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Marlena: Oh, my gosh. I'm so starving. I don't know about anybody else, but I'm not sure I slept much last night. We left Colleen.

Doug: And how can we be sure that Sister Mary Anne actually came to the inn on a search for Colleen? Maybe she had a yen for a little more herself, you know?

Julie: Doug!

Hope: Daddy!

Bo: Okay, all right. Continue with the letter reading there.

Hope: I can't --

Bo: Come on.

Hope: Dad.

Bo: Onward.

Hope: Okay, okay, okay, okay. "The knock at the door took my breath away. I couldn't move, couldn't think. Sister Mary Anne, even more of a stickler for doing things by the book than Father Mallory. If it were God himself hammering at the door, ready to smite me, I couldn't have been more afraid."

[Banging on door]

Sr. Mary Anne: Colleen, did you hear me? 'Tis me, Sister Mary Anne.

Sami: Dear Father. She must have -- [Banging on door]

Sr. Mary Anne: The innkeeper said you're at home, so it's no use pretending. Well, open up, would you?

Sami: Oh, no. Santo, I'm doomed. I'm damned. [Banging on door]

Sr. Mary Anne: Mr. DiMera, open up, please. [Banging on door]

Lucas: Oh, boy. Healthy scones. This looks great.

E.J.: You should try eating them instead of poking them with a knife. You'll find they go down a lot easier that way.

Lucas: We should have had some American doughnuts.

E.J.: I was raised and schooled in England. They're very good, Lucas.

Lucas: Oh, yeah. Well, you should go back there. Are they poisoned?

E.J.: Yes, those two are, but, Samantha, you should be fine.

Sami: Stop it, both of you.

Lucas: You want me to be happy right now? I'm supposed to be happy? He's the last face I see before I go to bed, the first face I see when I wake up in the morning.

Sami: He wasn't the last face you saw last night, was he?

E.J.: How about we just get to the matter at hand, eh?

Lucas: [Sighs] I'm telling you both right now, there is no way that my mom would play courier to Stefano DiMera.

E.J.: Lucas, right now there's not a lot your mother wouldn't do if the price is right.

Lucas: She wouldn't help Stefano bring down the Bradys, all right? She's too close to Roman, plus she knows that Billie and I would turn our backs on her. She wouldn't do it.

E.J.: Lucas, my father is extremely resourceful. It's entirely possible that he could be using Kate without her having any idea. [Cellphone rings]

Sami: Anyway, I think we have to find out. We have to be sure, find out if Kate's even seen Stefano, don't you think?

E.J.: Hello?

Tony: E.J., where in God's name are you?

E.J.: Tony. What's wrong?

Tony: It's Stefano. They rushed him by ambulance to University Hospital. His liver's shutting down.

E.J.: What?

Sami: E.J., what is it?

Tony: E.J., you better get here as soon as you can. I think we're nearing the end.

[Banging on door]

Sr. Mary Anne: Mr. DiMera!

Santo: Si. Quanto Prima. Colleen, in there.

Colleen: What, in the loo? It's the first place she'll look.

Sr. Mary Anne: [Speaking indistinctly]

Santo: Okay. Stay here. I will get rid of her.

Sr. Mary Anne: No need to pretty yourself up for me.

Santo: Coming, sister. Excuse me, I was a little indisposed. Is there something I can help you with?

Sr. Mary Anne: You can. For a start, you can let me in, like a gentleman! Keeping me worried and pounding away like a woman as mad as the seven seas. I'd hide my head in shame if I was you. Hide away from the world I would, Mr. DiMera.

Hope: Here. See it? Our bold little rulebreaker hidden behind the drapes.

Julie: 10 little toes sticking out, so afraid of being found. [Cellphone rings]

Bo: Excuse me, folks.

Marlena: She must have been shaking like a leaf.

Julie: Muttering Hail Mary’s to herself, I bet.

Doug: Yeah, I hope they helped.

John: We already know that it didn't.

Marlena: You can call it fate, destiny, whatever you want. We know how this whole thing turned out. We can find it very romantic to read the letters, but this was a doomed affair.

Hope: You're right. You are so right. We're so wrapped up in this story and sharing and reading about it, but we've completely forgotten why we started reading these letters.

John: Like what set off the DiMeras to seek vengeance on the Bradys.

Hope: Exactly.

Bo: Hey, guys, you're not gonna believe this.

Hope: What?

Bo: Stefano DiMera has been rushed to the hospital.

Julie: What's happened?

Hope: He keeps getting rushed there but keeps dodging the grim reaper.

Bo: I'm not so sure he's gonna dodge the grim reaper this time. It sounds pretty bad.

Dr. Rolf: Look, nurse, please. Leave now. I will handle the IV’s. Mr. DiMera is not here to be on display.

Stefano: No. Rolf, no, no. Leave them open, please. This room is starting to feel like a tomb. I don't need any reminders of what my future might hold.

E.J.: Tony.

Tony: My, Elvis, your speed is quite impressive. One would think you stood to inherit something.

E.J.: I was already inside the hospital. Has there been an update?

Tony: Doctors say that a liver transplant might restore some function, but unfortunately, the waiting for donors is rather long.

E.J.: Then we'll just have to get him moved up the list. He has friends in high places.

Tony: What friends? He never had friends. Stefano's always had people who feared him. What's to fear now?

E.J.: All right, fine. Then we will bribe some people. I don't care. Scour the streets of Hong Kong. Find him a liver.

Tony: It's too late.

E.J.: No, it's not too late.

Tony: What are you talking about? He's run out of time. Could be within a few days, could be a few hours. We just have to wait and see.

E.J.: Father.

Tony: The great Stefano DiMera. Ahh, the scourge of the Bradys about to breathe his last.

E.J.: Look at this place. He's slipping away without a whimper. It's just not right.

Tony: Well, would you rather have him imitate Al Pacino in "Scarface" and die in a blaze of bullets?

E.J.: Look, I'm aware that Father's soul is not without its blemishes, but he never took a life.

Tony: My, you have swallowed the party line, haven't you? This is a dark and violent family, Elvis.

E.J.: Oh, save your contempt for André. He's the person who's behind all of this violence. It's Father who has been holding him back.

Tony: Holding him back? It is Father, or Stefano, who unleashes the mad dog from the cage.

E.J.: When Father's gone, nobody will stop him. You'll see.

Dr. Rolf: Ahh, you are both here. The proud sons.

Tony: Yes, well, you're half right at least.

E.J.: Look, how is he?

Dr. Rolf: The master will soon leave his body. If either of you wishes to say your auf wiedersehens, now would be a good time. There isn't much left.

Kate: Careful with the flowers, please.

Lucas: Yeah, Mom, those look expensive and exotic. They're beautiful. Thanks.

Kate: Honey, these hospital rooms are so dreary. And this foam pillow -- you're gonna find it really comfortable. And look what else I brought -- some of your favorite chocolates from Belgium. Enjoy, enjoy.

Sami: Chocolates?

Lucas: Go easy on them, all right? It's nice, really. It's just everything is kind of pricy. I thought your assets were frozen by the FCC.

Kate: Honey, I think it's kind of rude to ask where someone gets the money to pay for gifts.

Sami: Well, you've called me worse than rude. I'll ask.

Lucas: Wait a minute. I want to know.

Kate: Oh, my God. All right, let's just say I took a little withdrawal from my 401(k). How's that?

Lucas: You don't have a 401(k).

Kate: Yeah, who says I don't?

Lucas: I says you don't. Did you run into a rich uncle I don't know about, maybe an old friend of some kind?

Sami: Kate doesn't normally have friends, but I can think of one person -- Stefano.

Kate: Why don't you stay out of this, Sami?

Lucas: No, wait. Hold on. I want to know. I really do.

Kate: Is this the thanks I get for coming here and trying to make your hospital stay more comfortable? I don't get this.

Lucas: I saw the look on your face when Sami mentioned Stefano's name. You're spending his money, aren't you? You went to see him. You went begging, didn't you?

Hope: "I knew I was risking my future, my good name, and even my soul, all for a mere moment of pleasure. And I sudden felt all the weight of the sacrifice I was about to make. And I knew I wasn't ready to lose what I held most dear."

Santo: Is there something you are looking for, sister?

Sr. Mary Anne: Indeed, since you're asking. A donation, perhaps, knowing Colleen likely told you all about her orphans.

Santo: She has. Yes. I like to do what I can to help. Um... my wallet. Ah. Here we are, sister. I would like to do what I can to help the parish. Come.

Sr. Mary Anne: May the Lord bless you and keep you for your kindness, Mr. DiMera.

Santo: My pleasure, sister. Arrivederci.

Sr. Mary Anne: Oh, begging your pardon again, but I don't suppose you've seen Colleen tonight. She was to go to door to door along with me but seems to have gone missing.

Santo: No, I have not. Maybe she was confused about the day.

Sr. Mary Anne: Right. Confused she must be. Surely.

Santo: Well, buona fortuna, sister. Good night. Good night. Colleen.

Colleen: She knows I was with you.

Santo: Calm down. Everything will be fine, trust me.

Colleen: It will not. The sound of her voice when the good sister's suspicious. She's likely to be running full tilt straight back to St. Malachy's and Father Mallory. Merciful Lord, save me. I'm likely to be scandal of Galway by morning.

Santo: Colleen, how could she possibly know you were here?

Colleen: I don't know. Maybe she saw my toes popping out from underneath the draperies -- all 10 of them. I'm sure she did.

Santo: How would she know they were your toes?

Colleen: You don't know who we're dealing with. She'll find a way to take a peek at me feet. See if she doesn't.

Santo: Colleen, I think you exaggerate.

Colleen: Don't they call her God's bookkeeper. She closes her eyes at the mass, and she can tell by the sound of the coins what's being put in the plate. She remembers who put it in, too.

Santo: Colleen --

Colleen: Sister Mary Anne, she won't just be telling Father Mallory. She'll tell the entire convent. We have to find a way to explain things or I'll lose everything I've been working for me entire life.

Hope: All I can say is thank God things have changed here and in Ireland so a woman's whole life isn't judged by one small indiscretion.

Bo: I agree.

John: Here's to the end of a double standard.

Julie: Hear hear.

Marlena: Colleen kissed him, that was all.

John: She intended to do more than that.

Marlena: But she knew it was going to destroy her world.

Hope: Wait a second. There isn't a person sitting here at this table who hasn't made choices that others didn't view as wrong.

Julie: Yes, but Colleen was willing to risk everything she knew in her life to follow her heart. Now, I would call that courageous.

John: It took more than courage to make all this happen.

Hope: We're back to fate again, aren't we?

John: I just think that if Santo and Colleen even tried to stop this train --

Bo: It wouldn't have made any difference.

John: Some things in this world are bigger than the choices that we make.

Doug: Destiny.

Marlena: Do you believe that -- Colleen and Santo were destined to be together?

John: I know some people are. Don't you?

Marlena: I do.

Lucas: It's the truth, isn't it? Just say it. Go ahead and say it. You went to him.

Kate: Okay, fine. Yes. Yes. I asked Stefano for money, and I had no choice, thanks to you.

Lucas: Thanks to me. We're back to that again?

Kate: Have you forgotten that you turned me in to the SEC?

Lucas: I turned E.J. in to the SEC.

Kate: Lucas, you knew perfectly well that E.J. was my partner, okay? Don't pretend now that you didn't know what was gonna happen to me, 'cause you just didn't care. You were so anxious to bring down E.J.

Lucas: Don't say it like that.

Kate: E.J. has other options. If Mythic goes down the tubes, it's just a nuisance to him, but I had to find a way to get footing here after you pulled the rug out from underneath me. And if I went to Stefano DiMera and that's a problem for the two of you, then just go to hell.

Lucas: Mom, come back here. Just relax.

Sami: Please. Look, I know we pushed you, and I'm sorry. But we had a really good reason. Just give us a chance. Hear us out. Don't go, please.

Nurse: Can I help you?

E.J.: I'm his son. I'd like some time alone with my father, please.

Nurse: Of course. Just press the call button if you need anything.

E.J.: Thank you.

Stefano: Papa.

E.J.: No, Father, it's me, E.J.

Stefano: Oh, Elvis, Elvis. I must talk to you. The will, the accounts, the combinations --

E.J.: No, Father. Please, please, not now.

Stefano: [Chuckles] There is only now.

E.J.: I know that, but these last...few months --

Stefano: Oh --

E.J.: No, no. Please, please. Just let me finish. It's important. We've never been so far apart.

Stefano: And?

E.J.: And I want to thank you... for the blessing of being your son, for the many opportunities that it's brought me.

Stefano: It's a 2-edged sword, my boy.

E.J.: No. Not the small things. Do you remember those summer days at San Giusto?

[Both chuckle]

Stefano: Yeah.

E.J.: At night in the ruins, you'd tell me those stories -- remember, the ones your father told you? And I remember that you would... you would laugh. And I remember the look in your eyes when I did something that...

Stefano: Made me proud, my son. Always.

E.J.: I have really disappointed you, Father.

Stefano: Oh. How can I fault you for doing what my father did -- falling in love with a woman and giving your soul to that love? See...many people think that love is a blessing. But see, I know -- I know since I was a boy that it ended in tears. But for my father, the flame was too warm, too beautiful. It...took away his reason. It...burned his heart.

E.J.: Father...

Stefano: I knew. I knew that he was playing with fire. I knew. I knew.

Hope: Destiny? Yeah, I believe in destiny. But you know what I think our destiny is? To free us all of the misery that Santo has brought into our lives.

Marlena: In these letters, he tried to seem like such a kindhearted, loving man.

Bo: Yeah. He would have said anything to get her in his bed. I bet you it worked.

Hope: I'll take that bet.

Bo: Hmm?

Hope: Santo succeeds, I take back diaper duty.

Bo: And if he doesn't?

Hope: Marlena, may I please see the letters?

Bo: No, no, no. Let me read the next part of this letter. "I felt despair for the first time in all my life, knowing that life as I knew it was over. But then when you touched me and I felt the warmth of your skin against mine, Santo, I felt a calm flooding over me." Get ready for diaper duty, there, Fancy Face.

Hope: Keep reading, Brady. Keep reading.

Bo: "Feeling your touch in that moment, the world as I knew it dissolved away. All I could see, all that mattered was there in that room, in that moment."

Colleen: I have brought shame to my church and to my family. There can be no forgiveness for me in this life or the next.

Santo: Colleen, what sin has been done, eh? The good sister came looking to discover sin. She could find nothing -- no clue. She left none the wiser.

Colleen: When you say it, I want to believe it. I almost do. But you don't know what she's like. She'll dig in her heels till she finds what she's after.

Santo: Colleen, the sister left without a clue, okay? Now it's just you and me, Santo and Colleen. Everybody else sparato. It's just as we wanted, just as we wished it would be -- the two of us.

Colleen: Santo. Santo.

Stefano: My father, Santo, was a great man, Elvis. I wish you could have known him. But he could have been so much more if only...

E.J.: If only he'd followed his destiny?

Stefano: Hmm.

E.J.: Maybe that's what he did. Maybe his destiny wasn't to come to America. Maybe it was to marry Colleen.

Stefano: Perhaps you're right. Love was his fate. But how different my life would have been if my father had just taken another road.

E.J.: It's always very clear looking back what the right choice should have been, I suppose.

Stefano: See, Elvis, I... I knew what my father's mistakes were, and I swore that I will never repeat them, that all my love was going to go to my sons, my children, my family. And now I look back on my life... alone.

E.J.: No. Not alone. Father, you have done as your father wanted, as he wished. Now it is time for you to choose your future so that we can honor you. Make peace. End this vendetta. Tell André it's over.

Stefano: It is too late. I cannot stop him. I don't know where he is. There's nothing more I can do for the Bradys.

Lucas: Look, I'm sorry, all right? I'm sorry that we pushed you the way we did. Please, come back.

Sami: I know it must have seemed like we were judging you.

Kate: I'm supposed to believe that you weren't?

Lucas: Well, if we were, we're sorry about it, okay?

Sami: You have to understand why this is so important to us. It's about the vendetta.

Kate: Okay, so, it's about the feud between the DiMeras and the Bradys? Believe me, I think I'm the only person in Salem who's not a part of that, all right?

Lucas: Well, not that you know of, at least.

Sami: Bo and Hope, they went to Ireland because they thought they could find out about this leather folio that may have the answers that we need to end this vendetta.

Lucas: The only problem is, one of Stefano's flunkies got to it first.

Sami: So my dad has cops watching the DiMera mansion. They're gonna make sure Stefano doesn't get his hands on that folio.

Lucas: Yeah, we think André's got his hands on it by now.

Sami: Exactly. So, here's the thing -- what if Stefano asked you to be the messenger, go meet with André, and then bring him the folio?

Lucas: Did he, Mom? Did he ask you to do that?

Kate: No. No. I mean, he didn't mention anything like that. He gave me the money, and there were no strings attached.

Lucas: No strings attached? That's all? He just gave you the money? Come on. He must have asked you for something.

Kate: Lucas, I told you, okay?

Lucas: Now you're lying to me.

Kate: [Sighs]

Sami: Look, I think I know exactly what he wanted.

Lucas: What? What did he want?

Sami: I think Stefano gave Kate the money so that he could have her in his debt.

Lucas: Because she needed him as a courier, right? He was gonna use her as a courier.

Sami: Exactly.

Lucas: He hasn't asked for anything yet, even hinted?

Kate: Lucas, I swear on my life and on my love for my children, no, he has not asked me to be a courier.

Lucas: Mom, I want to believe you. I wish I knew that was the truth.

Sami: Lucas... I don't know. I get the feeling she is telling the truth. I don't think Stefano's asked her yet.

Kate: Thank you, Sami.

Colleen: Oh! Get off!

Santo: Colleen.

Colleen: Where did this come from?

Santo: It's all right. I was keeping it for you so you would not forget.

Colleen: Dear Lord. Dear Lord in heaven.

Santo: Colleen, what is wrong?

Colleen: Sister Mary Anne, she saw it. She spotted this. She knows I'm here. She knows!

John: Well, kind of looks like our boy Santo is gonna be taking himself some cold showers.

Hope: Which'll be doing diapers through Easter.

Bo: Easter?

Hope: I'd be counting my blessings if I were you. I could have said Christmas '08.

Julie: While you're counting the diapers.

Doug: I thought you learned your lesson, Bo. Never make bets with a Horton.

Bo: I'm a slow learner. [Laughter]

Julie: I think it is very sad. Colleen never got to spend one night in the arms of her love.

Bo: Well, hold on here. Who's saying that this is her last chance?

John: How's Colleen gonna get a second chance, Bo? When Sister Mary Anne spills the beans --

Marlena: She won't have a chance with the church or with her lover.

E.J.: He's sleeping.

Tony: Are you all right?

E.J.: How do you say goodbye to somebody who...cared for you day after day your whole life?

Tony: I've never had that experience, E.J. – Not even close.

Dr. Rolf: I have been discussing Stefano's condition with the hospital surgical team. Now, any surgery in his weakened condition is highly risky, but if we can secure a single lobe from a healthy, compatible liver, it will regenerate, providing, of course, your father does not die on the operating table.

E.J.: Father could actually grow a new liver?

Dr. Rolf: From a single donated lobe, yes.

Tony: And the donor?

Dr. Rolf: Well, there are risks to the donor, of course, but they are minimal. And it could prolong your father's life.

Tony: But he still needs stem cells.

Dr. Rolf: Of course.

E.J.: But if we find a suitable donor --

Dr. Rolf: A compatible donor, yes? There may still be hope for Stefano yet.

Hope: Bo.

John: So, what's the word on Stefano?

Bo: Fives toes in the grave, five left to go. It's just a matter of time.

Julie: Well, if we dance the tarantella on his grave, do you think it would be bad taste?

Doug: Bom-bitty-bom-bom, who cares?

Bo: There you go.

Marlena: Stefano has cheated death so many times. I can't really believe that it's happening now.

John: You know what they say, Doc -- only the good die young.

Marlena: Why is that? Why is somebody as evil as Stefano allowed to live so many years and somebody as dear and pure as Colleen has her life cut short?

John: That's the question, isn't it?

Hope: All the time we've put in reading, we still have no idea how Colleen died.

Bo: Can't be long now.

Hope: Well, we have to find the clue we've been looking for.

Marlena: "Having sin in my heart, Santo, I knew I would be punished. I devoted myself to the church all my life, and when I turned to you, I was turning my back on the church and on him. And I knew my life would never and could never be the same."

Santo: Colleen, even if she did see the scarf, how would she know it was yours?

Colleen: She's back at the church now telling Father Mallory. I know she is.

Santo: Colleen, surely she will tell you first.

Colleen: She'll never even look at me again.

Santo: Colleen, please, you are taking this too far.

Colleen: God's hand is in this. This is wrong, Santo. I wasn't meant for this.

Santo: You weren't meant for what, huh, for feeling? You think the Lord God gave you a heart so you cannot feel?

Colleen: It's not too late. Yes, I have sinned, but not the worst sin. We were stopped in time, thanks be to God.

Santo: Colleen, stop. Stop.

Colleen: Why am I here? Why did I come? Why did I lie? I lied to the Father, to the good sister. I was pushing my own brother to lie for me. I betrayed them all.

Santo: Colleen, you did not betray your own heart.

Colleen: God, help me.

Santo: He will. Colleen, look at me. Look at me, please. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known on the inside, not just the outside. The Lord God would not have created such beauty to watch it waste away.

Colleen: You must not speak like that. It's that kind of wicked talk that led me into sin.

Santo: Stay here.

Colleen: No. This is it. I will never see you again -- never. I can't.

Santo: Colleen, no. Enough of this. This is ridiculous.

Colleen: No, I can't. Please. You must understand. You must get out of my life. You're nothing but trouble to me.

Colleen: Okay. [Clears throat]

Fr. Mallory: Colleen. You see? There she is, sister.

Sr. Mary Anne: I see. Indeed.

Fr. Mallory: Is there something you should be telling me, Colleen? Colleen?

Sr. Mary Anne: Nothing to say? Well, I've plenty. As I told the Father, I happened to stop in at Mr. DiMera's room at the inn. And can you not guess what I saw there, Colleen Mary? 10 toes poking out from beneath the drapes and your own scarf on the bed.

Fr. Mallory: Colleen, it's a grim accusation she's making against you. Have you nothing to say to me, child?

Marlena: Poor Colleen. She felt so guilty, she couldn't even defend herself.

Doug: Yes, but back to Sister Mary Anne. Do you think she ran to Pete Brady next and told him?

Bo: She wouldn't have to. Once the news was out, it spread like wildfire.

John: Yep.

Bo: This next letter should tell us a lot.

Julie: Oh, I'm sorry. That's the last of the bunch.

Hope: What? That's it?

Julie: Professor Mangino is doing the best she can, but she does have to prepare for the new semester.

John: So we'll just have to wait.

Bo: By the time the next batch comes, Stefano might have gone to meet his final reward.

Doug: Or punishment.

John: I will drink to that.

Marlena: Pleased as we might be, I'm not sure that's how we behave, is it?

Bo: I'll drink, too.

Julie: No, you can't drink -- you can't drink to someone's eternal damnation. It won't do at all. It won't do at all.

Stefano: So... I need a piece of someone's liver.

Dr. Rolf: We will begin the search.

Tony: Well, not being a DiMera by blood, it's unlikely that my organs would be compatible.

Dr. Rolf: Not worth testing.

Stefano: Tony... I'm sure it will break your heart.

Dr. Rolf: The only chance is a blood relative.

E.J.: Okay, I will -- I'll call Benjy. I'll call Lexie. I'll get them tested.

Dr. Rolf: And we will be testing you as well, Elvis, yeah?

E.J.: Yes, of course. Of course, Father. I'm gonna go and make those calls, okay?

Stefano: Thank you, my son.

Tony: It's quite something for someone to even donate a portion of their liver. I'm sure your offspring don't care a damn.

Stefano: We'll see.

Tony: I can't wait. Ciao.

Stefano: Ciao. Rolf, the phone.

Dr. Rolf: Oh, Stefano, please.

Stefano: Rolf, I said the phone, now.

Dr. Rolf: All right.

Lucas: Trying to play nice? Playing nice with my mom? Trying to take her side? Is that what you're doing?

Sami: I am definitely not taking her side. I just actually believe she's telling the truth.

[Cellphone rings]

Kate: Oh. Hello?

Stefano: Kate.

Kate: Look, um, I can't talk right now. It's not a good time.

Stefano: No, this cannot wait.

Kate: Just give me five minutes, okay?

Stefano: Did you hear me? The doctor says that it's possible I will not live out the night.

Kate: Yes, yes. I heard you. I'm sorry.

Stefano: I need your help, Kate, hmm? One last bit of business, and I feel you are the one person that I can trust. You owe me.

Kate: Yes. I understand. What do you need me to do?

Stefano: All right. André has something, and it's old. It's a folio. It's all leather, all right? And I must have it. But, you see, the police are watching so much that André cannot deliver it to me. So, what I want from you is that you are to meet him. You get the folio and bring it back so I have it in my hands. Will you do this for me, Kate? [Laughs] It's a dying wish. I need your help, Kate.

Chelsea: I have to go.

Nick: No one will love you like I do.

Hope: If you love her, Nick, go after her and fight for her.

Lucas: You did, didn't you? You're right back where you started -- Stefano's whore.

Lexie: I have no intention of risking my life to save yours.

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