Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 10/3/07 - Canada; Thursday 10/4/07 - U.S.A.


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Bo: Let her go, André.

Stefano: Listen to him, André.

André: It's a new war, Stefano, with a much prettier face.

Bo: You hurt her, you're only making things worse.

Stefano: Release her, you fool!

André: What do you want me to do, handcuff myself? She's my ticket out of here.

Bo: Let my wife go.

André: I will eventually, one way or the other.

Hope: Bo! Bo! [Indistinct shouting]

Roman: Arrest him. Read him his rights.

Steve: Come on!

Roman: Right now.

Stefano: Well done, Steve. You just saved Roman, and you just got Hope killed.

Sami: [Gasping]

E.J.: Samantha.

Sami: Oh. Oh, God. Thank God. We're all right, E.J. We're gonna be okay. How are you? Can you breathe?

E.J.: Do you know how beautiful you are?

Sami: Oh, my God! You're such a -- unbelievable. A near-death experience -- it doesn't change you a bit, does it?

E.J.: That's not any way to speak to your future husband, eh?

Sami: Oh, don't remind me.

E.J.: Come on. Samantha, it doesn't have to be a terrible experience, you know?

Sami: Speak for yourself.

E.J.: Oh, God. "Blah blah blah." It's like Lucas is your default setting.

Sami: My what?

E.J.: He's like a bad habit, you know? You're used to loving Lucas. You're expected to love Lucas. You just want him behind like a good little girl.

Sami: You are unbelievable. You know what you're like? You're like a dose of bad medicine that I have to take because my family needs to live, but I'm holding my breath and dreading every second of it.

E.J.: It'll be worth it, all right?

Sami: I love Lucas. Lucas is everything to me.

André: Stop fighting.

Hope: Let go of me, André!

André: Not yet.

Hope: Bo!

Bo: Freeze!

Hope: Ohh! [Gasping]

André: This is a private party, Bo. Call off the dogs.

Bo: You got nowhere to go, man. There are cops all around.

André: It doesn't really matter when you're on a rooftop stranded with a beautiful hostage. Stand down. Make sure all the exits are covered. I'll handle this.

Moreno: Yes, sir.

Bo: Go. Go. It's just us.

André: Let the games begin.

Bo: It's gonna be a pretty short game. You've reached a dead end.

André: Well, I could always jump, couldn't I? I've done it before -- quite successfully. Only this time -- lucky me -- I have your beautiful wife to break my fall. Unh.

Chelsea: Are you sure that this is legal?

Stephanie: Ask your dad. He's a cop.

Chelsea: It just seems a little bit like --

Stephanie: Hey, what they do on their date is their business. We just hold the auction.

Chelsea: Like cattle.

Stephanie: Or pigs, depending on the guy. [Sighs] Come on. [Typing] Okay. Here's the list. Does it look like I forgot anyone?

Chelsea: No. I think you got all the major frats.

Stephanie: Okay. Good. Now, how does this sound? "Bid on a bod." No, wait. Even better. "Auction your assets."

Chelsea: I think that we should go with plan "a" and abandon the whole auction angle.

Stephanie: [Sighs] Living in a dorm bites, Chelse. I mean, sharing a bathroom with 15 girls with athlete's foot -- not my idea of a good time.

Chelsea: I thought that we were on campus to get an education.

Stephanie: That, too. Bet you all the sisters show up.

Chelsea: There's just one little problem. We still don't have any guys to put on the auction block.

Stephanie: Uh, yet.

E.J.: I understand completely.

Sami: What, you think your whole British-charm routine is gonna make me just fall into your arms?

E.J.: With a little bit of persuasion.

Sami: You can persuade all you like. I love my husband.

E.J.: Let's not forget he's about to become your ex-husband, shall we?

Sami: Only legally.

E.J.: Look, Samantha, I know that this is hard for you, okay, so let's --

Sami: Hey, hey, hey, don't touch me. No touching. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere -- no touching.

E.J.: You'd think we were married already -- all these rules.

Sami: Get used to it.

E.J.: Is that right? Come on, then. Let's get you to the hospital, shall we?

Sami: No. I don't need your help.

E.J.: You think you're okay to drive?

Sami: I'm not your problem.

E.J.: Okay. Fine. I'll head over to the television station, see what's going on there.

Sami: Like you care about my dad.

E.J.: You care, so I care.

Sami: Oh, shut up. Oh!

E.J.: Samantha, come on. Here. Let me help you.

Sami: No, I don't want your help.

E.J.: All right. Look. At least let me help you. Come on.

Sami: I don't need --

E.J.: Look, let me help you at least get out of here.

Sami: I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.

E.J.: I'm just trying to be a gentleman.

Sami: [Exhales sharply] Good luck with that.

Roman: It's all right. Take it easy on him.

Steve: Hey, man, you need to get to the hospital.

Roman: It's not me I'm worried about.

Steve: Let me tell you something. André was lying about Sami.

Roman: I don't know, Steve. It's been way too long.

Steve: Lucas got there in time, then.

Roman: Then why haven't I heard from Lucas?

Steve: Just keep calling him on his cellphone. Why did they invent those things?

Roman: Yeah. All right. Officer, take Mr. Johnson to lockup -- single cell. Give him his one phone call here and make sure he doesn't talk to anybody without a lawyer.

Stefano: This maniac just held a gun to my head.

Steve: Good times.

Roman: Don't say anything else, Steve.

Steve: I'd do it again.

Roman: Steve, don't make it worse.

Stefano: I hope you are listening, officer, because I may ask you to testify. By the time I am through... you will be spending the rest of your miserable life in that State Hospital.

Steve: For what? Wanting you dead? Hell, that makes me the sanest dude in Salem.

Stefano: Enjoy your little victory here, Steve, because you're going to live on the memory of it for a very, very long time.

Bo: André, you jump, you die. You don't want to do that.

André: So you say.

Bo: Come on. Stefano needs you. He's counting on you.

André: He has no use for me. Didn't you hear him? He made it quite clear. He proclaimed E.J. his rightful heir.

Hope: You can change his mind. André, end this vendetta, and Stefano will give you anything -- anything.

André: Well, he gave me Tony's face. The empire was supposed to follow. [Helicopter blades whirring] And then I was supposed to jump for the rest of my life when he said "jump."

Bo: Bottom line -- you kept your end of the bargain. He knows that.

André: He didn't keep his word!

Bo: That was wrong of him. He was angry. Not that I blame you. You did kill his son.

Hope: André, listen to me, okay? Listen to me. He'll change his mind. Now he has no one to leave the DiMera empire to.

Bo: Just let her go. You'll end this vendetta. Stefano is an old man. All he wants is peace. He'll be grateful.

André: [Chuckles] Or I kill her, and then I don't need his permission to take charge of the DiMera empire -- no -- and it's up to me to decide if and when the vendetta ends.

Bo: Come on, André. You know me better than that. If you kill my wife, I kill you. You let her go, I give the word and you walk. You take a plane out of here, leave this whole mess behind.

André: You just made... a big mistake.

Bo: André, wait!

André: No!

Hope: [Gasping] Always a meteorologist and you're always a mom.

Max: Hey.

Chelsea: Hey! Take a seat.

Max: No. Thanks. I can’t.

Chelsea: What's up?

Max: Um, I'm here to get a job.

Chelsea: So you're really losing the garage?

Max: Yep. I am really losing the garage.

Chelsea: Another one of Jeremy's greatest hits.

Max: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Stephanie: Uh, Max, Jeremy and I are totally over.

Max: Good for you.

Chelsea: So, if you're in the market...

Max: For what?

Chelsea: Girls.

Max: All right. What's with you two? Hmm? What's going on?

Stephanie: We need volunteers.

Max: To do what exactly?

Stephanie: That is up to you.

Chelsea: And it'll be a lot easier than rebuilding a transmission.

Max: How much have you guys been drinking, 'cause --

Chelsea: Not that much.

Stephanie: Max, we just want you to spend the night with a hot co-ed. Is that a problem?

Bo: André, what the hell are you doing?

André: What happened to the calm voice, Detective Brady? What, you don't think I know the basics to hostage negotiation? Keep cool and give the gunman hope. Stall for time.

Hope: Bo wasn't stalling.

Bo: What are you talking about, man? There's no Swat Team gonna burst in here. It's just the three of us standing here talking.

Hope: Oh, God, Bo!

Bo: Stefano used you. He used you, right? And you need payback. I'll help you with that.

André: How?

Bo: Immunity. We cut a deal. You testify against him. You tell us all the things he forced you to do. He goes to prison for the rest of his life, and you walk out of here a free man.

André: I could go visit him and no charges?

Bo: Right. You build our case against him. I'll lean on the D.A. Just say the word, and it's done.

André: You can't save me. No one can. Because you're a liar, just like Stefano.

Hope: [Screams]

Roman: Moreno, get me some news.

Steve: Hey, man, you need to take it easy.

Roman: I got to know about Hope.

Steve: The boys will keep you plugged in.

Roman: Give me word on my daughter, too, Moreno.

Moreno: Yes, sir.

Roman: Steve, thanks.

Steve: You get out of here and get better.

Roman: All right.

Stefano: Get this human waste out of my sight.

Steve: Whoa. Whoa. Hey. Give me a minute, huh?

Stefano: Are you just going to stand there?

Steve: [Italian accent] Yes, they're just going to stand there. [Normal voice] You're all done calling the shots.

Stefano: You know, with the vendetta ending, destroying you is going to be a pleasant distraction.

Steve: You know what would be even more fun?

Stefano: What?

Steve: If we ended up in the same cellblock together.

Stefano: I've had enough.

Steve: Until someone sticks a shiv in you and lets all the air out of that big, fat ego.

Stefano: No one talks to Stefano DiMera like that for very long.

E.J.: Father. Father.

Stefano: [Gasps] My God. You're alive. You're alive. André said --

E.J.: No, no, no, no, no. We're fine. We escaped, okay?

Stefano: Oh, I'm so grateful. Thank you, God. Well, let me look at you. You're not hurt.

E.J.: No. I'm okay. I'm okay.

Steve: He's okay. You're okay. We're all okay. What do you say, square? Can we call it even?

E.J.: After what you did? I don't think so.

Steve: Well, I didn't bury anyone alive.

Stefano: Don't bother with this lunatic.

E.J.: Shh! No talking. You're tired. Sit down.

Stefano: No, no. I'm more concerned about you.

E.J.: I'm fine, okay? You're really all right?

Stefano: Yes. Look, I want to know, what did André do to you?

E.J.: He tied us up in the Brady Pub. He turned on the gas. We managed to escape. It's fine.

Stefano: And Samantha -- she's all right?

E.J.: Yes. She's good.

Stefano: And so --

E.J.: [Laughs]

Stefano: So you were together, as you should be.

E.J.: Yeah. Yeah. We were together. Look, Father, I think we need to get you home, okay?

Stefano: Home? Ah, home. You know... Benjy is gone.

E.J.: Yeah. Yeah. I heard.

Stefano: He was such a beautiful soul. I-I-I cannot understand how André could do such a thing! And then if I lost you --

E.J.: No, no, Father. You're not gonna lose me, okay? You're not gonna lose me.

Stefano: You know, I did not want my children to be part of all this madness.

E.J.: Okay. Look. Enough talking, okay? You need to rest. Let's go home, all right?

Stefano: Wait. Wait. It's all right. I'm thinking like I failed my father and now I'm failing my children.

E.J.: Look at me. You're not failing anybody, okay? You taught us that family and honor -- these are things that are not to be dictated to us by anything other than our beliefs.

Stefano: There is no honor in burying your children.

E.J.: There is honor in our way of life, you know? We have to protect it for those that have gone, those generations that are going to come.

Stefano: I don't know. I don't know, Elvis, you know? [Exhales deeply] It might be over.

E.J.: It's not over. This is the beginning of a new DiMera Dynasty. Our way of life will go on.

[Knock on door]

Sami: Knock, knock.

Roman: Oh, my God. You're alive. Oh, thank God. Get over here. Oh, sweet-- oh, sweetie. Oh, God. Oh! Oh!

Sami: Daddy.

Roman: Did Lucas find you?

Sami: No. No. How would he know where to look?

Roman: Well, André was bragging about killing you and E.J.

Sami: Oh, God. No. He must have gotten to the pub after we escaped.

Roman: So you haven't seen him?

Sami: No. I tried calling his cell, but I didn't get an answer, and I just wanted to get to the hospital as soon as I could. I was so worried about all the gas that I had inhaled affecting the twins.

Roman: Are they all right?

Sami: Well, the tests show that there's not a problem right now, so we'll just have to wait and see. Daddy, we have to stop checking into this place. The room service here -- it sucks.

Roman: I know. Tell me about it. Oh, my God. What do you have there? What do you have?

Sami: I made a card for you, Dad.

Roman: You made a card?

Sami: [Giggles]

Roman: I haven't gotten one of these in a long time.

Sami: You're still the best dad in the whole -- you're the best daddy in the whole world, Daddy.

Roman: Baby, it's all right. It's okay. It's okay, sweetheart.

Sami: [Crying]

Roman: I'm fine, okay? [Smooches] I love you.

Sami: Daddy, I was so worried. What happened with André, Dad?

Roman: André took Hope hostage. Bo went after them.

Sami: Oh, my God. That's not possible. The vendetta is over.

Roman: Well, I guess André didn't get that memo.

Sami: That's it. Once I marry E.J., Stefano is never gonna hurt our family --

Roman: You're not gonna marry E.J. Wells.

Sami: It is the only way to protect our family.

Roman: Then who the hell's gonna protect you? And what about Lucas?

Sami: This is not forever.

Roman: Sami, violence and revenge is in the DiMera blood, and an arranged marriage is not gonna change that.

Sami: You don't understand. Stefano thinks that this will fulfill Santo's wishes. He wants this marriage to happen.

Roman: We are talking about killers here, Sami. You give E.J. or Stefano one little excuse, they will reignite this war, and you and your kids are gonna be right in the middle of it. Then what?

Bo: I'm not lying, André.

André: [Speaks indistinctly] And not even the great Bo Brady can get me immunity for that.

Bo: Yes, I can. Abe Carver is the Police Commissioner. He's practically family. His deputy commissioner is my brother. You let Hope go, we'll get this done. You're not trapped here. You do have a choice.

André: So do you. So, what will it be? How shall the lady die -- with a bullet or a fall?

Hope: [Gasping]

Max: I am not the detective in the family, so I can't crack your little code.

Stephanie: There's no code.

Max: Then stop talking in riddles.

Stephanie: What do you want to know?

Max: The score.

Chelsea: Well, right now I think it's 2-1.

Max: Okay. Well, have your fun.

Stephanie: Max, I just want you to go out.

Max: With you?

Stephanie: Not specifically.

Max: Well, then, I need to go talk to Adrienne.

Stephanie: Listen. It could be fun.

Max: Being on the outside of you guys' little joke here is not that fun.

Chelsea: It's not a joke, actually. Stephanie and I are kind of putting together this charity-auction thing.

Stephanie: You could bring in some serious money as soon as our future sorority sisters get a look at all your assets. [Giggles]

Max: You want to... auction me off?

Stephanie: You and a bunch of other guys.

Chelsea: It's for a really good cause.

Stephanie: A shelter for battered women. Think about it.

Max: Think about me meeting a girl and then put my heart through a meat grinder again? No, thanks.

Chelsea: Max, it's just one date, okay? Nobody's asking you for a lifetime commitment.

Stephanie: I mean, what's your heart got to do with it?

Max: Nothing. Not anymore. Sorry. Not at your service.

Chelsea: Well, can you say "burned"?

Stephanie: That edge was kind of hot.

Chelsea: He still wants you.

Stephanie: Yeah. The meat-grinder crack -- dead giveaway.

Chelsea: Stephanie, all you have to do is give Max the nod, okay? Then he's totally yours.

Roman: Just in time. Why don't you talk some sense into her?

Lucas: Yes, sir. I'll do my best.

Sami: Lucas, I'm so glad you're here.

Lucas: How you doing? You okay?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah. And the twins are okay, too?

Lucas: You see the doctor?

Sami: Yeah. Yeah. I got checked out. I'm sorry that I missed you at the pub. What's wrong?

Lucas: Nothing.

Sami: Come on. Obviously something is bothering you. What is it?

Lucas: I'm worried about you, okay?

Sami: It's not just that. There's something bothering you. Tell me what it is.

Lucas: Well, for starters, our children might be raised by the DiMera’s. All the trouble that's gonna cause. And you know we're gonna end up in court. You know that, don't you?

Sami: No, we're not.

Lucas: Yes, we are. Stepparents have visitation rights, and sometimes they even get custody.

Sami: Come on. That is not gonna happen.

Lucas: Here you are, pouring all your faith into a guy who raped you, a guy who lies to you.

Sami: I don't want to. I don't have a choice.

Lucas: Yes, you do. Listen to me. I've been thinking. I want you to leave Salem with me.

Stefano: I was wrong to lose faith in you.

E.J.: Well, we're over that, eh?

Stefano: You're right. It's too late, because our family certainly is not what it was.

E.J.: No, Father, I don't believe that. Samantha is just about to have twins.

Stefano: Lucas' twins.

E.J.: Lucas' twins by blood.

Stefano: You don't think that he's going to just turn over control of the children, do you?

E.J.: Father, look. They're going to be raised as my family. They'll be raised under my roof. Those children will be schooled in our ways. Lucas is gonna have a part-time influence, at best.

Stefano: Well, I suppose it's possible that they could, I don't know, bond with you somehow.

E.J.: With me, they're gonna be afForded a lifestyle that Lucas will never be able to contend with. He'll be demoted to some every-other-weekend visitor, and, in time, those visits will diminish.

Stefano: And you will accept the fact that they are not of your blood?

E.J.: Will you? Because, me, I can raise those children to be DiMera’s in every way.

Stefano: [Chuckles] You know, Lucas may have something to say about that.

E.J.: Well, then, maybe Lucas needs to be silenced.

André: So, how does your wife die, Detective Brady?

Bo: Either way, I put a bullet in your brain.

André: Well, go ahead. Just make sure you don't hit the wife.

Hope: Do it.

André: Yeah, do what she says, but make sure that it counts.

Adrienne: Max, working here is a lot different than working in a garage.

Max: Well, there's nobody better behind a bar or around a beer tap than a Brady.

Adrienne: I don't doubt that.

Max: And I'm good with a shaker.

Adrienne: Well, that's good to know.

Max: Pop wasn't easy on us. There was no featherbedding for his kids. I opened. I closed. Done cleanup. Everything.

Adrienne: It's just our clientele's a little different than the pub.

Max: What, more college kids?

Adrienne: The ones that are legal.

Max: And the ones who aren't?

Adrienne: We're polite but firm.

Max: Okay. So, what about maybe a trial run? Give me some shifts and, you know, no commitment. Look, Adrienne, I really need this job, all right? I could work for my folks at the pub, but they don't need the help. So it would just be a handout, and I don't want that.

Adrienne: Schedules are posted on Mondays. Don't be late. And everyone takes a turn on closing.

Max: Does this mean I have the job?

Adrienne: Oh, you got it.

Max: Thank you. Thank you. You won't regret it.

Adrienne: You know what? You'll be doing me a favor. My husband and my kids have been all over me about my hours. I think the girls could use a nice change of pace to look at. And I'm paying you for your smile, so don't be afraid to use it, mister.

Max: Okay.

Chelsea: That's three.

Stephanie: He looked again?

Chelsea: You know, Stephanie, it's okay for you to look back, too.

Stephanie: No. That's why we switched seats -- so I wouldn't feel tempted.

Chelsea: I just can't see Max serving beer to rowdy college guys.

Stephanie: Beer. That's it. We'll hit up the Greek websites and offer free beer and pizza.

Chelsea: Free?

Stephanie: Yeah. We'll do it on a football night. Adrienne has the satellite dish wired, so...

Chelsea: That'll get guys in.

Stephanie: Yeah, and girls like beer and pizza, and then we'll hit them up with the auction idea.

Chelsea: That could work.

Stephanie: Yeah. Guys will strut their stuff for the highest bidder.

Chelsea: Who's gonna pay for the free beer and pizza?

Stephanie: We'll take the money out of the auction money.

Chelsea: And you're gonna still have enough for Alpha Chi?

Stephanie: Absolutely. Okay. Help me write the ad.

Chelsea: Start with the word "free."

Stephanie: They are gonna be so jealous.

Chelsea: Who?

Stephanie: The losers who didn't think of this brilliant idea. By the way, I get first dibs on the hottest guy in the room.

Kayla: Oh, Steve!

Steve: I'm sorry I can't hug you back, baby.

Kayla: What were you thinking?

Steve: That I would use Stefano to save Roman's life.

Kayla: [Sighs]

Steve: Any word on Hope?

Kayla: Hope? Why? What's wrong?

Steve: I thought you knew. André DiMera took her hostage.

Kayla: What?!

Steve: They're up on the roof right now.

Kayla: Where's Bo?

Steve: He's up there.

Kayla: I don't believe this.

Steve: I was gonna go with them, but they arrested me here.

Kayla: Good. Good. And he better pray that André doesn't hurt anybody else in my family, because we've had all we're gonna take!

Hope: [Exhales deeply] Don't think about "what if."

André: Well, you're tired of me already, are you? Then what are we waiting for?

Bo: André, don't do it, man.

Adrienne: I tell you what -- on the house. How's that?

Stephanie: Perfect. So, what do you think, aunt Adrienne? The bachelor-auction idea -- isn't it the best one ever?

Adrienne: I like it. In fact, I like it so much I'm going to donate this place -- free beer and free pizza.

Stephanie: Are you kidding?

Adrienne: Nope.

Chelsea: No, no, no, no. We can't accept that. [Telephone rings]

Adrienne: It's my decision. No arguments.

Stephanie: This is awesome.

Chelsea: No. It's too much.

Stephanie: Chelsea, it's a gift.

Chelsea: I don't feel comfortable accepting it.

Stephanie: We didn't ask her, okay? She offered. She wants to help.

Chelsea: Stephanie, Adrienne can't afFord to let us use this place and give us free pizza and free beer.

Stephanie: It's smart business.

Chelsea: Oh, you're a business major now?

Stephanie: Listen, she gets this place full of happy return customers, and all the profits go to the shelter. The shelter wins, Alpha Chi Theta wins, we win, and the Cheatin' Heart wins.

Adrienne: Can I see you, please?

Stephanie: Chelse and I were just saying how cool it is that you're gonna help.

Adrienne: I need to talk to you in private.

Stephanie: Okay. Sure.

Max: Well, can I, uh, get you a refill?

Chelsea: I think I'm good. I take it you got the job.

Max: Yeah.

Chelsea: That's good.

Max: Well, the pay is good, and the tips should help.

Chelsea: And at least you don't have to work for a jerk like Jeremy.

Max: Ah, yes.

Stephanie: I have to go. My dad went psycho at the television station. I have to go find my mom or go to the police station.

Chelsea: Calm down. I'll take you.

Stephanie: No, you stay here. Work on the auction. We don't have much time to blow it off.

Max: I could take you if you want.

Stephanie: Yeah. Thank you.

Max: I'm just gonna go tell Adrienne.

Stefano: I admire your determination, Elvis.

E.J.: We can do this, Father, okay? Our family is very strong.

Stefano: Look. Tonight is not a night to make plans, all right? You just barely escaped getting killed, for goodness' sakes.

E.J.: Tonight is the perfect time, because tonight Samantha showed me that her heart does not lie with Lucas. It lies with me.

Stefano: Yet she remains with him.

E.J.: Oh, she does, yes, but out of some sense of guilt -- some kind of misguided sense of duty. She's having these children with him, but they don't tie her to him.

Stefano: All right. Tell me something. How do you intend to separate Samantha from Lucas?

E.J.: Well, I was hoping that you would do that for me.

Sami: You want to leave Salem?

Lucas: Yeah. I want to get you as far away from E.J. Wells as possible. I'd like to start over with my family. I'd like to provide for you and protect you, and I can do that if you'll just let me.

Sami: What can I say? I mean, it would be nice to get out of here and to not have to look over our shoulders all the time and...

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: ...Be safe. But come on, Lucas, Salem is our home.

Lucas: A home is us being together. All right? That's home. That's what we always talked about. It doesn't matter where we live, right?

Sami: Yeah, but family means so much to both of us. I want the twins -- we both want these twins to grow up with cousins and aunts and uncles.

Lucas: You're gonna do that with E.J.?

Sami: I'm not gonna be with E.J.

Lucas: Yes, you are, and I'm sorry. I thought this would be a little easier, okay? I thought this was a no-brainer.

Sami: Well, it's not. How can it be? What if we do leave, we save ourselves, we go off somewhere, if you and me and Will and the twins were safe? How can we be happy knowing that the rest of the Brady’s are getting picked off one by one? Lucas, we have talked about this. I'm not gonna be with E.J. forever.

Lucas: He's never gonna let you go. You know that, right? He'll figure out a way to keep you there.

Sami: He won't have that choice. Once Stefano is gone, it's over. Stefano is the one I made this bargain with, and it's his terms I am honoring.

Lucas: It doesn't work like that, honey. If you marry E.J., he's never gonna let you be my wife again.

André: And I don't think she's in good hands.

Bo: It's okay, Fancy Face. You're gonna be okay.

André: I wouldn't promise what I can't deliver.

Bo: Look at me, Hope. Look at me. When push comes to shove, he does not want to die, and push has just come to shove.

Hope: Uhh! Over!

Bo: That's okay. I got you.

Hope: Don't you dare let go.

Bo: Don't look down. Look at me. Look at me! Up here.

Hope: Uhh! Bo! Bo! Oh! Oh, God.

Bo: Are you all right?

Hope: Don't talk.

Moreno: Are you all right, Mrs. Brady?

Hope: [Gasping] I am now.

Bo: What about André?

Moreno: He's still alive.

Bo: You got to be kidding me.

Moreno: He's in bad shape. The paramedics are staging him.

Bo: What about Roman?

Moreno: He's at the hospital. They called in to say he's stable.

Hope: Good.

Bo: You finish up down in the studio. We'll be down in a minute.

Moreno: Nice work, Detective.

Bo: Yeah. Some days you get lucky.

Hope: Some days...

Bo: Ow.

Hope: ...You get very lucky.

Steve: [Sighs] Come here. I'm sorry I upset you, baby. That wasn't part of my plan.

Kayla: I know that.

Steve: Roman is the police, right? They're on my side. They're not gonna let me drown.

Kayla: [Exhales sharply] I don't want to live without you again.

Steve: That's not gonna happen.

Kayla: Well, it happened for years. What you did here was so brave, but it was so sad for all of us.

Moreno: Let's go, Mr. Johnson.

Steve: You stay close, baby, will you?

Kayla: You know I will.

Stefano: So [Clears throat] Let me get something straight. Am I to assume...

E.J.: Oh. No. No. Of course not.

Stefano: All right. Elvis, with your marriage, the vendetta, the violence is over.

E.J.: Yeah. Of course. I respect that.

Stefano: So, what are your plans for Lucas?

E.J.: It's not my plan. It's, uh, grandfather's plan. You know? To seduce a woman, take her away from her church, from her family, and show her what she really wants.

Stefano: But Samantha is in love with a man, not an institution.

E.J.: She's in love with Lucas. Lucas I can deal with, all right? When she's living with me, once we're married, I can make her forget about Lucas. It's just a matter of time.

Stefano: Yes, you'll probably be doing her a favor to get her away from that simpleton.

E.J.: [Laughs] Look, all we need to do is get her to agree to the marriage and to the divorce.

Stefano: Well, that's not a problem. The only question is what type of persuasion would be most effective.

E.J.: Ah. What?

Sami: If I marry E.J., he won't let me be your wife again? Or you won't take me back? Which is it?

Lucas: I cannot hold us together alone.

Sami: You won't be alone.

Lucas: What am I supposed to do, just watch you save your family with E.J.?

Sami: Lucas, I didn't think I'd have to ask, but I will. I want you to wait for me. Please.

Lucas: I have been waiting for you. I've been waiting for you to tell me the truth and tell the police the truth instead of sneaking around with E.J. and making plans.

Sami: I am not planning something with E.J.

Lucas: Yes, you are planning something with him. You're always doing it, just like Colleen did. You know what? Maybe you and E.J. are destined to be together.

Sami: No. Lucas, you are my destiny.

Lucas: Then don't leave me.

Will: Is Dad right? Are you walking out on us?

[Indistinct talking on police radio]

Hope: You think he'll make it?

Bo: I don't know. He survived that last fall.

Hope: Not off a roof that high.

Bo: Either way, his days of terrorizing our family are over.

Hope: You're still quite a shot.

Bo: Well, I wasn't gonna let anything happen to you.

Hope: I couldn't stop thinking about how I used to lie in bed at night trying to imagine the sound of my mother's voice. I saw Ciara lying in a bed, Bo, trying to hear me talk to her and hearing nothing but silence.

Bo: Hey, hey. We're going home to our little girl right now, and you can talk to her for the rest of your life. You're safe. [Smooches]

Hope: That monster's still alive... and Steve's going to jail. So, you tell me, does it feel like the end to you?

Bo: No, Fancy Face. This whole thing -- it's far from over.

Philip: I may never find Tyler. I got to face the possibility that Tyler -- he could be dead.

Kayla: So whether he looks like a hero or not, there is not a jury in the world that is gonna let him go. This time, Steve's gonna have to pay.

Stefano: Your brother-in-law is going to spend the rest of his miserable life in jail.

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