Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 9/10/07 - Canada; Tuesday 9/11/07 - U.S.A.


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Philip: Detective Morgan? Philip Kiriakis. And this is Belle Black. Look, sorry it took us so long. We were checking into a hotel when we got your message.

Morgan: That name of yours carries a lot of weight, doesn't it? We're not in the habit of doing favors like this.

Philip: And I'm not in the habit of having my dad pull rank, but with all due respect, the Tulsa Police weren't real helpful.

Morgan: What's the problem?

Philip: There's a woman inside -- Lauren Chaffee -- and she's got my son, Tyler Kiriakis.

Morgan: Is that the boy's mother?

Philip: No. I mean, not biologically. It's complicated.

Morgan: Try me.

Philip: [Exhales deeply] About a year ago, she agreed to be a surrogate for some friends of ours.

Belle: Right, but somehow some things got mixed up.

Philip: And she ended up carrying my child.

Morgan: Go on.

Philip: So I signed this document to give her permission to terminate the pregnancy.

Belle: Right, but she had the baby anyway.

Philip: She tried to extort money out of me in return for letting me have my son. We tracked her down here.

Belle: She doesn't even want the baby.

Philip: She doesn't want me to have him, either. Lauren's in there. We saw her.

Belle: We were hoping you could go in and maybe talk some sense into her.

Morgan: I'm not making any promises.

Philip: Whatever you can do, we'd really appreciate it.

May I help you?

Morgan: Detective Morgan, Tulsa PD. I need to speak to one of your residents here.

Belle: We're gonna find him, Philip.

Nick: Hey, guys, do my eyes look weird?


Nick: What? Why are you laughing?

Jeremy: Steph, it's me again. Look, I've been thinking about what you said. You're right. I got to find a way to work this out. It's all just gonna snowball if I don't. Anyway, you told me your old man might be able to use his influence, and I've been trying to get ahold of him, but either nobody answers or your mom picks up, so... so just call me, Steph -- okay? -- When you get this. I miss you, baby.

[Laughter in distance]

Nick: I'm trying my best here.

Jeremy: Good look for you, coz.

Nick: What do you want?

Jeremy: How would you like to do me a favor, Nick, my man?

Bo: Chelsea!

Kayla: Chelsea!

Chelsea: Yeah. Thank you, guys, so much for coming.

Bo: Are you okay?

Kayla: What are you doing here?

Chelsea: I was at the hospital, but every time I saw a doctor coming towards me, I just assumed the worst, and I had to get out of there, so I came here. He didn't make it, did he?

Kayla: Baby, of course, he made it. I thought you knew.

Bo: He's out of the operation. He's fine. They took the bullet out. He's breathing on his own.

Kayla: We're transferring him to University Hospital tonight.

Chelsea: Thank God. I was so scared. I didn't know that he was gonna make it.

Kayla: It's okay. It's okay.

Chelsea: Does Abe know?

Kayla: Well, Abe would have been here, but it's still not safe for him to travel.

Bo: Here. Why don't you sit down? Tell us what happened.

Chelsea: [Exhales deeply] Um, well, Jett was working undercover this whole time.

Bo: Yeah. ISA. Abe told us.

Chelsea: Anyway, it was all supposed to go down tonight. He and these two agents -- they were closing in on this guy named Rawlings. Anyway, everything started going wrong.

Kayla: Where was Stephanie during all this?

Chelsea: She left with Max. They went to the airport to try to get those girls out of town.

Bo: What about Jeremy?

Chelsea: Uh, Jeremy left a while ago.

Kayla: He left? He left Stephanie to fend for herself against this Rawlings character when he's obviously dangerous? What if he's on to Max's plan? What if he goes after Max?

Bo: Try to stay calm. I'll see what I can find out.

Kayla: Oh, my God. Please let her be all right.

Stephanie: I don't know how we're gonna get through this, Max. But I'm glad I'm with you. You've always made me feel safe and special. I guess that's why it was so hard when you broke up with me. But I think I've grown up a lot since then, and I think you have, too. I can tell just by the way you kissed me. Max... wake up, sleepyhead. Max. Max, wake up. Max. God, what are you, like hibernating? Wake up. Aaaaahh! Bear! I think I saw a bear!

Belle: You know, it could be a while.

Philip: We're so close.

Belle: I know.

Philip: The Tulsa Police told Billie that Lauren was no longer here, but she was -- or she is.

Belle: Well, the other women are trying to protect her.

Philip: As if she needs protection. It's my son I'm worried about, and he's in this building. He has to be. I thought at least we'd get an idea of maybe where Lauren was headed. I never thought this would be the end of the search.

Belle: In a few minutes, you could be holding your son.

Philip: It's weird, Belle. I-I almost can't describe how I feel. I mean, I've seen his picture, I've heard him cry, and that's all, and yet...

Belle: You love him.

Philip: Yeah, I guess I do. [Chuckles] I mean, I'm already imaging us playing ball.

Belle: Well, playing ball is a pretty big deal, right?

Philip: Not just that. We'll camp out. I can see us in the mountains, sitting around a campfire, toasting marshmallows. And I'll tell him what it was like when I was growing up -- the things I did as a kid. And I'll tell him about you, too, Belle -- about how we were once married and how much I loved you.

Belle: Philip, um --

Philip: And how, after the divorce, we became the best of friends.

Belle: You know what? You're gonna be a great dad. You've already been a great dad.

Philip: This will not change how I feel about Claire. I'll still love her and still want to be a part of her life.

Belle: Well, good, 'cause I want that, too.

Philip: Shawn doesn't, though.

Belle: He'll get used to the idea.

Philip: [Chuckles] [Sighs] This will make my dad real happy -- a male heir to carry on the Kiriakis name, not that he doesn't love Claire.

Belle: What is it with men and their need to carry on the family name? You know, Shawn has Victor's genes just as much as Tyler does.

Philip: Shawn's a Brady. It's not the same. You know, he's had enough time.

Belle: No. Philip, don't. No.

Stephanie: Oh, my God. I think it was a grizzly. Those are the mean ones, right?

Max: Are you sure it wasn't a raccoon?

Stephanie: How many raccoons have you seen like this big?

Max: I'll check it out.

Stephanie: No. You can't leave me here. What if he comes back? What if he's hungry?

Max: Then we'll order a pizza.

Stephanie: Seriously, we could be in his den. I'm scared.

Max: It's gonna be okay. Just stay by the fire, okay?

Stephanie: No, no.

Max: I'll be right back.

Stephanie: Guys are so clueless.


Max: No bears, no bats, no venomous snakes, your highness. Get some sleep now, my little Girl Scout.

Stephanie: Actually, my ankle kind of hurts. Look.

Max: Let me see.

Stephanie: It's swelling, isn't it?

Max: Yeah, we better wrap something around that. All right. All right? Is that any better?

Stephanie: Uh-huh.

Chelsea: Don't worry, Aunt Kayla, I mean, Stephanie is with Max, and I know he wouldn't let anything bad happen to her.

Kayla: Well, at least she's with Max and not with Jeremy. I can't believe that he would just leave her here.

Chelsea: Well, he did ask her to run away with him.

Kayla: He did what? Well, at least she had the good sense not to do that.

Chelsea: It's not like he wants anything bad to happen to her.

Kayla: As long as it's not inconvenient for him. If there's one little scratch on Stephanie, I am holding Jeremy Horton personally responsible.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.

Kayla: I'm not mad. It's not about you. I -- what is that? Is that blood? You weren't hurt, were you?

Chelsea: No. It's just Jett's.

Kayla: Oh. Baby.

Chelsea: It was so weird. We were just sitting there talking, and then all of a sudden he just collapsed. I never even heard a gunshot.

Kayla: You must have been terrified. You know, maybe if you just get a little rest.

Chelsea: I can't sleep. Every time I close my eyes, he's all I can think about.

Kayla: I'm sorry you had to go through this.

Chelsea: You should have seen his face. He really thought that he was gonna die. When -- when people -- when people are in -- in that state, their way of thinking -- do they really mean everything that they say?

Kayla: Did Jett say something to you?

Chelsea: Yeah. That he loved me.

Belle: Hey, would you stop? Do you want to get clubbed again and ruin your chances of getting Tyler?

Philip: How do I know they're not stalling the guy while Lauren slips out the back?

Belle: He's a cop. They're gonna talk to him. We'll get some answers.

Philip: I don't understand what's taking so long.

Belle: He's probably talking to Lauren.

Philip: She's probably feeding him all sorts of lies.

Belle: Or maybe she saw his badge and is coming clean.

Philip: As if she knows how to tell the truth. I can't believe someone like Lauren has my son. I mean, what kind of parent could she possibly be? What if she's done some kind of permanent damage to Tyler?

Belle: Hey, she carried him for 9 months and gave birth to him. She's not gonna hurt him.

[Door opens]

Philip: Did you find her? Did you talk to Lauren?

Morgan: Miss Chaffee, Miss Hudson, and a few other women.

Belle: And?

Morgan: They all seem to agree. There is no baby.

Nick: This is Artemis and DeMarquette. Guys, come over.

Jeremy: Don't people name their kids John or Tommy anymore?

Nick: And this is Jeremy. He is missing a sensitivity gene.

Jeremy: Hey, buddy. Hey. Ooh. Quite a grip there, Arte.

Nick: That's DeMarquette.

Jeremy: Sorry. So, you're really stuck with these kids till their mom gets out --

Nick: On vacation. She's on vacation. She's on extended vacation. We have been having a great time in the meantime.

Jeremy: Can I talk to you in private?

Nick: You guys, um, Mrs. Brady has these really cool board games over there. Want to go check them out?

Artemis: Board games like what?

Nick: Like checkers, like cards, like chess.

Artemis: Chess?! Cool! Come on, Dee. Let's go practice the Sicilian: Open.

Jeremy: Those kids are weird.

Nick: What do you want, Jeremy?

Jeremy: I need your help, buddy.

Nick: Oh. We're buddies now? What happened to Nick the nerd?

Jeremy: Come on. We're family, right?

Nick: So were Cain and Abel.

Jeremy: Look, all I need is Steve's cellphone number.

Nick: Why?

Jeremy: The stuff in Vegas kind of went south, and Steph told me her old man might be able to give me a hand.

Nick: Are you serious, dude? You really think Steph's dad is gonna bail you out?

Kayla: So, Jett told you that he loves you?

Chelsea: Yeah. He was going in and out of consciousness, so I don't know. I mean, he could have thought that I was somebody else or something or maybe even -- I'm getting my hopes up for nothing, right? I mean, not that I am getting my hopes up.

Kayla: Well, I think he knew who you were.

Chelsea: Well, then, does he love me as like a friend or...

Kayla: Maybe you have to ask him.

Chelsea: Right, yeah, 'cause that wouldn't be weird. "Hey, Jett, remember when you thought you were dying and then you told me that you loved me? Did you mean it as like in a friend way or 'I want to spend the rest of my life with you' kind of way?"

Kayla: Oh, you might want to rephrase it just a little.

Chelsea: Don't you think that sounds selfish, like that's all I can think about? I'm sorry. I can't believe I'm sitting here discussing my love life with you, considering everything that's going on. It's really insensitive. I'm sorry.

Kayla: No, no, no. I welcome the distraction.

Chelsea: Trust me, Max is gonna take care of Steph, okay? He wouldn't let anything happen to her.

Kayla: I'm sure you're right. So, what about you? How do you feel about Jett?

Chelsea: I don't know. I mean, he's nice and he's sweet and he's mature. And when I thought we were gonna lose him, I kind of felt like...

Kayla: Like what?

Chelsea: I barely even know him.

Kayla: Come on. What were you gonna say? If he hadn't made it, you would have felt like what?

Chelsea: I would have felt like a part of me died with him.

Max: You just got to keep the swelling down, so...

Stephanie: Uh-huh.

Max: Have you heard a word I said?

Stephanie: Sure, I have. Mostly. I must say, you're pretty impressive, Dr. Brady.

Max: Well, you watch enough episodes of "E.R." and you kind of pick things up.

Stephanie: The last time I twisted my ankle, I was back in Dayton. Jeremy and I were going to this surprise party, and, of course, we were running late, and, what do you know, I decide to wear 4-inch heels. You could never be too tall, right?

Max: Right.

Stephanie: Anyway, we were running across Gilker Street, trying to get there before the guest of honor.

Max: And you totally wiped out.

Stephanie: Completely. I guess you're not supposed to run in 4-inch heels.

Max: Oh, yeah. I never do. Is that better?

Stephanie: Yeah. Thank you.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: You're much better at these kind of things than Jeremy is.

Max: Yeah, well, he's probably on some beach in Mexico by now.

Stephanie: What would you have done? Would you have waited for the cops to show up?

Max: Well, you'd think he'd be right at home behind bars.

Stephanie: What's wrong with you?

Max: What's wrong with you? Why'd you get mixed up with a guy like Jeremy in the first place? You knew he had a record.

Stephanie: It's not like he's a murderer, Max.

Max: He treats you like crap.

Stephanie: I decided to put up with it because he's been through a lot. He could be really sweet when he wanted to.

Max: Yeah, when he wants some sex.

Stephanie: That is not true.

Max: You should have dumped that loser the first time he treated you badly.

Stephanie: Maybe I don't give up on people as easily as you do.

Max: All I was saying --

Stephanie: Is that if I would have broken up with Jeremy when you thought I should have, we wouldn't be in this mess and you'd have all your money and your precious garage and everything would be perfect? Well, I'm sorry if I screwed things up for you!

Belle: What do you mean, "There's no baby"?

Philip: You want proof? Here.

Morgan: And what's this?

Philip: It's a DNA test. That proves I'm the child's father.

Morgan: Congratulations.

Philip: If he's not in there, then Lauren knows where we can find him. Tell her that if she doesn't cooperate, you're gonna throw her in jail.

Morgan: That might be the way you do things where you come from.

Philip: Come on, man.

Morgan: Talk some sense to your friend here.

Belle: Lauren's lying, and the other women are covering for her.

Morgan: I can't search this place without a warrant.

Belle: [Sighs] Maybe Lauren would agree to talk to us -- all three of us -- out here in a calm and rational manner. We don't disrupt the other women, and maybe she'd feel less pressure.

Morgan: If she's guilty like you say, she's not gonna go for that.

Belle: Well, we have to try. We can at least try. Please?

Philip: Do you have kids?

Morgan: Two little girls.

Philip: And how would you feel if one of them dis--

Morgan: Okay. Okay. Hang tight.


[Door closes]

Max: Well, good night.

[Clears throat]

Stephanie: You're just gonna go to sleep?

Max: Oh, that's right. My prayers. Thanks for reminding me. Hey, God, long time, no talk. Not much to pray about but the usual -- family, health, a new Maserati MC12. I got this friend over here, and she's kind of going through some stuff with a guy, and he treats her like dirt, sleeps around, walks all over her. If it's not too much to ask -- and you're probably really busy -- but just give her a little guidance, maybe, huh? How about that?

Stephanie: Wait a second. I'm the one who needs help?

Max: Thanks, God. Talk to you later.

Stephanie: You are such a hypocrite, Max Brady. You say all that stuff about Jeremy, but you're no different than he is. You're involved in the same crimes that he is.

Max: Yeah, but he's the one who got me into --

Stephanie: And how many girls have you been with in the past year, hmm?

Max: You are still upset the way we ended things, aren't you?

Stephanie: Let's get something straight here. We didn't end things. You did. And you waited till the worst possible moment. I was in the hospital.

Max: We should have stayed together because I felt sorry for you?

Stephanie: We should have stayed together because I was the best damn thing that ever happened to you!

Jeremy: Steve's gonna come through for me, Nick. Steph promised.

Nick: Okay.

Jeremy: All I need is a phone number here. I'm not asking you to rob a bank. And no more nerd jokes. You'll be the man. Totally off the hook. Please.

Nick: Okay, Jeremy.

Jeremy: I love you for this, bro.

Nick: I regret this already.

Chelsea: Do you mind if we not tell anybody this? I just feel like it's kind of embarrassing.

Kayla: What is there to be embarrassed about?

Chelsea: Well, it's just I like Jett, and if I misunderstood anything that he said to me, I don't want it to be weird between us, you know? I just don't want to lose him. I mean, not that I have him.

Kayla: Uh-huh.

Chelsea: I mean, I do have him as a friend. Is any of this making sense?

Kayla: Plenty.

Chelsea: Really? 'Cause I kind of feel like a bumbling idiot.

Kayla: Love does that to a person.

Chelsea: I never said anything about love, not on my part.

Kayla: Why are you fighting this?

Chelsea: I'm not.

Kayla: Well, then, what's the problem? Is it Nick? Do you still have feelings for him?

[Cellphone ringing]

Kayla: Oh. Just a second. Hello.

Nick: Hi, Kayla. I'm sorry to bother you. It's Nick Fallon.

Kayla: Why, Nick... what can I do for you?

Nick: I'm actually wondering if I can get Steve's cellphone number from you.

Kayla: Why do you need his number?

Nick: Oh, it's not for me. It's for, uh, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Dude, what the hell?

Kayla: I'm sorry. Did you say "Jeremy"?

Nick: Yeah.

Kayla: Is he there with you?

Nick: K-kind of.

Kayla: Nick, put him on the line.

Nick: She wants to talk to you.

Jeremy: No way.

Nick: Do you want the number or not?

Jeremy: Mrs. J., how's it going?

Kayla: Jeremy, where the hell is my daughter?

Jeremy: What are you talking about? She's in Vegas with Max and Chelsea.

Kayla: She is not here, and neither is Max.

Jeremy: Wait. You're in Vegas?

Kayla: Answer the question. Where is Stephanie?

Jeremy: I don't know. I haven't heard from her since I left.

Kayla: You really did a great job keeping an eye on her, haven't you? Put Nick back on the phone.

Jeremy: What about the number?

Kayla: Put him on the phone.

Nick: Hello.

Kayla: Nick, I need you to do something for me.

Nick: Yeah. Sure.

Kayla: As soon as we hang up, I want you to call Roman and tell him that there is a warrant out for Jeremy in Las Vegas. He is to arrest him. If he has any questions at all, he can call me or Bo.

Nick: Okay.

Kayla: Thank you.

Nick: Whoa. Where are you going?

Jeremy: I'm sure as hell not gonna wait around here for the Salem P.D. to show up. That's what she asked you to do, right -- call the cops? I knew it.

Nick: What are you doing?

Jeremy: So you won't be tempted.

Jeremy: I need you to spot me some cash.

Nick: You just took my phone.

Jeremy: How much you got?

Nick: Give me my phone.

Jeremy: Give me a head start -- 10 minutes.

Nick: Five.

Jeremy: Well, look who's making deals.

Nick: Yeah, that's right. Now hand it over.

Jeremy: Now it's your turn, Nicky. Pay up.

Chelsea: This doesn't make any sense. Why would Jeremy go back to Salem?

Kayla: Stephanie must have told him that Steve agreed to help him out.

Chelsea: Was he serious?

Kayla: I think Steve would have given him a second shot, for Stephanie's sake.

Chelsea: Dad.

Kayla: Bo. Please, tell me you know where they are.

Bo: The plane they were supposedly on landed about an hour ago.

Kayla: Back in Salem?

Bo: Juarez, Mexico.

Kayla: Mexico? Are they all right? We need to get to them. They need our help.

Bo: Stephanie and Max weren't on the plane when it landed.

Kayla: Were they on board when it took off?

Bo: Yeah, we think so.

Chelsea: What about Rawlings? Maybe he knows something.

Bo: Yeah, he probably does, but he managed to slip away.

Kayla: Oh, God, Bo. What's happening?

Stephanie: Jeremy walks all over me, huh?

Max: Mm-hmm.

Stephanie: What about the way you treated me?

Max: I never treated you like a servant. The way he talks to you -- "do this, do that" -- it's like he doesn't respect you.

Stephanie: You're one to talk.

Max: I think he enjoys it, like he's on this little power trip.

Stephanie: Oh. Power. Kind of like when you dumped me? I'll bet that felt really good, huh, Max?

Max: Yeah, I got a real good kick out of it, Steph.

Stephanie: You know, I was really into you -- completely into our relationship.

Max: Yeah, well, maybe a little too into it.

Stephanie: Oh. I get it. You start to feel crowded, and you let them loose. I mean, why be with a girl who has real feelings for you when you can hook up with a one-night wonder instead, huh?

Max: You're way off.

Stephanie: Then tell me -- when is the last time you had real feelings for a girl? And I'm talking above the belt.

Max: That's it. Conversation's over.

Stephanie: You're afraid.

Max: Good night, Steph.

Stephanie: [Scoffs]

[Door closes]

Belle: Lauren, thank you for doing this.

Lauren: It's pointless. I have nothing to say to you.

Morgan: Mr. Kiriakis seems to think you might know where his son is.

Lauren: I don't know what you're talking about.

Philip: Maybe this will jog your memory. Look familiar? She sent this to me a month ago. It was taken in her apartment.

Lauren: This was a bad idea.

Philip: No, no, listen. I need to see him! I need to know he's okay!

Lauren: Tyler's fine. He's with someone I trust.

Philip: You see? You see? You do know where he is. I am his father. I have a right to see him.

Lauren: Oh, you think so? Well, you know what? Since we're playing show-and-tell, how about you take a look at this?

Morgan: It says here you gave up your legal rights. Is that true?

Philip: I was in a really bad place. My marriage was falling apart. I was losing my daughter. Look, I was under the impression she was gonna terminate the pregnancy. If I'd have known she was gonna go through with it, I never would have signed it.

Lauren: Yeah, but you did. Love's loss.

Morgan: Mr. Kiriakis, I suggest you back off and haul your butt out of here, or I'm gonna do it for you. Let it go, fella. Call it a day.

Philip: It's money you want, right? So, what will it take? 250? 300 grand? I'll write you a check. Just give me an address where I can find him.

Belle: Philip, come on.

Morgan: He's accused you of extortion, sweetheart. You take that money, I'm gonna have to arrest you.

Philip: Detective, you're not helping.

Lauren: What is this? Just because you got a few bucks in the bank, you think you're entitled? I wouldn't tell you where my son is if you put a gun to my head.

Philip: Damn it! Where is he?! Where is he?!

Jeremy: Come on, man. The money.

Nick: Okay.

Jeremy: This is it? This is all you've got?

Nick: What do you expect? I'm unemployed. I'm raising two kids. I have a bit of a financial crisis myself.

Jeremy: This won't even cover a train ticket.

Nick: Look, Jeremy, are you sure you really want to do this? You could call Uncle Mickey.

Jeremy: No way. I'm out of here. Give this to Steph for me. Five minutes, Nick.

Kayla: Oh, my God. My baby.

Bo: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. There's a lot we don't know yet.

Kayla: Like where that son of a bitch Rawlings is.

Bo: The Mexican authorities, the FBI -- they're all over this. We'll find him, and we'll find Stephanie and Max -- alive.

Chelsea: It's not enough that Jett gets shot? Now my two best friends are missing.

Bo: Hey, come here.

Chelsea: It's so unfair.

Bo: No, kid, it's not fair.

Kayla: We can't tell Steve anything about this, not till we know what's going on.

Bo: Yeah, I agree.

[Cellphone ringing]

Bo: That's the Feds. This may be what we want. Brady.

Stephanie: I got another question for you.

Max: I'm asleep.

Stephanie: How come guys are never interested in girls that are available?

Max: Where did you come up with that?

Stephanie: It's like you think there must be something wrong with a girl if she doesn't have a boyfriend.

Max: That's ridiculous.

Stephanie: What about the girls who aren't available? Suddenly they're more desirable because they're taken.

Max: What are you talking about?

Stephanie: Max, you had zero interest in me until you found out I was with Jeremy.

Max: Oh, come on. That is so not true.

Stephanie: Was it because you finally thought I was good enough for you?

Max: No.

Stephanie: Then what was it? There had to be a reason.

Max: You know what? I think we really need to get some sleep.

Stephanie: I think I know what it is. If a guy hooks up with a girl who's already in a relationship, there's no pressure, no strings attached. Oh, my God. I'm so right. Just admit it.

Max: Fine. I'm in it for the sex. Are you happy? Is that what you want to hear? Can I get some peace?

Stephanie: [Scoffs]

Bo: All right. Thanks.

Kayla: So, what do you know? Did you find the kids?

Bo: No, but they found those women that Rawlings was with.

Chelsea: That's the group that Max was trying to help -- the ones brought over and forced into prostitution.

Bo: Well, there's a lot we don't know. When they found these women, they had thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods on them.

Chelsea: That's weird.

Bo: Yeah, there's a lot of unanswered questions, but the bottom line is they're cooperating.

Kayla: Do they know where Rawlings is?

Bo: No. But they did say that Stephanie and Max were on that flight.

Kayla: What are you telling me, Bo?

Bo: Rawlings made them jump from the plane, but they had parachutes.

Kayla: What?! [Gasps] Is that supposed to make me feel better? Jumped from the plane?

Chelsea: Look, Max has been skydiving before. He has experience.

Bo: He's made jumps before.

Kayla: In the pitch dark? Come on.

Chelsea: Do we have any idea where they might be?

Bo: The Sandy Mountains -- someplace in New Mexico.

Kayla: That really narrows it down.

Bo: They're putting together a search-and-rescue team as we speak.

Kayla: I'm going there, Bo. Don't you even try to stop me. I am not gonna just sit by here and wait for the phone to ring.

Bo: All right. I'll make some calls, okay?

Stephanie: You think we're done here?

Max: Apparently not.

Stephanie: So that whole time we were together, I was just your babe of the moment? And it didn't even matter that it was me. It could have been anyone?

Max: I never said that.

Stephanie: Yeah, you did.

Max: Well, I didn't mean it to come across like that. It's been a long time. We've both changed.

Stephanie: What's next? "It's not you, it's me" speech?

Max: Will you listen to me, please? Steph, we were different back then. I mean, God, how do I say this? I didn't feel like we connected. Sure, we had a lot of things in common, but you were just so young, and you were just a kid. And when you came back from Dayton -- wow. That confidence, that attitude. It was like all of a sudden you came back as this woman -- a woman I could definitely see myself with. And I know you think it's all because I can't have you, but you know what?

Stephanie: What if you could?

Max: Huh?

Stephanie: What if I told you that you could have me?

Belle: Philip, don't!

Philip: Lauren!

Morgan: That's it!

Philip: Lauren!

Belle: Hey, wait. No. You can't do this.

Morgan: You rich boys are all alike, aren't you? Think you can skate through life on your bank account, never have to work for anything.

Belle: Do you know what this rich kid has done for his country, the sacrifices he's made? He put his life on the line in Iraq.

Philip: Belle.

Morgan: Iraq, huh?

Belle: Two tours.

Morgan: Desert storm, myself. Look, I wish I could help, but technically you have no right to that child.

Philip: You think I'm just gonna give up?

Morgan: I'm sorry. That's the law. Now, I'm gonna go back to my car, and I'm gonna call a black-and-white. I suggest you be gone when they get here. My advice -- go home. Pack it in. Good luck.

Philip: We were so close, Belle.

Belle: We're not giving up. We should go back to the hotel, and we'll order some food, and we'll watch a funny movie, and we'll just relax, and we'll start fresh in the morning.

Philip: I can't believe that detective screwed up Lauren taking the money. That's what she was after.

Belle: I know, but she is tempted, right? So we know she wants the money. Then --

Philip: She'll be in touch.

Belle: Exactly. Okay. So, back to the hotel.

Philip: [Chuckles] If it wasn't for you, I'd be locked up right now.

Belle: Well, I guess you owe me, then.

Philip: Let's go.

Belle: Okay.

Max: Are you suggesting that we -- like you and I --

Stephanie: I think you know what I'm suggesting.

Max: Not to be a buzzkill or anything, but what about Jeremy?

Stephanie: Jeremy made his choice, and it wasn't me.

Max: What about your choice?

Stephanie: My choice?

Max: Yeah. Jeremy's not really cut out for life on the run, and he'll be back. You can count on that. How much you want to bet that you're the first person that he calls?

Stephanie: Okay. Okay. Buzzkill. This isn't about Jeremy. It's about us.

Max: Well, you can't have both. It's either Jeremy or me. And if it's me, look, we'll talk. I will be as open and honest as I know how. But first I think you need to be honest with yourself.

Bo: Okay. We're in. We can catch a red-eye.

Kayla: Oh, Bo, thank God.

Bo: But we're gonna have to hustle.

Kayla: Let's get going.

Chelsea: Good luck.

Bo: Are you gonna be okay here alone?

Chelsea: Yeah. Just be careful.

Bo: All right. See ya.

Chelsea: Hey, Nick. It's me.

Nick: Chelsea. Where are you?

Chelsea: Um, I'm at the hotel in Vegas. Everything's just been falling apart.

Nick: What is it? Is it Jeremy?

Chelsea: Jett got shot.

Nick: Are you serious?

Chelsea: It's just been the worst night of my life. I just wanted to hear a friendly voice.

Nick: Is there anything I can do? Are you all right?

Chelsea: Yeah. I'll be fine.

Nick: Well, I'm really glad you called me.

Chelsea: Listen, you know, I don't really have good reception here, so tell the boys I say hi and I'll talk to you later.

Nick: Yeah. Sure.

Chelsea: Bye, Nick.

Nick: [Sighs] Bye, Chelsea.

DeMarquette: It's okay, Dad.

Artemis: It's okay. Don't be sad.

Shawn D.: So my decision to help our family is wrong, but you taking off with Philip is no problem?

Belle: Only if you make it one.

Stephanie: What if Jeremy was totally out of the picture?

Max: If Jeremy were totally out of the picture, we'd be doing a whole lot more than just talking.

Sami: André said that if this is a trap, he'll kill us.

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