Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 8/16/07 - Canada; Friday 8/17/07 - U.S.A.


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Tony: The lights in Spain -- have you ever been?

Woman: No.

Tony: Oh, you have to go. Maybe when my time is freer --

Woman: But what about Pamplona?

Tony: Oh, yes, Pamplona. Glorious Spanish lights and a bottle of Sandeman Porto and the companionship of a -- oh. Ladies, would you excuse me?

Woman: What about the Bulls?

Tony: Uh...oh. To be continued. Well, if there was ever a face that screamed, "bring me a whiskey and leave the bottle, I'm looking at it."

E.J.: Does that offer come with conversation, Tony?

Tony: So, what will two virtual strangers talk about, I wonder. Ahh, yes. The DiMera Legacy, or is it the curse? Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

E.J.: I never asked for that crown, nor do I actually think that father ever intended on giving it to me. Though he may have...brought me up to think I was royalty.

Tony: And then you grow up and find out you're not.

E.J.: You know what he used to say to me? [Clears throat] "You can conquer the world. Grasp the bounty of life, E.J." That's what he used to say to me.

Tony: Yes, but Stefano had dreams for you.

E.J.: No. He had dreams. They weren't mine.

Tony: So, if you could put your hand into the big grab bag of life and pull out your heart's desire, what would it be?

E.J.: To have Samantha love me half as much as I love her.

Lucas: Hey, honey, come here. Check this out.

Sami: What's happening to you?

Lucas: Check this out. I've been reading the kama sutra book. On page 42, they got this position. Come on. Let's try it while Nurse Rottweiler is still gone.

Sami: Actually, she is off duty.

Lucas: Are you serious? You sure?

Sami: I saw her broom take off from the parking lot.

Lucas: Well, in that case [French accent] mi chérie amour, come to the bed. Let's make the beautiful music together.

Sami: And then what happens next? Your heart rate goes up, and those stupid alarms are gonna go off again.

Lucas: [Normal voice] It will not either. Mind over matter. I'll chant and hum, and I won't get excited, I promise.

Sami: [Laughs] I don't think that's gonna work either. Honey, you need your rest. You do. You need to sleep. I'm gonna go downstairs.

Lucas: No, no, no. You can't leave me now. Honey! It's a launch sequence. It's already been activated. You're not going nowhere.

Sami: Wait a second. You just focus on Nurse Iron Fist and cool your jets there, buddy.

Lucas: [Imitating native American] Nurse Iron Fist. How. You guys make too much love.

Sami: I'm telling you, it's not right.

Nurse: Mr. Roberts, I understand you're being treated for a mild case of hypothermia?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, that's me. Somebody wanted to put me on ice.

Nurse: The care of the skin's very important after extreme exposure, so your doctors ordered a sponge bath and an oil massage.

Sami: Um, do you mean, like, feet and back?

Nurse: Oh, no. Full body. Mr. Roberts, where would you like me to start?

Lucas: Wherever you'd like. You know best. I'll do what you say. I trust you. Wow. Pretty cool, huh? You know, honey, maybe you should go home, get a little sleep. You look a little tired right now.

Sami: Oh, hell no.

China Lee: Hang in there, baby. Lady luck's about to smile on you. Your little wifey can feel it.

Nick: She better because I'm $1,000 down, and that's a third of my stake.

China Lee: You'll make it back, sugar.

Nick: I wish I had Pete's glass eye.

China Lee: What?

Nick: When I won the 50 grand, I had this glass eye. Never mind.

China Lee: You just got to relax into the game, baby. Keep it loose.

Nick: 25 bucks to get married, $25,000 to get out of it.

China Lee: Your two stepsons are expensive to raise.

Nick: Deal.

Stephanie: You know I'm with Jeremy.

Max: I'm sorry. Jeremy who?

Stephanie: Max, I love him.

Max: Oh, you do?

Jett: What's wrong with you, man? I mean, how long do we go back? If there's a problem, we can work it out.

Jeremy: Save it, man. No more of your best-buds routine, all right? Are you a cop, Carver? Are you selling me out here?

Sami: Wow, you must be exhausted after a long day on your feet, huh?

Nurse: I just came on duty.

Sami: Great.

Nurse: Mr. Roberts, I want you to relax and let me do all the work.

Lucas: Will do. Relaxing. Mmm. That feels good.

Sami: You know what? You must have a ton of patients that you have to take care of that are more in need of your services than he is.

Lucas: Actually, Sami, these are doctor's orders, you know? My extremities need a lot of TLC. Wouldn't want anything falling off, now, would we? [Laughs]

Sami: But the nurse here, I mean, you have tons of medical experience. I'm sure you'd rather be practicing medicine than massage.

Nurse: Oh, you'd be surprised just how therapeutic massage can be. It stimulates blood flow.

Sami: Okay. You know what? That -- that is my area of expertise. So maybe I could help you out here. I could handle my husband, and you could take care of the others.

Nurse: You know, I do have Mrs. Fiddleman's bedsores in 312.

Lucas: Bedsores?

Nurse: Mr. Roberts, if you don't mind your wife taking over...

Lucas: No. No, of course not. That's what my wife does best.

Nurse: All righty, then. Don't forget your pressure stockings after the massage.

Lucas: I have to wear stockings?

Nurse: To avoid DVT -- deep vein thrombosis.

Sami: I will make sure he wears them.

Nurse: Press the call button if you need anything, and remember those extremities.

Lucas: Okay. What? What? My extremities only have eyes for you. You know that.

Sami: I've got your extremities right here.

Lucas: Extremities away, baby. Get my blood a-flowin' like I know you can.

Sami: Does it hurt?

Lucas: No. Actually, it feels really good.

Sami: Oh, really? Well... it's only gonna get better from here.

Stephanie: We can't do this.

Max: Don't look now, but I think we're kind of doing it.

Stephanie: You know what I mean. Me and Jeremy are --

Max: What about "Max and me"? That has such a better ring to it.

Stephanie: This is so not right.

Max: Mm...that feels right to me.

Stephanie: How did this even happen?

Max: Um, well, our motors started running, pistons firing on all cylinders. In was zero to 60 in 4.1 seconds.

Stephanie: I don't even know what to say to that.

Max: Neither do I.

Stephanie: We tried this before, remember? You dumped me. That hurt.

Max: I know. I know. And I'm sorry. That was a huge, huge mistake on my part.

Stephanie: Stop. We can't. Please stop. Stop.

Max: Okay, you're right. You're right. No, this was a mistake.

Stephanie: Way too much history.

Max: Yes, and you're involved.

Stephanie: One step from engaged.

Max: Yeah.

Tony: [Sighs] [Chuckles] My tall friend. You have it bad, maybe even terminal.

E.J.: It certainly feels like I'm dying sometimes.

Tony: Well, when cupid aims that arrow and lets it fly, it goes straight to the heart.

E.J.: I feel like a bloody fool, Tony.

Tony: Why? 'Cause a beautiful woman brought you to your knees?

E.J.: That's to say it's the first time.

Tony: Well, may I suggest that you enjoy every excruciating moment?

E.J.: It feels pretty, uh, torturous.

Tony: Yes, well, it hurts so good.

E.J.: I don't think I understand women, Tony.

Tony: Well, that's an original observation.

E.J.: I thought a woman was supposed to complement a man, not consume him.

Tony: Stefano's taught you all wrong.

E.J.: Did you know that father's furious with me?

Tony: Yes. What, does he say to you, "go out there and be a man," right?

E.J.: He wants me with my obstacles the DiMera way.

Tony: Yes, meaning we just remove them.

E.J.: Exactly.

Tony: So, tell me something. I heard on the news something about Lucas Roberts being locked in a refrigerated truck. Did you have your hand prints on that?

E.J.: Maybe.

Tony: [Sighs] Um, you know, taking the old man's advice at any time is pure folly and potentially deadly.

E.J.: Look, Tony, I am up to my neck with trouble from the FCC. I'm facing a long prison term. And the only thing that I can think Samantha.

Tony: And how to off her husband.

E.J.: It was one thing when I thought those babies were mine. Then I had a way of staying in a relationship with her, but... now things are different.

Tony: I'm gonna tell you something, and I want you to listen hard. No matter that Samantha's married and the paternity of the children, you can still have her if you truly believe that she's worth the sacrifice.

Sami: How does that feel?

Lucas: That feels real good.

Sami: How's the pressure?

Lucas: Well, I don't know. Not the kind you're talking about, but it's not bad.

Sami: Don't forget, Nurse Bambi said I've got to focus on your extremities here.

Lucas: Nurse Bambi said that?

Sami: Yean. Well, batting those big doe eyes at you, what else could her name be?

Lucas: Do you really want me to get in trouble -- that feels good -- with she who must be obeyed? [Clears throat] Come on. You should leave. You should go. Come on. I'm getting excited again.

Sami: All right, all right, all right. How about we just do something else? How about, um, baby names.

Lucas: We talked about baby names. Didn't we agree on Tom and Colleen?

Sami: Well, yeah, but we could just have fun, pick out other names.

Lucas: All right, how about [Spanish accent] Lucy and Ricky?

Sami: No. What about -- and none of those weird hyphen names you come up with or anything with an apostrophe.

Lucas: [Normal voice] So, book and end are out? No ham and cheese? That'd be nice. Hey, ham! Hey, cheese! Come here, both of you.

Sami: Be serious. Think of something good. Think of a good one.

Lucas: What about your dad? Your dad's a respectable guy, a nice role model for the kids. Name them after your dad.

Sami: Well, I love my dad, but somehow I get the feeling that Roman Roberts will get beat up on the playground.

Lucas: Yeah, that's not happening, is it? And we're not going with Kate either, are we?

Sami: Are you kidding me right now? We are not naming our innocent little girl Kate.

Lucas: All right with the innocent. Skip it, okay? Don't argue.

Sami: What about Marlena? We could call her Laney for short. Laney Roberts -- that's kind of cute, right?

Lucas: I, uh, think we're about 6 ½ inches from liftoff.

Jett: Whoa, bro. Relax. You think I'm a cop now?

Jeremy: I don't know, Jett. You tell me. Every time I turn around, there you are, watching me, asking questions that are frankly none of your damn business.

Jett: Okay. Wow. What's got you so paranoid? I mean, are you seeing cops and conspiracies everywhere now? Are you all right, bro? I mean, 'cause if you're in some kind of trouble, maybe you should talk to me about it. [Door opens]

Jeremy: Later.

Jett: Oh, hey, Chelse.

Jeremy: Steph inside?

Chelsea: Uh, yeah.

Jeremy: Is she okay?

Chelsea: Any reason that she shouldn't be?

Jeremy: Well, that high-rolling dirtbag had his hands all over her earlier. She's probably wrecked.

Chelsea: Oh, not so much.

Jeremy: Well, a little hot tub, some champagne, and me, she'll be just fine.

Chelsea: No, Jeremy, um... you can't go in there.

Jeremy: Chelsea, what's the deal? Why can't I go in?

Chelsea: Um -- um -- [Chuckles] I have to change my underwear.

Jeremy: What?

Chelsea: Um, I'm going down to the casino, and...I forgot my lucky underwear.

Jeremy: What's so lucky about your underwear?

Chelsea: They just are. I'll be right back.

Jeremy: Lucky underwear. Lucky for the guy.

Chelsea: [Clears throat] He's here. Jeremy -- you know, the guy that you're all about.

Max: Oh.

Chelsea: Thanks for waiting, guys.

Jeremy: You feeling lucky now?

Chelsea: Oh, yeah. I am ready to slam that jackpot. Okay, see ya.

Jeremy: Hey, get those beautiful buns back in the hot tub.

Stephanie: I'm cooked.

Jeremy: Oh, come on. Five more minutes.

Stephanie: I have a better idea. How about we take a shower? You do my back, I'll do yours.

Jeremy: Ooh, I'll do you more than that.

Jett: [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Jett: What the hell are you doing?

Max: Oh, jeez.

Dealer: Want a card?

Nick: No. I'm good. That's it. Game over. I'm broke.

China Lee: Broke broke?

Nick: I can't even afford to tip the washroom attendant. I don't have any money. I don't have a job. I don't have $25,000 to buy my way out of this farce of a marriage.

China Lee: I'm sorry. I am. I know you tried.

Nick: Well, I didn't win.

China Lee: Check out the bright side -- at least DeMarquette and Artemis still have their daddy.

Nick: China, I've know your kids for like a minute and a half. They're good kids. They deserve a real dad, someone who's gonna take care of them and love their mom.

China Lee: Now you're talking fairy tales, happy endings and all that.

Nick: There could be one out there for you. It's just not me.

China Lee: I hope your girl knows how lucky she is. Give me those annulment papers, and I'll sign them.

Nick: You're letting me off the hook for the $25,000?

China Lee: This town is full of easy marks, but you're the first guy that I actually really liked. Hang tight, baby.

Nick: Can I get, um... whatever's on draft? And charge it to Jeremy Horton. Thank you.

Chelsea: Nick, you are never gonna guess what I just saw upstairs. Stephanie and Max were totally going at it. Did you lose all your money?

Nick: I don't have a nickel to my name. But she's gone. China Lee signed the annulment papers. We're free.

Chelsea: Nick, that's great!

Tony: You know... Stefano used to wear a key on a chain around his neck.

E.J.: Yes. When he had his kidney transplant, he refused to take it off.

Tony: Yes, and do you know that it unlocks the secret to your family's vendetta against the Bradys?

E.J.: Father will never give it up.

Tony: Well, I had it. Well, for a short time, anyway. But Bo and Hope took it with them to Galway. It seems that it unlocks a holy box in the church where Colleen Brady was a novice.

E.J.: What's inside the box?

Tony: It was a brown folio the size of a regular envelope.

E.J.: And therein lies the secret.

Tony: Well, it looks like somebody else got there first.

E.J.: Oh. Of course. No doubt following father's orders.

Tony: I would assume.

E.J.: So, it's now in his hands.

Tony: Hmm...or maybe André's.

E.J.: Do we know anything about the contents of this folio?

Tony: Well, they're all revelations. And if André has it, I'm sure he knows it gives him power -- maybe he doesn't know how much power.

E.J.: Is Samantha in danger?

Tony: All the Bradys are.

E.J.: And the contents of this folio, this could end the vendetta?

Tony: On the contrary. The contents are so devastating that the Bradys will destroy the folio and everything in it, letting the vendetta go on indefinitely rather than expose it to the light of day.

E.J.: Tony, it does not make any sense. If this leather folio in a church in Galway holds the answers to ending the feud the DiMeras have with the Bradys, then why would they want to destroy it?

Tony: Well, in order for you to understand, you've got to take yourself to a very scary place -- the inner workings of Stefano's mind.

E.J.: And you've been there, I suppose.

Tony: Yes, and escaped alive.

E.J.: Tony, nobody knows how my father's mind works, not even you.

Tony: I beg to differ. I've had glimpses into that labyrinth. I grew up with him. You were in, what, English boarding schools.

E.J.: Okay. So, -- scary world that is inside my father's mind -- explain it to me.

Tony: [Speaking indistinctly] Baroque Architecture, Escher's world of mental stairways that twist and turn and go all over the place and lead you nowhere. So, where do you think this warped mind came from?

E.J.: I suppose it's either genetics or it's upbringing -- nature versus nurture.

Tony: Right, and both came from, lead to?

E.J.: Santo.

Tony: Exactly.

E.J.: So, Santo's mind is warped and twisted -- is that what you're saying?

Tony: Can you imagine your poor grandfather... his heart being torn to shreds, seeing this cruel murder of the love of his life.

E.J.: I can sympathize.

Tony: No. You still have Samantha. There's hope for you. Santo had none.

E.J.: So he sets father on the road to revenge?

Tony: And stipulated what his angry spirit requires to end the vendetta.

E.J.: Are you telling me that all of this is written down in the folio?

Tony: Mm-hmm. If you can get your hands on that folio, you'll find out for yourself. And who knows? Maybe then you'll have everything you've ever wanted in this world.

E.J.: Samantha?

Tony: Hmm. Would you excuse me? I, uh, just realized I was doing my best Hemingway over there.

E.J.: Okay.

Tony: It's good to be back. Hey.

Lucas: Hey.

Nurse: Mr. Roberts?

Lucas: Nothing like a nice hot shower to make you feel like a new man, huh?

Nurse: That's what this was for.

Lucas: Yeah, I couldn't really fit into that.

Nurse: Your wife was supposed to give you a sponge bath and a massage. And why aren't you wearing your stockings?

Lucas: They weren't really my style, you know? Do you have anything in, like, a taupe? Maybe a fishnet would be nice.

Nurse: Nurse Crimmins told me you're a troublemaker.

Lucas: Little bit. I like to stir up a little trouble every now and then. That's what near-death experiences will do to you.

Nurse: Get back in this bed this instant.

Lucas: Uh-oh. She's getting mad. She's getting tough. I like that a lot.

Lucas: No fair. No fair. No peeking. No peeking. You are bad.

Sami: Hey, Mr. Freeze, you forgo-- oops.

Jett: Are you out of your damn mind? Do you know what you're getting yourself into? What do you think would have happened if Jeremy would have caught you with Stephanie?

Max: I'd be in hot water.

Jett: No, you'd have been in UFC is what you'd have been in.

Max: Jeez.

Jett: I'm serious, Max. You don't want to mess with this guy. He'll go off on you like an animal if he thinks you're messing with his woman.

Max: Okay, Jett, just chill. I can deal with Jeremy.

Jett: Look, my point is this -- when this is all over, I'm gonna have to arrest Jeremy.

Max: Fine, good. I'll help you put the cuffs on him.

Jett: I don't need you to help me do my job, Max.

Max: Okay, okay. I'll sit back, and I'll let you just take out my romantic rival.

Jett: No, Max. What I need for you to be is an unbiased witness. And you can't do that if you're shacking it up with his girlfriend.

Max: I'm not shacking it up with his girlfriend. My personal life is none of your damn business.

Jett: It is when it interferes with an ongoing ISA. investigation. I'm not having months of undercover work go down the pan because you can't keep your pants zipped.

Stephanie: Jeremy, stop it! Stop! Save me! The big bad guy is after me!

Jeremy: Hey, Max. Is it raining out here?

Max: Oh, um, no. Um...when -- uh, Jett and I were roughhousing, and he dunked me.

Jeremy: Oh! He shoots, he scores.

Jett: Yeah!

Max: If you guys are done in the shower, I'm gonna go.

Jeremy: [Sighs] Nice work, bro.

Jett: Thanks, bro.

Jeremy: Steph, let's get dressed and hit the slots.

Stephanie: Okay. yes, princess! She is coming off the block today.

Nick: I can't believe that she agreed to sign the annulment papers.

Chelsea: I know. Seriously.

Nick: I guess she was looking for deeper pockets, you know? These weren't doing it for her.

Chelsea: Well, you know what the moral is, right?

Nick: Sometimes it's good to be broke?

Chelsea: No. The next time that you're in Vegas about to be married in some chapel on the Vegas strip, make sure that -- what?

Nick: There's only one woman I want. That's you.

Chelsea: I love your lips.

Nick: Well, you'd better because they're all I have to offer. No job, no money. Nothing.

Chelsea: I have a feeling we'll figure something out.

Nick: "We" as in you and me?

Chelsea: Well, yeah. I don't mean you and China Lee. Yeah, we'll -- we'll ride this ride for as long and as far as we can together.

Nick: You don't think I'm a user?

Chelsea: No, 'cause Jeremy's already got that title. I seriously cannot believe him. He's just standing over there, talking to some other girl, flirting with her, and then Stephanie just stands there and watches it all and does nothing. I don't get it.

Nick: I don't either. And, um, I'm too tired to figure it out. But I think I'm gonna go upstairs and catch some sleep.

Chelsea: Sweet dreams.

Nick: You're the best. Thanks for sticking with me.

Stephanie: I can totally explain.

Chelsea: Explain what? How you and Max ended up going deep-sea diving in the hot tub upstairs or why your other boyfriend is sitting over there talking and flirting with that girl and you're doing absolutely nothing about it?

Sami: [Clears throat] Shower's free.

Nurse: Mrs. Roberts, I assumed you'd be taking your husband's condition a bit more seriously. He's suffering from hypothermia.

Lucas: Well, not anymore. [Sighs]

Sami: Um... stop it. Thank you. Thank you.

Lucas: Bye-bye.

Sami: Scooch over.

Lucas: All right. All right.

Sami: How are you feeling, babe?

Lucas: I feel good, except for my legs are a bit rubbery.

Sami: They are?

Lucas: Yeah.

Sami: It's from the hypothermia.

Lucas: No, I think it's from the Sami-thermia.

Sami: I forgot to put the compression stockings on.

Lucas: Oh, we can't do that, can we? Compression stockings -- that's gonna be real fun. Here we go.

Sami: Yeah, well, you know, you've got to do it. Besides, I offered to go home and let you rest.

Lucas: That was after nurse boom-boom showed up, showing a keen interest in my extremities. Then you were not going nowhere.

Sami: Well, let's just be sure about one thing -- I am the only woman who will get your blood pumping from here on out.

Lucas: I love you. You know that?

Sami: I love you, too.

E.J.: Well, I'm glad you're feeling better.

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, actually I am. I'm feeling 100% better. What the hell are you doing here?

E.J.: Actually, I'm here to talk about the DiMera vendetta against the Bradys and how to end it.

Lucas: What do you want to talk about?

E.J.: Well, I think I found a way to end it.

Max: I'm sorry.

Jenna: No, no, no. Uh -- uh, it was my fault. I was looking at all the bright lights, not where I was going.

Max: Is it your first time in Vegas?

Jenna: Yes. And it's even more fantastic than I imagined.

Max: Oh, yeah. It can be very overwhelming.

Jenna: Thank you.

Max: Oh. Max Brady.

Jenna: Hi, Max Brady. I'm Jenna Powers.

Max: Hi.

Jenna: I'm in town for a conference, but I decided to skip the first seminar and have some fun instead.

Max: Okay. I, uh... can I buy you a drink, Jenna?

Jenna: Please.

Max: Okay, what's your poison?

Jenna: Vodka gimlet, straight up with a kiss of lime.

Max: Okay, well, coming right up.

Sami: So, you talked to your father?

E.J.: Samantha, I think my father is beyond reasoning with.

Lucas: Just figured that out, huh?

E.J.: Lucas, please. I am as keen to end this vendetta as you are.

Sami: So, what did you find out?

E.J.: My father -- or, I suppose, rather more likely André -- is in possession of a certain leather folio, the contents of which contain the conditions for ending the vendetta.

Lucas: Great. We'll just call André, tell him to stop by.

E.J.: Lucas, stop being so smug, okay? I actually have a plan as to how we can get ahold of this folio.

Lucas: "We"? Did you say "we"? What's this "we" business, pal?

E.J.: We. Samantha, you're on board for this, right?

Lucas: Don't talk to her. She's not involved in this at all, all right?

Sami: Lucas, I'm already involved. Andre, he tried to kill my dad. He tried to kill you. I don't want my kids to grow up like that, and you know it. Come on. Look, E.J., if you have some way that we can end this, tell me.

E.J.: Look, if André has it, he's gonna have to get it to Stefano, okay? Okay, and I think it's safe to say that the Salem P.D. and Bo are all keeping a close eye on Stefano, watching him wherever he goes.

Lucas: Right, right. They'll do that anyway in any case. Andre can't do anything without Stefano winding him up first, right?

E.J.: No, but André has to connect with Stefano.

Lucas: And when he does?

E.J.: Well, I mean, that's the thing -- my father's far too cunning to implicate himself by having André come over to the house.

Lucas: So he'll meet him somewhere else.

Kate: No, he won't do that because he would be followed, Lucas. What he will do is he will use a courier, a go-between, if you will -- somebody to perform the transaction for him who he trusts.

Sami: And then he's gonna get his hands on that folio, and he will destroy it because he doesn't want this vendetta to end.

E.J.: That is certainly a possibility, yes.

Sami: So we have to figure out who this person is, who he would trust enough to be the courier.

Lucas: Right. All right. You want to make yourself useful, Wells? Tell us. Give us a name or something.

E.J.: Well, actually, I already know who the courier is, Lucas. It's actually your mother, Kate.

[Knock on door]

Man: Mr. Fallon?

Nick: Hi. What's going on?

Man: I was asked to deliver these children to their daddy.

Jenna: I've got what you asked for. Now what do you want me to do with him?

Lucas: There's no way that my mom is in cahoots with your father.

Sami: Oh, I can picture it.

Lucas: I can't.

E.J.: Really, Lucas? Kate's assets have been frozen for months ever since you set the FCC on Mythic.

Lucas: So?

E.J.: So why is she suddenly so flush with cash?

Lucas: I don't know, man. How do you know that?

E.J.: I know that because she just invested a huge chunk of change into keeping Mythic afloat during the FCC investigation, and she just hired an extremely expensive team of lawyers to keep her out of jail.

Lucas: Well, good. Good for her 'cause you're the one I wanted to go to jail.

E.J.: Nonetheless, Lucas, the question does remain -- where did she get that money?

Lucas: I don't know, all right? Maybe she borrowed it from friends or cashed in a bond or something. I don't know. Jewelry.

E.J.: Or maybe she got it from my father for, uh... [Snaps fingers] rendered.

Sami: You know what? He's just speculating, Lucas.

E.J.: No, no, absolutely, Lucas. I'm completely speculating. I do not have any proof at all. However, your mother does know my father. It's certainly true to say that my father knows your mother, and she did just come into a lot of capital.

Lucas: Listen to me. My mother's days of doing favors for money are over -- long over.

E.J.: If you say so. However, regardless of which, I still believe that she is going to pick up that folio from André and she's going to take it to Stefano.

Sami: The point is we have to intercept Kate, get that folio away from her.

Lucas: You're buying into this, right? Is that what you're saying?

Sami: Lucas. We have the letters between Colleen and Santo. We can figure out how this vendetta started. If we have a chance of ending it, we have to take that chance. We have to be ready for anything.

Lucas: Listen, my mom has done plenty of sick stuff, but there is no way in hell she'd ever hook up with --

Sami: Look, Lucas, this isn't about your mom, okay? We have to focus on our babies right now and creating a future for them that's safe. So if there's even a chance that E.J. is right, we have to act fast, right?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah. Fine. What the hell do you want us to do?

Jenna: What if I really was propositioning you that way, hmm? What then, Mr. Max?

Stephanie: I'm tired of sitting alone at a bar while you're off doing business. How about making me a priority for once?

Adrienne: Now be the kind of father we never had and the father you wanted ever since you were a little boy.

Bo: You're setting yourself up as bait?

Roman: I know what this takes.

Bo: Yeah, your life.

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