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Kate: Okay. I'm glad I caught you because we have to talk.

Lucas: No, we don't.

Kate: Lucas, you have to let me explain, okay? Could you look at me?

Lucas: There is nothing to explain, all right?

Kate: Aren't you gonna just let me try?

Lucas: No, I'm not gonna let you try. I'm not gonna do that. You know why I'm not listening to you?

Kate: To punish me.

Lucas: No. No, it's not to punish you. Because listening to you is a total waste of time. You don't know how to tell the truth.

Kate: I would do anything for you. You know that.

Lucas: I think you've done enough already, haven't you? I mean, it took you a little bit. It took you a little bit, right? But you finally did it. You finally got what you wanted. You ripped Sami out of my life. And this time, it's for good.

Kate: Sweetheart, no.

Lucas: No, what? You're gonna say you'd do anything for me? Is that it?

Kate: Yes, I would. You know I would.

Lucas: Then do this for me. Get out of my car. Get out of my life. Stay away from me. Stay away from me and just let me be.

André: Surprised?

Sami: Take that off of my father.

André: Why don't you do the honors?

E.J.: Hey, no, no, no, no. Wait, Samantha, wait. It could go off.

Sami: Listen to me. The timer is not set. Would you take --

André: That's right. It's not yet activated.

E.J.: Look at me, okay? You tamper with it, it could go off.

André: That's true. It just might.

Sami: What have you done to my father? Look at him. What is he, drugged?

André: Well, I wouldn't worry if I were you, Samantha. The damage is not...permanent. Oh, but do feel free to speak up, will you, Roman, at any time? Or not.

E.J.: Easy, all right? Easy.

Sami: Dad, daddy. Daddy, can you hear me? You're gonna be okay, Dad. André, you take this off of him right now.

E.J.: Things have changed, André. Have you spoken to father recently?

André: Well, even if I cared about what Stefano wanted, and right now, I don't really think I do, we don't need to talk. I know his mind before he does. I know what goes on in the deepest part of his rotten heart. Because I'm his true son, the son he can depend on. Unlike you and Tony -- embarrassments, amateurs, playboys. When Stefano's foolish enough to depend on you, nothing gets done.

E.J.: The vendetta's over, André. Father called off the feud. He ordered it stopped, and he gave his word. Are you really prepared to defy our father's word? I think we both know what happens when he gets angry.

Bo: I need you to search every inch of this cemetery. There's no way André got my brother out of here without leaving some kind of trace. You see anything, anything at all that looks out of place, you bag it for me.

Officer: You got it, Detective.

Bo: My buddy Steve Johnson, he's on his way. If you see him, give me a holler, okay?

Officer: Yes, sir.

Bo: Thanks.

Hope: Hi. I got your message. What's going on? News on Roman?

Bo: Yeah. We found his badge in Stefano's grave.

Hope: Oh, my God, Bo.

Bo: The thing is, he wasn't in the casket when Steve and Abe dug it up. Someone else was. Benjy.

Hope: Benjy. Is he...

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, he's dead.

Hope: Oh, my God. Steve must be crazy with grief.

Bo: I'm sure he's in his own personal hell right now.

Stefano: How did you get past the guard?

Steve: Oh, it was easy. I slipped him a couple of bucks, which is much more than your life is worth right now. Give me that. They'll be nobody coming to your rescue, old man. Now you just lie there and don't move and make it easy on yourself.

Stefano: Steven, try to be reasonable.

Steve: Oh, yeah? What could be more reasonable than making someone pay for their crimes, huh?

Stefano: What happened, Steven?

Steve: Old man, you're gonna pay. You are gonna pay.

Stefano: You know, you are gonna end up right back in that padded room. Do you miss wearing a straitjacket that much?

Steve: You know what? I don't mind as long as they drop me off on the way home from your funeral. I'll be fine with it. I'll be just fine.

Kate: I hate to see you like this.

Lucas: Well, that's pretty funny if you think about it, Mom.

Kate: I never wanted to see you unhappy.

Lucas: Then why do you do everything in your power to come between me and what makes me happy?

Kate: Lucas, if I thought that Sami was the right --

Lucas: I don't want to hear that right now. Don't start with that, all right?

Kate: Lucas --

Lucas: I mean it. I don't want to hear it. I love her, all right? She loves me. She's everything to me. You know, yeah, we've been apart more times than we've been together, and we fight, we argue, and we even said that we hated each other at one point, but --

Kate: And she hurt you.

Lucas: Yeah, I know that, and I hurt her. It doesn't matter. It doesn't change the fact that I still love her, and I always will. And you just can't accept that, can you? It finally hit me. You know, I doubt you ever will.

Stefano: Wait. Wait. Tell me what happened. You owe me that much at least.

Steve: I owe you? I owe you?

Stefano: Yes. If I'm going to die, yes. You said someone has to pay for what happened. All right, so what has André done?

Steve: "What has André done?" [Laughs] Like you don't know.

Stefano: What happened, Steven?

Steve: Well...we dug up your grave.

Stefano: Why would you dig up my grave? What did you expect to find?

Steve: Stop asking questions. You know the answers, too.

Stefano: If I'm going to die, then I deserve to know.

Steve: You deserve nothing, murderer!

Stefano: Fine. Fine. Fine. Then I request to know, all right? I am begging to know why.

Steve: Oh, now he's begging. Well...we thought Roman...was in the box.

Stefano: Buried alive?

Steve: Uh-huh.

Stefano: I suppose André is capable of such a horrible crime.

Steve: But when we opened it, that's not what we found.

Stefano: Empty, no?

Steve: No! Benjy was in there.

Stefano: What?

Steve: You heard me. Benjy. You know him?! Your son!

Stefano: My God. My God, no, it's not possible. It's not -- André would not dare.

Steve: André. André does whatever you tell him to do!

Stefano: Do you think I would sanction the murder of a son? Are you insane?

Steve: If you think you can pull this off, just push it off on André, you are out of your mind, old man. That does not clean your slate, because you made him what he is, then you turned him loose on the people I love. Well, guess what. You trained me, too. And now I'm gonna show you just what a good job you did.

Stefano: Aah! Go ahead, you -- you fool. Go ahead. Pull the trigger. And the vendetta will go on, and I tried -- I tried to end it.

Steve: Oh, sure you did.

Stefano: Yeah, you don't believe me. All right. Then call Samantha Brady and Lucas.

Steve: Why?

Stefano: Call her. Call her. She knows. The end of the vendetta has just begun. If you kill me, they'll be no one left to call off the dogs, and the Brady’s will suffer more than they ever suffered in their entire miserable lives! Go ahead! Kill me! All right? You kill me. You pull that trigger, all right? And the vendetta will go till the end of time. Is that what you want, Steven?!

Hope: Where's Steve now?

Bo: Hell-bent on revenge.

Hope: After Stefano.

Bo: Yeah, who has been readmitted to the hospital.

Hope: Because of Steve?

Bo: No, no, no. Abe put our number-one graduate from the academy at Stefano's door.

Hope: He sent a rookie?

Bo: All our other guys are out looking for Roman, and Abe said not to worry. He's a by-the-book kid. And so far, he's doing a good job. Steve showed up, he dug in, kept him away.

Hope: Are you sure about that?

Bo: Yeah, Steve called. I read him the riot act. He's on his way down here right now. That's where you come in, Fancy Face. He's more calm when you're around, and, um...Kayla doesn't know about Benjy yet. So maybe we can get him thinking about her instead of revenge. So, what do you say? Will you help me keep him calm, cool, and collected?

André: The vendetta is finally over. What, the old man has finally seen the light? Hallelujah. I can't believe it. And I don't believe it.

Sami: It's the truth.

André: Why would Stefano abandon the one aspect of his life that he's given reason for his living for decades?

E.J.: Because all of Santo's terms have been met. We've agreed to fulfill all of the requirements to end the vendetta, haven't we?

Sami: Hold on a second. I haven't agreed to this. I mean, look at him. Look at my father. He's wrapped up in a bomb. He's been beat up. He's clearly drugged.

E.J.: Samantha.

André: I'm sorry. It appears that Mrs. Brady Roberts is not willing to meet the criteria that would end our two families' dance of destruction. I'm sorry. It's a shame, really. And for poor Roman here.

Kate: Lucas.

Lucas: Mom, please, don't touch me, all right? Don't do that. I don't want to have to throw you out of this car right now.

Kate: Would you? Would you really do that?

Lucas: Yeah, I really would.

Kate: [Sighs] What has happened to us?

Lucas: I don't know, Mom. Why don't you tell me? You're the one who caused this whole thing.

Kate: I wanted so much.

Lucas: You always did.

Kate: I wanted so much for you. Good things. An education...a career... all the happiness in the world.

Lucas: Why don't you keep telling yourself that? Whatever works for you, but I don't see it that way. You've always done everything you possibly could to come between me and the things that make me happy. It's always been like that ever since I could remember.

Kate: Well, ever since I can remember...I remember putting you first. I remember doing that so you could have the things that I thought you needed.

Lucas: Right. Right. There it is -- the things that you thought I needed.

Kate: The things that I thought you needed to be a good man... to be a fine -- a fine human being, which is what you are. And, baby, I am so...I am so very proud of you. And so I think that...I must have done a little something right.

Lucas: Go ahead. Pat yourself on the back if you have to, but don't do it around me. Do it somewhere else, okay? I mean it. Get out of my car right now. I don't want to hear another word of this.

Kate: Lucas.

Lucas: Mom, I don't want you around. Don't you get that? I don't know how I can make that any more clear. Stay out of my life. Leave me alone.

Sami: You take your hands off. Let me go, E.J.! This is my fight!

André: My goodness. She must be some wildcat in bed.

E.J.: No.

Sami: I never said I wouldn't honor the agreement. I will. The deal I made with Stefano is that I will marry him if my family is safe. Doesn't look to me like my terms are being met. I mean, there my dad is beaten up, wrapped up in a bomb. Stefano's word doesn't mean a thing.

André: Oh, I wouldn't say that.

Sami: I would. You want to prove me wrong? You prove it. Let him go. You take that bomb off my father right now or we are done talking.

André: I doubt that, but I would be very happy to see you stop talking permanently in my very own special way.

E.J.: André, enough. All right, stop. Why don't we do this? Talk to father. Talk to him before somebody does something they're gonna regret. All right, I'll tell you what. I'll call him, okay? I'll get him on the line for you. I'm sure you're going to be satisfied once you've heard all of this from him. Then we can all just move on. We agreed?

Steve: You're asking me what I want? I'll tell you. I want everything back that you took from me and my family. I want all those memories, those lost years. But right now...I just want Benjy.

Stefano: My poor Benjy.

Steve: Stop! You fake! You liar!

Stefano: How dare you mock my pain.

Steve: Your pain? Let me see. Oh. Yeah. Hey, let me ask you something. Do you remember...what Benjy was like when he was a little boy? I do. I do. I remember. I remember the very first time I saw him... the day Kayla and I found him. He was out there on the street all by himself. He was scared. You know, he looked at Kayla... and something inside him just lit up. And, you know, the more time he spent with us, the more he opened up. Pretty soon...he was a happy boy. He had that big silly monkey grin. [Laughs] Oh, man, when he smiled...he would just shine.

Stefano: I saw something inside that boy...that I have not seen since.

Steve: That's right. Because you stomped it out.

Stefano: Never.

Steve: Being a part of your life...made him sick. It destroyed him inside. Don't you know that? Don't you remember he tried to run away? But you caught up to him and you took him back. And his life was never the same again. He hated -- hated knowing he was your son. He lived every day of his life scared -- scared. And guess what he was scared of. He was afraid he'd disappoint you.

Stefano: He could not. He could not because I knew how special he was.

Steve: And he knew that one would ask him to step up, the order would come, and he'd have to follow through or he'd be punished. Well, he didn't want to live like that. He wanted to be free of you. And you know it. But you just couldn't leave him alone, could you? You son of a bitch. You son of a bitch!

Hope: If Steve ever does show up, of course I'll do whatever I can to help, but it's not like him to give up that easily.

Bo: I read him the riot act. He'll show up.

Hope: Well, you know what? There's only one way to be absolutely sure and that's to go to the hospital, so I'll tell you what. I'll go, you stay here.

Bo: No, you don't have -- Steve will be here. Even if he doesn't show up, I've got a cop at Stefano's door. Everything will be handled just fine. Something goes wrong, I'm sure I'll hear about it right away.

Chatsworth: Detective, Officer Chatsworth. I got here as fast as I could, sir.

Kate: I remember the night you were born.

Lucas: What about "it is over between us" don't you get? I want you gone.

Kate: I gave birth to you right after midnight.

Lucas: Yeah, I know. I've heard this story before.

Kate: You were the most... the most beautiful baby. I mean, all my children were beautiful, but...Lucas, there was something about you. [Sighs]

Lucas: Something that made you say, "I'm gonna make this child's life a living hell"?

Kate: You're not gonna give me a break here, are you?

Lucas: I don't think you deserve a break. How many breaks have I given you?

Kate: You know, I looked at you and I swore to myself that I would do everything -- everything I could possibly do to make sure that you had the very best life I could give you. [Sniffles] I'm not denying -- I'm not denying that I made mistakes with you.

Lucas: Just a couple mistakes? That's it?

Kate: Unforgivable mistakes. But I never stopped wanting the world for you and everything that's good in it.

Lucas: Yeah, you gave me everything, didn't you? Except for the freedom to live my own life and decide who I want in it.

Kate: Lucas...please, sweetheart.

Lucas: You know what? I want you gone. I want you out of my car right now. I don't want to hear another word of this. Do you understand that?

Kate: Lucas.

Lucas: Mom, what do I have to do? Do I have to get out of this car right now and yank you out myself? I will.

Kate: Sweetheart, please.

Lucas: You know what? You're testing me.

Kate: Okay! Okay. [Car door slams]

Bo: Chatsworth?

Chatsworth: Yeah, I've been looking forward to meeting you, your family, all the Brady’s. I've watched you since I was a kid.

Bo: Who sent you to me?

Chatsworth: You did, sir.

Bo: What?

Chatsworth: Commissioner Carver assigned me to stand guard at Mr. DiMera's room.

Bo: Abe assigned you? Who released you?

Chatsworth: Well, you did. You ordered me.

Bo: I've never spoken to you in my life.

Chatsworth: Sir, you said, "I want you out of that hospital now. Get your butt down to the cemetery."

Bo: That's what I said to Steve. Damn it.

Steve: Benjy was more a part of my family than he ever was a part of yours. He wasn't with us long. Not long enough. But now I'm gonna see to it that he gets some justice. [Cellphone rings] No. Don't touch it.

E.J.: Come on. Answer the bloody phone.

Stefano: Or what? You'll kill me? Ha. [Ringing continues] You think I'm afraid of death? Every day of my life I have lived in its shadow. And let me tell you something, my friend. Death is but a breath away. And you know, there is a part of me...that sometimes craves its release. So, go ahead. Pull the trigger. I will die knowing that you will spend the rest of your miserable life suffering for my murder. Go ahead. Shoot!

André: Modern electronics -- how I depend on them and how they can fail us. So, shall we conclude our sad story?

E.J.: André, I'm telling you the truth. Look at me. Father has officially called off this feud. The Brady’s are off-limits, okay? Now, look, why don't you just give him time to call me back?

André: All right, I'll give you five very generous minutes. Move off.

Roman: Sami, Sami, get out of here.

Sami: No.

Roman: Get out of here.

André: Yes. You can use those five minutes to show your father how much you're going to miss him. Oh, please don't hold back. Time is precious.

Stefano: Go ahead. What are you waiting for? Squeeze the trigger. You are insane.

Steve: You made me that way.

Stefano: Yes. Yes. It was my mistake. And I truly regret it.

Steve: No, you don't. You don't know what regret means, but you're gonna find out. And nice and slow, 'cause I got something special planned for you, big boy. Now get up and get dressed. Let's go.

Stefano: I can't.

Steve: Well, you can wear your jammies. I don't care. One way or the other, you're coming with me. Let's go.

Chatsworth: Sorry, Detective.

Bo: Call dispatch, have them get some uniforms to the hospital.

Chatsworth: Yes, sir.

Bo: We're gonna have to find a way to keep Steve from pulling a life sentence. Come on, man. Answer the phone. You can see it's me.

[Cellphone rings]

Steve: Yeah, Bo. I was expecting your call.

Bo: Man, you can't do this.

Steve: I'm sorry, man. I can't hear you. You're dropping out.

Bo: You hurt Stefano, there's no way I can protect you.

Steve: Yeah, well, I couldn't protect Benjy, and now I got to finish what he tried to do at the funeral.

Bo: Steve, no!

Steve: Give Hope my love, will you?

Bo: Steve? Damn it. Come on.

Hope: Where?

Bo: We got to get to the hospital.

Lucas: Hey, it's me again. Listen, I know you're scared. I know that you're worried and you're upset. And I'm upset, too. You're probably not answering the phone right now because you think I want to fight, but I don't want to argue anymore. I love you, and I can't imagine my life without you. You're the only woman I ever loved. You're the only woman I ever will love. Call me back, all right? What the hell are you doing? What are you doing? Do you want me to lose it?

Kate: No. No! I have to make something clear to you. I had absolutely nothing to do with Sami's decision. Nothing. I didn't even know about it until after your arrival. And the thought that a misunderstanding could come between us after everything -- after everything we've been unbearable to me. Please...please don't let that happen, Lucas.

Roman: Hey, Sami, no!

Sami: Dad, let me help!

Roman: No, no, no. Don't touch.

André: Would you explain it to her that you can't remove anything or change the timer?

Sami: Dad, let me call Uncle Bo.

Roman: No, there's not enough time. No!

Sami: Please, I'm gonna --

André: Not even Bo could get here in under five minutes.

Bo: Damn it. Call Abe, have him get some guys over here to search the hospital. I'll make sure the building's secure.

Hope: You got it.

Kate: It's true. I didn't know anything about it. We talked about this. You know that I was getting used to the idea of Sami. She's having my grandchildren, Lucas. She's having my grandchildren.

Lucas: You know what? Just stop it. I don't want to hear any more of it.

Kate: Honey --

Lucas: I don't want to hear it. You don't exist to me anymore. This whole thing doesn't exist to me anymore. From this moment're on your own. Do you understand me? I am not your son. And my name is not Lucas Roberts, not anymore.

André: Go ahead, call Bo. And while you're at it, why don't you call the ISA and the FBI? You've only got four minutes and change to speak to your father. God forbid I should dictate to you how you should spend them.

Roman: E.J., please, get her out of her.

Sami: Let go of me! Dad, Uncle Bo's phone is ringing, all right? Just give me a second.

André: Huh, have I mentioned that you have four minutes and...12 seconds?

Bo: Brady.

Sami: Uncle Bo, it's Sami.

Bo: Hey, Sami. Listen, we haven't been able to find your dad.

Sami: I have him. Dad is with me.

Bo: Where are you?

Sami: He's at the pub.

Bo: You sit tight. I'm on my way.

Sami: No, Uncle Bo, there's no time. Listen to me -- André is here, too, and dad is not okay. He's got a bomb wrapped around him. And we're running out of time.

André: Four minutes to go. Actually, less than four minutes, but please, give my regards.

Sami: Uncle Bo, you have to help me. You have to tell me what to do. Hurry.

Roman: E.J., get her out of here. Get her out of here.

Sami: I am not leaving. Look, okay, Uncle Bo, I see the bomb. Just tell me what wires to pull and I can do this.

Bo: Sami, I'd have to see the bomb, and even then it'd be difficult.

Sami: We can do this. There is enough time.

Bo: Put him on. Put Roman on.

Sami: What?

Bo: Give your dad the phone.

Sami: Uncle Bo wants to talk to you, Daddy.

Roman: Hey.

Bo: Hey, Roman, it's me. How you doing, man?

Roman: Well, I'm not in the coffin. That helps.

Bo: Can you see the wiring on the bomb? Is there any way we can diffuse it?

Roman: Bo, it's too late.

Bo: Come on, man. There's got to be something we can do.

André: Less than two minutes to go.

Roman: Bo, there's just a couple of minutes to go. You want to help, talk to Sami. Make her get out of here.

Bo: All right, man. Put her back on.

Roman: I love you, little brother. Tell mom and pop.

Bo: I will. I love you, too.

Roman: All right, Sami, talk to Bo.

Sami: Uncle Bo, there is -- there is plenty of time.

Bo: Sami, I know this is difficult, but you got to listen to me. Think about your babies and get the hell out of there.

Sami: I'm not gonna let my babies be blown up, but I'm not gonna let my dad die, either.

Bo: Sami!

Hope: Roman -- oh, my God.

Reporter: The search for the missing Deputy Police Commissioner has now reached what one source describes as a critical point. All available men from the Salem Police Department are working around the clock hunting for one of their own. And now with the day's weather and gardening tips for the fall, here's our own Hal storm.

Steve: Hey, folks, I'm Steve Johnson. This is my co-anchor, Stefano DiMera. We'll be filling in for Hal. Now, to -- what's that? Oh, well, I guess tomorrow... tomorrow will be sunny. But tonight...I'm predicting a serious storm.

Reporter: Quick, go to commercial. Cut to camera two.

Steve: No! You leave camera two right where it is. You keep it running. You hear me? You keep that little red light pointed right here. This show stays on the air or Mr. DiMera pays for your mistake. Now...Stefano, we are gonna find out just how much your family really loves you.

Lucas: Get out of my car.

Kate: Can't just snap your fingers and claim I'm not part of your life, that I don't exist, Lucas.

Lucas: I just did. And I can definitely tell you that you don't exist because, according to me, you don't.

Kate: [Sniffles] Can't change who you are. You're my son. You're my son, and I gave you my name, and I gave you my love, and I made you a part -- I made you the center of every decision I've made since the day you were born.

Lucas: That's it. Just get out, all right?

Kate: Lucas Roberts, look at me.

Lucas: Don't call me that. Don't call me Lucas Roberts anymore. He's dead. He doesn't exist anymore, just like you don't exist anymore. You know what? I'm gonna file papers. I'm gonna file papers and take the name I should have taken in the first place.

Kate: No, you can't do that.

Lucas: Yes, I will. Lucas Horton. That's my name now. I can have a fresh start, a new beginning, a brand-new life, and that life doesn't include you, so get out of my car right now.

Kate: Stop it, please. Please stop it. You can't do this, Lucas.

Reporter: An armed assailant, identified as Steven Johnson of Salem, has just taken over the broadcast of WCQC's local-news programming. Johnson is currently holding a hostage police have now confirmed as Stefano DiMera, an international businessman.

Kate: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Bo: Fancy Face, I just talked to Sam --

Reporter: ...had all available men from the Salem Police Department working around the clock...

Roman: Sweetheart, I love you, but you've got to get out of here now. Now, Sami! Please, now!

Sami: I love you, Dad. I love you so much. I'm sorry.

André: Well, that's my cue. One minute and counting. Well, ladies and gentlemen, my work is done here. I wish you a very good trip, and --

Steve: There we go. Very professional. Okay, listen up, folks. This is a real gun, loaded with real bullets, aimed at the real Stefano DiMera. Now, this is the news. We're interrupting your regular broadcast to send out a message to André DiMera. Bring Roman Brady to me. Bring him here now alive and healthy or the curtain goes down on Stefano DiMera's last aria.

Morgan: I'm deciding which of you will be joining us here and which of you will be sent packing.

André: As a matter of fact, you and E.J. have been the bane of my existence for months now. Maybe I should finally do something about it.

Steve: This is gonna get ugly if he misses that deadline.

Bo: No one is gonna die here today.

Steve: Time will tell.

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