Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/17/07 - Canada; Tuesday 9/18/07 - U.S.A.


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Chelsea: All right, missy, I want all the details and leave nothing out.

Stephanie: Details about?

Chelsea: You know what about -- about you and Max after that creep Rawlings forced you off the plane.

Stephanie: Oh. Well, I mean, I didn't stop screaming until the parachute opened, and then --

Chelsea: Blah blah blah. Fast-forward to the juicy part -- you and Max in the cave. Was it hot?

Max: You need to work things out with Jeremy before he's out of the picture.

Stephanie: He is out of the picture. He took off, remember?

Max: What did you even see in him, anyway?

Stephanie: Jeremy was fun... at least at first. I mean, my family situation was out of control, and he helped me escape that... and he made me feel pretty and special.

Max: You are pretty and special, Steph.

Stephanie: I don't know. I have to admit -- after a while, his put-downs and flirting started to get to me.

Max: Not that I could tell.

Stephanie: Maybe I just didn't want to be alone.

Max: Maybe you still don't want to be alone.

Stephanie: This is nothing like it was with Jeremy.

Max: What, am I not fun?

Stephanie: Hey, I am having a blast here.

Max: Well, good, because a fancy hotel, I thought, would be way too obvious. I thought the cave thing...

Stephanie: I'm not gonna lie. This will make a great story.

Max: Yeah, something to remember.

Stephanie: Why are you assuming something happened?

Chelsea: Because it was dark and you two were alone together, miles from nowhere.

Stephanie: Excuse me, but I have a boyfriend.

Chelsea: A boyfriend that treats you like dirt, who ran out on you and is now a fugitive.

Stephanie: He came back for me.

Chelsea: Stephanie, he didn't come back for you. He came back for your dad, because you made your dad promise to help your loser boyfriend.

Stephanie: Still kicking Jeremy when he's down -- that's really nice.

Chelsea: He's a criminal.

Stephanie: Well, so are you, in case you've forgotten, but people forgave you, Chelsea.

Chelsea: I can't believe you just said that. You know that I'm still not over what happened with Zack. I'll never be over it.

Stephanie: Chelsea, I'm --


Max: Hey. We need to talk. It's important.

Bo: The bad news is you're gonna be here for a couple more days. The good news -- no permanent scarring. The doc said once you're healed from those burns, you're gonna be good as new.

Shawn D.: Speaking of scarring, whatever happened to you in that motorcycle accident?

Bo: Oh, I haven't seen you in a while. Because of a drunk driver, your old man's got titanium in him.

Shawn D.: Oh, that is cool.

Bo: Bionic.

Shawn D.: Yeah. I feel bad about what happened to grandpa's freezer.

Bo: Don't worry about it. Your little bomb didn't blow the doors open, but it did get our attention. So in the end, it was a good thing.

Shawn D.: He's gonna be so upset.

Bo: Yes, he will be, but I got something for you. Your badge for the police academy. As soon as you're on your feet, you can start taking classes.

Shawn D.: You know, it kind of feels like I'm joining the family business here.

Bo: In a way you are.

[Knock on door]

Lexie: Hi. Oh, hey, Bo.

Bo: Hey, Lex.

Lexie: Abe came for a checkup. I just thought I'd come by and see how Shawn's doing.

Bo: You know what? I got to talk to Abe, so I'll catch you later?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Thank you, dad.

Bo: Yeah.

Lexie: Hey, sweetheart.

Shawn D.: Hey.

Lexie: How you feeling?

Shawn D.: I'm bored and ready to get out of here.

Lexie: I thought Belle would be here.

Shawn D.: She's got some classes to take, and she's helping out at the pub.

Lexie: That's right. She's going to be a nurse.

Shawn D.: Yeah. I'm happy for her.

Lexie: How does she feel about you becoming a cop?

Shawn D.: Oh, yeah.

Lexie: Oh, yeah!

Shawn D.: She wasn't too happy about it at first. She thought that I just kind of sprung it on her all of a sudden.

Lexie: Wow, Shawn. So, um, your mom told me that Belle went to Tulsa with Philip, trying to find his little boy.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Lexie: I gather that didn't sit too well with you.

Shawn D.: The thing is with Belle -- she wants Philip to have everything that he needs, but in my opinion, I think that Philip's got way too much.

Lexie: What do you mean?

Shawn D.: She refuses to see it, but he's doing everything he can to win her back.

Lexie: Don't tell me you're worried about losing Belle to Philip.

Philip: Hey. You didn't tell me you were working here now.

Belle: Yeah. Just helping out. Where's Claire?

Philip: I'm on my way to pick her up from day care. I thought I'd see if you wanted to come along. Maybe the three of us could have dinner together.

Belle: Philip, you know Shawn's in the hospital with second-degree burns.

Philip: Yeah, I-I heard that. I'm sorry he got burned.

Belle: Then why are you asking me to have dinner with you?

Philip: I mean, Belle, it's not a date. I'm asking if you want to grab a bite with me and Claire -- pizza, burgers, whatever. I figured since he's gonna be okay --

Belle: That's not the point.

Philip: Then what is the point? Do you feel guilty because we almost kissed?

Lexie: Shawn, from the way that Belle looks at you, you don't have anything to worry about.

Shawn D.: And you haven't seen Philip laying it on.

Lexie: [Sighs] Have you told Belle how you feel?

Shawn D.: A million times. I told her when I was in Tulsa. I barged in on her and Philip, made a complete jackass out of myself.

Lexie: Because she was only there to help Philip try to find his little boy?

Shawn D.: That's what she claims.

Lexie: You don't believe her?

Shawn D.: I just think that she's lying to herself. She and Philip were married for over a year. They were husband and wife.

Lexie: Shawn, you and Belle have been madly in love since you were in high school.

Shawn D.: That doesn't mean that she can't have feelings for him. They went through a lot together.

Lexie: And you've accepted that.

Shawn D.: I wouldn't exactly say that. I just figure I got two options here. I can continue acting like a jealous fool, or I can just sit back and let the chips fall where they may.

Belle: We did not almost kiss.

Philip: Belle, come on. I was there. You can't pretend it didn't happen.

Belle: Nothing happened.

Philip: You're saying you feel guilty.

Belle: I don't have anything to feel guilty about.

Philip: How about the fact that we got pretty close in our hotel room, closer than we've been in a long time?

Belle: I think you're confusing friendship...

Philip: I'm not confusing anything. I told you to go home to Shawn, but you didn't. You stayed.

Philip: She was after money. I offered her a quarter of a million dollars, and she turns it down -- why? To punish me? For what?

Belle: I don't know. I can't explain Lauren. But your son is innocent in all of this, and he deserves to have a great father, so you have to find him.

Philip: God, how did I ever even get through a day without you... my best friend?

Belle: Well, you'll never have to wonder, because I am your friend. I'll always be here for you.

Belle: You were in a really bad place. You just got that note from Lauren saying that you would never find your son.

Philip: You didn't stay with me out of pity.

Belle: What do you want me to say -- that I still care about you? Of course, I do.

Philip: But how much?

Belle: Why are you doing this?

Philip: Because we're not over. Whatever we had, it's still there between us. It's always there... like it is right now.

Max: So that's it. The Nevada State Attorney's office is putting a lean on my garage, my bank accounts, and everything. I'm gonna lose it all.

Stephanie: I'm so sorry.

Max: I just want to get my hands on Jeremy.

Stephanie: I really don't think he knew about Rawlings' girls and what was really going on.

Max: Why are you still defending him?

Stephanie: Because I know he wouldn't have gotten himself mixed up in something like that.

Max: I feel like I've missed something here. The last I checked, Jeremy was out of the picture.

Stephanie: [Sighs]

Max: He called you, didn't he? You're right back in his pocket again.

Nick: Oh. You guys want to play some chess? I got to go talk to Chelsea.

Artemis: Are you trying to get rid of us?

Nick: Only for a minute.

Artemis: Come on. I want to work on the queen's game you declined.

DeMarquette: Okay.

Nick: Your first day of school?

Chelsea: Yeah. You can't start studying too soon, you know? Don't want to fall behind.

Nick: So, uh, how's Jett doing?

Chelsea: Fine. He's, um, still in the hospital, but he's expected to make a full recovery.

Nick: Good. I heard about what happened. Your dad told me.

Chelsea: He did?

Nick: Yeah. I think everybody's finally seeing what I saw all along.

Bo: Yeah, I'm here now. Steve?

Steve: Right here.

Bo: You brought Pocket?

Steve: Yeah, I know. Kayla had to work, and there was no time to get a sitter. She'd kill me if she knew I was here.

Bo: Oh, man.

Steve: How's Shawn doing?

Bo: I just -- the doc said with time he's gonna be okay.

Steve: And Roman? Still no word?

Bo: I haven't heard from him since he called and said he's bringing André down.

Steve: What? That doesn't make sense, man. He's still recovering from his stab wound. He's brining André down by himself?

Bo: No. I don't know what's going on.

Steve: Are we thinking the same thing -- he was forced to make that call?

Bo: Yeah. We got to find him right now. André's waged a one-man war against my family. He's more violent than ever.

Steve: There we go. Yeah, maybe he'll take a nap. So, what's the plan? We look for Roman first or André?

Bo: Well, you know how André thinks. You go after him. I got to find my brother.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Bo: Sorry. Brady. At the pub? Okay. I'm on my way. I'm out of here. Good luck.

Steve: Same to you. I'm on it. Oh, what's the matter, sweet boy? Oh, sweet boy, what is it? What?

Pocket: [Cries]

Steve: You're burning up. Come on, baby. Come on, little dude. We're out of here. We're gonna find Kayla. She'll know what to do. It's gonna be okay.

Lexie: "Let the chips fall where they may"? Come on, Shawn. That doesn't sound like you.

Shawn D.: I didn't mean it that way. Belle and I are good, but Philip's not gonna stop, and I know that for sure.

Lexie: So you think she won't be able to resist him?

Shawn D.: All I'm saying is she's bound and determined to make sure that Philip finds his kid. She says if he has a family, that he's gonna give us some space.

Lexie: And you think that that's just an excuse to spend more time with him?

Shawn D.: Philip can hire a whole army of detectives to find his kid, and Belle knows that, but it doesn't matter. He needs her, she's there, no questions asked.

Lexie: You are not going to give up on her, are you?

Shawn D.: No. Of course not. I love her. I love her like crazy.

Lexie: You just don't trust her.

Shawn D.: Maybe I don't.

Belle: Okay, maybe things went a little further than they should have.

Philip: Belle, you wanted to kiss me.

Belle: I was emotional. We both were.

Philip: Belle, why are you fighting it.

Belle: I'm committed to Shawn. We're trying to build a life together.

Philip: A life like we once had?

Belle: We're divorced.

Philip: You know how I feel about you.

Belle: You know, I think I've known all along, and I've managed to convince myself that we were just friends, nothing more.

Philip: Because you want me in your life.

Belle: Not if it's gonna drive Shawn crazy.

Philip: Everything drives Shawn crazy. He can't even deal with the fact that we were once married.

Belle: We're not being honest with him. That's what he can't deal with. You tell me it's not over and that there's something still there, and you think that Shawn can't see that? Why wouldn't he feel threatened?

Philip: But if what we have if that strong --

Belle: It's not. Look, a part of me will always love you, but I'm with Shawn now, and I'm sorry if there was any misunderstandings.

Philip: What, so you don't want to see me anymore? "Well, good luck finding your son, Phil. Have a nice life."

Belle: That's not what I'm saying at all.

Philip: You know where I think this is coming from? Shawn. He made you feel guilty because he got a few burns saving your life.

Belle: He's not asking you to stay away.

Philip: What, just keep my distance, back the hell off? Well, what if I won't?

Belle: Then we have a bigger problem than I thought.

Chelsea: So, how was your first day of teaching?

Nick: It was great. I loved it.

Chelsea: Well, I knew you would. I mean, talking about science all day -- that job's practically made for you.

Nick: And I actually got Artemis and DeMarquette this free tuition at this amazing private school, and I'm hoping China Lee will let them stay there.

Chelsea: You mean once she gets out of jail?

Nick: Oh, she is out. She's been paroled. In fact, she should be here any minute.

Chelsea: She is coming here? To pick them up?

Nick: Yeah. And maybe once she hears about this school and how amazing these kids are, she'll see the potential that they have and...

Chelsea: You're really attached to them, aren't you?

Nick: They're great kids.

Chelsea: Well, good luck with, um, everything.

Nick: Wait. Um... I know I-I have no right to ask this, but would you mind staying, please, when we deal with her?

Chelsea: For Artemis and DeMarquette? Sure.

Stephanie: You are so wrong. I am not back in Jeremy's pocket.

Max: Then why are you trying to explain what he did as if he were the victim. He knew he was breaking the law.

Stephanie: And so did you.

Max: And I'm paying for it. I'm losing my garage, my savings, everything.

Stephanie: You gambled, you lost. I don't know what more I can say.

Max: Who are you? Stephanie, what the hell happened?

Stephanie: He was here.

Max: He came back.

Stephanie: He was gonna turn himself in.

Max: But he didn't.

Stephanie: My mom scared him off. He called her to get my dad's number.

Max: Then he took off again.

Stephanie: He didn't know what else to do. He came back because he does love me.

Max: Okay, so everything we said that night in the cave -- all erased, it meant nothing?

Stephanie: I have to go.

Max: You're bailing on me. Whatever Jeremy said to you was a lie.

Stephanie: Because he's a criminal or because he was my boyfriend?

Belle: You know what, Philip? I'm in school now, I'm raising a toddler, I'm working here, and I need to spend whatever free time I have with my family.

Philip: I thought I was your family. At least, that's what you keep telling me.

Belle: You are and always will be Claire's second father, but I can't be available to you the way I have been.

Philip: "Available" as in helping me find my son?

Belle: I want more than anything for you to find your little boy. I just think that Billie should take over for me.

Philip: You're afraid to be alone with me... in another hotel room. Is that it?

Belle: Maybe it is. I have to go. I'm gonna see Shawn. I'll pick up Claire on the way home.

Philip: Belle, wait.

Belle: I'm just asking you to respect my wishes.

[Cellphone ringing]

Philip: Hello. Billie, what's up? You're kidding. That's fantastic. Yeah, I'm leaving now. I'll see you in 10.

China Lee: Oh, I've missed you guys so much. Nicky, thank you for taking such good care of them. And you, too, Shelley.

Chelsea: It's Chelsea, and don't thank me, China. It was all Nick. He couldn't love those boys any more if they were his own, which, of course, they're not.

China Lee: Fellas, how about giving me a minute to talk to your daddy?

Artemis: Come on, Dee. Maybe I'll let you win this time.

DeMarquette: Maybe I'll let you win this time.

China Lee: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: [Clears throat]

China Lee: Okay, so, here's the deal. Something's come up, and I have to leave the country -- fast.

Nick: Leave the country? Why?

China Lee: Let's just say it's too dangerous for me to be here.

Chelsea: Oh, give me a break. This is just another one of her scams.

China Lee: Unh-unh. This time, I'm on the level.

Chelsea: You know what? Just cut to the chase, all right? How much do you want now?

Stephanie: Aunt Adrienne, it's Steph. Yeah. Everything's fine. Listen, my parents want me to stay over here for the night. They made me promise that I'd tell them all about my first day at Salem U. Yeah, it was good. I got some pretty cool professors, so...

[Knock on door]

Stephanie: Uh, somebody's at the door. Can I give you a call back later? Okay. Love you. Bye. Jeremy.

Jeremy: Are you alone?

Stephanie: Y-yeah, but --

[Door locks]

Stephanie: What are you doing here?

Jeremy: I followed you from the pub. I saw you there with Max. I can guess what he was saying about me.

Stephanie: I thought you'd be somewhere in Mexico.

Jeremy: And I thought your dad was gonna help me. Why did he have to go and stab Stefano DiMera? What the hell was he thinking?

Stephanie: Excuse me? Do you even care that Rawlings and his little band of Russian tramps forced me and Max to jump out of an airplane?

Jeremy: Yeah, I heard. I'm sorry.

Stephanie: You're sorry. That's it?

Jeremy: I tried to get you to come with me, Steph.

Stephanie: And spend the rest of my life on the run? No, thank you.

Jeremy: Look, I'm not gonna run anymore. I can't. I'm not cut out for it.

Stephanie: Is that why you came crawling back to me?

Jeremy: Baby, come on. Didn't you get my messages? I told you you were right about everything. I broke the law, and I have to answer to that, but I can't do it alone. I loved you. You have to know that. Please, tell me you'll help me.

Lexie: Shawn, there's one thing I know for sure. Love without trust can make things very difficult. It almost cost me my marriage.

Shawn D.: But you and Abe are okay now, right?

Lexie: Yeah. But, believe me, I will never forget how lucky I am that Abe loved me enough to give me another chance. And if you love Belle enough --

Shawn D.: I do. I've never loved anybody the way that I love her.

Lexie: Okay, then why are you sitting back, just waiting for her to slip up?

Shawn D.: It's not like I want her to cheat on me.

Lexie: Well, have you told her that?

Shawn D.: She knows how I feel. I'm not gonna beg.

Lexie: It's not begging.

Shawn D.: It's bad enough me being jealous and paranoid. I'm not gonna add "pathetic" to the list.

Lexie: You are not pathetic. Listen, people get jealous all the time, okay? It's normal.

Shawn D.: It's not the way that I want to live my life, always wondering where she's at, who's she's with, if she's with him, what they're talking about, if they're sleeping together.

Lexie: Tsk. Oh, sweetheart. Maybe you should talk to a therapist.

Shawn D.: [Laughs] I'm through talking. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna wait for Belle to prove herself to me and show me that I can trust her.

Lexie: No, no, no, no, no. No. I think that's a mistake.

Belle: Lexie. Hi.

Lexie: Belle. Hi, sweetheart. Hi.

Belle: And how is my hero?

Shawn D.: I'm better now that you're here.

Lexie: Well, I better get going. You get some rest.

Shawn D.: Thanks, Lexie. Thank you for everything.

Lexie: You're welcome. Goodbye, Belle.

Belle: Bye, Lexie.

Shawn D.: So, tell me, how was your first day of nursing school?

Belle: It was really good, but why don't we talk about that later?

Shawn D.: Okay. What's up?

Belle: I talked to Philip at the pub.

Shawn D.: And what? He wants you to come to Cleveland with him?

Belle: No, but he did ask me to dinner, with Claire -- just burgers, that kind of thing.

Shawn D.: And what did you say?

Belle: I said that I couldn't, that I wanted to be here with you.

Shawn D.: Why are you telling me this, Belle?

Belle: Because I've been doing some thinking.

Belle: I'll always be here for you.

Belle: The truth is I haven't been completely fair to you.

Shawn D.: Fair to me?

Belle: Yeah. I mean, giving you grief about being jealous and accusing you of not trusting me, when the truth is, you have every reason to feel that way.

Lexie: Oh! Steve. You're out.

Steve: Yeah. Yeah. I'm out.

Lexie: Are you all right?

Steve: I just had to rush Pocket to the ER. He's spitting up. The poor kid can't keep anything down. They're running tests. They kicked me out. They said they had to do some kind of G.I. series or something.

Lexie: Yeah. Yeah. Does Kayla know?

Steve: She's with a patient. I left her a message.

Lexie: Okay. We'll page her.

Steve: [Exhales deeply] I don't know how this happened. One minute, he's perfectly fine. The next minute, he's burning up.

Lexie: Hey, nobody's blaming you, okay?

Steve: What if there's something really wrong with him? Kayla loves that little boy.

Lexie: I know. And, obviously, you do, too.

China Lee: Look, this is not about money?

Chelsea: Excuse me, but aren't you the same con artist that tricked Nick into marrying you, and then you dumped your kids in his lap so you could do jail time?

China Lee: Nick wanted to marry me. He practically dragged me to the altar.

Chelsea: He had a concussion.

China Lee: He wasn't too concussed to say "I do," and he did.

Chelsea: Do you know how much he's done for those boys, how much he's given up? They've practically taken over his whole life.

Nick: Chelsea, I can handle this. You agreed to sign the annulment papers the second you were released. I did my part.

China Lee: And I'll do soon as we get a few things straightened out.

Nick: What things?

Stephanie: Do you have any idea how insulting this is?

Jeremy: I thought you were the one person I could count on. I'm asking you for help.

Stephanie: Yeah, because you have nowhere else to do.

Jeremy: That is not true. Don't be like this.

Stephanie: Why I just tell you to go to hell? I love you, Jeremy. I've loved you since the moment I met you. But all you do is treat me like garbage.

Jeremy: What?

Stephanie: I am not some airhead bimbo. I have pride and self-respect, and it would be nice if you recognized it.

Jeremy: Steph, I don't know what you're talking about. Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Stephanie: Of course it was! All you did was turn me into your own personal groupie, and I let you.

Jeremy: Baby, please.

Stephanie: I am not your baby!

Jeremy: You're my girl, and I love you. Someday when I can get all this straightened out, I want you to be my wife.

Stephanie: Oh, that is just great. You're a wanted man, and here you are proposing. Okay. Well, then let's see how straightened out we can get this.

Jeremy: What are you doing?

Stephanie: What do you think? I'm turning you in.

Jeremy: Not like this. I turn myself in on my own terms.

Stephanie: When? Before or after we get married?

Jeremy: I meant what I said. I love you, and I want to be with you forever.

Stephanie: Right. Where was all this love when you were flying high?

Jeremy: I loved you even then. I was just too stupid to realize it.

Stephanie: Save the sweet talk. It's not working anymore.

Jeremy: What's going on, Steph? Did something happen after I left you in Vegas?

Stephanie: You know what happened. Your pal Rawlings took me skydiving.

Jeremy: I mean after that, when you and Max were camping out in the cave.

Stephanie: Max took care of me. He stood by me.

Jeremy: Stood by you, really? You were standing the whole time?

Stephanie: This conversation is over. I'm calling the police.

Jeremy: Not yet, not like this.

Stephanie: What the hell do you want from me?! Why couldn't you stay away?!

Jeremy: Because I can't stay away! That's what I'm telling you! I'm not leaving you -- not now or ever again.

Belle: Do you remember when you found out about Philip giving me all those clothes?

Shawn D.: Yeah, that he still had feelings for you.

Belle: Well, you made me see that that might be a possibility.

Shawn D.: It's more than --

Belle: Just let me finish, okay? I told you that I would deal with it and I would make Philip understand that I was in love with you... and somehow I managed to spend even more time with him.

Shawn D.: You were helping him find his son.

Belle: Which he can do without me. So I just told him that I couldn't help him anymore, that he was on his own.

Shawn D.: That didn't go over too well, I bet.

Belle: Shawn, I'm committed to you, and I really want you to know that. And I-I hope that you can forgive me.

Shawn D.: For what?

Belle: For ever giving you any reason to doubt me.

Shawn D.: I love you.

[Door opens]

Philip: Belle, Shawn, you're never gonna believe it. I'm sorry to interrupt, but Billie tracked Lauren to san Antonio. I'm flying there first thing in the morning.

Belle: Oh, my gosh. That's great.

Philip: By this time tomorrow, my son could be home.

Stephanie: What am I doing?

Jeremy: I told you I'm through running.

Stephanie: But you won't let me call the police.

Jeremy: I'm not ready yet. I just need some time to get my head together, a place to catch my breath.

Stephanie: A place?

Jeremy: I was hoping I could crash with you.

Bo: Hey, Ma. I got your message.

Caroline: Any leads on Roman?

Bo: Not yet. We're still working on it.

Caroline: Why did you have to be cops?

Bo: What?

Caroline: [Exhales sharply] Being a cop is an honorable profession. I spend half my life being worried sick.

Bo: I thought you'd be used to it by now.

Caroline: How do you get used to your sons being threatened and attacked all the time?

Shawn: Who's been attacked?

Caroline: Roman is still missing.

Bo: Pop, listen. We're running out of time. André is out of control. I need your help to figure out a way to end this vendetta before it's too late. I know it's difficult to talk about, but you've got to.

Shawn: I have work to do. Excuse me.

Bo: Pop, listen --

Caroline: Shawn! Don't just walk away. Our son is missing. He could be killed. Shawn, now, if you're half the man that I think you are, you'll tell Bo what he needs to know and you'll do it right now.

Steve: Why doesn't Kayla call? She should have gotten my message by now.

Lexie: She's probably tied up with a patient.

Dr. Davidoff: Mr. Johnson?

Steve: Yeah, that's me.

Dr. Davidoff: Dr. Davidoff, staff pediatrician. I've examined your baby.

Steve: How's he doing? What's wrong with him?

Dr. Davidoff: Did Pocket have anything out of the ordinary to eat today?

Steve: No. He just the bottle I always give him.

Dr. Davidoff: Any possibility his formula might have been exposed to chemicals or poisons of any kind?

Steve: Poison?

Lexie: What's going on, doctor?

Dr. Davidoff: It seems the baby's ingested a highly toxic substance. We had to pump his stomach.

Steve: What the hell?

Dr. Davidoff: I've ordered a toxicology report. We're still waiting on the results.

Steve: But he's gonna be all right?

Dr. Davidoff: Luckily, yes. You got him here in time.

Lexie: Thank goodness.

Dr. Davidoff: I'll be in touch as soon as we hear any more.

Lexie: Thank you.

Steve: Yeah. Yeah. Something's not right. How could this happen?

Stephanie: [Scoffs] Have you lost your mind? You want to crash with me? Where? My Aunt Adrienne's?

Jeremy: I forgot you're living there now.

Stephanie: And so is her husband and the four boys. There's barely room for me.

Jeremy: Okay, so, why don't you move back here, and I move in with you?

Stephanie: You're kidding. You want me to hide you from my parents in their own apartment?

Jeremy: Why not?

Stephanie: You're crazy.

Jeremy: I am desperate, and I need you.

[Knock on door]

Stephanie: Uh, who is it?

Max: Steph, it's me -- Max. Can we talk? I don't like how we left things.

Jeremy: The way you left things?

Stephanie: Uh, Max, I'm really busy. Can we just talk later?

Max: Steph, come on. Open up. I'm not leaving until we talk.

Philip: So Billie got ahold of Lauren's credit-card accounts. She's been staying in a motel in San Antonio for the past couple of days.

Belle: She could be headed for Mexico.

Philip: That's possible, which is why I have a P.I. watching her until I get there.

Shawn D.: Good luck, man.

Philip: Thanks. Uh, so, listen. Uh, I won't be able to take Claire to day care. Is that cool?

Shawn D.: Got it covered. My mom's gonna pick her up so Belle can make her 8:00 class.

Philip: Great. So, I guess I'll be going, then. Tell Claire I'll see her when I get back.

Belle: Wait.

[Sighs] What are you gonna do when you get there? You signed away your parental rights.

Philip: I'll think of something.

Belle: Like what? You can't just show up and take the baby. Lauren's legally his mother. You'll be arrested.

Philip: Don't worry. I'll figure it out. I'll call one of my lawyers or something. Look, all I know is if Lauren makes it across the border, I may never find my son.

Belle: Is Billie going with you?

Philip: No, she can't get away. And, no, I'm not gonna get myself arrested. I'll call you when there's news.

[Door closes]

Shawn D.: Belle... go with him.

Steve: Kayla is a doctor. She's a great mom. She's the most conscientious person I know. She'd never fix Pocket's bottles near anything toxic.

Lexie: By any chance, were the bottles that she used today brand-new?

Steve: I don't know. But if you're asking if she forgot to wash them first, there's no way. She boils everything the kid touches.

Lexie: There has to be an explanation.

Steve: There is. Kayla's a Brady.

Lexie: No. No. Steve, you don't think --

Steve: Yeah, I do think that the DiMeras would poison an innocent baby. You know they would. You should know that.

Lexie: You know what? Let's just wait for the toxicology report before we jump to conclusions, okay?

Steve: I should have done it.

Lexie: Done what?

Steve: I should have killed Stefano when I had the chance.

China Lee: Trust me, Nicky. I'm only thinking about what's best for the boys.

Nick: Speaking of the boys, I've been wondering why they're so reluctant to talk about themselves. Do you mind explaining that?

China Lee: Maybe they're just shy. Who the heck knows?

Chelsea: Well, you'd think that you would know, I mean, since you're their mother and you presumably have been with them since birth.

China Lee: Which is what makes this so much harder.

Nick: Which makes what so much harder? Get to the point.

China Lee: Oh, Nick. I can't take them. I have to leave my little angels here with you -- for good.

Bo: Come on, Pop. You got to tell me how this vendetta started, how Colleen died. I think this is my clue to finding Roman alive.

Caroline: Shawn, for God's sake, just tell us.

Bo: If you don't, you're gonna live to regret it. We all may. Come on, Pop. Just talk to me.

Roman: Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. [Exhales sharply] Oh, no. [Gasps] Oh, my God. [Gasping] Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hear me! Help! Help! Hear me!

Steve: I just thought of something. This whole thing is my fault.

Max: You saw him, didn't you? Jeremy was here.

Philip: When Belle, Shawn, and I were looking for Claire, we at least had some clues. My son could be anywhere.

Belle: It's almost like you're forcing me to go on this trip with him. What's with it? Do you have some other agenda?

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