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Hope: Roman, what does the card say?

Roman: Bo, be my guest.

Bo: "So sad to hear of your untimely death. André."

Tony: Oh, no.

Anna: Roman, are you wearing a bulletproof vest?

Roman: Anna, I don't care about André's threats. You shouldn't either.

Anna: Is it true? Do you think he's really gonna try to kill Roman?

Bo: It is a possibility. But if he tries anything, we have evidence of a prior threat.

Tony: Evidence. Witnesses. You know, they have a tendency to disappear when they go up against my family.

Anna: Roman, please don't go anywhere alone.

Tony: Anna's right. If the untimely death that André's referring to is yours, you have to watch out.

Roman: We wanted his attention, we got it.

Tony: You also got his wrath.

Roman: That's not what worries me. Something isn't right.

Kate: We're closed! Read the sign! Shawn! Shawn! Shawn!

André: A more sensitive man would feel unwelcome.

Kate: I'm not here alone, André. Shawn's here and Roman.

André: He's at the funeral, as we all know. But you're right in assuming...that I want him here. And you, lovely Kate...are going to bring him to me.

Colleen: I'm thinking about changing my entire life, and you're demanding an answer tonight.

Sami: He is pressuring her into making a decision. It is so unfair.

Colleen: Santo, I need more time.

Santo: More time. More time for what, to decide between being a nun by day and my lover by night?

Colleen: You're asking me to choose between water and air, and I need both to live.

Santo: And I need you, Colleen.

Colleen: What if I can't choose tonight? What happens then?

Santo: Then we say goodbye.

Colleen: Just like that?

Santo: I am desperate, Colleen. Every time you come here, it's harder and harder for me to watch you leave. If you are going to choose the church, choose it now because this is destroying me.

Colleen: Santo, I would never do that.

Santo: Oh. Forgive my English. You would not destroy me, but, Colleen, if I lose your love, it is something from which I will never recover. Do you love me, Colleen?

Colleen: You know the answer.

Santo: Do you trust me?

Colleen: I do.

Santo: Then trust me to be my wife. I will not hurt you, Colleen, but I cannot share you.

Colleen: Your pride won't allow it.

Santo: Marry me.

Colleen: I won't be rushed into a decision, even for you.

Sami: So that's it. She walked away, and he kills her.

E.J.: No, he didn't. He couldn't have.

Sami: You're just saying that because you're his grandson.

E.J.: No, I'm not. Look at that expression in his eyes. Do you know what that is? That's love -- the kind of love that will change your life forever.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Kate: You're dreaming if you think that my phone call to Roman is gonna make him come here, André. He hates me.

André: Don't try my patience with lies.

Kate: It's true. He found out that I went to Stefano, and he read me the riot act.

André: Do you know what I hate? I hate it when people underestimate my intelligence.

Kate: I'd help you if I could.

André: Oh, yeah? Like you helped me when you were supposed to meet me at the health club and instead you sent Sami and Lucas?

Kate: That wasn't my choice because the police --

André: Oh, please!

Kate: Oh!

André: You tried to trap me. Bring me Roman.

Kate: No. I'm not gonna help you hurt him.

André: What a pity. After a lifetime of stupid mistakes, you just made your last one.

Kate: No! No. No.

Anna: Roman, please don't take any risks with André. He's dangerous.

Roman: Yeah. Yeah, he is.

John: Death suits him. Too bad it won't last.

Lucas: And that it doesn't include the rest of the DiMeras.

Bo: Especially André.

John: Did he take the bait?

Bo: He sent Roman flowers.

Marlena: Flowers?

Roman: Yeah, it seems he expects me to follow Stefano into the next world and wanted to express his condolences.

Marlena: What a sick man he is.

John: You figured he wouldn't be able to resist Stefano's funeral.

Roman: And we were right. He's working on the outskirts, kind of like a little kid peeking in a window.

John: Not exactly how I would describe a death threat, but okay.

Hope: Oh, come on. You know the Brady boys. Nothing excites them more than a dangerous criminal.

Marlena: Roman, could I speak to you for a moment, please?

Roman: Sure.

Marlena: Excuse me a minute.

Bo: John.

Marlena: Macho stuff aside, are you all right being a target for André?

Roman: Damn right I am 'cause it means our daughter isn't.

John: Always thought it was hard making a dead man look like he was taking a nap, but you made a guy taking a nap look like a dead man.

Bo: He's hooked up to IV’s in the bottom of the casket.

John: That's clever. So, after the funeral service, we'll go to the cemetery and?

Bo: Bury an empty casket. This pile of guts gets transferred to a clinic out of town.

Hope: Lex, Abe, hi.

Abe: Hello, sweetheart.

Lexie: Hi, Hope.

Hope: Hi, how are you?

Lexie: I'm still standing.

Abe: Which is more than we can say for Stefano.

Lexie: If André wasn't still out there, I would actually enjoy this.

Hope: André is not going to hurt you.

Lexie: It's not me I'm worried about. Hi, Benjy. Yes. Yes, Benjy. He's really dead.

Lucas: If Stefano had André steal a part of Benjy's liver and leave him in a dumpster, why is he so upset?

Tony: 'Cause Stefano has the ability to make you feel that within seconds, you're about to get the greatest prize in the world.

Anna: Like the Hope Diamond.

Tony: Like his love. Never obtainable, but Benjy always hoped he would.

Lucas: I thought Elvis was Stefano's golden boy.

Tony: Stefano loved Elvis as much as he could love anyone.

Lucas: So why isn't E.J. his chief mourner?

Tony: Because E.J. has something else to occupy his mind.

Lucas: Something else or someone?

Tony: What do you think, Lucas?

Sami: That's not love. Santo killed Colleen.

E.J.: No, Samantha, he did not.

Sami: If you're any indication, DiMeras don't deal well with being told no.

E.J.: Look, I admit I'm stubborn. But I am not my grandfather, and he is not me.

Sami: He is exactly you. You're both pigheaded, stubborn egomaniacs who will do whatever it takes to get what you want.

E.J.: Samantha, stop, please. Just ease up on this flattery, all right? People will talk, darling.

Santo: That's it? You're walking out? You're going to choose a life with the church over me?

Colleen: You're asking me to make this huge decision with you just standing right there. I can't even think when I'm in the same room with you. I have to go.

Santo: You leave now, I never see you again.

Colleen: Isn't that just like you, with your Italian ways, pressuring a poor girl like this?

E.J.: Wow. He's got her Irish up. That's good. It means she cares about him. That's exactly why you get so angry at me.

Sami: You wish.

Santo: I am trying to make you stop playing games. Do you want me or not?

Colleen: I don't know.

Santo: You don't know? You don't know because you have no right to know, because I have made it very easy for you to come here, to lie to Father Mallory.

Colleen: You think it's been easy for me? Maybe we should end this now. You're asking me to give up everything for a man who doesn't know me at all.

Sami: Good for you, Colleen. Don't let him push you around.

E.J.: She's brave, I'll give her that, just like you.

Sami: What do you mean by that?

E.J.: You say that I'm just like Santo. Maybe. But where does that leave the two of us if you're just like Colleen?

Lexie: People who didn't know Stefano don't understand that he was capable of inspiring love. But under all that charm were obsessions that destroyed him and our family. Don't ever forget that, Benjy. "I didn't come here to grieve. I came for revenge. I hate the old man."

Anna: Did you see Roman's reaction to André's death threat? He barely flinched. I find bravery so sexy.

Hope: So now you have standards.

Anna: Oh, I'm serious. I'd like to do something nice for Roman when this is all over. Maybe I'll go by his place and cook him a nice dinner.

Hope: Or maybe not.

Anna: Maybe.

Roman: So, Officer Williams is gonna drive the empty casket out to the cemetery.

Bo: All right, keep your eyes open, Willy. Check things out, then head out to the car. We'll call you when we need you.

Williams: Okay.

John: Funeral Director suggests we get this started.

Roman: All right, that sounds good. If André's gonna do more than buy me flowers...

Bo: He's gonna do it soon.

Roman: Exactly.

Bo: Let's head on in.

Lucas: Excuse me. What did you mean, what you said earlier about E.J.?

Tony: You know, I forget whatever it was I said.

Lucas: You hinted that he was with Sami. If he is, just say it.

Tony: You just did.

Marlena: Lucas, they're about to start. Do you want to join John and me?

Lucas: I got to get out of here.

Marlena: Why? Is something wrong?

Lucas: I'm about to find out.

Sami: I am trying to find a way to end this vendetta.

E.J.: So am I.

Sami: No, you are trying to draw comparisons between us and Santo and Colleen.

E.J.: Look, stop denying it. You are just like your great-aunt.

Sami: Why, because I refuse to give in to DiMera men?

E.J.: No, because you both refuse to give in to what's in your heart.

Sami: Colleen, do not let him bully you.

E.J.: Look, you love her. She loves you. Nothing else matters.

Colleen: Goodbye, Santo.

Santo: No, Colleen. No, no, no. You cannot leave till you have made a choice. You have to choose me or the church.

Colleen: I gave you my virtue. What more do you want? Me own da wouldn't recognize me for all the lies I've been telling.

Santo: What do I want? What do I want? Colleen, I want you every minute of every day.

Colleen: If you're tired of waiting, then I understand.

Santo: Of course I am. Colleen, I love you.

Colleen: I'm asking you for one more day, Santo. And I'll give you your answer.

Kate: Hello? Hello, we need help. Yes, we need help. Call the po-- aah!

André: Hang up or I'll slice you from ear to ear. Hand me that phone. Good. Now, I want you to help me move your plucky little knight in shining armor into the freezer.

Kate: He'll die.

André: Very slowly and very painfully if it all goes well. Now grab his legs. Now. Come on!

Belle: It's locked. That's weird. Let's see.

André: [Laughs]

Kate: What's so funny?

André: I'm just imagining grandfather Shawn when he opens the freezer door and finds his namesake frozen, hard as a rock.

Colleen: One more day. Is that too much to be asking for?

Santo: Let me tell you, Colleen, after so much waiting, many men would walk away.

Colleen: You are not many men, Santo. But if you will not wait, I'll be heartbroken. But I shall survive.

Santo: I am sure you would.

Colleen: I love my life as much as I love you.

Santo: You love being cloistered? You love being hidden away?

Colleen: Yes.

Santo: No, Colleen. You confuse love with duty -- what is expected of you by others, not what is meant for you.

Colleen: Oh, so you think I need rescuing. Is that it? You think I'm a poor, simple girl who didn't know what she signed on for? Well, you're wrong. I don't need a savior, Santo. I already have one.

Santo: What I am saying, Colleen, is that you are very young and you are very beautiful. And we love each other. Why is this decision so difficult?

Colleen: Because I love being a novice, and I'll be happier being a nun. I believe in service to God. So if I leave, I have to know that it's the right choice.

Santo: Fine. You have your wish. Take one more day. How could I say no to you? I love you.

Colleen: I won't keep you waiting. You'll have your answer tomorrow.

Santo: I will pray, then. You know, they say that God hears the prayers of a condemned man waiting for a reprieve.

Colleen: Tomorrow.

E.J.: She has to choose him. He's gonna go out of his mind if she doesn't.

Sami: Maybe he did go out of his mind. Maybe that's why he killed her.

E.J.: Samantha, he did not kill her.

Sami: All right, give me one good reason why he didn't. And don't use the word love.

E.J.: He couldn't have killed her. I couldn't kill you if my life depended on it.

Lexie: Don't give in to the hatred, Benjy. I'm not asking you to forgive him. This isn't about our father. This is about you. You are far from okay. I look into your eyes, and I see hatred every time I mention Stefano's name. Fight it or you will become like him. And my kind, loving brother will be gone. I can't lose you, Benjy.

Dewitt: We've got Mr. DiMera's two sons and daughter present. Will there be any other family coming?

Hope: He wasn't exactly popular, so I'd have to say no.

Dewitt: Thank you.

Marlena: Look behind you.

Belle: Hi. I was looking for Sha – are you okay?

André: Well, well, well. If it isn't Marlena and John's pride and joy.

Belle: André DiMera.

André: We don't need any more introductions here. We'll just get moving.

Kate: Don't hurt her. She's not part of this vendetta.

André: She's engaged to a Brady, isn't she? She's given birth to a Brady, hasn't she?

Belle: Where's Shawn? What have you done with him?

Kate: He's locked him in the freezer.

André: Wouldn't it be a pity if your child grew up and --

Belle: Okay.

[Cellphone rings]

Bo: Brady.

Belle: Bo, it's Belle. Shawn's in trouble.

Bo: Belle, where are you?

Belle: We're --

André: Ah-ah. Give me the phone. Come on!

Bo: Belle, can you hear me?

André: Like you're next door. It's amazing.

Bo: André, where are you?

André: Several steps ahead of you. Hmm... I have company. I have your son. I have Marlena's daughter. It is absolutely delicious. What do you think?

Bo: If you hurt them --

André: I'll do more than just that, no, unless you do exactly as I say.

Sami: You're saying the only reason that Santo couldn't have killed Colleen is because you couldn't kill me? Please.

E.J.: Look, Samantha, if he killed her, I would know. Reading these letters would feel wrong. Instead they feel --

Sami: No. Ah. Don't you dare say fate.

E.J.: It scares you, doesn't it? This idea that we may be in the grip of something that is beyond our control.

Sami: You scare me, E.J., because you are taking these letters and you twist them around. And you twist around Santo and Colleen and you and me so that I feel like I can't even think straight.

E.J.: I'm not twisting anything. What I'm doing is giving in to what must be.

Sami: No, what must be is me and Lucas. You are just obsessed with getting what you want. And if someone tries to stop you, well, then there's hell to pay.

E.J.: I'm not that man anymore, Samantha.

Sami: You can't help but be that man, E.J., because you are a DiMera. Santo has infected your entire family. He's in Stefano, filling him with hatred. He's in André. And you know what? He is in you. You can deny it all you like, but he is there.

E.J.: He is in me. But don't you understand, Samantha? That is how I know that he could not hurt Colleen. [Door opens]

Lucas: Ahh, E.J. Got a message for you. It's from your dead father.

André: You do want to save Shawn and Belle.

Bo: Just give me your terms.

André: Leave the funeral home and don't tell anyone -- not Hope, not Roman, and not Abe, not anyone -- where you're going.

Bo: Then what?

André: Well, then we go on a scavenger hunt. Look for Elvis. He might give you the next clue.

Bo: Where is my son?

André: Somewhere very, very cold. But that's the last hint I'm going to give you.

Bo: Where is Elvis?

André: My guess? Building an alibi. Try the hospital.

Bo: Why the hell would he need an alibi? André.

André: Well, well, well. Now it's time to get a move on. You might get a chance to see your fiancé before he dies. And you, Kate, you're gonna lead the way because [Chuckles] I wouldn't leave alone. You'd get up to too much mischief. Come on.

Hope: Hey, hey, hey. Where are you running to, Brady?

Bo: Just got to check on the guys outside.

Hope: Didn't you and Roman position them yourselves?

Bo: Yeah, well, this waiting for André has got me a little nervous. I'd feel a lot better if I know all points are covered.

Hope: Oh. Yeah. I suppose you could do that, or you could tell me the truth. Your choice.

Bo: You think I'm feeding you a lie?

Hope: How many years have I known you?

Bo: Keep your game face on. Try not to react.

Hope: What?

Bo: André called my cell.

Hope: Oh, my God. Tell me Shawn's okay.

Bo: I'm sure he's fine. André's just making noise. I just want to check on a few things to be safe, okay?

Hope: If he goes after the kids, I want to know about it.

Bo: You got it.

Dewitt: I'm sorry to hurry you folks, but we're going to get started soon.

Lexie: Okay.

Dewitt: Thank you.

Lexie: Benjy, it's time to get back to our seats. Benjy, come on. Let me help you back to your wheelchair, okay? Um, Benjy -- Benjy, please. Don't do this, okay? Please. For my sake.

Abe: Is everything okay?

Lexie: No. No. I can't wait for this to be over. Benjy is so angry at Stefano. I don't know what he'll do when he finds out Stefano isn't really dead.

Abe: Get angrier.

Marlena: Have you talked to Belle since she got back from Tulsa?

John: No, I haven't.

Marlena: Wasn't she meant to arrive about an hour ago?

John: I'll give the airlines a call.

Marlena: Yeah, thanks, honey.

E.J.: You have a message for me from my dead father, eh?

Lucas: Yeah, he wants you at his funeral. So go ahead and get out of here.

E.J.: I suppose he could have said that since he is still alive.

Lucas: Get out of here so I can talk to my wife. [Clears throat] [Door closes]

Lucas: What, you told him?

Sami: He guessed.

Lucas: Really? I thought we had an understanding. You weren't gonna meet with E.J. anymore.

Sami: That was before that we knew that Stefano's murder was faked, when we thought that the vendetta was over.

Lucas: When were you planning on telling me that you'd been sneaking around with E.J. behind my back?

Sami: Sneaking? Damn it. I knew you wouldn't understand.

Lucas: Understand what? Why he's taking my place every time I turn around?

Sami: No. Why I have to do everything that I can to figure out how to end this stupid vendetta once and for all.

Lucas: You're sure spending a lot of time with the man who raped you.

Sami: You think that I've forgiven him?

Lucas: You tell me. You're the one keeping secrets left and right.

Sami: Lucas, I am not keeping secrets.

Lucas: Really? Are you sure about that? You sure you've got nothing to hide?

Lexie: I'm really concerned about Benjy.

Abe: don't have to stick around for this. Just get your nurse to take you home.

John: Belle's plane was right on time.

Marlena: Then why hasn't she called us?

John: Stopped at Shawn's first?

Marlena: Maybe she wanted to straighten things out at home first. Maybe you're right. I know Shawn wasn't crazy about the idea of her going to Tulsa with Philip.

John: Yeah, that's probably it.

Belle: Shawn? Oh, my God. Shawn. Hey, can you hear me? Shawn, come on. Come on. Get up, baby. Let's get that blood moving.

Shawn D.: Belle?

Belle: Yeah, it's me. I'm right here.

Shawn D.: [Groans]

Belle: Come on.

Shawn D.: [Groans]

Belle: Come on, baby.

Shawn D.: I feel like I got hit by a truck.

Belle: Yeah. A truck named André.

Shawn D.: Are we –

Belle: We're in the cooler.

Shawn D.: Check the lever. Go check the lever.

Belle: Okay.

Belle: [Grunts] It won't budge.

Shawn D.: [Groans] He must have jammed the lock from the outside.

Belle: Okay, um, your grandparents, are they here?

Shawn D.: No, my grandma went out a little while ago, and my grandpa left.

Belle: Okay, and the pub's closed.

Shawn D.: Where's Claire?

Belle: She's with Philip.

Shawn D.: Oh, God, for once I'm glad. [Groans]

Belle: Shawn, listen to me. About Tulsa -- Philip slept on the couch.

Shawn D.: Belle, I'm not asking.

Belle: I know, but I want you to know.

Shawn D.: Why?

Belle: Because I love you, and I don't want to lose you. And I'm so sorry.

André: Do you know that I am a member of Mensa?

Kate: Great. I'm thrilled.

André: You should be. It's not every day you're in the company of a certified genius.

Kate: Certifiable.

André: Come on. Look at that. It impresses even myself. To be able to frighten the man from across town and then be able to watch him squirm. I just think it's sheer brilliance. [Sighing] Oh. Can't wait... to go after your favorite ex-husband.

Kate: Why can't you just leave Roman alone?

André: [Laughs] No, I can't. I can't do that. No. I have something very special planned for him.

Marlena: Hope? Have you heard from Shawn or Belle?

Hope: No, why?

Marlena: John and I can't reach Belle, and we're getting very concerned.

Hope: That explains it.

Marlena: Explains what?

Hope: Why Bo just lied to me.

Marlena: Hope, where are you going?

Hope: To find the truth.

Dewitt: Oh, excuse me, sir. The viewing is over. It's time to start the service.

Colleen: Mrs. Fitzpatrick is going to be watching you and Stefano tonight.

Shawn: Where will you be?

Colleen: Mr. DiMera and I have something to attend to. But you'll have a grand time, Shawn, with Stefano and his shiny new lorry.

Santo: Shawn, I will take very good care of your sister. Come.

Colleen: Shawn, I'll be back before you know I'm gone.

Stefano: Gioco.

Roman: Pop. You got to sit down.

André: Perfect. You call Roman. You tell him you're at the pub. It's closed, the door is locked, but somebody is trying to get in. And please, try to sound scared because if there is any off script, I promise you it'll be Roman who will be investigating your murder. Do we understand each other?

Sami: Lucas, this isn't about you. It isn't even about us. It's about the right thing to do.

Lucas: Running around with E.J. is the right thing to do?

Sami: No. Protecting our family is. I'm pregnant. And I'm worried about my whole family. We have to find a way to protect these twins.

Lucas: That's my job. I'll protect them.

Sami: How? How can we do that? What are we gonna do, send them off to Switzerland like we had to do with Will? Lucas, we have to find a way to end this vendetta. I need it to end.

Bo: Where are they?

E.J.: Where are who?

Bo: Shawn and Belle. André's holding them someplace, and I need to know where.

Sami: Uncle Bo? What's wrong?

Bo: André's got Shawn and Belle.

Sami: What?! Oh, my God.

Bo: And he told me you know where they are.

E.J.: I have no idea where they are.

Bo: Then answer me this -- why did he say you're building an alibi?

Sami: What?

E.J.: Look, I came here to help. I don't know where Shawn and Belle are, but if André has them --

Bo: You better be telling me the truth.

E.J.: Samantha?

Sami: Just go, E.J. I can't think when you're around.

E.J.: Maybe I'll pray. You know what they say. God hears the last words of a condemned man.

Hope: What the hell is going on? The truth this time, Brady.

Bo: André's got Shawn and Belle. And I have no idea where they are.

Shawn D.: You don't owe me an apology. I owe you one.

Belle: No.

Shawn D.: I tried to convince myself that I was just showing up with Claire to surprise you. But the truth is, I couldn't stop imagining Philip trying to put the moves on you.

Belle: Shawn, if you were spending every spare minute with Mimi, I would be on a plane, too.

Shawn D.: Yeah?

Belle: Yeah. I was just helping Philip because it was the right thing to do. But you're the one that I love.

Shawn D.: All right, then.

Belle: Okay.

Shawn D.: Your lips -- Belle, your lips are turning blue.

Belle: That's probably 'cause I'm freezing.

Shawn D.: Probably.

Belle: [Laughs] Maybe we can make an igloo out of all the peas. Hey, Shawn? Are you asleep?

Shawn D.: No. No. I'm just -- I'm resting my eyes. I'm just tired.

Belle: No, no, no. This is hypothermia setting in. Come on. You got to wake up. You got to wake up. We got to get out of here.

Shawn D.: I'm gonna blow the door wide open off this place.

André: All right, so, why have you stopped calling? Call Roman.

Kate: No. He's been too good to me. I can't help you hurt him.

André: This is not the time to be stupid, Kate.

Kate: André, I am begging you. I am begging you as a friend of the family.

André: Is that what you call being my father's whore? That's quaint. But look on the bright side. Roman never married after you divorced him. You could be the beneficiary to his life-insurance policy.

Kate: [Scoffs]

André: Ahh. I thought that might interest you.

Kate: I don't want his money.

André: Will you stop lying and just start dialing? Now!

Dewitt: No man is an island entire of itself. Each is a piece of the continent, part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thine own or of thine friend's were. Each man's death diminishes me, for I am involved in mankind. Therefore, send not to know for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee. As we gather here together, loving friends and family of Stefano DiMera, we celebrate his life and mourn his passing. We celebrate the many gifts he's given to us -- his generosity and kindness.

Roman: Kate?

Kate: I'm at the pub. André's outside the window. I'm scared, Roman. Please help me.

Dewitt: His loss is our loss.

Shawn D.: There's no other way, Belle. It's either this or we freeze to death.

Kate: Aah!

Hope: Oh, my God. Shawn!

Bo: Belle!

Hope: Belle! Shawn!

Bo: Call Abe. Have him send backup. I'm gonna take a look around.

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