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Steve: And that will be that.  Free at last.  Come on, dude.  Let's get out of here.  I want to get back to work. 

Bo: Come on, man.  You've been stabbed.  You got to go home and take care of yourself. 

Steve: [Inhales sharply]

Bo: Yeah. 

Steve: I guess I can take one day off. 

Bo: Yes, you can. 

Steve: So, listen, man, do you really think that Stefano is gonna end this vendetta if your family agrees to his father's terms? 

Bo: Unh-unh.  It is not gonna come to that.  I'm gonna find my pop.  We're gonna figure out how this damn vendetta started, and then once I --

Lucas: Hey. 

Bo: Hey, Lucas. 

Lucas: Sorry to interrupt.  You haven't seen Sami, have you?  She said she was gonna meet me here, and she never showed up. 

Sami: Look, I hope you believe that I did not mean to shoot my husband. 

E.J.: I can vouch for that as an eyewitness.  André had her really rattled.  The gun just went off.  Actually, it's a wonder she didn't accidentally shoot herself. 

Police Officer: I know Roman Brady's daughter.  No one thinks you shot your husband on purpose. 

Sami: Yeah, I mean, I had my eyes closed.  It just sort of went off. 

Police Officer: It's lucky that you just got him in the leg. 

Sami: Yeah.  Thank God. 

Police Officer: I'll be in touch if we need anything else. 

Sami: Thank you very much, officer. 

Police Officer: I'm praying for your dad.  Everybody's looking for him, even guys retired from the force.  We'll find him. 

E.J.: Thank you.  Hey, so?  You told me you know the secret to ending the vendetta.  How did you find that out?  It's all in here. 

E.J.: That's the leather folio? 

Sami: My uncle Bo got it back from André. 

E.J.: Well, that's fantastic!  Isn't it?  I mean, you should be thrilled, right? 

Sami: Not exactly. 

E.J.: Why?  What's inside it? 

Sami: See for yourself. 

Hope: So, this is it -- the final two letters -- one from Santo and one from Colleen. 

Marlena: They were so close to getting married.  I wonder what could have happened. 

John: Whatever we find out, it better give us some way to help Roman. 

Shawn: [Sighs] Damn you.  I wish I had never met you, Stefano DiMera. 

Stefano: The feeling, I assure you, is mutual. 

Shawn: We have nothing to say to each other. 

Stefano: Oh, boy.  Isn't it just like a Brady, huh?  Sweep the past right under the rug.  God forbid you should face something unpleasant head on. 

Shawn: Where is my son?  What have you done to Roman? 

Stefano: I don't know where your son is, and I have done nothing to him. 

Shawn: You're lying. 

Stefano: I'm telling you the truth.  As a matter of fact, for some odd reason, tonight I feel like saying the truth. 

Shawn: [Laughs] I wish you were buried down there. 

Stefano: [Laughs] Well, sooner or later, of course, I will be.  And maybe that accounts for my mood tonight. 

Shawn: Go away.  Leave me alone! 

Stefano: [Chuckles] You know, when I look back on my life, I suddenly realize that we have known each other for half a century.  Half a century, Shawn, since we met -- remember?  -- As kids at St. Malachy's?  Look at us now.  [Clicks tongue]

Shawn: I'm not in the mood. 

Stefano: [Chuckles] I'm struck by the irony.  Here it is, all these years that I have tried to destroy you and your family [Chuckles] And it is the Brady’s that have come together and that are strong.  It is the DiMera’s that have fallen apart, that are in ruins. 

Shawn: Was that regret in your voice? 

Stefano: [Sighs] You know...  it may not be too late.  It's very possible that...  we could help each other. 

Hope: Here we go.  Santo's final letter to Colleen. 

Julie: This I cannot wait to hear. 

Hope: "Tell me this is a nightmare from which I'll soon awaken.  Tell me there's some way to go back to that rocky cliff and prevent that horrible moment from ever happening -- that moment when I knew I had lost you.  As long as I live, Colleen, I will never forget the look on your face when you ran from me.  You must know that I have tried desperately to see you, to talk with you just for a moment, but Father Mallory is a fierce protector.  He will not let me anywhere near you."

Santo: Please, Father Mallory, where is she? 

Fr. Mallory: Somewhere you can never hurt her again.  Leave the poor girl alone. 

Santo: This is your fault, all right?  Your fault.  You sabotage our love by telling her about this eternal damnation. 

Marlena: Wait a minute.  Did I hear that right?  Doomed to eternal damnation?  Is Colleen dead? 

Hope: No, no, no, she can't be.  There's one more letter left, and it's from Colleen.  "I needed to see you one more time to explain, to force you to see the truth."

Doug: "Force"? 

John: So he is a true DiMera after all. 

Julie: But what in the world has happened?  There's absolutely no indication. 

Hope: I don't know, but whatever it was, it cost Colleen her life. 

Bo: So, how's that leg?  Should you be up and about so soon? 

Steve: At least you didn't get it in the gut.  It's really nasty. 

Lucas: What are you not telling me?  What, is she with him?  She's still with him?  She's with E.J.? 

Bo: You're right.  There is something I got to tell you.  It has to do with that leather folio hope and I found in Ireland.  There's something in there concerning Sami and your good buddy Elvis.

E.J.: Wedding bands. 

Sami: They're the ones that Santo had made for him and Colleen. 

E.J.: What's all this?  This is a -- what?  It's a marriage license. 

Sami: That's right.  Made out for the two of them over 50 years ago. 

E.J.: I don't understand. 

Sami: Read it.  You'll understand everything. 

Lucas: Wedding rings and a marriage license. 

Bo: Apparently Santo and Colleen were all set to run off, start a whole new life together. 

Lucas: What's that got to do with Sami and E.J.? 

Bo: There was also a handwritten note in that folio.  It was by Santo. 

Lucas: All right, what did it say? 

Bo: That when his and Colleen's souls were finally united as one... 

E.J.: "Then peace will finally be granted for the Brady family."

Sami: Santo instructed his son, Stefano, to seek vengeance on the Brady family and keep at it until all the wrongs of the past were made right. 

E.J.: Okay, I understand that.  But how are Santo and Colleen's souls supposed to be joined together after 50 years? 

Sami: I look just like my Great-Aunt Colleen, and you look just like your grandfather. 

E.J.: So, what are you saying? 

Sami: It's you and me, E.J. 

E.J.: Samantha, how could my grandfather have possibly predicted the two of us? 

Sami: He didn’t.  But obviously Stefano sees this as the end.  In his twisted mind, if you and I get married, his father's soul will be at peace. 

Lucas: You got to be kidding me. 

Bo: I wish I were, man. 

Lucas: You know, I know this is your family, but Sami's my family.  She's my wife.  She's not gonna divorce me just to marry E.J. Wells to end this stupid vendetta, all right?  It's not gonna happen. 

Sami: There's no other way. 

E.J.: Samantha, what exactly are you trying to say? 

Sami: I'm saying I'll do it.  I'll marry you. 

E.J.: So, would you do it -- divorce Lucas, marry me? 

Sami: I love my family.  And I'm not gonna let them suffer when I can do something to stop it. 

E.J.: I'm not being funny, Samantha, but you had that opportunity before, didn’t you?  My father made it very clear.  You laughed in his face.  He told you.  You marry me, you raise those children as DiMeras, he forgets the vendetta. 

Sami: A lot's happened since then, E.J.  André still has my father.  Lucas is right.  He could be dead by now. 

E.J.: He's alive, Samantha, all right?  That much I know. 

Sami: I guess you would.  Your family took my father from me when I was just a little girl.  I spent half my life without him.  But if I my family from suffering any more pain -- don’t. 

E.J.: Samantha, just... 

Sami: Nothing changes.  I will never love you.  I love Lucas, and I always will. 

E.J.: You think that he would understand? 

Sami: I think I have to save my father's life.  And if my children and the Brady children get to grow up in a world free from being terrorized by the DiMeras...this is a price I'm willing to pay. 

Hope: "I had to find you, Colleen, but I was a foreigner in a land where everyone knew and protected each other.  What could I do with doors closed to me on all sides?  It was obvious gossip had swept through Galway like a wildfire.  Everywhere I went, I was met with angry faces.  And nobody was willing to help me.  I realized there was only one person who could convince you to talk to me again -- the very person who separated us in the first place."

Marlena: Who was it?  Who was the person that drove Colleen and Santo apart? 

Shawn: Help you, after what you've done to my family? 

Stefano: I'm asking that you help our families.  All right, look, Shawn, maybe I went overboard sometime in my search for revenge for my father. 

Shawn: What is this, an attempt to save your wretched soul? 

Stefano: [Chuckles] No, it's probably too late for that.  I am just hoping to get a less fiery seat in hell. 

Shawn: And I'll pray for the opposite. 

Stefano: Ahh.  So, you will go through the pearly gates with a clear conscience, huh?  Listen to me, Shawn.  It is just you and me here.  That's all -- you and me.  And we both know the truth, don't we, that because of just a few words -- that's all.  That was enough.  A few words changed our families forever.

Lucas: This is a joke, right?  I mean, this is insane.  I don't care what's in that leather folio.  She's not leaving me for E.J. Wells.  There's no chance.  What, are you saying she's actually considering it? 

Bo: If it's gonna save her father's life. 

Lucas: I got to do something.  I got to stop her before it's too late. 

Bo: Take it ea--

Steve: Listen, I don't blame the dude for being upset, but come on.  Sami's not gonna marry E.J., right? 

Bo: She, she gets determined like she is to get her dad back, she'll walk through fire if she has to. 

[Cell phone rings]

Bo: Maybe that's my Pop.  I've been trying to reach him all day.  Brady.  Are you sure?  No, man, you -- no.  Stay put.  I'm on my way.  That was my man following Stefano.  DiMera's at the cemetery with Pop.  I got to get down there.  Can you hang here for a little longer? 

Steve: Why? 

Bo: Because I told Abe I'd be here.  He's bringing some evidence that he gathered from André's hideout. 

Steve: Okay, I'll hang. 

Bo: Okay, thanks.  Appreciate it. 

Stefano: You do remember that night at the inn, don't you, when we were kids? 

Stefano: You like? 

Shawn: I wish I had one.  Where did you get it? 

Stefano: A present from Mama and Papa. 

Shawn: But your Ma...I thought... 

Stefano: What? 

Shawn: She was dead. 

Stefano: Giusto?  Dead?  No, Mama alive in Italia. 

Shawn: But she's sick. 

Stefano: No sick.  Happy.  Good. 

Shawn: I remember all too well. 

Stefano: I did not realize that I was supposed to lie.  If I could only go back in time and change that moment, how different things would be now. 

Shawn: Everything...would be different. 

Stefano: Do you realize that we could have been raised as brothers?  Who knows what could have been? 

Santo: Colleen?  Colleen?  Shawn.  Shawn, tell me.  Do you know where your sister is?  You know, Shawn...  you and I have never really had the chance to talk, have we?  My son, Stefano, you know what he says?  He says he loves to play with you.  He says you are like the brother he never had.  The four of us, you know -- sometimes I think of us as a family -- you, Stefano, myself, and your sister.  And sometimes, Shawn, you know, I think about all of the wonderful places that we can go together.  Do you have anywhere in the world that you would like to see?  I bet you do.  How about the Eiffel Tower?  No?  You don't like the French, huh?  I know.  The big skyscrapers in New York City.  You would like to see them.  No?  You know what I would like to see?  Me, I would like to see the cowboys and the Indians.  Would you like that?  You would?  The Wild West, huh?  The wild, Wild West.  Shawn, how would you like for us all to go together with Stefano and Colleen?  America is an amazing place, and I would like for you to see all of it.  I would like for you and your sister to see so many things.  But first, I need your sister to agree to see me again.  Shawn...  talk to your sister.  She will listen to you.  Please.  Tell her...  tell her that I need to see her again.  And I will show you the world, huh?  Shawn, the world.  How would you like to see the world, everything? 

Hope: Poor Shawn.  He was just a little boy.  How could Santo drag him into this? 

Marlena: Well, Shawn was the one that caused Colleen to run away from Santo. 

Doug: He was a child.  What could he possibly have done? 

Julie: Well, whatever it was, it must have frightened Colleen enough to call off her wedding. 

Hope: And refuse to see Santo.  

Sami: Our marriage isn't real, E.J.  We won't be sharing a bed.  It's strictly business. 

E.J.: Yes, of course.  An arrangement.  I understand.  A sacrifice for the sake of our families. 

Sami: You're loving this.  Don't try to pretend like you aren’t.  This is exactly what you wanted all along.  Just don't get too excited, E.J.  Think about it carefully before you agree because you will be trapped in a marriage to a woman who doesn't want you, to a woman who has her own bedroom, where she dreams about another man and misses his arms around her.  I can't imagine a hell worse than that. 

E.J.: [Clears throat] Look, long as this union ends the vendetta, brings peace between our families, I'm for it. 

Sami: Good.  Then let's go tell Stefano that I've made my decision. 

Lucas: And what decision is that? 

Sami: Lucas, what are you doing here?  You shouldn't be on that leg. 

Lucas: Just answer the question. 

Sami: Um, let me explain. 

Lucas: There's no need.  I know about the leather folio.  I know about Santo's terms to end this vendetta.  I just hope that your decision means you're gonna tell E.J. and the rest of the DiMeras to take their terms and shove it. 

Sami: How did you hear? 

Lucas: I had to hear it from Bo instead of my wife. 

Sami: I was gonna explain everything when I got to the hospital. 

Lucas: Don't bother.  Don't bother.  Just tell me you're not considering it. 

Sami: I don't know exactly what I'm gonna do. 

Lucas: You don't know exactly what you're gonna do. 

Sami: You have to try and understand that --

Lucas: No, I understand.  It's a no-brainer, right?  I mean, I am your husband, the father of your children.  Really, Sami, what's there to think about? 

Sami: E.J. and I are gonna go talk to Stefano, and we are gonna try to work something out. 

Lucas: You mean E.J.'s gonna talk to Stefano?  Let me know when you come up with a verdict. 

Sami: Lucas, please.  Please don't be angry. 

Lucas: Oh, I'm not.  I'm not angry.  I'm way beyond angry.  Tell you what -- maybe I'll see you later. 

Sami: Lucas.  Lucas, wait.  You -- I'll -- I'll meet you outside. 

Santo: So, Shawn, my friend, huh?  What do you say?  You're going to help me, hmm?  Convince your sister to talk to me.  Here.  My gold watch.  I give it to you if you help me.  It's very expensive.  Pure gold.  It could be a gift for your father, Shawn.  Think about this, you know?  You get to help me, and you get a gift for your father at the same time, right?  Shawn, convince your sister to talk to me one last time.  And if she asks me to leave, to go back to Italy, I go, all right? 

Shawn: I don't want it.  Leave my sister alone. 

Santo: Shawn, listen, please.  Shawn, please, come back here.  Shawn, where are you going?  Aah!  Colleen! 

Hope: Wow.  That's how the letter ends. 

John: She refuses to talk to him.  He kills her. 

Julie: No.  No.  I can't see him doing that. 

Marlena: When you come right down to it, he is a DiMera, after all. 

Doug: Yeah, but, guys, what happened to end her engagement to Santo? 

Hope: We all know someone who could answer that question. 

John: The only problem with that is, Shawn's not talking. 

Stefano: You never saw my father again after Colleen's death, did you, Shawn?  No.  He was never the same.  Never.  He went from a loving, gentle man to a bitter, angry one.  The part of his soul that could love was just ripped right out of him.  And I don't remember a day that went by that he did not invoke the name of the Brady’s with such bitterness that it terrified me. 

[Sighs]  So, you see...  when Colleen died, my father died, too.  And he left another man in his place -- one who was cold, had no warm words for me.  I was alone.  Do you understand me, Shawn?  I was alone.  And I had to watch my parents in a sham of a marriage, reduced to anger, bitterness.  A family that was filled with betrayal, regret. 

Shawn: That's your excuse for all the pain you caused my family?  [Chuckles] You point a finger at me.  It was all your fault!  You murdered my sister. 

Steve: So, then Bo took off like a shot. 

Abe: Yeah, I don't blame him.  But I do have an officer on Stefano's tail 24-7.  He's not gonna try anything with a police officer watching. 

Steve: Right.  What's this evidence you found? 

Abe: A chauffeur's uniform. 

Steve: André was wearing a chauffeur's cap when he stabbed me. 

Abe: The same kind one of my officers was wearing the night of the fake funeral for driving -- for driving the empty coffin to the gravesite. 

Steve: André was driving that hearse. 

Abe: Only the coffin wasn't empty. 

Steve: Roman's in there? 

Doug: Okay, okay.  Read the last letter -- the one Colleen wrote to Santo in return. 

Julie: I pray it fills in the missing piece. 

John: Just skim it, Hope.  Let's see if we can get to the answer, if it's in there, before it's too late to help Roman. 

Hope: Okay, Colleen says she's utterly and completely destroyed.  She gave up everything, turned her back on God and the church, only to find she had sold her soul to the devil.  And her shame is unbearable.  She calls Santo a wolf in sheep's garb, who has hurt her and betrayed her in a way that no one else ever could. 

Marlena: It doesn't say how he hurt her, though. 

Hope:  No, but listen to this.  "Thank God for my little Shawn.  He knew the truth.  And may the good Lord bless him forever for being brave enough to tell me before I made the biggest mistake of my life."

Stefano: You throw Colleen's death into my face?  You bastard.  It was you who drove the knife into her heart. 

Shawn: I spoke the truth! 

Stefano: You son of a pig!  My father loved her from the bottom of his soul.  He would never have done anything to harm her -- nothing.  There's not a DiMera that is responsible for her death.  It was all you, Shawn -- you.  And you know it.  You opened your rotten mouth when you should have kept it shut.  Do you understand that? 

Bo: What the hell is going on here?  Get off of my father.  You let go.  You son of a bitch!  You want me to put you in a grave for good?  You shut the hell up!  You hear me? 

Stefano: I'll see you in hell. 

Bo: What the hell is the matter with you, man?  Why are you going after my pop like this?  Answer me! 

Shawn: Let him go!  It's ancient history between him and me. 

Bo: You okay, Pop?  Did he hurt you? 

Stefano: Far from it.  I came here to try to make peace, but now I realize it is impossible. 

Bo: You make peace?  Yeah, right.  Come on, Pop.  Let's go home.  Come on. 

Stefano: Remember what I told you, Shawn -- that I was willing to end it.

Hope: "I shudder to think that without my little Shawn, I'd have made a terrible and sinful choice, one I would regret for the rest of my life.  But God, in all his glory, gave a little boy wisdom beyond his years and the courage to speak up."

Fr. Mallory: As you stand here before me, about to take your final vows, I cannot but be asking you one last time, are you sure this is truly what you want? 

Colleen: Yes, Father.  This is where I belong.  The church is my first calling, my true calling.  And by the grace of God, he has shown me the way back. 

Fr. Mallory: Perhaps he was also testing your faith. 

Colleen: And I failed him, to my utter sorrow.  But I will spend the rest of me days seeking always to make up for it. 

Fr. Mallory: Do you still love the Italian, Mr. DiMera? 

Colleen: I have feelings, Father -- feelings I know are wrong.  But I will wipe them clean from my heart and my memory. 

Fr. Mallory: The strength of such feelings will fade in time.  His Grace, the Bishop is ready. 

Hope: "And so, I will take my vow, Santo.  By the end of the day, I shall be in the service of the Lord, far beyond the sinful desires of the flesh.  I pray to God to forgive me, my time of weakness in the face of your deceiving words.  If you ever truly cared for me at all, you will stay away forever."

E.J.: Watch your step, Samantha. 

[Sighs]  Thank you for agreeing to meet us, Father. 

Stefano: Well, when I heard that André kidnapped you, I was beside myself because I realized how far gone his mind is.  It's way beyond my control. 

E.J.: Well, there good thing that came of it, at least as far as we're concerned.  We now both know the terms for ending the vendetta. 

Sami: I have to marry E.J., the way that my Great-Aunt Colleen was supposed to marry Santo.  Those are the terms.  Am I right, Stefano?  I don't understand, Stefano.  You were obsessed with my mother for years.  Did you hope to marry her using these rings? 

Stefano: [Sighs] Yes, I loved Marlena.  I loved her as my father loved Colleen.  And, yes, I'll admit that I was hoping our marriage would give my father's restless soul finally some peace.  But it was not to be.  'Cause when I saw the man that my son grew into, then I knew it. 

E.J.: Because I look like my grandfather. 

Stefano: You could not be more alike, not just in looks, you see.  It's uncanny.  It's as uncanny as the resemblance that Samantha has for the lovely Colleen, may God rest her soul.  I realized that these rings were meant for you.  Hey, it was your destiny, the same as it was my destiny to seek revenge for my father.  Now, Samantha, if you do not love my son the way -- but in time --

Sami: This isn't about love.  This is about ending the vendetta.  And that starts with returning my father alive and unharmed.  That is nonnegotiable.  Do we have a deal? 

Abe: Guys, get in here.  We got help on the way. 

Steve: Abe, listen.  I think we got to prepare ourselves. 

Abe: Look, I'm not giving up on this guy.  Come on.  Start digging. 


Stefano: Are you sure about this, Samantha, hmm?  Because once it starts, there's no turning back, you know.  No easy annulments, divorce -- nothing of the sort, all right?  If you want this vendetta to end once and for all, well, there is no turning back. 

Sami: I understand your terms.  Now understand mine.  I will marry your son only after my father is returned safe and alive.  But you want this marriage to last?  Then you see to it that no DiMera ever hurts a Brady again, that this vendetta is over once and for all. 

Stefano: Have Mickey Horton get the divorce papers in order right away. 

E.J.: You're doing the right thing. 

Stefano: Congratulations, my son.  [Chuckles] You have managed to end a feud that has been going on for decades and also secure a future with the woman that you love.  The field is yours, my son.  You've won. 

Lucas: I, Lucas, take you, Samantha, to be my wife.  I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and health.  I will love you and honor you all the days of our lives. 

Lucas: There's no way you'd do this to us, Sami.  There's just no way.  I won't let you. 

Marlena: Caroline's with Kayla and the baby, and there's still no sign of Shawn. 

Hope: Bo left hours ago to go look for Shawn. 

John: Listen, I'll check out the Cheatin' Heart.  Sometimes he goes there for a beer or two to get away from everything. 

Julie: I will call Maggie.  Maybe he's stopped by Chez Rouge. 

Doug: Chez Rouge is not really his style. 

Julie: Well, I agree, but I'm concerned, all right?  I'm worried about him. 

Hope: So am I. 

Marlena: We still don't know how Colleen died. 

Shawn: It's time you did.  It's time I told you the truth about the night I killed my sister. 

Abe: We're coming for you, buddy.  Don't worry. 

Steve: Abe -- Abe, we don't know if it's him, man.  We don't know if he's in there. 

Abe: Damn it!  Oh, my God. 

Steve: Oh, no. 

Abe: Roman, I --

Steve: I'm sorry, man.  I'm so sorry. 

Abe: What the --

Steve: Who is that?  Who -- oh, no!  Aah. 

Colleen: He's the man I'm to marry! 

He's lying to you, lass. 

Colleen: What? 

Tell her.  Tell her about your wife. 

Shawn: I haven't been all right since Santo lied. 

Hope: Oh, my God.  She wasn't dead. 

Abe: What kind of man would kill his own son? 

Steve: This is one murder Stefano's not gonna get away with.

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