Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 9/20/07 - Canada; Friday 9/21/07 - U.S.A.


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Jett: [Exhales sharply]

[Knock on door]

Jett: Oh, hey. 

Nick: How are you, uh...  how are you feeling?

Jett: I'm okay as long as I don't drop anything. 

Nick: Chelsea filled me in on Vegas. 

Jett: Well, she remembers more than I do. 

Nick: Is that a good thing?

Jett: It is when you take a bullet to the lung.  Why are you here, Nick?

Nick: Um...I owe you an apology, starting with the night we met. 

Jett: Oh, forget about it. 

Nick: No, we've got a lot of friends in common, and I was thinking... 

Jett: What?  If you want to ask me something, go ahead.  I got a lot to pack up here. 

Nick: I thought we could take a stab at being friends.  I'm Nick Fallon.  Nice to meet you.  

Billie: Wow.  Do they really expect you to read all that stuff?

Chelsea: Yeah, and I even have four more at home. 

Billie: Well, I'm proud of you, honey. 

Chelsea: Let's just wait to see if you're proud if I make the dean's list. 

Billie: You will!

Chelsea: Did I tell you that Steph and I are rushing a few sororities?

Billie: Good.  That's good.  So, college is good?

Chelsea: Yeah, so far.  Just don't tell anybody that my mom runs security. 

Billie: Damn.  Guess I have to cancel the billboard.  I've missed you. 

Chelsea: Yeah, I'm sorry that I haven't really been around. 

Billie: Well, you know what?  I get free tickets to concerts with this job. 

Chelsea: It's a good thing I can be bought. 

Billie: So, we're okay?

Chelsea: Yeah.  I kind of need some help, though. 

Billie: Sure!  What do you need?

Chelsea: It's not really for me.  It's for my friend.  Jett Carver needs a job, and I was kind of hoping that maybe you could hire him at the University. 

Kayla: You did not just say that.  You love him?

Stephanie: Give Jeremy a chance. 

Kayla: A chance to what, to use you again?

Stephanie: I want to help him. 

Kayla: Is this guilt because of Max?

Stephanie: I don't want to talk about Max. 

Kayla: Stephanie, Jeremy broke the law.  This is right versus wrong.  And I know that you know the difference. 

Stephanie: Don't be a hypocrite.  You took off with Dad when you were my age.  Please, Mom, just let Jeremy go. 

Bo: Hey, man. 

Steve: Hey. 

Bo: What's this about graffiti?

Steve: It's not ordinary graffiti.  Rolf drew that after Stefano left. 

Bo: Rolf?

Steve: Yeah.  Yeah, he made that mark, and then he took off.  Any word on Roman?

Bo: No, it's like he dropped off the face of the earth.  André, too. 

Steve: We should be so lucky. 

Bo: I've got every available man on it.  If he hurt my brother --

Steve: Hey, hey, hey.  Don't think like that, man. 

Bo: He tried to kill him once.  What if he succeeded this time?

Steve: Cut it right now.  I want you to look at this.  Look at that.  I think it's some kind of symbol. 

Bo: Of what?

Steve: I don't know.  But look at the lines, the arrow.  Exact same position, exact same length.  Look at that.  I think it's a message to André, and I think it might lead us to him and maybe even to Roman. 

Jett: No, I'm not interested in getting blindsided by you the next time I talk to Chelsea. 

Nick: I hung up the gloves, Jett.  And Chelsea's your friend.  Whatever you guys are about is her business. 

Jett: And you want to start over?

Nick: How about it?

Jett: Well, you do hit pretty hard.  I'll give you that. 

Nick: Really?

Jett: Yeah, but don't get any ideas.  All right, man.  Ooh. 

Nick: Oh.  Sorry about that.  When does the ISA reassign you?

Jett: They don't.  No.  Shh! Hold on a second.  I got fired. 

Nick: What? Why?

Jett: Because I let Rawlings get away and his boss, not to mention I almost got a couple of innocent people killed, including myself. 

Nick: I got fired from the hospital. 

Jett: Oh.  So you messed up, too, huh?

Nick: Something like that. 

Jett: But I may have another job in the pipeline. 

Nick: Oh, really?

Jett: Yeah. 

Nick: Whereabout?  East coast?  West coast?  Europe?

Jett: No, actually, Chelsea asked her mom for a position for me at the Salem University.  Yeah, so, with any luck, I'll be staying right here. 

Billie: So, you need a favor from me. 

Chelsea: You're mad. 

Billie: No, I'm not mad.  Why would I be mad?

Chelsea: Because I only ever call you when I need something. 

Billie: Yeah, but the fact is you called, and I'm thrilled that you did.  So, tell me, why should I hire Jett?

Chelsea: Because he's smart and he's brave and he protected all those people in Las Vegas. 

Billie: I hear that didn't go too well. 

Chelsea: That wasn't his fault. 

Billie: Doesn't matter, Chelsea.  In the real world, if something goes wrong, it's always your fault. 

Chelsea: Jett would make you look great.  He was an ISA agent. 

Billie: Was?

Chelsea: They let him go.  It was totally unfair because, Mom, he really did do everything he could to arrest those guys in Vegas. 

Billie: I'm gonna need some more details. 

Chelsea: What kind of details?

Billie: Like something that's gonna want to make me stick my neck out for this guy. 

Chelsea: Mom, I'm telling you, if you just knew him --

Billie: Chelsea, this job is important to me. 

Chelsea: More important to you than me?

Billie: Chelsea, nothing is more important to me than you are.  But this isn't about you. 

Chelsea: I'm just saying, you said that you would help, that's all. 

Billie: And I want to help.  And I love the fact that you came to me.  I like it when you ask me to borrow my car or "I need some cash to put some gas in the tank," and "Can I have some friends crash over at the house?"

Chelsea: You certainly have us confused with the Gilmore Girls

Billie: Well, do you see how exciting my life is?  Listen.  Just how important is this to you?

Chelsea: You mean how important is Jett Carver to me? 

Kayla: Our situation was totally different. 

Stephanie: Why, because it was you and Dad?

Kayla: No, because your father was innocent and Victor Kiriakis was trying to kill us. 

Stephanie: But you stood by him. 

Kayla: Stephanie, Jeremy is guilty. 

Stephanie: You act like he's a hit man or something. 

Kayla: From what I read on his rap sheet, you know what?  He's working his way up. 

Stephanie: That is an awful thing to say. 

Kayla: I'm not gonna sugarcoat it.  He is a repeat offender. 

Stephanie: I want to be there for him. 

Kayla: Fine.  Visit him in jail. 

Stephanie: The way you were for Dad -- I mean, why is it okay for you but it's wrong for me?

Kayla: Are you purposely not listening to anything I'm saying?

Stephanie: Rawlings used Jeremy, just like he used me and Max. 

Kayla: Oh, I'm glad to hear that you remember Max. 

Stephanie: I don't want to fight about Max. 

Kayla: And you don't want to talk about what happened right before you were rescued. 

Stephanie: That has nothing to do with this. 

Kayla: Quite frankly, I am surprised that Jeremy is still an option after what he's done. 

Stephanie: You don't know him like I do.  I get Jeremy, and he gets me. 

Kayla: No.  He gets to use you. 

Stephanie: Maybe we use each other. 

Kayla: Okay.  Okay, let's just say that you go off with Jeremy and you get in trouble again.  Do you expect Max to come and rescue you?  And what if Jeremy's friends aren't so nice and they don't feel like throwing you a parachute?

Stephanie: Leave Max out of this!

Kayla: Why are you so afraid to be with a guy who treats you with dignity and respect?

Stephanie: For the last time, Jeremy and I are in love. 

Kayla: Don't say that, Stephanie.  Stephanie, listen to me.  When you love a man...another guy is not an overnight option, no matter where you are stranded or how scared you are. 

Stephanie: I have to check on Jeremy. 

Kayla: True love survives the worst that life can throw at it.  You don't just opt out when the going gets tough, not even for one single day. 

Stephanie: I'm not opting out. 

Kayla: You know what?  I have loved your father through the worst kind of heartache.  And he has never consciously put my safety at risk.  So, before you go telling me what Jeremy means to you, you need to take those blinders off and make some choices -- some smart choices. 

Steve: Yeah, I worked Stefano pretty good.  I told him you already had a lead on André and you were ready to move in. 

Bo: So he left this symbol?  That's pretty crude. 

Steve: Not if it gets the job done.  I think André's gonna show up here or Rolf would have put that symbol someplace else. 

Bo: Then we better get inside. 

Nick: You're kidding me.  You're going from federal agent to busting keg parties?

Jett: Yeah.  Not exactly ideal.  The pay stinks and I'm sure the hours are worse, but at least it's law enforcement. 

Nick: Have you heard from Billie?

Jett: Not yet. 

Nick: What if she says no?

Jett: Well, I'll beg some police department to take a chance on me somewhere. 

Nick: Salem P.D. won't hire you?  Your uncle's the police commissioner of everything, right?

Jett: Yeah, but Uncle Abe wants me to prove myself first. 

Nick: He's going hard on you, huh?

Jett: Yeah, I can handle it. 

Nick: Well, don't sweat it.  Chelsea's pretty stubborn when she wants something. 

Jett: Yeah, I've noticed.  Is that why you're here, Nick -- to find out what Chelsea wants?

Chelsea: Jett and I have been through a lot. 

Billie: Uh-huh. 

Chelsea: But that's it.  I just want to help the guy. 

Billie: That bust in Vegas must have been really scary for you. 

Chelsea: Jett's lucky to be alive. 

Billie: From what I hear, he's lucky a certain young lady was there. 

Chelsea: I guess I helped. 

Billie: Is he still in the hospital?

Chelsea: Yeah.  He gets out today, though, but if he doesn't have anything lined up... 

Billie: He'll leave Salem?

Chelsea: Maybe. 

Billie: And that would be a problem for you?

Chelsea: Yes. 

Billie: Chelsea, I wish that I could help.  I wish I could do this, no questions asked. 

Chelsea: But you have to look out for yourself and your job. 

Billie: That's not what I meant. 

Chelsea: It's fine.  Just forget I asked.  No big deal. 

Billie: Chelsea, I don't want to forget. 

Chelsea: Well, then yes or no?  Why do things always have to be complicated with you?

Billie: Because you're my daughter, and it goes with the territory.  Just ask Grandma Kate. 

Chelsea: Grandma Kate would do it. 

Billie: Yeah, she probably would.  But then, she'd have to remind you about it every single day. 

Chelsea: Okay, fine.  Right. 

Billie: But I won't.  Have Jett come by and see me.  I think I have an opening on staff. 

Jeremy: Well, I hate to break up your fun, but I'm out of here. 

Stephanie: You can't leave. 

Jeremy: I can't stay. 

Stephanie: Jeremy, you'll make a rotten fugitive. 

Jeremy: I made a rotten boyfriend.  You see a pattern?

Stephanie: Do you have money?

Kayla: Stephanie, don't. 

Jeremy: No, the Feds seized my accounts. 

Stephanie: We can't just send him off with nothing. 

Kayla: Yes, we can. 

Stephanie: I'll go to the ATM.  I've saved up almost 1,000 bucks. 

Kayla: And that will make you an accessory to this. 

Stephanie: I earned all this money because of Jeremy. 

Kayla: And how long do you think it's gonna last?

Jeremy: I'll wait here. 

Kayla: What, to make sure I don't make a phone call?

Jeremy: Hurry.  Go. 

Kayla: Stephanie, wait.  You know, Jeremy, you go if you want to, but do one decent thing before you go.  Leave her out of this mess.  Don't ruin her life, too. 

Steve: Oh, man.  That was one surprised police officer for nailing the chief of detectives, huh?

Bo: I'm sure he thought I was gonna bust him back to desk duty. 

Steve: [Laughs] The look on his face.  It was classic when he realized it was you. 

Bo: I hope André wasn't about to show up. 

Steve: Oh, man, if we scared him off, we might have a long night waiting around here for nothing.  Hello. 

Bo: That son of a bitch.  He's wearing Willy's uniform. 

Steve: He's scoping the place out, man.  He's definitely scoping the place out. 

Bo: I think he sees the marks. 

Steve: Okay.  This is China.

Nick: I can never tell what Chelsea's thinking unless she flat out tells me. 

Jett: And you don't mind her helping me out?

Nick: Why would I?  I mean, Chelsea and I have...a history.  And, um, we're still pretty close. 

Jett: And how close is that?  One friend to another. 

[Knock on door]

Nurse: Dr.  Berman's got your discharge papers ready, Mr.  Carver. 

Jett: Oh, okay.  It's cool.  I can walk myself out. 

Nurse: Sorry.  Hospital policy. 

Jett: Are you serious?  Well, can I just get like five minutes?

Nurse: Yeah, take your time.  I'll come back. 

Jett: All right. 

Nick: You still staying at your uncle's?

Jett: Yeah, for a minute, till I get situated.  How about you?  How's your job search going?

Nick: Oh, it's over.  The University hired me to teach science. 

Jett: Oh.  Wow.  Well, that's perfect for you.  Are you gonna stay on campus?

Nick: No, I leased an apartment a while back.  Of course, it's pretty crowded these days. 

Jett: You still got those baby boys?

Nick: Yeah.  China Lee dumped them and took off. 

Jett: [Laughs] Oh, I can't laugh.  Oh, I'm sorry.  That's unbelievable. 

Nick: Yeah, I mean, I'm not set up to raise goldfish let alone two little boys. 

Jett: What are your options?

Nick: I'm not sure yet. 

Jett: Well, if they did get dumped on someone, they're lucky it was with you. 

Nick: Maybe.  I'll see you on campus. 

Jett: Yeah, well, I haven't got the job yet. 

Nick: Trust me, never bet against Chelsea.  See ya. 

[Door closes]

Stephanie: Do I get a say here?  It is my life we're talking about. 

Kayla: And mine and your father's and everybody else that has to clean up your mess. 

Kayla: Tell her, Jeremy. 

Jeremy: Tell her what?

Kayla: Tell her what you have to offer her. 

Stephanie: I can take care of myself. 

Jeremy: Steph, just give me the pin number and I'll take it from there. 

Kayla: Don't you dare give him your card. 

Stephanie: Excuse me?

Kayla: Is this how you show her that you love her, by stealing her savings?

Jeremy: She offered.  Steph, your card. 

Stephanie: It's in my purse. 

Kayla: You're running out of time, Jeremy. 

Jeremy: No kidding. 

Kayla: You still have a chance to get your life back together. 

Stephanie: Here.  Like I said, there's about 1,000 bucks in there. 

Kayla: And how long do you think that money's gonna last?  And then what, you start stealing, maybe a little carjacking?

Stephanie: Don't listen to her. 

Kayla: You're more than that, Jeremy. 

Stephanie: You're wasting time. 

Kayla: Show Stephanie what you're about.  Are you that selfish guy that's just gonna steal her last dime and walk away?  Or are you that man who's got the courage to stand and face the consequences of his actions?  Let her see the real Jeremy Horton. 

Steve: Patience is not one of my virtues. 

Bo: I'd like to put a bullet in his sick brain right now, but he's the only one that can lead us to Roman. 

Steve: Listen, André is all about the pain.  If Roman was dead, he would have let us know by now. 

Bo: I hope you're right. 

Chelsea: Hey. 

Billie: Hey!  What's up?  I thought you left. 

Chelsea: No, I just tried calling Jett, but he didn't answer. 

Billie: When you talk to him, give him my number. 

Chelsea: He really is a good guy, Mom. 

Billie: Well, I will need more details about what happened in Vegas.  I'll need his personnel file, actual reports, anything the Feds declassified. 

Chelsea: What exactly would he be doing for you again?

Billie: I need someone to supervise the security staff, manage patrol schedules -- things that he is more than qualified to do. 

Chelsea: Isn't that what you do?

Billie: Nope, I'm in charge of the technical stuff -- cameras and so forth.  I need to make sure that our eyes are trained in all the right spots. 

Chelsea: Like prison. 

Billie: Well, how else am I supposed to be able to tell what you're doing?

Chelsea: Goody for me.  You really will like Jett, though, and I promise you, he will make you look great in front of your boss. 

Billie: Well, being Abe Carver's nephew will not hurt him. 

Chelsea: I won't forget this. 

Billie: Yeah, you will.  All right, so, do you want to tell me what's going on with you and Jett?

Chelsea: We're friends. 

Billie: That's all I get?

Chelsea: That's all there is.  Mom, my life is already the world's biggest open book. 

Billie: All right, fine.  No more questions. 

Chelsea: Thank you. 

[Door opens]

Billie: But for someone as young as you are, you sure do have a lot of interesting chapters. 

Stephanie: Jeremy has nothing to prove to me. 

Kayla: Where did you get the idea that you don't deserve a man's honesty?

Stephanie: Take the card and go. 

Jeremy: Steph, your mom's right.  This is what I'm about.  Right now, I don't care about you or anybody else.  I have one agenda, and that's hitting the road and never looking back.  And if that means never laying eyes on you again, that's fine with me. 

Stephanie: I don't believe you. 

Jeremy: I need your money, and I need you to keep your mouth shut, in that order. 

Kayla: Get out. 

Jeremy: You asked for this. 

Stephanie: You love me.  I know you do. 

Jeremy: I love to have a good time, Steph.  The good time's over, and so are we. 

Stephanie: I don't believe you, Jeremy. 

Jeremy: Steph, let me let you in on a little something.  Your dad had me pegged from day one.  Listen to him the next time you bring a guy around.  Here.  It's too easy to trace anyway.  Give me a head start before you call the cops. 

Stephanie: She's not calling the cops.  Tell him!  He said what you wanted to hear, now at least let him get away. 

André: "You may be compromised.  Protect yourself.  But protect the folio at all costs."

Steve: Oh!  [Laughs]  Oops.  Oh, boy.  Guess I'm getting clumsy in my middle age. 

André: Hello, Steve. 

Steve: Hello, André. 

Billie: Chess?

Nick: And music and science and TV.  And they are avid readers. 

Billie: Wow.  You sound like a proud father. 

Nick: Don't say that.  What are you guys up to?

Chelsea: We actually just finished having lunch. 

Nick: You want to hang out with me and the guys later?

Chelsea: Maybe.  It might be kind of late, though. 

Nick: Call me. 

Chelsea: Okay. 

Billie: Call me, too.  Call me, call me. 

Chelsea: You're on the list. 

Billie: Oh, great. 

Chelsea: I will see you later, Nick. 

Nick: I hope so. 

Billie: So, where are you on that list?

Nick: It's hard to tell some days.  You got a minute?

Billie: Sure. 

Nick: Even if it's about Chelsea?

Billie: Yeah.  It's fine.  Sit down. 

Nick: So, I saw Jett Carver. 

Billie: And?

Nick: And Chelsea asked you to hire him. 

Billie: Oh, Jett was just an excuse to have lunch with moi. 

Nick: Are you gonna hire him?

Billie: I don't know.  I might. 

Nick: Don't you think he's a little overqualified to be handing out parking tickets?

Billie: So, when was being really good at your job a problem?

Nick: Don't get me wrong.  I think he is a good guy.  I'm not saying you shouldn't. 

Billie: Well, you know what?  You're a good guy, too, Nick.  Don't forget that. 

Nick: Well, at least they think so.  What did you find out about them?

Billie: Nothing. 

Nick: Nothing?

Billie: Well, I went to the Feds.  I went to the INS.  I went to the cops.  I've got nothing.  It's like they didn't even exist before they lived with China Lee. 

Nick: What about passports?

Billie: No passports, no social security number.  Of course, I'm kind of hampered without a last name.  But, Nick, I don't think they were born here in the United States. 

Nick: They must have a last name. 

Billie: Well, uh, unless you're Bono or Madonna, yeah, that's generally the rule. 

Nick: Check this out.  China Lee told me this story that I kind of think she was making up as she went along, but be that as it may...she said that these two kids come from a really powerful family from a foreign country and that they need protection from the people who killed their father.  She said if I make noise, then I'm putting them in danger. 

Billie: I don't know what to tell you, Nick. 

Nick: Tell me's not for forever. 

Billie: Well, that's sort of up to you. 

Nick: What are my options?

Billie: Well, maybe you could go to the cops and lean on them.  Maybe you'd have better luck than I had. 

Nick: If China Lee's telling the truth. 

Billie: Come on, now.  That's a big "if."

Nick: Digging up this stuff could really hurt these kids. 

Billie: But, Nick, sometimes the more you know, the less you want to know. 

Nick: I didn't sign up for this. 

Billie: There's always social services. 

Nick: No.  Last night, Artemis started talking about this place he likes to play.  And I was thinking it could be a big clue as to where they're from. 

Billie: Where was it?

Nick: Well, it was in his imagination.  Um...he has this whole world figured out where he goes when he's happy or if he's upset or he's scared.  And he fights these villains, and he hangs out with these cool creatures. 

Billie: Really?

Nick: Yeah, and not even DeMarquette knows about it.  It's like this great book just waiting to be written, and this kid is barely old enough to cross the street by himself. 

Billie: Nick, without documents or papers, technically, it's like these kids don't exist. 

Nick: Well, they do exist, Billie.  And they amaze me. 

Billie: You know what? When I look up the word "man" in the dictionary, I want to see a great big picture of you. 

Nick: Make sure to cross-reference me with "sucker" and "fall guy."

Billie: Stop it.  I have to go.  But I wish you all the luck in the world. 

Nick: Thank you, Billie. 

Billie: Okay.  Oops. 

Nick: How would you guys like to hang out with me for a little longer?

Artemis: Can we, Daddy?

Nick: You bet. 

DeMarquette: Dog pile!

Nick: Oh!

Stephanie: Fine.  I'll withdraw the money myself. 

Kayla: Stephanie, didn't you just hear him?

Stephanie: What did you expect him to say?

Jeremy: It's true, Steph. 

Stephanie: No, it's not, and she's not calling the cops. 

Kayla: Oh, yes, she will. 

Stephanie: No, she's not, because then it will make me an accessory.  She's not about to taint my reputation or have charges brought up against me. 

Kayla: You're doing that yourself. 

Stephanie: Nobody has to know that Jeremy was here. 

Kayla: Stephanie, I'll know and you'll know. 

Stephanie: Since when are we all about playing by the rules?

Kayla: Rules matter, especially now.  If I get caught up in all this, I could lose pocket.  Social services could come in here and take that sweet boy away from me and put him in some other foster home. 

Jeremy: Sorry, but I don't have time for your family drama. 

Stephanie: That's what our family's all about -- drama. 

Kayla: You know what?  You can go.  You go.  You take your attitude and your fugitive boyfriend and you get out.  I raised you to care about more than just yourself.  But I have failed miserably.  I guess it doesn't matter who loves you and who counts on you.  I guess it doesn't matter that you're trading your self-respect in to go off with some guy who's gonna dump you as soon as he gets a chance. 

Stephanie: Well, you got your wish.  As soon as I get Jeremy that money, I'm coming back and I'm packing my things. 

Kayla: All right, fine.  You backed me into a corner.  I won't call the authorities. 

Stephanie: Thank you. 

Kayla: Jeremy will.  I am going to give you one last chance to do the right thing.  You turn yourself in and Steve and I will do everything we can to help you. 

André: Are you alone?

Steve: entourage, they couldn't hang with me.  They had to split for the night.  It's just you and me. 

André: Don't tell me that Roman has given up the fight. 

Steve: You're kidding me, right?  Everybody knows you killed him.  Listen.  The Brady’s just want a body so they can give the dude a decent burial. 

André: Like you gave Stefano?

Steve: No, not exactly.  As a matter of fact, I just saw the old man.  Yeah.  Cops have him on kind of a short leash.  But he's worried about you.  So I told Stefano that I got an inside with the police and I would give you a heads-up if they're getting too close. 

André: So, why would you do that?

Steve: Ask Stefano. 

André: I'm asking you. 

Kayla: Steve and I will do everything we can to help reduce those charges or maybe even get them dropped. 

Jeremy: Why?

Kayla: Because Stephanie was right.  Her father has had more than his share of second and third chances.  But he earned them.  And if you're willing to earn them, we'll do what we can to get you a fair shot at a new life. 

Jeremy: So what about Stephanie?

Kayla: She stays out of it. 

Jeremy: And away from me?

Kayla: Until you're free from legal problems. 

Jeremy: What's to say you won't back out once the cops lock me up?

Kayla: I give you my word. 

Jeremy: Can I trust her?

Stephanie: Never doubt my mother's word.  She'll help. 

Kayla: Jeremy, how you handle this will show your friends and family and Stephanie what kind of man you really are. 

Jeremy: Nice speech.  But I'm not out to impress anybody.  Thanks, but no thanks.  If it's jail or the road, the road wins.  Sorry, Steph. 

Steve: We were on the same team for years, weren't we?

André: You betrayed us. 

Steve: How? By going along with that fake-murder thing?

André: You're the cops' tool, Steve. 

Steve: Did Stefano die?  No.  Did you get caught?  No.  I had the cops spinning, and you ended up grabbing Roman Brady.  I practically hand-delivered him to you. 

André: Your wife's a Brady. 

Steve: My wife lives in a dream world. 

André: What are the cops doing?  Are they waiting out there to arrest me?

Steve: I don't know.  Maybe you should go check.  They don't trust me any more than you do. 

André: I trusted you at the hospital. 

Steve: Who was using who?

André: So you want to help me. 

Steve: What do you need?

André: How'd you know I was here?

Steve: I didn't. 

André: Don't lie to me. 

Steve: Listen, man.  I took a shot, and it paid off.  Now, I had told Stefano to get word to you.  In return, I want him to leave Benjy alone.  I'm just holding up my end of the bargain.  I saved your butt whether you know it or not.  I kept the cops off your tail.  You let me walk out of here, we'll call it even. 

André: [Chuckles] Oh.  We both have trust issues. 

Steve: Oh.  Well, I'm not carrying.  You can check.  Want to check?  Come on.  Oh, but what about you?  Hoo-hoo-hoo.  You probably got a whole arsenal under that coat there, eh?  Huh?  Huh?  Do you?

André: Come any closer and you're going to find exactly what. 

Steve: Well, whatever it is, if you use it on me, you better finish the job because you can't afFord any more enemies. 

Kayla: You are a coward. 

Jeremy: But a free coward.  I really wish it could have worked for us, Steph. 

Kayla: Let him go, Stephanie. 

Stephanie: You stay out of my life.  Jeremy.  Wait. 

Jeremy: What are you doing?  Get back inside. 

Stephanie: Where are you going?

Jeremy: It doesn't matter. 

Stephanie: Just tell me!

Jeremy: I don't know.  Somewhere in the northwest. 

Stephanie: Alone?

Jeremy: I have friends in Seattle.  They'll hide me, no questions asked. 

Stephanie: How will I know if you're okay?

Jeremy: You won't. 

Stephanie: I had things under control.  He was gonna turn himself in to my dad.  I gave him a deadline of 48 hours. 

Kayla: He was stalling to get money and to figure out how he was going to escape. 

Stephanie: Go ahead, turn him in.  You know you want to. 

Kayla: I already did. 

Jett: Is this really necessary?

Nurse: Just sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Chelsea: Oh.  Hold on one second.  Sorry. 

Jett: You back already?

Chelsea: Yeah.  Nurse, do you mind if we have like five minutes?

Nurse: Sure. 

Jett: I'm getting out of this thing.  It does nothing for my image.  So, you spoke to your mom?

Chelsea: Yeah.  Everything's all set.  The job is yours, I mean, if you want it. 

Jett: But doesn't she have to interview me first?

Chelsea: Well, she has to talk to you, but I gave her the lowdown. 

Jett: The good and the bad?

Chelsea: She knows everything.  She's an investigator.  Knowing people's lives is her business, you know?

Jett: And you're okay with it?

Chelsea: What, you working with my mom?

Jett: Well, yeah, and you asking for the favor. 

Chelsea: She resisted some, but I think she was actually okay that I asked. 

Jett: Hmm. 

Chelsea: Anyway, here's her number, so just go ahead and call her and she'll take it from there. 

Jett: Hmm.  Cool.  Thanks, Chelsea.  I don't know your mom, but I like her already. 

Nick: Let's move out, troops.  Come on. 

Jeremy: Nick.  Nick--Nick--Nick.  Hey. 

Nick: What are you doing here?

Jeremy: I saw your car. 

Nick: I can't be seen with you, dude. 

Jeremy: That's why we got to move, coz. 

Nick: We?

Jeremy: I got to get out of town, lay low. 

Nick: Good luck with that. 

Jeremy: Come on.  Put me up tonight. 

Nick: I can't.  I've got these kids to take care of. 

Jeremy: I'll sleep on the floor, right, guys?  We'll be roomies!

Nick: You're nuts.  Brady's is a cop hangout.  You got to get off the street. 

Jeremy: No problem.  Race you to the car, guys!

Nick: [Sighs]

Steve: Yeah, dude.  You know what?  You need to learn how to play both sides of a war. 

André: I'm loyal to one side, always. 

Steve: And look where it's gotten you.  You're living like a rat under a manhole.  I can help you. 

André: You can't be trusted. 

Steve: Nobody can be trusted.  That's life.  But I want to keep Benjy safe, and I told Stefano I'd keep you safe in the bargain. 

André: Benjy, huh?

Steve: That's right.  He's family.  Hey, hey.  We used to be family, didn't we?  Yeah.  Yeah, I did everything you asked.  I walked through hell for you people, so why not work with me now?

André: Just get out of my way. 

Steve: I want a promise that you won't hurt Benjy.  Now, I got the inside track with Bo.  I can give you his next move.  You don't have anybody.  You don't have E.J. or Tony.  You don't have a brother.  You need a brother, man.  I'm it.  Come on. 

André: Sorry, brother. 

Bo: Steve!  Steve!  How bad is it?

Steve: It's not bad.  Here.  Here.  Read this.  What's it say?

Bo: "You may be compromised.  Protect yourself.  Protect the folio at all costs." You all right?

Steve: Go, go, go, man!  Roman needs you more than I do. 

Bo: I'll call an ambulance. 

Steve: Get out of here. 

Max: There was no risk of getting burned. 

Chelsea: And you think there is with Stephanie?  You think that she'd hurt you?

Max: Not on purpose.  But if Jeremy came back, yeah. 

Sami: Lucas, I just want to find my dad. 

Lucas: You probably know where he is, don't you?  Are you waiting for the right moment to step in so you can be the hero again?  Is that it?

Abe: How is he?

Bo: Pretty bad.  I have no idea where he is.  We got to find him before he bleeds out. 

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