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[Cheers and applause]

Chelsea: What are you doing?

Stephanie: Do you believe this?

Chelsea: No, but we're gonna blow those cupcake girls out of the water. Come on. Close the bidding.

Morgan: I mean, what can I say? I like the blue-collar type.

Chelsea: Okay. We got $500 going once.

Tommy: All right, Maxy!

Chelsea: $500 going twice.

Stephanie: Donít. There must be other bidders.

Chelsea: Well, let them speak up. Come on, ladies.

Morgan: Oh, and don't forget to wear your tool belt, Max. I love you, girls.

Chelsea: You hear that? She loves us. All right. Sold to Morgan Hollingsworth for 500 big ones.

[Crowd cheers] $500 on the first guy? You can say goodbye to six weeks of hazing and hello to Alpha Chi Theta.

Steve: Wait a minute. They said he's got the same symptoms, right? Vomiting?

Kayla: And cramping, but this time he's having trouble breathing.

Steve: Well, that's not good. What the hell's going on with this little guy? Is he gonna be all right?

Kayla: I don't know. And it doesn't look like I'm gonna be able to find out. Child Protective Services are assigning him to a new family.

Steve: What? Why -- why would they do that?

Kayla: They think that we're responsible.

Steve: Oh, they think we would hurt that little baby? Oh, come on. We got to do something, Kayla. We got to get a lawyer.

Kayla: I already called a lawyer that Mickey recommended, but we are not gonna be able to stop them from putting pocket with new foster parents.

Steve: Oh, yes, we are.

Kayla: Steve, they found poisonous chemicals in his system, specifically ammonia, and they are testing for others.

Steve: Oh, man. How did ammonia get in his system?

Kayla: I have no idea.

Steve: Oh, baby, come here.

Kayla: No. You know what? Even if he hadn't gotten sick, they would have taken him away from us.

Steve: You don't know that.

Kayla: Do you really think that you can just hold a gun to a man's head on live television and they're gonna give you the father-of-the-year award?

Steve: I told you why I did that.

Kayla: Oh, that's right, because you were the only available hero in town that day!

Steve: I found Roman. The police weren't getting anywhere.

Kayla: I am left to deal with this nightmare alone. I have to fight for this baby alone.

Steve: No, you Donít. No, you Donít. Come on, sweetness.

Kayla: No. Why? So you can hug me and make me promises that you can't keep? I am so sick of living this way. I could just scream.

Sami: Wow. You got me an annulment. I hope you don't expect a thank-you note.

E.J.: Actually, you can thank my father for it.

Stefano: You know, the red tape in these things can be absolutely maddening.

E.J.: Look, sign this, and in the eyes of the church it will be as if the two of you were never married.

Stefano: The bishop was very kind. He was willing to put a seal on this so that you would not have to be present.

Lucas: Oh, did you hear that, Sami? The bishop put a seal on it.

Sami: What bishop?

Stefano: The head of your diocese. I've known him for years.

Sami: So Father Kelly knows that you pulled strings?

E.J.: Why bother with the middleman, eh?

Stefano: He has nothing to say in the matter.

Lucas: Oh, was the Pope too busy to take your call?

Stefano: I didn't want to bother him about this.

Lucas: No, of course not. Let me see that.

E.J.: Be my guest.

Lucas: Thank you.

Stefano: Samantha, your grandmother is going to be very glad, because now you and my son can be married in the church.

Lucas: This isn't real. This is fake.

Stefano: It is absolutely official.

Lucas: They're playing you, Sami. They trumped up this annulment.

Stefano: That's absurd.

E.J.: Lucas, that document represents the first steps towards peace between our families.

Lucas: Start a fire with this, all right?

E.J.: Lucas, you do realize --

Lucas: She's taken. All right, Junior? Get your own girl.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Chelsea: Okay, let's hear it for the $500 man. [Crowd cheers] And for Morgan and her checkbook.

All: [Chanting] Morgan! Morgan! Morgan! Morgan!

Chelsea: Are there any guys out there that think they're worth more here than Maximillian? Ford, how about you? Are you game? Oh, man, come on.

Ford: Who wants some of this? [Crowd cheers]

Tommy: Forget, Jack. I'm next.

Ford: Get in line, loser.

Chelsea: All right, guys. Just relax. I think there's enough girls to go around. Adrienne, do you mind taking over the mike?

Adrienne: Uh, me? Okay.

Chelsea: Let's hear it for the lady that provided us with all the free beer and pizza!

[Crowd cheers]

Adrienne: Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, all right. All right, ladies. So, what do you think? Does Ford have the right stuff, or what? [Crowd cheers]

Ford: $500's chump change for a Kappa. [Country music plays] [Crowd cheers] The name's Decker -- Ford Decker. Kappa Beta Sigma. My major is anatomy -- the female anatomy. That's right. I like my beer cold... my pizza hot... and my cars fast. [Crowd cheers] Here's the body.

[Crowd cheers] But, uh, you got to pay to peak at my engine.

Adrienne: That's right. Um, all right. Then who will start the bidding? Ladies?

Girl: $100!

Adrienne: $100. Thank you. Do I hear $105? $105 or $110?

Girl: $110.

Max: So I think I got a future in this, huh?

Chelsea: What, you weren't totally miserable up there?

Max: No, not totally, but, you know, I didn't want the angry mob turning on you guys.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Max: Adrienne -- she dropped a lot of money tonight, and it's for a good cause, so...

Chelsea: Well, thank you again.

Max: Of course.

Chelsea: I'm gonna go check and see how we're doing.

Max: The way I see it, you and Chelsea get to keep your heads while I win a date with a future supermodel.

Adrienne: $140. I know it's a lot, but it's for a good cause.

Girl: $140!

Stephanie: Morgan?

Max: Oh, yeah. She's hot.

Stephanie: If you're into the slash-and-burn type, yeah.

Max: I was.

Stephanie: She's not what you think.

Max: How do you know what I think, Steph?

Steve: Listen, I will explain to her exactly why I had to do what I did. It was the only way to save Roman.

Kayla: You know what? When you say it, it sounds rational, but it wasnít. It was scary, and it was dangerous.

Steve: I'll tell her that I would die before I'd let anything happen to that little baby, and that's the truth.

Kayla: He was just getting to know my touch, my voice. These new people -- they're not gonna sing him the songs that we do. They're not gonna know to hold him high up on their shoulder, because that's what makes him feel better when he's fussy.

Steve: Come here, sweetness. Come here.

Kayla: I love that baby. And I just want to get Pocket home.

Philip: His name's Tyler.

Kayla: Philip? What are you doing here?

Steve: What do you mean, his name's Tyler? How would you know?

Philip: Because he's my son.

Stefano: Look, sign the papers and be done with it, huh? Let me die in peace.

Lucas: No deal. We're not gonna sacrifice our marriage just for some old grudge.

E.J.: There is no other way to end this violence, Lucas.

Stefano: Elvis and Samantha are the only ones that can satisfy the terms. Elvis is willing to make the sacrifice. Now it's up to Samantha.

Sami: Don't you dare talk to me about the "sacrifice" that E.J. is making.

Lucas: Come here. Let me talk to you for a second over here, all right? This is not just our names on a piece of paper, all right? This is our lives. And I know you're doing this to save the Bradyís -- I know that.

Sami: I want them to be safe.

Lucas: Then have them weigh in on this before you sign your life away.

Sami: They're just gonna try to change my mind.

Lucas: Then maybe that means that you should change your mind. Talk to them. Talk to somebody. Talk to your father, talk to Bo and Hope. I don't care. Just give it 24 hours, okay? That's all I'm asking.

Stefano: Samantha... you know what must be done, regardless of what your family wishes. And let me tell you something. You are going to be a beautiful DiMera. I have to take my leave.

E.J.: Are you okay?

Stefano: Yes. I'm fine. Don't worry about a thing.

E.J.: I'll make sure they get this signed.

Lucas: Just stop and think.

Sami: Lucas, I don't want our kids to grow up afraid for their lives.

Lucas: So you're gonna expose them to that maniac? He's gonna destroy them, Sami.

E.J.: She's already made up her mind, Lucas.

Lucas: I said, "stay out of this, E.J." Listen. Andre is barely hanging on, Bart is dead, and Stefano is nearly dead. You don't have to do this anymore. They're panicking. They know they've lost. You don't have to sign anything. We've already won.

Kayla: What are you talking about, Philip?

Philip: It's a long story.

Steve: You just dropped a bomb on us here, man. Tell us the story.

Philip: When Shawn was married to Mimi, they hired a woman named Lauren Chaffee to be a surrogate so they could have a baby. Someone messed with it, and I wound up the father instead of Shawn. Everyone agreed to terminate the pregnancy, but Lauren secretly went ahead a had the baby anyway and then came after me for money. So I tracked her down, put some heat on her. She came back here and left the baby.

Steve: So, where's the surrogate now?

Philip: She just died.

Steve: Oh, well, that's convenient.

Philip: Check it out if you don't believe me.

Steve: Until you offer solid proof that your Pocket's dad, I donít believe you. I'm the only father that little baby knows, and until a judge says otherwise, that's the way it stays.

Adrienne: Do I hear $150? 1-5-0? [Crowd cheering]

Stephanie: I thought we were friends.

Max: Friends. Okay, we're friends. You done?

Stephanie: Look, Morgan is a total fool. Her last boyfriend --

Max: That doesn't interest me. So anytime you want to thank me for pulling your auction out of the fire, I'll the bar.

Chelsea: Thank you for getting the ball rolling.

Morgan: Do you know Max?

Chelsea: Uh, yeah. We have a family connection.

Morgan: Okay. Is it as hot as he looks? I mean, he doesn't come across like all the other guys.

Chelsea: Yeah, yeah. He's -- he's different.

Morgan: I mean, everybody else just cares about their next beer and rounds for poker, you know?

Chelsea: Well, you know, Max had to grow up fast, so...

Morgan: Do you think I can get an intro...from an Alpha Chi Theta sister?

Chelsea: Yeah. Uh, come on.

Girl: $175!

Adrienne: Going once. $175. $175.

E.J.: Samantha, need I remind you that you can't afFord to get this wrong? You have a lot at stake, don't you? Do you think my father runs his entire empire with Bart and Andre? One phone call and this vendetta's back on.

Lucas: [Chuckles] Don't listen to him, all right?

E.J.: Let me ask you something. Do you want to spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder? Do you want to lie awake at night wondering why will hasn't made it back by curfew?

Lucas: I'll tell you what. Why don't you go ahead and give him a call right now? Call in the reserves. I mean, you said that Stefano had plenty of boots on the street to replace Bart and Andre, right? Go ahead. Prove it. Tell them the Bradyís aren't cooperating and they need to be taught a lesson. Go ahead. Be my guest.

Adrienne: Oh, my goodness! $180!

Ford: That's what I'm talking about, ladies.

Cordy: He's gorgeous.

Stephanie: So bid.

Cordy: I canít.

Adrienne: You must give till it hurts. $185?

Stephanie: Why not?

Cordy: A guy like that won't go out with me.

Stephanie: Are you kidding?

Cordy: Stephanie, I'm not his type.

Stephanie: Cordy's in for $200!

Adrienne: $200 for Cordy! $200!

Girl: $225!

Adrienne: $225!

Stephanie: He would be lucky to go on a date with you.

Cordy: I hear he dates three girls at a time. I don't stand a chance.

Stephanie: Cordy says $250!

Adrienne: $250!

Cordy: Steph, stop.

Girl: $275!

Adrienne: $275! Excellent!

Stephanie: I thought Alpha Chi Thetas didn't let anyone stand in their way from getting what they want.

Cordy: $300!

Adrienne: $300! Excellent! Going once, twice -- sold to that beautiful lady in the back! Whoo! Thank you. Thank you so much. Okay, everyone. We are gonna take a quick, little break here. But in five, I want my next victim ready to strut his stuff, please. Have some drinks. [Crowd cheers]

Chelsea: Congratulations, Cordy.

Cordy: Thanks...I think. I can't believe it just came out of my mouth. Did Morgan see?

Chelsea: Um... I think Morgan's actually kind of busy.

Cordy: $300? I'm on bread and water for the next month.

Chelsea: Well, if you're gonna starve, I think he's a pretty good way to go.

Cordy: He's only going out with me because he has to.

Chelsea: No, he's not.

Stephanie: Ford Decker is lucky to have a date with you.

Cordy: Thanks.

Stephanie: I mean it.

Cordy: I better go pay it before I chicken out. Okay.

Chelsea: That was nice.

Stephanie: Are you talking to me?

Chelsea: No. Actually, I'm talking to my future alpha chi theta sister. We've already made $800, and Morgan is loving the auction.

Stephanie: Why wouldn't she?

Chelsea: Are you okay?

Stephanie: What was up with you waltzing Morgan over to see Max?

Chelsea: I just thought that they should meet before their date.

Stephanie: Is that in the auction bylaws or...

Chelsea: Do you have a problem with Morgan and Max?

Stephanie: No. I have a problem with my friend playing matchmaker behind my back.

Kayla: You don't need to resort to threats.

Philip: I'm giving you the facts.

Steve: Yeah, maybe. Maybe not.

Philip: You want proof? I'll get a DNA test on the baby.

Kayla: You can't force a DNA test.

Philip: Then I'll get a court order.

Steve: You just do whatever you have to do.

Philip: Well, I'd like to see him. Where is he?

Kayla: He's actually at the hospital having some tests.

Philip: Why? What kind of tests?

Steve: He was throwing up.

Philip: He's sick?

Kayla: Not exactly. They found some toxins in his system.

Philip: Oh, my God. Is he all right?

Kayla: As far as I know, his condition is improving.

Philip: As far as you know? What does that mean?

Kayla: Child Protective Services has taken him away from us, and, um, when he is released from the hospital, he'll be going home with different parents.

Philip: What did you do to him?

Kayla: Excuse me?

Philip: It wouldn't be the first time Steve did something crazy.

Steve: Listen! I don't know anything about it, but if you want to see crazy, I'll show you crazy.

Philip: Mr. Johnson! Hey!

Steve: You hear me? Huh?

We will return for the second half of "Days of our Lives" in just a moment.

Chelsea: Stephanie, ending things with Max was your idea. Getting into Alpha Chi Theta was your idea. This whole auction thing, again, your idea.

Stephanie: I'm just trying to be Max's friend.

Chelsea: Maybe Max doesn't want to be friends.

Stephanie: Well, that's real mature.

Chelsea: Tell him, not me.

Stephanie: Look. It's not like Jeremy's hiding under a rock in Salem, okay? He's totally out of my life.

Chelsea: So you're over Jeremy?

Stephanie: Yes.

Chelsea: And Max?

Stephanie: Is just a friend.

Chelsea: Stephanie, you're getting jealous.

Stephanie: Of Morgan Hollingsworth? Please.

Chelsea: Then do me a favor, okay? Just go work the crowd, bid on a guy, and forget about them.

Stephanie: You know what? You're right. Everyone else is having some fun. Why shouldn't I?

Chelsea: Exactly. So go.

Max: I'm not gonna lie to you. I took a shot on a commuter airline. The guy running it was a crook. It went under. I lost my shirt and the garage.

Morgan: Well, it's not always a bad thing lose your shirt.

Max: [Chuckles] Well, I figured this is as good a place as any to start over, you know?

Morgan: You know, most guys I know would have run home to their parents, got into his little trust fund.

Max: Well, I ran home. I got a nice, hot bowl of chowder and some good advice.

Morgan: Wait. You don't hate your parents...

Max: No. They're great. I love them.

Morgan: ...Or blame them for everything?

Max: Should I?

Morgan: What planet are you from?

Max: Was that a compliment? Was that -- it was good.

Morgan: If you can't tell, then I'm being taught wrong.

Stephanie: All right! Break is over! Who's next? Adrienne, let's rock this thing.

Adrienne: Well, all righty, then. We will. Okay. Tommy, you heard the little lady. Why don't you come up here and show us what you're worth? [Crowd cheers] Mr. Tommy, come on up.

Cordy: Are you going to bid?

Steph: Why would I want a piece of that? I open with $50!

Adrienne: $50. Do I hear $55? $55. It's kind of like 50 cent but more. $55? $55? $55?

Girl: $55!

Adrienne: $55. Excellent. Do I hear $60?

Stephanie: $75!

Adrienne: $75! Big spender over here. Do I hear $100? Come on. Give me a bid right here.

Stephanie: $105!

Nurse: You guys keep it up and you'll be cooling your heels outside.

Philip: The guy jumped me.

Steve: I'm sorry. I went off. But you accused us of hurting Pocket.

Philip: That kind of proves my point, don't you think? And his name is Tyler.

Kayla: Philip, we don't know what's making the baby sick, but we're as worried about him as you are.

Steve: That's right. Now, listen, man. Maybe he's yours. Maybe he's not. But to us, he feels like our kid as much as anybody else's. Do you get that?

Kayla: If you want to get a DNA test done, you'll have to take it up with Child Protective Services.

Philip: Fine. Consider it done.

Steve: [Exhales deeply]

Kayla: Oh, my.

Steve: Do you believe his story?

Kayla: He sounded pretty sure.

Steve: Yeah, he did.

Kayla: What happened? We were so happy.

Steve: Come on, baby. Listen. Pocket's gonna be fine. If Philip has a claim on him...

Kayla: Then we've lost him for good.

Steve: Not necessarily. Now, you know me. I don't give up on the people I love.

Kayla: Who you telling?

Stefano: Well. Hmm. Prison is very kind to you, Steve. No restraints. A lovely visitor.

Steve: What do you want? I don't mean to interrupt.

Kayla: Yes, you do.

Stefano: I'm glad that you are here.,

Kayla.: Why, so she can protect you?

Stefano: One does not have to be an enemy for life.

Steve: They don't?

Stefano: Well [Clears throat] Perhaps my visit here will mend old wounds, hmm?

Steve: What are you doing here?

Stefano: I've come to drop my charges against you. I paid the TV station a handsome amount of money for any inconvenience or damage, and the manager said that he is not gonna pursue any legal action against you.

Kayla: So Steve is free to leave?

Stefano: As of this moment, he is officially a free man.

E.J.: My father may be ill, but he has a legion of people who owe him a great many favors.

Sami: More threats, E.J.?

E.J.: You can dismiss him, but he's a very dangerous man.

Lucas: Really? You want us to be afraid, don't you? That's exactly what you want, because that works for you. The fact is -- Stefano -- he's much e?

E.J.: True. My father's not going to be around for much longer.

Lucas: No.

E.J.: But he's lived his entire life being faithful to a promise that he made my grandfather. He's not about to turn his back on that promise.

Lucas: Now he's got Andre on life support. What's he gonna do?

E.J.: I'm telling you, Stefano's power is not dependent on Andre.

Sami: What if he's right?

Lucas: He isn't right.

E.J.: Look, Samantha. Listen to him, and your family faces years of more pain and suffering. You know as well as I do. My father will see to that.

Lucas: There's no one to call. You just proved that. So why don't you and your father pack your bags and head back to Italy?

[Crowd cheering]

Girl: $285!

Adrienne: $285.

Stephanie: Too rich for my blood.

Adrienne: Can I get $290? Oh, my gosh.

Cordy: I'll float you a loan.

Stephanie: You need your cash to pay for Ford.

Adrienne: Going once. Tommy going twice and sold for $285. The women's shelter thanks you.

Stephanie: At least I can still afFord a drink.

Chelsea: Cordy, this is Ford Decker.

Stephanie: Meet me at the bar.

Cordy: I'll be right there.

Ford: I wanted to thank you.

Cordy: Me?

Ford: Yeah. You shelled out a lot of coin tonight. The least I could do is find something special.

Adrienne: Oh! Okay.

Ford: Are you busy tomorrow night?

Cordy: Tomorrow?

Ford: Unless you wanted to wait till the weekend, but why waste a good time when we can get to know each other sooner?

Cordy: Okay. Sure.

Ford: So I'll swing by the sorority around 7:00?

Cordy: Okay.

Ford: I'll see you then.

Cordy: Am I nuts? I can't go on a date with him tomorrow night.

Chelsea: Why not?

Cordy: Do you know the last time I went on a date?

Chelsea: So? Who cares?

Cordy: Guys like that aren't into girls like me.

Chelsea: I don't know why you would say that.

Cordy: Because I paid so much and he's just being nice.

Chelsea: No. Cordy, listen. If he was just being nice, he would be trying to postpone the date for as long as he could. He wouldn't be pushing it up to tomorrow night.

Cordy: I have nothing to wear, and I'm terrible with makeup.

Chelsea: Okay. Then Stephanie and I will swing by, and we'll help you get ready.

Cordy: Seriously? You guys would do that?

Chelsea: Yeah. Why not?

Cordy: I cannot wait for you guys to be in Alpha Chi Theta.

Chelsea: You mean if we get into Alpha Chi Theta.

Morgan: Hi. An Alpha Chi Theta sister always shows poise and confidence in any situation and always assumes complete success in any endeavor. You and Stephanie completely annihilated the competition. Welcome to Alpha Chi Theta.

Chelsea: We're in?

Morgan: Yeah.

Chelsea: Oh, my God! Thank you! Thank you so much. Does Stephanie know? She's gonna freak out.

Stephanie: What I'm trying to say is I'm sorry. You raised a lot of money for the shelter, and if that means putting up with Morgan Hollingsworth for a whole night, I should give you a medal, not rag on you. So, what do you say? Do you forgive me?

Steve: Okay. You've had your fun. Now get out.

Stefano: Oh, I don't blame you for being skeptical.

Steve: No? No? Just yesterday you threatened to destroy me.

Stefano: I thought Andre killed Elvis. Now, it's understandable a man might lose his temper, huh?

Kayla: How long until Steve can be released?

Stefano: I just signed the papers. I cannot speak for the FCC. It may require a little fine or a hearing.

Steve: So you're serious? You won't come after me or my family?

Stefano: No. Live the rest of your days without any interference from the DiMeras.

Kayla: I can't believe it's over.

Stefano: I will leave you to celebrate.

Steve: Wait a minute. What's the catch, Stefano?

Lucas: Come on. Let's go. Let's get out of here.

E.J.: Samantha, if you don't sign this, you're putting your whole family in jeopardy.

Lucas: Stefano has taught him how to sit there and make it look like he's holding the wrath of hell in his hands, but it's not. It's just a piece of paper. You want to sign it? Fine. Sign it. I'm just asking you to just give it some time. Give it one day. That's all I'm asking for.

E.J.: You would be making a grave mistake.

Lucas: This vendetta's been going on for decades. I don't think one more day is gonna matter too much.

Sami: Okay. 24 hours. But after that, I have to make ad all gonna have to live with it. Excuse me. Do you have a second?

E.J.: Look, Samantha, nothing that your family says is going to change the reality of this situation.

Lucas: Why are you so afraid to give her a little time?

E.J.: Because I know what happens if she doesn't go through with our wedding.

Lucas: Would you stop trying to scare her?

E.J.: I'm making sure she doesn't get a false sense of security, Lucas.

Sami: If Lucas is right, then the DiMeras have lost their power. Then there is no reason for me to leave the man that I love.

Steve: Come again. You want to get me out on the street so you can whack me.

Stefano: What a ridiculous term.

Kayla: Is he right?

Stefano: No.

Kayla: Then why are you doing it?

Stefano: The past days have been very difficult for both our families, and one loss... unites us -- Benjamin.

Steve: Don't say his name. Don't you bring him into this.

Stefano: The reason that I freed you is because I know how hurt Benjamin would be if he knew that you would be punished this way. It's only one of the last things that I can do for him, so, please, let me honor his memory -- all right? -- Without question. And I would appreciate that you honor my privacy and leave me to my solitude, as I will leave you to yours.

Officer: Excuse me, Mr. Johnson. Commissioner Carver signed your release. Check in with the desk sergeant on your way out.

Kayla: We'll do that.

Officer: Okay.

Stefano: [Exhales deeply] It's a great comfort to know that my son's death...will not count as vengeance. Ciao.

Kayla: [Scoffs]

Steve: What was that? He changes his mind, just like that? What happened?

Kayla: I guess he really does have feelings for Benjy.

Steve: We need to get out of here. We need to get Pocket home, where he belongs.

Philip: Don't count on it. Kayla, you remember Mrs. Meyers from Child Protective Services?

Kayla: Of course I do.

Meyers: Mr. Kiriakis was asking me about the investigation.

Steve: What investigation?

Philip: The D.A. is looking into charging you with endangering a minor.

Kayla: What?!

Philip: Mrs. Meyers thinks she's got a pretty good shot at building a case against the both of you.

Steve: Come on.

Max: Yeah, sure, I forgive you.

Stephanie: So, what's the plan?

Max: The plan?

Stephanie: With Morgan. I hope that credit card can take a hit. Actually, she doesn't care what we do.

Stephanie: Max, she's all about the label.

Max: Really?

Stephanie: Like you didn't notice?

Max: No, I didnít. Actually, we, uh, talked about me the whole time.

Stephanie: And how much you love her name and her hair and her eyes.

Max: I told her that I was going under because of Jeremy and touch the sky. She was cool about it.

Stephanie: She's slumming, Max.

Max: Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Stephanie: Look, I'm sorry. I just don't want you to be crushed when a better offer comes cruising by in a convertible and Morgan hops in.

Max: Wait. Where do you get off warning me about Morgan or any other girl?

Stephanie: I thought we were friends.

Max: Friends. Friends. Right. Yeah. That was the plan when we were stranded in the cave.

Stephanie: Yeah.

Max: Yeah.

Stephanie: No.

Max: No?

Stephanie: I mean, it could have been more --

Max: But it wasn't, because Jeremy came back to Salem, cruising by in his convertible, and you just jumped right in.

Stephanie: Everything was crazy then.

Max: You made your decision, Steph, and now you're all over me about some girl I haven't even dated yet.

Stephanie: I just know the type.

Max: Yeah. I like the type -- a lot. And if I have anything to say about it, Morgan's gonna get hurt $500 worth a whole lot more.

Happiness runs in a circular motion [Crowd cheering]

Chelsea: So the tally for tonight's auction is...

Adrienne: Drum roll.

Chelsea: $1,695. [Crowd cheers]

Adrienne: And I speak for every woman at the shelter when I say thanks to all you guys. You've truly been terrific. And have fun on those dates and don't do anything you can't tell your mother.

[Laughter] There's one more thing, and it's on a serious note. I know that some of you are designated drivers, and I am very proud of each and every one of you, but should anyone find him or herself in need of a ride, and you know what I'm talking about, please come see me, and I'll make sure you get that ride, even if I have to throw you in the back of my car and drive you myself. Now let's have a big round of applause for Chelsea and my niece Stephanie. Come on up here, Stephanie, please. These two girls put this whole thing together.

Stephanie: I just want to send a special thank-you out to Max Brady for getting things started off today. [Cheers and applause] Oh, and to my new sorority sister who beat me out on that last hottie, I'll get you next time.

Adrienne: I think it's on. [Laughter]

Chelsea: All right, you guys. It's time to party. There's plenty of food. Eat up and have a good time. [Crowd cheers]

Adrienne: All righty. I believe it's my shift at the bar now.

Chelsea: Can you put this in your safe?

Adrienne: Oh, absolutely.

Chelsea: We did it. We got into Alpha Chi Theta. Morgan made it official.

Stephanie: Yeah. Cordy told me. It's great.

Chelsea: Well, I, for one, can't wait to check out some rooms.

Stephanie: Not happening unless you pick off an upperclassman.

Chelsea: Well, then next year. We'll get a great place with our own bathroom.

Stephanie: I'm sure Morgan gets prime digs and the rest of them just eat off of her scraps.

Chelsea: That's pretty harsh, Steph.

Stephanie: Do you trust her?

Chelsea: I barely know her.

Stephanie: We have to do something before she pulls a number on Max.

Chelsea: We do?

Stephanie: I know. We'll follow them on their date.

Chelsea: I'm not following anybody.

Stephanie: Friends don't let friends date flesh eaters.

Chelsea: [Sighs] We could actually be the first sisters to be kicked out of Alpha Chi Theta before the induction ceremony.

Stephanie: Let me handle the details, okay? You just come along for the ride, all right? Come on.

Meyers: I am afraid this discussion is very premature.

Philip: But you said --

Meyers: The investigation is ongoing. The baby will be placed in a foster home once he's released from the hospital. How is he?

Meyers: I'm not at liberty to discuss the situation.

Kayla: He's not a situation.

Steve: Listen. All your investigation is gonna prove is that the baby is safe and happy with us.

Philip: Then how did he end up in the hospital -- twice?

Steve: You need to relax, man.

Meyers: Until we know more, the baby will remain in the custody of the newly appointed foster family.

Philip: I just want to see my son -- that's it.

Meyers: When it is determined that he is your son, we will discuss visitation. I'm sorry, Mr. Kiriakis. I have another meeting.

Kayla: We are never gonna see him again.

Steve: Oh, come on, baby. That's not true. They're gonna figure out that we didn't hurt him.

Philip: Why should anybody believe that?

Steve: Hey, man --

Kayla: Hey, hey, you know, you could stand there and threaten us, or I could show you a picture -- the baby.

Philip: You have a picture?

Kayla: Yes. Here. I took in the park the other day.

Philip: And they didn't say anything at the hospital about where he'd be living?

Kayla: No.

Steve: What do you have in mind, Philip?

Philip: Can I keep this?

E.J.: Samantha, it is not wise to turn this decision over to Lucas and your family. You're hardly gonna get a very balanced view of reality, are you?

Sami: I make my own decisions. My family knows that.

Lucas: Mm-hmm. You heard the lady.

E.J.: Ignoring this danger is a grave mistake.

Sami: Oh, you don't have to sell your father as a killer to me. All I have to do is ask John or my dad.

E.J.: They lived. They were lucky.

Lucas: Would you lighten up on the tough talk? You need two signatures on that annulment -- mine and Sami's.

Sami: E.J., I will think about what you said, and then I will make my own decision. I want 24 hours, and you have to respect that. And now I'm gonna go home with my husband.

E.J.: Okay. Very well.

Lucas: Yeah. Just tell your bishop friend, "Thanks, but no, thanks."

[Door closes]

E.J.: A lot can happen in a day.

Philip: One way or the other, I'm getting my son.

Lucas: I told the DiMeras what to do with that vendetta.

John: The DiMeras are out of moves. This game is over.

Sami: Listen to me. It's not over at all.

Shawn: Why should my sister's body never be found?

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