Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 9/21/07 - Canada; Monday 9/24/07 - U.S.A.


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Bo: Hey, man.  I followed André down to the piers near the old warehouses. 

Abe: You know, the clock's ticking on Roman.  You be careful. 

Bo: Yeah, I know.  Listen, I need a favor.  Um...I left Steve at the funeral home bleeding from a gut wound. 

Abe: What? 

Bo: André stabbed him.  Called an ambulance, but the guy said he took off before they got there. 

Abe: Well, I'm at the hospital right now.  I dropped Lexie off to visit Benjy.  I'll check and see if Steve brought himself in, and, you know, I'm off to Kayla's anyway, so I'll tell her what happened. 

Bo: Great.  Thanks.  I haven't had a chance to call her yet. 

Abe: How was he? 

Bo: Pretty bad.  And I have no idea where he is.  We got to find him before he bleeds out. 

Stephanie: See you, mom. 

Kayla: Excuse me.  Where do you think you're going? 

Stephanie: Back to aunt Adrienne's.  She doesn't call the cops on my friends. 

Kayla: You know, if Jeremy would have had the courage to turn himself in, I wouldn't have had to make that call. 

Stephanie: Goodbye. 

Kayla: No.  You are not going anywhere, young lady.  You are waiting here until Abe Carver gets here. 

Stephanie: I am not staying where I'm not respected. 

Kayla: Oh, I'm sure that Abe Carver will give you plenty of respect as he's taking your statement. 

Stephanie: If you think I'm gonna turn Jeremy in to the commissioner of police --

[Banging on door]

Kayla: Well, there he is right now.  Why don't you go answer the door?  You can tell him yourself why you will not be talking to him. 

Stephanie: Fine.  I will.  Papa. 

Steve: Oh, hey, little sweetness.  Where's your mom? 

Stephanie: Mom!  What's wrong? 

Kayla: Steve!  What happened?  What happened?  What is it? 

Steve: I need to call Bo.  Give me a phone. 

Sami: Thank you all for being here.  I know a lot of you know my dad and that's why you're here, so thank you.  And if you don't know him, that's him on the flier.  And I need you to keep your eyes open while you're out there, because if you see anything, you let us know.  And you get these fliers where people will see them -- on windshields, telephone poles, windows of stores.  Um...just anywhere you think people will see them. 

Lucas: We really appreciate your time and your effort, so if you find anything, just let us know.  And good luck out there. 

Sami: Thank you. 

Lucas: He'll be fine, all right, honey? 

Sami: Yeah, yeah.  Okay, Lucas, we have a lot of ground to cover. 

Lucas: Listen, there is no "we," all right?  I'll do this.  You've barely gotten any sleep since this whole thing started, and the twins --

Sami: Lucas, the twins need their grandfather.  I'm not gonna go home until we find my dad.  And I'm not gonna be able to sleep until we end this vendetta. 

Lucas: Sami, the vendetta's not gonna end, all right?  When are you gonna face that?  The DiMera's are in this forever, baby.  I don't care what they told you. 

Sami: Even if it's the smallest chance, I have to take it.  I have to do this to protect our family. 

Lucas: Well, you know what?  I want my family to be safe, and stress isn't good for you or the babies.  And neither is their mother going without enough sleep. 

Sami: Okay, but there is no way that you can think I'm gonna sit in our apartment stress-free while everyone else is out there looking for my dad.  Come on, Lucas.  I know you don't believe that we can end this vendetta, but I believe that we can.  E.J. thinks we can. 

Lucas: E.J. doesn't want this whole thing to end.  No way. 

Sami: Yes, he does. 

Lucas: No, he doesn't.  The only thing he wants is you. 

E.J.: Sorry.  I got here as soon as I could.  I hope I'm not too late to volunteer. 

Max: I'm actually terrific.  I mean, what do you say we go back to my apartment after I pass out all their fliers? 

Chelsea: Hey, sweetie.  Oh, hi.  You must be Elizabeth.  Nice to meet you.  Max has told me so much about you.  Oh, I'm sorry.  Karen?  Shelley? 

Max: Um...   

Max: Bye. 

Chelsea: She seemed so nice. 

Max: Funny.  Funny, Chelsea. 

Chelsea: I was trying to save you. 

Max: From what?  Death by celibacy? 

Chelsea: No.  From yourself.  I know what you want, Max, and it's not another bimbo. 

Max: Why does everyone act like I'm such a player?  Monks get more action than I do. 

Chelsea: Maybe that's because you go through women so quickly? 

Max: What? 

Chelsea: First there was Mimi. 

Max: She had much more baggage than I could handle. 

Chelsea: Abby. 

Max: She took off.  I didn’t.  It wasn't me. 

Chelsea: And of course, Stephanie.  Oh.  What's your excuse for that one? 

E.J.: I heard you calling for help on the radio.  I'm at your disposal. 

Lucas: Well, you're not needed, all right?  We have an army of volunteers. 

E.J.: Samantha, I will do everything in my power to help find your father, and as for my cousin -- who I'm as disgusted by his behavior as you -- he has to be stopped. 

Lucas: You don't care about Roman at all.  If you were honest, you'd admit that right now. 

E.J.: I care for Samantha’s sake, Lucas. 

Lucas: You care about scoring points with my wife, right?  It's all part of your grand plan. 

Sami: Lucas, I just want to find my dad. 

Lucas: You probably know where he is, don't you?  What, are you waiting for the right moment to step in so you can be the hero again?  Is that it?  That kind of manipulation's right up your alley. 

Kayla: Okay, okay, okay. 

Steve: Aah!  Did B call? 

Kayla: Why would he?  What happened? 

Steve: He's following André. 

Kayla: Sit back.  Sit back. 

Steve: He should have called by now.  No, no.  I have to talk to Bo. 

Kayla: Steve, stay still. 

Stephanie: Hold still.  Hold still, Papa.  Listen to Mom. 

Kayla: Where were you, and how could -- call 911.  Call 911. 

Steve: No, don't do that, baby.  No, please, no hospital.  Come on, there's no time.  I don't want it! 

Kayla: I don't care what you want!  I have no idea how much blood you've lost. 

Stephanie: Stephanie Johnson.  We need paramedics right away. 

Steve: Bo said he's fixing me up. 

Kayla: Shh, shh, shh, shh. 

Stephanie: They're on their way. 

Steve: No, call them back. 

Kayla: Shh. 

Steve: I got to be ready if Bo needs me. 

Kayla: Steve.  Steve! 

Stephanie: Papa, wake up. 

Kayla: Steve. 

[Car door closes]

Bo: Gotcha. 

Max: Steph and I are just friends.  That's all. 

Chelsea: Friends that make out together in hot tubs. 

Max: Did she send you down here to grill me? 

Chelsea: It's not her style, Max.  It's not mine, either, for the record. 

Max: Then why are you so interested in our relationship? 

Chelsea: Because you like her. 

Max: Everybody does.  She's fun.  She's passionate, interesting, nice, you know. 

Chelsea: You forgot beautiful. 

Max: Fine.  Add it to the list. 

Chelsea: So, Max, if you think she's all those things, then why are you ignoring her? 

Max: I'm not ignoring her.  I'm just really busy. 

Chelsea: Yet you still find time to bring strange women back to your apartment. 

Max: Do you know what I liked about that girl who you just chased off?  There was no risk of getting burned. 

Chelsea: And you think there is with Stephanie?  You think that she'd hurt you? 

Max: Not on purpose.  But if Jeremy came back, yeah, in a heartbeat. 

Kayla: It's okay, baby.  It's okay.  Listen to me.  Go get some blankets, all right?  We need to keep him warm.  Go on.  Go on.  Go on.  It's okay. 

Steve: You're still here, baby? 

Kayla: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Just stay still, all right?  You don't want to make this worse. 

Steve: Has Bo called yet?  Has he called yet? 

Kayla: No, he hasn't. 

Steve: I need a phone.  He could be in trouble. 

Kayla: Stop moving.  You can start bleeding again.  Come on now.  Oh.  Here, put your hand right here.  Hold it right there.  Come on, let's tuck these blankets. 

Steve: What are you doing?  I got to go. 

Kayla: No, you are not going anywhere until the ambulance comes.  Now stop.  Stop! 

Steve: You got to stop now!  I need a phone.  Bo is following that maniac André.  I got to get a phone. 

Stephanie: Let's let him call Uncle Bo. 

Steve: Let me have a phone now. 

Stephanie: Here. 

Steve: [Breathing heavily]

Kayla: Take it easy.  Take it easy.  Shh. 

Steve: Aah.

[Cellphone rings]

Abe: It's Carver. 

Bo: Hey, André’s in a warehouse at River and Dow.  I just did a 360 of the place.  All the doors and windows are either locked or boarded up from the outside.  So the only way out, I'm looking at it. 

Abe: All right, you stay put.  You keep watching him.  I'm sending backup. 

Bo: Come on, man.  I got to check inside.  Roman could be there. 

Abe: Look, stay put.  That's an order.  André could have that place set to go up like some big booby trap.  It's his MO. 

Bo: Come on, man.  I'll be careful. 

Abe: Look, B, I'm worried about Roman, too.  Now, if you bust in there alone, he could end up paying the price. 

Bo: Fine.  Just get that backup here yesterday. 

Abe: You got it. 

Bo: Have you seen Steve? 

Abe: No, not yet.  I'm at their place right now. 

Bo: Okay.  Call me back once you've talked to Kay. 

Abe: Don't worry, I will.  And don't move. 

E.J.: I will do whatever you need.  If you need me to answer phones, I'll do that.  I can hand out fliers.  Just tell me what to do. 

Sami: I want this town covered in fliers. 

Lucas: Well, I want you out of here.  You're not needed. 

E.J.: Lucas, somebody who knows how a DiMera thinks could be pretty helpful.  You're gonna refuse that assistance?  You're beginning to sound as unreasonable as André. 

Sami: Okay, just cut it out, E.J.  Here.  Here.  Just take fliers and go. 

E.J.: Well, which areas need to be covered? 

Sami: Lucas can go with you.  He'll tell you. 

Lucas: I'll what? 

Sami: Lucas, you know what areas haven't been hit. 

Lucas: What, are you kidding me or something? 

Sami: Well, I guess I could go with him, but I thought you wanted me to stay off my feet. 

Lucas: You're not going anywhere with him. 

Sami: Good.  I'm glad we all agree, then.  You don't have a problem working with Lucas, do you, E.J.? 

E.J.: I'll do what needs to be done. 

Sami: Lucas. 

Lucas: I'll do anything for you.  You know that. 

Sami: Then, please, both of you...find my dad. 

E.J.: We will find him, Samantha.  You know that. 

Chelsea: Jeremy's gone, Max.  He left Salem. 

Max: Yeah, but not forgotten.  She's still shedding tears over that loser. 

Chelsea: Yeah, well, that's because she doesn't have anybody else to think about. 

Max: Will you just lay off it, Chelsea? 

Chelsea: I'm sorry.  I can't, Max.  She's my best friend, and Jeremy did a number on her self-esteem. 

Max: Oh, so you want me to fix it. 

Chelsea: No, I want you to be honest and tell her how you feel. 

Max: Like a buddy.  I feel like her buddy. 

Chelsea: Max, it's obvious there's something going on between you two. 

Max: To you.  Not to me. 

Chelsea: Look, I know that love can be a pain sometimes, but in the end, it's all we got.  It can be gone just like that. 

Max: So if love is all we got, then what happened to Nick or Jett?  I mean, you dumped one and then you ran away from the other. 

Chelsea: We're not talking about me, okay?  We're talking about you and Stephanie. 

Max: Yeah, you're talking about them 'cause I'm done with this conversation. 

Chelsea: Max.  [Sighs]

Sami: All that matters right now is finding --

Lucas: What?  What is it?  Are you all right? 

Sami: Yeah. 

Lucas: You sure? 

Sami: Yeah, just the twins kicking up a storm. 

Lucas: All right, well, then, I'll stay.  You want me to stay? 

Sami: No.  No, I want you to find my father. 

E.J.: Samantha, look, I promise you, we're going to find him.  Come on, Lucas, let's go. 

Lucas: I want you to call me if you need anything, all right?  I'll come back. 

Sami: I will. 

Lucas: I mean, anything at all.  If the babies move just a little bit, tell me and I'll be here. 

Sami: I promise I will.  Go, Lucas.  Go find him. 

Lucas: I'll be back...with your dad. 

Bo: Come on. 

[Phone vibrates] Finally.  Abe? 

Steve: Beauregard, it's me. 

Bo: Steve. 

Steve: Did you get André?  Are you all right? 

Bo: Where are you? 

Steve: I came home.  [Clears throat] Tell me about André. 

Bo: I got him cornered.  I'm sitting around waiting for backup. 

Steve: Where's he hiding? 

Bo: One of the condemned warehouses down at river and Dow. 

Steve: River and Dow.  Isn't it that old shoe factory? 

Bo: Yeah, that's the place. 

Steve: He's got Roman there.  I'll lay money on it. 

Bo: Yeah, and I'm itching to get inside, but Abe's got me sitting on my butt waiting for backup.  I'm telling you, André makes a move, I'm not gonna sit back and watch this time. 

Steve: I'll be there in 10. 

Bo: Steve, do-- damn it.  Come on. 

Kayla: Come on.  It's all right. 

Steve: I told Bo I'd be there. 

Kayla: You know what?  You are not strong enough. 

[Knock on door]

 Stephanie, go get it.  Come on, you don't understand. 

Abe: Kayla, is everything okay? 

Kayla: I hope so.  EMS is on their way. 

Steve: Abe, I talked to Bo.  He could be in trouble, man.  We got to back him up. 

Abe: Bo's gonna be fine.  Just relax.  I've got backup on the way.  André's not going anywhere. 

Steve: Okay.  That's what I needed to hear. 

Kayla: Finally.  Where's that ambulance? 

Stephanie: Should I call 911 again? 

Kayla: Come over here.  Come on, come on, come on.  Put pressure right here.  I'm gonna go down to the lobby and see where that ambulance is. 

Abe: All right, I'll stay with Steve. 

Kayla: Thank you. 

Stephanie: It's okay. 

Abe: It's all right.  Look, Stephanie, while we're waiting, let's talk a little bit about Jeremy Horton. 

Stephanie: I'm kind of busy here. 

Abe: It's a serious crime to harbor a fugitive. 

Stephanie: Shh.  Nothing. 

Abe: It's all right. 

Stephanie: It's okay, papa. 

Abe: You were helping Jeremy.  He's gonna be arrested eventually.  It'll only get worse.  He needs to stand up for what he did, deal with his punishment.  Stephanie. 

Stephanie: Can we talk about this later?  My dad is bleeding to death here. 

[Cell phone rings]

Abe: Just a minute.  Yeah, hang on, Bo.  Uh, look, I've got to go check on Bo.  Stephanie...we'll be talking.  Yeah.  All right, I want you to stay right there.  We got officers coming.  That's right. 

Stephanie: Jeremy. 

Max: Chelsea, you're still here. 

Chelsea: Yeah, I'm waiting for you.  Why won't you talk about this, Max? 

Max: 'Cause the Bears are on tonight, so bye. 

Chelsea: Tell me the truth and then I'll let you go. 

Max: You want to know what the truth is?  The truth is you're getting on my nerves. 

Chelsea: Do you like Stephanie? 

Max: I already told you I do. 

Chelsea: But do you like like her? 

Max: Oh, I'm sorry.  Are we 9? 

Chelsea: Sticks and stones.  Just answer the question. 

Max: I'm out of here. 

Chelsea: You know why?  Because she really, really likes you. 

Bo: Okay, André, it's just you and me.  No more of this waiting around. 

E.J.: Lucas, I'm telling you, putting fliers on the whole town is a waste of time. 

Lucas: We're plastering this town from one end to the other. 

Bo: Lucas, get out of here!  André, put that gun down! 

André: Wow.  Well, Elvis, what a pleasure it is to see family.  And you, too, Lucas.  I didn't know you two had become such close friends.  Are you sharing the divine Samantha, huh?  And you, Bo, so good for you to come.  It brings such delight knowing how much I'm wanted. 

Bo: Let him go, André. 

André: No, I don't think I'm gonna do that, Bo.  No, in fact, I think it's time you put your gun! 

Sami: Admissions.  Yeah, okay, so, I'm looking for my dad.  And I thought maybe he might have been checked in to emergency.  His last name is Brady.  His first name is Roman.  Okay, well, maybe he came in under a John Doe, you know?  He didn't have his ID with him or something.  Okay, but can't you just check?  I mean, Roman Brady.  He's about f-- okay.  Okay, thank you for looking.  Damn it.  Damn it.  That is the last hospital.  What am I supposed to do now?  Grandpa.  What -- what are you doing?  Where are you going? 

Shawn: I'm going to look for your father. 

Sami: Grandpa, there is a way that you can help Daddy, and it is not wandering around town.  I don't know what happened to your sister, Colleen, and I know you feel terrible about it, but you know what?  That's too bad.  You don't get to keep this secret any longer.  You have to tell me what happened in Ireland.  Tell me the real story while there is still time to save Daddy's life.  I mean, come on.  You don't want to sacrifice your son so that you can keep quiet about something that happened 50 years ago.  Please.  Grandpa...I believe in you.  And I believe that you will do the right thing. 

Stephanie: Feels good, huh, Papa?  Papa? 

Steve: You know what would feel good?  Is to hear the truth from my baby girl. 

Stephanie: Not now, please? 

Steve: Harboring a fugitive?  Did I really hear Abe say that? 

Stephanie: Now's really not a good time to talk about this.  You're hurt. 

Steve: I knew something was up when I found Horton’s ID right over there on the floor. 

Stephanie: I really don't need another lecture. 

Steve: I don't want to lecture you, baby girl.  I just want you to trust me.  Trust me... 

Stephanie: Papa? 

Steve: ...And your mom. 

Stephanie: Huh?  Pa-- Papa?  Papa, wake up.  Papa! 

Kayla: In here. 

Stephanie: Is he gonna be okay? 

EMT: He has a strong pulse. 

Kayla: Yeah, he's gonna be fine.  You'll see.  It takes a lot more than this to stop your father. 

André: Put the gun down now. 

Bo: I could do that.  But, hell, you're stuck.  Backup's on the way. 

André: "On the way" isn't here.  And since the neighborhood is yet not crawling with cops, I'm still in charge.  Now just drop it, will you? 

Lucas: Don't do it, Bo.  Don't let him get away. 

E.J.: Put the gun down, Bo.  He's not bluffing. 

André: No, he's not. 

Lucas: He's the only one who knows where Roman is. 

André: You know, that's true.  I am the only man alive who could, if asked very nicely and at the right moment, keep Roman breathing.  But shoot me, it's just like shooting him.  But I won't go alone, no.  That's ridiculous.  So, shall I do the traditional count to three?  1...2...  oh, well done.  Now just kick it over here to me.  Gently.  Ah.  Well, Lucas, you're gonna have a chance to breath a little longer...thanks to you. 

Max: Did she say something about liking me? 

Chelsea: I thought you didn't care how she felt. 

Max: You wanted my interest and now you've got it, and if you want to keep it, you better start talking because the Bears game starts in 10 minutes. 

Chelsea: Do you know why women love you, Max? 

Max: Why? 

Chelsea: Because you're charming, and you're gorgeous, and you're such a guy. 

Max: Oh, 9:30.  Look at that. 

Chelsea: Stephanie likes you, okay, a lot.  Maybe even enough to forget Jeremy. 

Max: Maybe. 

Chelsea: Yeah, okay.  I don't know for sure.  But love isn't about being safe, is it? 

Max: You know, you should, uh, start writing a blog and give advice to people about their love life. 

Chelsea: Really? 

Max: Yeah, you should call it "butting into other people's business.”  It's got a nice ring to it, I think. 

Stephanie: Come on, Max.  Get under the covers with me. 

Max: I couldn't take my eyes off you. 

Stephanie: I wish you would have told me that sooner.  Maybe I wouldn't have wasted all those months with Jeremy. 

Max: Well, the waiting kind of did make this a little better, I think. 

Max: [Sighs]

Sami: I know you're scared, Grandpa, but you're not alone.  We are all scared.  We've all had to learn to live with not knowing when the DiMera's were gonna strike next or where.  But that can't go on.  You see that, don't you?  I mean, we have to find a way to end this.  We have to find a way to save dad before it's too late.  We have to find the solution so that there are no more kidnappings, no more bombs, no more people getting hurt. 

Shawn: Stop.  Stop. 

Sami: Grandpa, you -- you are the key.  You can't be angry at us for wanting to know what really happened.  Dad's life is at stake here.  And you can tell us what we need to know to save him.  Look, how did Colleen die?  Was she murdered?  Who was responsible?  How did this insane vendetta get started in the first place?  Grandpa, please, tell me what you know.  I know that you're afraid, but you don't have to be.  We can end this. 

Shawn: I'm ashamed, Sami.  I'm ashamed. 

Sami: What? 

Shawn: It's not fear that's been holding my tongue, girl.  No.  It's shame. 

Sami: Oh, Grandpa.  You have nothing to be ashamed of.  This family, they have forgiven me for all the horrible things that I have done.  They love you.  No matter what, they love you.  Nothing you could do would change that.  You know that, don't you? 

Shawn: I do. 

Sami: You have taught us so much.  You have given us so much.  You are such a good man and everyone in this family knows that.  We all know what a wonderful man you are. 

Shawn: Wonderful, am I? 

Sami: Yes.  Yes, you are.  But, Grandpa, you have to tell us what happened in Ireland all those years ago.  You have to tell us what you know.  Daddy's life is at stake. 

Kayla: All right, Dr. Brumner is waiting for you at the ER.  I'll be right behind you.  Thank you. 

EMT: Don't worry.  He's stable. 

Kayla: Okay. 

Stephanie: Mom, listen --

Kayla: I need to get my keys.  Do you know where my keys are?  Listen, Baby, do me a favor.  Grab that diaper bag.  Get some bottles out of the fridge and diapers for Pocket, whatever you think he might need.  Where are those keys? 

Stephanie: You're not waking the baby and bringing him with you. 

Kayla: I'm not gonna leave him here.  Where are those keys? 

Stephanie: They're right here.  Listen, I'll take care of Pocket.  You go.  I'll be here with the baby. 

Kayla: What? 

Stephanie: Just go.  Everything will be fine.  I'll take care of him. 

Kayla: You? 

Stephanie: Yes, me.  Unless you don't trust me. 

[Helicopter whirring]

Bo: Looks like it's too late, André.  So why don't you give it up?  Tell me where Roman is, and I promise you --

André: What, a promise...from Bo Brady?  That's something I can take to the bank, isn't it? 

Bo: Well, your time is obviously running out. 

André: My time -- possibly.  Your brother's -- definitely.  [Chuckles] No, you see, poor Roman.  Push, I'm afraid, has come to shove. 

Bo: You're not gonna get away with this. 

André: Of course I am.  I'm not traveling alone.  I have company.  Makes all the difference when you go on a trip.  Don't you agree, gentlemen?  There's nothing like having, well, a hostage to modulate attitude of Salem’s finest. 

Lucas: You're crazy if you think we're gonna let you get away with this. 

André: You don't have a choice!  But you do, Bo.  You do.  You can live or die.  Your call.  All right, time to go.  I'll be right behind.  Now, Bo, I know you're gonna be very tempted to follow us.  I just want to make something very clear to you.  You see this?  Soviet army surplus.  Bought it in bulk.  But, you see, the thing is, it's got a short fuse and it's lethal, so your brother is inside tied and gagged.  If you want to save his life, you better get in there pretty soon because you only have a matter of seconds. 

Bo: Don't! 

[Siren wails]

Kayla: Of course I trust you. 

Stephanie: Then what's the problem?  Go be with Dad. 

Kayla: Are you sure you're ready for this? 

Stephanie: One little baby?  What's the worst he can do, wet his diaper or spit up on me?  I think I can handle it.  What? 

Kayla: Are you saying you forgive me? 

Stephanie: For narking on Jeremy, no.  But every once in a while, family comes first...even for your felon-loving daughter. 

Kayla: I'm proud of you, Baby.  Do you know that? 

Stephanie: Maybe now, but don't forget about what happened earlier. 

Kayla: No, I feel right now the same way I have always felt.  From the very first day you were born...that you were an amazing, beautiful soul.  A gift.  And you know what?  No matter what happens, no matter how angry I get at you or how angry you get at me... 

Stephanie: [Chuckles]

Kayla: ...Nothing changes the way I feel about you. 

Stephanie: Mm-hmm.  Let's see how long that lasts. 

Kayla: Hmm.  Only for the rest of my life.  After that, I don't know.  No guarantees. 

Stephanie: Hey. 

Kayla: Okay, listen, you call me if there's any problem with Pocket.  I have my cell phone, all right? 

Stephanie: I will.  Tell Dad I'm with him. 

Kayla: Okay, baby.  I'll give you an update. 

Stephanie: I love you. 

Kayla: I love you. 

Stephanie: How easy is this?  Probably sleep the whole time.  All right, Steph.  Now's a good time to crack open the books.  Or not.  Hey, Jeremy, it's me.  Are you still on the road?  Are you still going to Seattle?  I know you're getting my messages, so stop ignoring them and call me, okay? 

Abe: Bo!  Bo Brady!  All right, cover me.  I'm gonna go in there.  Bo!  Bo!  Get out here, come on!  Come on, let's go, man.  Come on, this way.  Where's Roman?  Where's André? 

Bo: André took off.  He took Elvis and Lucas as hostages. 

Abe: What the hell happened in there? 

Bo: André said Roman was inside the warehouse, then he throws a grenade in there and takes off. 

Abe: No sign of Roman? 

Bo: No, but it gave him enough time to get out of here. 

Abe: Roman could have easily been in there. 

Bo: True.  Roman wasn't there.  But I did find this.  It's the folio from Ireland. 

Abe: You got it back. 

Bo: Yeah, I did.  And if this thing can help us end this vendetta, maybe it'll also help us find Roman.  [Coughs]

Sami: Grandpa, we are running out of time here.  You tell me what you know!  Tell me why Colleen died! 

Shawn: I can't bare thinking of it. 

Sami: Please.  Please. 

Shawn: I can't go back.  I can't change what happened. 

Sami: Grandpa, please.  Please?  Grandpa, you can't leave like this!  You have -- damn it. 

André: Oh, I'm sorry.  I'm so dreadfully rude.  I should have called before arriving here unannounced, but it's urgent. 

Sami: Tony? 

André: Um... 

Sami: André.  What have you done with my father?  Where is he? 

André: Your father?  Oh, I almost forgot.  In light of my two other hostages, they've taken precedence I'm afraid. 

Sami: What are you talking about?  Who? 

André: You know, I've got to make this decision.  I just don't have enough time.  It's running out, and it's a difficult choice.  That's why I came here 'cause I knew you could help me. 

Sami: What do you want, André? 

André: I want you, Samantha Brady Roberts, to help me choose who's going to live and who's going to die.  But only one can win the grand prize.  And that, um -- care to guess at all who my two guests are? know them both...  intimately. 

Sami: Lucas? 

André: That's one. 

Sami: What have you done with him?  Where is he? 

André: Ah, both Lucas and...  Elvis are doing very well.  But you still have to help me decide who's going to die.  We can have both of them if you wish, as painfully as possible, but I promise, I shall look after both of them until you make your choice.  So, that's the bargain I'm offering.  You have a chance to save one of them. 

Sami: One? 

André: Well, one, yeah.  Don't be greedy.  Here.  I arrived unannounced.  I know, true, but not empty-handed. 

Sami: What is this? 

André: Oh, it's just a lovely secluded spot where you're going to come tonight at 9:00 -- alone, thank you -- and you're going to give me your answer.  Who shall die?  Will it be your husband, or will it be...the man you claim to hate?  Hmm.  [Chuckles] And by the bring any cops along, I promise, you'll never see your father in this lifetime.  Ciao. 

Sami: André!  André, wait!  André, stop!  You have to sto-- ow!  André, come back here! 

Chelsea: It's a little early on in the semester to be having a steamy affair with one of your students, Nick. 

Steve: We're talking about Jeremy. 

Stephanie: Dad. 

Steve: You still love him? 

Max: Where's my brother? 

Stefano: I have no idea. 

Sami: Did you read it?  Do you have an answer for how we can end the ven--

Bo: I read it.  You're not gonna like what's in this. 

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