Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 8/8/07 - Canada; Thursday 8/9/07 - U.S.A.


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Belle: Thought I'd find you here.

Shawn D.: Hey. I'm sorry I took off from the hospital.

Belle: Are you angry?

Shawn D.: No.

Belle: Upset?

Shawn D.: No.

Belle: Shawn, I wasn't trying to accuse you of anything.

Shawn D.: Why did you ask me if I was in Indianapolis on the 4th of July?

Belle: It was just a question.

Shawn D.: Belle, I had nothing to do with Philip getting those phone calls.

Belle: I know.

Shawn D.: Do you? Because if you think that I would do something that rotten to him or anybody else, then I don't think that we stand a chance.

John: Glad you could get over here so quick, Jim. Appreciate it.

Marlena: What an amazing key that is.

Bo: Hey, you guys. Sorry we're late.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. What happened to you?

Bo: Oh, I had a little motorcycle accident.

Marlena: Are you okay?

Bo: I just got banged up a little bit. I have to wear this damn thing. Anyway...

Marlena: You poor thing.

Bo: ...This is Jim. Jim, my wife, Hope.

Jim: It's a pleasure to meet you, Hope.

Bo: He does a lot of work for us at the force.

John: Expert on locks, among other things.

Jim: This one had me stumped for a while.

Hope: We're hoping it solves a family mystery.

Bo: Do you know where it's from?

Jim: Rome -- to be more specific, the Vatican.

Lucas: So, when are they gonna get you out of here?

Sami: Oh, I bet those pretty nurses don't want to let you go, huh, Dad?

Roman: Honey, my nurse's name is Rob. And if I don't get something smothered in chili and fried onions pretty soon --

Sami: Wait a second. No more talking like that. Dad, you have to eat healthy, at least while you're still in the hospital.

Roman: The only thing that's gonna keep me and every other Brady healthy is to end this damn vendetta the DiMeras got against us.

Sami: So, any word on that key that Tony got off of Stefano?

Roman: Ah, heard about that, huh?

Lucas: I just don't understand how a key could end this whole vendetta.

Roman: Stefano wore it around his neck for years, never let it out of his sight. Got to unlock something important.

Sami: I wish Stefano had swallowed that key and choked on it.

Lucas: All right, that's enough, okay? Your daughter here wants to take on Stefano all by herself.

Sami: Look what he did to my dad.

Roman: Sami -- Sami, stay out of this, all right? What good is it gonna do bringing down Stefano if you hurt those twins? He's not worth that. Sami, he is not worth that. Nothing is.

E.J.: Sorry, Lucas, old chap. You're about to have a rather unfortunate accident. There. That should do very nicely.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Belle: Sorry. No way. You don't pull that on me.

Shawn D.: Pull what?

Belle: The "if you don't trust me, it's over" routine. If we have a problem, we talk, not walk, buster. Trust goes both ways.

Shawn D.: Meaning?

Belle: Meaning you should tell me why you said you were at the Cleveland Airport on the 4th of July when we both know you weren't because that flight was cancelled.

Shawn D.: We already went over this, Belle.

Belle: Yeah, you admitted not being in Ohio, but you said you were driving around Salem all day.

Shawn D.: Oh, God. Thought you wanted to be a nurse, not a cop.

Belle: Shawn, I just want to know what's going on. Whatever it is, I'll understand.

Shawn D.: That's what scares me, Belle. I'm not so sure that you will this time.

Bo: The Vatican. That's big-time.

Jim: Many keys were made for many boxes. Some for sacred use, others for secular matters. This most likely opens a tabernacle.

Bo: Oh, the sacred vessel that holds the communion wafers.

Jim: On the altar of every catholic church.

Bo: But only priests can open those.

Hope: The tabernacle would be the perfect hiding place.

Bo: That'd also be sacrilegious.

John: Well, we are talking about the DiMeras, aren't we?

Marlena: So, somewhere in the world, there's a tabernacle waiting to be opened.

Bo: We just got to find that tabernacle that this particular key opens.

Lucas: Don't bother wasting your breath. I tried to tell her.

Sami: Don't gang up on me, both of you.

Roman: You're not a one-woman army.

Sami: Okay.

Lucas: Don't say it like you're gonna do what you want anyway, Sami. [Cellphone rings]

Sami: You gonna get that?

Roman: We're not done with this.

Sami: I know, but that could be important.

Lucas: It's a text from my mom. Just what I needed.

Roman: All right, what's your problem?

Sami: Lucas -- he worries too much, Dad. It's not that big a deal. I mean, he --

Lucas: I can't believe this.

Roman: Kate okay?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. She just wants me to meet her near restaurant row A.S.A.P. "Hurry up, as soon as possible."

Sami: Oh, please. I'm sure some bartender just mixed her martini wrong or something.

Lucas: I got to go. You stay put, all right?

Sami: Hey, I'll go with you.

Lucas: I...don't know if that's a great idea. I can only handle one of you at a time -- you and my mom.

Sami: Are you suggesting I am like your mother?

Lucas: No, no way. How could you suggest that? Come on. No, I'll take care of things. I'll see what's going on, and then I'll be back as soon as I can, all right? Don't worry about it. Roman, take care of yourself.

Roman: All right. Thanks for stopping by, Lucas.

Lucas: No problem. I'll be back.

Roman: You okay?

Sami: Yeah, yeah. Why wouldn't I be, right?

Roman: Well, you just seem a little nervous, a little jumpy.

Sami: Dad, come on. The DiMeras just attacked you. They kidnapped me. Pardon me for being a little nervous when someone I love is out of my sight.

Roman: Lucas can take care of himself just fine.

Sami: I thought you could take care of yourself just fine at the police station, Dad. I was wrong.

Shawn D.: I was planning on going to Cleveland, yes.

Belle: So, what happened?

Shawn D.: Mimi called.

Belle: Mimi. When? Shawn, what did she want?

Shawn D.: She just wanted to tell me that the divorce is final. And when I hung up the phone, I was thinking about how crazy my life has been and all the strings that were attached to that job, and it just seemed wrong.

Belle: You could have told me that.

Shawn D.: I know, but, Belle, we were all over the map, literally. The second that I found out that I was Claire's real father, we were on the run, hiding and running and --

Belle: And that's all over now. It's over.

Shawn D.: Yeah, but now we've got to jump-start our life. I needed to take a breath just to think about if what I was doing was right for all of us -- you, me, and Claire.

Belle: Do you remember what I told you on the island, that all of this doesn't have to fall on your shoulders?

Shawn D.: The most important thing to me is being a good father. It's that and making you happy.

Belle: You are, and you do.

Shawn D.: That job, all the travel time, it seemed wrong.

Belle: So, what did you do?

Shawn D.: The one thing I didn't do was go to Indianapolis.

Belle: Well, I know you weren't here because Philip and I were here on the 4th.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I know. You told me that he was taking you here. That's why I stayed on the other side of town. It's not like you're gonna believe anything I say, but --

Belle: But I do. Of course I do.

Shawn D.: You know, you're the best.

Belle: [Chuckles]

Shawn D.: I love you so much. I'm starving. What do you say we go to the pub and we'll get a Brady burger?

Belle: Yeah, some red meat to help build your strength, 'cause you might need it later.

Shawn D.: Yeah? You mind going and getting a table before me? I'll be there in a few minutes.

Belle: Um, sure. Double order of fries.

Shawn D.: Yeah, of course.

Belle: I'm glad we talked.

Shawn D.: Yeah. I am, too. I don't want to mess us up, Belle.

Belle: Hey, not a chance. I'll see you at the pub.

Lauren: I thought she'd never leave.

Shawn D.: What the hell are you doing here?

Lauren: I need your help Shawn, again.

John: So, this tabernacle could be anywhere in the world.

Jim: Could be, but isn't. Notice the shape of the head.

Marlena: Oh. It's a shamrock.

Bo: Ireland.

Jim: Exactly.

Hope: You're a genius.

Jim: I hope you find what you're looking for.

John: We will, Jim.

Bo: Thanks again, man.

Jim: Okay.

Hope: Thank you. It was a pleasure.

John: We'll see you later.

Jim: Take care.

John: So, any guesses where our mystery church is?

Hope: Well, just one.

Sami: Come on, Dad. You have to eat some.

Roman: No. I'm on a hunger strike till you promise me to stay away from the DiMeras.

Sami: You can't play hardball with me.

Roman: Don't play superhero with me.

Sami: Dad, you have no idea how it felt watching you get rushed off to surgery like that. That was the scariest day of my life, and I have had some scary days.

Roman: Sami, it's my job to take care of you, not the other way around.

Sami: You could have died.

Roman: I didn't die.

Sami: No thanks to André.

Roman: Sami, we take care of each other, all right? We take care of each other together. Nobody flies solo.

Sami: I promised you. I promised my twins that I was going to end this vendetta with the DiMeras.

Roman: We made that promise. All of us made that promise. We'll all keep that promise. It just takes time.

Sami: We don't have that kind of time, Dad. We have to hit them. Hit them back, harder than --

Roman: Sami, Sami. Listen to me, all right? Listen to me very closely -- the moment you are willing to stick a knife in a man or shoot somebody in cold blood and consider it justice is the moment you become one of them. Is that what you want? You want to become a DiMera? 'Cause you sure are talking like it.

Kate: Help. Somebody, help me. Please.

Lucas: Mom?

Kate: Please, somebody, help.

Lucas: Mom, where are you?

Hope: The tabernacle has to be at St. Malachy's.

John: Colleen's church.

Bo: I'd put money on it.

Hope: And what if it isn't?

Bo: It's a long trek around the Emerald Isle.

John: I got my jet. What do you say, Doc? We found Tony pretty fast.

Marlena: Oh, I'm not sure I want to leave Sami right now, sweetie.

John: Okay, you stay, I'll go.

Marlena: [Laughs] Alone?

John: What's the big deal? Just gonna open a box, take out the evidence. No big deal.

Marlena: You know what? Andre is out there somewhere.

John: So what? I live my life in a bubble?

Marlena: No, I just got you back, though.

Bo: All right, okay, take it easy. Listen, I got some frequent-flier miles I want to burn up. Besides, I know the territory.

John: Bo, I don't think you're in any shape to go anywhere right now.

Hope: Don't you worry about a thing. I'm going with him.

Bo: Wouldn't have it any other way.

John: Are you sure you're up for this?

Bo: Definitely.

Hope: Definitely. Seriously. It's one way of keeping him off the street.

John: Okay, then. Just keep us filled in.

Bo: Will do, and keep an eye on Roman. I don't want him doing sprints around the station.

John: I'm not even gonna let him get on a motorcycle.

Bo: Where were you when I needed you? [Laughter]

John: You take care, and good luck.

Bo: Don't need it. Got myself a shamrock right here.

Hope: Brady, let's go. We got to get going.

Bo: Yeah, unlock that secret to this vendetta. Later.

Roman: Sami...leave the DiMeras to those of us who are trained to do that sort of thing. Now, you want some pudding?

Sami: No.

Roman: Not half bad.

Sami: Dad, I'm serious about this. I don't understand why this is your fight and not mine.

Roman: Because I'm not pregnant.

Sami: What am I supposed to say to that?

Roman: How about, "you're right, Dad. You make perfect sense, Dad"?

Sami: But you don't make perfect sense, Dad. Look, I realize that I am breaking like a dozen laws saying this, but come on. We have got to take them out, Dad.

Roman: Sami, why in the hell don't you just knit booties like every other expectant mother?

Sami: Great. You know, knitting needles isn't such a bad idea. That's actually a pretty good weapon. I should have thought of it myself.

Roman: Sami, I want you safe.

Sami: Dad, I want you safe. I want my twins to be safe, everyone to be safe. I want these twins to be able to have great stories of you telling them about the bad old days of the feud against the DiMeras.

Roman: That will happen.

Sami: All right, I'll play nice for right now. But if the DiMeras hurt someone that I love again, and you know that they will, you can't ask me to just sit around and watch it happen.

Kate: Help me, please! Somebody, help.

Lucas: [Coughs] Mom? What the hell?

Kate: Somebody, help!

Lucas: Hey! Hey, let me out! Let me out now! What are you doing?! Somebody, anybody, please?! Anybody out there?! Let me out of here! Open the damn door! I'm gonna freeze to death! Let me out of here!

Marlena: I know how tough it is for you to sit this one out.

John: Marlena, if you need me here, here is where I stay.

Marlena: Oh, baby.

Belle: Get a room, you two.

Marlena: Oh, hello. What are you doing here?

Belle: I'm here meeting Shawn. You got a sec?

John: For you, always. What's up?

Belle: Okay, well...this.

Marlena: [Gasps] Oh, you did it.

John: Did what?

Belle: I applied to the nursing program at Salem University.

John: Oh, honey, that's terrific.

Belle: Well, I haven't been accepted yet.

Marlena: You'll be accepted.

Belle: Well, there's a lot still to work out. I have to find full-time daycare for Claire and tuition and then how to juggle school with everything at home.

John: I think we can help.

Marlena: Whatever you need.

John: We'll pick up the tuition. How's that?

Belle: Okay, but any money that gets put out, I pay back.

John: Yeah, we'll work something out. [Laughs] I'm sure Shawn has to be pretty damn proud of you, huh?

Belle: Well, yeah. He was a little worried about Claire at first 'cause she's so used to having me around the clock.

Marlena: He's okay about it now, though?

Belle: Totally. He knows what it is to do something you love.

Marlena: Looks like you two are in a very good place.

Belle: More like a work in progress.

John: [Laughs]

Marlena: Honey, good marriages aren't born, you know?

John: That's a fact. They're created, baby.

Marlena: And you have to recommit every single day.

John: Yes. You know, I'm willing to bet that there's probably married housing on campus.

Belle: Oh, hint, hint. [Laughter]

Marlena: This might solve the problem of living with Philip.

Belle: I don't think a dorm is the answer.

John: And living with Philip is?

Belle: No, but Claire's happy there.

Marlena: Of course she is. What about you?

Belle: Um, well, I'm better with it than Shawn is.

John: I got to go with Shawn on that one.

Belle: Hey, you're supposed to be on my side.

John: Sweetheart, if it doesn't work for both of you, it doesn't work for either one of you.

Shawn D.: I'm not lying to Belle and Philip anymore.

Lauren: Oh, boohoo.

Shawn D.: What do you want from me, Lauren?

Lauren: Payback.

Shawn D.: For what?

Lauren: I did agree to carry your kid, remember?

Shawn D.: Which ended up being Philip's kid.

Lauren: That jerk called me.

Shawn D.: I know. I was there.

Lauren: He's got my phone number. He's probably got my address, too, and I'm not about to let him find me.

Shawn D.: Well, you should have thought of that before you started harassing the guy.

Lauren: All I know is I've got to find some way to disappear before Philip finds me.

Shawn D.: Well, then, do it.

Lauren: Without the baby. Take him to Philip. It's his kid. He can raise him.

Shawn D.: Wait a minute. You're ditching your own baby? What kind of a person are you?

Bo: Elvis? Hey, have you seen Sami?

E.J.: Yeah, she's in there with Roman.

Sami: Hey, Uncle Bo, Rocky Road, Rum Raisin?

Bo: What?

Sami: Ice cream I'm getting for my dad.

Bo: Sami, listen, I need to talk to you. Come over here and sit down, would you?

Sami: Un, no, I don't want to sit.

Bo: Please, just have a seat, would you?

Sami: You're starting to freak me out. Is it will? Has something happened to him?

Bo: No, it's not will. I'm sorry. It's Lucas.

Sami: What? What happened?

Bo: I'm sorry, Sami. We found him too late.

Sami: What do you mean you found him?

Bo: He somehow got stuck in a refrigerated truck, hypothermia set in, and by the time the owner of the truck found him, it was too late. I'm sorry.

Sami: No. No, that's not possible. Uncle Bo, it's not -- [Sobbing]

E.J.: It's okay. I'm here, Samantha.

Roman: What the hell are you doing here? I asked you a question.

Sami: Want me to run him over, Dad?

E.J.: Okay, look, I just came to see how you were doing. I feel pretty awful about what André did.

Roman: Do you know where André is?

E.J.: I, uh, I don't. No, but I'm pretty sure he's not too far away.

Nurse: They're ready for you in radiology. I'll take him down.

Sami: Well, Dad, tell Rob I said hi.

Roman: Night shift.

Sami: [Chuckles] Sure.

Roman: Are you gonna be okay here?

Sami: Yeah, I'll be fine.

Roman: All right, let's go, nurse. Bye, honey.

E.J.: Take care. You look tired.

Sami: Wow, that's code for "you look like hell."

E.J.: No, you look beautiful. Tired, but beautiful. Listen, if you need anything, I just want you to know, please don't hesitate to ask, okay?

Kate: Oh, don't bother to look innocent on my account.

Sami: What are you doing here, Kate?

Kate: Oh, I'm gonna bring your dad some lowbrow reading -- detective books.

Sami: No, really, what are you doing here? Where's Lucas?

Kate: How should I know?

Sami: What do you mean? You sent him a text message saying that you wanted to see him. It was urgent, et cetera, et cetera.

Kate: No, I did not send him a text message, urgent or otherwise.

Sami: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. It could be another trap. Lucas could be in danger.

Lucas: Come on! I got to take this off. [Speaks indistinctly] But it's so damn cold.

E.J.: Samantha, calm down. You don't know there's any kind of problem.

Sami: She's here and he's not. There's a problem.

E.J.: I think you're just a little bit concerned because of what's happened to Roman.

Sami: You're damn right I am. My family's been picked off like carnival ducks.

E.J.: Look, listen, I'm sure Lucas is safe. Why don't you call him? I'm sure he's fine.

Sami: Good idea. You watch her.

E.J.: [Clears throat] What have you done?

Kate: What have I done? You were the one who was talking about hurting Lucas, killing him.

E.J.: No, no, no. The text message came from your phone.

Kate: That's not what she said. She said it was a message from me. That's a big difference.

E.J.: What exactly are you implying?

Kate: I am telling you that if you've hurt my son...

E.J.: If I've hurt your son? Please, after what I said when I was drunk, you think I'm stupid enough to go out and do something?

Kate: Well, making men stupid, that's Sami's specialty.

Sami: He is not picking up.

Kate: Well, call him again.

Sami: I have tried like three times, every number, Kate.

Kate: I think we should call the police.

E.J.: Right, call the police. What are you gonna say? You know, my husband's cellphone is switched off? The battery's dead?

Sami: I should have gone with him.

Kate: Why don't we split up and we'll check all over town?

Sami: You had better not be yanking my chain about this, Kate.

Kate: Do you want to look at my phone? You can check the outgoing messages if you'd like.

Sami: You could have erased it if you wanted to.

Kate: Look, the important thing now is we need to split up.

Sami: All right, just call me, okay?

E.J.: All right, come on. Why don't you let me give you a lift? You're in no condition to drive.

Sami: All right, thank you.

E.J.: This way.

Lucas: Where have you been? I've missed you.

Sami: I've missed you, too. I love you so much. Where are you going?

Lucas: I have to go now. But I want you to come with me.

Sami: I can't.

Lucas: But it's so beautiful. It's so peaceful and calm over there.

Sami: No. Please, don't leave me.

Lucas: I have to go.

Sami: Please, Lucas, I need you. Your kids, our kids need you, Lucas. Please, we have so much left to do. You can't -- this isn't your time.

Lucas: I have to, Sami. It's so warm. It's so warm, and it feels so good. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but I can't stay here with you now.

Sami: No. Please, Lucas, please don't. Please don't go. You can't give up. You have to hold on. Hold on, Lucas, please, just a little while longer. Please. Please hold on for me. Hold on, Lucas,

Lucas: [Groans]

John: You know, Izz, you and Shawn have been through quite a bit.

Belle: Yeah, and then some. You know, when we took off and hid with Claire, we couldn't let anyone know who we were or anything, and so unfortunately, lying became kind of second nature for us.

Marlena: Are you keeping anything from Shawn, sweetie?

Belle: Nothing important.

Marlena: So that means you told him that you got that fabulous wardrobe from Philip? You did tell him, didn't you, sweetie?

Shawn D.: How do I even know that this baby is real? I didn't see one in Indianapolis. I don't see one now.

Lauren: Relax, Shawn, the baby's real. And the dirty diapers are real, and the waking every two hours all night long is real.

Shawn D.: And I'm supposed to believe you why? Because you say so? It's pretty obvious to me that you're scamming Philip and you're trying to work him for money, so I don't want to have any part of it. You're on your own.

Belle: I wanted to tell Shawn about the clothes.

John: But?

Belle: But I don't want to have any more fights about Philip.

Marlena: Belle, I don't think you'd like it if Shawn were taking presents from women, would you?

Belle: Okay. Fine, I get it. Why do my parents have to make so much sense?

Shawn D.: Okay, so, you got a birth certificate. The baby's real.

Lauren: See the name?

Shawn D.: Tyler Kiriakis, as in Philip's son.

Lauren: Yes.

Shawn D.: From the pregnancy that you took money to terminate, but you didn't?

Lauren: Well, obviously.

Shawn D.: I'm sorry. This is your problem, not mine.

Lauren: That's kind of cold, don't you think?

Shawn D.: You put an innocent baby in the middle of an extortion plan and I'm cold?

Lauren: I figured why shouldn't I get something for my trouble.

Shawn D.: Lauren, this is a baby were talking about here.

Lauren: You know what I mean.

Shawn D.: Belle is already asking questions. I don't what her thinking I got anything to do with these phone calls or using this baby against Philip.

Lauren: Then help me and I'll take off and she'll go on believing you're perfect.

Shawn D.: This is all the help that you're gonna get from me. You're gonna have to clean up your own mess.

Sami: Oh, my God. That's his car. Why is the door open?

E.J.: Samantha, he was probably just in a hurry.

Sami: Or he was pulled out.

E.J.: You don't know that.

Sami: What else could it have been? Kate said she didn't send the text.

E.J.: So she says.

Sami: He said he was gonna call me. Why didn't he call me? Lucas! Lucas!

E.J.: Samantha, calm down. Look inside the car. There's not any blood. There's no sign of a fight. There's not even a sign of a struggle.

Sami: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

E.J.: Look, darling, I'm just trying to help, okay? Why don't we go into these stores, talk to the merchants, see if they've seen him?

Sami: No. No, I just feel like he's close.

E.J.: Samantha, look around you. He's not here.

Sami: What is that truck doing here? Let's check it out.

E.J.: It's locked. Look, it's just some kind of, you know, restaurant delivery truck or something.

Sami: There are no restaurants here. Lucas! Lucas! Lucas!

E.J.: Samantha, come on. Look, hey, stop doing this. Let's get out of here. We're not doing anything here.

Sami: No, I am not going anywhere until I find out what is inside this truck. Lucas! [Banging] Lucas! Lucas!

Shawn D.: Hey, Lauren, come on. Crying isn't gonna help.

Lauren: I'm scared, Shawn.

Shawn D.: Why didn't you just come clean and give the baby to Philip after it was born?

Lauren: I carried that kid. I got fat, I had to watch what I ate, and I was doing it all by myself. Why shouldn't I get something out of the deal?

Shawn D.: Because this is a baby. It isn't a deal. You need to tell Philip the truth.

Lauren: If I come clean now, I go to jail.

Shawn D.: No, you might not. Philip might surprise you. That's my advice. Just tell him.

Lauren: Shawn, wait.

Shawn D.: Listen to me -- no more contact, no more phone calls, nothing. You and Bonnie made this mess. You're gonna have to come up with a solution. I got my own life.

Lauren: Shawn. Shawn!

Belle: Ugh, why is life so complicated?

John: Keeps it interesting.

Belle: All right, I'm gonna tell Shawn about the clothes.

Marlena: Good girl.

Belle: But about the nursing, am I being selfish? Is it wrong of me to want more out of life than just being Claire's mom?

Marlena: Belle, you know how I feel about this. I love my work.

Belle: You know what I remember? Quiet time.

Marlena: Oh, my gosh. Quiet time. That was years ago.

Belle: Yeah. You would come home with your casework.

Marlena: And you would sit down beside me and get out your crayons.

Belle: I felt so grown up, you know, like I was working right alongside you.

Marlena: Belle, no matter how much I loved my work, you know that raising you and the twins was the most rewarding part of my life.

Belle: I feel that way about Claire.

John: But?

Belle: But I don't really do what people my age get to do, you know? Like even go to a party once in a while.

John: Well, then you should.

Marlena: Of course you should, and you should call on us if you need some help.

Belle: Thank you for being such good parents.

Marlena: I'm so glad you think that we were. And you know what? You and your daughter will find your own quiet time.

Belle: I will definitely make sure of that.

Marlena: Oh, I'm so proud of both my girls.

Belle: Speaking of Sami, is she still planning on taking on the DiMeras?

Marlena: I think Lucas has her pretty well under control. At least we hope so.

Belle: Right, for how long?

John: Actually, we came across a pretty big clue today.

Belle: What?

Marlena: Well, without saying too much, it could be the key to ending the feud.

John: Maybe the odds are finally falling in our favor.

Roman: No fair -- you guys breaking this thing wide open without me.

Hope: We wish you were coming with us.

Roman: Me too. Good luck, but be careful.

Hope: We will.

Bo: I'll keep you and Abe informed.

Roman: All right, good. No unnecessary risks. It's dangerous enough going after that tabernacle while André's still on the loose.

Bo: Yeah, I hear ya.

Hope: Don't you worry. I'll keep an eye on him.

Roman: I'll keep an eye on Sami.

Bo: Man, she's been talking like a one-woman wrecking crew.

Roman: She almost got herself in a whole bunch of trouble, busting into Stefano's like that and waving my gun around. Let's put an end to this thing before somebody in our family gets hurt real bad.

Bo: Amen, brother.

Sami: Ow! [Grunts]

E.J.: All right, come on, Samantha. Just stop it. You're wasting time. Come on, you're gonna hurt yourself.

Sami: I have to find out what is inside that truck.

E.J.: Look, you're wasting your time on some stupid delivery truck when we could be out searching for him.

Sami: You have been up and down this street. Why hasn't anyone seen him?

E.J.: I don't know, sweetheart.

Sami: If Kate didn't show up, he would have come back to the hospital. Something has happened to him. I know it. He is in trouble, E.J. E.J., I'm just asking you to help me. Just call the police or something.

E.J.: The police are not gonna help. They usually take at least 24 hours for a missing person.

Sami: Oh, please. My dad can get through that red tape. Lucas, I know you're there!

E.J.: Stop it. Come on, if you want to find him, let's just continue searching.

Sami: You go, then. I'm gonna stay here and find my husband. Lucas! Lucas, I know that you're here! Lucas!

E.J.: Listen, Samantha, please, stop it. Come with me. Come with me.

Sami: No, E.J., I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving his car.

E.J.: Look, Samantha. We need to find him. He's not in there. Let's start with some of the stores. Let's talk to the merchants again. Let's go on the street and see if anybody's seen him in the last hour. If that doesn't work, we can contact Kate and see if she's had any luck, okay?

Sami: I'm scared.

E.J.: I know you are.

Sami: E.J., what am -- oh, I don't know what I'd do without you right now.

E.J.: We'll find him. Lean on me, okay? Come on. We'll find him. All right, let's go.

Philip: If there was a baby here, there'd have to be something left behind -- blankets, diapers, toys, something left behind to prove that –

Billie: Something like this?

Philip: Damn it. You're stuck with me now, huh?

Kayla: Don't go. I'll take care of him.

Shawn D.: I wasn't in Cleveland.

Belle: Where were you?

Shawn D.: Indianapolis trying to help Mimi.

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