Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 9/4/07 - Canada; Wednesday 9/5/07 - U.S.A.


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Nick: All right, let's see if you guys can get this one here. We have some cheese. Cheese has calcium, right? What's the symbol for calcium?

DeMarquette: Ca.

Nick: Dude, you're a rock star. High five. You get some of my fries for that. When I was your age, I didn't know the difference between hydrogen and helium.

Artemis: Hydrogen -- H. Helium -- he.

Nick: Artemis is showing off for us, huh? Well, next time, we're gonna get into the actinides, and we'll see how good you guys really are.

Billie: Wow, I can't wait for that conversation. Hi. Who are these two handsome young men?

Nick: This is Artemis and DeMarquette.

Billie: Hi, guys. I'm Billie. Oh, those burgers look good. Were they good?

Both: Yeah.

Nick: Look, you guys, I need to go talk to this lady for a second, but I'm gonna be right over here at the table, all right? Whoa. Don't eat all my fries. You can have some, but don't take all of them. All right.

Billie: Eat them all. Hey. You seem pretty comfortable with this whole fatherhood thing.

Nick: Yeah, well, I have a problem, Billie -- a big problem.

Chelsea: Anything to drink for you, Max -- the usual?

Max: No, thanks.

Chelsea: Wow, he's turning down free alcohol. You okay?

Max: Yeah, Chelse, I'm great.

Chelsea: You know, Stephanie kind of told me about the whole illegal-alien thing.

Max: Great. Great. Yeah, let's put up a billboard. So, do you know I financed the deal, hmm? I swear I didn't know that it was more than designer knock offs.

Chelsea: Jeremy was keeping the truth from all of us.

Max: Well, I should have asked a lot more questions, but instead, I let the money put my brain to sleep. And now I'm gonna lose the money, the garage, and God knows what else is gonna happen to those girls.

Chelsea: Well, maybe it's time you got the authorities involved?

Max: No. I got those girls into this mess, and I'm going to get them out.

Chelsea: Okay, so, say that you do get them out of Vegas. Then what?

Max: I'll figure that out later. The most important thing is to get those girls as far away from Rawlings as possible. He could be real dangerous if he finds out that we're double-crossing him.

Jeremy: What's so important it can't wait till we land?

Stephanie: How do I say this?

Jeremy: Stop being a drama queen, Steph, and just tell me.

Stephanie: I kind of, sort of told my dad that you might be in some trouble.

Jeremy: Are you out of your mind?

Sami: Get off my bed, E.J., and please give me back my letters.

E.J.: Samantha, look -- all I want to do is read about -- you okay?

Sami: Yes.

E.J.: All I want to do is read about this sordid love affair between my grandfather and your great aunt.

Sami: Well, I don't. Lucas will be back any minute.

E.J.: Okay, maybe we'll just do this until he gets back.

Sami: Oh, great. And he'll walk in and see you sitting on my bed? He'll kill you, which is actually not such a bad idea.

E.J.: He's not gonna kill me for reading a few letters.

Sami: Ha.

E.J.: What are you afraid of? Does this hit a little bit too close to home?

Sami: Go back to your room, E.J.

E.J.: You're uncomfortable, aren't you?

Sami: You think?

E.J.: I think that this relationship that Santo has with Colleen is really not that different to our own.

Sami: I may look like Colleen and you may look like Santo, but that is where the similarities end. She was single. I'm a married woman -- a happily married woman.

E.J.: Married women still have temptations, darling.

Sami: Not this one, E.J. Besides, she was headed for the convent. And, on top of that, she --

E.J.: And then what, hmm?

Sami: She didn't know enough to stay away from anyone named DiMera, and I do.

E.J.: All right, well, that settles it. I should probably give these back to you, then, eh?

Sami: Thank you.

E.J.: You're welcome. Then again --

Sami: Unbelievable.

E.J.: Okay, come on. You sitting comfortably?

Sami: No.

E.J.: Good. Let me begin. [Clears throat] [Italian accent] "My dear Colleen, it is true. I have known love. But the other night, as I held you in my arms, time stood still. The rest of the world ceased to exist." [Normal voice] Wow.

Sami: Please.

E.J.: Wow. My grandfather -- quite the Casanova. [Clears throat] I'll continue. [Italian accent] "I knew nothing except the sweetness of your scent and the softness of your skin. [Normal voice] It was as if our animal instincts came to the fore and took control of our sensibilities. I felt we were as one...together. But when Sister Mary Anne appeared unexpectedly and frightened you away, everything that mattered in my life disappeared. I finally understood that I had placed unreasonable demands on you, that I had promised you the world, assuming that you would choose me over your family and your vows. And for that, cuore, I am forever sorry. I swore to myself and to you that I would stop at nothing to make things right, even if it meant ruining my own good name. And at that very moment, I knew exactly what had to be done."

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Billie: Hmm, let me guess. Fatherhood isn't as easy as you thought it would be.

Nick: It's work.

Billie: At least you have a lot of people to go to for advice.

Nick: Yeah. I know. I just -- I feel bad -- guilty. Maybe that's a better word.

Billie: Nick, why do you feel guilty?

Nick: Because they're stuck with me, at least for now, anyway. I married their mom in a total fog and now they're stuck with a single parent who's never even babysat before.

Billie: Hey, consider the amount of time that you've had them. It will get easier, I promise.

Nick: Yeah. I'm just thinking maybe if I take good care of them while their mom's in jail, then the karma Gods will shine down on me again, maybe give me another chance with Chelsea.

Billie: Hey, as far as I'm concerned, she was a fool to let you go.

DeMarquette: Can I have more ketchup, please?

Nick: Yes, you can. And make sure your brother pours it for you. I've seen you. Okay?

Billie: He just said please. I didn't think that kids said please anymore.

Nick: I know. These kids are the exception to the rule. And that's kind of why I wanted you to meet me here. It's like the more time I spend with them, Billie, the more I'm starting to think they're not who I thought they were. And to be honest, I'm kind of concerned about it.

Stephanie: Calm down, Jeremy.

Jeremy: Great, now I'm gonna have the cops and your old man after me.

Stephanie: Would you let me finish? I talked to my dad, and he said he might be able to help you.

Jeremy: Yeah, he'll help -- help throw my butt in jail.

Stephanie: Would you at least just give him a chance?

Jeremy: It doesn't matter. The second we hit the tarmac, I am gone, off the grid.

Stephanie: Where are you gonna go?

Jeremy: Canada, Mexico, I don't know, but I am not going back to jail. Come on, Steph, not now.

Stephanie: How could you do this? What about us, Jeremy?

Jeremy: Come with me.

Sami: Poor Colleen. I wonder what kind of scheme Santo had planned for next time. He certainly didn't lack for perseverance, did he?

E.J.: Samantha, he was in love. He knew what he wanted.

Sami: So you think that just gives him the freedom to pursue her so relentlessly?

E.J.: Well, I certainly think that Colleen wasn't without blame.

Sami: What? He was pushing her. He was forcing her to do something that she didn't want to do.

E.J.: Please, she was not as innocent as her robes would suggest.

Sami: How dare you?

E.J.: Samantha, her father sent her away to the convent because he didn't want his little girl to get into trouble.

Sami: Wait a second. That -- it was like 50 years ago. A young woman didn't have a lot of options at that time in Ireland.

E.J.: So you're saying she was trapped in the church? Just like you're trapped in your marriage.

Sami: I am hardly trapped in my marriage. I love Lucas. I -- I chose to marry him.

E.J.: Yes, you did. But look at what it's done to you. You've become comfortable, complacent. Where is the Samantha that had that spark, that lust for life that I used to so admire?

Sami: What are you -- E.J., this isn't about me, okay? This is about a romance between two people 50 years ago that led to a horrible vendetta that the DiMeras carried out against my family.

E.J.: Okay. Why don't we see what Colleen had to say about this?

Sami: "Santo, for the first time in my life, I felt like I knew the power of sinful...temptation. When I fled from the inn to the church, it was as if I hoped to run away from it as I hoped to run away from the way that you made me feel. I imagined I could still deliver myself from temptation.

FR. Mallory: Colleen, is there something you should be telling me now? Colleen?

Sr. Mary Anne: Nothing to say? Well, I've plenty. As I told the father, I happened to stop in at Mr. DiMera's room at the inn, don't you know? And can you not guess what I saw there, Colleen Mary? 10 toes poking out from behind the drapes and your own scarf on the bed.

Fr. Mallory: Colleen, it's a grim accusation she's making against you. Have you nothing to say to me, child?

Sr. Mary Anne: You were with that man, were you not -- Mr. DiMera, the Italian?

Fr. Mallory: Is this right, Colleen Mary? Were you with Mr. DiMera this evening?

Sr. Mary Anne: Of course she was. Her scarf was on his bed. I saw it with me own eyes.

Fr. Mallory: Have you a confession to make?

Sr. Mary Anne: Her silence is as good as any confession. She doesn't belong in God's service. She'll lead the other novices into sin.

Fr. Mallory: That's enough, sister. We do not raise our voice in the house of our Lord. Colleen must speak for herself. I'm here not to judge but to listen. If you say you weren't in Mr. DiMera's room, I will believe you. But God is watching, and 'tis certain he'll know if you speak the truth.

Colleen: I was not with Mr. DiMera this evening, Father.

Jeremy: So, what do you say, Steph? As soon as the ground, we pull a Bonnie and Clyde, just disappear.

Stephanie: You want me to run away with you?

Jeremy: It's the only way we can be together. We'll make it work, trust me.

Stephanie: What about my friends, my family? I don't get to say goodbye?

Jeremy: But we'll have each other, right? That's all that really matters. You've never been one to back away from a little adventure, Steph.

Stephanie: This isn't white-water rafting. You don't even know where you're gonna go. Where are we gonna sleep? What are we gonna eat? Have you thought about that?

Jeremy: I've got some money stashed away. We'll be cool.

Stephanie: For how long? My cousin Shawn and Belle did this, and it was a complete disaster.

Jeremy: They had a baby with them. All we have to worry about is us -- just you and me.

Stephanie: I just don't see how running away is gonna solve anything.

Jeremy: You got any better ideas?

Stephanie: Yeah, I still think we should go to my dad. He said that he'd help.

Jeremy: Enough with your dad, okay? I don't trust the guy. And I'm sorry if you don't want to hear that, but to be honest, I don't trust anyone. No one except you. Look, I got to get back to work. You think about this, okay? I'll check in before we land. And I won't be mad if you say no. You're my girl, no matter what, baby.

Chelsea: Hey, Steph, that guy in 2a is still waiting for his Bloody Mary. Did you want me to get it, or -- what's wrong?

Stephanie: Nothing. Everything.

Jett: I just talked to my point guy. It's all gonna go down just like I said. Sorry, bro.

Max: There's got to be something you can do, Jett. If your agents roll in too soon, this whole thing could below up in my face.

Jett: I wish I could help you, but it's not my call.

Max: You got to have some kind of pull. All I need is just a little time to get those girls to a safe place.

Sr. Mary Anne: You say you were not with Mr. DiMera this evening. However, it is very odd that your scarf would turn up in his room, don't you think?

Colleen: I'm hardly the only woman in Galway who owns a scarf.

Sr. Mary Anne: But yours is very distinct, is it not? And you wear it quite often. As a matter of fact, I've even complimented you on it a time or two. Certainly you must recall.

Colleen: I do.

Sr. Mary Anne: May I see it, your lovely scarf? That would surely settle the question now, wouldn't it?

Colleen: Well, I'm sorry, but I don't have it with me.

Sr. Mary Anne: Do you see that? The girl is deceiving us. She's not worthy to serve the church.

Santo: I am terribly sorry. I hope I am not interrupting.

Fr. Mallory: Nonsense. What brings you here, Mr. DiMera?

Santo: Sister Mary Anne stopped by my room earlier. Sister, I am afraid I owe you an apology.

Sr. Mary Anne: What ever for?

Santo: I was not very hospitable, was I, to say the least? And for that, I am truly sorry. Please accept my apology and a donation for the children of the parish.

Sami: Well, he was inventive, I'll give him that.

E.J.: Inventive, yes, but also very caring. Don't you see, Samantha? He did what he did to save her reputation. I think that's admirable.

Sami: It's his fault that her reputation was on the chopping block to begin with.

E.J.: But he loved her. He wouldn't have gone to all of this trouble if all he wanted was a quick roll in the hay. This proves he would have done anything for her.

Sami: All it proves is that he was willing to do whatever he had to do to get what he wanted -- a trait that he has managed to pass on to future generations.

E.J.: Oh. I see.

Sami: You DiMeras, you are all the same.

E.J.: Oh, I know. That damn DiMera perseverance.

Sami: You are so arrogant. Get out! I hate you. Get out!

Billie: I don't know. They seem like really good kids to me. What did you expect?

Nick: I don't know, but their mom is, like, a hustler, like a con artist. I mean, she'd be a horrible role model.

Billie: Hey, just because a person has fallen on hard times does not automatically make them a bad parent.

Nick: That's not what I mean. What I mean is I didn't expect them to be fluent in French.

Billie: They speak French?

Nick: Yeah, and some other language that I've never even heard before. I'm telling you, Billie, they're geniuses.

Billie: Do you think this isn't just a case of proud-parent syndrome? Okay, proud-parent syndrome -- it's like every parent thinks that their child is the best child in the whole world, no matter what. I mean, this kid could spend more time in the principal's office than the principal and the parents would still think that their kids are the cat's pajamas.

Nick: These kids are the cat's pajamas. How many adults do you know that can spell the word ichthyologist?

Billie: Count me out.

Nick: They've had this amazing education. And from my experience with China Lee, she doesn't exactly seem like the kind of parent who could do that for them, which can really only mean one thing -- these kids aren't China Lee's.

E.J.: You okay?

Sami: Yes.

E.J.: Those are pretty strong words, Samantha.

Sami: Yeah, well, you have a pretty cruel family, E.J. You cause a tremendous amount of pain to other people, and you practically enjoy seeing it.

E.J.: Well, why don't you Bradys just go and eliminate the entire DiMera clan, then, eh?

Sami: I've tried, if you'll recall.

E.J.: You might recall, darling, you couldn't quite pull the trigger, could you?

Sami: Only because I couldn't bring myself to stoop to your level.

E.J.: All right, look, okay? Let's just stop. Let's try and put this in some perspective, shall we? My father is clinging to life, barely. Let's be honest -- that's not gonna go on for too much longer. Tony and I have opted out of the whole deal, which really only leaves André, and he's bound to make a misstep one of these days. Samantha, this isn't about our families. This is really just about one man and one woman.

Santo: I am so sorry. Where are my manners? This is Mrs. Fitzpatrick. She lives above me at the inn. She looks after my son, Stefano, when I am working. Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Father Mallory, Sister Mary Anne, and Colleen Brady.

Fr. Mallory: I've seen you before, have I not, on market day?

Fitzpatrick: 'Tis possible. I buy flowers there to add a spot of color to me drab little flat.

Fr. Mallory: But not in church, I'm sorry to say.

Fitzpatrick: Ah, no, Father. I'm sorry.

Fr. Mallory: You help out Mr. DiMera with his young son. That's a Christian kindness to be sure.

Santo: Mrs. Fitzpatrick and I have both lost a spouse.

Fr. Mallory: I'm sorry, I am, to hear it.

Santo: Well, we have forged quite a bond over our mutual grief, which brings me to the point of my visit. Sister Mary Anne, when you came to my room earlier, I'm afraid I was keeping something from you.

Sr. Mary Anne: I had a feeling.

Santo: Mrs. Fitzpatrick and I were consoling each other over our losses when you knocked on my door.

Fitzpatrick: Talking's all. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Santo: I wanted to protect the good name of Mrs. Fitzpatrick, and so I asked her to hide behind the drapes. I did not want you to get the wrong idea.

Sr. Mary Anne: It was you?

Fitzpatrick: Yes.

Santo: It was wrong, and I am extremely sorry, sister. I was very foolish to try and deceive you.

Fr. Mallory: Clearly sister Mary Anne here is the one who should be doing the apologizing.

Sr. Mary Anne: What on earth for?

Fr. Mallory: That scarf Mrs. Fitzpatrick is wearing -- it's lovely, by the way -- Colleen has one that is very similar, do you not?

Colleen: I do.

Fr. Mallory: Is it not possible that it was Mrs. Fitzpatrick's scarf you remember from your visit to Mr. DiMera's room?

Sr. Mary Anne: It...may be.

Fr. Mallory: I'd like you to apologize to Colleen as well as Mr. DiMera.

Santo: Oh, father, that is really not necessary.

Sr. Mary Anne: I'm very sorry to the both of you.

Santo: Well, it is all right. We are all friends now.

Fitzpatrick: Father, might I speak with you for a moment in private?

Fr. Mallory: Certainly.

Santo: I do not think we will have any more trouble from the good sister.

Colleen: Sister Mary Anne is right. I'm not fit to serve the church. I lied to the father before you arrived. Until you appeared, I had never once uttered a single word that wasn't true. That is why I must ask you to go now and to stay away from me, I beg of you.

Santo: Lies, Colleen, do not need to be spoken.

Colleen: Just go.

Santo: Every time you deny how you feel when you are with me, that is a lie. You know this. The lord knows this, too.

Sami: If Santo really loved Colleen, he should have just let her go.

E.J.: Oh, please, Samantha, you don't believe that.

Sami: Yes, I do. He wouldn't stop pushing her. He kept pushing her no matter how hard she resisted.

E.J.: Yeah, he gave her exactly what she needed, which was a right royal kick up the backside.

Sami: He didn't give her anything of the kind. You don't know what you're talking about. He's the one who needed the boot.

E.J.: She was in denial, not entirely unlike you.

Sami: You're the one who can't take no for an answer and you think I'm in denial?

E.J.: Okay, look at the facts. Despite everything that everybody had told her, despite everything she'd been taught, she didn't want to become a nun. My grandfather could see that. No, she wanted -- she wanted love. She wanted some adventure in her life. She wanted to watch great opera, to hear great opera singers, to take a moonlit trip down the canals, have wine in Tuscany. My grandfather could give her those things.

Sami: She was young and naive and confused. And your grandfather took advantage of that.

E.J.: Oh, come on. The feeling was mutual.

Sami: Maybe -- maybe the convent wasn't right for Colleen. But if Santo really cared about her, then he shouldn't have used her innocence to get what he wanted. I mean, I can prove it. "I never needed more help than I did that night. I was weak, and I knew it." You see what I mean? "I begged God to protect me, to keep me in the arms of his church, but he was far away that night while Mrs. Fitzpatrick, your accomplice, was right there."

Fr. Mallory: Mr. DiMera's left?

Colleen: Yes.

Fr. Mallory: What a shame. I would have liked to have thanked him again for his generosity. We're very fortunate he stumbled upon St. Malachy's, are we not? Colleen, there's something I'd like you to do for me.

Colleen: Of course, Father, anything. I feel badly that I upset Sister Mary Anne, so I'd be happy to do her charitable rounds to make up for it.

Fr. Mallory: I have something else in mind.

Colleen: Yes, Father.

Fr. Mallory: Mrs. Fitzpatrick has been watching the neighborhood children, and it seems they're a bit more than she can handle right now. She could really use an extra hand. I of course told her you'd be a natural, all the wonderful work you've done with the orphans and you being so good with young Shawn. It would be but a few days a week, and you'd be working there at the inn.

Colleen: At the inn?

Fr. Mallory: I hope that's not a problem 'cause she'd like you first light of day tomorrow morning.

Stephanie: This is so unprofessional.

Chelsea: What did he say?

Stephanie: Huh?

Chelsea: Jeremy -- what did he say? Do I need to throw him out of the plane or something?

Stephanie: No. We just got in a disagreement, and it was completely my fault.

Chelsea: Stephanie, I somehow doubt that.

Stephanie: No, really. I just went to my parents' place, and I kind of told them some things that I shouldn't have about Jeremy -- about him smuggling illegals into the country.

Chelsea: Well, you knew your dad would freak out, so why did you tell him?

Stephanie: I don't know. I guess I thought maybe he could talk to the cops or something.

Chelsea: You thought your dad could actually help Jeremy?

Stephanie: Yeah, he said that he would.

Chelsea: Really? Well, did you tell that to Jeremy?

Stephanie: He was still freaking out.

Chelsea: Okay, well, maybe once all of this is over with, he'll actually have some time to think about it and he will realize that you were trying to help him.

Stephanie: By then it'll be too late.

Chelsea: Too late for what?

Stephanie: Jeremy told me not to say anything, but...

Chelsea: What, Stephanie?

Stephanie: When we land in Vegas, Jeremy's taking off.

Chelsea: He actually thinks that he's gonna outsmart the cops?

Stephanie: Don't say anything.

Chelsea: Stephanie, this is totally messed up.

Stephanie: I didn't even tell you the other part.

Chelsea: Oh, great, there's more.

Stephanie: He asked me to come with him.

Chelsea: You didn't say yes, did you?

Stephanie: Not yet, but I have to give him an answer before we land.

Chelsea: That's really soon, Stephanie, so what are you gonna say?

Stephanie: I don't know. What am I supposed to do, Chelsea? If I let him go, I'll lose him forever. I don't want to lose him.

Chelsea: You just take a break for a second. I'm gonna go give this to that guy, okay?

Jett: Listen, Chelse, as soon as we get to Vegas, I need you to do something for me.

Chelsea: What?

Jett: Go to your hotel room, lock the door, and stay there. Don't answer the door for anyone.

Chelsea: Jett, you're kind of freaking me out here.

Jett: Well, I want to make sure you're safe. Things are about to get real ugly.

Billie: Listen to me, Nick. If the Las Vegas authorities granted you temporary custody, they must have checked everything out.

Nick: They didn't have to. I'm their stepfather. And frankly, I think that they were glad that I took DeMarquette and Artemis off their hands.

Billie: Well, the system's probably overwhelmed.

Nick: I don't know, but something is definitely off. I mean, what -- [Lowers voice] What if they were kidnaped or something?

Billie: What?! Nick. You don't think that, do you?

Nick: I don't know, but if they were kidnaped and they were found in my custody --

Billie: Slow down, cowboy. You're gonna drive yourself nuts.

Nick: I can't help it.

Billie: Have you talked to the kids about this?

Nick: They won't say anything, which means that either they don't want to or somebody told them not to.

Billie: Listen to me. If two bright young children were kidnaped from their family, don't you think it would have been all over the news by now?

Nick: Not if there was blackmail involved.

Billie: This is really taking a toll on you.

Nick: That's why I came to you. I feel like this is right up your alley. And the thing is, I don't have any money right now.

Billie: No, no, no, no. Listen. Listen. Don't worry about money, okay? I'm -- well, I'd be happy to do some digging for you.

Nick: Thank you so much, Billie. You -- you're awesome.

Billie: I know. I just hope I can get you the answers that you need.

Nick: If china lee really is their mom, then, hey, that's great. I'll put her up for mother of the year, whatever.

Billie: And if not, what are you gonna do?

Nick: Then I have to reunite those boys with their real parents.

Sami: I cannot believe Santo. I mean, talk about manipulation. He didn't give her a choice.

E.J.: Well, it would have put her at the inn, but what she did there was entirely up to her.

Sami: Come on. A sheltered Irish girl? She was no match for a worldly Italian gigolo.

E.J.: I think she was a perfect match. And I resent you calling him a gigolo.

Sami: Casanova, then. That's your word. Either way, he was manipulating everyone in sight -- her, Mrs. Fitzpatrick, the priest, for God's sake.

E.J.: Samantha, what he did was he rescued her from a life that she would never have chosen if she'd had any idea of the world around her.

Sami: I cannot believe that you are defending him. E.J., he lied just so he could get close to her, so he could seduce her.

E.J.: She lied, too, Samantha.

Sami: Only because her back was against the wall.

E.J.: Look, she didn't have to go to the inn.

Sami: He seduced her.

E.J.: It was much more than just a seduction. It was destiny. Santo, my grandfather, knew that he and Colleen were meant to be together. I can feel that from reading those letters. Don't you tell me that you can't feel that, too.

Sami: "When you and Mrs. Fitzpatrick appeared at the church, I thought you were there to help me. And truth be known, your motive was much less honorable." "You deceived me, Santo. I had sought sanctuary within the walls of the church, but you tore down those walls with the help of poor, unwitting Father Mallory. I was left alone in a struggle to suppress my sinful desires, but they were much too powerful. I felt as if I had nowhere to turn. Not even my faith could save me."

Chelsea: I cannot believe that this is gonna go down tonight.

Jett: As soon as our boys hit the casino.

Chelsea: So, that's it. You're really gonna bust Jeremy.

Jett: Chelsea, I've got a job to do and I can't give him a pass.

Chelsea: Why not?

Max: Steph, hey, what's --

Stephanie: I can't talk to you right now.

Max: How come?

Stephanie: Because, Max, every time I see you, all I can think about is --

Max: Our kiss? Yeah, I want to rip your clothes off, too.

Nick: Thank you so much, Billie. I owe you big-time.

Billie: I am very happy to help.

Nick: Okay, so, that's everything. It's the names and the birthdays. I know that's not much to go on.

Billie: Well, I'll do whatever I can, okay?

Nick: Call me. You know, if you, uh, have any more questions or you can't read my handwriting.

Billie: Can I have my pen?

Nick: Yeah. Definitely.

Billie: Okay, I'll talk to you.

Nick: See you later. What happened here? Who ate all of my fries? It's all right. They probably would have gotten cold anyway. Who wants to go lunar bowling?

Artemis: What's that?

Nick: You never heard of lunar bowling? My God! You guys are missing out. It is so fun. What they do -- come on, let's go -- is they shut of all the lights so that it's totally, totally dark -- well, not, like, totally, totally dark because they have these black lights that make everything look kind of neon. Hey, who can tell me the symbol for neon?

Artemis: Ne.

Nick: Artemis, you are on fire! I'm serious.

Sami: More and more, I become convinced that Santo's just trying to get Colleen in the sack.

E.J.: I disagree. He gave her a choice.

Sami: It was an ultimatum.

E.J.: Well, okay, but she didn't have to choose him.

Sami: Are you serious? After Santo's relentless pursuit of her, do you really think he was just gonna give up? He was shameless, and she was trapped.

E.J.: Come on, Samantha. She was not trapped. She knew from the moment that they met that they were meant to be together. You know that as well as I do. I mean, come on. Or else, what, she's some kind of victim?

Sami: She was hardly a victim. She was a Brady.

E.J.: Really? Okay. If she was a victim of anything, she was a victim of destiny, which they both were.

Sami: Would you stop with that already? It was not destiny.

E.J.: You're being contrary. If I was to say that it wasn't destiny, you would say that it was.

Sami: It wasn't destiny. Santo didn't give her a choice. He wouldn't take no for an answer.

E.J.: I would have had you pegged as a little bit more of a romantic, Samantha.

Sami: Reading these letters is like reading Colleen's destruction. I hardly find that romantic.

E.J.: Okay. Why was St. Malachy's the only place my grandfather could come to when he was injured? Why was Colleen the only person who could tend to his wound? It was fate, Samantha. From that moment on, there was no turning back. It was out of their hands.

Sami: They had a choice.

E.J.: Yes, they did. They could either choose their fate or they could reject it.

Sami: Exactly. Exactly.

E.J.: You and I have a choice, too. We can choose to reject our fate. And we will regret it for the rest of our lives.

Chelsea: You're not gonna try to hurt Jeremy, though, right? You won't try to shoot him or anything like that?

Jett: If he surrenders peacefully, there won't be a problem.

Chelsea: And what if he doesn't?

Jett: Chelsea, what do you know? What are you hiding? Come on, we had an agreement, remember? Did Stephanie tell you something?

Chelsea: I -- I can't say.

Jett: Chelsea, this is not a game. If you keep your mouth shut and someone gets hurt, are you gonna be able to live with that?

Chelsea: She said that he's gonna bail.

Jett: What?

Chelsea: She said that as soon as we land, Jeremy's gonna split, and he wants her to go with him.

Stephanie: Things are just really confusing for me right now.

Max: There was definitely a spark between us, Steph -- something. I sure as hell felt it. I know you did, too.

Stephanie: Don't do this.

Max: Okay, fine. Look, I'm sorry. I won't push. We'll talk about it when we get back to Salem.

Stephanie: I might not be going back to Salem. Jeremy asked me to run away with him, and I think I'm gonna do it.

Chelsea: Stephanie will work her magic. Jeremy -- he'll be on board.

Stephanie: Oh, yeah? Think again.

E.J.: It's almost as if the two of them live inside our souls.

Jett: Chelsea, I'd die before I let anything happen to you.

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