Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 8/29/07 - Canada; Thursday 8/30/07 - U.S.A.


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Philip: I have a son -- Tyler Kiriakis. [Chuckles] I still can't wrap my head around it.

Billie: Well, you better, because I just got a hit on that picture of Lauren that I faxed to everybody.

Philip: Great.

Billie: Oklahoma State Police say a woman fitting Lauren's description spent a few nights in Tulsa at a shelter for battered women.

Philip: Battered women? Did she have a baby with her?

Billie: It doesn't say, but those women are scared, and they don't trust cops. They probably just don't know.

Philip: Let's go.

Billie: Wait, wait, wait. Hold on. It also says that they wanted to investigate, but they reported that by the time they got to said location, subject wasn't there.

Philip: Damn.

Billie: It's okay. This is the best lead we've got so far. So, here is the address of the women's shelter.

Philip: You coming with me?

Billie: I can't. The university needs me. I'm sorry.

Philip: It's okay. I'll go by myself.

Billie: Wait. Don't do that. You should go with a woman. That's a really good point. You know, you should bring somebody with you that is, say... "Lauren's concerned sister." That may get them to open up.

Belle: Shawn, any luck?

Shawn D.: Well, I found a few of my wrenches and some jumper cables. I guess the rest of my tools are in the garage.

Belle: Well, you should take a look.

Shawn D.: Are you sure? I know you wanted to head down to the "U" and pick up those books you need for class.

Belle: Oh, that's okay. I can get those tomorrow. You need your tools.

Shawn D.: I can't keep using Max's. And besides, I like the way mine feel.

Belle: I do have one condition, though.

Shawn D.: Okay, name it.

Belle: Well, after we put Claire to bed, I think that you should model that tool belt for me, not wearing nothing else.

Shawn D.: Ooh, I think that's a deal.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Shawn D.: I won't be long.

Belle: All right. I'm gonna call my mom and dad and check on Claire Bear.

Shawn D.: If we're lucky, they'll give her back to us.

Belle: Come here. Mom, hi. How's our little girl?

[Knock on door]

Shawn D.: Max, come on in.

Max: Hey.

Shawn D.: My folks aren't here. I just stopped by to pick up my tools. So starting tomorrow, yours are gonna be safe.

Max: Good. Uh, listen, I need to talk to you, and my mom said you were here.

Shawn D.: Yeah, what's up?

Max: It's bad. I'm gonna lose the garage and we're both gonna be out of work.

Lucas: Sami! Sami, hold on! We're gonna get you out of there, all right?! Are you okay?!

Sami: Yes, yes. I'm just worried about the babies, Lucas, but E.J. – he's not breathing.

Lucas: The door's chained and padlocked. We got to get something to cut the chain. It won't be that long. I promise.

Sami: You had better not die on me. E.J., are you listening? Don't you dare die on me. I swear to God, if you're doing this to get a kiss out of me, you will wish you were barbecued. Okay.

Bo: Come on, man.

Steve: No, no.

Bo: You said you wouldn't freak out on me.

Steve: This is no freak-out. I'm just taking the liver this pig stole from Benjy and giving it back to him.

Dr. Rolf: You cannot do that.

Stefano: What, what, what?

Steve: If Benjy can't use it, you're still not getting it. Do you hear that, Stefano?

Bo: You don't want to do this. I'll have to arrest you.

Steve: Just arrest me. I'll go quietly as soon as justice is done.

Dr. Rolf: This is outrageous. If Stefano dies, you will be responsible.

Bo: Just give me the damn cooler.

Steve: I can't do that. There's no way I'm letting them save Stefano's life at the expense of Benjy's.

Philip: You're right. A woman pretending to be related to Lauren is definitely the way to go.

Billie: Just don't make this a game about fooling these women.

Philip: It was your idea.

Billie: Just show some respect, okay?

Philip: I got it. If you want to make sure, come with me.

Billie: I can't.

Philip: You can't get off for half a day?

Billie: I can't. The fall semester is about to start. What about, um, Belle? She'd be perfect.

Belle: I am so sick of you calling the shots for all of us.

Shawn D.: This isn't some macho thing. We need to spend time together as a family.

Belle: Okay, fine. So you've made your decision, and I've made mine. I am not leaving Philip's house until we have a permanent place to call home.

Shawn D.: Now who's making the unilateral decisions? Belle, please, don't choose Philip over me. If you do --

Belle: If I do, what?

Shawn D.: Just...don't.

Philip: You're right. She would. But I doubt Shawn will let her go.

Shawn D.: I don't get it. How could you lose the garage?

Max: I borrowed against it to back the business deal with Jeremy Horton.

Shawn D.: The Touch the Sky shuttle thing?

Max: Yes, and a side deal.

Shawn D.: And the side deal that we're talking about -- I'm guessing that it's not legal.

Jeremy: I know you got no reason to trust me. I've lied to you, and you know it, but I'm willing to come clean. I'll tell you everything -- what our little side business is really about.

Max: You mean they weren't designer knock offs? Shocker.

Jeremy: I never meant to hurt anyone, I swear.

Max: Sorry, man. I can't help you.

Jeremy: You got to help me. You have no choice. You're in this as much as I am.

Max: No, I'm not, Jer. I told you I'm out. I told you I want no part of this. And just so you know, Chelsea and Jett -- they're on to you, too. They think you're a dirtbag. And it's just a matter of time before Stephanie finds out --

Jeremy: She can never know.

Max: Know what? What are you into? What are you a part of? What do you have me into?

Jeremy: The trunks of designer knock offs...

Max: Yeah?

Jeremy: ...That was just a cover for what I'm really doing. I've been smuggling women into the country from Eastern Europe.

Shawn D.: Max, are you gonna answer me?

Max: Um, look, I thought that it was just a little bit over the edge. You know what I mean? Bad enough, I guess, I didn't know what I was really signing on for.

Shawn D.: What are we talking about? Are we talking about drugs?

Max: No, but it's real bad. That's all I'm gonna say. I got one more flight with Horton, and then if we can make things right, maybe I won't have to go to jail.

Shawn D.: You need to talk to my dad.

Max: We're talking about Vegas here, Shawn. That's way out of Bo's jurisdiction. Look, okay, the truth is Jeremy and his sleazeball partner has put some innocent girls in a really bad situation.

Shawn D.: Jeremy?

Max: Yeah. He says that he didn't know either way, but I can't live with myself if I find out that something bad happened to these girls.

Shawn D.: Do you want me to come with you?

Max: No. Thank you, but no. One Brady in this mess is enough. Look, the thing is, share came from mortgaging the garage, and I'm gonna lose that, too.

Shawn D.: For sure?

Max: Yeah, Vegas burned me out on gambling, so, yeah, you can bet on that. Max's garage is going down the tubes.

Bo: Steve, you're gonna have to relax. Just give me that.

Doctor: Hey, we got a transplant team waiting in the O.R. What's the problem?

Dr. Rolf: The Salem police and this lunatic are attempting to murder my patient.

Doctor: Is that the donor liver section?

Steve: There was no donor involved.

Dr. Rolf: If the surgery doesn't happen soon, Mr. DiMera will die and this hospital will be held responsible.

Bo: Doc, we have reason to believe that what is in that cooler was forcibly taken from a man who is now in surgery fighting for his life.

Steve: His name is Benjamin Hawk. You won't find that name on any donor list because he was cut open by a DiMera and tossed in a dumpster.

Bo: So what we've got here is evidence.

Doctor: Do you have a warrant to confiscate it?

Bo: No, not yet.

Doctor: Do you have a warrant for this man's arrest?

Bo: No, I don't.

Doctor: Then you have no business being here interfering --

Bo: Doc, all I need is a half-hour to talk to a judge.

Dr. Rolf: Mr. DiMera doesn't have half an hour. He must go to the operating room immediately.

Bo: Come on, man. We've got no legal recourse here.

Steve: No, no. Where were Benjy's rights when they gutted him and threw him in the trash?

Bo: Steve, give me the damn cooler.

Steve: No! I can't do it.

Sami: Come on, E.J. Okay, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Don't you dare die on me, E.J.

Lucas: Tessa! Tessa, hurry up!

Tessa: Here, this ought to do it.

Lucas: My wife's in there, and somebody's hurt. This better do it.

Sami: Oh, my God, E.J., did that just happen? Oh, my God, I think I'm just oxygen-deprived.

[Door creaks] [Crash]

Lucas: Sami?

Lucas: Hey, it's okay.

Sami: He got electrocuted trying to get us out of there.

Lucas: Sit down right here.

Sami: [Breathing heavily]

Lucas: Sit, honey, sit.

Tessa: Here, drink this. You need to rehydrate.

Lucas: Are you all right?

Tessa: I'll call 911.

Lucas: Hurry up. Hurry.

Sami: CPR -- you have to give E.J. CPR. Now! Help him! Lucas, help him!

Stefano: Rolf, promise to destroy...

Steve: Listen to that freak. He's ready to check out, and he's still barking orders.

Rolf: All right, I'm calling security.

Bo: Just give me a second, would you, doc? I'm asking you one last time, give me that thing.

Steve: No, you're gonna have to pry it from my dead hands.

Bo: You're going away for a very long time. Think of Kay and Stephanie. What are they gonna do without you, huh?

Steve: Bo, Bo, Bo. Benjy never hurt a soul. Come on. He's Stefano's son, for God's sake. What kind of a monster uses his own kid to squeeze out an extra couple of months of life? Today, tomorrow, two months from now, the old man is going to hell. I say we send him now.

Bo: That is not your decision. You can't play God.

Steve: Watch me.

Bo: I'm telling you, man, I'll find out what happened to Benjy and add that to the list of charges against André.

Steve: Andre, André. Come on. Why not cut the DiMeras off at the source? Stefano is behind everything. He's the reason E.J. tortured me, messed with my mind. He's the reason that Benjy is down there right now fighting for his life.

Dr. Rolf: What are you waiting for, detective? Arrest him.

Steve: Hey, how much of this stuff do you think it will take to kill DiMera's last chance? Huh? Huh?

Billie: Hey, it's up to Belle to decide if she wants to go with you to Tulsa.

Philip: Yeah, supposedly.

Billie: Well, you guys are still friends, right?

Philip: Belle and me? The best.

Billie: But you and Shawn are not.

Philip: He wants to put as much space between us as he can. He's already moved Belle and Claire out of my place and into some cramped room upstairs.

Billie: Tracking Lauren isn't gonna be easy, Philip.

Philip: Whatever it takes, I want my son.

Billie: Well, she has moved out of the shelter. She's moved on. Who knows where she could be headed?

Philip: Once you get the credit-card details, we'll be able to track their movements.

Billie: Well, that's the idea, yeah.

Philip: It's like chasing Belle, Shawn, and Claire. Talk about déjà vu.

Billie: I'm sorry that you have to go through this again.

Philip: Hell, I'm getting good at it.

Billie: Hey, I say we've got the best lead possible in that women's shelter, so you grab Belle and you move on it. Who cares if it puts you at the top of Shawn's blacklist?

Max: Look, man, I'm sorry this shoots your plans all to hell. I know you and Belle were counting on the garage to get a place of your own.

Shawn D.: And a backyard for Claire.

Max: I -- [Clears throat]

Belle: Hey, Max. What brings you by?

Max: Oh, you know, I had some news for Shawn.

Belle: Oh, well, come on -- share.

Max: Um...

Belle: I bet I know. You're gonna make Shawn a full partner.

Max: Yeah, I already consider Shawn a full partner.

Belle: Okay. So, you're going franchise? Max's Garage Version 2.0.

Max: No, but -- yeah, we're not quite there yet.

Belle: Oh, okay, so just tell me. What's the news? It's good, right?

Max: Yeah, yeah. Um, I, uh -- you know, I just got that new diagnostic system at the garage.

Belle: Oh. Well, that's good, I guess.

Max: Yeah, it's gonna bring us right into the 21st century.

Belle: No place I'd rather be. Did you find the tools that you were looking for?

Shawn D.: No, I didn't get a chance to look since Max got here.

Belle: Okay, well, I called the bookstore, and they're still open, so do you mind if I take off so I don't have to back order?

Shawn D.: No, go. I'll meet you at the pub.

Belle: Okay, good. you have any cash? 'Cause I left my credit card in my other bag.

Shawn D.: Yeah, yeah, sure. Here.

Belle: Look, the cash man.

Shawn D.: Is that gonna cover it?

Belle: Uh, yes. And you know what? You were right.

Shawn D.: About what?

Belle: About moving over the pub, becoming more self-reliant, paying our own way. Feels good not depending on someone else. Okay, so, I'll meet you at the pub.

Shawn D.: Yeah.

Belle: Bye, Max.

Max: Bye.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Max: Look, I am really, really, really sorry.

Shawn D.: No worries, Max. You gave me a job when I needed one.

Max: Yeah, and now I'm taking it away.

Shawn D.: No apologies, okay? Things happen.

Max: Well, how long is it gonna take you to tell Belle?

Shawn D.: I don't know. As soon as I get another job.

Max: Do yourself a favor, Shawn -- tell her the truth before she finds out on her own.

Steve: Say arrivederci, Stefano. No, Bo! No, no, no, no. Don't let him get out of this alive, man.

Bo: Take it easy.

Steve: Don't do it. Let's end this reign of terror while we have the chance.

Dr. Rolf: Come on, to the O.R. Let's go.

Steve: Stop him before it's too late.

Bo: Yeah, knock yourself out.

Steve: Aah!

Bo: Hey, hey. Are you gonna act like a rational human being, huh?

Steve: Looks like I'm the only one that is. It's rational to go after enemies and crush them with whatever you got. Giving him a free pass is what's insane!

Bo: You gonna slow down, huh?

Steve: [Breathing heavily] And you know that! If you weren't such a damn coward, you'd do the right thing!

Sami: Lucas, are you going to do it? Or are you gonna just let him die?

Tessa: EMS is on the way.

Sami: You know, if you won't do it, then I will.

Lucas: I'll do it. Just sit down and take care of the babies.

Sami: Lucas, please just help him.

Lucas: E.J., come on, man. Snap out of it. Wake up.

Sami: He needs CPR.

Lucas: All right, all right, all right, I'll do it. Oh, come on. Come on, man. Come on, E.J.

Belle: Hey, you.

Philip: Belle. Hey, you're lopsided.

Belle: Oh, yeah. I hit the campus bookstore. "Organic Chem" weighs like 10 pounds, much less "Gray's Anatomy."

Philip: How are you doing?

Belle: Well, I'm really excited about college, nursing school.

Philip: I'm really happy for you. You got my text?

Belle: Message sounded urgent.

Philip: Billie's got a lead on Lauren Chaffee and the baby.

Belle: That's fantastic. Where are they?

Philip: They spent a few nights at a women's shelter in Tulsa. I'm gonna take the titan jet and check it out.

Belle: I really hope you find them.

Philip: The thing is, Billie says the women at the shelter won't talk to a man -- not without a woman who melts hearts by his side... and we both thought of you. So, what do you say? Will you go with me?

Bo: Coward, huh?

Steve: You heard me. [Breathing heavily] What's happened to you, Bo? Huh? Hell, what's happened to all of us? We've all gone soft.

Bo: We got to pick our battles, man -- the ones we know we can win.

Steve: I did. I had Stefano's life in my hands. I was ready to shove him through death's door, and you stopped me. Why did you do that?

Bo: 'Cause I didn't want to have to haul your butt into jail. There are rules.

Steve: We have to start making our own rules just like they do.

Bo: Oh, so you want to be like them. Is that what you're saying?

Steve: I don't want to stand around sucking my thumb while the DiMeras pick off our families one by one. We got to get down and dirty, man. We got to fight fire with fire. If we don't do that, we might as well walk around with targets on our backs.

Bo: I can't do that, man. I'm a cop.

Steve: Yeah, "I'm a cop." You're all hung up on the rules, man. And while you're hung up on the rules, André and Stefano and E.J. -- they're all calling the shots while the people we love are going down.

Bo: They are not gonna win in the end, believe me.

Steve: Well, they will if we don't do something. And if you're too chicken to face these guys on Brady turf using anything we got, rules or no rules, we might as well dig our own graves.

Lucas: Damn it, breathe! Come on! Come on, man.

E.J.: [Gasping] [Coughing]

Sami: Oh, thank God.

Lucas: You all right? Finally. Don't worry about it, all right? Take it easy. Ambulance is on its way.

E.J.: [Breathing heavily] Samantha.

Sami: It's okay, E.J. Paramedics are coming, okay? Just stay there.

E.J.: You saved my life.

Lucas: Didn't have much choice, did I?

E.J.: Thank you. Thank you.

Lucas: Makes us even, right? Almost.

E.J.: The freezer truck... with grace. By the way...your lips are as soft as rose petals. [Coughs]

Lucas: Why don't you kiss my --

Nurse: What do we got here?

Lucas: Einstein electrocuted himself. Help him. Honey, are you all right? You okay? Are you sure? The babies -- are they all right?

Sami: Lucas, what happened to you?

Lucas: Don't worry about it. Andre slapped me around a little bit and then trapped me in a car.

Sami: Are you okay?

Lucas: Just don't touch it.

Nurse: Your blood pressure's a little elevated. Let me take your temperature.

Sami: Lucas, you did a good thing. You did the right thing.

Lucas: Yeah? Well, then, why do I feel that by saving him, I just shot our whole future to hell?

Belle: You want me to go with you to Tulsa?

Philip: Look, I know it's a lot to ask.

Belle: Sign me up.

Philip: What?

Belle: When do we leave?

Philip: Now, hold on. Don't you need a little time to think about it?

Belle: The way you made it sound, we don't have much time.

Philip: It means flying to Tulsa for the day, and depending on how things break with Lauren and the baby, possibly overnight.

Belle: I don't have a problem with that.

Philip: Are you sure?

Belle: Philip, I told you that I would do whatever I could to help you find your son. I meant that.

Philip: You're amazing. You know that? But what about Shawn? I don't think he's gonna let you go.

Lucas: She's gonna be okay?

Nurse: She has an elevated blood pressure and a low-grade fever, but she should be all right.

Lucas: And the babies are gonna be fine?

Doctor: They're gonna be fine. It's just mild heat exhaustion. We're gonna get her back to the hospital.

Nurse: Sir, we will do everything necessary. Don't worry.

Lucas: I appreciate your help.

Nurse: I'll be right back for her.

Lucas: Okay, thanks. They got another ambulance coming for you.

Sami: Why?

Lucas: He said your blood pressure's elevated and you have a low-grade fever.

Sami: Okay. Okay.

Lucas: Okay? I thought you'd insist on coming home with me.

Sami: Lucas, the paramedic said that I'm okay, but I'm still worried about the babies.

Lucas: Yeah, I know. I'm with you on that. Come on, let's go.

Sami: Wait. Lucas...what did you mean when you said you thought you had shot our future all to hell?

Lucas: I just got a bad feeling about this, all right?

Sami: About us?

Lucas: About you, me, and what's his face.

Sami: What about E.J.?

Lucas: That's a damn virus, Sami. Every time things are going good between us, he shows up and you lose it. You get the chills and a fever.

Sami: E.J. is a lot of things, but he is not contagious.

Lucas: He wants you, and you know it.

Sami: Lucas, I want you. I love you, and I want to be with you forever.

Lucas: But he shows up everywhere you are. Everywhere you are, he's there. He's not gonna stop. He'll go to any extreme to get you.

Sami: Lucas, you have nothing to worry about.

Lucas: He's not gonna give up, Sami, until he gets what he wants, and that is you.

Sami: That is never, ever gonna happen.

Lucas: Yeah, I know you want me to believe that, but I don't even think you do.

Bo: You're not alone in this, man. We all want to end this stupid vendetta. And now that we have those letters from Colleen and Santo, we'll figure out the truth of how the whole damn thing started.

Steve: It's not how it started that matters. It's how we end it.

Bo: And once we have André in custody, we'll have that leather folio from Ireland, and with any luck, that will tell us how to end the madness.

Steve: And the Bradys and DiMeras join hands and form a human chain of love and happiness.

Bo: I will put an end to this, and I would like your help. But I can't have your help if you keep flipping out like you did tonight.

Steve: Leather folios? Come on, man -- love letters? All that stuff doesn't cut it, Bo. We're totally outmatched. Stefano's coming at us with the big guns. We're going at him with peashooters. We got to go in --

Bo: Would you shut up for a second and listen to me for once?! If you had destroyed that liver, I'd have had to throw your crazy, out-of-control, hot head into jail. Steven Johnson behind bars with a cot and a toilet. That'd show the DiMeras, wouldn't it? It'd show them real good.

Shawn D.: Do you ever have that feeling that no matter what you do, you just can't seem to catch a break?

Max: Yeah.

Shawn D.: Sure would be nice to ride high for a change.

Max: Yeah, been there. Landed in a pile of trouble.

Shawn D.: So, what's gonna happen in Vegas?

Max: Well, after we get the girls out safe, the cops swarm in and start confiscating everything -- cars, bank accounts, payroll records. And there's a good chance I'm going to jail.

Shawn D.: No. Max, come on. You never know. You might just walk away from this with a hefty fine and a slap on the wrist.

Max: Ha ha. Highly unlikely. Whatever happens, I'm gonna deal with it. I didn't know everything that Jeremy was doing, but what I did know wasn't exactly legal. So I'm gonna take my punishment, whatever it is.

Shawn D.: [Laughs]

Max: What?

Shawn D.: Nothing, man. I'm just -- I'm impressed. People talk about somebody having a moral compass, and I got to say, you're the man. I give you major credit for that.

Max: Yeah, well, look what happens when my moral compass is pointing one way and then I do the exact opposite.

Shawn D.: Hey, Max, I've been there, remember? Done that. A year ago, when I was a runner for E.J., my dad warned me Wells was just trying to use me to keep his hands clean, and I know you did, too.

Max: Thank you.

Shawn D.: I just didn't want to see it.

Max: Well, when the money's right, it's easy to lie to yourself.

Shawn D.: Oh, yeah. You know, I think I need to work on being a little bit more like you.

Max: [Laughs] No more beer for you.

Shawn D.: No, man, I'm serious. I don't understand why I didn't just come out and tell Belle the garage is going belly-up and I need to find a new job.

Max: Yeah, why didn't you tell her, Shawn?

Shawn D.: It's just this feeling, this fear that I can't seem to shake. That Shawn Brady isn't good enough for Belle Black.

Sami: I can't believe you said that. Where did that come from?

Lucas: Forget it, all right? Forget I brought it up.

Sami: No. No, I won't. You think that I secretly think I'm gonna end up with E.J.? Are you kidding me?

Lucas: Oh, I'm sorry. I get a little jealous sometimes. My bad.

Sami: Jealous of E.J.?

Lucas: Yes, of E.J. He's always around, Sami.

Sami: Well, I hate it. I hate it just as much as you do.

Lucas: Really? I really hope so.

Sami: Okay, are you trying to make me mad right now?

Lucas: You remember what happened at the pub? You remember that, when we were all around, we're all reading the letters from Santo to Colleen?

Sami: Yeah, so?

Lucas: And you were talking about fate. And I made a joke that you and E.J. were fated to be together just like Colleen and Santo.

Sami: Yeah, well, it was an insane thing to say, Lucas.

Lucas: I was making a joke. I was kidding, and you got all mad.

Sami: Yeah, because it wasn't funny.

Lucas: I was kidding, and you got real mad about it. Why?

Sami: Come on, Lucas.

Lucas: I'm serious, Sami. I'm serious. The idea of you and E.J. being together -- I think that really scares the hell out of you.

Sami: E.J. scares me.

Lucas: I think you're afraid. You're afraid that something inside of you has got E.J.'s initials on it.

Sami: Why are you saying this?

Lucas: Because I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it, all right? He's breaking speed records getting to my spot. And you can't even see it, and it scares the hell out of me!

Bo: You swore you wouldn't give me any grief, and you go off like that. Steve, I know you feel guilty about what happened to Benjy.

Steve: Guilt gets you nowhere, man. Action is the only thing that counts. Even Kayla knows that. You know, when I was so messed up, she threatened to kill E.J. She would have done it, too.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, vigilante justice. Not gonna work this time.

Steve: So, what do we do? We just keep sitting around, waiting for the DiMeras to knife us, shoot us, crack our skulls open?

Bo: I'm gonna take care of this, believe me.

Steve: If I had a buck for every time you said that, I'd be set for life. Ah, tell me the three little words I long to hear -- "the patient died."

Dr. Rolf: On the contrary. The surgery was a great success. Mr. DiMera is resting comfortably, and we expect him to make a full and complete recovery. The Phoenix...

Steve: Has risen again. Yeah, we've heard it... like a broken record. You just remember -- it ain't over till it's over.

Dr. Rolf: You will never bring him down. Stefano DiMera is far too formidable a foe.

Steve: You hear that, Bo? You hear that sound? They're laughing at us -- stealing our organs, maiming our children, and laughing. Maybe you don't want to do anything, but I'm going to.

Bo: Hold on. I got an idea that I think even you will like.

Steve: We talking outside the rules?

Bo: Oh, it'll bend them. Hell, it'll make a pretzel out of them. And I think it's down and dirty enough for even my most severe critic. You interested?

Steve: I've seen that look in your eyes before. It's always when you're at your most devious. Lay it on me.

Philip: Okay, the jet will be fueled and ready to fly to Tulsa in the morning. With any luck, we'll fly back late afternoon.

Belle: Great. I hate to be away from Claire for too long.

Philip: Yeah, I know how that feels.

Belle: Uh, I know you do.

Philip: You're saving my life here, you know.

Belle: And maybe Tyler will be flying home with his daddy tomorrow.

Philip: One thing at a time. And right now the thing I'm worried about is Shawn. He's not gonna like this.

Belle: I'm sure he's gonna understand that this is something I have to do, that I want to do.

Philip: You just let me know if he gives you a hard time.

Belle: [Chuckles] We're only gonna be gone for a day, right?

Philip: Well, that's the plan.

Belle: Well, Shawn's gonna be at the garage all day. He won't even miss me.

Philip: You are the best. You know that? I don't know what I'd do without you. Come here.

Max: You need to get over that, dude. Belle loves you. She ran halfway around the world with you to get away from Philip Kiriakis.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, he's found us, and he's not letting go of Belle or Claire.

Max: So tell him to get his own life.

Shawn D.: Max, believe me, man, I have -- many times.

Max: Oh, I'm sorry. What do you have that Philip doesn't? Oh, that's right. You got Belle. You're engaged to her, dude. You are the father of her child. You're the only father that she wants for that child. You got it, Shawn. You won. You got the girl -- both girls. You got them both.

Shawn D.: Well, you know, if you put it that way, I mean --

Max: Listen to your Uncle Max for a second. You got out of Philip's echoing hallways and you are living at the pub as a family. Belle's going back to school. And if tonight's any judge, she is happier than she has ever been with you. It's roses for you and your child and your soon-to-be wife. There's nothing wrong with the situation, man.

Shawn D.: What's wrong with the situation is I need a paycheck to be able to buy those roses, and I need one ASAP.

Max: Okay, so you share it with her. Tell her. Call her right now and tell her what is going on. This is a very important time in your life, and you need to let her in on it, 'cause if you shut her out, you're just gonna be pushing her away.

Shawn D.: I don't want to do it over the phone.

Max: You're not gonna tell her, are you?

Sami: You think E.J. has some sort of magical power over us. Is that it?

Lucas: Let's take today. I walk in, and my wife is lip-locked with the guy.

Sami: Lip-locked? So, were you lip-locked with him, too? Should I be jealous?

Lucas: He manipulates every situation just to get close to you.

Sami: He did not electrocute himself so that he could cop a feel, okay? He was out cold. He wasn't breathing.

Lucas: Remember what you said about Colleen and Santo? They ended up together because they couldn't fight destiny.

Sami: Right now destiny is telling me to smack you upside the head for being such a jackass.

Nurse: Mrs. Roberts? The ambulance is here.

Sami: Thank you.

Lucas: Thanks, man.

Sami: Listen to me, okay? Lucas... the destiny that I believe in... starts with a teenage troublemaker who -- who got to take this military brat to her first dance. And he turned out to be the love of her life. Get it?

Lucas: Got it.

Sami: Good. By the way, you, um -- you forgot something.

Lucas: Yeah, thought I lost that.

Steve: I got to tell you, Bo, whatever you -- whatever you got planned, it better include stomping on André. He's the one who sliced Benjy open. You can count on that.

Bo: Oh, yeah. Andre's our number-one target. But like you said, Stefano is the source of the evil coming out of that diseased family. And he'd be hamstrung without André as muscle.

Steve: I want to see André's head on a pike outside the city gates, but how do you find him?

Bo: We set a trap, one he can't resist walking into. We off the old man.

Steve: If you're putting me on, I got to tell you, I'm not in the mood.

Bo: I'm not talking about a real killing.

Steve: I knew it was too good to be true.

Bo: Hey, hey, hey. We fake the whole thing, but it will be front-page news. We have a big stinking funeral. Andre goes ballistic, and he'll show up, you know, to pay his last respects in the form of a little revenge. And we'll be there, waiting for him, to pounce on him.

Steve: And we stop him.

Bo: Exactly. Let's go.

Steve: Look, Bo, listen, some of that stuff I said earlier -- not all of it, but some of it...

Bo: Yeah, right, forget it. I'm gonna have to pass this by Roman and Abe, probably Internal Affairs.

Steve: Well, listen, if you need me to tap-dance a little bit to help sell the plan, I'm there.

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