Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/18/07 - Canada; Wednesday 9/19/07 - U.S.A.


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Artemis: Checkmate!

Chelsea: You're kidding, right?

China Lee: I just think it's best for everyone if the boys stay with their daddy from now on.

Chelsea: What?

Nick: This was supposed to be temporary.

Chelsea: And he's not their father.

China Lee: Boys...don't you like hanging out with this guy?

Artemis: We love being with Daddy.

DeMarquette: Yeah.

China Lee: See? How can you say no to these little faces?

Billie: Hey. Sit down.

Philip: What's going on?

Billie: There's something you need to see before you leave for San Antonio. It's about Tyler. And it could change everything.

Belle: You want me to go to San Antonio with Philip?

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Belle: Wow. I'm surprised.

Shawn D.: Yeah, me, too.

Belle: Well, he didn't invite me.

Shawn D.: I'm sure that if you asked to go along, you think he's gonna say no?

Belle: Probably not.

Shawn D.: No, definitely not. And I think you should do it.

Belle: What if I don't want to go?

Lexie: Steve, pocket is fine. Dr. Davidoff is finishing up one more test.

Steve: Oh, God.

Lexie: Yeah.

Kayla: I just got your message. Where's the baby?

Lexie: Everything is fine. Dr. Davidoff is with him right now.

Steve: Sweetness, I don't know what happened. I was out with the Pocket Man, and all of a sudden, he didn't look so good. I felt his forehead. He was burning up. I rushed him into the E.R., and he was spitting up the whole way.

Kayla: What did the doctor say?

Steve: Said he might have been exposed to some kind of toxin or poison or something.

Kayla: Oh, my God. What?

Steve: They had to pump his little stomach. I'm really sorry.

Kayla: Oh, there he is. Hey, buddy. Ooh, come here, little guy. How are you? How are you? How is he, Sue?

Dr. Davidoff: Oh, he's doing great, even had a little smile for the nurses.

Kayla: You made us all so nervous. Steve said something about poisoning.

Dr. Davidoff: The lower G.I. revealed two small ulcers in the small intestine, which suggests chemical poisoning.

Kayla: I don't see how that's possible.

Dr. Davidoff: Well, hopefully we'll know what chemical we're dealing with when the results of the tox screen come back in a couple of days. In the meantime, I've prescribed some mild antibiotics.

Kayla: Oh, buddy, how on earth did that happen to you?

Dr. Davidoff: I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but when you go home, take a good look around. Make sure there's nothing he could be getting into.

Kayla: Sue, please. Steve and I have taken every precaution. There is nothing in our home that he could be exposed to.

Dr. Davidoff: Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we overlook things. I'll go write up the prescription.

Kayla: The nerve. Like we leave open bottles of ammonia around the house or something.

Steve: She's just doing her job, Kayla.

Kayla: Well, her job is not to accuse us of negligence.

Lexie: Steve thinks a DiMera was involved.

Kayla: Stefano?

Steve: No. That's what I thought at first, but I've been over and over it in my head. There's no way they could have gotten to him.

Kayla: I certainly don't see how.

Steve: And I just thought of something. This whole thing is my fault.

Max: Come on, Steph. Just let me in. I want to finish our talk.

Jeremy: What talk?

Stephanie: Nothing. Max I told you, I'm really busy. I have a lot of studying to do.

Max: Come on, it was your first day. You have the whole rest of the year to study. Please? Just five minutes?

Jeremy: Don't do it.

Stephanie: He's never gonna leave.

Max: You know, I'm not gonna leave until you open the door.

Stephanie: See?

Max: Oh, no. Oh, your neighbor's coming over here with a shotgun. He does not look happy.

Stephanie: I have to. Go. Go. Hide.

Jeremy: Don't you dare let him know I'm here.

Stephanie: Go. Hurry up.

Max: Oh, no. I'm sorry, sir. Please, come on. Please put the gun away. I don't want to die.

Stephanie: Max, I told you, I really can't do this right now, okay? Maybe we'll meet up after class tomorrow at the Java Café or whatever. Call me.

Max: It's Jeremy, isn't it?

Nick: These boys need a mother.

China Lee: What they need is a father figure, you know, to take them to ballgames and stuff.

Nick: Are you serious? You're just gonna... Chelsea, would you mind... taking them somewhere?

Chelsea: Yeah. You guys like cookies, right?

Artemis: What kind?

Chelsea: I'll tell you what -- my grandma makes the best chocolate-chip cookies in the world. What do you say we go see if we can sneak a few, huh?

Artemis: Come on, Dee.

Nick: Not too much, you guys. They already had ice cream.

China Lee: See? You're so good with them.

Nick: I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to make yourself look bad and guilt me into taking them. It's not gonna work.

China Lee: I thought you all were getting along.

Nick: We are. They're terrific kids, and I want to be a part of their life. I'd love to help with their education, but as for this day-to-day stuff, that is not my responsibility, all right? They need a mother.

China Lee: Wise up, Nicky. I'm no more their mother than you are.

Philip: I don't get it. You already showed me these.

Billie: I realize that. But I was going over everything again, and look at what she's been spending her money on.

Philip: What, clothes? Hair salon? Cosmetics?

Billie: Yeah, and unless this self-tanning mist is for Tyler, she hasn't spent a dime on the baby.

Philip: Yeah, but in Tulsa, she said she didn't even have Tyler. He was in someone else's care.

Billie: These receipts go back even before Tulsa.

Philip: So, what are you saying -- Lauren's been lying to me this whole time and there never was a baby?

Shawn D.: You don't want to go to San Antonio?

Belle: I need to be here with you and Claire.

Shawn D.: What about Philip?

Belle: Philip's on his own. No more running off with him, no matter how important it is.

Shawn D.: Look, if you're just saying this because I'm in the hospital --

Belle: I'm saying this because I mean it. Shawn, when you were stuck in that freezer and you apologized for...

Shawn d.: For being an immature jerk?

Belle: Yeah, more or less. I know how hard it was for you to say those things. I mean, you were thinking of me and my feelings, just made me realize that I could stand to be a lot more aware of your feelings, so I guess that makes two immature jerks.

Shawn D.: No, no. I hold that title all to myself.

Belle: Well, all of this is gonna change. I told Philip that he can't depend on me anymore, that he can't keep expecting me to do this stuff for him.

Shawn D.: Wow, you really said that?

Belle: Yeah. I should have said it a long time ago. I told him that I had other priorities.

Shawn D.: Well, I bet that he didn't take the news too well.

Belle: Well, he'll get over it. It's not like he can't find somebody else to help him find his son.

Shawn D.: And if Philip does go to Texas and something goes wrong, you're gonna feel guilty, aren't you?

Lexie: Come on, sweetheart. Let's go get your prescription filled, okay?

Kayla: Thanks, Lexie.

Lexie: You're welcome. Come on, sweetheart.

Kayla: So, why are you blaming yourself?

Steve: Listen, I cleaned up a spill this morning. I used that spray cleaner. Maybe if I forgot to wash my hands and then I handled the baby --

Kayla: No. Unh-unh. No way. Even if you forgot to wash your hands, there is no way the baby could get this sick from such a small amount.

Steve: I don't know what else it could be.

Kayla: A virus. A bug.

Steve: Listen, every time I take care of the baby, something happens.

Kayla: This has nothing to do with you. You are a great dad.

Max: I'm right, aren't I? You got all steamed because I said I was gonna call the cops if he ever showed up here again.

Stephanie: I would, too.

Max: Really?

Stephanie: Yeah, he's a criminal. Now, can we please stop talking about Jeremy?

Max: Does the thought of him being back make you nervous?

Stephanie: Sort of, yeah.

Max: Are you afraid of what he might do to you or afraid that you might have feelings for him still?

Stephanie: I don't want to talk about this, okay?

Max: Steph, if you're not over him, you can tell me. I can take it. We don't have any kind of commitments that we made in the cave.

Stephanie: I just told you I don't want to talk about this. Now, would you please just go?

Max: You're acting really, really weird right now.

Stephanie: I can't talk to you right now.

Max: You saw him, didn't you? Jeremy was here.

Nick: You're not serious, are you? I mean, you might not think that you're the boys' mother, but biologically --

China Lee: Those boys aren't mine.

Chelsea: Well, that's a surprise.

China Lee: This is between Nick and me.

Chelsea: Looks like you were right all this time, Nick. She was lying.

Nick: Unless this is just another scam.

China Lee: Come on, Nicky. You don't really think that I could pop out two little angels like Artemis and DeMarquette.

Chelsea: So, if they're not yours, then how did you end up with them?

China Lee: Cold, hard cash.

Nick: Did you kidnap them? Is that what's going on here?

Philip: Wait a minute. There's got to be a kid. We had that DNA test done.

Billie: Oh, there's a kid, all right. What I'm suggesting is maybe Lauren gave him up a while ago.

Philip: Great. So we're back to square one.

Billie: Hey, don't be so pessimistic. Maybe you need to expand your search.

Shawn D.: Come on, Belle. I know you. If Philip goes to Texas, you're always gonna be wondering what's going on, if he's okay, if he found his kid, and if something does go wrong, you're gonna end up resenting me.

Belle: How can you say that? This is my decision. I would never blame you.

Shawn D.: You may think that, but the truth is -- Belle, listen to me -- I know how important this is to you. That's partly why I love you so much, because you care about people -- you know, do anything for a friend.

Belle: You and Claire are my family.

Shawn D.: And we're gonna be here when you get back. We'll have first-rate father/daughter time.

Belle: I don't know.

Shawn D.: Come on, Belle. Look at it this way -- Philip did everything he could to help us find Claire. It'd be nice to pay back the favor. Don't you think?

Steve: No, I got no business taking care of a baby, Kayla.

Kayla: Would you just stop it? Look how far you've come. Just a couple of weeks ago you were afraid to hold the baby. Now you're bathing him, feeding him, dressing him.

Steve: I'm making him sick. Don't forget that.

Kayla: You did not make him sick. And if I am willing to trust you, why won't you trust yourself?

Steve: That doctor didn't trust me. Did you see how she looked at me? If you hadn't shown up when you did, she could have called Child Protective Services and had that baby taken away.

Kayla: Who cares what she thinks? She doesn't know you.

Steve: I'm a wild card, baby. My brain can short-circuit at any minute. You know that.

Kayla: Well, if that's how you really feel, then why even leave the house?

Steve: I'm just saying, better safe than sorry. Look, we got lucky this time. He's okay. But what about next time? We don't know what will happen.

Kayla: Nothing is going to happen. Why can't you believe that? Look, the DiMeras messed with your head, but they could never mess with your heart. You couldn't be a bad father if you tried. Listen, babies get sick. It is not your fault. You are a great father and an even better husband. Hmm? Give yourself a break. Cut yourself some slack. Do that for me. Can you do that?

Steve: I'll try.

Max: You said he'd call, but did you actually see him? Did he show up here? Steph, I can help you, okay? I just need to know the truth.

Stephanie: The truth is I don't need your help. I don't need anyone's help because nothing is wrong. So goodbye. Go.

Max: This is not easy. I really want to say and do the right thing here.

Stephanie: Just say what you're feeling.

Max: I don't want to hurt you again.

Stephanie: What about you? Are you afraid of getting hurt?

Max: You're tied down with Jeremy, so I have no interest in playing second string.

Stephanie: Whoa, got your macho back. All right. I was beginning to worry there.

Max: I don't want my macho back. All right, you want the truth? I was scared to death to even have this conversation. That's why I avoided it before.

Stephanie: You can say what you're feeling out loud. The world's not gonna end.

Max: Oh, well, how do you know that?

Stephanie: 'Cause I get scared, too. I mean, I thought I was madly in love with Jeremy. And then...somehow we kiss... and that's all I can think about.

Max: Hmm. [Door opens]

Jeremy: So, what was that, Steph? You and Brady already hooking up?

Nick: If these boys were kidnapped, then that makes me an accessory to the crime.

China Lee: Relax, Nicky. You're not gonna get in trouble. I didn't kidnap those boys. All I did was bring them to the States.

Chelsea: Why? Who asked you to? Or who paid you to? Where did they come from? Come on, China, you can answer these questions. If it wasn't a crime, it shouldn't be that hard.

China Lee: Look, do I need to put you on shut up?

Nick: You guys, please. So, you brought them to the U.S., and then what?

China Lee: I was supposed to meet up with someone in Vegas, but they never showed.

Chelsea: So instead, you pawn them off on the first available sucker.

China Lee: Will you shut the hell up?

Nick: Okay, whoa, you guys, both of you. Talk to me.

China Lee: What was I supposed to do? You got to buy them clothes and food and toys. It gets expensive.

Nick: Yeah, I know.

China Lee: Not to mention it was cramping my style.

Nick: Oh, I'm sorry.

China Lee: Baby, do you remember the night we met? At the hotel bar? There were a lot of guys I had my eye on, but there was something about you.

Chelsea: [Clears throat]

Nick: The fact that I had just won 50 grand?

China Lee: Hey, there were guys winning bigger than that in the joint. But I approached you because you seem responsible, like I could trust you.

Nick: Am I supposed to be flattered?

China Lee: Look, you've done a ton for Artemis and DeMarquette. You're the best thing that's ever happened to them. That's why I'm okay with this... with leaving them in your care.

Chelsea: Um, I don't think so. You're not going anywhere.

Stephanie: Max and me? Please. He's just superprotective, that's all.

Jeremy: Right.

Stephanie: Don't you remember that creep on the plane?

Jeremy: Were you serious when you said you'd call the cops on me?

Stephanie: I just told him that so he'd get off my case.

Jeremy: You haven't said anything -- not to your Uncle Bo or Roman? Because I'm sure they've got plenty of questions about me.

Stephanie: You are a fugitive.

Jeremy: Damn it, Steph, just answer the question. Did you or did you not give the cops enough to nail me? Great.

Stephanie: What did you expect?

Jeremy: Oh, I don't know -- that my girlfriend would have been in my corner.

Stephanie: Girlfriend? That is really interesting. You know that? Because I was under the impression that when you dumped me and took off in Vegas that we were finished.

Jeremy: You're the one who dumped me. I gave you a choice. I wanted you with me.

Stephanie: Oh, and look at all the fun I would have missed out on.

Jeremy: Forget it. I shouldn't have come here.

Stephanie: Where are you going?

Jeremy: As far away as my two feet will take me.

Stephanie: What, no frequent-flyer miles?

Jeremy: It's a funny thing. They won't sell me a ticket unless I got money.

Stephanie: You don't have anything?

Jeremy: 10 bucks total.

Stephanie: You can't go to your parents?

Jeremy: Why should you care, right? I'm out of here.

Kayla: Oh, I dropped the key.

Steve: Oh, Pocket Man, look how clumsy the Kayla mommy is.

Kayla: Would you give me a break? I'm carrying so many things.

Stephanie: My bedroom. Hurry up. Go. Go, go, go, go. Hey.

Kayla: Oh, baby, I am so sorry that we didn't call. Sorry we're so late.

Stephanie: Uh, we're still on for dinner, right? We can go to Buddy's. I'll tell you all about my first day as a co-ed.

Kayla: You know what? We would love that, but I think that we're gonna have to take a rain check.

Steve: It's been a hell of a night, baby.

Stephanie: What happened?

Steve: Well, the Pocket Man got sick, and we ended up in the ER.

Stephanie: Oh, my God.

Kayla: You know what? He's gonna be fine. Don't worry.

Stephanie: You must have been really scared, huh, little guy?

Kayla: Yeah, he was a little, but you know what? I think it would be better if we stayed in tonight for him. So let's just postpone it, okay? Look at your calendar and we'll talk. We're free next week, aren't we?

Steve: Yeah, I don't think I got anything going on.

Kayla: Yeah, we want to hear all about our college co-ed, don't we? Don't we, little Pocket? Don't we? Yeah. Yeah.

Stephanie: Uh, why don't we order in? I mean, you guys must be starving.

Steve: Maybe another night, baby. We're really beat.

Kayla: Yeah, it has been a long day. Here, let me get your stuff.

Steve: Hey, listen, you tell that sister of mine she still owes me for the bet on Sunday's game last week.

Kayla: Here, drive carefully. We love you.

Stephanie: Wait. The reason I'm here -- I want to move back home immediately.

Chelsea: Nick be too nice a guy to let you waltz out of here, but I really have no trouble doing it.

China Lee: And I'm supposed to be afraid of some skinny white girl?

Chelsea: Go ahead and try me.

China Lee: Ooh, now she's talking tough.

Nick: You guys, we're in a public place.

Chelsea: You know what? This should do it.

China Lee: Who you gonna call -- the cops?

Chelsea: That is a really good guess. You see, my dad is actually the Chief of Detectives at the Salem P.D., and I'm sure he'd love to open your case.

China Lee: She's not for real.

Nick: Oh, yeah. And her uncle is the deputy police commissioner.

Chelsea: How many arrests will this be for you? 8 or 10? An even dozen?

China Lee: Fine. Hang up the phone and tell me what you want.

Chelsea: We just want the name of Artemis and DeMarquette's parents. And if you tell us that, then you can walk out of here free and clear.

Philip: I don't even know where to start. What do these receipts say? Did Lauren go anywhere besides Indianapolis or Tulsa?

Billie: Not that I could tell.

Philip: So we got nothing to go on.

Billie: Maybe -- maybe she left Tyler in Indianapolis.

Philip: Yeah, or St. Louis or Peoria or Des Moines. I mean, hell, he could be on Mars for all we know.

Billie: Philip, I'm sorry. I'm doing the best I can.

Philip: I mean, when Belle, Shawn, and I were looking for Claire, we at least had some clues. But we got nothing. My son could be anywhere.

Shawn D.: If you leave tomorrow after class, you'll be back before the weekend.

Belle: And what about Claire? You can't take care of her from a hospital bed.

Shawn D.: They're not gonna keep me here much longer.

Belle: And in the meantime?

Shawn D.: That's what grandparents are for.

Belle: No, Shawn. You can't keep dumping her off at our parents' house.

Shawn D.: They love every minute of it, and you know that.

Belle: Hey, I'm not leaving you here like this. If it was me in this hospital bed, you would never get on the next flight out of Salem.

Shawn D.: Belle, what is the point of you sitting here holding my hand and feeling sorry for me?

Belle: Because I like to hold your hand. And I like taking care of you.

Shawn D.: And you also like helping your friends. And I get that. I'm okay with it. I trust you, okay?

Belle: Shawn --

Shawn D.: Belle, wait. This is also my way of showing you and proving to you that whatever jealous feelings that I have towards Philip -- they're gone.

Belle: Well, that sounds great, but, um...

Shawn D.: But what?

Belle: Well, it's like you're forcing me to go on this trip with him. What's with that? Do you have some other agenda?

Shawn D.: Belle, when we were trapped in that freezer, I realized how much you mean to me. It's kind of crazy, right? Took something like that for me to wake up.

Belle: Yeah. I think we both realized how much we love each other.

Shawn D.: And if something would have happened in there, to either one of us, and I didn't get to tell you how I really feel --

Belle: You would have regretted it. Me too.

Shawn D.: I love you, Belle. And if I can't bring myself to trust you now, then what's it gonna be like when we get married? So I'm telling you...I really am okay if you go on this trip.

Belle: Thank you...for trusting me. I love you so much.

Shawn D.: Tell Philip good luck. And I hope he finds his son.

Belle: I will.

Lexie: Shawn, there is one thing I know for sure. Love without trust can make things very difficult. It almost cost me my marriage.

Shawn D.: But you and Abe are okay now, right?

Lexie: Yeah. But believe me, I will never forget how lucky I am that Abe loved me give me another chance. And if you love Belle enough --

Shawn D.: I do. I've never loved anybody the way that I love her.

Lexie: Okay, then why are you sitting back just waiting for her to slip up?

Shawn D.: It's not like I want her to cheat on me.

Lexie: Well, have you told her that?

Shawn D.: Yeah. She knows how I feel. I'm not gonna beg.

Lexie: No, it's not begging.

Shawn D.: It's bad enough, me being jealous and paranoid. I'm not gonna add pathetic to the list.

Lexie: You are not pathetic. Listen, people get jealous all the time, okay? It's normal.

Shawn D.: It's not the way that I want to live my life -- always wondering where she's at, who she's with, if she's with him, what they're talking about, if they're sleeping together.

Lexie: Oh, sweetheart. Maybe you should talk to a therapist.

Shawn D.: [Chuckles] You know what? I'm through talking. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna wait for Belle to prove herself to me and show me that I can trust her.

Lexie: Oh, no, no, no, no. I-I-I think that's a mistake.

Billie: We are not empty-handed, Philip. You go to San Antonio, you confront Lauren, and you make her talk.

Philip: If she wouldn't tell me anything in Tulsa, why would she in San Antonio? I can't keep chasing her around the country.

Billie: Listen to me -- she's the only one who knows where Tyler is. Come on, Philip. You're a Kiriakis. Use your resources. You offer that girl a little bit of money, she'll sing like a bird.

Philip: I offered her $300,000. She turned it down.

Billie: That's because you offered it to her in front of a cop. Get her alone this time. And, hell, if that doesn't work, you have Victor call in some favors.

Philip: I tried that already. My problem is I signed away my legal rights.

Billie: Do you want to find your son or not?

Philip: That's all I can think about. I mean, the idea of someone else taking care of him, tucking him in at night, reading him bedtime stories -- it kills me. He's my son. I mean, what if they don't do those things? What if they just keep him in the crib all day or don't feed him enough, forget and miss checkups? He's my son.

Billie: Listen to me -- it's time you roll up your sleeves and play dirty.

Philip: How? What are you suggesting?

Billie: I'm not sure if it'll work.

Philip: What?

Billie: Call the cops...and you accuse Lauren of killing your son.

Philip: [Scoffs] That's a little extreme, don't you think?

Billie: Well, Philip, at this point, I think it's the only hope we've got.

Chelsea: So, what's it gonna be, China -- deal or no deal?

Nick: If anyone's gonna make a deal, it should be me. You could write me a big fat dissertation on these boys and their family history, but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. They're yours. They go with you.

Chelsea: That's assuming she doesn't leave them at a rest stop or something somewhere. Don't you see my point?

Nick: Start talking or we call her dad.

China Lee: The boys belong to a very powerful man -- someone with a lot of enemies. And I was brought on board to make sure they stay safe.

Nick: Safe? [Chuckles] This is kind of funny.

China Lee: Hey, they're alive, aren't they?

Nick: So, this guy, their dad -- where is he? How do we find him?

China Lee: You can't. He's not around anymore.

Nick: Is he in jail, too?

China Lee: He's dead.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. Um...

Nick: Do they know? When did this happen?

China Lee: It's extremely important that you keep this on the down low. You, too, Shelley. If the wrong people find out about this --

Chelsea: What people? Who are you talking about?

China Lee: I can't say. Look, please, if you care at all about these boys, you won't breathe a word of this to anyone. If their names show up in the news, I can guarantee you someone will come after them.

Nick: Two innocent little boys?

China Lee: Don't you get it, Nick? They stand to inherit a lot of power from their real dad. There are people out there that don't want that to happen, so if you want these boys to ever see high school, you're gonna have to trust me on this.

Nick: How do I know you're not lying right now?

China Lee: Are you willing to risk these kids' lives to find out?

Nick: [Sighs]

Chelsea: Look, I'm sure there's some way out of this.

Nick: What am I supposed to do?

Chelsea: Nick.

Steve: What did you say, baby girl? You say you want to move back home?

Stephanie: That's okay, right?

Kayla: Well, why now?

Stephanie: Because I miss you guys. And plus school's starting. I'm gonna need a place to study. And a quiet place, somewhere without teenage boys running around 24/7, playing "guitar hero." Besides, I'm getting in the way there.

Kayla: Well, you know what? I just saw your Aunt Adrienne. She said that she loved having you there.

Stephanie: I'm kind of getting the feeling that you don't want me to move back home.

Kayla: And I'm kind of getting the feeling...there's something you're not telling us.

Philip: Well, thanks for doing all this.

Billie: No problem. I wish I could do more.

Philip: You've done plenty, and I appreciate it. So, how's that new job at Salem U.?

Billie: Oh, well, other than a few noise complaints and a couple of car stereos being stolen, it's been pretty quiet. But I'm guessing that that is only a matter of time before it changes.

Philip: Just wait till the first home football game. You'll have your hands full.

Billie: [Chuckles] Hi, Belle.

Belle: Hi.

Billie: How's Shawn?

Belle: He's good. He's anxious to leave the hospital.

Philip: Didn't expect to see you back here today. What's up?

Belle: I was wondering what airline you're flying tomorrow.

Philip: Trans American. Why?

Belle: 'Cause I need to book myself a ticket.

Lexie: After everything we discussed, why would you encourage Belle to go on that trip with Philip?

Shawn D.: I'm giving her some space. What good is it gonna do for me to forbid her from seeing him? She's just gonna say that I don't trust her, and she'd end up hating me.

Lexie: But you don't trust her with him. You said that earlier, right?

Shawn D.: By me letting her go on this trip, it's gonna prove that I can trust her.

Lexie: Well, I hope you know what you're doing.

[Knock on door]

Max: Oh, hey, guys.

Lexie: Hi.

Max: Is this a bad time?

Shawn D.: No. Come on in. Keep me company.

Max: Um...I'm not sure I'm the greatest company right now.

Shawn D.: Did you have a rough week?

Max: Yeah, you could say that.

Shawn D.: I know the feeling.

Max: Oh, I'm sorry, man.

Shawn D.: No, don't. I know you're upset about losing the garage, but just know, Max, you're gonna be back on top in no time. Things could have been a lot worse.

Max: Yeah, well...that's not all I lost.

Stephanie: This is so typical. Suddenly you don't have room for me anymore. Or is it that you just don't want me here?

Steve: Hey, watch your tongue with your mom.

Kayla: That's not it at all, Stephanie.

Stephanie: I thought you'd be happy that I wanted to move back home.

Kayla: I am if it's for the right reasons.

Stephanie: I miss you guys. Isn't that reason enough? I mean, I hate to admit it, but you've been spending all this time with Pocket, and, yes, I feel left out.

Kayla: Stephanie, I'm sorry.

Stephanie: No. I'm sorry. It's -- it's partly my fault. I don't come by as much as I should.

Kayla: Well, we're gonna remedy that right now, aren't we?

Stephanie: So, does that mean...

Steve: Well, I think it would be nice to have somebody else change a diaper once in a while.

Kayla: Of course you can come back.

Stephanie: You guys are awesome.

Steve: I'm serious about those diapers.

Stephanie: We'll talk.

Kayla: Well, I'll go make up your room.

Stephanie: No. No. Let me do it. You said it yourself -- you guys have had a long day. You're exhausted, so I'll take care of it.

Kayla: All right. Well, the sheets are in the closet.

Stephanie: Great.

Steve: I'm gonna get the little dude ready for bed.

Stephanie: Feel better, little guy.

Kayla: I'll be right in. Listen to me -- we really are glad that you're coming home.

Stephanie: Me, too.

Kayla: Love you.

Stephanie: I love you, too.

Kayla: I'm gonna get out that little bafico.

Stephanie: Hey, he's mine.

Jeremy: Thanks for covering for me.

Stephanie: Yeah, and look what it got me. I'm stuck living with my parents.

Jeremy: It can't be all that bad. It beats sleeping on a park bench, which is exactly where I'm headed if I can't stay here. So what do you say?

Stephanie: If I do this favor for you, then you have to do one for me.

Chelsea: I can't believe she got away.

Nick: What are you doing?

Chelsea: I'm calling my dad.

Nick: No, Chelsea, you heard what she said. If anybody finds out...

Chelsea: She was lying to us, Nick.

Nick: But if she wasn't and if anything happens to those kids, I'm never gonna forgive myself. What are you doing? How many cookies did you eat?

Artemis: Seven or eight.

Nick: I hope that was combined.

Chelsea: I told you she had the best cookies in town.

Nick: All right...I got to talk to you guys about something. That woman that was here earlier -- she's not really your mom, is she? It's okay. I talked to her. She told me herself.

Artemis: We weren't supposed to say anything.

Nick: You know what? You kept her secret. But she's gonna be gone for a while longer now.

Artemis: Another vacation?

Nick: Something like that, yeah.'re stuck with me for a little while longer.

Artemis: Yes!

Nick: [Laughs] Whoa! This is gonna be fun, huh?

Billie: Well, I'm glad you're going, Belle, because Philip is gonna need all the help he can get. Now, you keep me in the loop, all right? And if you need anything while you're down there...

Philip: You're just a phone call away.

Billie: ...Call me. Good luck.

Philip: Thanks.

Billie: I love you, bro.

Philip: Love you, too.

Billie: Take care of him.

Belle: Bye.

Philip: Are you sure you're up for this? Shawn's cool with everything?

Belle: Yeah, it was his idea. He encouraged me to go.

Philip: Really?

Belle: Yeah. So, I'm gonna go pack. Why don't you call me when you get home so I can get all of your flight information?

Philip: Thanks for doing this. I know you have a lot of other things going on.

Belle: Don't worry about it. I just hope we get some answers.

Philip: Yeah, me too.

Belle: You deserve to be happy.

Philip: I'm getting there.

Shawn D.: Things will get better.

Max: Yeah, well, I hope so.

Shawn D.: Well, look at me. A year ago, I was in a marriage that was based on lies. Now I'm engaged to Belle...the woman that I should have been with this whole time.

Lexie: Well, you know, I'm just still in shock that Max Brady is thinking of settling down.

Max: Well, I thought I was. Guess I just haven't found the right girl yet.

Stephanie: You can stay with me on one condition -- you agree to turn yourself in to my dad.

Jeremy: What?

Stephanie: Shh!

Jeremy: That kind of defeats the purpose of hiding out, don't you think?

Stephanie: You are not in the position to bargain here, so I suggest you take the offer.

Jeremy: But your dad?

Stephanie: I'll talk to him.

Jeremy: No offense, Steph, but I don't think that's gonna make much of a difference.

Stephanie: Did you not see my brilliant performance earlier? I've got my parents wrapped around my pinkie finger. Come on, Jeremy. I know my dad will help you. I mean, if you really want to spend the rest of your life as a fugitive, go for it. Don't let me stop you. But they will catch up to you, Jeremy, and by then, it'll be 10 times worse. So...we talk to my dad or not?

Jeremy: Steph, I just need some time to consider it, okay? Like a week or two?

Stephanie: 48 hours.

Jeremy: Steph.

Stephanie: If you haven't talked to my dad by then, you're out of here.

Jeremy: Did you ever think of joining the Marines? Deal. You'll let me share the bed with you, right?

Stephanie: Try the floor.

Jeremy: Come on.

Stephanie: Beats sleeping on a park bench.

Steve: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's in the diaper bag, sweetness. Yeah, I'll get it. Huh.

Stefano: Too bad there's not enough time for an encore, but I'm tired of pitying you, so it's time for Judas to go to his final curtain call.

Kayla: Stephanie, are you there? Stephanie, don't you have class this morning?

Jett: Gives us a chance to talk.

Chelsea: About?

Jett: About what happened the night I got shot.

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