Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 8/10/07 - Canada; Monday 8/13/07 - U.S.A.


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Philip: I'm sorry, Billie. I can't believe I forgot my cellphone one more time, sis?

Billie: Why not? Once you've entered an apartment illegally, it doesn't much matter if you do it again. Ah, even easier the second time around.

Philip: I know I left my cellphone here somewhere. Oh, there it is. All right, let's go.

Billie: Wait, wait, whoa. Do you smell something?

Philip: Like what?

Billie: Perfume. And it ain't mine.

Belle: Philip deserves to know that you flew here on the 4th and met with Lauren.

Shawn D.: I -- I know that. But after all those phone calls that she made, taunting him and teasing him, he's not gonna believe that I didn't have anything to do with that. But, Belle, I swear to you --

Belle: I know. You told me.

Shawn D.: But do you believe me? Because if Philip doesn't believe me, I can live with that. But you, it's important to me. So, before we go in there, I need to know that you believe that I had nothing to do with any of this.

Kayla: Come here, you. Oh. Oh, you all look so surprised.

Lexie: Uh, Kayla, look, I know you've been talking about adoption, but are you sure about this? I mean, at this point in your life?

Kayla: Oh, my goodness. Well, why not? I mean, this little guy needs a home, so why not with us? I mean, until Mrs. Meyers finds his mom and why she left him here.

Abe: What about Steve?

Kayla: What about Steve?

Abe: After everything he's been through, he might like a little time to settle in.

Kayla: Oh, are you kidding me? He's already settled in. He's as settled in as he'll ever be.

Abe: Adoption's a big step.

Kayla: Well, you know what? We've already been talking about it for the last month or so, ever since he got back from Tinda Lao.

Mrs. Meyers: Mrs. Johnson --

Kayla: Listen, I understand that he's not available for adoption at this point, but I just know that when my husband sees this little face, he's gonna want to give this cutie a home as much as I do.

Steve: Steve will want to give which cutie a what?

Hope: Oh! Gosh, are you kidding me? Holy mackerel! A soft day, that's what they call it here?

Bo: Yeah, that's what they call it.

Hope: You know what I call it? Half the Atlantic Ocean being dumped on me all at the same time.

Bo: Think you might melt out there if you get a little wet?

Hope: We're in a church. Don't get me started, Brady. Let's just find that thing and get home, okay? What's it called again?

Bo: Tabernacle. It's right here.

Hope: Perfect. Okay, great. So, take the key that Tony ripped off of Stefano's neck and let's just pray to God that it opens the box and we can really end this feud and this vendetta between the Bradys and the DiMeras. So, we'll just open it, we'll grab whatever's inside, and we'll head back to the airport. Why aren't you moving?

Bo: Because you can't just open it.

Hope: Yeah, because the key's in your pocket.

Bo: I know that, but --

Hope: But what?

Bo: This is a holy tabernacle. Only priests can open it.

Hope: Okay, fine. We'll ask a priest, then. [Thunder crashes] What about her?

Bo: She's a nun.

Hope: Yeah, so? That's fine. It doesn't hurt to ask. Why not?

Bo: I told you, Hope. It has to be a priest.

Hope: Maybe things have changed.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Steve: What's going on, sweetness?

Kayla: I'm glad you're here. And you will be, too.

Steve: You think?

Kayla: Yeah. Take a look at this little bug.

Steve: Yeah.

Kayla: His, um, his mother abandoned him here, and I just -- I can just imagine how scared he must be.

Steve: Yeah, he must be.

Kayla: And then I heard that child services needed a place for him to stay, you know, just until they find his mother and why she left him here, and I know it was a long time ago, but I just was thinking about how sweet those memories are of ours when we took Benjy in, and I just thought maybe --

Mrs. Meyers: So, is there a problem, then, Mr. Johnson?

Steve: Problem? What, do you mean with the baby? He's got all his fingers and toes, right?

Mrs. Meyers: You do understand that even though the child's placement will be temporary, we still have to follow procedure.

Kayla: That will take a long time, won't it?

Abe: As police commissioner, I'd be very happy to vouch for the Johnsons.

Kayla: Thank you, Abe.

Abe: Mrs. Meyers, I have known them for more years than I want to count. Kayla's a doctor, and her family, the Bradys, are well-known, and they just moved recently back to Salem with their college-aged daughter.

Lexie: You couldn't find two nicer people, really.

Abe: Everything must be in the best interest of the child. I understand that. And the screening procedures are strict, I know.

Lexie: Yeah, by the book, I'm sure. That's the way my husband runs his department, also.

Abe: Yes, always. No rules bent at random. Chain of command. That's the way we do things at the Salem P.D. and I'm sure that's the way Heidi Saymen does things.

Mrs. Meyers: You know my supervisor?

Abe: Yeah, I sure do. Hey...why don't we leave the baby with Kayla just for a minute? And we'll go find a quiet place. We'll give Heidi a call. We'll see what we can do for the Johnsons and this well-behaved little boy.

Lexie: Um, I'm right behind you, okay? Uh, are you two sure about this? Now's the time to speak up.

Kayla: Are you kidding? We're thrilled. Thank you, Lexie, and please thank Abe for us.

Lexie: Uh, this shouldn't take long. You can thank him yourselves.

Kayla: Well, little handsome guy, it looks like you're gonna be going home with us. Yeah. Not bad having friends in high places, don't you think, Steve?

Steve: You want to know what I think, sweetness? I think you just blindsided me.

Belle: Shawn, of course I believe you. I know you didn't encourage those phone calls. Please, we both know Philip's temper too well to play games like that, and he knows it, too.

Shawn D.: The one thing Philip does know these days is that he doesn't trust me. I don't mind, 'cause I don't trust him, either.

Philip: Yeah. I do smell perfume. Are you sure it wasn't here before?

Billie: No doubt about it.

Philip: So, someone wearing perfume came in after we left, but we barely got out of the building before we turned back.

Billie: So if somebody came in...

Philip: Then someone must still be here.

Billie: What are we waiting for? [Knock on door] Girl scout cookies?

Philip: There's no one we know in this town other than that detective we talked to before.

Belle: Philip, hi.

Philip: What's going on? What are you doing here?

Belle: We're here to help, but Shawn has something to tell you. He knows who the woman is who's been calling you.

Philip: You know about Lauren? How?

Shawn D.: Because I met with her on the 4th of July here in Indianapolis when I should have been at the job interview in Cleveland.

Philip: So you were here instead with her. This is where you were, you son of a -- why the hell didn't you tell me this?

Hope: Excuse me, sister? Oh.

Bo: I told you she can't help us. We need a priest.

Hope: I know. Does that seem a little sexist to you?

Bo: Let's not go there.

Hope: No, let's go wherever the priests are. Just look around, Brady.

Bo: Well, like doctors, they're not always there when you need them.

Hope: All right, all right. Where do you plan to start searching?

Bo: At the rectory, and what do you mean where do I plan to start searching?

Hope: Surely you don't expect me to go back out into that monsoon again.

Bo: Hope, it's a little rain. You're afraid of a little rain?

Hope: Not until you build me an ark.

Bo: And you're already a little bit wet. What's the big deal? Come on. Come on.

Hope: All right.

Bo: Thank you.

Hope: But you know what? When we get back to Salem, you're buying me a new pair of shoes 'cause these are practically ruined.

Bo: Okay, new pair of shoes. Two pair of shoes.

Hope: Make it three and you've got a deal.

Bo: Yes, dear.

Abe: Come on, come on, come on.

Lexie: Here you go, sweetheart.

Abe: Yeah, I'm on hold, honey.

Lexie: Okay. Where's Mrs. Meyers?

Abe: She's checking on a few other clients. So, did you talk to them? They'll go in with both feet. Are you still convinced it's a good idea?

Lexie: Steve and Kayla taking in this baby -- why not? It's just for a little while. And Kayla couldn't be happier.

Abe: It's Steve I'm worried about. Did you see the look on the man's face? He's got enough on his plate without adding 2:00 A.M. feedings.

Lexie: Abe, trust me. Kayla wants this enough for both of them. It'll give Steve a chance to see if he's ready to adopt. It's just temporary, right?

Abe: Oh, uh, hey, Heidi, it's Abe Carver. Yes. Uh, look, I was just wondering if I could help get you to do a fast-track approval on a foster-care couple.

Kayla: I just thought since we had talked about maybe adopting --

Steve: Baby, we talked about it, but we never made a decision to do anything.

Kayla: Will you just look at this sweet face?

Steve: Yeah, he's sweet all right.

Kayla: How can you look at this little angel and tell me you don't care?

Steve: Come on. It's not about caring. You know how I feel about a kid stuck in the foster-care system. I've been there.

Kayla: Well, I know. That's why I thought for sure that you would go along with this.

Steve: This isn't about me. Maybe it is, huh? Once that woman does her background check and gets into my history, this is all gonna be over. All those years with the memory loss and my nice little stay at the state mental hospital after I kidnapped a good friend of mine and forced my wife to take out his kidney.

Kayla: Come on, Steve.

Steve: I'm just getting started here. I haven't gotten to my latest trick -- driving our own daughter away.

Kayla: Steve, come on. You had a fight. That's all it was. That's normal.

Steve: Oh, yeah. I'm the most normal dude I know.

Kayla: She's gonna come home, and we're gonna talk it out.

Steve: Yeah, and you'll smooth things over like you always do. I can't wait till you, uh, try to smooth-talk what's her name when she comes back in here with a big folder on me and 10 bodyguards for protection.

Kayla: Well, you know, there's gonna be questions, sure. But why don't we just give it a chance? I mean, we have Abe -- Abe standing up for us.

Steve: Maybe he shouldn't be standing up for us.

Shawn D.: Look, I know I should have just told you from the beginning. Mimi called me on the 4th, and then she just --

Philip: Mimi called you?

Shawn D.: She found out that her mom was paying Lauren to go through with the pregnancy.

Billie: Wait a minute. Bonnie paid Lauren off to have Philip's baby?

Shawn D.: She denies it, but, yeah. Then Bonnie ended up going to jail for some other charges. Lauren -- she realized that she lost her meal ticket, so she started calling Mimi. And you thought the phone calls you were getting were bad.

Philip: Why did she waste her time? Mimi's broke.

Shawn D.: But you're not. And the only way that Lauren could get to you was --

Billie: To go through Mimi.

Shawn D.: But Mimi didn't give up your phone number, so she started hammering away at her, so that's why Mimi called me.

Philip: Why didn't she just call me?

Shawn D.: Because she was afraid that you would blame her for what Bonnie did.

Belle: So she asked Shawn to come down here and see if what Lauren was saying was true, if there even was a baby.

Philip: So you grabbed a flight, saw a baby, and gave her my number. Great, Shawn. That's terrific.

Shawn D.: I didn't see a baby, and I didn't think that she would be stupid enough to go ahead and start harassing you.

Philip: But you gave her my number just in case.

Shawn D.: I didn't think there was a baby, so I decided to call her bluff. I gave her your number, and I flew home.

Philip: After you knew I was getting all those calls. How could you do that?

Shawn D.: Philip, the last thing that I wanted was for you to think that I was in on this whole entire thing. We've had our problems, yeah. I just figured -- I was pretty sure that she would just stop. She'd get bored.

Philip: Yeah, but the calls kept coming, didn't they? And your "pretty sure" wasn't good enough, Shawn. Because I do have a baby.

Shawn D.: I saw the birth certificate. At first, I believed her. And then I just figured the whole thing was a fake.

Billie: Apparently not, because people have seen him.

Belle: Philip, you don't even know that the baby is really yours, do you? Just because Lauren had a --

Philip: What the hell was that? There is someone still here.

Kayla: If Abe didn't believe that you could handle it, why would he step up?

Steve: For you. He believes in you.

Kayla: But I believe in you. Nothing has really changed about taking care of a baby. And you did a perfectly good job when we had Stephanie. It's all gonna come back to you.

Steve: What if it doesn't? I wasn't around very long after Stephanie was born. You know that.

Kayla: Well, your memory seems to be working just fine.

Steve: Yeah, the pieces are all there. When I grab for them, things seem to fall into place. But not all the time. You know, it's kind of like when you finish a puzzle and you throw it back in the box and you got some big chunks connected, but then there's a whole bunch of these little in-between pieces. It's those pieces I don't know how they fit. I don't know where they go.

Kayla: Well, you said yourself that the big pieces are there. So maybe if you just relax, maybe it will all just start coming back to you.

Steve: I don't know, sweetness. I remember how I feel about Stephanie, how much I love her, but taking care of her as a baby, I mean, that's all blank. I-I-I wouldn't know what to do.

Kayla: Well, then, you learn it just like you did before.

Steve: I'm gonna practice on that little guy? That's fair.

Kayla: We just take it one day at a time. I mean, little Pocket will just stay with us for a few days.

Steve: Wait a minute. What did you say -- Pocket? Did you just call that poor little child Pocket?

Kayla: I mean, he doesn't have a name, and he's just so little, he can practically fit in your Pocket.

Steve: [Laughs] Pocket. All right. Well, I guess that's better than Benjy part two, but not much. Leave it to you, sweetness.

Kayla: That's right. Leave everything to me. You want to hold him?

Steve: No. Don't be throwing me right in the deep end right off the bat.

Kayla: Oh, come on. You have a lot of experience holding babies -- Claire, Ciara. Look, you know...Pocket, he'll just stay with us for a couple of days until they find his mother. And then we can talk about if we want to go ahead with our own adoption.

Steve: No, Kayla, you got to back off. You got to stop pushing me. This is out of control. You're out of control.

Billie: Nobody.

Philip: Whoever was hiding got out that window in record time.

Billie: That's not any whoever that was in the room.

Philip: I can't believe we missed her. She was here the whole time.

Belle: Who are you calling?

Billie: Detective Wade, Indianapolis P.D. She's still in the area somewhere.

Philip: So what? She won't be back here again knowing I'm around and so are the cops.

Belle: Well, unless she needs something badly enough.

Billie: Yeah, Detective Wade, hi. It's Billie Reed.

Philip: I'm heading out. Maybe Lauren's hiding out in some alley nearby.

Shawn D.: Lauren knows that she's gonna go to jail if he finds her.

Belle: Good, maybe she should.

Shawn D.: Belle, wake up. That means our whole nightmare is gonna start all over again. Lauren takes Philip's baby, runs off. If he goes after her, can't find her, he's gonna come back to Salem and focus all of his energy on you and Claire. And this time, I'm gonna be the one who's responsible.

Belle: What?

Shawn D.: Why didn't I just believe her when she said she had his baby? Man, I just made this whole thing worse.

Bo: [Laughs] Irish gondola.

Hope: Hey, why not? The way it's still coming down, this town will look like Venice by dinner. She's gone.

Bo: Yeah, gone, but left quite a trail.

Hope: Wow, I thought there would be mud.

Bo: Pretty big feet for a woman.

Hope: Do you think maybe father Wallace came through here?

Bo: Maybe. You know what? I, um, I'm gonna see if I can find the disappearing nun. Maybe she knows where the father is. Why don't you stay here just in case he comes in, okay?

Hope: Oh, sure, yeah, right. I mean, now that my shoes are practically ruined, you want me to stay here. That's three pairs, remember?

Bo: I'll be right back, all right?

Hope: I'm coming with you.

Bo: No, hope, you're just gonna get more wet.

Hope: Brady, I'm on to you. You're not leaving me. You've got a feeling -- I know you do -- about these footprints and you just want me to stay here 'cause you think it's safer, right?

Bo: Andre is out there somewhere. Sooner or later, he's gonna show up. You can count on it.

Hope: Do you think he followed us to Ireland? Do you?

Bo: Stay here, be careful.

Hope: You be careful.

Bo: Be right back. [Thunder crashes]

Hope: So...only a man can be trusted to open the tabernacle, huh?

Kayla: Listen, I know that this is all happening so fast, and you're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Steve: Really? You think? Just a little bit? Hey, what's the big rush on this anyway? Did something happen that I don't know about?

Kayla: Yeah. Pocket happened. Just like Benjy happened. I mean, I wasn't looking for this, but he needs us.

Steve: Us?

Kayla: Well, he needs somebody, so why not us? He doesn't really have time for us to sit down and jot down the pros and cons. Time is ticking here.

Steve: You should go in with somebody who can handle the job, somebody qualified.

Kayla: I am.

Steve: Well, I'm not.

Kayla: Yes, you are. I know you are.

Steve: I can't do it, sweetness. I'm not ready. I'm not. And I don't know if I'll ever be ready. I don't even know if I want to be.

Billie: Yeah, thanks, detective. We'll be here.

Philip: No sign of Lauren and nobody's seen her, at least not nearby. What did I miss?

Billie: Detective Wade is sending a squad car.

Philip: One car? Great. And I still can't believe you kept your little holiday rendezvous with her a secret.

Shawn D.: I know I shouldn't have. I didn't know what else to say. I already lied about Cleveland. I figure if I came to you and I tried to tell you the truth, you wouldn't understand.

Philip: What, me? Oh, come on, pal. I understand perfectly. I understand that he figured he finally found a way to get back at me. 'Cause all of us know I can take better care of Claire than you can now or ever will.

[Door opens]

Bo: Hope?

Hope: That was fast.

Bo: It's raining even harder out there. I couldn't find a soul.

Hope: Maybe the nuns here just wear big bulky shoes.

Bo: Yeah, maybe. Something's definitely wrong.

Hope: I got a suggestion. Let's stop tempting fate and open the box and go home.

Bo: Hope, I told you we can't do that.

Hope: Brady, we flew all the way here because people's lives are at stake.

Bo: Yeah, so we can't start tempting fate, Hope. Just be patient, have faith.

Hope: This isn't about patience or faith anymore. You just said yourself that André's still out there. Nobody's safe. Brady, for us to stand here and waste time about whether or not to open the box, when it comes down to it, it's still just a box.

Bo: Hope, it's a tabernacle.

Hope: God knows who we are. He knows we mean no offense. But back in Salem André and Stefano, they could be targeting someone we love right now. Maybe your mother or your father, maybe even Ciara. Brady, we can't let that happen. We need to do something, and we need to do it now while we still can.

Bo: Okay. I should know better than to argue with you when you got your heels dug in.

Hope: Finally.

Bo: Yeah. Let's steal what we came for and head home.

Hope: I can't argue with that. I know you're sneaky spice.

Steve: We wanted to have a wedding for our friends and family, a private thing right

Kayla: You're right. Um...I apologize. I wasn't thinking. Not about you. I just...

Steve: I know, babe. You were thinking about Benjy.

Kayla: And you being bounced around in foster homes and orphanages and all the stories you told me.

Steve: You're probably thinking about Frankie and Max, too, right?

Kayla: And then I saw this little Pocket. Come here, buddy. Oh, my goodness. And I just thought...about where he might end up and what we could do for him. But you're right. We're the priority and... you, me, and Stephanie and getting our life back on track and happy and together and...

Steve: But you're already too far gone. Aren't you, sweetness?

Kayla: I don't know. From the second I saw him... you know, it's my problem and I will deal with it.

Steve: No, there's no such thing, sweetness. Your problem is my problem. Look, I understand how you feel and why. He's really cute. It's just I...

Kayla: It's just what?

Steve: It's just the daddy thing, baby. I don't know -- I mean, I won't say I'll never do it, but just not right now.

Kayla: I understand.

Steve: Do you?

Kayla: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, um...we are definitely the priority right now -- you, me, and Stephanie. Um, I-I-I'm gonna go tell Mrs. Meyers and Abe that we've changed our mind. No, it's all right. I'll be back, and I-I-I'm all right, and we're all right, and it's all gonna be fine.

Steve: Wait, Kayla, wait.

Kayla: What is it?

Steve: Just hang on a minute. Just hang on a minute.

Belle: You have no right to say that to him. Shawn was just trying to help.

Philip: To help me, protect me? Don't tell me you're buying that story.

Shawn D.: All right, Philip, I get that you're ticked off about Lauren and this whole thing getting out. You need somebody to blame. Here I am. I'm not saying that I don't deserve some of it, either. But I swear to you --

Philip: Oh, save it, Shawn. I know what you're doing and why you're doing it. You're stuck living under my roof watching me give Belle and Claire everything you wish you could, but you can't because you're the same loser you've always been.

Belle: You know what, Philip? You would be dead right now if it wasn't for Shawn, so if he's a loser, what does that make you? You would have been killed in Iraq if he didn't drop everything to come save your butt.

Shawn D.: Belle, just let it go.

Belle: No, this man saved your life and he has been your oldest and dearest friend, and how do you repay him? You hire Willow Stark to get on the stand and lie so that you can get custody of Claire.

Philip: He has certainly paid me back 10 times over for that.

Belle: Anything that's happened after that you've brought on all by yourself. He has never brought it up. He has never thrown it in your face because he's been too good of a friend to you.

Philip: Maybe he should get over it, 'cause I sure as hell have. You're no friend of mine. Maybe you never were.

Billie: That's not true, Philip.

Philip: What do you know about it? The second that he saw a chance to get back at me, what did he do? Hmm? He grabbed it and ran with it. And good for you, Brady. I'd have bet big bucks you couldn't pull something off like this.

Shawn D.: You believe what you want to believe, Philip, but I am telling you the truth is that you --

Philip: You were in on this all along, working with her -- you and Lauren and your phone games. Watching me take these calls, watching me squirm, making me think I had a baby out there.

Billie: Hey, hey, hey. You do, Philip. Or you might. You said it yourself, you believe in your heart that it's true -- that baby is yours. But we don't know that for sure yet. Lauren is out there. That baby is out there somewhere, and it's not doing any of us any good to stand around and rehash old wounds. We're not getting anywhere, so snap out of it.

Kayla: Are you all right?

Steve: I'm fine. I think one of those pieces... the little ones...just hooked up to a bigger one.

Kayla: Tell me. What?

Steve: The day Stephanie was born, you remember? [Laughs] I'm feeling it all over again. It's one of the happiest moments of my life. [Laughs]

Mrs. Meyers: Well, it's good news. We still have to schedule some regular visits, but you've been approved.

Kayla: Um...Mrs. Meyers, I'm sorry --

Steve: Hey, that's good news, huh, sweetness? Yeah, and you know what? You can check up on us anytime. You come by anytime. That's cool. Now, um, why don't you give me the Pocket man? I'm sure Mrs. Meyers has lots of papers for us to sign. You go take your turn while us dudes get acquainted.

Kayla: Are you sure?

Steve: Yeah, I'm sure. Now, you better get out of here before I flip-flop on you. Hi, sweet. Oh, so sweet. Hi there.

Kayla: I guess we should go sign the papers.

Steve: Oh. Hey, little dude. [Chuckles] You're gonna have to help me out here, yeah. I'm kind of flying blind if you know what I mean. Yes. So, what do you say we go celebrate and we'll have some wings, maybe some burgers? What do you think, huh? No? Oh, that's right. You're gonna have to have teeth before we do that, huh? Yes, you are. Yeah. So, you don't -- oh, I know. You're worried about global warming, aren't you? No, that's too heavy. So, how about those Cubs, huh? Hmm? You like the Cubs?

Billie: We got to go find Lauren.

Belle: Billie's right. What matters now --

Philip: Here's what matters to me right now. I want a straight answer from you, Belle. Did you know about this all along?

Belle: What? Of course not.

Shawn D.: Philip, she had nothing to do with this. I already lied about Cleveland. I wasn't gonna involved Belle also.

Belle: Shawn was wrong to keep it a secret, but he's here to apologize.

Philip: Is there anybody alive that you haven't lied to?

Shawn D.: I'm here in Indianapolis trying to apologize to you.

Philip: Good for you. Now take your apology --

Billie: Hey, Philip.

Philip: I got it. I'm just wasting my time. There's a runaway surrogate and a baby boy I got to track down.

Belle: Philip. Shawn.

Shawn D.: Belle, go.

Belle: Philip.

Philip: What do you want now? Just leave me alone.

Belle: I just want you to know --

Philip: You want me to know what? Are you gonna start singing the same old song about what a good guy Shawn is?

Belle: We are still your friends just like we've always been all our lives, and if there's something that we can do to help you --

Philip: Just figure it out, Belle, would you? I've had just about all the help out of you two I'll ever need... ever.

Bo: Okay, here goes. Please forgive me.

Hope: He does.

Bo: What, you got your own personal thumbs-up there, did you?

Hope: Let's just say we've done a lot of talking in the last two years. [Thunder crashes]

Bo: It must be the wrong tabernacle, wrong church.

Hope: Don't give up. Just turn harder.

Bo: Hope, it's a gold key. It's very soft. I can't turn it any harder. It might break off in the lock.

Hope: So what are we gonna do, then? We can't try this in every church from here to Italy.

Man: Would you be the Bradys, then?

Hope: Yes, uh, yeah. I'm Hope, and this is Bo Brady. And who are you?

Bo: Yeah, um, who sent you here? How did you know that we were the Bradys?

Man: The priest. Father said, "run to the church." Tell the Bradys that he knows that you're here, and he's coming to see you directly.

Bo: Oh, okay. Tell the Father thank you, and we'll wait for him here, okay?

Man: That I will. Thank you, sir.

Bo: No, thank you.

Hope: [Chuckles] He is so cute.

Bo: He left his backpack.

Hope: Let me see if I can stop him.

Bo: Okay.

Hope: Hey, little boy! Little boy! Well...we missed him.

Bo: Too fast for you, huh?

Hope: Yeah. Maybe his name and address is inside the backpack.

Bo: Maybe. What the heck? Whoa, look at this.

Hope: Beauty.

Bo: That is a beauty. I won-- we got to get this back to him. I wonder why he was dragging this around in a backpack.

Steve: Little Pocket Man he's a sweet little Pocket Man yeah, he's a sweet little Pocket Man and he's dancing around with his Uncle Patch yeah, he's a sweet...

Abe: Are you two hitting it off?

Steve: Well, yeah, we are. He's a Cubs fan. Why wouldn't we be?

Abe: [Chuckles]

Steve: So, have you seen Kayla?

Abe: Yeah, she's finishing things up. She'll be here in a minute. You know, he's a cute kid.

Steve: Yeah, he looks just like me, doesn't he?

Abe: I said cute.

Steve: Ha ha. Abe, thanks for making this happen, man.

Abe: Are you sure you're ready for this?

Steve: Sure. All the middle-of-the-night feedings, all the crying, the dirty diapers.

Abe: In other words, no.

Steve: Maybe Kayla is.

Kayla: Uh-oh, did I hear my name? Ooh, there he is.

Steve: Here I am.

Kayla: No, not you, silly. You. Hi. Hi. Hi.

Lexie: Well, all the papers have been signed, sealed, and delivered. He's now officially theirs.

Kayla: Yep, I already called baby depot. They're delivering a crib, a stroller, two-weeks' worth of diapers, and a bassinet.

Steve: Oh, I smell credit-card overload. I'm gonna have to get something full-time soon.

Abe: It's just the beginning, Steve. Welcome to parenthood.

Steve: Yeah, good thing it's only temporary, right, baby?

Kayla: Gosh, would you look at those eyelashes?

Lexie: Oh, I just remembered my cellphone has a digital camera. All right, Steve, Kayla, little one.

Kayla: Oh, we're calling him Pocket.

Lexie: Pocket?

Kayla: Sure.

Lexie: Okay. Okay, um, all right, your first family photo. Everybody, squeeze together.

Steve: Yeah, it's gonna be good, huh? It's gonna be good to have a little picture to look back on...

Kayla: Okay, any time, Lexie. Come on.

Steve: ...Of our temporary son.

Kayla: Yeah, yeah, come on.

Lexie: Smile, Steve.

Abe: Say "cheese."

Steve: Change me.

Billie: Hey, you know how he is. Just give him some time.

Belle: Hey.

Billie: Hey, is he all right?

Belle: I'm not sure.

Billie: Okay, great.

Belle: If there's anything that we can go.

Billie: Yeah, I'll let you know.

Shawn D.: So, he's, uh --

Belle: Yeah, angrier than I've probably ever seen him. But you know what? That's Philip, and he'll probably calm down. He always does.

Shawn D.: No, Belle, not this time. He's convinced himself that I purposely tried to hurt him. So whatever friendship is left, it's done.

Belle: I think you're wrong.

Shawn D.: You mean you hope that I'm wrong. In the meantime, there's only one thing that we can do.

Belle: What's that?

Shawn D.: Start packing our bags as soon as we get back to Salem. Pretty soon, no matter what, he's gonna kick us out of the mansion -- Claire or no Claire.

Hope: Whoo! Still raining cats and dogs out there. Did you find anything?

Bo: Nothing in the bag. Just this toy, and it's brand-new.

Hope: I guess he didn't want to get it wet, huh?

Bo: I guess. The Father -- he'll probably know where to find the boy.

Hope: Yeah, I'm sure.

Bo: Look at this thing. It's great, heavy, a lot of detail to it.

Hope: I didn't know you were such an expert, Brady.

Bo: Actually, I'm not. I never had one of these babies growing up.

Hope: You never had one?

Bo: Unh-unh. Pop didn't allow them in the house. Even Roman didn't have one.

Hope: And you never asked why?

Bo: No. Shh, shh.

Hope: Are you shushing me?

Bo: Yeah, I hear something.

Hope: Something?

Bo: Hope, it's ticking.

Hope: Bo! Bo!

Jeremy: The trunks of designer knock offs -- that was just a cover for what I'm really doing. I've been smuggling women into the country from Eastern Europe.

Nick: This is the girl I hope to spend the rest of my life with, and no money-grubbing opportunistic tramp from Vegas is gonna get in the way of that.

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