Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 9/19/07 - Canada; Thursday 9/20/07 - U.S.A.


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Jett: Well, great news. Too bad it's not true.

Abe: Pretty much the general consensus.

Jett: Where's DiMera now?

Abe: Still in custody, but he won't be much longer.

Jett: His best foot soldier's still out, locked and loaded.

Abe: And there's still no sign of Roman.

Jett: Well, I'll help you all I can as soon as I get out of here, that is until the ISA puts me back on active duty.

Abe: I wouldn't count on that happening.

Jett: Why not? You know something I don't?

Abe: Yeah. It's not gonna make your day.

Stephanie: Shawn seemed okay. I mean, I can't imagine getting trapped in a walk-in freezer.

Chelsea: Yeah, and having to blow your way out of it.

Stephanie: I'm sure he's just thankful that he's okay, he's not scarred for life.

Chelsea: His back was pretty bad, though.

Stephanie: It clearly hurt him, even though he claimed it was no biggie.

Chelsea: I hate hospitals. They're always so cold, and there's bad food, and they smell bad.

Stephanie: Not to mention all the sick people.

Chelsea: Well, that's kind of the point of these places.

Stephanie: Think of all the diseases you can catch.

Chelsea: Let's not forget the candy-striper tour.

Stephanie: You should grab one of those pink-and-white numbers -- a little eye candy for Jett.

Chelsea: Yeah, right.

Stephanie: No. I'm serious. Guys like sweet things in uniforms. You can hike up the skirt, pull it down right here, and I think he'll feel a whole lot better.

Chelsea: Okay, Steph, um, what happened with me and Jett in Vegas -- can we just try not to make a big thing out of it?

Stephanie: Why?

Chelsea: Well, because I don't want Jett to feel like he owes me anything, so just try to keep your mouth shut, okay?

Stephanie: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Chelsea: There's more.

Stephanie: More what?

Chelsea: More than just me helping save Jett's life in Las Vegas. When he and I were in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, he, um, told me that he loved me.

Jeremy: [Exhales deeply]

[Pocket babbling in distance]

Kayla: Okay, Pocket. Here we are. Home, sweet home. Oh, you really got those ladies in town worked up. How about Grandma Caroline? Now she wants to name the pub after you -- Pocket man. Is that the craziest thing? Oh, you're so cute. Stephanie! I thought you had classes this morning. Stephanie, are you there? Don't you have class this morning? [Knocking] Are you in there?

Stefano: Have you ever seen anything so obscene? The casket is fitted with life support. Hmm? I woke up in the middle of my own funeral, for God's sake, and a rather brisk awakening, thanks to my so-called good soon Benjamin -- the idiot -- and his gun, although I can attest that the Kevlar vest is bulletproof. I have a few bruises I'd rather not have, but --

Dr. Rolf: Stefano, please, calm yourself. Don't give yourself unnecessary stress in your condition. You are still far from well.

Stefano: Yeah, taxpayers' hard-earned money, tapped telephones, 24-hour police guard. Tell me something, Mr. Griffin. How much do you think this little bit of guerilla theater is worth?

Steve: Kidnaping alone is a federal offense.

Stefano: Well, if they come to you looking for a deal, you spit right in their faces, because I am gonna squeeze Beauregard Brady and Abraham Carver until they bleed through their pensions.

Steve: Don't forget Roman Brady, the Deputy Police Commissioner. I'm clean. Huh? All I got to say, Stefano – death becomes you.

Stefano: Mm-hmm. Yes. Roman Brady. Well, I will add him to the list, along with you, Steven.

Steve: Oh, but wait. How are you gonna press charges against Roman when he's on ice?

Stefano: I am busy, so please go amuse yourself elsewhere, while you still can.

Steve: Well, I'm here, and this is the best show in town.

Stefano: I am not in the mood for your amateur theatrics.

Steve: Okay. No problem. No more of that. I just want to make sure your wolf in pinstripes here gets the 411.

Stefano: Mr. Griffin, this is Steve Johnson. He is the gentleman that pretended to kill me in the hospital. I recognize the name.

Dr. Rolf: I absolutely forbid this intrusion.

Steve: Slow down, Rolf. You got bank in this, too. I want you to ask your client how commissioner Brady happened to vanish the same night he went gunning for André.

Stefano: The ravings of a demented man, as is well known here in Salem.

Steve: You do know about André, don't you? The serial killer who got his too-tanned face on loan from cousin Tony.

Stefano: Griffin, Steve here is a former resident of the mental ward. They keep a fresh straitjacket and a padded cell ready at all times.

Steve: I may be crazy, but I know who I'm working for. Maybe you should, too.

Stefano: We'll continue this later.

Steve: I'll be in touch. But I can assure you, beyond the criminal charges, you have a slam-dunk civil suit against the Salem P.D. that could easily be worth millions.

Stefano: Very good. Ah. Rolf, you can relax. I want to have a word with my assassin about the hit that was ordered by Salem's so-called finest.

Kayla: Stephanie? Stephanie? Oh! Well, you know what, Pocket? We are gonna have to deal with your messy sister later. Let's get you down for a nap. Whoo. Hang on. Hang on. Oh, no, you don't, young man. I guess they're gonna have to add breaking and entering to your ever-growing list of crimes.

Jeremy: I didn't break in.

Kayla: Oh, really? Well, I don't think that anybody asked you to drop by, and I am certain that nobody let you in.

Jeremy: Stephanie let me in.

Stephanie: I was right. Jett Carver is madly in love with you.

Chelsea: Why don't you say it a little louder, because I don't think the people outside the hospital quite got that?

Stephanie: When a hot guy like Jett says he loves you, it's okay to shout it.

Chelsea: He got shot, Stephanie. He was delirious. He could have been talking to anybody.

Stephanie: Right. Maybe one of the EMT’s.

Chelsea: You're making way too big a deal of this.

Stephanie: Why, because I'm not afraid to say it out loud like you are?

Chelsea: I need to get a new best friend.

Stephanie: It seems to me you've already got one. Well, maybe not "friend." That's not the right word to use.

Chelsea: [Sighs] I love Nick.

Stephanie: Every other day.

Chelsea: Look, I know that he and I kind of play ping-pong.

Stephanie: Kind of?

Chelsea: But I don't know. When I'm with him, I just feel really safe.

Stephanie: Do you mean big-brother safe or guard-dog safe?

Chelsea: We did hook up, in case you forgot about that.

Stephanie: Once. That doesn't exactly make you Romeo and Juliet.

Chelsea: You know what? Telling you was probably a mistake.

Stephanie: You want to know what Jett said and who he said it to? Go in and ask him.

Jett: What's going on, Uncle Abe? I mean, did internal affairs blow my papers or something?

Abe: You've been discharged, effective immediately.

Jett: What? I'm fired? You're -- you're serious? Oh! Wow. Unbelievable. I mean, I knew it was bad, but I thought I'd get suspended or put on a desk for a few months.

Abe: Jett, you're not needed on a desk. You were training for the field. You messed up in the field. You let Rawlings slide through your fingers. You compromised your cover. You endangered civilian lives, as well as your own.

Jett: Well, I'm willing to own all that -- all of it.

Abe: So you admit you messed up? You think that'll help?

Jett: Maybe. I'm gonna appeal the decision.

Abe: Don't waste your time. Once their minds are made up, well...

Jett: But if you could step up and put a good word in for me, then maybe --

Abe: I'm sorry. I can't do that.

Abe: Listen, man. You got a lot going for you. You're young, smart, ambitious. You want to make a difference.

Jett: Yeah, but this is what I've wanted to ever since I was a kid.

Abe: This was your first big case working out there on your own.

Jett: Yeah, and I know I made a few bad decisions.

Abe: You can't make bad decisions on your first case. Do you think the brass was watching your every move?

Jett: Of course I did, but --

Abe: No, no, no. No "buts." You compromised your cover because you got involved with some girl.

Jett: Chelsea's not just some girl.

Abe: [Chuckles] You know, that's the problem right there. You let your feelings get in the way of your job, and now I don't know who tipped off Rawlings.

Jett: Well, it wasn't Chelsea.

Abe: I'm not saying it was, at least not intentionally. But she's close with Stephanie Johnson, who used to be Jeremy Horton's girlfriend.

Jett: Well, I know it wasn't Jeremy who tipped off Rawlings, 'cause they were already long gone by then.

Abe: And you let Jeremy walk. Now, why the hell didn't you arrest him when you had the chance?

Jett: Because --

Abe: Look, I don't want to hear it.

Jett: I was doing my job the best I knew how.

Abe: Well, your best put lives at risk, and that's the bottom line.

Jett: [Sighs] So that's that, huh?

Abe: So that's that.

Jett: [Exhales deeply] So, what am I gonna do now, huh, when I get out of here?

Abe: You can come home with me, Lexie, and Theo and start looking for a job.

Jett: [Scoffs] Great. What, selling insurance? Hocking used cars?

Abe: Now you're feeling sorry for yourself.

Jett: No, I'm not. You know what I mean.

Abe: There are other places that your skills can be put to use. You got to start small and work your way back up.

Jett: Like what?

Abe: Maybe as a deputy sheriff someplace.

Jett: How about Salem P.D. with you?

Abe: No. No. You can't. You've got to show that you're not getting a free ride from a well-connected relative.

Jett: Yeah, but you know I can do this.

Abe: Prove it.

Chelsea: I'll just go in there and say, "hey, Jett, it's pretty scary, huh, taking a bullet? Anyway, I was just wondering, when we were in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, did you, by chance, say that you loved me?"

Stephanie: I think you need a better line.

Chelsea: I can't put him on the spot like that.

Stephanie: What are you gonna do, then?

Chelsea: I don't know. Just, I guess, sit and wait and see if he has anything he wants to tell me.

Stephanie: Are you crazy? You practically have to strangle guys to get them to use the "L" word.

Chelsea: Maybe the loser guys you hang out with.

Kayla: Stephanie knows you're here?

Jeremy: Yeah. She gave me an extra key.

Kayla: I don't believe you.

Jeremy: I'll show you.

Kayla: Incredible.

Jeremy: Look, don't be mad at Steph, okay? It was my idea.

Kayla: Really?

Jeremy: And there's no reason to freak out. This is only temporary.

Kayla: This makes perfect sense now. No wonder she was so anxious to move back home -- because the two of you had this whole plan worked out, where you were gonna stay here and lie low for a few days until this whole manhunt cooled down. And then what, go off like Bonnie and Clyde?

Jeremy: That was my idea. She was totally against it. She's really angry with me.

Kayla: Oh, really? But by some miracle, here you are.

Jeremy: I pushed every button I could think of.

Kayla: I'm sure you did, because you're quite the manipulator. That's your gift, isn't it?

Jeremy: I cop to everything. I was a user and a jerk.

Kayla: And an adventurer in the skin trade.

Jeremy: I didn't know about that.

Kayla: Oh, so you say.

Jeremy: It was a mistake coming here.

Kayla: You got that right.

Jeremy: And I'm sorry I endangered your daughter.

Kayla: You can spare me the false contrition, because now you know what you did? You got Stephanie to commit a crime for you -- harboring a fugitive.

Jeremy: I truly regret dragging her back into my mess, but you don't have to worry about it, 'cause I am out of here and out of her life.

Kayla: You're not going anywhere, buster, not without a police escort.

Stefano: Why are you here, Steve?

Steve: Well, I was worried about you, Stefano. I haven't seen you since I stabbed you to death... and I was a little uneasy about the props.

Stefano: You needn't have been. The retractable knife worked perfectly, and all that fake theatrical blood, I'm told, was very impressive.

Steve: That's high praise from the master of the macabre.

Stefano: I think I should warn you, though. You know, I could arrange to visit Roman Brady in the same ghoulish manner.

Steve: You mean he's not dead?

Stefano: Huh. I don't know where he is or how he is. As far as I am concerned, any Brady will do.

Steve: Frankly, I don't give a damn what happens to Roman Brady.

Stefano: Ah. He's not your favorite brother-in-law?

Steve: No, man. That dude has thrown me in jail so many times I think I'm on the alumni list. The ego on that guy. Come on, man. You ever see how that dude walks into a room? What is that? Is he in a body-building competition or something -- Mr. Universe? What is this? He's flexing, and preening, and posing. "You're going down, pard – down!"

Stefano: [Laughing] Bravissimo. Well played, Mr. Johnson. Well played.

Steve: It's nice to have a good audience.

Stefano: It's too bad there's not enough time for an encore, but I'm tired of pitying you, so it's time for Judas to go to his final curtain call.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Steph. That was really insensitive of me.

Stephanie: You're right. My time with Jeremy doesn't exactly make me an expert on guys.

Chelsea: I wonder where he is.

Stephanie: Yeah. Me too. Let's get these flowers to Jett before they wilt.

Chelsea: Stephanie, don't you think that we should --

Stephanie: Hey. Is it okay if we come in?

Abe: Come on in, ladies. Come on in. Somebody's got to put a smile on my nephew's face.

Stephanie: We can work on that.

Abe: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: Commissioner Carver, can I talk to you for a second outside?

Abe: Sure. Sure. Absolutely.

Chelsea: Not a word about me when I'm gone.

Abe: All right. So, what's up?

Chelsea: I just feel really bad about messing up Jett's case.

Abe: You can't take credit for that, Chelsea... but you can take credit for helping save my nephew's life. Your dad's really proud of you, and so am I.

Stephanie: Supposedly you can tell a lot about a lady by the way she arranges flowers. But who wants to be a lady?

Jett: So, how you doing, Steph?

Stephanie: Okay, I guess... for someone who just found out that her boss is an undercover agent for the ISA.

Jett: [Chuckles] I'm sorry about that. Sometimes my job has its down sides.

Stephanie: Stupid me. I thought you were just one of Jeremy's best buddies, trying to get him to come clean, possibly avoid some jail time.

Jett: Well, I am his buddy, but when he took off, he totally blew it. I don't suppose you've spoken to him.

Stephanie: He dumped me. You didn't hear?

Jett: No. But I figured if he'd spoken to anyone, it would have been you.

Stephanie: Not unless he wants an earful.

Jett: Well, I left you to handle Jeremy when I went after Rawlings, and I shouldn't have done that. I put you in danger -- you and Max.

Stephanie: I try to look at the bright side. I can now scratch skydiving off my to-do list.

Jett: [Chuckles] You're funny. But, seriously, I-I'm really sorry, Steph. I mean, I hope you believe that.

Stephanie: And I'm sorry I wasn't smarter about Jeremy.

Jett: Yeah. He really messed up this time.

Stephanie: I guess you can say that.

Jett: Him taking off was a jackass move. If he doesn't wise up and turn himself in, when I get out of here, I'm gonna track him down. If you happen to speak to him, you can tell him I said that.

Steve: Stefano, listen. [Clears throat] I had to play your assassin. I had to do it. They threatened to throw me back in the nuthouse. And I knew that André would never buy the whole deal. He'd never fall for it. And I also knew that if I faked a knife in, you'd come out of it okay. Just imagine what might have happened if Bo Brady had a chance to stick you a few times.

Stefano: How do you think you would feel waking up in a coffin?

Steve: Oh, I've been there. But you know that.

Stefano: Do you think I'm joking?!

Dr. Rolf: Stefano, please!

Steve: Take it easy, DiMera.

Stefano: You realize I could squash you like a bug?! You and your entire family -- like a bug! You made a big mistake, Steven Johnson, when you sided with the cops against me -- a huge mistake... that you are gonna live to regret.

Jeremy: If you turn me in, you're gonna have to face the consequences, including what Stephanie gets hit with. You cut me loose and you'll never see me again.

Kayla: Are you kidding? You're a serial criminal.

Jeremy: And I plan to turn myself in as soon as the time's right.

Kayla: And how stupid do you really think I am?

Jeremy: There. The couple bucks I have and my driver's license. I can't get far without those.

Kayla: And Jeremy Horton would never drive without a driver's license, 'cause that would be breaking the law.

Jeremy: Fine. Don't believe me.

Kayla: I don't.

Jeremy: I swear on Stephanie's life.

Kayla: Is that because you're too chicken to swear on your own miserable life?

Jeremy: My life isn't worth all that much these days, but Stephanie means the world to me. Just let me hang here a couple of days until the time's right.

Kayla: The time was right before Jett was shot, before Stephanie and Max were forced to jump from the airplane at 10,00 feet.

Jeremy: I never meant for that to happen.

Kayla: She had to search all around for shelter in a cave in the mountains.

Jeremy: I get the picture!

Kayla: Do you?! I hope you remember that the next time you have the gall to swear on my daughter's life.

Jeremy: Okay. Message received. And I probably don't deserve it, but all I'm asking is for you to show me a little mercy.

Kayla: Why? For trashing Stephanie's life? For treating her like garbage while you walk around holy than thou? Are you crazy?

Jeremy: I made mistakes.

Kayla: And everybody else has had to pay for them. Do you think that you just get to go away, you get a free pass on my daughter? No. I am sorry. It doesn't work that way.

Jeremy: Mrs. J., come on.

Kayla: I am not backing down on this. Stephanie has just finished her summer from hell, and now she is enrolled in Salem University.

Jeremy: Good for her. I'm glad.

Kayla: You know what? The best thing that ever happened to you has walked out of your life.

Jeremy: I realize that.

Kayla: Do you? Do you really? Maybe you need to take a nice, close look at your last chance fading away.

Jeremy: You don't want to do that, Mrs. J.

Dr. Rolf: Stefano, please. This is not good for you.

Officer: Sir, I'd advise you not to start threatening people.

Stefano: Keep your advice to yourself.

Steve: It's okay, officer. He's just blowing off steam. He's got every right to be angry with me. I was disrespectful. Attention must be paid. Okay. Stefano, I'm sorry. Dude, come on, man. Put the gun away. It's all right. Come here. Listen. Listen. We go at each other like this all the time. It's part of our relationship, you know what I mean? Call Bo Brady. He knows the scoop. Well, Stefano. Certainly got a lot of lung power left. I'll give you that.

Stefano: You of all people should know what I am capable of.

Steve: I'm probably selling you short.

Stefano: Too short.

Steve: Yeah. Well, I know the routine. That's for sure. One hand washes the other.

Stefano: What makes you think I have any interest whatsoever in making a deal with a lunatic?

Steve: I'm the lunatic you made me. But I can shop this deal someplace else. There's news on the street about André that's drawing major coin from interested parties. But since you have no interest... arrivederci.

Stefano: Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Jett: And that's the line from Jett Carver, former ISA agent, most of which, sad to say, you guys already know.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, Jett. This is all my fault.

Jett: Don't say that. Come on, man. My decisions and my mistakes.

Chelsea: Yeah, but I'm the one that blew your cover.

Jett: I don't want to hear it, Chelsea. Uncle Abe is right. I got to own up and take this one.

Stephanie: I guess everyone could have done things better.

Chelsea: And now you're out of a job you love. This just stinks.

Stephanie: So, Jett, do you remember anything, I mean, after you got shot?

Chelsea: Stephanie, I'm sure he doesn't remember anything, and if he did, he probably doesn't want to talk about it. So why don't we just let you get some rest?

Jett: No, please. Any more rest and I'll die of boredom in here.

Stephanie: So, do you remember anything?

Jett: Well... I remember talking to Chelsea in the casino. The next thing I knew, I was in the MedEvac, heading for Salem.

Stephanie: That's it?

Jett: That's it. I guess I missed out on all the exciting stuff, huh?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Kayla: Get your hand off me.

Jeremy: All I'm asking --

Kayla: I said get your hand off of me. Don't touch me like that again.

Jeremy: If you turn me over to the cops, then, like you said, Stephanie gets named as an accessory for harboring a fugitive. Do you hate me so much you're willing to see your daughter do jail time?

Kayla: She's no exception. She's gonna have to face the consequences of her actions just like all the rest of us. [Cellphone rings]

Stephanie: That's me. Hello?

Jeremy: Mrs. Johnson, for the last time, I'm begging you. Don't sick the cops on me. Please.

Stephanie: Oh, my God.

Chelsea: What? What is it?

Jeremy: Mrs. J., you're not gonna do anything stupid, right?

Chelsea: Who is that?

Jett: What's wrong? Put it on speaker.

Chelsea: Stephanie, who was that?

Stephanie: Nobody.

Chelsea: Nobody makes you react that way?

Jett: It was Jeremy, wasn't it? He wants to see you.

Stephanie: I have to go.

Jett: No, not alone. Call my Uncle Abe.

Stephanie: Would you forget about Jeremy? That was my mom. Something's up with Pocket.

Chelsea: Is he sick? I can take you.

Stephanie: It's okay. I got it. But thank you. I'll call you later, and, Jett, you feel better.

Jett: To tell you the truth, I'm kind of glad she's gone, anyway. It gives us a chance to talk.

Chelsea: About?

Jett: About what happened the night I got shot.

Kayla: What kind of person are you?

Jeremy: The kind that survives, doesn't want anyone to get hurt.

Kayla: You are a Horton. What has happened to you?

Jeremy: Growing up a Horton isn't always a golden passkey. The doors it opens are doors that you don't have any use for.

Kayla: Not even to exploit?

Jeremy: When I was a kid, I'd look around the family dinner table, and there was all this talk about contributing to the world, making it a better place, helping the unfortunate, and that's all well and good. But there I was, hoping someone would ask, "how was your day, Jeremy?" Not a chance. The dishes were cleared before anyone even looked my way. At least the black sheep gets noticed.

Kayla: You know what I think when I hear that story about you sitting around the table like that? I think that you want to go home but you don't know how. And maybe you'll realize that the Horton name is a good thing, not a bad thing.

Jeremy: You've never been a Horton.

Kayla: You know what, Jeremy? Maybe it's time for you to grow up and to figure out what kind of man you were meant to be. You get to decide if you want to be the kind of guy who is making your Great-Grandfather Tom spin around in his grave or rest in peace because he's so proud of you. It's your choice.

Steve: Yeah, I thought that might get your attention.

Stefano: All right. You say you have news of my nephew André?

Steve: Yeah. The Salem P.D. says they know where his hideout is.

Stefano: If that is true, he would already be in custody.

Steve: Not necessarily, because André's not the whole picture. The important thing is, is that he has that famed leather folio. You know, the one that holds the secret to ending the DiMera vendetta against the Brady’s.

Stefano: I've heard of the leather folio.

Steve: I bet you have. Well, the plan is to get ahold of André without losing the folio.

Stefano: That's their plan, and they're willing to share it with you? Don't tell me that there's a fake knifing involved, too.

Steve: You heard me tell that cop to talk to Bo, huh?

Stefano: [Chuckles] You mean that silly, little stage whisper for my benefit, huh? How could I miss it?

Steve: Nothing gets past you, dude. No. Yeah, Bo knows I'm here, but it doesn't cancel me helping you.

Stefano: Even in your right mind, why would you help me?

Steve: Because you have something I want and vice versa.

Stefano: What is it that you want?

Steve: I want a promise that you won't hurt Benjy.

Stefano: Benjamin is my son.

Steve: And fathers live in sons. Only this time, a part of Benjy lives in you. I would think he'd be your favorite since he's the reason you're still breathing. You haven't even asked how he's doing.

Stefano: I --

Steve: It's too late. He's doing fine. So here's the deal. You stay away from Benjy, and I'll make sure that André is two steps ahead of the cops. Deal?

Stefano: Steven Johnson, what a pleasure it is to finally meet the real you.

Steve: Yeah, this is the real me. I'm just a family man, just like you, just trying to protect my kids.

Stefano: Benjamin is not your family.

Steve: Oh, he is my family. He's like a son to me. And, you know, while you're at it, you stay away from all my kids, foster or otherwise.

Stefano: Foster?

Steve: Yeah. A baby boy Kayla and I took in. We call him "Pocket" because he's so tiny. Imagine a little boy like that having his stomach pumped. Anyway, my whole family's back home again. You guarantee it stays that way, and I'll help you save André before Bo and his posse move in.

Stefano: All right. I would never hurt a child. So we have an agreement. Now, where is André?

Steve: Bo says the cops know where his hideout is. They're getting the manpower together right now to come down on him when he gets back there.

Stefano: How did they learn about his location?

Steve: It was an anonymous tip. It's been checked and double-checked. It's bona fide. All you have to do is alert André without the cops knowing. Oh. And that lawsuit and the pressing charges -- you best drop all that. [Door opens, closes]

Jeremy: How did you know I was here just by a soda can?

Kayla: Well, Steve found your pilot I.D., so we knew that Stephanie had seen you, but we had no idea that she was hiding you right underneath our noses.

Kayla: You know what, Jeremy? You remind me a lot of your dad, you know? A charmer, a lovable wise guy. [Scoffs] How on earth did you end up here, like this?

Stephanie: Hey, I got your message. Mom, listen --

Kayla: No, you listen. You have some serious explaining to do.

Chelsea: You said you didn't really remember anything after you got shot.

Jett: Well, I don't. But the undercover agents I was working with do, and they said you were responsible for saving my life.

Chelsea: Well, I wasn't gonna let you die.

Jett: You could have. Maybe someday you'll fill in the blanks for me.

Chelsea: You know what? I'd rather not relive it. I'm just grateful that you're still here.

Jett: That makes two of us. Trust me.

Chelsea: So, um, what's the next big thing?

Jett: Well, I was thinking about joining the Salem P.D., but my Uncle Abe wasn't buying it.

Chelsea: Why not?

Jett: He thinks I messed the first time out the gate, and now I have to prove myself.

Chelsea: Well, you don't have to prove yourself to me.

Jett: Thanks, Chelsea. But I think Uncle Abe is right. Riding in on his coattails to try and get a job wouldn't be cool, so maybe some other town.

Chelsea: You know what, Jett? I think I have the perfect job for you, and you wouldn't have to leave town at all.

Chelsea: My mom is the head of security at Salem University. She developed this private-security system.

Jett: Century cell? Yeah, I've read about it.

Chelsea: Anyway, I'm sure that she has an opening for a former ISA agent.

Jett: I don't know, Chelsea. You know, that's always been my fantasy -- running down the hallway with a flashlight and a bunch of keys chasing kids. "Stop, or I'll spray you with pepper!"

Chelsea: It won't be that bad.

Jett: There's something on your face.

Chelsea: Still there?

Jett: It won't seem to come off.

Chelsea: Well, what is it?

Jett: I don't know. It's that beautiful smile. I want to see more of those. And it seems to me if I take this flashlight-cop job, we'll be running into each other on campus.

Chelsea: I hadn't thought about that.

Jeremy: Tell you mom to let me go without calling the cops.

Kayla: Oh, sure, and leave you here to face accessory charges while he gets off scot-free. Are you kidding me? Do you want to be with a guy who would sell you out?

Stephanie: Stop it, both of you! Jeremy, you have nowhere to go. What good would it do to run? The cops are all over the place looking for you?

Kayla: He thinks he has a charmed life.

Stephanie: I got it. Please stop and think about this. You came back for a reason.

Jeremy: Yeah, it was the biggest mistake I ever made.

Stephanie: Oh, God.

Kayla: Come on, Stephanie. Give me your cellphone. I'm gonna call your dad.

Stephanie: We're not doing that.

Kayla: Be smart. He's a wanted fugitive. He's also the guy I love.

Kayla: [Groans]

Dr. Rolf: Do you think Steve is telling the truth?

Stefano: I think it's extremely unlikely, but we can't afFord to take any chances. We have to warn André.

Dr. Rolf: I know what to do. Um, could you help Mr. DiMera to his car? I left something inside.

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