Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 8/27/07 - Canada; Tuesday 8/28/07 - U.S.A.


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Shaye: Thanks very much

Mike: Three away from one now. A final look at the forecast.

Mike: Lows from 5 to 10

Shaye: All right.

Shaye: Its a recap of the 72 series, team Canada won over Russia. They play Wednesday.

Mike: Excellent. See you.

Roman: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can or will be used against you in a court of law.

E.J.: Do you have any idea of the consequences for your family if my father dies? Do you have any idea? It'll make the rest of the vendetta look like child's play. Are you even listening to me?

Roman: Are you listening to me? Oh.

E.J.: Night night, sweetheart.

Roman: You son of a bitch. Aah.

Bo: You can't cheat death, old man.

Dr. Rolf: He must have that liver transplant.

Stefano: Rolf, please. Quiet. [Sighs] I have no fear of death.

Bo: Really? I heard you were begging people for a slice of their liver.

Stefano: Begging? Oh, hardly. All I did was call on the strong loyalty of the DiMera family.

Bo: You're kidding, right?

Stefano: Elvis is very proud to be my donor.

Bo: Well, I guess it's too bad that your proud son is on his way to jail, leaving you up the proverbial creek. I'll say this one more time -- either end this ridiculous vendetta, hand over André, or prepare for a warm welcome in hell.

Sami: [Sighs] Lucas, come on. What is taking so long?

Tessa: The club is closed, ma'am.

Sami: Oh, um, yeah, hi. I'm just actually waiting for my husband.

Tessa: I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave now.

Lucas: Excuse me, ma'am? André?

André: Lucas. Eh, eh.

Lucas: All right.

André: I must say, you're going to make one ugly stain on that wall.

Lucas: Just give me the folio.

André: And let the Bradys find out how to end the vendetta? Sorry, I'm having so much fun.

Roman: [Grunting] Uh! E.J.! Stop, E.J.! Stop!

Stefano: You expect me to sacrifice André, my own flesh and blood?

Bo: You've done a lot worse to your flesh and blood for a hell of a lot less.

Stefano: I will never turn over a blood relative to you bloodthirsty Bradys.

Bo: Well, this bloodthirsty Brady is offering you one hell of a deal -- a slice of Junior's healthy liver and a chance for the phoenix to live maybe a little longer.

E.J.: Father, you're still alive.

Bo: Hey, where the hell's my brother? Where is he?

E.J.: I'll tell you, but you let me be his donor.

Stefano: See? That's the wonderful thing about tables -- they often turn.

Bo: Yeah, don't they? You have the right to remain silent. If you give up the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Steve: Johnson's got the diaper on. He's rounding the right hip. Brady's lagging behind!

Hope: I am not.

Steve: Johnson nails the left side. He's taping -- he's taping it. And Brady's fading fast!

Hope: I am not! You wish, Johnson!

Steve: It's secure. Ladies and gentlemen, Johnson is the winner of the diaper derby.

Hope: That was definitely a cheek-to-cheek finish.

Steve: I think you were wiping up the rear.

Kayla: You two have way too much time on your hands.

[Doorbell rings] Here, I'll get the door.

Hope: Honey, we won, my little girl!

Kayla: Benjy! Benjy, come on in. Hi! Hey, look who's here -- Benjy.

Steve: Hey, Benjy. How'd you know we were here? You didn't. You're looking for me and Bo.

Hope: Benjy, I'm sorry. Bo's working.

Steve: Yeah, yeah. Sure, no problem. We'll go outside for a few minutes. Hey, listen, Pocket man, if these women try to tell you what to wear, you give me a yell, huh?

Kayla: Oh, my goodness.

Steve: Come on, Benjy.

Kayla: Oh, my goodness. Aw! Shh, shh, shh, shh!

Hope: Hey, I'm just gonna run upstairs, okay, sweetie? Ciara's a little tired. I'll be right back. I want to bring some blankets down.

Kayla: Oh, my goodness. What happened to you?

Steve: Uh, okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down, slow down, slow down. I'm a little out of practice. Wait. What about Stefano? Yeah, I know Stefano's dying. That means your life is in danger?

Roman: Stefano. Got to get to Stefano.

E.J.: You take me now, you kill my father. That's murder.

Bo: Do I look like I care? What the hell did you do to my brother?

Roman: Bo.

Bo: Roman.

Roman: Bo, E.J. Needle, the leg.

Bo: What'd you drug him with? What?! Roman? Come on. Sit up. Come on.

E.J.: Father, give them André.

Stefano: He's family.

E.J.: He's out of control. He can't be controlled, not by you, not by anybody. He needs to be stopped.

Bo: You better pray my brother doesn't die.

E.J.: I just gave him something to slow him down, whereas you're killing my father.

Bo: No, I am not. I gave him a choice. He wants to live, all he has to do is hand over your insane cousin.

E.J.: Give them André.

Stefano: Never.

Bo: Then say goodbye to your youngest son, old man, 'cause he's going to jail.

E.J.: Think about this. Is he really worth dying for?

Stefano: Take me to my room. I have nothing to say to these people.

Sami: Um, you don't understand. My husband -- he followed a woman into the steam room, and it's been ages.

Tessa: Get marriage counseling. The club is closed.

Sami: Look, I just need to look around.

Tessa: Are you a member?

Sami: A member? Yeah, yeah. Totally a member. Upstanding, card-carrying.

Tessa: Well, let's see it.

Sami: Right. My card. Sure. Yeah. That's my Kleenex --

Tessa: I don't have all night.

Sami: Look, I just need five minutes, please, Tessa.

Tessa: Okay, listen, miss.

Sami: Mrs. Actually. I'm Mrs. Roberts. And if you could --

Tessa: You're Mrs. Roberts?

Sami: Yes. Yes, I am. And if you know anything about me, you know that I am friends with the owner of this place.

Tessa: Stay right here while I go look up your file on the computer.

Sami: Yeah, sure. No rush. I'll be right here.

Lucas: I want that folio.

André: I'm so sorry, Lucas.

Lucas: You won't use that gun on me, not here. There are cops still in this building.

André: There's more than one way to use a gun. When a lady says no, she means no.

Lucas: Give me that folio.

André: Over your dead body.

Lucas: Uh! Go ahead. Go ahead and kill me. Bo and Roman will hunt you down.

André: Good, that's what I want. I wouldn't want to kill you in vain and have them just sitting at home looking at your picture and crying. You're bait, boy. You're a bucket of chum.

Lucas: You're sick, you know that?

André: Why? Because I like to see little Bradys squirm on the floor before I pin them down like insects?

Lucas: Oh, man, you must have been a real nice kid.

André: Oh, I was lovely. I was. Can you believe it? I had golden curls. But enough of my good times. Get up!

Lucas: I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere with you. You think you can beat the Bradys? You can't beat the Bradys. Just ask Stefano.

André: Stefano? He has no guts. It's over for Stefano, and then I'll be taking over and your family would have hoped that he would have lived on forever.

Lucas: No. No.

André: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Listen to me. You were nothing but a pawn and a fool all your life. Now it's time to die like a man.

Bo: You got a jail cell waiting for you.

E.J.: Give me five minutes with my father. That's all I need.

Bo: He just chose protecting over keeping you out of jail. Five minutes isn't gonna make any difference.

E.J.: Listen to me, okay? If André stays out there, there's gonna be a bloodbath. You know there is. The only reason that André's been showing any restraint is because of Stefano.

Bo: You trying to convince me that you care about the Bradys?

E.J.: I don't care what you believe. I admit, I've done some terrible things in the name of this vendetta. I've hurt your family. And I've certainly never tried to help them until Samantha showed me what a real family is all about. Just give me five minutes. Come on. I can convince him to give André up.

Bo: Two. Go. Doc, how's he doing?

Doctor: Just needs some time for the sedative to wear off. He'll be okay.

Bo: Okay, thanks, man.

Roman: Robo Bo, what do you know?

Bo: Hey, hey.

Roman: I got one question for you.

Bo: What's that?

Roman: Is Bo short for Boseph?


Bo: I don't know.

Roman: Boseph, man. [Imitating playing an electric guitar] Join in. Come on, man.

Bo: That's okay.

E.J.: Open your eyes, Father. I know you're not asleep.

Stefano: Go away.

E.J.: I'm not going anywhere, not until we've spoken.

Stefano: There's nothing to talk about. You want me to betray my nephew? Don't you remember you and he --

E.J.: Will you stop talking about our family like it's a country? It's not. And while we're on the subject, I am not your soldier. I am your son. And I'm the only person who happens to give a damn about you. So, let's stop playing games, shall we, or I walk right out this door right now.

Hope: Sorry about that. What did I miss?

Kayla: He loves that little elephant.

Steve: So, here's the deal -- Stefano called Benjy, Lexie, and E.J. together, tried to guilt them all into being his liver donor.

Kayla: And everybody refused?

Steve: Except for E.J.

Hope: Oh, my God. Lexie must be scared to death. I'm gonna call her. Would you excuse me just for a moment?

Kayla: I am so proud of you. It took courage to stand up to Stefano.

Steve: That's what I told him. And I told him he did the right thing coming here to us.

Kayla: You can stay with us as long as you need to. You're welcome.

Steve: Does André know what your car looks like? We got to get it off the street. We don't want to advertise where you are.

Hope: There's plenty of room in the garage. He can hide it in there.

Steve: You don't have to thank us. We're family.

Stefano: I don't need you.

E.J.: Maybe not. But you certainly need help from my liver, and I'm prepared to give it to you, so why in the hell are you protecting André?

Stefano: Because he is my nephew. You have been corrupted by the Bradys, and now you're ready to turn on your very own.

E.J.: He is slaughtering people. You understand that? And not for some vendetta. He's doing it because he enjoys it, for the part of him that likes to torture and destroy.

Stefano: Get out.

E.J.: You know that I'm right. That's why he's out there, hiding, trying to save his own skin while you lie in here dying.

Stefano: Why are you doing this? Is it jealousy?

E.J.: I'm doing this because I love you! I'm doing this because I can save you. All I need you to do is -- it's --

Stefano: Betray André. You know something? You are no better than Alexandra and Benjy.

E.J.: Let me tell you what I am -- all of us. We are fed up. We're fed up of having our lives twisted by revenge.

Stefano: André will take care of it.

E.J.: He will destroy what little is left of this family's name.

Stefano: I am simply doing what my father asked me to do.

E.J.: I know that. But did you ever think that maybe he's just asking a little too much? I mean, look at this. I'm about to go to jail. You're about to die. André's just gonna keep on destroying people for fun.

Stefano: No.

E.J.: Yes. Just think -- he did it when he killed Renee.

Stefano: Leave my daughter out of this.

E.J.: No. I won't do that. Why would you protect him for doing that? You protect him now, you let her die in vain. Do it for her. Do it for your daughter. Don't let her death amount to nothing. Father...

[Door opens]

Bo: Time's up. Your little boy's going to jail. Come on, let's go. Come on.

Stefano: André... André is meeting Kate Roberts at the health club, where he will give her the key...that ends the vendetta.

E.J.: Thank you, Father. Take these off me. Take these cuffs off me. I can find him. I can end this without violence.

Sami: Lucas! Lucas! Lucas! Lucas? Lucas, where are you? Lu-- oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. It's Lucas' blood. Lucas! His wedding ring.

Roman: Hello?

Sami: Daddy! Daddy, it's Sami. Listen, Lucas and I, we followed André. We are at the health club. And now there's blood on the wall and his wedding ring. And I don't know what to do. Please, Daddy, you have to come. You have to help me.

Roman: Who is this?

Hope: Look at him. He is going to be such a good dad to Pocket. Look how much he's enjoying him.

Steve: I see. I turn my back for five minutes and you two are already cooking up baby plans, is that it?

Hope: Isn't that a little paranoid, Steve?

Steve: No. I just have a good nose for scheming women.

Kayla: Oh, really? Well, I'm gonna remember that when you come a-calling.

Steve: Ho, ho, ho, ho. Wait, wait, wait. I take it back. You're not scheming women.

Kayla: Yeah, all right.

Steve: Okay, you want to have an innocent little talk about fatherhood? I'll go along with it. What do you want to know?

Kayla: Do you like having Pocket around?

Steve: It's all right.

Hope: All right? All right? Can you be a little more specific?

Steve: You mean the things I like about him?

Hope: Yeah.

Steve: Um... well, let's see. I like when he wraps his whole little hand around one of my fingers.

Kayla: [Chuckles]

Steve: I love that sound he makes when he's really happy. It's pretty cool when he falls asleep on my chest. I like that a lot.

Kayla: And all your grumbling?

Steve: That's just me, baby. I'm talking trash.

Kayla: I knew you'd love being a father.

Steve: Yeah, whatever makes you happy, sweetness.

Hope: You know, Steve, you still haven't answered my question.

Steve: And what is that question, Mariska Hargitay?

Hope: Do you want to be a dad again?

Steve: Like I told you --

Hope: And like you haven't told me. Please, we'd like an honest answer, the both of us.

Sami: Dad? What are you talking about? It's me. It's Sami.

Roman: Samantha?

Sami: Yes. Dad, I need your help.

Roman: Does your mommy know you're on the phone?

Sami: What?

Roman: After you called Tokyo last week, your mother said --

Sami: Dad! Dad, listen to me. That happened a long time ago. What has Stefano done to you?

Roman: [Laughs] I got stuck with a needle, and I think it was filled with lollipops or something.

Sami: Daddy, are you alone?

Roman: Bo's here.

Sami: Okay. Okay. You get Uncle Bo for me, please.

Roman: No, he's making me sit in this chair. Always so bossy, you know?

Sami: Dad, listen to me. You yell at him for me, okay? It's important.

Bo: You're going to help me arrest André?

E.J.: Listen, I want him locked up just as much as you do.

Bo: I don't think so.

[Cellphone rings] Brady.

Sami: Uncle Bo?

Bo: Sami, what's wrong?

Sami: Lucas is in trouble. Look, we came to the health club to meet André.

Bo: What the hell are you thinking? André's dangerous.

Sami: Uncle Bo, we thought we would find a way to end this vendetta.

E.J.: Come on. Come on.

Bo: Put Lucas on.

Sami: I can't. He's in trouble. He followed this woman, and -- and I found blood on the wall and Lucas' wedding ring.

Bo: All right, sit tight. I'm on my way. What the hell?

Stefano: [Laughs] Gone.

Bo: We'll see who has the last laugh.

Stefano: [Laughs]

Bo: Roman -- Roman, come on. We got to go. Sami's in trouble. Let's go.

Roman: With her mother?

Bo: Uh, not just now, but --

Roman: Are you sure?

Bo: Yeah, let's go for a little ride, all right?

Roman: All right.

Bo: Let's go. Here we go.

Sami: I'll make it quick, I promise.

Tessa: Oh, no, you don't!

Sami: Um, hi.

Tessa: Kate Roberts is a member. And guess what -- her picture is on file, and it ain't you. You lied.

Sami: I never said I was Kate Roberts. I said I was Mrs. Roberts.

Tessa: Oh, please.

Sami: I am Mrs. Roberts. I am married to Kate's son Lucas. And I think that he has been stuffed in that steam room by a killer.

Tessa: What are you, like a pathological liar?

Sami: No! No! I'm telling you the truth. My Uncle Bo, he is a detective at the Salem Police, and he is on his way here right now. My dad is the deputy police commissioner, Roman Brady.

Tessa: Really? My dad is the tooth fairy. It's time for you to go.

Sami: No! No! You can't! Lucas! Lucas, I'm gonna get you out! Lucas!

[Fast-paced opera music plays]

Stefano: I know this aria. I've heard it before. I remember this music.

Santo: You should. It was the first opera I ever took you to.

Stefano: [Gasps] Papa. Papa.

Santo: No, my son.

Sami: Ugh. My husband is back there. I found his wedding ring.

Tessa: Lady, I don't know what game you're playing, but it's over.

Sami: I am not leaving without Lucas. Do you hear me?

E.J.: Samantha!

Tessa: Is this the missing husband?

Sami: No, it's not.

E.J.: I was with Bo when you called him. Lucas still hasn't returned yet?

Sami: I can't find him anywhere, and she won't let me search any more because I don't have a membership card.

Tessa: Rules are rules.

E.J.: I understand. Rules are absolutely rules. This is my membership. Samantha is my guest. Thank you.

Tessa: Too late. We're closed for the night.

E.J.: I'm sorry. We're gonna have to go. I mean --

Sami: Lucas is in trouble, E.J., and I am not leaving without him.

E.J.: Look, this lady is here to do what is best for the club, darling, not what is best for you. Would you be kind enough to show me where the exit is, please?

Tessa: It's right over there. I'll go with you.

E.J.: No, no, not at all. You've had enough trouble. Samantha, would you come with me, please? Oh, one more thing. If you ever want to go into corporate, call me, okay?

Tessa: Thank you, Mr. Wells.

E.J.: My pleasure. Come on.

Sami: Is this really the time for that? Get off me! Lucas is in there somewhere. He is in trouble. I am not leaving without my husband.

E.J.: I know Lucas is in trouble, and we need to get him, but I also need to get ahold of André, because if I don't get André to the police, my father is gonna die. Is she gone?

Sami: Yeah.

E.J.: Come on.

Lucas: Ow. What the hell? Damn André. I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill that guy. I wonder if Sami's in there. Sami's in there with him. Come on.

Hope: So, do you want another baby?

Kayla: And not just do you want to have it because you know it'll make me happy, but do you, Steve Johnson, want to be a daddy again?

Hope: The truth this time.

Steve: You want to know the truth? I think life, especially mine, is unpredictable. Hell, I love Stephanie, and I don't regret for a second that we had her. But I still feel guilty.

Kayla: For what?

Steve: For leaving you.

Kayla: You didn't leave me intentionally.

Hope: The DiMeras kidnapped you.

Steve: What's to stop them from doing it again? It's all I can do to protect what I have. You did a great job raising Stephanie, sweetness, but even you could not stop the damage. She's insecure. She's lost. She trusts all the wrong people. I don't want to mess up another kid. I just couldn't do it.

Kayla: You know, you didn't mess Stephanie up. It's not your fault that Stefano DiMera brainwashed you and tortured you.

Hope: Steve, I am so sorry. I shouldn't have pushed you.

Steve: Hey, Benjy should be back from moving the car, shouldn't he?

Hope: I didn't hear the garage door open, come to think of it.

Kayla: Steve.

Steve: Benjy!

Stefano: Yes, Papa. It was the first opera you took me to.

Santo: Three hours long. You never took your eyes off the stage.

Stefano: The music and the costumes -- it was a revelation. I never -- I had no idea that beauty could be so -- so powerful.

Santo: I remember you sat on the edge of your seat, gripping the handles, the tears rolling down your face, just like your Papa.

Stefano: That's why you are here, isn't it -- to reclaim me, eh?

Santo: No, my son. I never let you go.

Stefano: I did not want you to.

Santo: You are a good son. You followed my wishes. You never doubted my motives.

Stefano: The mission has never been completed. I am dying, and...I have wasted your empire.

Santo: No, my son. I wasted it. Your mother and I, we were not a good match. Colleen Brady was the great love of my life. I had to have her, you know? And when I could not, I wanted vengeance for that.

Stefano: Oh, Papa, God, I -- God only knows how I tried. I failed.

Santo: No, my son. I failed you. It was my job as your father to protect your innocence. Instead... I betrayed it. I started a war. I put you in the middle.

Stefano: Sometimes I dream and... I wake up, and I think that the world is like it was when I was a boy, but before the vendetta.

Santo: I am sorry.

Stefano: Sorry? Sorry? Papa, I wasted half my life avenging your heartbreak. My children have abandoned me. And I'm dying alone. Sorry? Papa, sorry does not seem enough, Papa.

Santo: My son, it's not enough. But I have come here to tell you something. It is not over. The phoenix will rise again.

Lucas: Damn it. I'm coming, Sami. I'm coming. [Dog barks] Whoa. Easy, big guy.

Sami: E.J., This is where I found his blood on the wall, and his wedding ring was on the floor.

E.J.: Okay, I'll go inside. Wait a second. You stay here. Stay here. Samantha, I'm sorry. You're pregnant. Please sit down here. Just let me take care of this.

Sami: I'm not gonna sit down. I want to take care of my twins' father right now.

E.J.: Look, trust me, okay? I've already saved Lucas' life once in that freezer truck. I have his best interest at heart, Samantha.

Sami: I'm sorry, all right? I'm just scared.

E.J.: It's okay, okay? You know you can trust me. You do know that, right? Good. Wait here.

Bo: Sami? Lucas!

Tessa: What is going on here tonight? We are closed.

Bo: I'm detective Bo Brady, Salem P.D. I'm looking for my niece Samantha Roberts. She's a pretty little pregnant girl. Have you seen her?

Tessa: The blonde was telling the truth?

Bo: What do you mean?

Tessa: She said her husband was in danger and that she was related to the deputy commissioner...of police.

Bo: Wha--

Roman: That's me. That's me. I am the commish.

Tessa: But I didn't believe her.

Bo: [Sighs] The bad guys stuck him with --

Roman: Hey, bro.

Bo: Yeah, hi. They stuck him with a hypodermic needle. He's usually not like this. Hey, Roman, look. Look at all the numbers.

Roman: Cool.

Bo: I would really like to find his daughter before these drugs wear off. Do you know where she is?

Tessa: Um, well, she left the gym with a member -- good-looking guy, English, last name, Wells. Do you know him?

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, I know him.

Sami: E.J., what is taking you so long?

André: Does it have to be E.J., or will any DiMera do?

Sami: André.

André: Hmm... are you looking for anybody... special?

Sami: My husband. What have you done with him, you creep?

André: Oh, he's pining for you. Mmm. Don't worry. You're going to be reunited with him very, very soon.

Hope: Benjy's gonna be fine. He's gonna be fine.

Kayla: Well, I sure hope so, because if anything happens to him, I don't think that Steve will ever forgive himself. What is it?

Steve: Just his suitcase. And this.

Kayla: Oh, my God.

Steve: Come here, baby.

Kayla: Oh, my God.

Steve: We're gonna find him, baby. I promise you we're gonna find him.

[Dog barking]

Roman: Whoa-ho-ho!

Bo: Roman, come here. Why don't you sit down right here, okay? Have a seat.

Roman: That was fun.

Bo: Do you have any idea where Wells took the young lady?

Tessa: I asked them to leave, and they left. That's all I know.

[Cellphone rings]

Bo: Excuse me. Hey. Hey, Lucas. Have you heard from Sami?


Lucas: I'm trying to call her, but she's not answering her cellphone.

Bo: Well, she left the health club.

Lucas: She what?! Why would she do that? That makes no sense!

Bo: Where are you?

Lucas: I'm in the alley behind the health club. André played ping-pong with my head. Now I'm in some car. I'm trapped, and I got nasty dogs around me. You want to help me or what?

Bo: Yeah. We're on our way.

Lucas: "We"? What do you mean, "we"?

Bo: It's me and Roman.

Roman: [Chuckles] Hi.

Lucas: Oh, great.

Bo: Yeah, yeah. Great.

Sami: Where is my husband?

André: He's gone on ahead. Would you care to join him?

E.J.: Samantha, he's not in there.

Sami: Aah! Aah!

E.J.: André!

Sami: [Coughing] Lucas! Lucas!

E.J.: Samantha, he's not in here. It's just the two of us.

Sami: [Panting]

[Pounding on door]

E.J.: Ugh.

Sami: Wait. E.J., I hear something.

André: [Sighs]


Sami: It's getting really hot in here.


Stefano: I'm not going to die?

Santo: No, my son. Not yet.

Stefano: But... then why are you here? I thought you were here to help me.

Santo: I am here to help you fulfill your destiny.

Stefano: My destiny?

Santo: You have much to accomplish. Stefano, do not give up now.

Stefano: I don't understand. What am -- what am I to do? Papa. Papa, come back! Papa, come [Coughs] Come back, Papa!

[Gasping and coughing]

Dr. Rolf: You need oxygen! Here. Stefano, here, here.

[Gasping] Stefano, please!

Stefano: Listen to me. Listen. The end [Laughs, coughs] is here.

[Laughing maniacally]

[Pounding on door]

André: The end is near.

E.J.: I care very much about what happens to you.

Sami: Help me get out of here. Help me save my babies' lives.

Lucas: Who the hell besides E.J. would donate a liver?

Roman: Maybe that liver wasn't donated at all.

Steve: This transplant is a bust.

Bo: Steve, cool down.

Steve: I'm not gonna cool down! There is no way I'm letting that bastard get this.

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