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Chelsea: Stephanie, I look like a dork.

Stephanie: You look fine.

Chelsea: I feel like the Easter Bunny.

Stephanie: It's only for the first night of pledge week, okay? After tonight, we never have to wear pink again. All right, come on.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Steph, but sorority life is just not my thing, okay?

Morgan: Are you trying to escape?

Stephanie: No. My friend just left something in the car. Didn't you, Chelsea?

Morgan: Well, I'm Morgan Hollansworth. Welcome to Alpha Chi Theta.

Stephanie: Hi, I'm Stephanie Johnson. This is Chelsea Brady.

Morgan: I love your shoes. Oh, my God. They are so precious.

Stephanie: Thank you. I like yours, too. What are they?

Morgan: Prada. Like there's anything else. Well, Stephanie, Chelsea, why don't you girls come on in and make yourselves at home? Unless you need to get what you left in your car.

Chelsea: It can wait.

[Indistinct conversations]

Stephanie: Home doesn't look like this.

Morgan: Well, it does if you join Alpha Chi Theta.

Stephanie: Sign me up.

Morgan: If, Sugar. I said "if."

Steve: It's Benjy. They buried him alive! Let's get him out. Get him out! Help me get him out!

Man: Come on, pick him up. There you go, be careful.

Steve: Easy.

Man: Let's get him over here. Careful. Watch your step.

Steve: Lay him down. Lay him down.

Man: Right here. Right here.

Abe: Excuse me. Excuse me. We're too late, Steve.

Steve: You get 911, ambulance, and tell them we need oxygen and a defibrillator. Do it, Abe!

Abe: Steve, listen to me, man. He's gone.

Steve: No! Come on, Benjy. Come on. Come on. Aah! No! No!

Bo: Pop had an encounter at the cemetery with Stefano.

Julie: Uh-oh. What happened?

Doug: Shawn, you all right?

Stefano: I did not realize that I was supposed to lie. If I could only go back in time and change that moment, how different things would be now.

Shawn: Everything would be different.

Stefano: Do you realize that we could have been raised as brothers? Who knows what could have been?

Shawn: I haven't been all right...since Santo lied.

Hope: Lied? About what?

Shawn: About his wife.

Hope: Oh, my God. She wasn't dead.

Marlena: The man is evil. What a terrible thing to do.

John: That's one word for it.

Shawn: From what happened wasn't only Santo's fault. She donated her engagement ring to the poor and left to marry Santo with our dad taking off after her...more angry than I'd ever seen him in my life. It was then and there that I decided I had to find a way to tell the truth...and made the mistake of my life. [Indistinct conversations]

Stephanie: You did not just say you want to leave.

Chelsea: Actually, I did.

Stephanie: You said we would pledge together.

Chelsea: Stephanie, that was before I knew how stuck-up everybody was, okay? Just call me tomorrow.

Stephanie: Wait, wait, wait. Please don't go. I'm begging you.

Chelsea: Or not.

Stephanie: Okay, I'm not down on my knees, whatever. I will go there, though. Total humiliation is worth it if you'll stay.

Morgan: Girls, I'd like you to meet Carmen Cruise and Cordelia Haun, two of our outstanding sisters.

Stephanie: Hi, I'm Stephanie Johnson. It's so nice to meet you.

Chelsea: Suck-up.

Morgan: Excuse me?

Stephanie: Tuck up. Chelsea was just reminding me to suck in my stomach. She's all about making a good first impression.

Morgan: Me, too. I'm always telling the girls shoulders back, chest out, stomach in. It's our way of helping keep America beautiful.

Cordy: She's kidding. Alpha Chi Theta isn't all about looks.

Stephanie: You don't have to convince us. We think it's brilliant. So, do you have any advice on how to get in?

Carmen: You can be gorgeous like me.

Cordy: Or get really good grades like me.

Chelsea: So you guys got in here because of your brains and your looks?

Cordy: Yes.

Chelsea: Isn't that like being exploited or something?

Carmen: Hey, a sorority is only as good as its sisters. The rule is...

Cordy: If you want in...

Morgan: Bring something good to the table.

Colleen: You received my letter.

Santo: And I learned about my recent donation to St. Malachy.

Colleen: I had to give it away. It wouldn't have been right otherwise. The diamond did sparkle. Are you very angry with me?

Santo: No. I could never be angry with you.

Colleen: I still can't believe I told Father Mallory and me da I'm not going to become a sister.

Santo: Look -- when we get to New York City and you see the tall skyscrapers and the fast cars below and the thousands of people walking around, you are not going to miss Ireland.

Colleen: I'll always miss her.

Santo: Colleen, tell me what is wrong.

Colleen: I can never return home.

Santo: Is that what your father told you?

Colleen: I have never seen him so angry. Once we marry, he will never respect me again. [Sighs]

Santo: Colleen, sometimes... when you start a new life, you have to say goodbye to the old.

Colleen: I know. You're all I have.

Santo: I will never let you down. You know that. You know...when we wed, these rings, when they come together, it will be like our past and our future coming together. Colleen, you will always be Pete Brady's daughter. And you will always be devoted to the order and to the boy. You are leaving Ireland behind. You are leaving the sisterhood behind, but you take yourself with you. I suppose I'm gonna have to buy you another diamond.

Colleen: [Chuckles] And I'll just have to give it away again.

Santo: [Laughs]

Colleen: Santo, I could never in good conscience wear such an extravagant thing.

Santo: I could not love you any more. Marriage won't change you. You will always be my Colleen.

Colleen: Do you promise?

Santo: I would never lie to you.

Colleen: Not even to make me feel better?

Santo: Especially not to make you feel better.

Colleen: [Laughs] You have a great gift.

Santo: What is that?

Colleen: You have a way of making it seem like everything will work out just grand.

Santo: Because it will. Today, we are getting married. Tomorrow, we are going to --

Colleen: Sail away. I don't know if I can bear saying goodbye to Shawn.

Santo: You know, you don't have to.

Colleen: How could I not?

Santo: He can come with us. He could grow up with Stefano. You can bring your brother with you. Think about it -- every morning, we get up to see the sun rise together as a family.

Morgan: Let's go look at the girls.

Carmen: Okay, sounds good.

Chelsea: Bring something good to the table? You still want to get in?

Stephanie: Are you kidding? I'd cut off my right arm to get in.

Chelsea: Stephanie, that's pathetic. All these girls do is just use each other.

Stephanie: It's not using someone if they agree to the deal. I think it's -- it's cool how Carmen's good looks and Cordy's brain help the house. It's like everyone has a value.

Chelsea: No. Their brains and their bodies do.

Stephanie: There's more to it than that.

Chelsea: Okay. Let's try to put your little theory to the test, okay? Oh, excuse me. Hi, um, we were thinking of pledging and we just kind of had a few questions.

Slone: Sure. I'm Slone by the way.

Ashley: And I'm Ashley with a "Y."

Chelsea: Oh, my God. I'm Chelsea Brady with a "Y."

Stephanie: I'm Stephanie Johnson. No "Y."

Slone: It's nice to meet you. So, what's up?

Chelsea: We were talking to Carmen and Cordy, and they said that in order to get in, you have to have brains like Einstein and a body like... well, like you. Is that true?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Slone: There are other things that count, like money. It's best if it's old. And family has to be old.

Chelsea: [Coughs] This place stinks.

Slone: How do you really feel?

Stephanie: Chelsea...

Chelsea: Well, um...I'll tell you. I think judging people on their shoes and their looks and their brains and bank accounts and dead family members is really, really lame, but not as lame as being in a sorority, which is just a fancy way of saying clique.

Slone: Well, I'll let Morgan know.

Stephanie: Chelsea didn't mean those things.

Chelsea: Yeah, I did. Look at Morgan over there. Why does she get to judge everybody? She's all hair product and makeup.

Cordy: Careful. Or you'll be guilty of what you just accused us of doing -- judging a person by their appearance.

Stephanie: Hurry, she heard.

Cordy: Morgan may seem superficial. There's a quality under that fake tan.

Chelsea: Like what?

Cordy: Like if you're in a fight, you want her on your side.

Chelsea: You can't be serious.

Cordy: Don't let her looks fool you. Morgan's tougher than you think. No one ever crosses her twice.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Steph. Looks like I may have ruined your chances at getting in.

Stephanie: I don't think I ever had one, not if they care about who you're related to.

Chelsea: What are you talking about? Come on, you've got one uncle that's a decorated cop. You got another one that's chief of police, a mom that's a doctor.

Stephanie: Let's not forget about a dad who's bouncing off of padded walls. You were right, Chelsea. We don't belong.

Abe: Benjy's gone, buddy.

Steve: Shh. He started breathing.

Abe: No. No, he's not. He's gone.

Steve: God, you're so cold. I'll get you. This will warm you up. You never hurt anybody.

Bo: So, Santo wanted to take you and Colleen away with him?

Shawn: It made me sick.

John: I'm betting Santo has had that effect on a lot of people.

Hope: His son certainly did.

Julie: Remarkably selfish men -- both of them.

Marlena: Narcissists. They want what they want when they want it, and they don't care how they get it.

Doug: Which is why he lied to Colleen.

Shawn: I thought [Chuckles] My dad...he can fix everything. But I was wrong.

Colleen: We can't be taking Shawn to America.

Santo: Colleen, what kind of life does he have to look forward to here? There are opportunities for the boy in America.

Colleen: Me da's already lost me. I can't be taking his son from him, too.

Santo: All right. But when he gets used to the idea of us being married, he will come with Shawn and visit us in America.

Colleen: He could never be afFording such a thing.

Santo: We will buy a ticket for him, first class. And when we buy a house, we will make sure there is plenty of room for your family.

Colleen: Thank you. But my father will never forgive me for turning away from the Lord's calling.

Santo: He will, Colleen, when he understands you are following your own calling.

Stephanie: Let's get out of here.

Chelsea: No, Stephanie. You want to get in, so we're going to try.

Stephanie: Look at these girls. They're smart, rich, connected, stunning, and none of them have a dad –

Chelsea: Have a dad that's had a totally off-the-chart life story? Use it.

Stephanie: Yeah, right.

Chelsea: No, I'm serious. Come on, if anybody gets upset with you for not bringing your ancestors over to sign the Magna Carta, just bring him around.

Morgan: Attention, ladies. Hi. Now, I know ya’ll wouldn't be here if you didn't have your heart set on joining this sorority. It's just about time to come up and get your pins.

Chelsea: Are you ready?

Stephanie: I guess so since my dad is such a rebel.

Chelsea: Go for it.

Stephanie: What about you?

Chelsea: Oh, this isn't my thing.

Stephanie: You said you were pledging.

Chelsea: No, I said that I would come with you tonight.

Stephanie: Shh! I’m trying to hear this.

Carmen: Okay, you must wear the pin day and night. While wearing it, you cannot drink or smoke, and your behavior at all times must reflect the high esteem Alpha Chi Theta enjoys on this campus.

Chelsea: I have a question. Are you guys known for anything besides your perfect makeup and hair?

Carmen: [Sighs]

Morgan: Cordy, would you like to answer that, hon?

Cordy: Sure. Every sorority dedicates itself to volunteer work. Alpha Chi Theta's mission is the homeless. The brainiacs like myself tutor at the downtown shelter, while Morgan's group finds clothes for job interviews and teaches the women how to look their best.

Chelsea: Oh. Cool.

Stephanie: Still feeling superior?

Morgan: Okay, girls, how about I give you a couple extra minutes to really sit down and think about whether or not you want to join this sorority? And remember, choices can make or break a life.

Colleen: [Chuckles] If we don't stop, we'll never go anywhere.

Santo: I don't think I want to stop. In fact, I don't think I ever can.

Pete: Get your hands off her, you filthy animal!

Colleen: Da! No, no, Da! He's the man I'm to marry.

Pete: He's lying to you, lass.

Colleen: What?

Pete: Tell her. Tell her about your wife.

Colleen: No, Da. Da, you leave the poor man alone. He was just a widower.

Pete: I know that's what this lying reptile has been telling you, but she's alive, Colleen. As alive as you and me. Go on. Tell her.

Colleen: No, Da.

Shawn: Stefano said she's alive and well and living in Italy.

Santo: Colleen.

Colleen: Is this true? Da. [Sobbing]

Abe: The medical examiner's on his way...along with forensics. After the autopsy, we'll give Benjy the kind of farewell he deserves.

Steve: Abe, we know this was murder. We know who killed him. Why does the poor guy need an autopsy?

Abe: Maybe we'll get lucky, find something that links André to this.

Steve: You know, Stefano swore he wouldn't hurt him. [Chuckles] I'm an idiot. I believed him.

Abe: What kind of man would kill his own son?

Steve: You know what kind. But this is one murder Stefano's not gonna get away with.

[Indistinct conversations]

Chelsea: Did you hear what Morgan just said?

Stephanie: About choices?

Chelsea: Yeah. What if she's right? What if the difference between a happy and unhappy life really does come down to one decision like this?

Stephanie: So what are you saying?

Chelsea: Well, I'm saying that...people make choices every day that affect their lives, for better or worse. What if me not pledging turns out to be the biggest mistake of my life?

Stephanie: So are you pledging?

Chelsea: I can't believe I'm saying this, but, yeah. I think I'm gonna take one of those stupid pins.

Shawn: I can still see the pain in her -- in her eyes. I put it there.

Hope: No, Santo hurt her. All you did was tell your father the truth, Shawn.

Marlena: Santo lied to Colleen, then he decided to kill her.

Hope: But why? Why? He was supposed to love her.

Julie: Love -- it can turn to hate.

Doug: And when that happens, watch out.

Shawn: I didn't. I never saw the end coming.

Pete: Colleen, daughter.

Colleen: You said you loved me.

Santo: I do. The Lord above us knows how true those feelings are in my heart. Colleen, I can explain.

Colleen: Explain? You can explain why you told me that your wife was dead. I remember when standing here, your eyes filled with crocodile tears. And I...the sympathetic idiot believed you. May the Lord punish me for being a silly fool.

Pete: Come away, lass.

Colleen: No! No. You lied to me. How could you?

Santo: Because sometimes, Colleen, there is a deeper truth.

Colleen: Again. Listen to him. Would you listen to yourself, with your fancy words that you are so good at?

Santo: It is true. We are meant to be together. I felt this from the first moment I opened my eyes and I saw you in St. Malachy.

Colleen: If the Lord meant us to be together, you wouldn't be married, would you? You...had your fun with me, haven't you?

Santo: You felt it, Colleen. I know you did. Don't deny it. You have felt the power of the force that pulls us together.

Pete: And then you go and lie to her face, you worthless piece of cow dung.

Santo: It's true. I lied. I lied. I felt I had the right. I felt that we had the right.

Colleen: You had the right to humiliate your wife, to sin, the church. What right did we have?

Santo: We -- we had the right to choose our own future. Because the Lord gave us free will, Colleen, and our fathers took it away from us. I felt that it was our right. I felt that it was our duty to take it back.

Pete: Will you listen to him, the bragger. Him and his gift of God.

Santo: Colleen, we will be together. This thing is bigger than the two of us.

Pete: Come along, daughter. Father Mallory will be waiting for you.

Morgan: Attention, ladies. Time's up. So, if you decided to pledge with Theta, please come get a pin.

Stephanie: Come on. Time to pledge. Aren't you coming?

Morgan: We're almost running out of pins, so if you'd like to pledge, please come get one.

Chelsea: I changed my mind.

Stephanie: You can't keep doing that.

Chelsea: Look, Stephanie, do you really want to get in?

Stephanie: Yes.

Chelsea: Okay, then don't make me pledge. I'll ruin your chances.

Abe: If you're thinking about going after Stefano, don't.

Steve: I'll tell you what I'm thinking about. Benjy's death is my fault. I don't know how I'm gonna tell Kayla.

Abe: She's not gonna blame you. And you shouldn't, either.

Steve: You kidding me? Man, you know what I've been doing the last few months? I've been chasing the DiMeras around, taking every chance I could get to screw up their plans. And this right here -- this is their sick idea of payback.

Abe: So...what are you gonna do now -- retaliate?

Steve: Yeah. You're damn straight I am.

Abe: That's where you're wrong, my friend.

Bo: So, Grandpa Pete took Colleen back to the church.

Shawn: To take her vows.

Hope: So she did become a nun?

John: And Santo?

Marlena: Yes, what happened to Santo?

Shawn: He made sure...that she never got to keep her vows.

Stephanie: What do you mean if you pledge, I won't get in? That's crazy.

Chelsea: Stephanie, you're a natural. Any sorority's gonna want you. I'm totally out of place.

Morgan: Pledge night's almost over, ladies. Last chance.

Stephanie: Chelsea, I will if you will. We're in this together or not at all.

Chelsea: Well, then I guess I better take one of those pins.

Morgan: You won't regret it.

Stephanie: Thank you so much. Tonight was awesome.

Chelsea: Yeah, thanks.

Morgan: Okay, ladies, time to look at this year's haul. Okay, next.

Carmen: Chelsea Brady.

Morgan: She wasn't much fun.

Ashley: She doesn't smile much. Bad teeth?

Morgan: No, Chelsea's teeth were fine. I checked. So what is it, then?

Cordy: She's scared we're going to reject her, so she's rejecting us first.

Ashley: Cordy, you are so smart. It's like living with a psych professor.

Cordy: If she gets into theta, I think she will be one of our most loyal sisters.

Carmen: Morgan, what do you think?

Morgan: I like Chelsea.

Slone: Because?

Morgan: 'Cause she's kind of obnoxious.

Carmen: Gee, who does that remind me of? Oh, yeah -- you.

Morgan: You put Chelsea and me together, ya’ll are gonna have good times and great fights. With Chelsea around, I won't be bored. Okay, moving on.

Slone: Brady's friend. She wouldn't stop smiling. Total suck-up.

Carmen: What do we know about her?

Cordy: She used to be a race car driver.

Ashley: Awesome. She can do the beer runs. [Laughter]

Cordy: Morgan, yay or nay?

Morgan: Yay. I want to borrow her shoes.

Stephanie: We're gonna have a blast pledging, Chelse.

Chelsea: I'm not going through rush.

Stephanie: But you took the pin.

Chelsea: Oh, right, because I knew that was the only way that you would take one. Stephanie, this is what you want. I'm just gonna get in your way.

Stephanie: This isn't about me. It's about you. You're afraid to become a sorority sister.

Chelsea: Why, because I might suddenly feel the urge to be superficial?

Stephanie: No, you're not afraid of becoming like them. You're afraid you might not get the chance to.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Please.

Stephanie: Oh, my God. You're afraid of rejection. That's why you drop people the minute something goes wrong.

Chelsea: That is the lamest idea.

Stephanie: Do you remember when we first became friends and you were such a pain?

Chelsea: Because you tried to steal my boyfriend?

Stephanie: No. Because your adoptive parents had just died. And you were afraid that Bo and Hope weren't gonna want you, so you rejected them first.

Chelsea: What is this, introduction to armchair psychology?

Stephanie: And then you had that huge blowup with Nick.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. He slept with my mom. And if you recall, I did give him a second chance for that.

Stephanie: So you could reject him, which you did.

Chelsea: I can't talk to you about this.

Stephanie: Don't get mad. It's not a big deal. It's okay. This is a good thing. If we can figure out what's going on --

Chelsea: There's nothing going on, Stephanie. I don't have a fear of rejection -- not from Nick, not from Hope, not from Jett, not from my dad, not from anybody, especially not those stupid sorority girls.

Stephanie: Then pledge with me.

Chelsea: Real subtle.

Stephanie: Hey, if you don't care about getting in or not, what's the big deal? What do you have to lose?

Chelsea: Fine.

Stephanie: Fine. Chelsea...I'm scared, too.

Chelsea: Nobody ever rejects you.

Stephanie: Jeremy did.

Jeremy: Look, don't tell Stephanie I was here tonight. Don't even tell her I was back in Salem.

Chelsea: Secrets are my life.

Chelsea: Steph.

Stephanie: Mm-hmm?

Jeremy: It's better if she just forgets about me and moves on.

Chelsea: Yeah, if that's what you want.

Jeremy: All right.

Chelsea: Nothing. I'm just glad that we're pledging together.

Steve: Come on, Abe. Get out of my way. Don't try to stop me.

Abe: So you can inflict Johnson-style justice on Stefano? It's not gonna happen.

Steve: Well, I'm not gonna let the courts handle it if that's what you think.

Abe: Benjy would not want this.

Steve: You know what Benjy wanted? He wanted to live. He just wanted to take care of his family, play with his kid, love his wife, walk the dog. He just wanted to live.

Abe: Look, man, Stefano's gonna do time for this.

Steve: No, he's not. He's gonna walk and you know it. His $1,000-an-hour attorneys are gonna see to that.

Abe: Steve, what about your wife and daughter, a baby who's counting on you? Now, you go vigilante, you'll wind up in prison. What the hell is gonna happen to them?

Steve: They'll just have to do without me. They're used to it.

Abe: They don't want to. Do you have any idea the kind of hell they went through all those years you were missing?

Steve: Oh, yeah. I do. But you can't give me any more guilt, Abe. You know, I got seven lifetimes' worth. And right now, it's all about Benjy. I told him he was safe. I let him drop his guard, and he died. Now I'm going.

Abe: I am very serious, Steve.

Steve: I can see that you are, Abe. But if you want to stop me... you will have to shoot me.

Shawn: By the time Colleen got away from our father, Santo was gone. She ran off...and we followed.

Bo: Go on, Pop.

Shawn: My dad...he was frantic.

Pete: Colleen Mary, answer your da.

Shawn: But we were too late.

Shawn: Leeny!

Pete: Hey, Leeny! Colleen, no. Colleen.

Shawn: But we were -- we were too late.

E.J.: I think I may have the fast track for finding Roman.

Lucas: Are you marrying E.J. to end this vendetta, or is ending this vendetta just an excuse to marry him?

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