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Philip: Open it! The problem is in the envelope, not on it.

Billie: Hey, hey, hey. Take it easy there, turbo. Remember, God is in the details, or, in this case, the postmark. What do you think of that?

Philip: Indianapolis. Yeah, I get it, but a postmark doesn't put us any closer to finding out who's harassing me.

Billie: Hey.

Philip: What do you think of this?

Billie: Oh,'s a cute baby.

Philip: Yeah, but not mine.

Billie: "Say hello to your baby boy. Maybe it's time you made a little contribution to his upkeep." Well, there you go. The extortion begins.

Philip: This kid isn't mine. She's not getting a dime.

Shawn D.: Ooh, I love you.

Belle: I love you, too, but what was that about?

Shawn D.: Gratitude. It hit me that I could have been working for Philip. He'd be my boss. And you could have insisted that I work for him, but you didn't.

Belle: Well, I think it's important that we both do something we love.

Shawn D.: Absolutely.

Belle: Good, I'm glad you agree 'cause I was thinking --

Shawn D.: Hey, how's my Uncle Roman doing?

Belle: He's good. He's on an antibiotic drip, which is pretty normal after surgery. And of course he's on an IV for hydration, so...

Shawn D.: If you say so. I wouldn't know.

Belle: They're monitoring his oxygen level and his blood pressure. It's all good.

Shawn D.: Wow. Somebody's into the details here. I just wanted to know if he was gonna make it.

Belle: Oh, definitely. And the really good news is that he's been awake.

Shawn D.: That's great news. Can I go see him?

Belle: No, you shouldn't. He finally drifted off again.

Shawn D.: All right. Later then.

Belle: It's really, really amazing what doctors and nurses can do these days.

Shawn D.: For sure.

Belle: Saving people's lives -- it's really important.

Shawn D.: You got no argument from me here.

Belle: Good, 'cause I was thinking maybe that's what I should do.

Shawn D.: What?

Belle: You know, go back to college and get a nursing degree.

Chelsea: I still can't believe that my Grandma Kate gave me $50,000.

Nick: Yeah, that' Do you want me to do your back?

Chelsea: Okay.

Nick: [Laughs]

Chelsea: I just don't feel like I deserve that kind of consideration, you know? I have been such a bitch these last few weeks to her, especially to you and my mom. But that's over.

Nick: You've been a bitch?

Chelsea: Yeah. To my mom. My Grandma Kate wants me to forgive her, and I think I'm going to.

Nick: Well, um... I guess the question for you to ask yourself is are you forgiving your mom because you're ready to or because Kate gave you a boatload of money and then asked you for a favor? Because there weren't supposed to be any strings attached.

Chelsea: What are you talking about?

Nick: Nothing, just... I mean, you know, like, a gift is a gift, and there shouldn't be any payback expected.

Chelsea: Well, don't worry. I'm not doing it because I feel indebted to my grandma. I'm doing it because... she paid for my tuition, basically, right, even though I've done really horrible things.

Nick: Right.

Chelsea: Because I'm her granddaughter.

Nick: Sure. Yeah.

Chelsea: I'm family. I'm her family. And family just doesn't cut and run. They fight and they argue, but they forgive. So that's what I have to do.

Nick: I'm really glad. And I think you are ready to forgive her. I haven't seen you this happy in...I don't know -- forever.

Chelsea: I know, right? I am really happy.

Nick: Me too. So, this, um... this forgiveness, do you think...that includes me, too?

Chelsea: What do you think? Stop. Nick, we're not making that mistake again.

Abe: Lexie... it's so good to see you. Lexie?

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of our Lives.

Philip: There's no way I'm this kid's father. I haven't been in a relationship since I was married to Belle.

Billie: Are you sure about that? I mean, you know, there were a couple moments where you got a little crazy there, and, you know, maybe you just don't remember?

Philip: All right. Let's say I am this kid's father. Why not just knock on my door... and demand money right out? Why try to extort money out of me?

Billie: You know, this may sound a little crazy, but, uh... there might be more than one person involved here.

Shawn D.: You want to get a nursing degree now?

Belle: Yeah. Why not? I mean, I like to help people in a crisis, and besides, I think I'd be good at it.

Shawn D.: Yeah, I think you'd be great at it, but come on, Belle. There's got to be more to it than that.

Belle: Why? Why isn't just wanting to do it enough?

Shawn D.: Because 10 months ago when Philip disappeared, you were broke, living with your parents. You said that you didn't want to work. You said that Claire needed you to be around. You can't just disappear on her.

Belle: I am not disappearing. I will always be her mother.

Shawn D.: Okay, you know what? Fine. Can you honestly tell me that if you got a paper due on how to cure hiccups or something --

Belle: What, you mean it's not drinking a glass of water upside down?

Shawn D.: Ha ha ha. Okay, fine, say you're cramming for finals and I'm slammed at the garage. Can you tell me that Claire's not gonna be dropped off with her grandparents or some babysitter or something?

Belle: And so what if she is? Is that so bad? Come on, Shawn. I need to do this.

Shawn D.: And I want you to, but later, when things are stable.

Belle: But that's why I want to do this -- so things can get stable, so Claire's childhood isn't spent as a guest in somebody else's house or moving from apartment to apartment.

Shawn D.: Belle, Claire's childhood, it isn't sometime off in the near future. It's now. And it's been a train wreck. Do you understand how much our daughter needs you?

Belle: Our daughter needs a home. And I'm gonna provide it for her.

Nick: What just happened? Why don' want to kiss me?

Chelsea: I do, just not now.

Nick: Well, then when? 'Cause I got to tell you, Chelsea, between the sun block and the bikini, I'm kind of losing my mind here.

Chelsea: Okay, this will just take a minute, I promise.

Nick: What will?

Chelsea: Explaining the rules.

Nick: The rules? We have rules for making out now.

Chelsea: Well, not...rules. More like, um, one rule, actually. And, yeah, I do.

Nick: Okay. Whatever it is, I agree to it. Now, come here.

Chelsea: Nick, it's not that easy, okay? It's, um... I'm talking about honesty.

Nick: You don't think I can be honest?

Chelsea: No, I think you can, it's just let's be honest. You and I have a history of lying to each other, and I think that maybe that's because we got off to a bad start. So, now that we have this second chance, I was thinking that maybe if we started out by being honest that honesty would stay with us.

Nick: Okay. So, the one and only rule is that we're honest with each other.

Chelsea: Right. Um, no lies. Just -- just the truth.

Nick: Great. I love it. Sign me up. Can I kiss you now?

Chelsea: No, um, after.

Nick: After what?

Chelsea: After we tell each other about our lives the last few weeks, honestly. And I'll go first...starting with Jett.

Abe: Lexie...

Lexie: Don't come any closer.

Abe: I won't. I promise. I just want to talk. Can't you take off that hood? I don't need to see you. I know who you are.

Lexie: Yeah, better than anyone.

Abe: No, I didn't mean it that way.

Lexie: Well, it's true. You know me for who I am and for who I pretended to be -- Dr. Lexie Carver. But I was nothing but a tramp.

Abe: Tramp? Where would you get that idea?

Lexie: From you.

Shawn D.: Are you gonna get Claire a house by yourself?

Belle: If I have to, but I don't want it that way.

Shawn D.: We can't both work, Belle. You want a house? Fine, I'll get you one.

Belle: How?

Shawn D.: I don't know. Just give me a minute to think about it. You just sprung this on me.

Belle: If you would have just gone on the -- never mind.

Shawn D.: If I would have just gone on the interview that Philip set up for me? Is that what you were gonna say?

Belle: What if I was, okay? I know that you didn't want to be an auto-parts salesman, but you could have at least given it a chance.

Shawn D.: That would have meant being away from you and Claire. Nothing is worth that, not even a house.

Nick: You have secrets about Jett? I'm not sure I want to know. Did you sleep with him?

Chelsea: No. I did not sleep with him.

Nick: Not even a little bit?

Chelsea: You can't sleep with someone a little bit. But if you could...I would have. And since we're being honest, maybe even more than a little bit.

Nick: Okay, goodbye.

Chelsea: Nick, I don't want to sleep with him. I made a mistake, and that's what I'm trying to tell you.

Nick: About him or about us?

Chelsea: About him. I thought that he was into me, but he was into his job. I was a way to get to Stephanie, and Stephanie was a way to get to Jeremy.

Nick: You've told me all of this before. You want me to go beat him up or something?

Chelsea: No, I want you to understand where I'm coming from.

Nick: Good, because I'm really confused.

Chelsea: Okay. First you lied to me. And then Jett lied to me. So, I'm left feeling just a tad insecure and like I can't trust anybody.

Nick: So, why do I get a second chance?

Chelsea: Because your lie was selfless. You were doing it to protect me, and he was doing it to protect himself. No, Nick, not -- not yet. After.

Nick: After what?

Chelsea: It's your turn. The truth, Nick, and nothing but.

Nick: I want to know everything.

Chelsea: I don't know how you felt about lying to Stephanie.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Chelsea: When you lied to Stephanie, how did it make you feel? Did it make you feel good, like you put one over, or did it make you feel like a jerk?

Abe: I made you think you were a tramp?

Lexie: Not on purpose. You were trying to protect me.

Abe: From what?

Lexie: From who I really am. I love being your wife, Abe, but remember the proverb -- what's bred in the bone will...

Abe: Will out in the flesh. But, Lexie

Lexie: It's true. And what is bred in my bone is DiMera. And even you can't change that. Look, I know who I am and what I am, okay? And so do you. I just don't want you to ever forget, okay?

Abe: Lexie. How can I forget? I've got your picture all over Theo's room. Your voice is still on our answering machine, Lexie.

Lexie: Don't come any closer.

Abe: Why? Why? Why can't I touch you? Why can't I see that face that I've missed so much?

Lexie: Because now it's my turn... to protect you.

Philip: I haven't done anything to anyone to deserve this.

Billie: That's because you are thinking rationally. This chick isn't.

Philip: I'm wrong. I answer the phone and hear a baby crying. I open the mail and see a child who is supposedly mine. Someone is trying to empty my pockets. And I'll tell you something, Billie -- extortion is rational. We are not looking for a nut.

Billie: Then who are we looking for?

Philip: I don't know.

Billie: Okay, all right, all right. Shh, shh! Listen, it's gonna be okay. We're getting close, all right?

Philip: Pinning the suspect down to Indianapolis isn't getting close. We're never gonna find out who this is.

Billie: You want to bet?

Shawn D.: I'll take any job in Salem. I'll sweep streets. I'll drive a bus. Whatever it takes. But I'm not gonna be away from you and Claire.

Belle: I don't want you to be, which is why it makes such good sense for me to go to nursing school.

Shawn D.: And be away from her for eight hours a day? Forget it. You want a house, I'm gonna get us one.

Belle: Shawn, I love that you're willing to try, but the truth is, we're never gonna get a mortgage based on your income alone.

Shawn D.: Okay, fine. We're gonna have to wait on the white picket fence until we save up enough money.

Belle: That's gonna take years.

Shawn D.: We all can't be trust-fund babies, Belle.

Belle: I wasn't comparing you to Philip. This isn't about him.

Shawn D.: Then who is this about?

Belle: It's about Claire. She has lived in an apartment, in a penthouse, in a lean-to, in a South Pacific Hotel room, and a mansion all before she's 2.

Shawn D.: That's what I'm saying. She's been bounced around, and she needs some stability.

Belle: She has stability. We are her rock, you and me, okay? We've given her a family, and now we need to give her some roots.

Shawn D.: She's a fourth generation in this town. How many roots does she need?

Belle: Why won't you let me do this? This is about Philip, isn't it? Yeah. You want to show him that you can take care of your family and you don't need his help or anybody else's.

Shawn D.: Yeah. I guess you could say that's a big part of it.

Belle: Well, you need to forget Philip, and you need to start thinking about our daughter. Just -- Shawn, think about saying, "Claire, honey, this is your room. This is your yard. This is your house. This is your block. This is your neighborhood, honey. This is where you live."

Shawn D.: Okay. You're right. We do need a permanent house, a place that Claire can grow up.

Belle: Mm-hmm.

Shawn D.: So I'll do it.

Belle: Do it? Do what?

Shawn D.: I'm gonna get a second job and work on the weekends.

Belle: Forget it. You're not doing that.

Nick: I lied to Stephanie in order to help you. And now you want to use that as, what, some kind of litmus test for my honesty? You don't trust me, Chelse, and there's nothing I can do to fix that.

Chelsea: Don't you get it, Nick? It's not you that I don't trust. It's me. I mean, I keep reading people all wrong. I feel like you've changed, but...

Nick: How do you know for sure? Right.

Chelsea: I'm sorry.

Nick: No. I'm sorry. It's like I haven't given you good enough reason to believe me. But I will. And for what it's worth, I hated lying to Stephanie.

Chelsea: You did?

Nick: Yeah.

Chelsea: Well, thank you for telling me the truth. I just, um, wanted to know. That's it, right? There's no more secrets? Is there something you're not telling me, Nick?

Nick: No. Nothing.

Chelsea: So, you're being 100%, completely honest with me?

Nick: I'm being totally honest with you.

Abe: Lexie, protecting me...from what?

Lexie: Me. The DiMeras hurt the ones they love. I'm a DiMera.

Abe: Lexie, listen to me.

Lexie: If you come any closer, I'll run, I swear.

Abe: I won't. I don't want protection. I want you.

Lexie: No. No, you don't.

Abe: Yes.

Lexie: Abe, I am a bad person, okay? The last time I lied, even you couldn't pretend that I wasn't. You saw me for who I really was, and it kills me, but you know what? Now I'm glad because now I know you'll be safe.

Abe: I don't need safe, Lexie. I need you.

Lexie: You need to find someone who is as good as you are, Abe. That's what you deserve.

Abe: I got what I deserve -- painful nights filled with regrets.

Lexie: God, don't take on my sins. You are a kind, decent man, Abe. Look, I'm a DiMera.

Abe: You are not a DiMera, damn it. You're a Carver.

Philip: You found something?

Billie: Yeah, and if I'm right, we'll be able to I.D. this person.

Philip: What is it?

Billie: Look at the table in the background.

Philip: Yeah.

Billie: Look at what's on it.

Philip: Oh, man, it's a prescription bottle.

Billie: Exactly, and prescription bottles have names on the label.

Philip: I can't make it out, though.

Billie: I know. Neither can I. You know what? I'm gonna go upstairs to the lab and blow this up and see what I can find. Wait for me here.

Philip: If you do find the man, then what?

Billie: Then I start calling in some favors.

Philip: And then I'll find out who's doing this to me.

Shawn D.: Okay, so, you say that we need a house. I agree. That means that I need to get a second job. So what's with the, "forget it, you're not doing it"?

Belle: Shawn, you already have a second job. It's called being a wonderful dad. And that's why I want a second job as a nurse -- so I can help.

Shawn D.: We can't even afford Claire's nursery school. How are we gonna afford college?

Belle: Well, I'll talk to my mom. I'm sure she'll help.

Shawn D.: So now your mom's gonna foot your education bill, right after she just got done buying you a whole bunch of clothes?

Nick: I'm gonna have to start checking out the want ads.

Chelsea: What?

Nick: The want ads.

Chelsea: Don't you think it'll be kind of hard to find what you want to do, though? I mean, there's not too many genetic research labs in Salem.

Nick: You know what? That might be a good thing. I'm tired of looking down a microscope anyway.

Chelsea: You know something? Before you met me, you weren't just starting out. You were, like, already on your way. You had this amazing career ahead of you, and I blew it for you.

Nick: Give me credit for at least blowing part of it. I mean, since I met you, I have had a hell of a good time.

Chelsea: Yeah, but all that tuition money down the drain. Your parents are gonna hate me.

Nick: You know what? I bet they'll be pleased. They were always telling me to take off the lab coat and get outside anyway.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Nick: Anytime. So, you got any job suggestions? Chicken farmer, male dancer?

Chelsea: Those would be great if, um, you were looking for something different.

Nick: Or I could be a dancing chicken farmer. I bet there's not too many of those around.

Chelsea: And you'd have plenty of time to scope out the competition.

Nick: Tell that to the bill collector.

Chelsea: Why don't you just give them the money that you won in Vegas? You do still have it, don't you?

Shawn D.: So, is this how our life together is gonna be? If you need new clothes, you ask your mom. If you need a nursing degree, you dial 1-800-mom-pays?

Belle: Listen, when I get the degree, I will pay her back.

Shawn D.: I know that. But every time you take help from your mom, it's like this whole town knows that I can't support our family.

Belle: Shawn, are you kidding? Nobody thinks that. If they think anything, they think that you're the guy who would go to the ends of the earth for Claire and for me. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone.

Shawn D.: Why does it feel like I have to?

Belle: Because that's part of who you are. Because you're the guy that would rush into a burning building instead of away from it.

Shawn D.: Yeah, well, nobody said I was smart.

Belle: You're plenty smart, but you don't have to take care of everything.

Shawn D.: Why not? Philip can.

Chelsea: Nick, are you kidding me? You gave all that money away? Have you lost your mind?

Nick: You know... I had fun gambling, and I had fun winning, but I didn't need that money, you know? I've got this good education and this good career -- or had one. But I just felt like I didn't need it, and there was all these people out in the world struggling to make ends meet.

Chelsea: So, what did you do with it? Did you give it to, like, a charity or something?

Nick: You think I'm crazy, huh?

Chelsea: Yeah, definitely I think you're crazy. But that's kind of why I love you. Thank you for telling me the truth.

Nick: No problem.

Lexie: What did you say?

Abe: You're a Carver, not a DiMera.

Lexie: They locked me up, Abe.

Abe: Because your damn fool husband threw you out and didn't protect you. Can you forgive me?

Lexie: You've got to be kidding. Me forgive you?

Abe: You tried to tell me the truth about what happened the night that John was shot. But I was in such a rush to be the man again whose wife cheated on me, I didn't give you a chance.

Lexie: If you had, I would have lied.

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