Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 8/21/07 - Canada; Wednesday 8/22/07 - U.S.A.


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Belle: This is not about me picking Philip over you, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Well, I thought --

Belle: You make all these decisions about our life -- our life -- yours, Claire's, and mine -- without even asking me how I feel or what I want or how I think.

Shawn D.: What I want is us, our family, the three of us, not the four.

Belle: What, so you decide? You told Philip that we're moving out and I'm just supposed to follow along like some little puppy dog?

Shawn D.: Belle, I just thought this is what you would want.

Belle: First, you surprise me with, "hey, guess what. We're moving in with my grandparents." That's bad enough, but then you tell Philip that it's a done deal when you know I didn't agree, and I don't agree, okay? We have a child together. I am wearing your ring. I have committed myself to you and to a future with you, but I am not gonna sit around and let you make all the decisions. We tried that when we were on the run, and I was miserable.

Shawn D.: Belle, this is totally different.

Belle: No, it's exactly the same. It's you against Philip with Claire and me as the prize, and I am sick of it.

Shawn D.: Well, so am I. Philip -- he chased us around the world to get you and Claire back. Now he's using his money and his house to do the same.

Belle: Shawn, I have tried to see it your way, but I just don't think he's doing that.

Shawn D.: I can't believe that you don't see it. Maybe you don't want to see it. Maybe what you want --

Belle: What I want is for you to stop making Philip out to be some monster that he's not.

Shawn D.: Fine. Then stop taking his side every time we get into an argument.

Hope: Hey, guys. Dr. Mangino wouldn't take the check?

Julie: Dr. Mangino says she should be paying us. She is so caught up in this story, she forgot to eat dinner one night last week, and she has already started translating the next batch of letters.

Hope: Thanks, Julie.

Marlena: It's a fabulous story, and it happens to be true.

Bo: I just wish we could have brought that folio home from Ireland.

Hope: We'll get it.

Doug: Not if it's in Stefano's hands.

Bo: Yeah, I got a feeling it has all the answers to ending this feud.

Doug: Yes, but Stefano does not want to end it.

Hope: You know, we need to just let it go for now.

Marlena: All righty. Where did we leave off?

Hope: Oh, Colleen was deciding if she should meet Santo his room at the inn.

Bo: Or not.

Hope: Is that a bet?

Bo: Are you kidding me? I'm not gonna bet you till sometime way after Christmas. [Laughter]

Julie: Okay, here we go. "Dear Santo, I knew I had to see you again, but how? When Sister Mary Anne says it's you who will be accompanying her out to collect donations, there was no room for argument. And here I was with other plans. Wondering how to avoid questions from Father Mallory and from the sister, I knew that I needed an ally."

Colleen: Well, there's no need to remind you that Da's been in a terrible mood this week, so you do your chores and no asking him for kinds for your foolishness. You do as himself tells you, no questions asked if you don't want his wrath falling on you.

Shawn: I will.

Colleen: And I have a wee favor to ask. If you wouldn't mind going to the father and the good sister Mary Anne and let them know that I can't be doing the door-to-door with her this evening. Aunt Nan has been feeling poorly.

Shawn: But Da and I saw Aunt Nan in the village.

Colleen: Well, it must have come on suddenly, then, the poor soul. She looked as pale as a midwinter moon, she did.

Shawn: She was smoking her pipe. Said she'd been cutting peat in the bogs.

Colleen: Well, you're right, then, Shawn. It's not Aunt Nan I'll be taking the time for.

Shawn: It's Stefano's Da.

Colleen: Aren't you just too smart for your britches? Aye, it's for Stefano's Da.

Shawn: Then you can't do it. Don't go, Leeni. Please don't go.

Belle: I am not taking sides, and I'd really wish you'd stop saying that.

Shawn D.: See? You won't even admit that you're doing it.

Belle: Because I'm not.

Shawn D.: Every time I've tried to take us out of Philip's house, I've got the same excuse from you -- that it's not what's best for Claire.

Belle: Well, that's not an excuse.

Shawn D.: Belle, it's not about what's best for Claire. It's about what's best for Belle.

Belle: That's a horrible thing to say.

Shawn D.: Come on, admit it. You love the servants. You love them making your bed. You love the meals, the money. You love Philip being there 24/7 telling you that you deserve every bit of it.

Belle: That is so not true.

Shawn D.: Oh, come on.

Belle: It is what's best for Claire.

Shawn D.: Is it, really? If it keeps getting us into these arguments, is it best for Claire to be stuck between me, her real father, and Philip, who can't accept that and is desperate to tear us apart?

Belle: Shawn, he just wants to be a part of Claire's life.

Shawn D.: What he wants is a family -- mine.

Belle: Well, he can't have it if we don't let him.

Shawn D.: How are we supposed to stop him if you can't even admit that it's happening? Think about how he's been trained. He makes a plan. He attacks.

Belle: Shawn, this isn't war.

Shawn D.: He's a soldier. That's how he goes. He steps in, finds the enemy, and takes them down.

Belle: The enemy?

Shawn D.: That's what I am to him.

Belle: Shawn, your friendship with Philip goes back to when you were kids.

Shawn D.: Our friendship is over. It's war now. This is Philip's war, and if you don't believe me, you can go over there and ask him.

John: Thank you.

Hope: You're welcome.

Marlena: It must have broken her heart.

John: What's that?

Marlena: Colleen. Asking her little brother to lie for her -- little Shawn.

Hope: Oh, no. I didn't get that impression.

John: Me neither. Looks like Sami's right about our little nun.

Doug: Nun to be -- or not to be.

John: Not quite as innocent as we all want to think.

Julie: Well, obviously, she was not a victim, right, Marlena? She was so busy pulling strings.

Hope: She knew enough to keep Santo waiting at a fever's pitch, I'm sure.

Marlena: I think his heart must have been pounding.

Bo: Question is, would she show up?

Doug: And for the answer to that question, I now give you, ladies and gentlemen, Julie Olson-Banning-Anderson-Williams-Williams-Williams.

Julie: Did I really marry you three times?

Doug: Three time's a charm, kid.

Julie: Oh, charming you are. All righty. "I didn't know what to say next to the little one. I had raised and cared for him all his young life, Santo. Rocking him through all the storms and the nightmares as our sainted mother had done for me. But I knew this time I would fail him, and young Shawn himself seemed to know it, too."

Shawn: Don't meet him, Leeni. I'm begging you.

Colleen: We're friends is all, Shawn. Only...the good Sister Mary Anne and the dear Father Mallory, they wouldn't understand such a friendship. So it's best not to be troubling them with it, is all.

Shawn: I'll go with you, then.

Colleen: Not on this night, Shawn.

Shawn: Why must you go?

Colleen: Happiness. You do want to see your sister with her heart smiling, don't you?

Shawn: Are you not happy with me and Da and our family?

Colleen: I am. I am entirely, Shawn. But there are more kinds of happiness than can be found in our cottage.

Shawn: So, you're meaning the kind you can find in a church?

Colleen: That drives another kind of sin. Shawn, there are more kinds of happiness than can be found in this church or in our village. There's a great big world spinning out there. And Da, he's been saving so one day you can go to America and you can study college and see the sights and the wonders.

Shawn: I don't want to.

Colleen: No, maybe not now, but later you will. One day, surely. And it will be proud, I am, knowing you've gone to take your place in all of it should be. And what I wish for you...I've been wishing as well for meself.

Shawn: To come with me?

Colleen: It's my heart's dearest wish. But, uh, Da thinks it's best that this church is all I'll see of the world.

Shawn: But why?

Colleen: It's what Da wants for me. And he never changes his mind once it's made up, does he?

Shawn: You're leaving anyway, aren't you? Leaving tonight.

Belle: You're doing what you always do. You're putting me on the spot.

Shawn D.: And if I didn't, would things change? No, they wouldn't, Belle. You love living the cushy life while Philip picks up the tab.

Belle: You stop it.

Shawn D.: I'm trying.

Belle: That's not what I meant and you know it.

Shawn D.: When it's just the three of us, we never fight like this.

Belle: Are you kidding me? The entire time we were in Tinda Lao and on the run --

Shawn D.: With Philip chasing us. Philip is the cause to all of our problems. And he adds to it every chance that he gets. Ain't that right, Philip?

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn D.: Let's just see what he says. If he's any man, he'll admit it. Come on over here.

Philip: Hey, look, I don't know what's going on over here, but it's pretty clear you two need time to work something out. Don't drag me into it, okay?

Shawn D.: You're already right in the middle of it. So if you want to help settle this, you can come over here and give us a straight answer.

Philip: About what?

Shawn D.: About you using your house and your money to try to cause problems for Belle and I. You're trying to break us up, Philip.

Philip: Belle, do you believe that?

Shawn D.: Philip, just be honest for once in your life. You want Belle and Claire all to yourself.

Belle: Is that true? Is that what you want?

Philip: I want to be a part of Claire's life.

Shawn D.: And?

Philip: I want to be friends with you...both.

Belle: And that's all?

Philip: If I wanted you gone, Shawn, I'd just pick up a phone, call the cops, and tell them you were working with Lauren to scam me.

Belle: Shawn had nothing to do with that scam and you know it.

Philip: Here's what I know -- Lauren's gone, disappeared, so she can't tell the truth about Shawn either way. Doesn't that seem convenient?

Shawn D.: Shut your face, Kiriakis, or I'm gonna shut it for you.

Philip: Wow, look at you. Bring it on, Shawn. Go ahead, take a swing.

Shawn: You are meeting with Stefano's da. That's what you're doing. You're going away.

Colleen: It isn't that at all, Shawn. No, I'm not leaving. Big talking is all I'll be doing. It's a great, huge decision I'll be making. And I have to be sure first before choosing. Can't you understand that I need to know in me own heart? Can't you help me with that, the way I've always helped you to know yours?

Shawn: You want me to lie to Father Mallory and to the sister, too.

Colleen: No, Shawn. I'll understand if you can't or won't.

Shawn: But you'd be found out come next Sunday when I go to confession. I'd have to admit to it then, wouldn't I?

Colleen: Aye, that you would. So, all right, then. Say I never asked you in the first place.

Shawn: But I'm asking you. Don't do it. Don't go, Leeni.

Colleen: Don't you think I wouldn't if I didn't have to? Maybe this is all a part of God's plan for me. I have to be sure. Can you understand? Well, try...and keep trying until you do. [Door closes]

Shawn: Leeni.

Colleen: "That look in the eyes of me brother went straight to me soul like a dagger of ice."

Fr. Mallory: Shawn Brady, have you seen your sister about, lad -- Colleen? Shawn! Young Shawn!

Marlena: Hope, your little cookies are so good.

John: Any word on André?

Bo: Uh, we're shadowing Stefano to keep an eye on the mansion. Andre's got to get that folio to him sooner or later.

John: We got to find a way to pull him in before he hurts somebody else. A lot at stake here.

Bo: Yeah, tell me about it. Keep thinking about my little angel upstairs and...what if he tries to hurt us by going through her?

John: He was willing to cut out Sami's twins and kill them before they were born.

Bo: There was a reason for that, as sick as it was.

John: They wanted the stem cells.

Bo: So he could save his miserable life.

John: And Roman, Lucas -- they almost lost their lives, and your parents -- they're the easiest target of all.

Bo: What are you trying to say?

John: Just looking around. It's not hard to see how wide open and vulnerable all the Bradys are right now.

Doug: Okay, ladies, question. Tell me something --

Hope: Daddy, anything.

Doug: What would you do in Colleen's place?

Julie: Oh, that's a tough question.

Marlena: I know what Hope would do. Hope would hire a private investigator to find out everything she could about Santo's finances, and then hire the same detective to find out all about his wife and children.

Hope: And when the report came back clear, I would run to that inn and I would never look back.

Julie: Oh, my darling girl, I so admire you. Getting a P.I. report. I wouldn't have had the willpower.

Marlena: I'm not sure I could wait, either, but then you've seen my husband. [Laughter]

John: All right, what are we missing here?

Doug: Oh, guys, hey, I'm sorry to tell you this, but you know these ladies that we have married? Wild women, strumpets.

Hope: Daddy!

Doug: Well, and may the good Lord bless them. [Laughter]

John: That was a good save.

Philip: Come on. Take your best shot, Shawn.

Shawn D.: You keep pushing me, I just might forget that you're handicapped.

Belle: Hey! All right, both of you.

Shawn D.: Every time you try to get him to tell the truth, he changes the subject and goes on about my plot with Lauren.

Philip: There's only one truth to tell, only you're too insecure to accept it. I want to see Claire safe and happy, period.

Shawn D.: And you think that I can't make that happen.

Philip: Well, you do what you can. It's not my fault I can take better care of her. Of course, if you could hold on to a decent job --

Belle: Just shut up, okay? Just stop it. I am so tired --

Philip: Tired of worrying about Shawn and his delicate feelings? Yeah, me too.

Shawn D.: You're done worrying, because we're moving out and you're moving on. I can't wait.

Philip: You really think growing up over a bar is the best thing for Claire?

Shawn D.: We all know what you think, Philip, but nobody cares.

Philip: Belle, I know this is the last thing that you want for yourself or our -- your little girl. I know, but --

Shawn D.: You're wrong. Go on, Belle. Tell him. He needs to hear it.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn D.: Tell him that he's wrong.

Belle: Shawn, please. I need a minute alone to talk to Philip.

Shawn D.: What?

Belle: Alone.

Shawn D.: Are you crazy? You're gonna listen to more of his lies? It's the last thing that you need.

Belle: No, the last thing that I need is you telling me what I need. I know what I need, and right now, I just need some space. Can you handle that? Come on, prove him wrong. Show me.

Philip:'re moving in here, huh? Right upstairs?

Belle: You heard Shawn.

Philip: Yeah, I did. Only I didn't hear that you were happy with the idea.

Belle: So what? Shawn's not happy and staying with you isn't fair to him.

Philip: Hmm. What about Claire and what's fair for her? He should be thinking about what his daughter needs, putting her first and his girlfriend.

Belle: Fiancé.

Philip: You're safe in the mansion. You're comfortable. You're happy. Why throw that all away because of Shawn's insecurity? It's his problem.

Belle: Which makes it my problem, too. Try to understand that.

Philip: Here's what I understand -- he wants to cut me out of Claire's life and yours. But it's not gonna happen. And he better understand that. I won't let it happen, Belle. Whatever it takes.

John: Let's, uh, hey, let's see what we can make out of this one. "Dear had to know how tormented I was when I waited for you that night, wondering would you come. And as I twisted about in my longing, I knew that my anguish was nothing compared to your own, as you face leaving behind all that you knew, risking it all to be with me as I would risk it all to be with you. For living without you would be no life. No life at all."

[Knock on door]

Santo: Colleen, come.

Colleen: Oh, God. The man downstairs is drunken nights, and I had to wait until the fifth night to sneak up here, making sure that no one saw me do it. You're not gonna say anything at all, then.

Santo: I wish I could, but... the sight of you here, it's been so long, it'd been a dream.

Colleen: No more looking. It's speechless you are, is that it?

Santo: Get cozy.

Colleen: Your dining room. You did ask me here for dinner, didn't you?

Santo: In Galway, this one room is all I have, but please, make yourself at home, and if that is not possible, we can -- we could dine in the pub.

Colleen: Well, I'm up here telling you that it's full of people who know me.

Santo: I'm just trying to be a gentleman.

Colleen: Are you? Well, don't waste your time, then. For we both know it's a lie to end all lies.

Julie: Well, it seems to me that Colleen speaks her mind. She just says what she thinks.

Marlena: That's one way to keep the DiMeras off balance.

Hope: That's the only way -- tell them the truth and keep telling it.

Doug: Yes, but Santo seems different somehow.

Julie: And Colleen is not your average Brady.

Hope: Julie, are you kidding me? She's absolutely the average Brady. She is smart. She is saucy, and she speaks her mind.

Bo: Smart and saucy and full of truth as she is, Santo still managed to get her in his room, so who was beating who at whose game?

Julie: How far did she think it was all going to go?

Doug: And how far did she want it to go?

Hope: And what made her think once things got started, she could just stop it?

Marlena: Or stop him.

John: Or stop herself. Listen to this -- "my Colleen, beyond all questions, you are the greatest of pains in the neck I have ever known. Every last word, every gesture I make, you examine, inspect, and then utterly misunderstand. The mystery of you, how you think, leaves me speechless. Do you argue with me because you don't trust me, Colleen, or because you don't trust what might happen the moment the argument stops?"

Colleen: Are you trying to get me drunk, now, is that it?

Santo: No, it is a small glass. Ah, all right. I am discovered, huh? If I was drunk, and --

Colleen: Then you'll be taking liberties, or that's what you're thinking, isn't it?

Santo: Try to relax, Colleen. Please, take a seat. Relax.

Colleen: So, where is the wee lad?

Santo: Stefano. He is upstairs with Mrs. Fitzpatrick. She tell me it is a great pleasure to look after Fano.

Colleen: I see. She's always available if you need privacy, is that it?

Santo: Colleen, why do you say these things? You know I am in mourning. You know that when my wife was alive --

Colleen: You were shamelessly flirting with me.

Santo: I was never unfaithful...not through all of the years of her illness. I am no chaser of women, Colleen.

Colleen: And if you were, I doubt you'd be telling me so, would you?

Santo: You don't believe me. Fine. Would you like to get Mrs. Fitzpatrick downstairs? You know the innkeeper and his wife -- we can ask them all. They will all tell you there was never once many women in this room.

Colleen: Well, they don't know I'm here now, either, do they?

Santo: What is it you want, huh? Take it. Look, my fingerprints. Why don't you take those to the police? See if they can help, you know? My accounts, my records -- maybe they will help you, huh? What is it, Colleen, that you want from me? Do you want, what -- here, my heart. You want my heart? Take it. Take it if that is what you need because it beats only for you, Colleen.

Belle: No one is trying to shut you out.

Philip: Come on.

Belle: Not from Claire.

Philip: Why not? She isn't my flesh and blood. I'm nothing to her, right?

Belle: I never said that, and neither did Shawn.

Philip: Not out loud, but that's how he feels.

Belle: All right, look, I know you're going through a hard time. I get that. You and Shawn have been friends for a really long time, and that kind of friendship is hard to lose. On top of all that stuff with Lauren and the baby boy --

Philip: You think I'm out of control?

Belle: I think it's a lot to deal with.

Philip: Yeah, it is. [Sighs] Hell, I know he's not mixed up with Lauren. I know he didn't deliberately help her to get at me.

Belle: I'm really glad to hear you say that.

Philip: It's driving me nuts, Belle. I can't find her. Lauren has totally disappeared, like you and Shawn did, but this time, it really is my flesh and blood. She took my son.

Belle: You don't know that, that child is yours.

Philip: The DNA test says it is. Just got the results back from the lab. Billie took in a sample she got off a bib that Lauren left behind.

Belle: Oh, my God, Philip, you -- you have a baby boy.

Philip: Yeah. A son.

Belle: That's wonderful.

Philip: Only I might not ever see him.

Belle: Come on, you won't let that happen. You'll find them.

Philip: Maybe that's part of why I'm holding on so tight to Claire. I know she's Shawn's -- yours and Shawn's -- and I swear I'm not looking to take his place.

Belle: I believe you.

Philip: I just wish Shawn did. I have a son now, so I understand how he feels about Claire and how strong that is, but the thing is, she was my daughter for the first year of her life. I can't help but feeling it, too, and now I have a son, and I feel it for him, and... I heard him, Belle. I heard him crying on the phone.

Belle: Hey, you'll find him.

Philip: What I'm trying to say is I know how he feels about Claire, okay? I get it. I just -- I just wish he did. That's all.

Belle: Well, slowly but surely, I think we're all growing up. Guess it's part of having kids.

Philip: Yeah, I guess.

Belle: Look, Shawn will come around. Meanwhile, I promise you that you will always be a part of Claire's life. And not just for her sake, but for yours. I'll never let Shawn take that away from her or you.

Philip: I'm not sure anybody can stop him if that's what he makes his mind up to do.

Belle: Watch me.

Philip: Belle, I know you love him, but --

Belle: Philip, we all love each other.

Philip: If Shawn ever gets the chance to cut me off, he will. That's the bottom line. I know it and so do you. He won't think twice about doing it, and he won't lose any sleep over it, either. Well, I think that says something about him, and you've got to see it, Belle. See Shawn for who he really is and not the man you want him to be or who you think you can make him. See Shawn for what he is now -- the real Shawn. And before it's too late... for you and for Claire.

Belle: Shawn's doing the best that he can, Philip.

Philip: That's what scares me. This isn't the Shawn we grew up with.

Belle: Of course it is. Look, underneath all of the changes, we're all still who we've always been. You two just haven't been showing your best sides lately. But Shawn knows that you have a bond with Claire, and he'll respect that if you'll just respect him and your friendship, which is still there.

Philip: I just don't feel it or see it, Belle. But our friendship, that's still there and it's still strong.

Belle: I know. I depend on it.

Philip: And I depend on yours. Thank you for going to bat for me with him. It means a lot.

Belle: You mean a lot to me and to Shawn. You've always done what you could for us, and I've always counted on that. And now you can count on me. So, if you hear anything about Lauren, let me know, or your son. Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Philip: Thanks. I will. So, I guess I'll see you back at the -- no, I guess I won't, huh? [Chuckles] Just, uh...see ya.

Belle: See ya. [Door closes]

Shawn D.: So...what's your decision, Belle? What did you tell him?

Belle: I told him that we were moving out of the mansion and into the pub with your grandparents.

Shawn D.: Do you mean that?

Belle: On one condition.

Santo: What is it you want from me, Colleen, huh? I am asking you.

Colleen: Fasten your shirt.

Santo: No, Colleen.

Colleen: No, I'm asking you, close your shirt.

Santo: I am asking you a question, okay? I want an answer. No.

Colleen: Santo.

Santo: No, Colleen, I've had enough, okay? I have lost patience. I am fed up of holding out my heart for you only so you can insult and dismiss it.

Colleen: I have never done anything of the kind.

Santo: You have called me a liar and a sinner and a user of women. These are not compliments, Colleen.

Colleen: Santo, please.

Santo: "Santo, please" what, huh? It's too late for "Santo, please," okay? It was late a long time ago. Things have gone too far. You hold my soul in your hands, so you think that you can control me, that I will do whatever it is that you will. No. I am Santo DiMera, huh? I'm a man of conscience, a man of code with a passion for life. And I have never -- and I will never beg for love. I give my heart. Yeah, I give it. But you are to choose, Colleen. It is your life. It is your future. Look...the door -- stay or go. Stay or go. It's up to you, but know this -- you walk out the door, it is your cowardice that drove you because you could not bear to face who you are and what it really is that you want.

Colleen: Santo.

Santo: No, it is your life, Colleen. Live it for yourself, not for your father. And if you want to go and live behind the convent wall, go with my blessing. Go. It's your choice, Colleen. Yours only. And you have to choose.

Shawn D.: Okay, I'm ready. So, tell me what the condition is.

Belle: The only way that I'm gonna move out of the mansion and to the pub with you is if you agree to let Philip spend time with Claire.

Shawn D.: Belle, that's co–

Belle: That's the last time I'm gonna talk about it. You are not gonna come between Philip and Claire. Is that understood?

Shawn D.: Come between Philip and Claire or Philip and you?

Belle: Both. We've been friends for too long, Shawn, and I don't throw my friends away, and you shouldn't, either. And starting now, we make decisions together. No matter what it is, Shawn, we talk it out.

Shawn D.: Okay. I agree.

Belle: Everything. This is the last time that you're gonna tell me that you've made a decision that I have to live with.

Shawn D.: Together. That's what I want.

Belle: You promise?

Shawn D.: I promise.

Belle: Okay, then I'm going to Philip's to pack.

Shawn D.: Great, we can do it together.

Belle: No, I don't think so. Not this time. Come on, Philip doesn't need you looking over his shoulder when he's saying goodbye to Claire. It's gonna be hard enough.

Shawn D.: Okay, I get that.

Belle: Good.

Shawn D.: Belle, one more thing. Thank you. Thank you for everything. You've been...amazing through so much. Things are gonna be different. Things are gonna be great. You'll see.

Belle: I hope so. I really do, with all my heart. [Door closes]

Bo: There you go. Santo got what he wanted.

Hope: I think Colleen got exactly what she wanted.

Julie: True, but at what a cost.

Doug: Her heart.

Bo: Her soul.

John: I hope she enjoyed herself. That's all.

Marlena: Yeah, that's not all, folks. Hang on a second.

Hope: What happened?

Bo: We all know what happened.

Julie: Oh, I don't want to hear it.

Doug: I know what happened. The whole thing fell apart right from the start without one minute's pleasure.

Marlena: "To this day, I still can't be certain if it were divine intervention or bad luck that ended our night at the inn, but I'm certain that neither of us ever counted on having a visitor knock at your door. I only knew if that knocking had started but one minute later, that neither of us would have been in an answering frame of mind."

Santo: Colleen.

Colleen: Say nothing.

Santo: There is no need for words.

Colleen: [Sighs] Please. Santo.

Santo: You are so beautiful. Like a gift...from the angels. You are a blessing. We are blessed.

Colleen: I don't -- I don't know what to do.

Santo: Follow your heart. You are beautiful. Come. I will show you. [Knock on door]

Sr. Mary Anne: Mr. DiMera, hello? Mr. DiMera, 'tis me -- Sister Mary Anne. Please, let me in, would you? We need to talk.

Colleen: No! No! She knows I'm here.

Sr. Mary Anne: Mr. DiMera!

Marlena: Do you believe that Colleen and Santo were destined to be together?

John: Well, I know some people are.

Colleen: Santo, I'm doomed. I'm damned.

Sr. Mary Anne: I don't suppose you've seen Colleen tonight? Seems she's gone missing.

Bo: Stefano DiMera has been rushed to the hospital. Sounds pretty bad.

E.J.: That's fantastic.

Stefano: It is too late. There's nothing more I can do for the Bradys.

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