Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/11/07 - Canada; Wednesday 9/12/07 - U.S.A.


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Belle: What's all this?

Philip: Dinner. The room-service menu wasn't that bad. Did you get ahold of Shawn?

Belle: No. I left him a message. I was hoping to say good night to Claire.

Philip: He'll call back.

Belle: Yeah. You don't have to go through all this trouble.

Philip: I know. My dining table's exhausted.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Philip: Here we go. It's not a bad vintage. Check it out.

Belle: Chicken picatta?

Philip: Your favorite. And after dinner, we follow through on your idea to watch "The Notebook," if it's available.

Belle: Uh, you know what? Maybe we should watch a comedy.

Philip: I thought you wanted to watch a Romance.

Belle: You did notice that this room only has one bed, right?

Shawn D.: Mommy's gonna see ya. She's gonna be so excited. When she sees you walk in the door, she's gonna fall on the floor.


Stephanie: Max! Max! Wake up!

Max: What happened?

Stephanie: I saw a bear.

Max: Again?

Stephanie: No, no, no. Really this time there's a bear. It's in the cave.

Max: He's in the cave?

Stephanie: Yeah. I heard a noise, and then I saw the shadow. It's huge.

Max: Calm down. Just relax.

Stephanie: What if he's hungry?

Max: I don't know. I'll be right back.

Stephanie: Where are you going?

Max: Bear hunting. If there's no bear, I swear the next thing growling at you will be me.

[Door opens]

Lucas: Hey, hey. Ready for a toast? A toast to the end of the DiMera dynasty. It's all old news now, and pretty soon E.J. Wells will be old news, too. Got to find another family to mess with, right? Come on. Drink up. It's milk. It's good for the babies. I'm just not really in the mood for milk, I guess. Thank you for bringing it.

Lucas: Okay. I got a surprise for you. In fact, it's on its way.

Sami: What is it?

Lucas: I am not telling you what it is. It's a surprise. Come on. I'll be back.

[Door closes]

[Knock on door]

André: Sami.

Sami: Are you Lucas' surprise?

Shawn D.: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. We're gonna get Mommy something. We should bring her something. Let's get her some flowers. Mommy loves flowers. You want to go to the store? We'll go grab something -- the biggest bouquet of flowers we can find. Come on. Let's go.

[Imitates airplane whooshing]

Philip: It's a no-brainer, Belle. I get the couch. You get the bed.

Belle: That's not fair.

Philip: You're doing me a favor, remember?

Belle: Are you sure there's no other rooms?

Philip: There's a taxidermist convention in town. Only the bridal suite was left, and we got it.

Belle: So somewhere some poor taxidermist is roughing it.

Philip: In a standard double with a depressing view of the parking lot. [Chuckles] What's wrong? You know, I was just thinking about what if Shawn was spending the night with his ex in a bridal suite -- dinner and wine.

Philip: Hey, hey. If I wanted to sweep you off your feet, we'd be in Paris, not Tulsa. We're here to find Tyler.

Belle: I know. But --

Philip: But nothing. Sometimes dinner is just good food, Belle, and good wine is just good wine.

Belle: Mmm. It is good wine. I wonder how many ex-husbands become such good friends.

Philip: We've beaten the odds before.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Philip: Shall we? If this gets too awkward, I'll make you a deal.

Belle: What kind of deal?

Philip: You get the whole room to yourself.

Belle: And what will you do?

Philip: Head down to the bar and see if I can learn how to stuff an ostrich.

Stephanie: Max! Max! Oh! Max, where are you? Just say something. Max! Oh, God.

Max: Boo. I found your bear.

Stephanie: Don't you ever scare me like that again! Are you crazy?!

Max: Calm down.

Stephanie: I thought you'd grown up. You couldn't be more juvenile.

Max: Put the stick down before you hurt someone or something.

Stephanie: [Exhales deeply] That little bunny made that big shadow?

Max: Yeah. I guess the cave's good for his ego. Come here. Come here, you.

Stephanie: He's actually kind of cute.

Max: Don't go falling in love right now. He might come in handy for dinner.

Stephanie: Don't listen to him, buster.

Max: Never name your next meal.

Stephanie: We are not eating that bunny.

Max: I hear you taste like chicken.

Stephanie: Stop it. Put him down.

Max: Okay. Fine. Go, go, go. Get out of here. Go. Impersonating bears. Get home.

[Exhales deeply]

Stephanie: You wouldn't have the heart to kill a bunny.

Max: Maybe you don't know my heart as well as you think.

Stephanie: Maybe I don't. But you're even more clueless about mine.

Max: [Chuckles] Right. Right. Well, okay. Then maybe we'll have to talk, try to get to know what makes us both tick.

Sami: Look, no offense, sir. I mean, it's just that I don't like clowns, you know? They just kind of creep me out a little, actually. Um, but you know what? You could take your whole routine to the pediatric ward, and the kids -- they would love it. Um, you're a mime. I don't really like mimes, either, really. You are a mime, right? You can hear me, right? You know what? I'm gonna tell Lucas what a great job you did. I will tell him you were awesome, I loved it. I have my wallet here. I could give you a tip. No. You don't -- you don't want a tip. Okay. Um, all right. Well... look, you really are starting to freak me out here. What kind of clown are you, anyway?

André: The kind that finishes with a bang.

Sami: [Gasps] [Muffled scream]

André: You make another sound, I promise it'll be your last.

Sami: André.

André: Aha.

Sami: [Shrieks]

André: Oh, don't be alarmed, please, Sami. Like the song says, "All the World Loves a Clown."

Belle: Mmm. This is delicious. Philip, the baby's okay. Whoever has him is taking good care of him.

Philip: You don't know that for sure.

Belle: Well, it would take a pretty hard heart not to want to nurture a baby.

Philip: Well, that explains Lauren.

Belle: All right. One solid lead. That's all we need. We will find him. All right. You finish your wine, and I'm gonna make up the couch.

Philip: I'll do it.

Belle: No. Let me. You know what? Check out the movie menu.

Philip: But you didn't finish.

Belle: I'll finish when I get back.

Philip: The concierge says we should find extra bedding in the closet.

Belle: Okay, I'll look.

Stephanie: [Chuckles] Are we about to get intimate with our clothes on?

Max: Well, I thought we would just talk. You know, I want to get to know the new post-Dayton Stephanie.

Stephanie: And I'll get to know the new Max, too, right?

Max: Well, yeah. Yeah. You know, whatever there is to know.

Stephanie: And you don't call that getting intimate?

Max: Is this gonna be harder than chasing bears?

Stephanie: Not if the bear eats you.

Max: That's one way to get a front-page obituary or the scholarship fund that your parents have.

Stephanie: All right, dork. That's enough. Can we get serious now?

Max: Well, that's -- kind of thought what the idea was.

Stephanie: Okay.

Max: Yeah.

Stephanie: Well?

Max: This is not easy. I really want to say and do the right there here.

Stephanie: Just say what you're feeling.

Max: I don't want to hurt you again.

Stephanie: What about you? Are you afraid of getting hurt?

Max: You're tied down with Jeremy, so I have no interest in playing second string.

Stephanie: Whoa. Got your macho back! All right! I was beginning to worry there.

Max: I don't want my macho back. All right. You want the truth?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Max: I was scared to death to even have this conversation. That's why I avoided it before.

Stephanie: You can say what you're feeling out loud. The world's not gonna end.

Max: Oh, how do you know that?

Stephanie: 'Cause I get scared, too. I mean, I thought I was madly in love with Jeremy, and then... somehow we kissed... and that's all I can think about.

Max: Hmm. Jeremy's still in the picture.

Stephanie: Well, what if Jeremy was totally out of the picture? I mean, would we, uh, have more of these talks?

Max: If Jeremy were totally out of the picture, we'd be doing a whole lot more than just talking.

Philip: I'm not seeing the notebook. You're out of luck. Isn't that stuff usually folded?

Belle: Yeah, but not when it falls on top of you.

Philip: Here, let me help.


Belle: Wait. Hold on. I'm stuck.

Philip: Belle, careful. Careful. Careful.

[Laughing] Are you okay?

Belle: You're the one on the bottom.

Philip: I hardly felt a thing. You're light as a feather.

Belle: A mighty big feather.

[Knock on door]

Philip: Ah, dessert. Wait till you see what I ordered.

Belle: [Laughing] Wait. Hold it. I'm still stuck. Okay.

[Exhales deeply]

Shawn D.: Surprise.

Belle: Hi.

Claire: [Babbles]

André: Is Stefano dead, hmm? Did you see it happen?

Sami: No. I didn't.

André: But he was stabbed here at the hospital.

Sami: But I haven't left the room.

André: Are you lying to me, Samantha, hmm?

Sami: No. I am not.


André: So, who was there when it happened? Was your father there? Hmm?

Sami: The police were protecting Stefano because he was being released.

André: Suspicious already.

Sami: Look, my dad was there.

André: Of course, he was.

Sami: [Cries] I don't know why Steve did it. I -- I don't know why he did it. It was revenge or something.

André: Oh, come on. Steve's been a happy househusband for weeks. Why would he crack now?

Sami: I don't know. I'm not a shrink.


André: [Grunts] Hmm. So, tell me, does your father think of me as a fool, hmm? Of course, he does. [Chuckling] That was such a clever plan, you know, but certainly way beyond the combined intelligence of the Salem P.D. What? They must have hired an outside consultant.

Sami: I don't know what plan you're talking about. I don't! [Gasps]

André: Just lower your voice.

Sami: Lucas said he was dead, okay? I'm really sorry that he's dead.

André: Oh, you definitely will be.

Sami: That's exactly my point.

André: He's alive. If your father is trying to bait a trap for me, then the next corpse that goes to the city morgue will be very real and very B-B-B-B-Brady.

Shawn D.: These are for you.

Belle: I-I was just getting the bedding to make up the couch for Philip. Hey, come here, angel. Come here. Mommy missed you so much.

Shawn D.: Well, she missed you, too. We both did.

Claire: Mama.

Belle: Aw, are you exhausted?

Shawn D.: She didn't sleep too well on the plane. I think the air pressure was bothering her ears. Look, I know we probably should have called before we stopped by --

Belle: I know how this looks.

Shawn D.: We would have been here 15 minutes ago, but Claire wanted to pick out every single flower, so it kind of slowed us down.

Belle: Oh, did you? Well, they're beautiful. They are. You want to go look at all the pretty colors? Come on. Come on. Look at these.

Shawn D.: I wasn't sure who was more surprised.

Philip: Belle -- she was making up the couch. That's what all the sheets are for.

Shawn D.: Yeah. I know.

Philip: It was a long day, man, and we saw Lauren.

Shawn D.: Really? Any news on the baby?

Philip: Everyone at the shelter says there is no baby, but she says he's with someone she trusts. That's all we got out of her.

Shawn D.: You know, when Belle told me that she'd be staying the night here, I figured you guys would be in separate rooms. Since when does Philip Kiriakis need to economize?

Philip: The hotel is full. This is all they had. Shawn, there's nothing going on.

Shawn D.: Yeah. I can see that everything is just perfectly innocent.

Max: I can't believe I'm gonna say this. You need to work things out with Jeremy before he's out of the picture.

Stephanie: He is out of the picture. He took off, remember?

Max: What did you even see in him, anyway?

Stephanie: Jeremy was fun... at least at first. I mean, my family situation was out of control, and he helped me escape that. And he made me feel pretty and special.

Max: You are pretty and special, Steph.

Stephanie: I have to admit, after a while, his put-downs and flirting started to get to me.

Max: Not that I could tell.

Stephanie: Maybe I just didn't want to be alone.

Max: Maybe you still don't want to be alone.

Stephanie: This is nothing like it was with Jeremy.

Max: What, am I not fun?

Stephanie: [Sighs] Hey, I am having a blast here.

Max: Well, good, because a fancy hotel, I thought, would be way too obvious. I thought the cave thing was --

Stephanie: I'm not gonna lie. This will make a great story.

Max: Yeah, something to remember.

Sami: Lucas saw the body, okay? He saw it.

André: Hmm.

Sami: [Gasps]

André: Maybe... I should wait and talk to Lucas.

Sami: No. No! You can't. Please.

André: So, where is Johnson now?

Sami: Jail, I-I guess. I don't know. I mean, maybe the papers know more.

André: Ah, you can't believe anything you read in the papers, especially when it's planted by the Salem Police.

Sami: You played with my uncle's mind for years. No wonder that he went crazy. He finally snapped --

André: If I am the target... you and your father will pay.

Sami: Leave us alone. Leave us alone.

[Door opens]

Lucas: Here you go. I got double chocolate chip. Who sent in a clown?

Claire: [Babbling]

Shawn D.: Come here. Come on. Hey, Philip, will you take Claire downstairs so she could see the aquarium?

Philip: Sure. Let's go, princess.

Shawn D.: There you go.

Philip: You get to push the elevator buttons, but not all of them, okay?

Shawn D.: Sorry to spoil the party.

Belle: [Scoffs] There's no party.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, it sure looks like one to me.

Belle: Shawn, why did you bring Claire all the way here to Tulsa?

Shawn D.: Because she missed you. We both did.

Belle: Be honest. The only reason that you're here is because you don't trust me to be alone with Philip.

Stephanie: What?

Max: [Sighs] I just remembered the first time I saw you back in Salem -- at Sami's wedding. I saw this girl, and I didn't know if I recognized her or not, but she was so gorgeous and just so grown up.

Stephanie: I hope that girl was me.

Max: Yeah, it was you.

Stephanie: [Chuckles]

Max: I just -- I couldn't take my eyes off you.

Stephanie: I wish you'd have told me that sooner. Maybe I wouldn't have wasted all those months with Jeremy.

Max: Well, the waiting kind of did make this a little better, don't you think?

Stephanie: [Chuckles]

Lucas: So, when did the circus roll into town, huh?

André: [Humming]

[Horn honks]

Lucas: Wow. Well, thank you. Thank you very much. Nice to meet you, too.

[Horn honks]

Sami: Lucas! Lucas, it was André! He was in disguise! I couldn't say anything! He had a straight razor!

Lucas: Relax and stay put, all right?

Sami: Be careful! [Door closes] Dad -- Daddy, it's me. Um, look, Daddy, André was just here. No. Listen to me, okay? I'm serious. André was here in the hospital in disguise. He was dressed as a clown. He -- okay. Okay. Okay.

Lucas: All right. Relax, all right? I called security, and I told the nurse. They'll try to nail him before he can get away.

Sami: I just got off the phone with my dad, and he said he's gonna send a cop to guard me.

Lucas: Well, good. Better late than never, right?

[Door opens]

Moreno: I'm Officer Moreno. I was down the hall, and Commissioner Brady radioed me.

Lucas: Wait a minute. Roman sent you?

Moreno: To guard the door. I'll be right outside, ma'am.

Sami: Like that's really gonna do any good.

Lucas: Calm down. No one's gonna get to you without going through me first. You got it?

Sami: Stefano dying doesn't change anything. André is still out there. We have to get to him before we all end up dead.

Lucas: Calm down. I want you to take some deep breaths.

Sami: Admit it. Admit that I am the only one who can end this insanity.

Shawn D.: I do trust you, Belle.

Belle: Is that why you're using Claire to check up on me?

Shawn D.: I wasn't using Claire, and I sure as hell didn't expect to find you in here sharing a room with Philip.

Belle: I explained that.

Shawn D.: You were making up the couch.

Belle: For Philip.

Shawn D.: Belle, I've been on the couch. I've done my time. I know how it works.

Belle: Thanks a lot.

Shawn D.: Look, I'm sorry. I just don't understand why a guy who can afFord an army of detectives needs you to help him find his kid.

Belle: Because I'm his friend.

Shawn D.: You're also Claire's mother and my fiancée.

Belle: We found Lauren in a shelter. Philip got out of control. Security clubbed him on the head and then through us both out. We did manage to talk to Lauren, though.

Shawn D.: That's great. Now let the police handle it.

Belle: They can't.

Shawn D.: Why not?

Belle: Because Philip gave up his parental rights when he arranged for Lauren to terminate the pregnancy. He has no legal right to Tyler.

Shawn D.: That's not our problem.

Belle: I owe him.

Shawn D.: You owe him what?

Belle: A chance to find his son.

Shawn D.: Why, because of Claire?

Belle: Because I walked out on him and I took Claire... and because losing his family broke him and he went back to war and got hurt.

Shawn D.: What does that have to do with tonight?

Belle: [Exhales sharply] Philip has no one, Shawn. He just wants a sense of family. And maybe if he finds his son, he'll stop focusing on Claire.

Shawn D.: So, what, you're telling me that you're doing this for us?

Belle: In a way.

Shawn D.: And what if helping Philip hurts our family?

Belle: It won't, and it would help if you would stop assuming the worst. That's what's hurting our family. You don't believe in us.

Shawn D.: That's not true, Belle.

Belle: If you did, Claire would be at home in her bed right now.

Max: What the --

Stephanie: Mom?

Max: Bo.

Kayla: Stephanie, thank God we found you. Uh... why don't you guys put your stuff on -- your clothes?

Stephanie: We'll be right out.

Kayla: Yeah.

Bo: Okay.

Stephanie: This is crazy.

Max: This is so not happening right now.

Stephanie: We better get dressed.

Max: Can you believe this?

Stephanie: What are the odds?

Max: What, with my luck?

Stephanie: My mom catches me almost doing it with one guy when I'm supposed to be in love with another.

Max: We'll explain.

Stephanie: What, that I'm easy?

Max: No. That you're irresistible, all right? [Smooches] Oh. And I found this while I was chasing after your so-called bear. It's all I could do with such short notice. I was gonna save it, give it to you when we got rescued, which I think is right now.

Stephanie: It's pretty.

Max: It's quartz. It's a memento of us getting stranded in the middle of nowhere after our first extreme skydiving experience.

Stephanie: And getting intimate with and without our clothes on.

Max: Yeah, almost -- the without part. But, anyway...

Stephanie: I love it. Thank you.

Max: Yeah. Look, do you want me to, uh, talk to Kayla for you?

Stephanie: I think I got it. I'll take care of it.

Max: You sure? 'Cause I can explain how we were alone and frightened and we had to cling to each other for warmth and survival.

Stephanie: Don't make we throw this quartz at you.

Max: Okay. We could always tell them the truth.

Stephanie: And what would that be?

Max: That we have a thing for each other and it's been going on for a very long time.

Kayla: Stephanie! Hurry up in there!

Max: [Chuckles]

Lucas: Calm down, okay? Nobody's gonna let you take on the DiMeras all by yourself. That goes double for me.

Sami: Lucas, they are like cockroaches. We can't find them. We can't kill them. Stefano -- you saw his body, right?

Lucas: Yeah. Why?

Sami: Well, I -- it was stabbed pretty bad?

Lucas: Real bad, honey.

Sami: Well, okay, so tell me everything -- everything you saw -- all of it.

Lucas: The guy was laid out on a gurney. He was bleeding everywhere. The doctors said they couldn't save him -- I'm telling you. Now, why are you asking me questions about Stefano?

[Door opens]

Roman: Sami, are you all right?

Sami: Yeah. Daddy, I'm okay. Did you find him?

Roman: No, no, but my guys are all over the place. His costume turned up in the storage closet. We're checking the security tapes right now.

Sami: André told me that he thinks that Stefano's stabbing was a setup to trap him.

Lucas: Come on. That's crazy.

Sami: Is it, Daddy? Is Stefano really dead?

Shawn D.: I do believe in us, Belle. But you take off with Philip and you don't see why it would bother me?

Belle: I don't want to be with Philip, Shawn. I love you.

Shawn D.: And I love you, too. Let the three of us take off and get the next flight out of here.

Belle: I told Philip I would stay.

Shawn D.: There we go -- right back to Philip again -- record time.

Belle: Don't start.

Shawn D.: I'm off joining the force, trying to build a life for us, and you couldn't care less.

Belle: You what?

Shawn D.: I signed up for the police academy.

Belle: What about the garage?

Shawn D.: The garage is going under. Max got into a jam. He doesn't think he's gonna be able to keep it.

Belle: Hmm.

Shawn D.: You did hear me, didn't you?

Belle: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I heard you.

Shawn D.: Belle, this means a steady paycheck, real benefits, a chance for promotion -- the whole deal.

Belle: Hmm. When did you make this decision?

Shawn D.: Police work is pretty much the family business.

Belle: And you didn't think that we should talk about it first?

Shawn D.: We're talking about it right now.

Belle: No. It's sounds like it's a done deal.

Shawn D.: I thought you'd be happy for me.

Belle: Happy? Happy that you want to get shot at for a living?

Shawn D.: It's not like that. My mom didn't think it was a good idea at first, either.

Belle: Oh. Hope knows. Okay. Who else?

Shawn D.: My dad.

Belle: You didn't buy a house while I've been gone, have you?

Shawn D.: Very funny.

Belle: 'Cause it would be nice if you would clue me in before you make any down payments.

Shawn D.: Can we get back to reality here?

Belle: Me? [Scoffs] Shawn, you're the one living in the dark ages. You're the one who's out there making decisions that I'm supposed to just sit here and accept. The '50s are over. Women hung up their little white gloves and aprons a long time ago.

Shawn D.: Now, that's very funny.

Belle: Shawn, I just want to be your partner.

Shawn D.: You are.

Belle: Then whey didn't you come to me when you hatched this idea? Instead, I was the last one to know. I mean, what does that say about us?

Bo: You guys ready to head to the chopper?

Kayla: I don't think her ankle's gonna make it down.

Bo: Okay. Max and I -- we'll head down and bring up a stretcher. Let's go, man.

Max: Yeah.

Stephanie: Go ahead. Say it.

Kayla: Say what?

Stephanie: What you're thinking.

Kayla: I'm thinking I'm just so glad you're safe.

Stephanie: I can explain about me and Max.

Kayla: We have more important things to talk about than your love life.

Stephanie: What's wrong?

Kayla: Your father's in jail for Stefano DiMera's murder.

Roman: I've been to the morgue. Trust me. Stefano isn't going anywhere.

Sami: André said it was a hoax.

Lucas: Well, André's crazy, all right?

Sami: Every time this war heats up, I am the first target, Dad. I think we're entitled to know what's really going on. Stefano's not dead, is he?

Roman: All right. What I'm about to tell you does not leave this room. Do you both understand that? Do you?

Lucas: You got to be kidding me. It's true?

Sami: [Exhales sharply]

Roman: Yes.

Lucas: What?!

Roman: Stefano's alive. Bo came up with a plan to bring André out of hiding. Steve signed on as the one most likely to make the murder believable.

Sami: How did André figure it out?

Roman: André didn't figure it out. He's just being cautious, which means he's gonna have to show up at the funeral or the burial. When he does that, we grab him.

Sami: Dad, André said that if this is a trap, he'll kill us. He said the next body that's in the morgue will be ours.

Shawn D.: Belle, I support you going to nursing school.

Belle: That's different.

Shawn D.: How is it different?

Belle: It's not dangerous.

Shawn D.: I'll be careful.

Belle: Roman was careful.

Shawn D.: Crossing the street is dangerous. Driving a car is dangerous.

Belle: I don't want to be terrified every time you leave for work.

Shawn D.: Salem isn't exactly the crime capital of the world.

Belle: Well, it feels like it sometimes.

Shawn D.: So my decision to help our family is wrong, but you taking off with Philip is no problem?

Belle: Only if you make it one.

Shawn D.: Belle, tell me who you want to be with -- me or Philip.

Philip: I think Claire's about ready for her own aquarium. She loved the parrot fish.

Shawn D.: Look... when we arrived here, we were planning on staying the night, but -- come here, baby -- I think that we'll just take the next flight out of here.

Belle: What, and put her on plane this late?

Philip: I'm on the couch tonight. You and Belle can have the bedroom all to yourselves.

Shawn D.: I don't think so.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn D.: No, Belle. It's not gonna happen.

Belle: Well, then at least leave Claire. You don't have to punish her 'cause you're mad at me.

Shawn D.: Hey, baby, do want to stay here in this hotel room with mommy and uncle Philip?

Claire: [Babbling]

Shawn D.: I love you, Belle. Don't ever forget that.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn D.: I hope you guys find what you're looking for. I'll see you back in Salem.

[Door closes]

Stephanie: So dad didn't really do it. You scared the living daylights out of me.

Kayla: Listen to me. We have to act like the murder was absolutely for real, and you can't tell anyone. Do you understand?

Stephanie: Yeah. I won't.

Kayla: So, I'm just trying to figure out how Jeremy fits into all this.

Stephanie: He doesn't. You were right. Jeremy's not for me.

Kayla: Well, I got to tell you something. He's already back in Salem.

Stephanie: How do you know?

Kayla: Because he called. He wanted your father's help, but your father was already in jail.

Stephanie: Well, he'll just find another stupid girl to bail him out of his jam.

Kayla: Well, what if he is back in Salem for you and not just himself?

Max: [Clears throat] Well, the stretcher's here.

Kayla: Good.

Max: Yeah.

Stephanie: I can't wait to have a hot shower.

Max: Well, something tells me if we can survive skydiving out of a plane, we can survive almost anything. Let's go. Are you ready?

Stephanie: Yeah.

Roman: Don't panic. If you panic, André will be onto us.

Sami: I can't help but panic.

Roman: Sweetheart, we are gonna bring André down, and when we do, Stefano will be without the one person who will do anything he asks.

Sami: Are you kidding me? Stefano could hire some other wack job to finish off André's work.

Lucas: Your dad's right. This could end the violence.

Sami: Dad, trouble follows me, okay? Enough near misses and eventually they're gonna get a direct hit.

Roman: Sami, please. Just give this plan a chance, okay?

Sami: Fine.

Roman: Now, you look at me. Look at me. Now tell me you're gonna be a good little girl and do what I ask you to do for a change.

Sami: Okay.

Lucas: I'll make sure of it.

Roman: All right. Then both of you remember this -- you tell nobody -- okay? -- Nobody. I mean nobody. Got it?

Lucas: Yes, sir.

Sami: Yeah. Of course.

Roman: All right. I'll see you soon.

[Smooches] Okay?

Sami: Yeah.

Roman: And, Lucas, you take good care of her. All right?

Lucas: I will.

Sami: "A good little girl" -- that's what he thinks of me, like I'm some infant who can't think for myself.

Lucas: Relax. He doesn't want you to get hurt.

Sami: My dad is crazy if he thinks that posting a guard out there is gonna stop André.

Lucas: This has nothing to do with André or the DiMera curse. This is about you and our children.

Sami: That is why we have to win this, Lucas.

Lucas: And we will. All right? Next time you have a craving, we'll just -- we'll call for takeout. Ah, there's a smile.

Roman: Okay. None of the cameras have come up with an image of André leaving the hospital, so if you see anybody who remotely looks like that bastard, grab him. Don't let him sneak under our radar. You got that?

Moreno: I got it, boss.

E.J.: So it is true. He is alive. Where is he, Samantha? What have they done to him?

Hope: She wants to stay friends with him, and you need to accept that. Because if you don't, you're gonna destroy your relationship with Belle all on your own.

Santo: You choose a life with me or a life with the church, but you make a decision tonight -- right here, tonight!

Colleen: Tonight?

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