it in stride.

Belle: That's great, but you're gonna take him home soon.

Philip: Yeah. I can't believe I'm about to say this. But I think I have to give my son up.

Ruth: I know how you must be feeling.

Kayla: I'm just relieved that he's okay.

Wayne: You have our word. We'll take good care of him.

Kayla: I know. Thank you for blessing our lives. Even for just a little while.

Steve: Bye, Pocket Man. We'll miss you. Yeah. Okay.

Pocket: [Fussing]

Steve: I know. I know.

Ruth: Thank you.

Steve: Boy, I'm gonna miss him.

Kayla: I know.

Steve: I loved that little dude.

Kayla: I know you did. Me too.

Steve: But you know what, baby? He could...he could be Philip's kid, you know, and if we get even more attached to him, somewhere down the road...

Kayla: We could still lose him. I know.

Steve: Yeah. Hey, listen, come here. Let's do this. Let's just focus on our little family right now -- you, me, and our little sweetness. What do you say? Maybe we can have a baby someday. Never say never.

Kayla: You're a wonderful father. We'll talk about it again someday. But only if you're ready.

Steve: I love you.

Kayla: I love you.

Belle: I don't understand. Why are you gonna give up Tyler?

Philip: [Sighs] Because I wanted him for all the wrong reasons.

Belle: He's your son.

Philip: Yeah, that DNA doesn't matter. His foster parents want to adopt him. They love him like he's already theirs. A kid deserves two parents.

Belle: It doesn't always work that way.

Philip: No. It doesn't, does it?

Belle: Things and people change.

Philip: Yeah, you're right. The love you thought would last forever...the daughter you thought was yours...

Belle: I'm sorry.

Philip: Tyler can't fix me.

Belle: Who can?

Philip: You.

Belle: Philip.

Philip: I love you, Belle. I had everything I wanted and I lost it all. I want it back. I want you back.

Sami: Mom, you had me worried. What is it? What's wrong?

Marlena: Sami...I didn't like the way we left things a while ago, and I'm worried, sweetie. I'm worried about you.

Sami: Mom, you had me really scared. I thought that so-- oh!

Marlena: Sami?

Sami: Whoa. Mom.

Marlena: Oh. Oh, my goodness. Okay, well, I guess we're there. Do your breathing. I'll go get Lucas on the phone right now. I'm sure he's got your bag and everything ready to go. Keep breathing. I'll call the hospital.

Sami: Ah! Mom, Mom. Ow!

Marlena: Sami, they're so close together.

Sami: Mom, these babies are coming now.

Flynn: Shawn, your enrollment in the police academy has been postponed pending further review.

Shawn D.: Why?

Lucas: Honey, you were supposed to wait for me to do this.

Sami: Tell that to the twins.

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