Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/25/07 - Canada; Wednesday 9/26/07 - U.S.A.


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Nick: I want a name.  Who is their father? 

Umar: As I explained --

Nick: What, some phantom from Sudan? 

Chelsea: Who's dead. 

Nick: And can't be revealed? 

Chelsea: And you want us to believe that this big, powerful guy from Sudan entrusted China Lee with his kids? 

Nick: You need to explain this. 

Umar: Desperate times, Mr. Fallon. 

Nick: Are you their father? 

Umar: No.  I'm here to protect them.  You must let me have Artemis and DeMarquette immediately.  The danger to them is very great.  And your safety is of concern, too, as long as they're with you. 

Nick: I'm sorry.  I don't have them.  So I would like you to leave. 

Umar: You lie most doggedly, Mr. Fallon.  But I've watched you for days.  I know they're with you.  Now...I suggest you give me the boys. 

Julie: So, these are the last of the letters. 

Marlena: Oh, my. 

Doug: Bo wants us to read them while he looks for Shawn, Sr. 

John: Still not talking, huh? 

Hope: Nope. 

Julie: Well, it's gonna be sad reading, knowing how Colleen's story ends. 

John: It'll be a happy ending for us if we can put an end to this and find Roman. 

Hope: That's an understatement.  And find Lucas and E.J. 

Doug: And any word on Sami? 

John: Nope, not yet. 

Marlena: At least it feels like we're doing something now. 

Julie: Right.  Here it goes.  "My dearest Santo.  I've spent days in prayer and solitude considering your proposal of marriage.  I asked the good Lord to help me choose the path that was part of his divine plan for my life.  He has answered my prayer."

Santo: Good afternoon, Father Mallory. 

Fr.  Mallory: And to you, too, Mr.  DiMera.  What brings you to St.  Malachy's? 

Santo: I am looking for Colleen Brady. 

Fr.  Mallory: As am I.  She sent a message that she must speak to me immediately. 

Santo: Oh, is that right? 

Fr.  Mallory: Excuse me.  There's something I have to take care of. 

Santo: Of course, Father.  Of course.  Colleen, where have you been?  I have been going mad for days. 

Colleen: I've been to the cloisters.  I can't keep living in both worlds any longer. 

Santo: Then you are leaving me. 

Colleen: I have let my faith guide me, as always.  I know what life I must choose. 

André: Uh-uh-uh-uh.  Samantha, I hope you realize the enormous generosity of my offer.  You get to save two lives, one of which is also your father. 

Sami: And in doing so, I will have to kill E.J. or Lucas.  This is insane. 

André: Well, one man you claim to love, the other one you claim to hate.  Off with the tarps.  Take the gun, aim, done. 

Sami: Lucas? 

André: Ah, you've chosen door number one. 

Sami: Lucas, are you -- are you all right? 

André: You know, if nothing, I am a generous man.  Each man will get a chance to plead for his life. 

Lucas: Get out of here.  Run.  Go. 

André: [Laughs]

Lucas: Shut up, all right?  Shut up! 

Sami: Lucas, what can I -- what can I do? 

Lucas: Go.  Go.  You can't help us.  Just get out of here. 

André: I beg to differ. 

Sami: He knows where my father is. 

Lucas: I know, but it doesn't mean he's gonna tell you.  He's crazy, all right?  He'll say and do anything. 

Sami: Look, you don't have to hurt them. 

André: No, I don't, but you do, Samantha.  Just one. 

Sami: I'm not killing anybody. 

Lucas: Let her go.  Let Sami go right now. 

Sami: I have to help my father. 

Lucas: I know, honey, but you can't believe anything he says, all right?  For all we know, your dad's already gone. 

Sami: No, he is not dead. 

André: No, he's not.  But he will be.  Act quickly, Samantha.  Time is not Roman's friend. 

Roman: [Labored breathing]

Nick: You know, you're absolutely right, Mr.  Abboud.  They are living with me.  But they're not here right now.  They're with a sitter. 

Umar: I didn't see them leave. 

Nick: She lives in the building. 

Umar: If you'll provide an apartment number, I will no longer bother you. 

Chelsea: Yeah, right.  We give you the number and we'll never see the boys again. 

Umar: They will be well protected. 

Nick: Tell you what -- why don't you go out and knock on every single door in the building? 

Chelsea: That's a good idea. 

Nick: Start with Mrs. Lowell in 3-D.  She calls the cops when you clog the trash chute. 

Umar: You're making a grave mistake, Mr.  Fallon. 

Nick: It won't be the first time. 

Umar: I'm sorry to have bothered you.  Enjoy your evening.  Artemis, DeMarquette! 

Nick: I said get the hell out of here. 

Colleen: It has always been my dream to serve the Lord dutifully and without question. 

Santo: Stop, please.  I cannot bear to hear this. 

Colleen: My answer is yes. 

Santo: What? 

Colleen: Yes, I will marry you.  Yes, I will be your wife. 

Santo: [Laughs] Mmm.  I love you. 

Julie: She did it.  She left the church. 

Hope: Come on.  She left so long ago. 

Marlena: This was a very big decision. 

Doug: Closing the door on the convent. 

Hope: For love. 

John: I think she just had guts. 

Julie: Well, she also had a man desperately in love with her.  You know, that's very intoxicating. 

John: If Colleen agreed to marry Santo, what went wrong? 

Marlena: And how did that lead to her death? 

Hope: Santo claims Grandpa Shawn killed her. 

Marlena: That is ridiculous. 

Hope: Of course, it's ridiculous.  I totally agree with that.  But...he does feel guilty about something that happened. 

Julie: So we better find out what happened. 

Lucas: Just leave.  Leave right now.  You know your dad wouldn't want you to put yourself in danger like this. 

Sami: Lucas, stop it, okay?  He is not dead. 

Lucas: You can't help us.  Leave.  Do it now, for me. 

Sami: Please don't make me. 

André: What?  Give me the pleasure of killing them all?  Lucas is wrong...again.  No, your father is very much alive, but I promise I'll save him for last and make sure he gets to know that you did not have the courage to save him. 

Lucas: Get away from her.  Leave her alone right now. 

Sami: I'll make you an offer.  You let E.J. and Lucas go, and you take me as a hostage instead. 

Lucas: No!  No, Sami. 

Sami: Come on.  I am way more valuable to my family than they are.  You'll have three lives -- me and my twins.  You'll get anything you want. 

Nick: Just stay over here. 

Umar: They've grown. 

Nick: Ignore him. 

Umar: You remember me, don't you?  Artemis?  DeMarquette? 

Nick: The only way I let these boys out of my sight is if the law tells me that they have a real family to take care of them and raise them safely. 

Umar: I'm sorry this has become so contentious. 

Nick: Then make it uncontentious and leave. 

Umar: I understand having children can be very expensive.  Finances have been an issue for you, Mr.  Fallon?  We are willing to reward you for the fine care you've given the children. 

Nick: Keep your money. 

Umar: Boys, we're leaving! 

Nick: They're not for sale, and they're not going anywhere. 

Chelsea: Nick. 

Umar: Let's go.  Come on, boys.  Aah! 

André: This is an interesting proposition. 

Lucas: I need to talk to my wife. 

André: You're not part of this negotiation. 

Lucas: Please. 

André: [Laughs] I've always been a sucker for love.  Hmm, very well. 

Sami: Lucas, listen to me, I know what I'm doing, okay?  Let me do this. 

Lucas: If anything at all happens to you and those babies, I might as well be dead. 

Sami: Don't you remember everything we went through on our wedding day? 

Lucas: You do not need to risk your life like this. 

Sami: Lucas, you proved that our love is unconditional and that I never have to worry about being judged, ever. 

Lucas: I want you to walk away, walk away and raise those kids, raise Roman Thomas and Colleen Marlena.  Give them enough love for both of us. 

Sami: Lucas, I can never leave you. 

André: Maybe you can get her to shut up. 

E.J.: Let her go. 

André: She's free.  It's more than I can say for you. 

E.J.: Samantha, do as he says. 

Lucas: Go.  Go right now, please. 

Sami: I can’t.  I am not killing anyone. 

André: You know, Samantha...  the sooner you decide which lover to eliminate, the sooner you'll find Roman...alive and well. 

Roman: [Labored breathing]

Marlena: Thanks, Doug.  I'll take this one. 

John: Can't hear you, Doc. 

Marlena: Oh.  "That simple word was the answer to my prayers.  Your love is my miracle, my faith, my religion.  You're making a great sacrifice, Colleen.  But there will be no regret, only happiness.  We will live each day fulfilling our true husband and wife."

Pete: I got your message to come. 

Colleen: Thank you, Da. 

Pete: And where's your habit? 

Colleen: I know it's harvest time. 

Pete: Are you all right, child? 

Colleen: And soon enough, Shawn will be joining you in the fields. 

Pete: Have you been crying? 

Colleen: No. 

Pete: What is it, Colleen Mary? 

Fr.  Mallory: I was told you were waiting for me.  And what brings your Da and brother to church?  And in the middle of the week? 

Pete: I was hoping you could tell us, Father. 

Colleen: Well, I need to speak to you, and I thought it best to do it all together. 

Pete: Out with it, then.  Why is the Italian here? 

Colleen: I don't know.  If you'll give me a moment.  What are you doing here?  I told you not to come. 

E.J.: You have not told them?  

Colleen: Not yet. 

E.J.: All right, fine.  We tell them together. 

Colleen: Oh, and you'll start a donnybrook in front of the altar.  No.  We'll be together soon.  I promise I won't be long. 

E.J.: All right.  Colleen, wait.  I want you to take this gift as a reminder of our life together. 

André: Get the feeling of it.  The power is quite intoxicating. 

Sami: For a psychopath. 

André: Ah, to choose who lives and who dies. 

[Laughs] Brava.  Oh, Samantha, you've got one shot.  Make it count. 

Lucas: Do it.  Shoot him. 

André: Yeah, kill the one man who knows where your father is. 

Lucas: Doesn't matter.  We'll find him together.  Shoot him now! 

André: Long after rigor mortis sets in. 

Sami: I can't risk it. 

Lucas: Damn it, Sami. 

Sami: I can’t.  What if -- u

André: Hmm...choose your victim...or I choose mine.  So, who will it be?  Will it be the ever-loyal Lucas or E.J., The virus that's infected your soul?  Which man do you truly love?  Hmm? 

E.J.: Lucas is right.  You have children.  I'm alone.  Nobody's depending on me.  Don't think.  Do it.  Pull the trigger.  André, she's doing what you want!  Put the gun away!  Come on, Samantha.  You have the courage to do this.  Think of everything I've put you through.  You can do this. 

André: Do it! 

Lucas: You shot me in my leg! 

E.J.: Are you okay? 

Lucas: No, I'm not okay!  Does it look like it?! 

André: Oh, the poor man's never gonna be able to dance again. 

Sami: All right, I'll find a way to stop the bleeding. 

André: You know what?  Why don't I just shove another bullet in this gun?  That way you can put him out of his misery.  Ow! 

Sami: Son of a bitch!  I hate you!  I can't believe you did this to me! 

Lucas: Stop it!  Just stop it!  He's had enough, all right?!  See if he's got something on him like a knife or something.  Cut us loose. 

E.J.: He carries a knife.  Use it.  Look in his pockets. 

Lucas: Aah!  Damn it! 

Sami: Okay, I got one. 

E.J.: Help's coming, all right? 

Sami: Can you get it? 

Lucas: Oh, my leg!  I thought you were gonna shoot E.J.? 

Sami: I was going to when he bumped me. 

E.J.: Samantha, untie me.  I can get help. 

Lucas: Ow, my leg! 

E.J.: Slit my hands.  I'll get the rest. 

Sami: Can you get it? 

E.J.: Yeah, I got it. 

Sami: I'm sorry, Lucas. 

Lucas: You're sorry?!  Look at my leg!  Come on, do something. 

E.J.: I'm gonna go call 911. 

Lucas: Hurry up. 

E.J.: I don't have a signal. 

Lucas: What? 

E.J.: I don't have a signal.  I'll be back. 

Lucas: Sami, you got to stop the bleeding.  Come on.  

Sami: Okay, I'm coming, honey.  I'm so sorry.  I'm so sorry. 

Lucas: Careful, careful.  Were you gonna do it?  Were you really gonna shoot E.J.? 

Sami: Yes, I was really gonna shoot him, but I knew I couldn't kill him because that would just make everything more complicated. 

Lucas: Why?  What are you talking about? 

Sami: Because I need him, Lucas. 

Lucas: You what? 

Sami: I need him maybe more than I need you. 

John: So, maybe the ring sparked the feud. 

Julie: Let's keep going. 

Hope: W-w-w-wait.  Listen to this, guys.  It's about the ring.  Listen.  "Never have I seen such beauty.  It was as if I held the sun in my very hand.  I was thrilled and terrified all in that moment.  But love is simple and pure, Santo.  Its power comes from the heart, not from what a woman wears on her hand."

Santo: You don't like it? 

Colleen: No.  It's beautiful.  But a simple band would do. 

Santo: Colleen, I have two bands for us.  This is a gift for our engagement. 

Colleen: It's too extravagant for me by far. 

Santo: Accept it, Colleen.  We will be married soon, eh? 

Colleen: As soon as we can. 

Santo: Good.  Do not let them sway you. 

Colleen: They won’t.  My life would be peaceful as the Sister Colleen Mary.  But it will be complete as Mrs.  Santo DiMera.  Now, you must go before you start a holy war in the church. 

Santo: Colleen, keep it.  It's yours. 

Colleen: Santo, no.  I don't want --

Pete: [Clears throat] What business do you have with me daughter? 

Santo: Mr. Brady, I was just leaving. 

Pete: Then be quick about it. 

Santo: Of course. 

Umar: Aah! 

Nick: Okay, get in the back room.  Get in the back room.  

Mr.  Kravitz: What's going on in there? 

Nick: Nothing, Mr.  Kravitz.  Everything's fine.  We're fine. 

Jeremy: When I take my hand away, you keep your voice nice and low.  Who do you work for?  Who wants those boys? 

[Knock on door]

Mr.  Kravitz: Nick! 

Nick: Not now, Mr.  Kravitz. 

Jeremy: Guys like you who stalk little kids -- you don't deserve to live.  Kids are easy targets.  They can't fight back, so somebody's got to fight for them.  Now I'm gonna count to three --

Nick: Jeremy. 

Jeremy: Stay back.  I got this covered.  Now tell me who wants those kids, and I want the truth.  1...  I don't hear anything.  2... 

Nick: Jeremy, put down the gun.  You're already facing charges.  Don't add murder to the list. 

Jeremy: And what happens the next time this loser shows up? 

Nick: Just give me the gun, Jeremy. 

[Knock on door]

Mr.  Kravitz: Nick, are you sure everything's okay? 

Nick: It's fine! 

Chelsea: Jeremy, please.  The kids are in the other room. 

Jeremy: I don't need a gun to put you to sleep.  Remember that. 

[Knock on door]

Mr.  Kravitz: Nick, open up! 

Nick: I'm really sorry, Mr.  Kravitz, okay?  There was a little roughhousing going on, but we're settling down. 

Mr.  Kravitz: I'm calling the cops. 

Nick: Hey!  It's okay.  We're okay, all right? 

Jeremy: You got that right. 

Nick: He's not gonna get away.  All right, you guys are safe.  What do you say we go plow through some of those comics, all right?  Let's set up Camp Fallon.  Yeah, okay. 

Chelsea: So, what are you, Jeremy, some kind of avenger? 

Jeremy: I don't like people messing with kids. 

Chelsea: Yeah, I got that part.  Would you have shot him? 

Sami: I'm sorry.  Look, I said I need E.J.  I don't love him. 

Lucas: Why do you need him? 

Sami: I know that this doesn't make sense to you, but I need him for you and Will and our twins.  I'm doing this for you. 

Lucas: You're not making me feel better right now, all right? 

Sami: Look, it's about the vendetta.  I know you hate hearing it, but two sides started that vendetta and both sides have to end it. 

Lucas: Why do you need him? 

E.J.: All right, police are on the way.  I'll grab some rope and tie him up. 

Sami: Lucas, are you --

E.J.: Wait a second.  He's getting away! 

Sami: E.J.! 

E.J.: I got him! 

Lucas: [Grunts]

Roman: [Gasping] Can't -- can't give up.  Can't -- can't give up.

Chelsea: I want to know, Jeremy.  Would you have shot him? 

Jeremy: He thought I would. 

Nick: I think the kids are okay, but, um...we should call Dr.  Evans. 

Chelsea: Yeah, that's a good idea.  What about the police? 

Nick: Well, they're already on their way. 

Jeremy: That's my cue.  Have fun turning me in, Chelse. 

Chelsea: I'm not gonna turn you in, Jeremy. 

Jeremy: You got any cash, Nick? 

Nick: Yeah, a little, but Chelsea just said --

Jeremy: Yeah, I heard.  She's not gonna tell the cops about me. 

Chelsea: But you don't believe me. 

Jeremy: No, not a word. 

Sami: Is it still throbbing? 

Lucas: Yeah, so don't change the subject. 

Sami: It's complicated, Lucas. 

Lucas: What about our lives isn't complicated, huh? 

Sami: Okay, remember that folio that we tried to get from André?  Uncle Bo got it, and it spells out how we can end the vendetta. 

Lucas: And that involves you and E.J., huh? 

Sami: Well, yeah. 

E.J.: I lost him.  How are we doing? 

Lucas: You couldn't catch him? 

Sami: You know what?  Can I speak to my husband alone, please, right now? 

E.J.: Of course.  I understand.  The paramedics are on the way, so I'll tell them where they can find you, all right? 

Sami: Thanks.  Okay.  Lucas, the ambulance is almost here, and we can finish this conversation at the hospital, okay? 

Lucas: Stop stalling.  Do you still love me? 

Sami: Of course I do. 

Lucas: Do you want to be with me and our family?  Do you still want that? 

Sami: I want that more than anything.  More than anything. 

Lucas: Then why is E.J. getting in the middle of our marriage again, huh?  Obviously, Bo knows what's going on.  Why don't you tell me?  Don't you think I have a right to know, too? 

Hope: [Gasps] She got the ring. 

Doug: Do you think they actually got married? 

Julie: I think something happened between what we're reading about in the church and the next time that they saw each other. 

John: Maybe the priest talked her out of it and Santo got even? 

Marlena: I don't see him hurting Colleen. 

Hope: Oh, I think the good Father lost any power over Colleen the day she met Santo. 

John: Something obviously happened to change the course of events here. 

Hope: Maybe Colleen will tell us.  "I turned to Father Mallory, and he saw the truth in my face.  Now it was up to me to say the words."

Fr. Mallory: Are you all right, child? 

Colleen: Sorry to have kept you waiting, Father. 

Fr. Mallory: Where's your habit? 

Colleen: I left it in my cell. 

Sami: You know you're never to be without it. 

Colleen: I'll not be wearing it again, Father. 

Pete: What is this nonsense? 

Colleen: Do you remember, Da, after my first Holy Communion, when I vowed my life would be with the church? 

Pete: It still is. 

Colleen: I was a girl of 7. 

Fr. Mallory: What is it, Colleen? 

Colleen: Father have been my spiritual advisor since...since Baptism.  You taught me of the holy vocations, that there's one in the religious life.  But also a noble one in the life of a layperson.  And they are both a way of serving God.  I cannot honor becoming a nun.  I have found that my true as a wife and mother.  And I'll be leaving the convent. 

Chelsea: Jeremy, I'm not gonna call the police. 

Jeremy: I've heard it all before.  Besides, if I'm caught here, you'll lose the boys. 

Chelsea: So get lost for a while, then come back when they leave. 

Nick: Yeah, why not?  We'll call you when the coast is clear. 

Chelsea: That way you're here in case Umar returns. 

Nick: That way it's two against one as well. 

Jeremy: All right, stash this in the bedroom.  Nick, did you give Steph that letter? 

Nick: Oh, I'm really sorry.  I totally --

Jeremy: Trash it.  Look, don't tell Stephanie I was here tonight.  Don't even tell her I was back in Salem. 

Chelsea: Secrets are my life. 

Jeremy: It's better if she just forgets about me and moves on.   

Chelsea: Yeah, if that's what you want. 

Jeremy: All right, I'm out of here. 

Nick: Be careful. 

Jeremy: Later. 

Chelsea: That was Jeremy Horton, wasn't it? 

Nick: I'm not sure anymore.  Totally could have taken that guy. 

Chelsea: It was a sucker punch, Nick. 

Nick: It was good having Jeremy around, though.  He's good backup. 

Chelsea: I'm really proud of you.  You were the first man in. 

Nick: When that Umar guy comes back, I'm taking him down. 

Chelsea: You know what?  You really showed Artemis and DeMarquette just how far you'll go to protect them. 

Nick: I'm all they have. 

Chelsea: Doesn't matter.  You're all they need. 

Nick: Can't blame a guy for trying.

Sami: Lucas, I promise I will be at the hospital as soon as I can. 

Lucas: Don't you do anything.  Don't do anything without checking with me and Bo first, all right? 

Sami: I won’t.  Now that you're safe, I won't do anything stupid. 

Lucas: You got to promise me. 

Sami: I promise.  I promise I will tell you everything when I get to the hospital, okay?  I love you so much, Lucas.  I'm so sorry, honey. 

Sami: We have to go see 

E.J.: What exactly did you have in mind? 

Sami: To end this insanity. 

E.J.: How do you plan on doing that? 

Sami: It's in the folio that they found in Colleen's church.  It's all up to us, E.J.  And it has been since the day we were born. 

Colleen: I know.  You said it before, Da, but it's nothing I haven't said to meself. 

Pete: This isn't me daughter.  'Tis the work of the devil. 

Fr. Mallory: When did you decide this, Colleen? 

Pete: It wasn't her.  It was him with his sweet-talk and his fancy ways. 

Colleen: I have lost my devotion to the order. 

Pete: See, Father? 

Colleen: But not my love for the church. 

Pete: 'Tis the same thing, girl. 

Colleen: No, it isn’t.  It isn’t.  Every woman who comes in here with her husband and her children every Sunday, they haven't lost their love for the church. 

Pete: It's good your Ma's not alive to see the disgrace you're bringing on the Brady family. 

Fr. Mallory: Colleen, perhaps you're in need of a retreat. 

Colleen: I've been to the Cloisters, Father. 

Pete: I forbid her to see him.  That Italian snake, I'll find him, I will, and when I do, he'll be sorry he ever disgraced the Brady family. 

Hope: "And so they went on damning you.  They vowed to protect me and my virtue.  They hurled insults upon your character and your ways.  And I turned a deaf ear to that, knowing that nothing they said would change what was in my heart.  And didn't the blood rush to his face in anger when I told him he was no longer to decide my fate?  That my life was a gift from God and it was my right to use that gift as I pleased."

Marlena: Colleen stood her ground. 

John: She was a Brady. 

Julie: [Sighs] Poor Shawn -- he's caught right in the middle of all of this. 

Marlena: What does she say next? 

Hope: "There is no end to their tirade.  So I ended it...the only way I knew how."

Colleen: I love you, Da.  But I can't live the life you've chosen for me. 

Fr. Mallory: Colleen, others have had doubts and fears before taking final vows. 

Colleen: I am not afeared.  I love Santo. 

Pete: Use his name in me face? 

Colleen: It doesn't mean I love you less.  Oh.  You're still me boy, Shawn. 

Pete: Leave the boy be.  You're no sister to him...  and no daughter to me. 

Shawn: Leeny, don't go. 

Colleen: You listen here, Shawn, you are as sweet and as dear to the day you were born.  And I will never, never leave you. 

Pete: Be off with you...  and your lies. 

Colleen: I found the truth, Father...of what my life must be. 

Fr. Mallory: 'Tis a big decision.  Don't be rushing it. 

Colleen: This church has been my home, Father.  But now I know I belong with the man that I love. 

Pete: What of your work with the needy and the poor? 

Colleen: This will go a long way in helping those in the greatest need, Father.  I know you'll use it wisely.  And I'll never forget...the lessons that you have taught me here at -- at St.  Malachy's. 

Marlena: Well, the girl knows how to make an exit. 

Julie: Wait a minute.  Did I hear what I think I heard?  She left that ring? 

Hope: It didn't matter to her.  But why didn't they go through with the ceremony? 

Doug: My money is on her old da. 

John: I hate to think like a cop here, but...only one side hated Santo enough to stop that wedding. 

Marlena: The Brady’s. 

Hope: You think the Brady’s started this vendetta, and it wasn't the DiMeras? 

Marlena: It doesn't matter who started this.  We have to stop it, put an end to it for Roman, for all of us. 

Roman: [Gasping]



Lucas: You haven't seen Sami, have you?  She said she was gonna meet me here and she never showed up. 

E.J.: That's the leather folio? 

Sami: My Uncle Bo got it back from André. 

E.J.: Well, that's fantastic.  You should be thrilled, right? 

Sami: Not exactly. 

Stefano: It's just you and me here.  And we both know the truth, that because of just a few words -- that's all -- changed our families forever. 

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