Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 8/9/07 - Canada; Friday 8/10/07 - U.S.A.


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Belle: It's from my at Salem U.

Shawn D.: Yeah. Some serious money here.

Belle: Well, it's from the college fund they set up for me.

Shawn D.: You're gonna be the hottest thing in scrubs.

Belle: Well, I have to pass Organic Chem first and a zillion other classes.

Shawn D.: I'm not worried. You're gonna ace all of them.

Belle: Are you really, truly okay with this, 'cause I know that you were worried that school would cut into my time with Claire?

Shawn D.: I've just decided that Claire's gonna be spending a lot more time with her daddy.

Belle: Ah. And you're okay with my parents paying?

Shawn D.: If they set up a college fund, that's what the money's for, right? Besides, I know better than to argue with John and Marlena after that whole wardrobe full of clothes that she's bought you. You're gonna be one hot nursing student.

Belle: I don't know about all that.

Shawn D.: And you deserve every bit of it 'cause you're beyond amazing.

Belle: "Amazing." Yeah, not so much. Look, Shawn, um, I've expected total honesty from you, and I haven't exactly been miss full disclosure.

Shawn D.: What do you mean?

Belle: My new wardrobe. Um, my mom didn't buy it for me. Philip did.

Billie: This place is leased to a Selena Doyle. Does that ring any bells?

Philip: Not one.

Billie: I don't hear anything. I don't hear a baby crying.

Philip: If there really is a kid, it's not mine. I was never unfaithful to Belle.

Billie: She's just trying to scam you.

Philip: Obviously. Who knows what she wants?

Billie: She sent you that tape of the baby crying, the picture of the baby.

Philip: A DNA test will prove I'm not the father.

Billie: That's why she's playing so hard to get. Come on. Knock on the door. Go ahead. I don't know. She's out shopping? Baby needs a new pair of shoes? Move out of the way. Here's my chance to show off for you. Mm-hmm. It's all in the wrist -- my handy-dandy kit here. Don't tell anyone.

Kayla: Hello. Here are the discharge orders for the Thompson baby.

Nurse: He did good under the lights.

Kayla: Yeah, he did. You know, my Stephanie was a little jaundiced when she was first born. Hey. Who's your little boyfriend?

Nurse: Couldn't you just eat him up with a spoon?

Kayla: Oh, my gosh, you're delicious. Hello.

Nurse: Somebody doesn't think so.

Kayla: Is there a problem?

Nurse: There is if you call a baby being abandoned a problem.

Kayla: Oh, no.

Nurse: I found this note tucked inside his blanket.

Kayla: "Please take care of my baby."

E.J.: Listen, Samantha. Please. Stop it. Come with me, okay? Come with me.

Sami: No, E.J., I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving his car.

E.J.: Hey, look. Samantha, we need to find him. He's not in there. Let's start with some of the stores. Let's talk to the merchants again. Let's go on the street and see if anybody's seen him. If that doesn't work, we can contact Kate and see if she's had any luck, okay?

Sami: I'm scared! What am I -- oh, I don't know what I would do without you right now.


E.J.: We'll find him. Lean on me, okay? No, no, no, no. No. No, no, no, no. We'll find him. Let's go. Come here.

E.J.: Samantha, what are you doing? Stop this.

Sami: I know he's in there! I know my husband is in there, and I have to find him! Lucas! Lucas!

[Grunts] Help me, E.J.! Help me get this open!

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Shawn D.: So what? You and Philip just went to the mall?

Belle: No. He found a clothing catalog that I flagged to death and decided to surprise me.

Shawn D.: A whole wardrobe -- that is quite the surprise.

Belle: I know. He went a little overboard.

Shawn D.: Philip -- he can afford to do that and several times in succession.

Belle: I mean, clothes are kind of personal.

Shawn D.: Buying you a thong would be personal. He didn't buy you one, did he?

Belle: No. If he did, I would have flung it back in his face.

Shawn D.: So, why did you tell me that your mom paid?

Belle: Shawn, I can take the clothes back if you want.

Shawn D.: No, Belle. You haven't bought anything since Tinda Lao at that consignment store.

Belle: Orange jeans. Ugh!

Shawn D.: You looked like a walking flare.

Belle: So you're not mad?

Shawn D.: At you? No.

Belle: 'Cause, you know, Philip was just trying to do something nice.

Shawn D.: A whole new wardrobe? That goes a little far beyond nice.

Belle: So you are mad?

Shawn D.: I'm thrilled that these clothes make you happy.

Belle: Good. I love you, and I am so glad that I asked you to marry me.

Shawn D.: Hey. Hey. I asked you to marry me first. Don't you forget that. I want you to know that this whole wardrobe -- it wasn't about Philip just trying to make you happy. You know, he was trying to make me look bad, too.

Billie: There's nobody here but us. Nope. Not even a butler with a knife sticking out of his back.

Philip: Empty. Empty.

Billie: Yeah, well, duh. She probably took off when you called and ran off with the baby.

Philip: I'm starting to wonder if there is a baby.

Billie: There is a baby. We saw that prescription bottle with "Tyler Kiriakis" written on it.

Philip: It could have been faked.

Billie: Oh, no. Look, Philip. See this table? See this lamp? They were in the picture.

Philip: If there was a baby here, there'd have to be something left behind -- blankets, diapers, toys -- something left behind to prove that --

Billie: Something like this?

Philip: Damn it.

Kayla: Ooh, there you are, sweet guy. Hi.

Nurse: His diaper's dry, and he looks well fed.

Kayla: Did you call Child Protective Services?

Nurse: Not yet. I was hoping the mom would come back for him.

Kayla: Well, she has a 24-hour grace period before she's charged with child abandonment.

Nurse: At least she didn't leave him in a dumpster like some do.

Kayla: Oh, dear. Why don't you call Dr. Davidoff in Pediatrics? She's the best. I want this little guy to get bumper-to-bumper service.

Nurse: Should I alert the police?

Kayla: Yeah, we got to report this, whether the mother comes back or not. Why don't you get ahold of Abe Carver? He loves babies, especially little sweetie pies like this guy. Hi, there, mister. What's your name, huh? Do you have a name? Come on. Don't you fret, 'cause we are gonna take very good care of you, okay? You are just a bug -- just a little bug, aren't you? There.

E.J.: Samantha, this is insane! You don't even know if he's inside!

Sami: E.J., help me, please! Just help me! Lucas is in there! I know he is! You have to help me! Can you hear me, Lucas?! Please let me know you're in there so I can help you! Lucas! Lucas! Lucas, talk to me! Talk to me! Let me know you're okay! Lucas! Lucas, talk to me! [Door banging] Lucas, it's me. Lucas, it's Sami. If you can hear me, please -- please let me know you're there. Lucas! Lucas!

Kate's voice: Help me! Please! Somebody, help! Somebody, help!

Sami: I knew it. I knew it. There's somebody in there. Help me find a way to break through this lock, E.J.! What are you doing?! Help me!

Belle: You really believe that Philip bought me those clothes to make you look bad?

Shawn D.: Philip wanted to make you look good, not that you need designer clothes for that or any clothes for that matter.

Belle: Stop.

Shawn D.: And he also wanted to remind you that you're with a guy who can't afford to buy you the best of everything.

Belle: I think Philip was just trying to do something nice.

Shawn D.: Well, when that Ferrari Spider shows up at our front door with a ribbon on it, send that back.

Belle: Or maybe I'll just give it to you. Are you sure you have a problem with this?

Shawn D.: Belle, when you're a guy who's basically broke, watching another man spoil your girl -- it stings a little bit. Our table's ready.

Belle: I think Philip is generous with all of his friends.

Shawn D.: But you're his ex-wife and Claire's mother.

Belle: And we've all been getting along great.

Shawn D.: Except Philip keeps shifting the playing field.

Belle: I'll get the clothes back.

Shawn D.: No, Belle. And make me look like an idiot? Philip has thought this one through -- that's for sure. He wants you back.

Belle: No way. Philip knows that I'm in love with you.

Shawn D.: He's traveled halfway around the world for you. Don't even try and tell me that he didn't make a play to get you to come back to him.

Belle: We all agreed for Claire's sake to try to keep things friendly.

Shawn D.: It's funny the things that you agree to when you're about to die.

Belle: Nothing has changed.

Shawn D.: You're right. Nothing has. Philip has got the same agenda -- to get his life back, with you and Claire in it.

Belle: Philip doesn't stand a chance, and you know that.

Shawn D.: I know that I work as a grease monkey and Philip's got enough money to pay off the national debt.

Belle: Well, I don't love you for the money that you make.

Shawn D.: Face it -- I cannot offer you the life that Philip has for you already gift-wrapped.

Belle: I am not hearing this. You really think that I think that Philip is better than you because he has money?

Shawn D.: You tell me.

Philip: You know, if this mystery mom wants me to start shelling out for my so-called son, why'd she bolt when she heard I was coming?

Billie: Maybe because you told her you were bringing along a detective, idiot.

Philip: I think she left it here on purpose.

Billie: Why?

Philip: She's messing with my head. She knows that I know that this isn't my kid.

Billie: Maybe this might bring things into focus. Look at this.

Philip: What is it?

Billie: It's a gym-membership I.D. Does she look familiar?

Philip: Lousy photo.

Billie: Annie Leibovitz wasn't available.

Philip: Oh, my God!

Billie: What? You know her?

Philip: Uh, l-Lauren something or other. The surrogate that Shawn and Mimi hired to carry their baby.

Billie: I thought that was called off.

Philip: It was. The embryos got switched, and we found out that Lauren was carrying my kid with Mimi and not Shawn's, so we canceled the contract with the surrogate. Uh, Chaffee – that was her last name.

Billie: Wait. Supposedly she had an abortion.

Philip: She made it clear that she didn't want a kid. Have one -- yes. Raise one -- no.

Billie: It looks like she may have changed her mind.

Philip: Why would she do that without telling me?

Billie: Come on, Philip. My guess is it has something to do with your last name -- Kiriakis. Money makes the world go 'round, brother. Ka-ching. Ka-ching.

Philip: I'm calling the cops.

Billie: No, you are not calling the cops. Stop it.

Dr. Davidoff: Heart and lungs are clear, reflexes are good, and responding to normal stimuli. He's been well taken care of.

Kayla: His mother cared so much about him she just walked away and left him here.

Lexie: Hi.

Abe: Hey, Kay.

Lexie: I hope it's okay I tagged along.

Kayla: Oh, absolutely.

Abe: I have a hard time letting this lady out of my sight.

Kayla: I'm sure. Dr. Davidoff, this is Abe Carver, Police Commissioner, and his wife.

Lexie: Yes, his wife, Lexie Carver. Nice to meet you.

Dr. Davidoff: We've got a great little guy here. Deserves a good home.

Kayla: Thanks, Sue. I'll keep you posted.

Dr. Davidoff: Excuse me.

Lexie: Hi, little sweetheart.

Abe: So, Carmen says there was a note?

Kayla: Oh. Yeah, yeah.

Abe: Good. And was there an envelope?

Kayla: No. No. No envelope.

Abe: Well, check the surveillance video with security for the last four hours.

Kayla: Do you think there's a chance that the mother might come back?

Abe: I don't think it's very likely, but I'll go call Child Protective Services.

Kayla: No, Abe. It just seems so wrong -- put a tiny baby into that system. I mean, in a perfect world --

Abe: In a perfect world, he'd still be with his mother. I'll go make the call.

Lexie: He's so adorable.

Kayla: Yeah, I know. There, there, mister.

Kayla: How could a mother bear to give this little guy up? Who wouldn't want such a sweet, little thing?

Lexie: Teenage girls who are barely more than babies themselves, mothers who couldn't face an abortion but can't afford to raise a child on their own.

Kayla: I just can't imagine walking away.

Lexie: Yeah, tell me about it.

Kayla: You know, it seems like yesterday that Stephanie was a little baby and I was braiding her hair, and now she's --

Lexie: Now she's a grown woman.

Kayla: Who seems to hate her parents.

Lexie: That'll pass.

Kayla: Yeah. Do you know Steve and I have been talking about adopting?

Lexie: Really?

Kayla: Well, I've been doing most of the talking.

Lexie: Steve's not as interested?

Kayla: I think he's just scared. He wasn't around for Stephanie growing up, and I think he's just wondering if he'll be a good dad.

Lexie: What do you think?

Kayla: I know the second I lay a baby in his arms, he's gonna fall in love at first sight and never -- never -- let go.

Billie: Philip, no. No. You cannot call the cops. "B&E" stands for breaking and entering. That's us.

Philip: Billie, my son is missing!

Billie: Hey, two seconds ago, it was a scam. Now it's your son?

Philip: It's Lauren! She was pregnant with my baby!

Billie: She could have terminated and now she is trying to blackmail you.

Philip: If that's true, then I want her butt in jail.

Billie: If that's true, what if your kid really is out there?

Philip: Talk about déjà vu.

Billie: Shawn, Belle, and Claire.

Philip: Only this time, I want to go through the proper channels. We can tell the cops that the door was open.

Billie: Yeah, we could, but --

Philip: I'll explain everything to them -- that Lauren was making these strange phone calls with a baby crying, she sent a photo of Tyler. I'll explain it all.

Billie: [Sighs] All right. Okay. Make the call. I just don't want you getting your hopes up.

Philip: Hey, if I've got a baby boy out there, I'm gonna find him.

Billie: I don't want you to get hurt, Philip. I'm gonna go look around some more, okay? Go ahead.

Belle: Shawn, I have never kept score, okay? There's only one number that matters to me, and that's number one, and you're it.

Shawn D.: But Philip can give you the world.

Belle: Well, he can't give me you, and you're what I want. I don't think that Philip gave me those clothes to score points.

Shawn D.: Belle, come on. Wake up. The guy's got an agenda. First, he asks us to stay as his guests at the mansion.

Belle: Just until we find our own place.

Shawn D.: And then he gets Claire enrolled into a preschool program that's got a waiting list that's a year long.

Belle: And she loves it there.

Shawn D.: Who wouldn't? They got petting zoos, and they got field trips. Even snack time's catered.

Belle: It is not. And you're leaving out the best part. Think of all the time we get to spend together now.

Shawn D.: Well, that's the greatest part.

Belle: Then what's your beef, mister?

Shawn D.: Face it, Belle. Philip can provide for you the things that I can't, no matter how many hours I put in at the garage.

Belle: Well, there is that job in Cleveland.

Shawn D.: The same one that Philip set up for me? You take your wardrobe, you put it on top of that, with Claire's new preschool, us still at the mansion, and you've got to ask yourself -- who is really taking care of you and Claire? Is it me, or is it Philip? Do I just sound paranoid and ungrateful here?

Belle: No. You're right. I've been totally blind.

Kate's voice: Somebody, help!

E.J.: Samantha, stand back. Give me this. Back.

Sami: Okay. Ugh! E.J., it's not gonna work! You have to find something else! Lucas has a tire iron in the back of his car. Find it.

E.J.: Wait. Wait.

Kate's voice: Somebody, help!

Sami: Hold on, okay?! Hold on! Someone is coming! We are gonna help you! We are gonna get you out of there!

E.J.: Out of the way.

Sami: Open the door!

E.J.: [Grunting]

Sami: Can you get it -- get it open!

E.J.: Come on.

Kate's voice: Help me! Please!

Sami: Oh, my God! Lucas! Lucas! Lucas! Please! Lucas! Lucas! Lucas! Oh, my God! E.J.! He's so cold! He's so cold! Lucas, please! Please, Lucas, say something! We got to warm him up! Lucas!

Sami: Lucas, we are gonna get you out of here.

E.J.: I felt a pulse. He's alive.

Sami: Get him out! Lucas, we are gonna help you! You're gonna be okay! You're gonna be -- oh! Oh! Lucas, you're gonna be okay, honey. You're gonna be...

E.J.: Easy, old mate. Easy. Got his head?

Sami: Yeah. Lucas, you got to wake up.

E.J.: I'm gonna call 911. No signal. Hold on.

Sami: Lucas, wake up. Lucas, baby, wake up. Wake up, Lucas. Wake up. Oh, God, you're so cold.

Lucas: I love you.

Sami: Oh. Lucas.

Belle: God, am I ever proof that people see what they want to see. Philip has provided all of the creature comforts, and I just convinced myself that he was trying to make up for all the craziness with Claire.

Shawn D.: A mansion, a wardrobe, the Harvard of preschools? Maybe next time, Philip can say it with flowers.

Belle: Well, I know he's got everything money can buy, but he is all alone.

Shawn D.: And you feel sorry for him?

Belle: Philip doesn't want my pity.

Shawn D.: We both know what he wants.

Belle: He wants to feel connected. He wants to have a family.

Shawn D.: Well, maybe if he would stop obsessing about you, he'd be able to meet a girl and start a family of his own.

Belle: I know.

Shawn D.: Belle, because your marriage didn't work out with Philip, it doesn't mean that it's your fault. You are not responsible for his happiness, and he's not responsible for yours.

Belle: He knows who makes me happy. Think about it. Think how lonely it must be for him when we say good night and go upstairs together.

Shawn D.: He wants you.

Belle: He wants someone to love who will love him back, and that's not me.

Shawn D.: Well, try telling that to Philip.

Belle: I will. You know, I didn't realize it until you said it -- that all of Philip's gifts may come with a hidden price tag, even if he doesn't know it. But I don't want him to think that there's any kind of future for us other than friends.

Shawn D.: He's gonna deny his feelings for you.

Belle: He can say whatever he wants to say. I'm giving the clothes back.

Shawn D.: What if he won't take them?

Belle: Then I'll give them to a church or people in need. I'll do whatever it takes to make him realize that I belong with you.

You've never actually seen this baby?

Philip: No, just the photo that the mother sent.

Private Investigator: What is it you want me to do?

Billie: We want you to find her.

Private Investigator: This is a tough call. She's not a fugitive, because she hasn't committed a crime, and she's not a missing person, 'cause she's free to come and go...

Philip: She has my son, or claims to.

Billie: And that is enough for you to put out an APB on her and find her, bring her in for questioning.

Private Investigator: Are you a cop?

Billie: Former life.

Private Investigator: Well, a former cop, huh? Okay. I'll see what I can do.

Billie: Thank you.

Private Investigator: Sir, you need to step out here. Excuse me.

Private Investigator:

Philip: [Sighs]

Billie: Hey, look what I found in the laundry hamper. Look.

Philip: Peas. And there's a carrot. So we know what Tyler had for dinner last night.

Billie: No. It's DNA, you doofus. We'll be able to analyze this for paternity. We'll be able to find out if you are the father.

Private Investigator: Sorry about that.

Philip: Anything new?

Private Investigator: One of my men talked to a lady next door. The young woman who lives here definitely had a baby.

Philip: She sure?

Private Investigator: Sometimes she watched the kid while the mom ran out for groceries. Said he was a real cutie.

Abe: Here you are, Lexie. This is Mrs. Meyers from CPS.

Kayla: Do you have any idea where this child might be placed or who will care for him?

Meyers: I've got a list as long as my arm. Not everyone's willing to take on an infant.

Kayla: Yeah, it's a huge responsibility.

Meyers: You have children?

Kayla: Just one daughter. She's grown now.

Meyers: Remember that 2:00 A.M. feeding?

Kayla: Remember it? That was our quiet time. I used to rock my baby girl, and she'd look up at me with those big eyes, and... I have never felt such peace.

Meyers: Well, it's not the same for everyone. Hauling yourself out of bed at 2:00 A.M., walking the floors till the baby gets back to sleep. Two hours later, you get up and do it again.

Kayla: I always felt it was a blessing, not a chore. I hope the people on your list --

Meyers: Don't you be worrying. I'm gonna find this child a good home.

Abe: He'll be in good hands, Kay.

Kayla: It's just that this is the time that the baby should be bonding with its mother.

Meyers: The sad thing is she's not here. You're stuck with me now, huh, peanut? Well, I got a long day ahead. I better get going.

Kayla: Don't go. I'll take care of him.

Officer: I'll check the local hospitals, see if we can find out where the baby was born, if the mom left any contact information.

Philip: Thanks for your help.

Officer: Usually, it's the other way around -- guys trying to dodge their responsibilities.

Billie: My brother's a stand-up guy.

Officer: Here's my card if you need me.

Billie: Thank you. I appreciate it. You okay?

Philip: Yeah, sure. Why wouldn't I be?

Billie: Well, because in the space of about an hour, you just found out that you may have a kid. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say that's an "oh, my God."

Philip: How'd this happen? She was carrying my baby -- my baby.

Billie: Hey, we don't know that for sure yet. We're gonna get the DNA...

Philip: No, Lauren wouldn't have gotten in touch with me if she knew it wasn't mine.

Billie: Your point?

Philip: She contracted with Shawn and Mimi, the embryos got switched, and she was supposed to terminate the pregnancy.

Billie: Which she obviously didn't do.

Philip: Yeah, but why?

Billie: I don't know, Philip. I mean, she could have a million different reasons why. I have no idea.

Philip: There's only one that makes sense to me. Someone talked Lauren into having that baby.

Billie: Who?

Philip: Who else? Shawn Brady.

Shawn D.: Well, you don't have to give the clothes back.

Belle: Well, I want to make this right.

Shawn D.: I know, but you don't have anything to prove to me or to Philip. It's better just to leave it alone. If Philip thinks I threw a fit over a few dresses, I'm never gonna hear the end of it, and I want this to end -- all of it.

Belle: All of it? Is there more?

Shawn D.: Yeah. I wasn't telling you the truth about where I was on July 4th. I wasn't in Cleveland, and I wasn't just driving around to clear my head.

Belle: Where were you?

Shawn D.: Indianapolis, trying to help Mimi.

Belle: I thought Mimi was in Arizona.

Shawn D.: She is, but the problem's in Indy, where the phone calls originally started.

Belle: The weird phone calls that Philip's been getting?

Shawn D.: Yeah. So here's the deal. I was at the airport about to get on a plane to go to Cleveland, and I got a phone call from Mimi. Apparently Bonnie's doing some time right outside of Indianapolis.

Belle: So you went to go visit Mimi's mom in prison?

Shawn D.: No. The problem is, is that Mimi kept getting these phone calls from some woman that was screaming about a baby -- about Bonnie owing her.

Belle: The same woman that's been calling Philip?

Shawn D.: I'm getting to that. Bonnie called Mimi, but Mimi wasn't having it. So she called me, pretty hysterical herself, and asked me if I would look into it.

Belle: Why'd she have to get you involved?

Shawn D.: Because she couldn't leave Tucson because of her brother.

Belle: Oh, right. She's too busy, but she just expected you to drop everything.

Shawn D.: Do you remember the surrogate that Mimi and I hired to carry our baby?

Belle: How can I forget? The embryos got switched, and she ended up pregnant with Philip's baby.

Shawn D.: And she never terminated the pregnancy.

Belle: She didn't?

Shawn D.: No. Apparently bonnie was paying her to go through with the pregnancy and then hand the baby over to her.

Belle: But why? Don't even answer that. Because Philip's loaded.

Shawn d.: Bonnie figured she would squeeze Philip for a truckload of money.

Belle: Only she wound up in jail, and Lauren ended up stuck with the kid.

Shawn D.: So I went to see her, but I didn't see a baby. I didn't see anything that would lead me to believe that there was a baby.

Belle: So, what, she want money?

Shawn D.: No, she didn't come out and ask for that, but I could see where she was going with it. I told her this was her problem, she's gonna have to deal with it. I gave her Philip's number and said, "contact him directly." I didn't think she was gonna start harassing him, I swear.

Belle: So all those calls -- the baby crying -- were all --

Shawn D.: Lauren.

Belle: Shawn, why didn't you tell me this? Why didn't you tell Philip?

Shawn D.: Because Philip would have tried to convince you I was in on the whole thing.

Belle: Why would you think that?

Shawn D.: Philip and I are in love with the same woman.

Billie: Come on, Philip. Do you really think that Shawn would get involved with Lauren in this baby thing?

Philip: It all started on July 4th -- the same day he was supposed to be in Cleveland for a job interview, but he blew it off. He flew to Indianapolis. He said he flew to Cleveland, but I know he didn't.

Billie: Why would Shawn get involved in this baby thing?

Philip: Because he's jealous as hell. He sees how close I'm getting to Belle and Claire.

Billie: So he cooks up some wild baby chase?

Philip: To keep me distracted and away from Belle, yeah. You don't see that?

Billie: You're jumping to conclusions. You don't even know for a fact that this baby is yours.

Philip: It's mine, Billie. I'm sure of it.

Billie: Hey.

Sami: Hey, listen, popsicle man, next time you're feeling overheated, how about you find yourself an air-conditioner, huh?

Lucas: [Chuckles weakly]

Sami: Lucas, I'm so glad that you are alive.

Paramedics: Temperature's almost back up to normal.

Sami: So he's gonna be okay?

Paramedics: We'll have a doctor check him out, but he's gonna be fine.

Sami: I'm gonna come with you. I'll ride with you. E.J., listen. Thank you. Thank you for saving Lucas' life.

E.J.: Well, let's just hope we don't have to make it a third time, eh? I'm -- I'm -- I am so sorry. That was completely inappropriate. I-I'm a different man now, Samantha. I was controlled by my father back then. I'm not anymore. You -- you have nothing to fear from me.

Sami: I wish I could believe that...but I am afraid of you, and I think I always will be.


E.J.: Samantha, please. I know that no apology that I can give you will even begin to explain the damage that I've done.

Sami: My life would be a whole hell of a lot easier if I could trust you right now.

E.J.: You can. I understand that is very hard for you to believe, and I know that I only have myself to blame for that, because what I did to you was -- it was vile, and it was inhuman.

Sami: But you're a different person now, right?

E.J.: Thank you, Kate, darling. Thank you.

E.J.: I love you. I mean, I truly love you, Samantha, and that love has changed me.

Sami: Don't talk to me like that.

E.J.: Look. I understand that you're with somebody else right now.

Sami: Enough, all right?

E.J.: I'm gonna speak to Stefano. This has André's fingerprints all over it.

Sami: Stefano obviously doesn't care. He wants to get rid of my family -- all of them.

E.J.: Well, I'm gonna speak to him, anyway.

Sami: You do that. You tell him from me next time I show up at his house with a gun, I will finish this once and for all.

Shawn D.: Belle, I swear to you I had no idea that she was gonna start making those crazy phone calls to Philip.

Belle: Have you spoken to her since the 4th?

Shawn D.: Yeah. Today at the beach.

Belle: She's in Salem?!

Shawn D.: Yeah, and she's all freaked out because she thinks Philip knows that it was her making those calls.

Belle: What did she want?

Shawn D.: She asked me if I would help her with Philip, but I told her she's the one who created this problem. She's gonna have to fix it. I also did tell her that she needs to tell Philip the truth.

Belle: Did she have the baby with her?

Shawn D.: No, not that I could see.

Belle: We better go find Philip, tell him what's going on.

Philip: Thanks, Billie... for going the extra mile on this.

Billie: Oh, heck. I'm your sister. Of course I'd go an extra mile. For you, maybe a mile and a quarter.

Philip: I know what most people think of my dad.

Belle: Hey, you're not Victor.

Philip: But I was raised to be like him. Relentless, never giving up till I get what I want.

Billie: Well, you wanted a son. Now you may have one.

Philip: Wherever he is.

Billie: Hey, we'll find him, okay?

Philip: I guess we've done all we can here.

Billie: Yeah. Let's go home.

Lauren: Okay. Damn it. Where did I leave it? Okay.

Philip: Leave it to me to forget my cellphone.

Billie: You just found out you could have a kid. I'm surprised you're still walking straight.

Kayla: I have the perfect solution. You said yourself it's very difficult to find foster-parents to take care of such a young baby.

Meyers: It may take a while.

Kayla: Weeks? Months maybe?

Meyers: A week or two at the most, I would hope.

Kayla: Let the baby come home with me. My husband and I have plenty of room.

Abe: Kayla, you sure you want to do this?

Kayla: I'm absolutely sure. Until we find the baby's mother or decide what's best for this little guy in the long run... I would be honored to be this baby's foster-mother.

Shawn D.: Why didn't I just believe her when she said she had his baby?

Belle: What?

Shawn D.: I just made this whole thing worse.

Steve: I'm kind of flying blind, if you know what I mean.

Hope: Look at her.

Bo: It's a nun.

Hope: So? That's fine.

Billie: It's not doing any of us any good to stand around and rehash old wounds. We're not getting anywhere, so snap out of it.

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