Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/24/07 - Canada; Tuesday 9/25/07 - U.S.A.


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[Knock on door]

Steve: Hey, little sweetness.  What are you doing here?

Stephanie: Mom said you were doing okay, but I had to see for myself.

Steve: [Sighs] I'm so happy to see you.  Didn't Mama say that you were keeping an eye on Pocket man?

Stephanie: I was, but then I had Grandma Brady take care of him.

Steve: A couple of poopy diapers and you folded, huh?

Stephanie: No.

Steve: [Chuckles]

Stephanie: I was worried about you.

Steve: You were?  My sweet baby girl, aren't you?

Stephanie: Besides, I don't think Mom completely trusts me taking care of him.

Steve: Hey, if she trusts me, she'll trust him with anybody.

Stephanie: Thanks a lot.

Steve: Which means that she would most definitely trust our smart, responsible-minded daughter with him.

Stephanie: Who can't be trusted to know her own mind as far as men are concerned?

Steve: Yeah, well...  have you heard from Jeremy?

Stephanie: No.  He's probably halfway to Sea--

Steve: Seattle?  Seattle?

Stephanie: Please don't say anything.  Don't tell the cops.

Steve: Cops?  Baby, the Salem P.D. and I are strictly on a need-to-know basis.  This is something I don't think they need to know.

Stephanie: Thank you.  You're the best.

Steve: I like those kisses.

Stephanie: [Laughs]

Steve: So you have heard from him, huh?

Stephanie: No, that's where he said he was headed before he left.  And he told me to forget about him.

Steve: Can you do that?  Can you forget about him?

Jeremy: Was it the...10 of hearts?

DeMarquette: How did you do that?

Artemis: He counted the cards.

Nick: Oh, when did you learn to count, Jeremy?

Jeremy: [Laughs sarcastically] Funny.  It's magic.

Artemis: There's no such thing as magic.

Jeremy: Oh, but of course there is.  One needs only to believe.  Hmm?

Artemis: Can you teach me that?

Jeremy: Yeah.

Nick: Maybe tomorrow.  It's time for bed, all right?  Go wash your hands and your face and brush your teeth.

Artemis: Five more minutes, please?

Nick: Do you want a story?

Artemis: Yeah.

Nick: Well, then go brush your teeth.  And don't forget our rule.

Artemis: We know.  Count to 60.  Boring.

Jeremy: Remind me to avoid any prison you're warden of.

Nick: Well, I tell them they only got to brush the teeth they want to keep. 

Jeremy: Man, if you were my father --

Nick: You'd have turned out better.

Jeremy: Ouch.

Nick: You know what?  There's no eating in the living room.

Jeremy: What the hell am I supposed to do?

Nick: Shh!  And no profanity.

Jeremy: Where am I, Sunday school?

Nick: You know what?  If you don't like the rules, feel free to leave.

Jeremy: All right, relax.  No more complaints.

Nick: Seriously, Jeremy, I think you should go, all right?  I got these two kids to deal with.

Jeremy: Yeah, and they love their Uncle Jeremy.

Nick: You're a fugitive, dude, all right?  It's dangerous.  You got to go. 

Jeremy: At least give me until morning.  I mean, what difference is one night gonna make?

Nick: I can't believe I'm saying yes to this.

Jeremy: Thanks, nick.

[Knock on door]

Chelsea: Nick?  It's me.

Nick: One second, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Nick, hurry up.  Let me in.

Sami: Where are you?  Lucas, it's Sami.  André was just here, and he said that he had you and E.J. held hostage, so please call me back and tell me that he was bluffing.  He told me that I have to meet him at some warehouse at 9:00.  So, if you're there, that's where I'm going.  Oh, God.

Bo: Hey, Sami.  Glad I found you.

Sami: Uncle Bo, look, I'm in a really big hurry.  What do you need?

Bo: I got some bad news.  André's holding Lucas and Elvis hostage.

Sami: What is this?

André: Oh, it's just a lovely, secluded spot where you're going to come tonight at 9:00.  Alone, thank you.  And you're going to give me your answer.  Who shall die?  Will it be your husband, or will it be the man you claim to hate?  Hmm...

[Laughs] Oh, and by the way, you bring any cops along, I promise you'll never see your father in this lifetime.  Ciao.

Sami: Oh, God.  Do you know where they are?

Bo: No, I'm sorry.  Not yet.

Sami: Well, I have to go look for them.

Bo: No, no.  Absolutely not.  The only place you're going is home so you can take care of these babies of yours.

Stephanie: I know what you want me to say, Papa.

Steve: Jeremy Horton's a no-good punk, who doesn't deserve my baby girl.

Stephanie: Can't we just talk about something else?

Steve: You almost died because of that guy.

Stephanie: Please just let it go.  He messed up.  I get that.

Steve: I don't think you do, because you're still making excuses for him. 

Stephanie: Yeah, because he's not a bad person.  People make mistakes.  You should know that.

Steve: Come on, now.  You got to stop doing that.  We're not talking about me, Stephanie.  We're talking about Jeremy.

Stephanie: Dad...

Steve: You still love him?  Answer the question.  Are you still in love with Jeremy Horton?

Stephanie: I guess I am.

Chelsea: Nick.  What's going on?

Nick: Hey.

Chelsea: Hi.  What took you so long?

Nick: I was with the boys.  They're brushing their teeth.

Chelsea: Don't tell me you still have that dumb 60-second rule.

Nick: You know, to this day, I've only had one cavity.

Chelsea: Are you gonna invite me in, or are we gonna stand here and talk about oral hygiene all day?

Nick: Oh, um...  it's not a good time.

Chelsea: Oh.  I just thought we could hang out.  I brought comic books for the boys and everything.

Nick: Oh, my God.

Chelsea: Can I at least say hi?

Nick: You know what?  Wow.  These are cool.  They are gonna love these.  Thank you so much, Chelse.

Chelsea: Why are you doing this?

Nick: What?  They're little kids.  They need their sleep.

Chelsea: No, why are you acting all weird?

Nick: It's a school night, Chelsea, all right?  We'll talk tomorrow.  Lunch at the Union on me.

Chelsea: Okay, I know what's going on here.

Nick: You do?

Chelsea: Yeah, you're still mad that I broke up with you.

Sami: Uncle Bo, I am not gonna just sit around and do nothing while my father is missing and Lucas and E.J. are being held captive by some madman.

Bo: None of them is gonna want you playing detective.  It's too dangerous. 

Sami: I don't care how dangerous it is.  I have to look.  I have to try to find them.

Bo: I've got every available man working on this.  Listen, if you don't want to be alone, just go upstairs.  Hang with Ma and Pop.  It's time you take care of these twins of yours.

Sami: I am trying to take care of them!  Their father, my husband, is being held captive.  Their grandfather is missing.

Bo: Listen to me.  Listen to me.  Since you can't seem to sit still, I tell you what -- you can ride with me.  We'll look for them together, okay?

Sami: Look, Uncle Bo, I appreciate the offer, believe me.  But I think maybe I should just go to the church.  Maybe I'll just go to St.  Luke's and light a candle and, like you said, try to calm down.

Bo: You're gonna go to the church?

Sami: Yeah.

Bo: Maybe this will change your mind.

Sami: The folio.  I thought André had that.

Bo: Well, now he doesn't.

Sami: Did you read it?  Do you have an answer for how we can end the ven--

Bo: You're not gonna like what's in this.

Are ya' havin' any fun?

Chelsea: I know I was really harsh on you that day we broke up, and I said some things...  I said a lot of things that I regret.  And I'm sorry.

Nick: Apology accepted.  Thank you.  I'll see you tomorrow.

Chelsea: You hate me, don't you?

Nick: No.  I don't hate you.  I could never hate you.

Chelsea: Nick, this is exactly what I didn't want to have happen.  I didn't want things to be weird between us.

Nick: I don't think things are weird.

Chelsea: I guess this is my fault, then.  Look, I know it's not an excuse, but the day that we broke up, I was in a really bad mood.  Everything that was happening with China Lee and you and the kids -- I just kind of imploded.  I thought that you were letting her take advantage of you, and for some reason, it bothered me.  But now I see you with the kids and how much they adore you and stuff.  What you did was really, really brave.  And for some reason, I couldn't figure that out back then.  Can I have a do-over?

Nick: You...  changed your mind about us?

Chelsea: I just wish that I had handled things better.

Nick: Right.

Chelsea: See, Nick?  I'm doing it again.  I'm sending you mixed signals, which is exactly why I feel like you're better off without me.

Nick: That's...not true.  I love you, Chelsea.  I always will.

Chelsea: Well, maybe you can love me in the way that I love you.

Nick: Like a brother?

Chelsea: Well, you know, boyfriends, they come and go, and brothers are there forever.

Nick: I think I'd rather be a boyfriend coming and going.

Artemis: Ready for our story!

Nick: Just give me a minute, buddy.

Chelsea: Why don't you let me?

Nick: I think they're a little young for "Lipstick Jungle," don't you?

Chelsea: Gee, Nick, that's exactly what I had in mind.  Do you have the new "Harry Potter"?

Nick: Yeah, we have two of them, but they read them a week after they came out.

Chelsea: We have the comic books, so why don't I just read these to them?  And then after they fall asleep, we can order a pizza, talk about us.

Nick: That's not a good idea.  Not tonight, anyway.  But like I said, lunch tomorrow, okay?

Chelsea: You're hiding something, aren't you?

Nick: No, I'm not hiding anyone -- anything.

Chelsea: You have a girl here.

Nick: What?  No.

Chelsea: Well, should I invite her to join us, or are you gonna do it?

Sami: But this -- it's impossible.

Bo: I realize that.  That's why I wanted you to read it -- so you'd see that you don't have to carry this burden on your own.

Sami: Are you kidding?  It proves more than ever that I'm the only one who can end this nightmare.

Bo: Absolutely not.

Sami: Come on.  If I don't, the DiMeras will haunt our family forever.  It'll affect my children, your children, our children's children.

Bo: Sami -- Sami, take it easy.  Sit down, would you?  Sit down.  As you found out, stress is the worst thing for your babies, so take a deep breath, will you?  Try to relax.

Sami: God, I've given myself a stomachache.

Bo: Tell you what -- I'll go get you a piece of toast and some ginger ale.  You stay put, okay?  Promise me.

Sami: Yeah, I promise.

Bo: Okay.

[Cellphone rings]

Sami: Lucas?

André: It seems you don't care enough about your husband to be punctual.  That's a pity.

Sami: No, I am on my way, damn it.

André: I'll be sure to convey that message to Elvis and to Lucas before I dispose of them.

Sami: No, please.

André: I'll bet you'll never be tardy again.  What do you think?

Sami: No, I am on my way, damn it.

André: Bye-bye, Samantha.

Sami: André, no!  You can't do this!  André!

Bo: Here you go -- Sami.  Damn it.  Sami!  Sami!

Stephanie: I thought I was madly in love with Jeremy, and then...somehow, we kiss, and that's all I can think about.

Max: Hmm.

Stephanie: Go ahead.  Tell me how disappointed you are.

[Knock on door]

Max: Hey, can I come in?

Steve: Hey, little Maxwell.  Get in here.

Max: How you doing?  Thought I'd check up on you.  I heard you got stabbed.  Was it a real knife or a retractable one with the fake blood?

Steve: Well, André prefers the real deal, but he's a lousy aim.

Kayla: Steve, I got your clothes.  I got -- Stephanie.  Stephanie, what are you doing here?  Where's Pocket?

Stephanie: It's okay.  Grandma Brady happened to call, and since I wanted to see Papa...

Kayla: You know, Grandma Brady has enough on her plate.  She doesn't need to be taking care of a baby.

Stephanie: She said it would help her keep her mind off of Uncle Roman.

Max: There any news yet?

Steve: Nothing.

Max: DiMeras need to be taken out.

Stephanie: One of them is helping.  Grandma said that E.J. Wells was hanging up flyers.

Kayla: Flyers.  Maybe he needs to focus on pressuring Stefano instead.

Steve: I'm afraid it's too late for that.

Kayla: What do you mean?

Steve: Bo called.  It seems André has taken Lucas and E.J. hostage.

Max: What?

Kayla: What?  Where is this going to end?

Stefano: Perhaps we could end it together.

Stefano: Is it possible for you to wait for me outside if I promise not to jump out the window?

I'll wait outside.

Stefano: Your sensitivity overwhelms me.

[Sighs] Why all the long faces?

Kayla: You have a hell of a lot of nerve showing your face here.

Steve: Max, take Stephanie home.

Stephanie: Dad --

Steve: Go with Max.

Kayla: Go on, baby.  Go on.

Max: Come on.  Where's my brother?

Stefano: I have no idea, truly.

Max: You know what they say in the bible, don't you?

Stefano: [Chuckles] Many things.

Max: "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."

Stefano: Ah.  I like "turn the other cheek."

Max: Right.

Stefano: Lovely children.  And they say there's no hope for today's youth, hmm?

Steve: What the hell do you want, DiMera?

Stefano: Quite honestly, I want what you want -- a peaceful solution.

Bo: Yes, I realize every available man is looking for Roman.  Just have them keep their eyes peeled for Sami, too, okay?  Thank you.

Julie: Sami's missing?

Bo: André's holding Lucas and Elvis hostage.  And Sami went out to look for them.  And knowing her, she's gonna face André alone.

Doug: Has she lost her mind?

Julie: Well, what else could she do if he's got Lucas?

Doug: She could get help.  André has Roman.  He has Lucas.  Now he has her, as well.  He could really hurt them all if he hasn't already.

Bo: No, no, no.  That's -- that's not gonna happen.  The DiMera’s have something else in mind for Sami.

Nick: Think I'm hiding a girl?

Chelsea: Well, it's a little early on in the semester to be having a steamy affair with one of your students, Nick, don't you think?

Nick: Chelsea, I've got two kids living with me.  Give me a little credit. 

Chelsea: You're single.  It's allowed.

Nick: Like I said, two kids.

Chelsea: Then you won't mind if I take a peek.

Nick: Actually, I would.

Chelsea: Do I know her?

Nick: There is no girl.  You are the only female in this apartment right now.

Chelsea: You really expect me to believe that you're hiding a guy in there? 

Artemis: Can Uncle Jeremy do more magic tricks?

Chelsea: Uncle Jeremy?

Nick: The only trick I'd like him to do right now is disappear.

Chelsea: Hey, guys, is Uncle Jeremy still here?

Jeremy: Busted.

Chelsea: Nick, you're harboring a fugitive.

DeMarquette: What's harboring?

Nick: Harboring, DeMarquette, is when you go fishing in a harbor for fugitive whales.

Artemis: Dee, it means hiding somebody.  Uncle Jeremy, did you do something bad?

Sami: André?  André?  Lucas?  Lucas, E.J.?

André: Nice of you to join me.  You're only 40 minutes late.

Sami: My Uncle Bo showed up, and I had a hard time getting rid of him.  But I did.  I -- what?  Hey!

André: I'm just making sure you don't have any wires or any weapons.

Sami: Of course not.

André: So, what did you tell your Uncle Bo?

Sami: Nothing.  And no one followed me either.

André: It'd be foolish of you to not follow my instructions to the letter. 

Sami: I did.  So tell me where Lucas is.  E.J. tell me where my father is. 

André: All in good time, my dear.  All in good time.

Roman: Bo.  Bo.  Where are you?  Bo.  Bo.  Bo.

Sami: I will do whatever you want, okay?  Just tell me where they are.

André: Anything I want?  That's rather tempting.  Although, I never quite understood what E.J. saw in you, the lengths he went to win your heart.  But the more I look at this beautiful face --

Sami: You've got to be kidding me.

André: Oh, don't flatter yourself, my dear.  Besides, if I'll be playing interloper between you and Elvis...  what, you think he's a reformed DiMera?  You have no idea how nasty that man can be.

Sami: You know what?  Just tell me where they went!  Lucas!

André: No, but help me out here.  I can understand your concern for Lucas and your father, of course.

Sami: Where are they?

André: But I'm perplexed about your feelings, your concern for Elvis.  I mean, after all, he was the man who shot your stepfather, or so your family has maintained.  But he also made several unreasonable demands on you several months ago.  Oh, darling...  you don't have feelings for Elvis, do you?

Steve: You want peace?  What is this, some kind of a joke?

Stefano: Nothing of the sort.  I want this violence between our families to end just as much as you do.

Kayla: Is that right?  Then why don't you tell us where my brother is or where Lucas is?  You want peace, you start with that.

Stefano: I had absolutely nothing to do with that.

Steve: Oh, let me guess.  It was André, the bad seed, right?

Stefano: Yes, as a matter of fact, he has taken my son.  And there's no telling what he will do to Elvis.

Kayla: And what are we supposed to do about that?

Stefano: Well, I, uh...  I need your help to get my son back alive.

Steve: [Chuckles] You can go to hell, DiMera.

Artemis: Are you going to jail?

Jeremy: No, I'm --

Chelsea: You hope.

Nick: All right, how would you guys like a surprise?

Artemis: Yeah.

Nick: Yeah?  All right, well, then, can you go to bed for me?  Can you do that?

Artemis: What's the surprise?

Nick: Look inside.

Artemis: Comics!  Look, Dee!  "Captain America" and "The Fantastic Four" and a whole bunch of others!  Sweet!

Nick: They're from Chelsea.

Artemis: Thanks.

Chelsea: You're welcome, guys.

Nick: All right.

Jeremy: Thanks a lot, Chelse.  Those kids and I were getting along.

Chelsea: Hey, Jeremy, I was just telling them the truth.

Jeremy: What did I ever do to you?

Chelsea: Let's see.  You treated my best friend like dirt.  You cost Max his garage.  I won't even begin to go over what you've done to Jett.

Jeremy: How's he doing, by the way?

Chelsea: And now you're trying to drag Nick into your mess of a life.

Nick: Chelsea, it's okay.

Chelsea: Okay, Nick?  How is aiding and abetting a criminal okay?

Nick: Not so loud.

Chelsea: He's taking advantage of you.

Nick: He's leaving in the morning.

Chelsea: Why would you even bother to help him?  Do you honestly think he cares about you or those kids or anything that happens to you guys?

Jeremy: I don't know how you did it, man.  I couldn't put up with her for one day.

Nick: Shut up.

Jeremy: Okay, you know what?  I'm gone.

Chelsea: Good.

Jeremy: Problem solved.  Tell the boys Uncle Jeremy said goodbye.

[Knock on door] Not again!

Nick: The bedroom.

Jeremy: Don't say a word.

Nick: Go, Jeremy.

Chelsea: Is it the police?

Nick: Not unless the police wear panama hats these days.  May I help you? 

Umar: Sorry to disturb you at this late hour.  Umar Abboud.  I'm here about the boys.

Nick: What boys?

Umar: Artemis and DeMarquette.  They are living here, yes?

Nick: No.  They're not, actually.  Their mom came back for them.  They haven't been here for, like --

Chelsea: A really long time.  Yeah.

Umar: Is that right?

Nick: Yeah.  I miss them, to be honest.

Umar: And their mother would be the woman known as China Lee?

Nick: Look, now's not a really good time, so if you don't mind.

Umar: I know they're here, Mr. Fallon.

Nick: How do you know my name?

Umar: And I also assume this lovely young woman is Miss Brady.

Chelsea: What do you want?

Umar: Just a moment of your time.

Nick: Now's not good.

Umar: I know you have a great curiosity about these boys and where they came from.

Nick: I know all I need to know, Mr...

Umar: Abboud.

Nick: I know all I need to know, Mr.  Abboud, so goodbye.

Umar: And you were told that their father was a very powerful man with many enemies.  Am I correct?  And you were also warned that someone would come looking for them.

Nick: What if I was?

Umar: Please.  Might I come in?

Chelsea: Look, how do we know you're not here to hurt them?

Umar: I'm afraid you don't.  But perhaps I can convince you to trust me.

Stephanie: Thanks again, Grandma.  Drive safe.  She's amazing.

Max: Yeah, but the thing with Roman's got her shook up pretty bad, even if she does a really good job of hiding it.

Stephanie: I can't believe there aren't any leads.

Max: Me neither.

Stephanie: They say if a person isn't found within the first 24 hours that --

Max: They're gonna find him, Steph.  They got a lot of people looking for him.

Stephanie: Is this feud with the DiMeras ever gonna end?  I mean, how much more can one family take?  That's part of the reason I came back from Dayton -- because of what Stefano did to my dad.  I wanted to be here for him and my mom, but I would have been better off if I'd stayed in Dayton.

Max: You know that's not true.

Stephanie: How have I made their lives any easier?  All we did this summer was fight, mostly about Jeremy.  My dad was down on him from the start, and of course he turned out to be right.

Max: It doesn't matter if he's the guy you love, so...

Stephanie: Who said anything about love?

Max: You did at the hospital with your dad.  I kind of walked in just at the right time to hear you say it.

Stephanie: I guess we should talk about this.

Max: Steph, it's okay.  I'm fine.

Stephanie: Why do you even put up with me?

Max: Stephanie --

Stephanie: It would have been better for everyone if I'd stayed in Dayton. 

Max: So you're not over Jeremy.  I got it.  I may not like it, but I understand it.

Stephanie: I just feel like I led you on.

Max: Well, I don't feel led on.  I enjoyed every second, you know, being with you.  So no hard feelings.

Stephanie: I really thought I was over Jeremy.  I guess I'm not.

Max: Well, it's tough when you don't know where he is or if you'll ever see him again, so...

Stephanie: I had a chance, but I ruined it.

Max: What do you mean?

Stephanie: He wanted a place to crash for a few days, but when my mom found out --

Max: He wanted to crash here?

Stephanie: Nobody has to know that Jeremy was here.

Kayla: Stephanie, I'll know, and you'll know.

Stephanie: Since when are we all about playing by the rules?

Kayla: Rules matter, especially now.  If I get caught up in all this, I could lose Pocket.  Social services could come in here and take that sweet boy away from me and put him in some other foster home.

Jeremy: Sorry, but I don't have time for your family drama.

Stephanie: That's what our family's all about -- drama.

Kayla: You know what?  You can go.  You go.  You take your attitude and your fugitive boyfriend and you get out.  I raised you to care about more than just yourself.  But I have failed miserably.  I guess it doesn't matter who loves you and who counts on you.  I guess it doesn't matter that you're trading your self-respect in to go off with some guy that's gonna dump you as soon as he gets a chance.

Stephanie: My mom even said he could if he turned himself in.

Max: So, of course he ran.

Stephanie: Look, I know I should hate him.  I just -- I can't explain it.  And it's not even like I ever pictured myself with a guy like Jeremy.

Max: So, what kind of guy did you picture yourself with?

Stephanie: I always wanted a guy like my dad.  He's honest and decent, and he'll do anything for his friends.

Max: [Chuckles]

Stephanie: And for my mom.  He'd jump through fire for her.  Heck, he'd jump out of an airplane without a parachute for her.

Max: That's 'cause he loves her.

Stephanie: And I know my mom put up with a lot, but --

Max: Look what she gets in return.

Stephanie: Exactly.

Max: You know, I admire both of them a lot.

Stephanie: Sometimes you remind me of my dad.

Max: I really wish you hadn't have said that.

Stephanie: Why?

Max: Because I was just about to kiss you.

Steve: Get out of here, DiMera.

Stefano: If Elvis dies, any possibility of this war being over dies with him.

Kayla: Do you really expect for us to believe that?

Stefano: Hasn't your brother told you?

Steve: Bo found the leather portfolio everybody's been after.

Kayla: With the terms of how to end the vendetta?

Steve: That's right.

Kayla: What was in it?

Steve: It doesn't matter because Bo says the terms are impossible to meet. 

Stefano: Not true, as a matter of fact.  They're very possible and also not difficult.

Kayla: Well, what are they?  If you're not gonna tell us what it is, what are we supposed to do?

Stefano: I will let your brother have the honors.  But in the meantime, I would suggest that you have a family meeting, and...if Elvis and Roman and Lucas are safe, then I will see to it that André is permanently diffused, if, that is, the terms of ending the vendetta are met.

Bo: All right, I'm out of here.

Julie: Where are you going?

Bo: I got to go find Pop and find out how this damn vendetta started.

Julie: Well, all right.  This is the last batch of letters.  I guess we'll read them later, then.

Doug: Yes, when everybody's home safe.

Bo: No, no.  Read them now.

Julie: All right.  I'll call the others and get them over here right away. 

Bo: Okay, 'cause if I can't find Pop and get him to open up, those letters may be our only chance to save Roman.

[Door closes]

Sami: Yeah, I do have feelings for E.J.  It's called hatred.  Lucas!  Lucas!  Answer me, Lucas!  Where are you?  E.J.!

André: Here you are saying to me you don't care about E.J., but you're calling out for him.

Sami: You stop playing games with me.  Just tell me what you want.

André: Tell me something, Samantha.  Does it disturb you that Elvis has eluded punishment for his crimes.

Sami: Yeah, of course it does.  There's nothing I can do about it.

André: Yeah.  You had no choice in the matter, did you?  Well, my dear, that's about to change.

Max: Sorry.  You're just irresistible.

Stephanie: I just don't think we should jump into things -- at least not yet, anyway.

Max: Oh, not yet?  So, like, maybe someday?

Stephanie: I have to get Jeremy completely out of my system before I can even think about moving on.

Max: Right.

Stephanie: And it's okay.  I know you're not gonna wait around.

Max: Oh, because I'm a player.  Right.

Stephanie: It's not exactly breaking news.

Max: I have backed off on that.

Stephanie: Right.  Mr. Monogamous.

Max: Pretty much!  In fact, totally.  I want what you want.

Stephanie: Someone who reminds you of my dad?

Max: No, someone who can be themselves, someone who's easy to talk to and be around and still have that adventurous streak.

Stephanie: Someone you can go skydiving with?

Max: See?  There you go.  There you go.  And that girl, she's totally comfortable with going to the Cheatin' Heart and having a couple of beers, talking about some NASCAR.  And at the same time, she can get all decked out, have some wine at Chez Rouge.  You don't happen to know anyone like that, do you?

Stephanie: How are we ever gonna do this?

Max: Do what?

Stephanie: The whole friends-without-benefits thing.

Max: I'll tell you one thing -- it's not gonna be easy.

Umar: China Lee was employed by a very powerful Sudanese politician with many enemies.  And before he died, he arranged for her to bring her sons to America, away from danger.

Chelsea: Who would want to hurt a couple of kids?

Umar: People who wish to destroy the legacy of their father.

Nick: China Lee put you up to this, didn't she?

Umar: Mr. Fallon, you must believe me.  The boys' lives are in danger.  You have no idea the gravity of this situation.

Steve: You would murder André, your own flesh and blood?

Stefano: I don't recall saying anything about murder.  I merely said that I would diffuse André.

Steve: You said, "Permanently diffuse."

Stefano: Well, as long as the terms of the vendetta are met...

Steve: Well, you won't tell us what those are.  I guess we'll have to wait for Bo.

Kayla: And what if they're not met?

Stefano: Suffice it to say that I am not going to take the blame for the intolerable hell you will all have to endure.  Ciao.

[Door closes]

Sami: Just spit it out, André!

André: You deserve justice, Samantha.

Sami: Okay.  Well, then, I want Lucas home safe and my dad and E.J., too, for that matter.  Just let them go.

André: Oh, your father means a great deal to you, doesn't he?

Sami: Of course, he does.

André: So, how do you feel about a compromise?

Sami: What kind of compromise?

André: Why don't you come with me?  Come.  I don't think introductions are necessary.

Sami: Oh, my God.  Is that Lucas and E.J.?  No!  Let me go!

André: You may look but not touch.

Sami: You son of a bitch!

André: That's not very ladylike, that kind of language, especially to a person who's about to make a very generous offer.

Sami: Just tell me what you want from me.

André: We've already discussed this.

Sami: No.

André: No?

Sami: No, you can't be serious.

André: In exchange for sparing your father's life, one of these two will have to die.  And that, my a choice you'll have to make.

Umar: Boys, we're leaving!

Nick: They're not leaving.  They're not going anywhere.

Chelsea: Nick!

André: Take the gun.  Aim.  Done.

Sami: Lucas?

André: You've chosen door number one.

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