Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 9/28/07 - Canada; Monday 10/1/07 - U.S.A.


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Abe: Yeah. And you make sure that you keep the press away. That's right. Be careful with those footprints.

Bo: We know whose they are. Son of a... coroner call the time of death?

Abe: Lividity set in 24 hours ago, but can't narrow it down until after the post-mortem.

Bo: Like it matters. Dead is dead. Sometimes this job gets to me. Seeing the innocent get hurt like this, I [Sighs] Never get used to it.

Abe: Would you want to?

Bo: Never lost sleep cutting someone a parking ticket.

Abe: Well, what you're looking at is burnout. It comes from chasing the same bad guys over and over.

Bo: No, Abe, it's not burnout. Benjy, he's -- he's a good guy. He never hurt anyone. Wife and little baby at home.

Abe: Yeah, I hear you. But you can't let that anger control you. One guy going off like a bomb is more than enough. Steve. Took off like a bat out of hell.

Bo: Uh, well, if he finds André before we do, someone's not walking away from that. We better beef up the guard on Stefano, keep Steve from doing something stupid.

Abe: Stefano's back in the hospital.

Bo: Steve know that?

Abe: I'm not taking any chances. I posted a guard outside of Stefano's room and told him to alert me if Steve shows up and not to let him anywhere near Stefano.

Bo: Who'd you put there?

Abe: Catsworth. He's good. Made sure he had a description of Steve and a faxed photo. Steve's not getting by him.

Bo: I don't know about that. When Steve's angry, he's hard to stop.

Abe: Get those soil samples over at the lab ASAP.

Officer: Right away, sir.

Bo: Forensics boys turn up anything that will help us find Roman?

Abe: Still working the scene.

Bo: Man. As the hours go by, I'm having a hard time convincing myself we're gonna find Roman okay.

E.J.: Perhaps I can be of some help.

Bo: This is a crime scene, Junior.

E.J.: Yes, I noticed that. You're always saying that my family's a bunch of criminals.

Bo: Anytime you want to put that down in writing with a few details, you just let me know.

Abe: What are you doing here, E.J.?

E.J.: Well, I think I may have the fast track for finding Roman alive.

Lucas: This is insane.

Sami: Lucas, please hear me out.

Lucas: Two hours ago, you just told me you were considering divorcing me to marry E.J.

Sami: To end the vendetta, protect my family, protect you.

Lucas: And now you're telling me not only are you considering it, but you're actually gonna do it? And you want me to be quiet? You want me to hear you out?

Sami: Look, let's just stay rational here, okay?

Lucas: You're gonna marry the man who raped you, the man who shot John, put him in a hospital for months in a coma. What do you want me to say?

Sami: I hate this, too.

Lucas: Then don't do it to me.

Sami: This is the only way.

Lucas: You're wrong. There's always another way.

Sami: Not if I want my family to survive.

Lucas: I thought I was your family -- me, Will, the babies. What about our future?

Sami: I'm doing this to protect all of you.

Lucas: Till death do us part. Do you remember that? Or have you changed your mind?

Sami: No. No, Lucas, I will never change my mind about that, ever.

Lucas: Then why am I watching this happen?

Sami: I don't want to do this either, okay? I don't.

Lucas: Are you marrying E.J. to end this vendetta, or is ending this vendetta just an excuse to marry E.J.? Go ahead. Tell me. Be honest. Do you love the guy or what?

Bo: I'll handle this.

Abe: Are you sure?

Bo: I'll play it by the book.

Abe: See that you do.

Bo: You better not be yanking my chain. I'm not in the mood.

E.J.: No. Clearly. Look, I understand you're worried about your brother. We all are, all right?

Bo: What about you? You worried about your brother Benjy?

E.J.: Benjy? I beg your pardon?

Bo: Step across the tape. I got something to show you.

E.J.: Who did this?

Bo: You mean it wasn't you?

E.J.: No, it was not me.

Bo: Well, your old man's in the hospital, so that leaves André.

E.J.: André. Was he, um --

Bo: What?

E.J.: Was he alive when they --

Bo: When they buried him?

E.J.: Yeah.

Bo: I don't know. But that is a DiMera move. Do you want a closer look there, Junior?

E.J.: Sorry, Benjy.

Bo: Tell that to the wife and little baby he left behind.

E.J.: Look, I'll, uh --

Bo: Send the widow condolences? Come on, Junior. Be a man. Show up in person so she can spit in your face.

E.J.: [Sighs] Look, Bo, I had no idea.

Bo: That your family are cannibals who prey on their young? He was gutted for his liver. No small sacrifice. It did save the old man's life. But it apparently wasn't a big enough sacrifice. He had to give his life.

E.J.: I didn't have any idea about this. If I'd known, I would have done everything in my power to stop it.

Bo: He was a good guy. Your family killed him.

E.J.: Well, I'm sorry I didn't know him better.

Bo: Uh-huh, and you expect me to believe that?

E.J.: This may be over for Benjy, but it doesn't have to be the end for your family if you can get this vendetta ended.

Bo: Where'd you get that?

E.J.: Samantha gave it to me.

Bo: So you know the terms of ending this vendetta.

E.J.: I do. [Clears throat] Two little rings, right?

Bo: Uh-huh. I've seen them. Your grandfather bought them for a marriage to Colleen -- a marriage that never happened.

E.J.: It's kind of interesting, isn't it? I mean, these two rings have never even been worn. And yet, they hold the key to ending this vendetta and finding your brother alive.

Kate: You rang?

Stefano: Come closer.

Kate: Stefano, please, you have to tell me what you've done with Roman.

Stefano: I swear to you, I have no idea about his disappearance. It's André. The man is totally out of control.

Kate: Really? I find it very interesting that André is able to commit crimes at the same time in completely different locations.

Stefano: Kate, I have something I know is going to please you.

Kate: I think I'll pass. Thanks all the same.

Stefano: How can you pass on a surprise when you don't even know what it is? It could be something that makes you feel absolutely grateful.

Kate: It's late, okay? I'm not in the mood.

Stefano: It concerns Lucas and his marriage to Samantha. [Chuckles] I have your attention, eh?

Sami: I can't believe you asked me that. I love you. I love you more than anything.

Lucas: We're not talking about your feelings for me. We're talking about your feelings for E.J.

Sami: The only thing I feel for E.J. is loathing.

Lucas: And that kind of loathing makes you want to marry the guy, is that it?

Sami: I want to save my dad's life. I want to protect my family. And that is the only reason.

Lucas: Let me ask you something. Explain something to me, okay?

Sami: Anything.

Lucas: I understand that it's tragic that Colleen committed suicide, okay? I get that.

Sami: She threw herself off a cliff. It's awful.

Lucas: Yeah, it is, but it happened 50 years ago. Why are we letting two people who are gone, they're dead, they're controlling our lives and our destinies from their graves?

Sami: Lucas, I had to agree to marry E.J. or my dad would be dead right now. I couldn't live with that. You couldn't either.

Lucas: This whole thing is such a joke -- such a joke. I wish we'd never gone to New Orleans to help rebuild. We never would have found those letters at Maison Blanche. None of this would be happening right now.

Sami: This started way before that. This started 50 years ago in Ireland between Colleen and Santo. If we hadn't found those letters in New Orleans, we wouldn't have known how to end the vendetta.

Lucas: You know, I don't want the vendetta to end. I don't care! If it means losing you, I don't want it.

Sami: You are never -- you are never going to lose me. You hear me?

Lucas: Really? Really, I'm not? What do you call divorcing me and marrying E.J.? What's that?

Sami: It's just temporary, okay? It's just a temporary sacrifice.

Lucas: The first union between the DiMeras and Brady -- that turned out to be a disaster. What makes you think the same thing's not gonna happen? What makes you think you and E.J. can escape the same fate?

Sami: I hope we do. I'm not trying to have a real marriage with him. I'm not trying to make it work.

Lucas: You're not? Really? Listen to yourself. I can't believe you're doing this to me.

Sami: God! This is all we have, Lucas!

Lucas: You're gonna dump our marriage, right? You're gonna divorce the man of your dreams, the one you really love based on a word from a DiMera because they're gonna spare your father? You think they're gonna do that? You think they're gonna live up to their promise? Come on, you really think your dad is gonna dance at your wedding to E.J.?

Sami: Lucas, I don't have another choice.

Lucas: Look, we've always been good about putting our heads together and figuring things out. You shouldn't have to feel like this is just your problem. It's my problem, too. It's our problem now.

Sami: I love you. I love you, Lucas. I love you so much.

Lucas: That goes double for me. And I sure as hell don't want to lose you. All right? So we'll think of something else. We'll figure out another way. We'll meet here with the family, and we'll figure out another plan. We'll make everything better.

Sami: There isn't another way to satisfy the DiMeras' demands.

Lucas: You know what? It shouldn't be about satisfying the DiMeras' demands. It shouldn't be about that at all. I don't care. I don't care if Santo loved Colleen. Two, three, four generations of Brady’s shouldn't have to pay for what happened years ago. It's ridiculous.

Sami: I agree. But that's not the point.

Lucas: All right, then tell me what the point is. I mean, what am I missing? Is it that the DiMeras are killing machines? Is that it?

Sami: Well, they are. And until now, we have never had a way to get them to stop until Santo, from the grave, gave us a way to end this.

Lucas: It shouldn't matter what Santo wants. The man is dead. What does he care?

Sami: Stefano cares. Stefano wants to -- I don't know -- give his father the happy ending he never had when he was alive.

Lucas: Just because you look like Colleen and that idiot E.J. looks like his grandfather that means that you guys should get married, is that it?

Sami: To save my dad's life, to end this vendetta, to give my family...hope, to keep them safe. I believe I was meant to do this.

Lucas: Don't start with that. Don't tell me that again. Don't tell me that you believe in that crap about fate about you and E.J. Don't tell me that right now.

Sami: It's not me and E.J. I believe I was meant to be with you.

Lucas: That's right. That's right. You were meant to be with me. I am your future -- me -- Lucas Roberts, not that obnoxious Brit who happens to look like his grandfather. That shouldn't matter. That's not fate. That's by chance. And it's by chance that you look like Colleen. And I can't believe you're putting me through this. I can't believe you're falling for this! You know what? I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to yell at you. I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to fight.

Kate: I can't imagine what you could possibly tell me about Lucas and Sami that would make me happy.

Stefano: It's something you have prayed for.

Kate: Well?

Stefano: What would you say if I were to arrange Samantha divorcing Lucas and marrying my son Elvis, hmm?

Officer: Excuse me, sir? You can't go in there.

Bo: Sami's not gonna marry you, no matter what it says in that damn folio.

E.J.: You're wrong. When she leaves Lucas, she and I will be husband and wife.

Bo: Yeah, and you're dreaming. Wild horses couldn't drag her down the aisle with you, so come on.

E.J.: She's already agreed.

Bo: Yeah, right.

E.J.: It's true. She told my father. He was kind enough to offer his blessing to the union.

Bo: Yeah, I bet he was.

E.J.: He also agreed to end the vendetta.

Bo: Come on. Maybe you and your murdering cousin André got Sami so upset that she agreed to something in the moment. She's not gonna go through with it. Lucas won't let her. Neither will I.

E.J.: She knows it's the only way to save her father's life.

Bo: You're enjoying this, aren't you? You're sick, man. You take this 50-year-old tragedy and spin it into your own little fairy tale.

E.J.: Bo, Samantha wants to end the vendetta. Our wedding will accomplish that.

Bo: Yeah, and you're being selfless. You're not getting anything out of this, are you? What about Sami's happiness or my pop's happiness? Doesn't he rate?

E.J.: What about your pop's happiness?

Bo: Let me spell it out for you, Junior. Your grandfather Santo seduced my Aunt Colleen.

E.J.: Oh, seduced? I read some of those letters with Samantha. The two of them, I believe, were in love.

Bo: Colleen was in love. Yeah, that's very clear.

E.J.: And Santo was in love with her.

Bo: Santo was married.

E.J.: My grandmother had died a long time before.

Bo: Well, there you're wrong. Santo lied to Colleen, and her little brother found out the truth and told her because he loved her and wanted to protect her. But when she found out that she had been betrayed and dishonored, she leapt off of one of Galway's cliffs.

E.J.: I had no idea.

Bo: Yeah. And that little boy, her little brother, has felt guilty ever since.

E.J.: And that would be your father, would it?

Bo: But only a sick son of a bitch like yourself could reach into such a grizzly tragedy and grab the golden ring, or, should I say, two golden rings.

E.J.: Bo, I'm sorry about your father, okay? Guilt is a horrible thing to live with.

Bo: Yeah, right. But so what? You got what you wanted. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that Sami doesn't give a damn about you.

E.J.: Look, the bottom line here is that if I don't marry Samantha, the vendetta lives. In case you haven't quite figured out what that means, it means that Roman dies. So, what are you going to do? Are you gonna waste your time standing there vilifying me, or are you gonna save your brother?

André: Good news, Roman! You're going home. Oh, you could do with a little tidying up. Can't have you looking like death warmed over. Oh. [Sighs] Should be quite an explosive homecoming. [Laughs]

Bo: What'd you do to Sami to force her to agree to these terms?

E.J.: Oh, it wasn't like that.

Bo: How was it?

E.J.: The wedding was Samantha's idea. Frankly, I really admire her willingness to do whatever it takes in order to save her father and to end this vendetta between our two families.

Bo: You're as crazy as André if you think I'm gonna let my niece marry into your twisted family.

E.J.: Actually, Bo, I really don't care what you think. See, it's none of your concern. I came down here to make a courtesy call to let you know that everything was being done to save Roman.

Bo: Let me tell you something -- Roman would rather die than have his daughter marry a DiMera.

Sami: [Sighs] Come on. Talk to me.

Lucas: I don't want to talk anymore. I don't want to fight. I'm just done with it. I have nothing more to say.

Sami: Don't shut me out.

Lucas: I'm not the one slamming the door on our future, am I?

Sami: That's not fair.

Lucas: I know it's not fair. I can't even count how many times you've done this to me.

Sami: This time is different, and you know that. The faces might be different, yeah. It might be a different situation, but basically, it's the same old thing. You seduce me into believing you, and I fall for it. You always say, "no one," or "nothing can come between us." And then bam. Right back where we started from. Right back at square one.

Sami: None of it matters to me because I will always love you...forever. And all I want is to grow old with you and spend the rest of my life with you and our kids and our grandkids.

Lucas: How are you gonna do that, huh? How are you gonna manage that when you're married to E.J., lying in his bed?

Sami: I'm --

Lucas: You're what? You're not? You can't tell me that. You can't tell me that you love me one minute and then tell me you want a divorce. It doesn't work like that.

Sami: Lucas, this is not forever. Okay? It's just until Stefano dies.

Officer: I already asked you to stand back. You're not allowed inside Mr. DiMera's room.

Steve: Okay. All right. You know what? You're on the ball, and I like that. But I don't think you know who I am.

Officer: Steven Johnson. And I have to ask you to leave.

Steve: On whose orders?

Officer: Commissioner Carver. He told me you might show up. Now I'm telling you to leave.

Kate: Now, I think someone must have slipped something into your, what, morphine drip because you, my man, are imagining things.

Stefano: My mind is completely clear.

Kate: Really? Then I think you're exhausted and you can't see straight. You can't think straight.

Stefano: Have you ever known me to make false claims, huh, Kate?

Kate: Never.

Stefano: Ah, well, thank you for at least remembering that much about me.

Kate: Look, we're talking about Lucas and Sami, okay?

Stefano: And Elvis.

Kate: I don't know how you could possibly think you could pull strings to get Sami to divorce Lucas and marry Elvis.

Stefano: Why is that?

Kate: Because Lucas and Sami are hopelessly in love.

E.J.: You're very cavalier about Roman's life. I tend to think he may value it a little bit more than you do.

Abe: The officer found this in the grave.

Bo: It's Roman's. He must have been in the coffin.

Abe: And he was removed to make room for Benjy.

Bo: Why would André go to the trouble?

Abe: Because he knew we would head here the moment we found that chauffeur's uniform in his hideout.

Bo: Oh, great. We're back to where we started.

E.J.: Look, I'm sure that my father has already contacted André and told him the vendetta is over. Roman may already have been released.

Abe: What the hell is he talking about?

Bo: Nothing.

E.J.: Don't dismiss this, okay? I'm sure that Samantha is explaining everything to Lucas as we speak.

Abe: Explaining what?

E.J.: That she's divorcing him.

Abe: What?

E.J.: She's marrying me.

Steve: I think you must have heard wrong because Abe Carver and I are old friends. He must have been talking about some other Steve.

Officer: Mm-hmm. This is you, right?

Steve: Where'd you get this?

Officer: It's a mug shot faxed over from the station. You recognize it?

Steve: Ooh. Bad hair day.

Stefano: You know, I never realized that under this tough-as-nails exterior, you really are a pussycat.

Kate: [Chuckles] All right, look. I know you have no use for affairs of the heart, and believe me, it galls me to even have to say this, but Sami and Lucas are completely besotted with each other. And I should know because I spent years trying to break them up.

Stefano: Ahh, love. Everybody thinks it makes the world go 'round. But you know what really makes it spin?

Kate: Huh?

Stefano: Money and sex and the possibility of sparing a family from some pain.

Kate: What are you talking about?

Stefano: What I'm talking about is the terms to end the vendetta against the Brady’s. Samantha and Elvis will continue the love affair that began between my father and Colleen 50 years ago.

Kate: What?

Stefano: To end the vendetta, Samantha will marry my son. I don't think I can make it any plainer.

Kate: And Sami has agreed to these terms?

Stefano: And Elvis. Yes. They both have agreed that it's the only way to have peace between the DiMeras and the Brady’s.

Kate: [Laughing] Oh, my God. You -- you, my dear, are a wonderful man.

Stefano: See? I knew you'd be grateful. God knows I could use some gratitude.

Lucas: You have to stay with E.J. until Stefano dies? Did I just hear you right?

Sami: And given his ill health, that could happen at any moment.

Lucas: So, you have to divorce me to marry E.J.

Sami: And we'll sleep in separate bedrooms, okay? I made that very clear to E.J.

Lucas: Until Stefano dies, right?

Sami: Then I will be back home with you and Will and our babies. And we'll be able to be the family that we were meant to be.

Lucas: You know what? You're smarter than this. You are. You know how many times Stefano's been at death's door? He always makes a miracle recovery. He always rises from the ashes. That's why they call him the Phoenix.

Sami: Nobody lives forever.

Lucas: You know what? You are gonna get hitched to him. You'll get married to E.J., and you'll see Stefano will rise again to dance at your wedding. Hell, he might even move in with you just to get close to his beautiful new daughter-in-law. That's your future. And I'm not gonna let that happen.

Steve: Well, listen, are you sure it was Abe Carver who took me off the visitors list?

Officer: Sir, my orders came directly from the Commissioner. Now, if you don't mind, the elevator is right behind you.

Steve: Listen, there's just something weird about Abe Carver giving that order to keep me out of here because I just got a call from Detective Bo Brady asking me to get down here and talk to Mr. DiMera personally. You see, Stefano and I have a history that the detective wants to make use of.

Officer: Fine. When I get an order directly from Detective Brady, I'll let you in. Now, I don't want to have to ask you to leave again.

Steve: Okay, dude. I was just trying to help you out. But if I have to call Detective Brady, he's not gonna be happy.

Kate: Most people get 30 days to pay their debts.

Stefano: We are not most people.

Kate: Yes, that's true, isn't it? But you're not even going to grant me a period of grace so I can savor Sami leaving Lucas?

Stefano: You know, a man tends to get sentimental as he grows older.

Kate: Yes. And utterly shameless.

Stefano: [Laughs] You're not going to leave, are you?

Kate: No, I'm not, but I'm not going to extend credit. I don't do that. And as resourceful as I think you have been, I still don't know as of yet if Sami and Lucas are really separated, broken up. So I understand that you want to celebrate, and I will be obliging, but only after I see the divorce decree.

Stefano: [Chuckles]

Abe: Has his wife been notified?

Bo: No, I'll go over there and handle that myself.

Abe: Well, we were right about Steve. He went to the hospital, tried to get in to see Stefano.

Bo: Well, we were prepared this time.

Abe: Get this -- he said he was there to see Stefano on your orders. He was sent packing.

Bo: Oh, finally, a cop who can handle Steve. I better head over there, make sure everything's under control.

Abe: No, no hurry. He left.

Bo: I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Abe: You know, when we opened that casket and found Benjy, it really hit him hard.

Bo: That's exactly what I'm saying. He'll try again. He'll take another shot at getting at DiMera.

Sami: It doesn't matter what happens. You are never going to lose me, ever. And I hate hurting you like this.

Lucas: Just back out of the deal.

Sami: Lucas... what if it were you? What if you had the chance to make everything right? Wouldn't you just grab it?

Lucas: No. I couldn't stand to hurt you. I love you too much. I couldn't stand to rip your heart out like that and see the pain in your eyes. What you're asking me to do is way beyond my strength. So I'm sorry. I'm not coming along for the ride on this one. There's no way I'm gonna give you the divorce you want. There's no way I'm gonna think it's okay for you to marry E.J. because that'll mean the end of us. There's no turning back, not from that. You know what? Just do me a favor and stay here. Just stay here where it's safe.

Sami: Yes, is Bo Brady at the station, please? Oh, no, no, it's okay. Listen, I'm just wondering if you have any word on Roman Brady. It's his daughter. No. Yeah, thanks. No, it's okay. We're closed.

E.J.: How are you doing?

Sami: My dad is still missing. For all I know, he could be dead right now. E.J., it sounds to me like you and your father are not holding up your end of this agreement.

E.J.: We're doing everything we can, Samantha.

Sami: Are you lying to me?

E.J.: No.

Sami: If you don't find my dad, this agreement, this marriage is off.

André: Evening, all! A treat for you, Samantha. Look who's come visiting.

Sami: Dad! Dad! Daddy!

Kate: All right, I will make you a deal.

Stefano: The answer is yes.

Kate: You don't even know what the deal is.

Stefano: What difference does it make? Sweetheart, we've had this deal for years.

Kate: Look, I just want to get this straight. If Lucas comes to me and tells me face-to-face that he's divorcing Sami...

Stefano: Yes?

Kate: I will come to the mansion, and we will take a long trip down memory lane.

Stefano: A long and leisurely trip.

Kate: Yeah. But until then, you're going to have to suffer with your sentimental self.

Stefano: [Laughs] So be it. You know me very well.

Kate: Yes, I know you. I know you well enough to know better.

Lucas: Damn it! Watch the leg! Somebody tell this guy to let me in!

Stefano: What is happening?

Kate: Lucas! That's my son. Release him.

Officer: Your son's about to get busted.

Stefano: He's all right. Let him in. Let him in. Let him in.

Kate: Sweetheart, what are you doing here?

Lucas: I don't know, Mom. Better question is what are you doing here? What are you two up to?

Stefano: Uh, we were just, uh, taking a little stroll down memory lane.

Lucas: I should have known you two were in on this.

Kate: Lucas, this isn't a conspiracy, you know.

Lucas: Well, what is it, then, a victory celebration?

Kate: I don't know what you're talking about.

Lucas: My wife just dropped the divorce bomb on me.

Kate: Oh, my God. That's certainly sudden.

Lucas: It's a dream come true for you, isn't it? What are you gonna do with all your spare time now? You can't break up me and Sami. You got what you wanted. Mission accomplished.

Stefano: Show your mother some respect.

Lucas: You know what? She's lucky I'm even talking to her at all.

Kate: I don't know what it is that you think that I did, but let me tell you, it's nothing.

Lucas: You and the Godfather here, you finally did it, didn't you? You got Sami to come to me demanding a divorce.

Kate: Lucas, I'm sorry, okay? And despite my misgivings, yes, I do know that you loved her.

Lucas: Loved her? We still love each other, Mom. Nothing's changed. And you -- you convinced Sami in order to end this crazy vendetta, in order to end it, she's got to marry your son?

Stefano: Samantha is correct. It is the only way that the vendetta will end.

Lucas: When did you two cook this up? Over cocktails or pillow talk? Which was it?

Kate: [Scoffs] I'm not even gonna dignify that with an answer.

Lucas: Good, 'cause you have no dignity. It's the same old thing with you, isn't it, over and over again? You betray me, you apologize, and I forgive you. But not this time. This one makes the other stunts you pulled look like charity work.

Kate: Lucas, I swear to you, I knew absolutely nothing -- nothing about the terms for ending this vendetta.

Stefano: It's true. She just found out from me.

Lucas: There is no way I'm getting a divorce. Do you got that? Do you understand that, both of you? I don't care if I have to kidnap her. I'll drag her from one end of the earth to the other. But there will be no divorce.

Kate: Lucas! Lucas, wait.

Officer: You still hanging around?

Steve: Yeah, and I'm about to make you one sorry dude.

Officer: Knock yourself out.

Steve: I'm calling Bo Brady, and you will be relieved of your post.

Officer: Go ahead. Call him. Be my guest.

Steve: Okay.

Bo: Brady.

Steve: Hey, Beauregard.

Bo: Steve, is that you?

Steve: Yeah, how you doing, Detective Brady?

Bo: Where are you?

Steve: Well, I'm at the hospital. I'm outside Stefano DiMera's room, and I tried to get in per your orders, but this clown Abe put on the door is giving me nothing but grief. You asked for it.

Bo: I want you out of that hospital now. Get your butt down here to the cemetery. I want to see you as soon as possible.

Steve: Yes, sir.

Bo: Steve? Steve, you there?

Steve: Yeah, I'm here. I mean it, man. I'm serious. Get down here now.

Bo: I'm on my way. Well, look who's back in the hospital. [Door closes] Stefano DiMera. Well, this time... you won't be going home.

Sami: Daddy!

E.J.: Are you okay?

Sami: What's wrong with you, Dad? What has André done to you? Dad! Talk to me. What happened to you?

André: Yes, Roman, speak up.

Sami: Oh, get away from my --

André: Just step back, both of you.

E.J.: What have you done to him?

André: Oh, we've just been out sightseeing. Isn't that right, Roman? He's not much of a conversation, I'm afraid, your father. Bit of a bloody bore. So I've returned him to your care. Just consider it a gift. Sorry the wrapping's not much. It's all I had at the moment. So, open it. Come. Go ahead.

E.J.: No. No, you don't. Stay here. I'll do it.

André: Surprise. I hope you don't already have one.

Kate: I would do anything for you. You know that.

Lucas: Stay away from me.

Bo: Get the hell out of there.

Sami: I am not gonna let my babies be blown up, but I'm not gonna let my dad die either.

Stefano: There will be no one left to call off the dogs. Go ahead! Kill me!

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