Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 8/20/07 - Canada; Tuesday 8/21/07 - U.S.A.


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Stephanie: Jeremy, why would you lose me? What have you gotten yourself mixed up in?

Jeremy: If I told you, you'd throw that drink in my face and walk out of my life.

Stephanie: You don't know that.

Jeremy: You don't know me, Steph. And if you did --

Stephanie: I know that you've got a past and that you've done prison time. But, God, Jeremy, unless you're Hannibal Lecter, how bad could it be?

Jeremy: I know it's been rough for you, Steph, defending me to everyone, your dad especially. Man, is he gonna love saying "I told you so."

Stephanie: Okay, now you're scaring me. What have you done?

Max: [Chuckles]

Jenna: Come here. I don't want to waste the time waiting for the elevator.

Max: Okay, all right. All right, what is your hurry?

Jenna: Oh, do you mind?

Max: No, I'm just -- no, I'm used to being in the driver's seat. That's all.

Jenna: Oh! Max Brady, race car driver. I knew you looked familiar. I always loved watching you behind the wheel. You had such amazing control. Mad Max's wild ride. I can't wait to take you on it for a test-drive.

Max: Whoa, hey. Oh.

Nick: And those seats are together, right? Okay, great. Thank you.

Chelsea: What seats? What's up?

Nick: Has it ever occurred to you that we live in a world with unforeseen consequences?

Chelsea: Are you kidding me? My entire life is one series of unforeseen consequences. Why?

[Door opens]

Artemis: Daddy, daddy, we're ready to go! Come on.

DeMarquette: Ready, daddy.

Both: Who's she?

Chelsea: Oh, my God. Why are they still here, Nick? What's going on?

[Door closes]

Belle: [Laughs] What is all this?

Shawn D.: It is a celebration...for us.

Belle: For our engagement?

Shawn D.: Mostly, but mainly because we finally got a place of our own.

Belle: You're kidding.

Shawn D.: No, we had to move out of Philip's, right?

Belle: Yeah.

Shawn D.: Yeah, so I finally found us a place.

Belle: That we can afford?

Shawn D.: Absolutely, plus it has got a killer kitchen and handy babysitting.

Belle: Where is this dream house?

Shawn D.: You're looking at it. My grandparents needed help with the pub. I volunteered to be the new night manager so I could put in my hours at Max's garage. In exchange, we get to live upstairs rent free. Come on, what a great deal is that?

Belle: Shawn Brady, this is the worst idea you have ever had.

Shawn D.: Belle, come on. The move here is only gonna be temporary.

Belle: Shawn, this is a terrible idea.

Shawn D.: Just listen to me. I've got it all figured out. With the money I'm gonna be making at Max's garage plus the tips I'm gonna be bringing in here, we're gonna have enough money saved up to get a place of our own in no time.

Belle: And until then we live over a bar? Can you spell Tinda Lao?

Shawn D.: Come on, the pub is nothing like Tinda Lao.

Belle: Well, there's no drunken bar owner that shoots people, but other than that, it's pretty much déja vu all over again.

Shawn D.: How could you say that?

Belle: All right, so it's not the same thing. But what is the same thing is you making major decisions about our future without talking to me first.

Shawn D.: Hello, we both agreed that we needed to move out of Philip's, right?

Belle: Only this time I didn't get a vote.

Shawn D.: You're right. My bad. I just thought that this would be a terrific surprise. I guess I was wrong.

Belle: Shawn, dinner and candlelight is a terrific surprise. Using it to announce that we're moving into a pub is an ambush, especially when we have an entire wing at Philip's house all to ourselves.

Shawn D.: Belle...I love you. The last thing that I ever wanted was for you to feel ambushed.

Belle: And I love you, too. And I know that you did this with the best of intentions, but I can't move Claire now. No way.

Chelsea: Nick, China Lee's kids here? Why?

Nick: Guys, I'm gonna need you to go brush your teeth, all right, and no just getting the toothbrush wet because I'm gonna check, all right? Get out of here. I mean, they're...kind of cute, right?

Chelsea: How did you end up with China Lee's kids, Nick?

Nick: China Lee's in jail for 30 days.

Chelsea: For what?

Nick: Soliciting.

Chelsea: And how did you end up playing Mr. Mom?

Nick: Until this ridiculous marriage is annulled, I'm legally their dad.

Chelsea: [Laughs]

Jenna: [Chuckles] Looks like we got this place all to ourselves.

Max: Oh, what floor, miss?

Jenna: All the way to the top.

Max: Mmm. That must be a hell of a view.

Jenna: The view from yours isn't too shabby.

Max: Oh, well, name your pleasure.

Jenna: And you think I work fast.

Max: No, I'm just saying. You know, call room service, bring champagne, strawberries, cocktails so we don't have to wait.

Jenna: Honey, I'm not waiting at all.

Stephanie: I'm warning you, Jeremy. Whatever kind of trouble you're into, don't try to play me, spin it, or buy me off with jewelry. Just be straight with me.

Jeremy: Steph, I've always tried to be straight with you.

Stephanie: Oh, really? All those times you blew me off playing me? "Give me some sugar, baby, and I'll buy you some earrings."

Jeremy: It's not like that.

Stephanie: Look, you know I love you, but all I know about you is what you tell me.

Jeremy: Because I was trying to protect you, Steph.

Stephanie: Or protect yourself because you don't trust me.

Jeremy: Look, I've got trust issues, okay? I'm not gonna deny that.

Stephanie: So why are we having this conversation now? You tell me you're in so deep, I might walk away.

Jeremy: Because it's all about to hit the fan, Steph, and I am really scared of losing you.

Stephanie: Either be straight with me or you will lose me.

Jeremy: Honestly, Steph, I thought I was helping people.

Stephanie: Doing what?

Jeremy: Bringing them into the country. You know, people just wanted a better life.

Stephanie: You mean illegal aliens?

Jeremy: Yeah, I guess that's what you'd call them.

Stephanie: Where are they from, Jeremy?

Jeremy: From eastern Europe.

Stephanie: Then what?

Jeremy: This is really where it gets ugly, Steph. Are you sure you want to know?

Stephanie: Yes, and I want to know the truth.

Jeremy: The people who hired me...turns out, there was a lot more involved than just getting them in under the radar.

Stephanie: Like what?

Jeremy: The less you know, the safer you're gonna be.

Stephanie: Are you telling me that I could be in danger because of you?

Jeremy: Not if you keep this on the down-low.

Stephanie: My dad was right. You are nothing but a crook, Jeremy.

Stephanie: You lying, using jerk.

Jeremy: I don't blame you for being mad. Steph, you are the best thing in my life.

Stephanie: Gee, I come out ahead of your human-smuggling operation.

Jeremy: You've always been there when I needed you.

Stephanie: For what, hot sex, and it's back to smuggling aliens into the U.S.? Jeremy, I have defended you. I have made excuses for you for months.

Jeremy: I couldn't back out. You don't understand. These guys play for keeps.

Stephanie: And you think they're gonna be there to help you out when you get caught?

Jeremy: I'm not that stupid, okay?

Stephanie: This is great. You get sent to prison, and I get to go home with my tail in between my legs and face the mother of all "I told you so’s."

Jeremy: My freedom is on the line and all you're worried about it how this will reflect on you? Guess you are daddy's little girl after all.

Jenna: [Chuckles] Going down.

Max: Oh, that's -- that's the thing. Elevator, Jenna.

Jenna: 12th floor -- lingerie, intimate apparel, notions, and right now, I've got a notion [Whispers]

Max: Okay. Okay, what if the doors open and people come on, all right? I'm just saying.

Jenna: Caught with your pants down? It'd almost be worth it for the shock value. But I'd rather have you all to myself. I've always wanted to do that.

Max: Something tells me this is not the first time.

Jenna: Honey, every time's the first time if you do it right.

Max: You are a very bad influence on me, I'll have you know.

Jenna: I know what I want. I know how I want it. And I want it right now.

Chelsea: Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just -- I thought that you were serious about having to play daddy to those cute little kids.

Nick: You don't think I'm up to it?

Chelsea: Um, just counting lack of experience?

Nick: I had a beta fish for three years, I'll have you know, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Oh, yeah, I know. Everybody knows that kids and fish are the same.

Nick: Look, they just need a responsible adult that's gonna be there to take care of them.

Chelsea: And you're supposed to be that responsible adult?

Nick: Yeah.

Chelsea: The guy that walked their mother down the aisle after only knowing her for like five minutes?

Nick: I had a concussion.

Chelsea: Do you have one now?

Nick: Look, China Lee will be out of jail in 30 days. We'll get our annulment and then we'll give her, her kids back.

Chelsea: Nick, you're gonna have those kids for 30 days. How are you gonna deal with that?

Nick: I don't know, okay? I don't really know.

Chelsea: Look, this isn't your responsibility, all right? Just call the police and tell them that their mom abandoned them or something.

Nick: I did that already.

Chelsea: And?

Nick: And they said that I'm the kids' legal guardian. What do you want me to do, put them in a foster home or something? I need you to help me, Chelsea.

Chelsea: Me?

Nick: Yeah, you're so good with Ciara.

Chelsea: No, no, no, no. Do not drag me into this.

Nick: It's just temporary.

Chelsea: Temporary insanity. If you even think about bringing those kids back to Salem, count me out.

Shawn D.: The last thing I expected was for us to get into an argument tonight.

Belle: Well, the last thing I expected was for you to spring a done deal on me.

Shawn D.: Belle, it's not a done deal.

Belle: It sure seems like it.

Shawn D.: I surprised you with a wedding proposal and an engagement ring. Should I have run that by you, too?

Belle: Shawn, you asked me to marry you. You didn't drive me to a church and announce that we were getting married right then and there.

Shawn D.: I kind of like that idea.

Belle: Oh, God. Shawn, this ring right here is a symbol of our future -- our lives spent together as a team making decisions together, big and small.

Shawn D.: Like I said, I just thought that this was gonna make you happy. I guess I was wrong.

Belle: Oh, don't walk away from me. We can't just storm off to our separate corners every time we have a disagreement about something.

Shawn D.: This is a lot more than a disagreement. This is about you saying you'd rather live with your ex-husband than your own fiancé.

Belle: That was unfair. I don't want to live with Philip. I want to live with you, and you know that.

Shawn D.: Well, right now you're living with both of us, and I was trying to change that.

Belle: Is it so hard for you to accept that I have a say in where our daughter is raised?

Shawn D.: Belle, I want you to have a say.

Belle: Really? I don't remember you passing any of this by me.

Shawn D.: Because I thought that you would love it here.

Belle: Shawn, I don't see the point of moving Claire into yet another temporary home.

Shawn D.: Did you miss the conversation that we had about having to move out of Philip's as soon as possible?

Belle: No, as soon as we found a permanent place to live. Why are you so hyped to move?

Shawn D.: Because I'm sick and tired of living off of Philip's dime. What I want to know is, why don't you feel the same way?

Stephanie: I just wanted to know the real Jeremy. Guess I got my wish.

Jeremy: Steph, you know I'm not all bad.

Stephanie: And what do you know about me? The only time I think you even see me is when you want to do it, and even then I'm not so sure. Why don't you just go hook up with one of the hot babes that you do business with?

Jeremy: Because I'm not in love with any of them.

Stephanie: What did you just say?

Jeremy: I think I just said I'm in love with you. Know about me? The only time I think you even see me is when you want to do it, and even then I'm not so sure. Why don't you just go hook up with one of the hot babes that you do business with?

Jeremy: Because I'm not in love with any of them.

Stephanie: What did you just say?

Jeremy: I think I just said I'm in love with you.

Max: Wow.

Jenna: Unh-unh. [Chuckles]

Max: [Clears throat]

Chelsea: All right, I'm out of here.

Nick: But, Chelsea, please. Don't go.

Chelsea: Nick, I didn't sign up for childcare. This is your problem, not mine.

Nick: I thought whatever happened, we were in this together.

Chelsea: There are limits.

Nick: Look, I'm just dealing with this the best way I can given how horrible these circumstances are.

Chelsea: So you agree that this is a crummy situation?

Nick: Yes, absolutely. Have you seen the way those kids look at you?

Chelsea: Nick...the only reason those kids look at you

Chelsea: All right, I'm out of here.

Nick: But, Chelsea, please. Don't go.

Chelsea: Nick, I didn't sign up for childcare. This is your problem, not mine.

Nick: I thought whatever happened, we were in this together.

Chelsea: There are limits.

Nick: Look, I'm just deal

Chelsea: Nick...the only reason those kids look at you that way is because that's the way their mommy trained them to. I mean, do you honestly think that you're the only daddy they've ever known? Where's their real dad? It's not your responsibility to do what he should be doing, even because that's the way their mommy trained them to. I mean, do you honestly think that you're the only daddy they've ever known? Where's their real dad? It's not your responsibility to do what he should be doing, even if you did marry his ex.

Nick: As far as I know, China Lee doesn't have any relatives that can take these kids in.

Chelsea: So you got taken in instead.

Nick: It's either me or foster care.

Chelsea: Well, if we're in this together, I vote foster care.

Nick: I can't do that. You know me.

Chelsea: No, Nick, but what I do know is that once again you're putting somebody else's happiness ahead of ours.

Nick: That is not true.

Chelsea: Yes, it is. First there was willow. She took you for all you had, and now there's China Lee.

Nick: I don't even remember marrying that woman.

Chelsea: To guilt you with an excuse. And now along come the kids she's orphaned because she's in jail. Nick, you're -- you're a magnet for the needy. I mean, did it ever occur to you that maybe I might need you, too? When do I get to be at the head of the line, huh?

Nick: Do you remember at the end of that whole hairbrush fiasco, we said that if we could survive that, we could survive anything?

Chelsea: Nick, you don't have to survive this. You can avoid it.

Nick: It's only 30 days. Are you saying that we can't deal with taking care of these kids for 30 days in order to save our relationship? 'Cause I hope that's not what you're asking.

Belle: You know, I am not gonna turn on Philip just because he's helped us out. And whatever you think his motives are, he loves Claire.

Shawn D.: Claire is our daughter, not Philip's.

Belle: We all get that, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Do we? Who paid for her clothes, her nanny, and her fancy preschool? Belle, who paid for your clothes?

Belle: I told you that I would gives these back. You're the one who said I could keep them.

Shawn D.: Summer is almost over. You're going to nursing school. How are we ever supposed to save up enough money to get ahead and get a place of our own? Do you really want to live off of Philip?

Belle: If the situation was reversed, wouldn't we do the same for him?

Shawn D.: No, I'd give him some money. I sure as hell wouldn't let him live under our roof.

Belle: Why?

Shawn D.: One word -- boundaries. Which you and Philip obviously know nothing about.

Belle: Shawn, do you remember how you and Philip and I all agreed that we were gonna get along for Claire's sake?

Shawn D.: Belle, I've tried. Believe me, I have. But the guy hates my guts, and he's gonna do everything in his power to try to get you back.

Belle: Well, that's never gonna happen.

Shawn D.: Listen to me, all right? I want to marry you, just you. Not you and Philip.

Belle: Well, I want to marry you, too, but tearing Claire away from Philip under these circumstances is ridiculous.

Shawn D.: Why do you always take his side over mine?

Belle: I am not taking his side, but I am not gonna get into another tug-of-war with Claire.

Shawn D.: Well, while you're busy worrying about Philip and his precious little feelings, I'm busy trying to build us a future. So if you don't go over there and tell Philip that we're moving out tonight, then I'm gonna do it myself.

Nick: Maybe you're right. Maybe I am crazy for taking in these kids.

Chelsea: Nick, I never called you crazy.

Nick: If I had to guess... what you love most about me, I'd say it's 'cause I'm a nice guy.

Chelsea: Nobody can deny that.

Nick: Maybe there is such a thing as being too nice. It's not a far cry from nice guy to doormat. So...when we get back, I'll talk to Mickey. And maybe foster care won't be the worst thing. I just need to know that I'm not alone.

Chelsea: You know, Nick... I don't know too many girls that would have stuck by their boyfriend's side after they got married in Vegas on a whim. But I did. And I also stood by you when China Lee landed in Salem and tried to blackmail you, and I stood by you again when you decided to play another round of "let's gamble our savings away."

Nick: I was trying to get an annulment.

Chelsea: I know that. We're always jumping from one crisis to the next. That's not how it's supposed to be.

Nick: It's gonna get better as soon as we get rid of those kids.

Chelsea: No, Nick, it's gonna get better when you decide that once in a while your girlfriend gets priority in your life.

Chelsea: Hey, Jett, um, how do you feel about taking me dancing tonight?

Stephanie: I can't believe you just said that. It's the first time I've ever heard you use the "l" word.

Jeremy: That's not true.

Stephanie: "I love you in your bikini" doesn't count, Jer.

Jeremy: Do you have to make such a major case out of it?

Stephanie: Why, because you didn't mean it?

Jeremy: Why does everything have to be such a big drama with you? Why can't you just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride?

Stephanie: You want to know why? Because everything's always about you. Your way, Jeremy. We're not a couple. We're more like Jeremy and company.

Jeremy: Are you saying I don't treat you well?

Stephanie: Sometimes, but other times you treat me like hired help or worse.

Jeremy: Well, you do work for touch the sky.

Stephanie: Oh, you are so funny. Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about. You use me. You take me for granted. You think I'm just gonna sit here and take it.

Jeremy: Why are you dumping all of this on me right now?

Stephanie: Because I am done with it, Jeremy. I may not be the only girl in the world for you, but guess what. You're not the only guy in the world for me, either.

Max: Okay, now, I showed you mine. Now you have to show me yours. Okay, I'm really not into this kind of a thing. Okay, fine, fine. No, but then it's my turn. Wait, okay, what are you doing? Come on, what are you doing?

Jenna: This is the deal, Max. You stay here, and I go home.

Max: Man, you are good. You need to turn pro. You know that?

Jenna: Honey, I am a pro. That's why I'm free and you are just along for the ride.

Max: Look, you have me where you want me. Now just tell me, what the hell is this all about?

Jeremy: Damn, opening up to you sure was a big mistake.

Stephanie: And you only did that because you were scared. Why come to me, Jeremy? I'm just your bimbo girlfriend. Go talk to your air force buddy.

Jeremy: Jett's a straight shooter.

Stephanie: Honest, you mean?

Jeremy: Look, that crack you made about other guys --

Stephanie: It wasn't a crack. I know there are guys out there who can say "I love you" without twitching afterwards. You, you just said it to get yourself out of a tight spot.

Jeremy: That's not why I said it, Steph.

Stephanie: Then say it again. I dare you. God, Jeremy, every once in a while when you let your guard down, I see a flicker of the guy that I fell for -- kind, funny, sweet even. One morning I woke up and you were all wrapped up around me, sleeping so peaceful, and then you wake up and it's like let's do it again or hit the gym. Without twitching afterwards. You, you just said it to get yourself out of a tight spot.

Jeremy: That's not why I said it, Steph.

Stephanie: Then say it again. I dare you. God, Jeremy, every once in a while when you let your guard down, I see a flicker of the guy that I fell for -- kind, funny, sweet even. One morning I woke up and you were all wrapped up around me, sleeping so peaceful, and then you wake up and it's like let's do it again or hit the gym. You are so quick to hide the side of you that I find so attractive and real.

Jeremy: Sounds like you've been thinking about this for a while, Steph. Why did you wait till tonight to unload?

Stephanie: Because it hit me finally...that you are too scared and insecure to own what we have. You'll never be able to admit that you love just as much as I do.

Jeremy: So, this is it? Are you giving me my walking papers?

Stephanie: I'm telling you if you can't be real with me, I'll find someone else who can.

Jeremy: Sounds like you already found that guy, Steph. Anybody I know?

Max: Hey, come on. Give me a break. You can't just leave me here. This is not fair.

Jenna: Got to have one for the scrapbook.

Max: Put that -- God, please put that --

Jenna: Smile.

Max: Come on. Don't do that, please? Oh!

Jenna: Ah, looks like we have some passengers waiting to board.

Max: Okay, if you keep those elevators from going open, tell Rawlings I'll do whatever he wants -- whatever he wants. Please?

Jett: I thought you'd taken me off your list? Weren't talking to me? What changed your mind?

Chelsea: You did.

Jett: Really?

Chelsea: Yeah, and you want to know why?

Jett: Yeah.

Chelsea: Because you put me first. You trusted me with the truth, and then you put me and our friendship ahead of your career.

Jett: Okay. What's up, bro? We're planning on hitting the strip, hitting a couple clubs. Want to come with us? Did I say something wrong? The energy's really off between you guys. What's going on?

Belle: Shawn, you know living at Philip's isn't what I want, either. So if you could just take a time-out, try and see things from Philip's perspective.

Shawn D.: Philip has got nothing to do with us.

Belle: He was Claire's father for the first year of her life.

Shawn D.: She's not his kid. Why doesn't he go and find his son that's out there somewhere?

Belle: I get it. Okay, okay, I know why you want to put space between Philip and us. It's because you feel guilty that you didn't tell him he had a child. Lauren Chaffee had Philip and Mimi's baby, and you didn't think he needed to know.

[Door opens]

Philip: Hey. I hope I'm not interrupting.

Belle: Um, no, it's fine. What's up?

Philip: Claire's been going off about that cgi movie that's out. I was thinking we could all go together.

Shawn D.: Change of plans, Phil. We're taking Claire, and we're moving out tonight.

Philip: Tonight? That's kind of short notice. Where are you gonna move?

Shawn D.: Right here. Upstairs with my grandparents, with my family.

Belle: Shawn.

Shawn D.: Look, Phil, after not being up front about the surrogate and your son, I'm sure you're glad to see the last of me.

Philip: No friend would have kept that from me.

Shawn D.: Still, I appreciate everything that you've done for us, but it's time we move on.

Belle: Shawn, stop it.

Philip: What did I miss? When does one room above a bar beat out your own wing in a mansion, not to mention 'round-the-clock childcare?

Shawn D.: I'm not surprised you don't understand. Money's the answer to everything with you.

Philip: Don't give me that bull. I opened my home to you. You're the one running around, keeping secrets about my son, secrets you kept to pay me back.

Shawn D.: That is not true.

Philip: And now you're acting like a little kid caught cheating. Want to take your ball and run home, little boy?

Shawn D.: You believe what you want to believe, but this is what belle and I both want.

Philip: Really? I'd like to hear that from belle. Belle...look me in the eye and tell me that's what you want. Tell me that you think moving out of my place is a good idea.

Jett: So, you coming with us or what, bro, hmm? Come on, man. I want to see what you got on the dance floor.

Chelsea: You've obviously never seen him dance before.

Jett: Oh, no? It's that bad, huh? Well, come with us, anyway. I mean, I don't want you to think I'm moving in on your woman.

Nick: No. Certainly wouldn't want to think that.

Jett: Yeah, so, go get ready, bro.

Nick: Thanks, Jett, but...I think I'm gonna stay here. You guys have fun. I have my hands full.

Jett: You sure?

Nick: Yeah. Have a blast.

Jett: Okay. You coming?

Artemis: Daddy, daddy! Did we do a good job? Did we? Did we?

DeMarquette: Did we?

Nick: You guys did a great job. You want to go watch some TV while I finish up here and then we'll go home?

Artemis: Uh-huh. Daddy, where's home?

Nick: It's a good question, Artemis.

Jenna: [Laughs] I don't know who this Rawlings guy is, but I do have a message for you. Mr. Lowell says you guys are even now.

Max: Mr. Lowell -- I don't even know a -- that rat bastard from the plane. Come on.

Jenna: Hey. Oh! [Laughter]

Max: Okay. What's up, ladies? Are you guys going up? Huh?

Jeremy: Sounds like you've already lined up my replacement, Steph.

Stephanie: Don't be a jerk. I don't play those games, Jeremy.

Jeremy: But you play games, don't you, Steph? You just make up the rules as you go along. You knew exactly who I was when you met me.

Stephanie: And I'm not trying to change you, Jeremy. I just think that there's room for improvement.

Jeremy: Look, I hear you, okay, and I am working on it. And I swear I am fixing this whole mess with the illegals. Just please be patient, okay? And I promise you the Jeremy Horton you end up with in the end will be worth waiting for.

Stephanie: Say it again.

Jeremy: I love you.

Stephanie: You better. Now, can we get out of this lousy casino?

Jeremy: Yeah.

Stephanie: Last one to the hot tub pays for the minibar.

Jeremy: What's up, guys?

Chelsea: Hello. Well, there's one couple that seemed to survive a breakup.

Jett: Yeah, they looked happy. Can you say the same for you and Nick?

[Knock on door] [Knock on door]

Nick: Uh, you guys ready to take off? Come here. Go get your backpacks. Trick or treat?

Max: Definitely a trick.

Nick: What's with the half handcuff?

Max: Ah, ask the hotel handyman. What's with the kids?

Nick: You guys want to go get some sodas from the minibar?

Artemis: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Go ahead. They're mine.

Max: What?

Nick: I mean, they're... China Lee's, but she's in jail and I'm taking care of them while Chelsea and Jett are out doing whatever, so I have to figure out how to raise kids in the next two minutes.

Max: [Laughs] I don't -- that's just -- well, look, I'll help you with the kids if you, uh, if you need help with the kids. I love kids.

Nick: You do?

Max: Yeah. No, I helped kids, you know, when we lived on the street with my brother Frankie, so whatever, man. It's cool. Yeah, hug it out.

Nick: Thank you. No, I'm serious. Thank you.

Max: No, it's fine. It's all good. Look, take them down to the coffee shop. I got to get changed and packed, and I'll meet you guys down there. We need to get out of this town.

Nick: I can't wait.

Max: Yes. Yeah, trust me, we both had enough of Vegas.

Nick: Kids, you ready to go? Come on. Got your sodas? All right, let's get out of here. Thank you, Max.

Max: No prob, bud. [Clears throat]

Jeremy: Hey, buddy. What'd we miss? Nick's out at the elevator playing Mr. Mom and you're in here all wide-eyed and shirtless and wearing half a handcuff. Somebody's been naughty.

Max: Yeah, I, um, long story.

Jeremy: Yeah, well, I'm a little more interested in my girl right here.

Stephanie: [Chuckles]

Jeremy: Are you okay, baby?

Stephanie: Yeah, I will meet you in the hot tub.

Jett: There you go.

Chelsea: Thanks.

Jett: So, you were saying?

Chelsea: Nick and I are what we are.

Jett: Yeah. I noticed the energy was really bad with you guys upstairs. Why is that? What's going on?

Chelsea: Like I know. One minute we're...happy as clams and the next it's back to our corners ready for round 2.

Jett: Hmm. Why are you guys like that?

Chelsea: Because Nick thinks that I should be there for him no matter how crazy he lets things get, but there is a limit.

Jett: Okay. Well, um...Nick's a good guy, but maybe you've outgrown him. Maybe he's not what you need anymore. [Laughter]

Nick: You guys, we need to stick together.

Jett: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: I thought we were gonna go dancing. Come on.

Jett: Okay.

Belle: I need to speak to Shawn for a moment alone. I cannot believe that you did that to me. No decision has been made. We are still talking.

Shawn D.: I'm done. I'm done taking second place to Philip and his precious feelings.

Belle: If you could just look past your bruised little ego for a second, you would see that Claire's happy. She's sleeping through the night. She's less clingy. She doesn't cry when I drop her off at daycare anymore.

Shawn D.: I know that Claire is happy, belle, but she's gonna be happier when we have a place of our own.

Belle: This is about Claire. Our daughter is finally starting to trust the fact that her world isn't gonna change in a blink of an eye. And all you can do is deal with this stupid macho thing with Philip to try and prove who's the bigger man.

Shawn D.: You never see my side or take it. Why is that?

Belle: You know what? I am so sick of you calling the shots for all of us.

Shawn D.: This isn't some macho thing. We need to spend time together as a family.

Belle: Okay, fine. So you've made your decision and I've made mine. I am not leaving Philip's house until we have a permanent place to call home.

Shawn D.: Now who's making the unilateral decisions? Belle, please, don't choose Philip over me. If you do --

Belle: If I do, what?

Shawn D.: Just...don't.

John: It's not hard to see how wide open and vulnerable all the Bradys are right now.

Santo: It is your life. Live it for yourself, and if you want to go and live behind the convent wall, go with my blessing.

Shawn D.: Our friendship is over. This is Philip's war, and if you don't believe me, you can go over there and ask him.

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