Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 10/2/07 - Canada; Wednesday 10/3/07 - U.S.A.


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Chelsea: I'm not going through rush.

Stephanie: But you took the pin.

Chelsea: Oh, right, because I knew that was the only way that you would take one. Stephanie, this is what you want. I'm just gonna get in your way.

Stephanie: This isn't about me. It's about you. You're afraid to become a sorority sister.

Chelsea: Why, because I might suddenly feel the urge to be superficial?

Stephanie: No, you're not afraid of becoming like them. You're afraid you might not get the chance to.  

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Please.

Stephanie: Oh, my God. You're afraid of rejection. That's why you drop people the minute something goes wrong.

Chelsea: That is the lamest idea.

Stephanie: Do you remember when we first became friends and you were such a pain?

Chelsea: Because you tried to steal my boyfriend?

Stephanie: No. Because your adoptive parents had just died. And you were afraid that Bo and Hope weren't gonna want you, so you rejected them first.

Chelsea: What is this, introduction to armchair psychology?

Stephanie: And then you had that huge blowup with Nick.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. He slept with my mom. And if you recall, I did give him a second chance for that.

Stephanie: So you could reject him, which you did.

Chelsea: I can't talk to you about this.

Stephanie: Don't get mad. It's not a big deal. It's okay. This is a good thing. If we can figure out what's going on --

Chelsea: There's nothing going on, Stephanie. I don't have a fear of rejection -- not from Nick, not from Hope, not from Jett, not from my dad, not from anybody, especially not those stupid sorority girls.

Stephanie: Then pledge with me.

Chelsea: Real subtle.

Stephanie: Hey, if you don't care about getting in or not, what's the big deal? What do you have to lose?

Chelsea: Fine.

Stephanie: Fine.

Chelsea: Steph, I am so glad that you convinced me to do this.

Stephanie: I know. It's great, huh? You were being sarcastic.

Chelsea: Totally. It's freezing in here. Why did they have to drag us down here like it's boot camp?

Stephanie: It's called hazing.

Chelsea: Yeah, well, it stinks, okay? I was in the middle of the French Revolution, and I still have 30 pages to read tonight.

Stephanie: Don't be such a brain. Come on, this is exciting.

Chelsea: Yeah, Steph, it's really a blast and a half. I'm wasting precious study time. Look what they caught me in. Why do you look so good, huh?

Stephanie: Want some?

Chelsea: Did you know that they were gonna do this?

Stephanie: Seriously, Chelsea, you need to do your homework, okay? And I'm not talking about the French Revolution.

Chelsea: Is this what I have to look forward to for the next six weeks?

Stephanie: Yeah, so I'd invest in a cute pair of pajamas. And the hair and makeup, by the way, should always be camera-ready, even when you're sleeping, okay? You never know when they're gonna sweep in and kidnap you.

Chelsea: Thanks for the heads up.

Stephanie: It's her royal highness.

Morgan: Hi, ladies.

Stephanie: Hey.

Chelsea: Do you think we should curtsy when she comes in?

Morgan: Now, I know ya’ll were probably studying or with your boyfriends or performing your nightly rituals. And make no mistake -- a clear complexion is important here at Alpha Chi Theta.

Chelsea: So, do you think the accent's real?

Stephanie: About as real as her nose.

Morgan: But right now, pledges, we got some work to do.

Stephanie: Which frat do you want us to streak?

Morgan: Um, there will be no disrobing.

Stephanie: Oh, come on.

Morgan: But you will be bearing your souls. Because tonight, ladies, the Alpha Chi Theta sisterhood begins its process of deciding which of you will be joining us here and which of you will be sent packing.

Steve: All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're interrupting your regular broadcast to send out a message to André DiMera. Let Roman Brady go. Bring him to me alive, healthy, and soon or the curtain goes down on Stefano's last aria.

Hope: My God, Steve, what are you doing? Who knows if André's even watching this.

Bo: He's at the pub.

Hope: What?

Bo: I just talked to Sami. André has a bomb strapped to Roman. Call headquarters, find out if they know what's going on at the TV station. I'm gonna try to get Sami on the phone again.

Hope: Yeah, this is Hope Brady.

Bo: And find out if they've had any reports of an explosion at the pub.

Hope: Yeah, Bo wants to know if you had any calls about an explosion at the pub.

Bo: Come on, Sami, pick up. André's got to be watching this.

Steve: Hey. How's this for reality TV, huh? Listen, you people at home with small children, you might want to change the channel. 'Cause this is definitely adult programming. Come on, André. The clock is ticking, man. I am dead serious. You bring me Roman Brady unharmed or Stefano takes a bullet on live television.

André: What are you doing, Steve?

Roman: Sami, get out of here! Go!

E.J.: For God sake, André, diffuse the bomb or we're all gonna die!

Morgan: Okay, so, as ya’ll know, every year, Alpha Chi Theta raises money for a worthy cause. Once again, this year we will be working with the Haven House's women's shelter. Now, I certainly don't like to toot my own horn, but in the three years that I have been in charge, we have more than doubled our contributions.

Stephanie: Whoo! All right!

Morgan: Thank you. These poor women are depending on us. And we will not let them down.

Stephanie: That's right. Whoo!

Morgan: Now, Carmen has a sign-up sheet. What I'd like ya’ll to do is partner up. Each team will have the next 48 hours to raise as much cold, hard cash that you can get your little manicured hands on.

Stephanie: So, we can do anything?

Morgan: Well, it has to be legal, of course. No topless car washes or anything of that sort.

Stephanie: Man, that was my one idea.

Morgan: And the team that raises the most money will automatically be voted in.

Chelsea: Meaning we don't have to finish rush?

Morgan: Exactly.

Chelsea: No more midnight raids or wearing pink?

Morgan: That's right. And the most important thing is -- Cordy, raise the plaque -- your names will forever be enshrined on our wall of sisterhood. You will be 2007 Alpha Chi Theta's Angels.

Stephanie: Whoo!

Morgan: A name that you can wear with pride for the rest of your lives.

Stephanie: Think we'll get to wear sashes?

Chelsea: Maybe a tiara.

Morgan: Do you ladies have something you'd like to share with the rest of the group?

Chelsea: I'm sorry.

Morgan: Look, I'm not ashamed of my accomplishments. I've worked my tush off to get here.

Stephanie: Come on. It's not like no one's ever given you a hard time before.

Morgan: Listen, honey, I may not be able to drive a race car in circles like you can, but I managed to get myself a full academic scholarship. And I'd be more than happy to help you see your full potential, pledge Johnson, that is, if you make the cut. Okay, ladies, 48 hours. Come on, you're on the clock. Let's go. Have fun.

Stephanie: Can you believe that? She totally earjacked our conversation.

Chelsea: Maybe if you didn't talk so loud.

Stephanie: Chelsea, if we don't win this fund-raiser thing --

Chelsea: Then we're not gonna get into Alpha Chi Theta. You can count on that.

[Indistinct shouting]

E.J.: Do what you have to do. Stop it! Oh.

Sami: Oh, Dad! Dad!

André: Oh, how touching. Give me that damn phone.

E.J.: Listen to me. I told you -- I told you this vendetta is over, okay? So call Steven and tell him that you're going to exchange Roman for Stefano.

André: I think you need to be reminded just who's in charge here.

E.J.: Oh, yeah. Big man with the gun, eh? Call the television station. You don't think he's gonna do that? You don't think he's gonna kill him? Our family programmed him to kill.

Stefano: Uh [Clears throat] do as I ask, and please do exactly what Steve is asking. Bring Roman to the station. Please, my boy. Do as I ask. André one has to get hurt. Do you understand me, hmm? You'll be rewarded handsomely. Do as I ask, please.

Hope: Bennett said they haven't received any calls about the pub. No explosions, no fires.

Bo: I got to get over there. We'll take my -- hey.

Lucas: Steve's really got DiMera held hostage? I mean, I heard it on the radio. I thought it was some kind of joke or something.

Bo: Knowing Steve's frame of mind, no, it's not a joke.

Lucas: All right, listen, I'm looking for Sami. Have you seen her? I've tried her everywhere -- on her cell and at home. What, Bo? If you have something --

Bo: Sami is with her dad.

Lucas: All right and?

Bo: And André strapped a bomb to him.

Lucas: He what? What's going on? Did you talk to her?

Bo: I'm sure Sami's okay.

Steve: Well, what do you know, folks? It seems we've made contact. How about that? We got André DiMera on the line. So, what do you say, André? Are you there?

André: Yes, I'm here, Steve.

Steve: So what do you say I trade you my Stefano DiMera for your Roman Brady? I got to be honest, he's not exactly in mint condition. He's a little shabby around the edges, and he's got a few recently acquired used parts. But I still think he'd be a good investment for you. So, do we have ourselves a deal?

André: Yes, we do. yours.

Steve: Ah, good news from the trading floor, ladies and gentlemen. We have a deal. That's especially good news for you, right, Stefano?

Hope: Oh, Roman -- thank God he's alive.

Lucas: That must mean Sami's okay, too.

Bo: Hey, Bennett, it's Brady. I'm on my way to the TV station. Have the guys stay back. Yes, I'm serious. I'll handle this myself.

Steve: Okay. Bring Roman Brady to the station, 303 Commercial Street.

André: You're really not in the position to be making demands, Steve. I suggest we meet in a place that's neutral.

Steve: Oh, you insist, do you? Let me tell you something, this trigger finger of mine is developing kind of a twitch right now.

Stefano: André -- give me the phone.

Steve: He wants to talk to you.

Stefano: Listen to me, André. It is extremely crucial that you follow his instructions.

André: Is it, now?

Stefano: My dear boy, I will do everything in my power to help you, all right? Whatever it takes.

Steve: Listen, you got 10 minutes to get Roman here. Don't be late.

André: All right, you, move over here! Come on! All right, get up. You and I, my friend, are going for a little trip.

Roman: Put the damn gun away.

André: Where do you think you're going?

Sami: Well, I don't trust you, André.

André: Oh, really? I don't trust you. As a matter of fact, you and E.J. have been the bane of my existence for months now. As a matter of fact, maybe I should finally do something about it.

Stephanie: Maybe we can walk dogs...or babysit. Or, I know, bake sale.

Chelsea: Stephanie, the point is to, um, make money, not get sued.

Stephanie: I can cook...a little.

Chelsea: This totally stinks. Seriously, we'll be lucky if we can come up with an idea in 48 hours.

Stephanie: I've got it. We'll sell term papers online.

Chelsea: Stephanie, that's illegal.

Stephanie: Not if we don't get caught.

Chelsea: Who would write the papers?

Stephanie: We'd find them online and then we'd sell them online.

Chelsea: Yes. Because desperate college students would definitely pay for something that they could find for free on their own. Besides, Morgan and Company -- they're gonna be monitoring the whole thing. They're gonna be especially hard on us.

Stephanie: So what? Believe me, I've dealt with the Morgans of this world. "Hey, ya’ll, I'm Morgan Hollansworth, a senior at Salem University. I enjoy dieting, reading to the blind, and baton twirlin'."

Chelsea: Come on, she's probably really very nice underneath that fake tan and those porcelain-white veneers.

Stephanie: [Chuckles] And the luxurious, shampooed commercial hair.

Chelsea: We are so bad.

Stephanie: It's great, right?

Chelsea: You know, if we did get into a sorority, it'd probably look really good on our résumés.

Stephanie: I just want to meet some really hot guys. And have you seen the guys in front of the Beta House? Gorgeous.

Chelsea: So I guess this means that Jeremy's history.

Stephanie: Jeremy told me to forget about him, so that's exactly what I'm doing.

Chelsea: Are you? If he walked through that door right now and said that he wanted you back, what would you say?

Stephanie: Ask him what he really wants, because I know it's not me. And besides, there are plenty of other fish in the sea, or should I say swimming pool? That's half of our freestyle relay team right there. I think I'll go introduce myself.

Chelsea: No, you won't.

Stephanie: I'm just gonna --

Chelsea: No, Stephanie, you can do that later, okay? Right now, we have to figure out this whole fund-raising thing.

Stephanie: Too bad no one will pay me for what I'm really good at.

Chelsea: Matching your shoes to your purse?

Stephanie: Flirting.

Lucas: Are you sure she's gonna be here? Maybe I ought to check the pub or something.

Bo: If André's bringing her father here, there's no way she's leaving.

Reporter: Get out. You can't be in here.

Bo: Detective Brady, Salem P.D.

Reporter: Thank God you're here. I have a maniac threatening to kill a man on live TV.

Bo: Yeah, I'm working on it.

Reporter: Who are you two?

Bo: This is my wife, Hope. She's on the police force. And this is Lucas Roberts.

Lucas: Roman Brady's son-in-law.

Reporter: You always invite the whole family on these assignments?

Bo: André DiMera's on his way. This will be over soon.

Reporter: Yeah, you got that right. 'Cause I'm pulling the plug right now.

Bo: You're not pulling the plug on anything until these hostages have been released. Do exactly as I say and everything will be okay.

Reporter: I'm gonna hold you to that.

Bo: Yeah, well, keep your people calm, keep the cameras rolling. Go on. I'm gonna talk to Steve. Hang here a minute, will you?

Lucas: What's taking them so long?

Hope: They better get here soon.

Lucas: Look, Sami, I need you to answer, all right? I need to know you're okay. [Gas hissing]

Sami: I can't keep breathing this gas. My tw-- my twins.

E.J.: This may be a stupid question, but are your grandparents at home?

Sami: No. No, they're with Aunt Kayla. E.J., what are we gonna do?

E.J.: First thing we're gonna do, darling, is relax, okay, then take shallow breaths. Shallow, shallow breaths. Do you got any boarders or lodgers upstairs?

Sami: She was gonna put an ad in the paper next week.

E.J.: This will turn out well.

Sami: What did you say?

E.J.: Nothing. I said nothing.

Sami: No, just tell me what you said.

E.J.: It's not really much of a selling point, is it? You know, renting a room above the imminently infamous Brady kitchen.

Sami: Imminently infamous? You think now it's time to make jokes about our grizzly death in here? Ow. [Grunts] Help me.

Chelsea: Stephanie, I don't get it. Hi. If you're so over Jeremy, then what about Max? I mean, he really, really likes you, and here you are trying to look at other guys.

Stephanie: We're in college, okay? We're supposed to meet new people. And FYI -- hottie in the hat is totally undressing you with his eyes. See what I mean? Let's go get his number.

Chelsea: No, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Lighten up. God. We need to get some alcohol in you.

Adrienne: Hey, girls. What will it be?

Stephanie: Double shot of tequila for this one. And I'll have a beer.

Adrienne: Excellent.

Chelsea: Do you guys have a big game that's about to come on or something?

Stephanie: Yeah, you're never this busy in the middle of the week.

Adrienne: College football. And wouldn't you know my best waitress called in sick. I don't suppose you two would -- nah, you probably have too much schoolwork.

Stephanie: Do you need some help?

Adrienne: No, honey. I don't want you to feel obligated. It's okay.

Stephanie: Well, how are the tips?

Adrienne: On game night? You could make a couple hundred bucks easy.

Stephanie: We'd love to help.

Bo: How's it going, man?

Steve: It's going.

Bo: You do realize I'm gonna have to arrest you.

Steve: Yeah. Let me tell you something, Bo. It'll be a small price to pay to get this trash off the street.

Stefano: Why are you just standing there, Bo? Disarm this lunatic.

Steve: You killed Benjy. You buried your own son alive. Do you hear me?

Stefano: I never did such a thing.

Bo: Take it easy!

Steve: Yes, you did, you liar!

Bo: Steve, stop it! Come on, you got what you want. André's on his way with Roman.

Steve: Let me tell you, he's cutting it kind of close. This is gonna get ugly if he misses that deadline.

Bo: No one is gonna die here today.

Steve: Time will tell.

Lucas: No answer at the pub, either.

Hope: That's because Sami's on her way.

Lucas: I don't know about that. Something's not right. I'm going over there. Whoa, whoa, Hope.

Hope: Bo.

Bo: Roman.

André: Stand back, Bo.

Bo: It's all right. Everybody's cool.

André: Yes, stay cool please, 'cause I can still set off this bomb.

Lucas: Where's Sami?

André: Oops, we forgot someone. Oh, Salem's very own Helen of Troy.

Lucas: What the hell did you do to her?!

André: Lucas, stand back if I were you.

Bo: Lucas, stay calm. If you've hurt my niece, you've only made things worse for yourself.

André: Oh, really? I'm sorry to hear that.

Lucas: Where is she? Where?

Bo: Lucas, take it easy.

André: Lucas, hate to be responsible for the death of your father-in-law, if he still is your father-in-law. From what I've heard rumblings about -- you and Samantha are divorced.

Lucas: Are what? Not a chance. You hear me?

Stefano: Don't listen to him. It is true. The vendetta is over. Elvis and Samantha will be married.

Lucas: Like hell they will.

André: In hell, perhaps. But in this lifetime, I promise you, there will be no wedding.

Sami: Do you want to just sit here and die? Is that it?

E.J.: Ow. Stop fidgeting, will you? Let's see if we can work together.

Sami: I'm not fidgeting.

E.J.: See if we can wiggle over to the alley door, shall we? Come on.

Sami: No, wait. Together. Together.

E.J.: Okay, on three. 2, 3.

Sami: [Grunts] Okay. [Grunting]

E.J.: That's good. Keep going.

Sami: Okay. Okay. It hurts, E.J.

E.J.: Come on. We're nearly there.

Sami: Aah! E.J.!

E.J.: I didn't do it on purpose. What? What? What is it?

Sami: There's something wrong, E.J. There's something wrong with my twins. We have to get out of here.

Chelsea: All right, my feet are killing me.

Adrienne: Why don't you guys take five?

Chelsea: Oh, I hope by that you mean five hours.

Adrienne: Uh, no.

Stephanie: The more they drink, the hotter we look, the better the tips.

Adrienne: You want to talk tips -- try working Super Bowl Sunday.

Stephanie: How come guys can drink so much and still look that good? [Laughter]

Adrienne: Must be all that pent-up sexual energy.

Stephanie: Aunt Adrienne.

Adrienne: What? What? I'm not that old. I still got a pulse. Besides, some of those guys aren't half bad. I mean, check out those biceps over there.

Stephanie: I'm sure Uncle Justin would just be so happy to hear that.

Adrienne: Shh.

Chelsea: I love your aunt.

Stephanie: Yeah. And she just gave me a really good idea.

Chelsea: For the fund-raiser?

Stephanie: Uh-huh. Okay, so, what is it that every college co-ed would pay top dollar for?

Chelsea: Flatter abs.

Stephanie: No.

Chelsea: A 4.0.

Stephanie: Guys.

Chelsea: You mean like...

Stephanie: An auction.

Lucas: What the hell are you talking about, André? Where's Sami? What did you do to her?

André: Well, I'm sure that you've heard of the proverb "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Do you want me to kill him? Is that what you want?

Bo: No one needs to get hurt here.

André: I think it's a bit late for that.

Bo: What do you mean?

André: Well, I would think that by now our dear Samantha is just a mere memory.

Sami: E.J., there is something really wrong. We have to get out of here.

E.J.: I know. Okay, look, I know. It's just this olive oil's making everything so slippery. Wait a second. Wait a second.

Sami: What are you doing?

E.J.: If we can get -- see if I can get it on my hands, get them out of these ropes.

Sami: Yeah. Can you --

E.J.: I can't reach. Can you?

Sami: Yeah, let me try. No, I-I can't get it.

E.J.: [Grunts]

Sami: It would have been better if it had been those knives to fall on us.

E.J.: Look, there's got to be --

Sami: No! What are you talking about? I was kidding about the knives.

E.J.: No, no, no, no. There has to be a piece of broken glass down there. Can you see one?

Sami: Oh, yeah. I can see the glass. Let me see if I can --

E.J.: See if you can get one.

Sami: Oh, there's a big piece right over by your hand.

E.J.: Grab it. Come on, hurry.

Sami: I -- I c--

Chelsea: An auction? You mean like...

Stephanie: Getting the co-eds to bid on hot male bods.

Chelsea: Are you serious?

Stephanie: Totally. Come on, it's not like you had any better ideas. I mean, you were quick to turn down my bake-sale idea. And walking dogs --

Chelsea: I'm just saying it's gonna be hard to pull off.

Stephanie: It'll be a breeze.

Chelsea: In two days, Stephanie? You'd have to find a place to have it. You'd have to get the word out to all the co-eds.

Stephanie: Listen, we'll work out all the details later.

Chelsea: There is no later, Stephanie. We have two days, remember? And, oh, my God.

Stephanie: What?

Chelsea: How would you even -- how would you even recruit guys to agree to do the auction in the first place?

Stephanie: No problem. Watch. Need a refill?

Guy: Make it a pitcher.

Stephanie: Let me ask you something.

Guy: Shoot.

Stephanie: If you have a chance for some hot college co-ed to fight for a chance to go on a date with you, would you turn it down?

Guy: You and her? Don't let me stop you.

Stephanie: Not us... necessarily, but who knows? Anyway, we're planning this charity auction. The guys strut their stuff and the co-eds bid on them. Sound good, right?

Guy: Well, start the bidding. I'm all yours, babe.

Stephanie: I'll get you that pitcher. See? The guys will jump at the chance.

Chelsea: Stephanie, the only reason that guy was hitting on you in the first place is because he thought that you were coming on to him.

Stephanie: So?

Chelsea: So it's a long way from getting a guy to hit on a waitress to actually agreeing to do this thing.

Stephanie: Listen up, buzzkill, are you in or not?

André: She was a feisty one.

Lucas: If anything happened to her, anything at all --

André: Lucas, you should have been there. On second thought, it's best you didn't. She just put up such a fight for a pregnant woman.

Lucas: You're lying to me. You're lying. There's no way that --

André: What, dead? Is that the word you're looking for?

Bo: Roman, is what he's saying true?

Hope: Oh, my God.

Bo: Lucas.

Lucas: I'm gonna kill him! Man, you hear me? I'm gonna kill you!

Bo: Roman, is she at the pub? Go, man, go.

André: Poor boy. I think he's gonna be a little too late.

Stefano: What in God's name have you done, André?

André: What you should have done months ago, when Elvis made his first mistake.

Stefano: No.

André: Too much for you to handle?

Stefano: You idiot. You fool. What do you think I've done everything for? For Elvis.

André: Really? And what have I done everything for, you son of a bitch? I followed your orders to the letter year in and year out. And you're telling me you're leaving it all to that bloody Brit?! What am I doing here, trying to save your miserable life?

Stefano: You'll get what you deserve, André. I promise you.

André: That could mean many things, couldn't it, Dear Uncle? Both good and bad.

Sami: I can get it.

E.J.: Come on.

Sami: Oh. That was a little -- I got it.

E.J.: Okay, give it to me. Give it to me.

Sami: No, I can do it.

E.J.: No, you're not gonna do it. If anyone's gonna get cut doing this, it's going to be me. Okay, you're pregnant.

Sami: Fine.

E.J.: Okay, got it. Oh, shoot.

Sami: What?

E.J.: Slipped out of my hand.

Sami: Damn it, E.J.

E.J.: I've got it, okay? Don't worry, Samantha. We're gonna get out of here. We're gonna do this. We're gonna get out of here.

Sami: Are you all right?

E.J.: I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine.

Sami: We have to hurry.

E.J.: I know. I am hurrying, okay? Got it? Come on. Samantha, stay with me, okay? Just stay with me. Okay, come on. Hey, talk to me. Come on, Samantha. Samantha.

Stephanie: Enjoy. [Sighs]

Chelsea: So, an auction, huh?

Stephanie: Do you know how much money we'll rake in? I can't think of one woman who wouldn't pay beaucoup bucks for a piece of that, especially if it's going for a good cause.

Chelsea: I guess.

Stephanie: Aunt Adrienne.

Adrienne: What's up?

Stephanie: Hypothetical question -- let's say you're in college.

Adrienne: I like it already.

Stephanie: Okay, and you have a chance to bid on one of those hot guys over there to win a date with them. And all the proceeds go to charity. You'd do it, right?

Adrienne: Can I bid on more than one?

Stephanie: See, Chelse?

Chelsea: I still think it's gonna be hard to recruit the guys, that's all. I mean, seriously, where are we gonna find them? Guys "R" us?

Stephanie: Have you ever met one frat boy who didn't think he was God's gift?


Stephanie: Exactly. Those guys over there totally think they are. And, look, we'll only hit up the best frat houses and we'll make them think it was an honor to have been chosen.

Chelsea: And then sell them off to the highest bidder.

Stephanie: Exactly.

Chelsea: There's no way that we can pull this off. None.

Stephanie: Sure there is. Come on. What is wrong with you? This will be fun. And who knows? You might even meet someone interesting.

Chelsea: Oh, you mean like swimmer boy over there?

Adrienne: Aah! [Laughter]

Stephanie: At least he knows how to have a good time, unlike some people.

Chelsea: Hey, I know how to have a good time. I'm just not interested in meeting new guys. I'm happy. See?

Stephanie: Fine. Whatever. We'll table the boy talk. But I need you to go along with me on this auction thing. Do it for the women in the shelter. They need you. They're counting on you.

Chelsea: Okay, Stephanie.

Stephanie: You'll do it?

Chelsea: Yeah. But, look, if we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it right, okay?

Stephanie: Okay. Meaning?

Chelsea: We're gonna win.

Stephanie: You better believe it. Ow.

Chelsea: Sorry.

Stefano: You have gone too far this time.

André: I'm really sorry for your loss. I really am, but Elvis turned out to be a liability, so I had to eliminate him in the end.

Steve: Hey!

Hope: Ow! Bo!

André: Time to change partners.

Bo: Put the gun down, man. You don't want to do this.

André: It'd be sad, wouldn't it, if your little girl grew up without knowing her mother?

Bo: Take me. André, take me.

André: No, you don't smell as nice.

Steve: Look at me! Now you let her go. Let her go now!

André: What? You gonna kill Stefano, my so-called father?

Steve: First him and then you.

Bo: Steve, I'll handle this.

Stefano: Let her go now.

André: Why don't you ask -- what is his name -- E.J. to do your bidding? Oh, sorry, I forgot. He's dead, isn't he? So, what are you waiting for, Steve? Shoot him. He's shown his true colors. Just another pawn of yours. Isn't that true, Uncle?

Stefano: No. No. Listen to me.

André: But do you think I care a damn if Stefano dies? I'll rejoice just like the rest of you.

Bo: Take it easy. We can talk this thing through.

Stefano: André, I beg of you. You do not have to do this. What has happened to you?

André: Nothing much. Just been trying to please you. Trying to be the soldier you trained me to be.

Stefano: Let her go. This war is over.

André: This war is over when I say it is! And from now on, Bo Brady, you're gonna be dealing with André DiMera.

Hope: Aah!

E.J.: Sami, Sami, don't do this. Come on, wake up, wake up.

Sami: Okay. Okay. Okay.

E.J.: Are you there?

Sami: Yeah.

E.J.: Okay. Stay with me, huh?

Sami: Yeah.

E.J.: Come on. Cut damn it.

Sami: E.J., please hurry.

E.J.: I am hurrying. Ah! I got it. I got it.

Sami: Oh!

E.J.: I got it. I got it. I got it.

Sami: Oh! Oh, thank God. I can't reach. Ow! Ow. Oh, thank you.

E.J.: Get some air. Get some air.

Sami: [Breathing heavily] E.J., come on. Come on, E.J. E.J., no. No. Come on, please, E.J. Get up. Come on. Come on, don't do this. Don't you dare die on me. Start breathing. Come on, E.J., I need you. This vendetta will never end without you. Please, come on. I don't want you to die, E.J. Please. You can't die on me. I hate you for everything that you have done to my family and everyone I love, but I don't want you to die. Please. E.J., this vendetta will never end without you. Come on. I hate myself for this, but I care about you. And I don't want you to die.

Sami: E.J., E.J., come on. E.J.

E.J.: Samantha.

Sami: Oh, God. Oh, you're gonna be okay. I'm here. We're gonna be all right. Oh, thank God.

Bo: I'm the one you want, André. Take me. I'm a Brady.

Hope: Bo, don't do it.

André: Quiet.

Bo: We had a deal, didn't we? Roman for DiMera? Release him.

Steve: What?

Bo: Steve, release him!

Steve: You are one lucky son of a bitch. Go on.

Bo: There you go. You got what you wanted. Are you happy?

André: [Chuckles] I had a change of heart. Take Stefano. I've taken his last order. Besides, Hope is much more valuable to me.

Stefano: I am ordering you -- release her.

André: Did you hear something?

Bo: Come on, man. Think about it. This is all being recorded. You're not gonna get away with this. You want to spend the rest of your life behind bars? That's exactly what's gonna happen if you don't let her go.

André: What, do you think I'm really that stupid, do you? Hope's an excellent bargaining chip.

Bo: All right, fine. What do you want?

André: What do I want? Well, I'd like to make my exit, but you back up without any interference from you.

Bo: Come on, man. We can work something out.

André: You better stop right now. Otherwise, your lovely Hope is going to take her last breath.

Hope: Aah!

Sami: Lucas is everything to me.

Stefano: You just saved Roman and you just got Hope killed.

Hope: Let go of me, André! Aah!

Bo: Police!

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